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These stories are for adults only and include extreme content. The stories in this collection are provided for your amusement. If a story does not amuse you do not read it. Many of the stories describe unsafe practices. We assume that you are a mature adult who can enjoy weird fantasies without acting them out. If not, please leave.

(B/D is bondage/discipline, D/s is dominance/submission, NC is nonconsensual, S/M is sadism/masochism, WS is watersports)
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A "Little" Fuck Tale by More human than human (Pedo, Hetero & gay sex, Molesting, NC, Abuse) added 9/29/99
A Day At the Beach: The Boy Story by $teve da Pimp (Hetero sex, Pedo, WS) added 9/26/99
A Day at the Beach: The Girl Story by $teve da Pimp (Hetero sex, Pedo, WS) added 9/26/99
A Family Affair by Bob Harms (Bi sex, NC, Castration, Snuff) added 9/29/99
Allissa by ho-boy (Hetero & Gay sex, Cross dressing, Sex change) added 9/29/99
Amanda Jane by ho-boy (Light incest, Hermaphrodite) added 9/26/99
Andy's True Story by Andy (Incest, Scat, Gang bang, Vomit, Masturbation, Threesome, Interracial, Racist) added 9/26/99
Angelique-N-Tandi by ho-boy (Incest-brother/sister) added 9/29/99
As It Was - Late Teen (True) by Chucketal (Gay sex, Teen) added 10/3/99
Cheerleada Fuckin' by Nel (Hetero sex, Teen, NC) added 9/26/99
Delightful Dreams by Son of Stimpy (Baby sex, Anal, Oral) added 9/26/99
Family of Voyeurs by Joe Martin (Family Incest) added 10/3/99
Friends by J. Martin (Oral sex, Group, Teen) added 9/26/99
Invisible 2 by Invisible Girl (Oral sex, NC, Pedo) added 9/26/99
Invisible 3 by Invisible Girl (Masturbation) added 9/26/99
Invisible 4 by Invisible Girl (Child molesting) added 9/26/99
Joey by ho-boy (Incest-brother/sister) added 10/3/99
Keichea Three by ho-boy (Multi-racial, Bi sex-man/girl/suggested woman) added 9/26/99
One Rainy Day by Pinkie (Incest-father/daughter, Oral, First time) added 10/6/99
Picture Perfect by ho-boy (Kidnapping, Understated torture, Drugging, Suggested rape) added 9/26/99
pj by Caviar and Cream (B/D, NC, WS, Scat) updated 10/6/99
Raped at School: Adrian's View by Nel (Hetero sex, Teen, NC) added 9/26/99
Ready-Made Relationships by Naughty Neighbor (Hetero & Gay Pedo, NC, Incest, Anal, Bestiality) added 10/6/99
Roger and I by Jack Handy (Gay sex-man/boy, Incest) added 9/26/99
The Abductor by Phillip (Gay sex, NC, Pedo) added 10/6/99
The Baby Sitter by ho-boy (Oral Sex PrePreteen girl/Teenaged Boy) added 9/26/99
The Spell by Pookass (Hetero sex, Mind control, NC) added 10/6/99
The Young Hitchhiker Pt. 1 by Pookass (Hetero sex, Man/young girl, NC) added 10/6/99
11 and Sexy by 4wheels (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 5/19/99
12 Years! by Code Hammer (Hetero incest & sex) added 8/14/99
12-year-old Seducer by Jack Handy (Gay sex, Teen) added 7/30/99
A (partly) True Story by Frank Zapper (Incest-brother/sister, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Pedo) added 8/10/99
A Birthday Gift: A Very Hot Story (Hetero sex, Impregnation, Pedo) added 6/1/99
A Cold Winter by MD (Rape, Underage girl, Suggestions of torture/incest/snuff/necrophilia)
A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins: An Erotic Story (Hetero incest, Pedo, Humor, Impregnation) added 4/17/99
A Night At Danny's House by Nel (Hetero sex, First time-16-year-old-boy/13-year-old-girl) added 9/21/99
A Teacher Mom in Trouble by Mkarl (Gang rape, Interracial, Racist) added 9/14/99
