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  5K  One Fine Morning                  Spoof-story.  1 kid PG, another 2 fucking.
 21K  Remembering first times           You don't MARRY your sister, but ...
 20K  First Cousin                      Supposedly a true story about his first time.
 44K  One Fine Morning Part-II          What a NICE place to work.
 14K  A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins Another spoof-story.
 51K  Sexually abused?                  Is it sexual abuse if you ASK for it?
 22K  Taking my wife's advice           My wife thinks I'm a pervert when I jack-off.
 53K  Allie - My little Sister          Addition to a story by The Englishman
 57K  Alternate methods                 Of preventing pregnancy?
 41K  Appearances                       Things aren't always what they seem.
 27K  Asking for it                     You won't get what you don't ask for.
 32K  Not asking for it                 Some people ask, while others don't.
 32K  Assumptions                       How I got pregnant.  (tongue in cheek)
 52K  At the doctor's office            She's in for her first SEXUAL checkup.
 27K  Before the wedding                The Reverend has a good thing going.
 11K  Backrubs                          Backrubs can lead to ...
 24K  The Bargain                       Fantasy (Like "The Incomplete Enchanter")
 14K  A Bedroom Scene                   Dad teaches both daughters where babies come from.
 50K  The best laid plans ... sometimes work out OK  Momma starts the kids going.
 77K  Big Sister's Lessons              Big sis teaches the younger ones.
 15K  The Birthday Present              Daughter gets a big belly for her birthday.
 14K  Taking the Blame                  A sad story.  Who's to blame?
 65K  Bound for Fun I                   My first bondage-story.   PG or not PG?
 61K  Bound for Fun II                  A lesson about rape. NOT nice, but love.
 61K  Bound for Fun Comment             Comments on how & why of the first 2.
 74K  Barefoot, Pregnant, and In the Kitchen Little sis goes over to visit her brother & his wife
 49K  Grabbing the Brass Ring           The "power" of empathy can be a handicap.
 40K  The Breeder's Cup                 A race to see which twin can . . . well, you know.
  4K  A brother's duty to his sister    Making sure my son takes care of BOTH sisters.
 16K  A brother's Duty                  Making sure her son "takes good care" of his sisters.
114K  Helping big brother               Helping her brother seduce the kid next door. . . and more.
 18K  Practicing Birth-Control          How to keep the family small. . . Oh yeah?
  4K  But Daddy!                        My daughter is surprised at what she can do ... and what she wants!
 12K  But Mom!                          Daughter gets a black baby. . . willingly?
  6K  Can I?  Two.                      Do it to one, and you have to KEEP doing it to all.
  6K  Can I cum in her?                 Poor Daddy ... It's real hard for him to pull out.
  6K  Being Careful                     He's only giving his daughter what she asks for.
  9K  It could be worse                 Look what the OTHER team had to wear.
 46K  The 'Certified' Pedophile         Just what I need; someone to fuck my daughters.
 74K  Taking Chances                    Sometimes it's worth it.
 35K  Getting comfortable with my sister It's uncomfortable, if your parents disapprove.
  5K  Consent                           If you just don't object, is it giving consent?
 26K  The Convent                       A convent can be a good place to remember things.
 12K  Conversations I                   Voyeur Mom catches Dad knocking up the kids.
  9K  Conversations II                  Mom has an Idea, about how to get even.
 45K  Conversations III                 Now it's time to get the two younger daughters involved.
 16K  Conversations IV                  This time daughter peeks on her parents.
  6K  Conversations V                   What do you think of having a little brother or sister?
 43K  Cool!                             It's strange what kids mean by that word.
 30K  Cumming of Age                    Practicing making a baby with the other neighbor kids.
 30K  Cousin Kim Baby-sits              I wish *I* had a baby-sitter like her.
 10K  Daddy's Girl                      Momma finds her little girl "helping" Daddy.
106K  Daddy's Lessons                   The kids find a porno-mag at the dump.
 15K  Daddy taught me all I know        Watching Daddy knock-up my little sis was fun, but...
 55K  Daddy, Please?                    I never could resist my little girl.
  7K  Daddy slid in bed with me         A poem!
 14K  Taking Daddy's Sperm              Right up inside her, where it does the most good.
 23K  Daddy's Daughters                 Mom tells the kids, her 1st time with Daddy.
 17K  My First Time with Daddy          What it says.
 20K  Daddy's Present                   The "present" was a baby in her belly.
 18K  Fun with Dick and Jane            A new spin on the old grade-school primer.
 12K  I Need a Divorce                  Because he's fucking the kids next door.
 47K  The Donut Shop                    The clothes even LITTLE kids wear these days.
 42K  The Donut Shop (Munkaffdren)      (In Swedish!)  Translated by Toby Fields
 26K  Just a Dream?                     Momma has the kids "practice".
  8K  Getting my Daughters Dressed for School Trapping the teacher.
  9K  Daughter Needs Practice           In making a baby.  She's still not PG.
 46K  Daughter's Lessons                I teach my daughter about sex & having babies.
 11k  It happens every time             I shouldn't let my brother even kiss me.
 10K  Family Ways                       Breeding the little milker.
688K  Her Father's Daughter             Our first full-sized novel.  EVERYBODY gets into the act. (TEXT)
1.2M  Her Father's Daughter             In Postscript!  (Sorry, no pictures.)
  7K  A father's need                   Don't neglect your father.
 20K  Feeling Dad inside me             I got a lesson from watching my siblings.
  9K  Feeling Daddy's Cum               If I want to learn what it feels like, I've got to take my chances.
  8K  It feels good                     My cousin was right ... It DOES feel good.
 27K  Their first time                  I'm not supposed to let them do this.
 50K  Grandpa's little Fuck-Toy         From the crib, right into Grandpa's bed.
 12K  Getting off Grandpa               Or more correctly, Grandpa "getting off" in her.
 77K  Playing adult games with Little Sister  Like "knock-me-up".
252K  The Guarantee                     Our second novel.  His sister "guarantees"he'll have a "good time."
 12K  Gee Daddy!                        Why can't we make a baby?
 22K  Getting it on the Bed             Don't want the nasty stuff to get on the bed.
 12K  Girlfriends                       My son needed a girlfriend, so ....
 23K  Making it 'good' for Daddy        Just what it sounds like.
 57K  A Cood Catholic Girl              She's helping God here on Earth.
 11K  The Good Deed                     Listening in on the kids.
 95K  The 'Good Girl'                   Everyone in family EXCEPT his fiancee is PG.
 22K  My granddaughter Learns How       Granddaughter seduces Grandpa.
 26K  What grandparents are for         Teaching you about sex, the right way, of course.
 11K  Grandpop's Cum                    Girl, Grandpop, and their baby daughter.
 18K  A 'grand' relationship            I'm my own grandpa!
 34K  Grand-Daughters                   They're too young to make babies, so they practice.
 18K  Grand-daughters (3 of them)       This time