Adam Joe by ho-boy (Incest-brother/sister, Impregnation) updated 9/21/99
Adventures in Babysitting (Gay sex, Pedo)
Airplane Trip by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister) added 8/14/99
Al's Boys by Base (Gay sex, Child exploitation, Pedo)
American Money by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister) added 8/14/99
An Audience with Mother Theresa by Boris Bolshat as told to Mr. Snoid (Necrophilia, Satire)
An Extension For Life by UK Snowy (Group sex, Child/adult, Anal, Scat) added 5/22/99
Anal Intruder by Big J (Hetero sex, Anal, NC, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Pedo)
Angie's Best Friend by Big J (Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/30/99
Annie Sou: First Times by ho-boy (Incest, Impregnation) updated 9/21/99
Appearances: An Erotic Story (Hetero incest, Impregnation) added 4/30/99
Archives - Childhood Experiences Good and E-vil Forum (zipped) by Various Authors (Early sexual experiences - true stories) added 6/5/99
As It Was - Childhood (zipped) by Chucketal (Bi sex, Pedo) updated 5/28/99
As It Was - Boyhood (zipped) by Chucketal (Bi sex, Pedo) added 5/28/99
As It Was - Early Teen (True) (zipped) by Chucketal (Bi sex, Pedo) added 7/15/99
As It Was - Mid Teen (True) (zipped) by Chucketal (Bi sex, Teen) added 8/30/99
Ashley Jane by ho-boy (Sex change, Cross Dressing, Lesbian sex, Incest-mother/Daughter) updated 9/21/99
Assumptions or How I "Got Pregnant" - An Erotic Story (Hetero incest, Impregnation) added 6/29/99
At the movies by Neboochanezzar (Hetero sex) added 5/13/99
Aunt Beth by Code Hammer (Incest-aunt/nephew) added 8/14/99
B&B 1-Mother and Son by Chucketal (Incest-mother/son) added 3/20/99
B&B 3-Daddy's Girl by Chucketal (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo) added 3/20/99
B&B 4-Father/Son in the Park by Chucketal (Incest-father/son, Pedo) added 3/20/99
A Modern Dairy by Paladin (Lactation, D/s, Hetero sex, Torture, Castration, Racist content) added 3/28/99
Babbs by ho-boy (Pedo, Hetero sex) added 9/21/99
Baby Sue's Letters, 1 to 5 by Sue (Interracial, Pedo, Zoo sex-girl/dog&horse, Rape) added 4/15/99
Bathtime by $teve Da Pimp (Hetero incest, First time, WS)
Big Sister's Lessons: An Erotic Story (Hetero incest) added 7/27/99

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Black and White by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister, Interracial, Teen) added 8/14/99
Blood and Cum Part One: The Twins by MD (Lesbian incest, Bi sex, Blood drinking)
Bob's After School Snack by Hollywood Hulk Hector (Incest-mother/son) added 4/15/99
Bus Driver by Nobodysfool (Hetero sex)
Busted Two (zipped) by Clark St. John (Hetero sex, Group, Interracial, Humiliation, WS) added 6/26/99
Case 080699/1 (zipped) by Mkarl (Hetero sex & incest, Impregnation, Teen, Racism) added 9/11/99
Catherine The Whore by Edipos Clips (Bi incest & sex)
Cebu City by Code Hammer (Hetero incest & sex, First time, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/14/99
Chef's Dish of the Day by UK Snowy (Child rape, Incest, Anal) added 5/19/99
Chef's Special by UK Snowy (Child abduction, Incest, Anal, Rape, Pedo)
Child Care Center (Child sexual abuse)
Christy, Cum Slut by Bad Bad Dad (Hetero incest, Young teen, Anal, Oral, Gangbang, Lesbian) added 7/5/99
Computer Girl by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter) added 8/14/99
Cousin Jenny (Made up name) by PhrEak (Incest-cousins, Pedo, First time) added 9/3/99
Cousin Kim Baby-sits (Hetero incest, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/10/99
Crissy and Bhalan Part 1 by Parec4 (Hetero sex) added 7/30/99
Crissy and Bhalan Part 2 by Parec4 (Hetero sex, Oral) added 7/30/99
CuzLuv by Nobo Cough (Hetero incest, Pedo)
Daddy's Daughters (Hetero incest, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/10/99
Daddy's Girls by Red Rose (Bi incest, Pedo)
Daddy's Little Helper by Jo martin (Incest-father/daughter) updated 9/21/99
Danni by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister) added 8/14/99
Dark Desires II: WHOREO by mkarl (Rape, Humiliation, Racism, Scat, Brutality, Forced incest, Bestiality, Snuff) added 8/30/99
Dark Desires III: in an ongoing series, White Bride's Horny-Moon of Hell by Gang rape, Interracial, Racist (Mkarl) added 9/11/99
Dark Desires: Book 1, Fall of the Aryan Princess by Mkarl (Gang rape, Interracial, Racist) updated 9/21/99
Darlene, a Love Story by ho-boy (Incest-brother/sister) added 9/21/99
Daughter's Fun (Hetero incest, Pedo) added 4/6/99
Daughter's Lessons (Hetero incest, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/10/99
Debby (Incest-father/daughter, WS, Pedo) added 4/12/99
Dental Affair by Doc (Bi sex) added 3/20/99
Depravity by MD (Hetero sex, NC)
Diane (Zipped) by Steven S. Davis (Abduction, Rape, Torture, D/s, Scat, WS, Snuff, NC)
Doll by MD (Hetero incest, NC, Sadism, Pedo)
Don't Cry For Me by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son, Anal) added 9/7/99
Double Trouble (zipped) by Randu (Gay sex, Pedo) added 4/15/99
Eleven and Wanton by Ho-boy (Family incest) added 9/7/99
Emily's Mating Game by UK Snowy (Zoo sex-various; Incest-father/daughter) added 9/21/99
Ex-girlfriend's Gangbang by Enraged (Gangbang, NC) added 8/22/99
Experimenting by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son, Pedo) added 8/14/99
Family Friend (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 4/24/99
Family Fun (zipped) by Eros (Incest & sex, Oral, Masturbation, Teen) added 9/14/99
First Time by (Gay sex, Oral, WS) added 9/21/99
First Time with Daddy by Chris Bi (Incest-father/son, NC) added 7/18/99
Found and Lost by UK Snowy (Bi sex, NC, Dog rape, Pedo) added 9/7/99
Full Whore House by ZeroKewl (Hetero incest & sex, Pedo, Gangbang, Lesbian sex & incest, Female/tickle-me-elmo sex, Prostitution) added 3/20/99
Girlfriend's Surprise (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 5/22/99
Grand Opening! by Chucketal (Gay sex, Teen) added 6/5/99
Grandmother by Code Hammer (Incest-grandmother/grandson, First time) added 8/14/99
Grandpa by Code Hammer (Incest-grandfather/granddaughter, Oral, Pedo) added 8/14/99
Granny the Great (Zoo sex-human/pig, Incest-grandmother/grandson) added 4/9/99
Growing Up Sexy (Voyeurism, Hetero incest, Pedo)
Happy Days: He Shoots, He Scores by Uncle Mike (Satire, Hetero incest) added 6/20/99
Help Me Mister by UK Snowy (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 4/9/99
Holly by Nipples and Mrs. Nipples (Incest-father/daughter, First time, Pedo)
Honey's Birthday (Hetero incest, Pedo) added 6/5/99
Horny Nieces Amy and Cindy (Bi incest and sex, Pedo) added 6/23/99
I Hate Running Errands by Son of Stimpy (Pedo sex) added 9/3/99
I Need a Divorce (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 8/10/99
Invisible 1 by Invisible Girl (Child molesting) added 9/21/99
Jaime Gets His Wish by Kyle (Male-Male rape, Humiliation)
Jamie and I by dark shadowy figure (Incest-father/daughter) added 8/30/99
Jamie's Last Performance by (Snuff, Hetero sex, NC) added 4/6/99
Jennifer's Tale by Big J (Hetero incest, Masturbation)
Jenny by Red Rose (Bi incest, Pedo)
Just a Farm Girl by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/daughter, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Voyeurism) added 8/14/99
Just a Story by Code Hammer (Bi incest, Pedo) added 8/14/99
Just Posing (Hetero incest, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/10/99
Karen (Incest-brother/sister) added 7/9/99
Katherine Lee by Ho-boy (Incest, Impregnation) added 9/11/99
Kathy's Late Night Lesson by Jack (Spanking a girl) added 8/10/99
Keichea Two by ho-boy (Interracial, Underage sex, Incest-father/daughter/brother/sister) added 9/21/99
Kiddies' Golden Showers (Hetero incest & sex, WS, Pedo) added 7/12/99
Kim's Story by lildebi (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo) added 9/3/99
Kristin by A. Jones (Hetero sex, Pedo, First time) added 7/12/99
Lean the Freak by Mkarl (Rape, Humiliation, Interracial) added 7/9/99
Like Father, Like Son (zipped) by Ganymede (Gay incest, Pedo) added 5/6/99
Little Boys by (Gay sex, Rape, Pedo) added 8/18/99
Little Girls (Bi sex, Pedo)
Little McKayla (Rape, First time, Anal, Pedo) added 4/15/99
Little Tina! by Horny Neighbor Boy (Gay incest, NC, Pedo, First Time) added 9/3/99
Lolita Squared (Hetero incest & sex, Teen) added 8/10/99
Lonely Nights by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/14/99
Lovers by James L. Hurlburt (Incest-brother/sister) added 8/10/99
Ma to by The Charmer (Zoo sex-woman/bear)
Marilee (Bi incest, Rape, First time, Pedo)
Mark by Code Hammer (Incest-brothers) added 8/14/99
Marsha by Red Rose (Lesbian sex, Pedo) added 8/10/99
Marsha and Judy: Child Whores (Threesome, Pedo) added 7/5/99
Matilda's Lust for Boys by Paul Graham (Bi sex, NC, Femdom)
Mike's Excursion into the Extreme by Jay Lieberman (Gay D/s, WS, Scat, Fisting, Anal, Oral)
Mischievous Siblings by Sleazy Liz (Early sexual experiments, Enema) added 6/20/99
Mommie's Little Honey by ho-boy (Cross dressing, Incest-mother/brother/sister) added 9/21/99
Mommy's Little Girl (Hetero incest, Pedo)
Money in her Knickers by UK Snowy (Hetero incest) added 4/9/99
Mother-Dad by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter, Transsexual) added 8/14/99
Mrs. Fascione by BillyG (Early experiences, Teen) added 8/10/99
My Best Friend, My Lover by Sir Stephen (Lesbian sex)
My Cousin Barb by TumbleFun (Threesome-cousins, Teen) added 8/10/99
My Daughter was Raised on Semen (Hetero incest, Pedo)
My Experience with Elin by GirlHandFetish (Hand fetishism, Young girl) added 9/7/99
My First Lay... by The Joker (Hetero sex) added 5/19/99
My First Lover by fj (Underage girl, Masturbation, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/18/99
My Girls by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughters) added 8/14/99
My Grand-Daughter by Code Hammer (Incest-grandfather/granddaughter, Pedo) added 8/14/99
My Hot Little Stepdaughter (Incest-father/stepdaughter, Voyeurism) added 8/10/99
My Incontinent Daughter by $teve Da Pimp (Hetero incest and sex, Pedo, WS)
My Kids (zipped) (Incest, Scat, Pedo) added 8/10/99
My Life by Code Hammer (Bi incest, Child molestation, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/14/99
My Life by Code Hammer (Hetero incest, Anal, Oral, Pedo) added 9/7/99
My Little Sister: An Erotic Story (Incest-brother/sister) added 4/9/99
My Mother by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son) updated 8/14/99
My New Family by Code Hammer (Incest-father/stepdaughter, Impregnation, WS) added 8/14/99
My Seductive Daughter by J.T. (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo) added 8/10/99
My Sexual Beginnings by Lisa Sommers (Masturbation, Lesbian sex) updated 7/18/99
My Sister's a Pervert (Hetero incest, Pedo, Impregnation)
My Son and Me by Debbie (Hetero incest, Pedo) added 3/20/99
Nazi by Code Hammer (Hetero incest, NC, Brutality) added 8/14/99
Nif and Me by ho-boy (Incest-brother/sister, Impregnation) updated 9/21/99
Nikki by dark shadowy figure (Incest-brother/sister, Anal, Voyeurism) added 8/30/99
Nina (Hetero sex, Teen) added 8/10/99
No Holds Barred by Big J (Incest-father/daughter, Teen) added 6/1/99
October Silk by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter) added 9/7/99
Oh, Those Catholic Girls! by (Ed) Sleazy Liz (Hetero sex, Group) added 8/10/99
Olsen Twins VII: Into the Octagon by Mkarl (Cat fight) updated 9/21/99
Olsen Twins: Texas Dildo Massacre by Mkarl (Lesbian incest, NC, WS, Teen) added 9/14/99
On "Being Molested", An Erotic Story (Incest, Pedo, Impregnation) added 5/19/99
Payment in Kind by Hetero sex, Pedo (UK Snowy) added 8/14/99
Pervert's Lament by Richie (Rape-animal/child, Hetero sex, NC, Pedo)
Policed Brutality by (Rape, S/M, Bestiality) added 5/22/99
Poor Planning (Hetero incest. Impregnation, Pedo) added 8/10/99
Potty Time by Son of Stimpy (Small Child Abuse, Rape, Gangbang, Arson) added 5/19/99
Privacy (Hetero incest, Pedo) added 8/10/99
Problem's with my Little Sister by Frank McCoy (Hetero incest, Pedo)
Professor Molestor by Son of Stimpy (MC, Rape, Pedo) added 9/3/99
Questions 32 (Rape/Youth) added 5/6/99
Rachel by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/daughter) updated 8/30/99
Raping Little Suzy (Rape, Incest, Pedo) added 8/10/99

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Rats! (Hetero incest, Impregnation)
Revenge Gone Bad by Computerdude1950 (Gangbang, NC) added 8/30/99
Revenge Of The X's by (Robot sex, Zoo sex-woman/dog, NC) added 7/18/99
Riding Bareback by Sleazy Liz (Hetero sex, First time, Teen) added 6/20/99
Rosie Lu by ho-boy (Lesbian love, Bi sex, Woman/boy) added 9/21/99
Samantha: The First Time (Bi sex, Oral, Anal, First time) added 5/16/99
Santa Likes His Cookies Small and Sweet by by Son of Stimpy (Small Child Abuse, Rape) added 5/19/99
Sara Jean by ho-boy (Lesbian sex, Incest-mother/daughter/daughter, Cross dressing) updated 9/21/99
Schoolgirl Rape (Rape, Racist)
Schoolgirl Rape by dark shadowy figure (Lesbian incest, Orgy, Hetero sex, NC) updated 8/30/99
Screwed by Sasquatch by Kyle Schwitters (Bestiality, First time) added 6/20/99
Second Grade Teacher (zipped) (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 4/27/99
Seduced By Six-Year-Olds by $teve Da Pimp (Bi incest, Pedo, WS, Scat)
Seducing Little Brother by Miss Jenneigh (Hetero incest, First time)
Shadow Dancing by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister) added 9/7/99
Shannon by Nipples and Mrs. Nipples (Incest-father/daughter, First time, Pedo)
Sharlann - Part 1: Daddy Knows What I Need by Sharlann (Incest, Enema)
Sharlann - Part 2: Daddy Brings Home A Friend by Sharlann (Incest-father/daughter, Enema, Threesome)
Sharlann - Part 3: Dad Loves My New Toys by Sharlann (Incest-father/daughter, Enema, Toys)
Sharlann - Part 4: Dad and I Share Something New by Sharlann (Incest-father/daughter, Fisting)
Sharlann - Part 5: Dad, Me, and the Pastor by Sharlann (Incest-father/daughter, Threesome)
Sharon's Accident by fj (Underage girl, Pissing in panties, Incest, Masturbation) added 7/18/99
Shawna by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister, Pedo) added 8/14/99
Shifting the Blame (Hetero incest) added 8/10/99
Sisters by Code Hammer (Incest-sisters) added 8/14/99
Slovakia by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son, Threesome) added 8/14/99
Slut Sister by Big J. (Incest-brother/sister, NC)
Smart Kid (Bi sex & incest, Pedo) updated 8/10/99
Sophie Lu by ho-boy (Horror, Incest-brother/sister/father, Impregnation) added 9/21/99
Special Family by Code Hammer (Incest-siblings, Hermaphrodite) added 8/14/99
Stasi's Story by Stasi (Zoo sex-dog/woman, Incest-father/daughter/brother) added 9/7/99
Strange Love by Code Hammer (Lesbian sex, Zoo sex-dog/woman) added 9/11/99
Suck Slave Superman (zipped) (Gay sex, Oral, NC, Superhero) added 9/11/99
Summer Camp by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Drugging, Pedo) added 8/14/99
Summer Day to Remember (A True Story) by Stephanie Armstrong (Hetero sex older man/young girl, Exhibitionism, Incest-sister/brother) added 8/3/99
Summertime by Code Hammer (Hetero incest) added 8/14/99
Tainted Love by BocephusJones (Incest-mother/son) added 8/18/99
Taking the Blame: A Sad Story (Child abuse, Incest) added 8/10/99
Teaching Little Lisa (Hetero incest, Pedo)
The Accident by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son) added 8/14/99
The Adoption by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter) added 8/14/99
The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane (zipped) by S.J.R. (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 8/10/99
The Bath by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister) added 8/14/99
The Bet by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister, Gay sex, Oral) added 8/14/99
The Bet - Part 2 by Code Hammer (Hetero sex) added 8/14/99
The Brady Bunch (TV parody, Hetero incest, Bestiality) added 9/14/99
The Club by Code Hammer (Hetero incest & sex, Oral) added 8/14/99
The Doctor by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son) added 8/14/99
The Drive-In by Code Hammer (Hetero incest, Teen) added 8/14/99
The Family by Broom69 (Hetero incest, Child molesting) updated 9/21/99
The Garage by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter, First time) added 8/14/99
The Ghost Of Hillside Manor by Code Hammer (Hetero incest, Zoo sex-human/dog) added 8/22/99
The Ghost of Hillside Manor - The Beginning by Code Hammer (Hetero, Interracial, Violence, NC, Rape, Hetero incest) added 9/11/99
The Ghost of Hillside Manor - The Horror Continues by Code Hammer (Hetero, Interracial, Zoo sex-woman/horse, Incest-brother/sister) added 9/11/99
The Girl on the Trampoline by Bad Bad Dad (Hetero sex & incest) added 7/9/99
The Girls of Thailand by Thewiz (Hetero sex, Young) added 8/10/99
The Girls-Only Club (zipped) by Pamela (Hetero sex, Cross-gender, Pedo) added 5/28/99
The Honolulu Hooker (Hetero sex, NC, Anal, Prostitution) added 6/5/99
The Horse by Code Hammer (Teen, Zoo sex-horse/girl, Lesbian incest) added 8/30/99
The Implant (Mind control, Pedo)
The Joys of Having a 1st Grader in the House by Son of Stimpy (Incest-father/daughter) added 9/3/99
The Minister and Me (Hetero sex, First time, Teen) added 6/20/99
The Night by Code Hammer (Incest-mother/son, Gay sex) added 8/14/99
The Night before Christmas by Darkman M (Cannibalism, Snuff, Torture, Scat)
The Ole Man by Code Hammer (Hetero incest, NC) added 8/14/99
The Olsen Twins by Mkarl (Parody, Hetero sex, NC, Violence, Snuff, Racism, WS, Zoo sex-dog/girl, Impregnation) added 9/11/99
The Orphanage by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Oral, Clergy) added 8/14/99
The Pedophile (Hetero incest, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/10/99
The Piano Teacher (Lesbian sex, Pedo, Mind control) added 8/10/99
The Pleasure of Family Hiking by Sleazy Liz (Bi incest) added 6/20/99
The Pool by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 8/14/99
The Pool by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Teen) added 9/11/99
The Prey by Doug Reade (Sexual predator, Snuff) added 8/10/99
The Protector by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister, Pedo) added 8/14/99
The Rape and Torture of Jaime by Kyle (Male-male rape, NS, Torture, Extreme)
The Rape of Alan by Kyle (Male on male rape, Torture) updated 5/9/99
The Rape Video by Markl (Rape, Racism, Brutality, Extreme humiliation) added 8/30/99
The Shepherd of the Hills by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 8/14/99
The Three of Us by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Teen) added 8/14/99
The Torture Horse (Rape, Torture, Pedo)
The Toy by Code Hammer (Bi incest, Hetero sex, Pedo) added 8/14/99
The Trip by MW (Hetero sex, Oral, Anal, Group, Lesbianism, D/s, Teen) added 5/22/99
The Ultimate Setup by Mkarl (Rape, Interracial, Humiliation, S/M, Betrayal, Brutality, Racism, Scat, WS, Pedo) added 8/30/99
The Video, Section 1 by Red Rose (Bi incest, Child exploitation, Pedo)
The Video, Section 2 by Red Rose (Bi incest, Child exploitation, Pedo)
The Young and Ignorant (Early sexual experiences, Gay and straight) added 8/10/99
The Young Exhibitionist (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo, Spanking) added 8/10/99
Three Ladies at Sea: The Debauching of Jennifer, Angelle, and Charlotte on the Death Ship (zipped) by DANTE (Torture, Snuff, Erotic combat, Bi sex, Scat, WS, Child abuse)
Too, Too Much by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Auto-fellatio, Incest-brother/sister) added 9/7/99
Tough Day by Code Hammer (Incest-grandmother/grandson, Oral, Anal) added 8/14/99
Uncle Gary by Mrs. Nasty (Child molesting, Pedo, Oral, Incest) added 7/2/99
Uncle Gary, Ch. 2 by Mrs. Nasty (Child molesting, Pedo, Incest) added 7/9/99
Uncle Jim (Hetero incest, Pedo) updated 8/10/99
Uncle Mike by Code Hammer (Hetero incest, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 8/14/99
Vacation by Code Hammer (Incest-brother/sister) added 8/14/99
Victorian Age by Always Girl (Incest-father/daughter, Oral, Anal, Zoo sex-girl/dog, Pedo) added 8/30/99
Vietnam by Code Hammer (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 8/14/99
Waitress by Code Hammer (Masturbatioin) added 8/14/99
Wet Dreams (Hetero incest, Pedo, Orgy) added 9/14/99
What exactly is Sex? by UK Snowy (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo)
When Dad's away, the Family Will Play by Luke (Hetero incest, Bestiality, Voyeurism)
Wonder of Nature by Code Hammer (Incest-father/daughter, Pedo, Impregnation) added 8/14/99
Young Fuck-slut (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Pedo) added 5/16/99
Young Hot Passions by Sleazy Liz (Incest-cousins, Teen) added 8/10/99
Young Karen (Hetero sex, Pedo) added 8/10/99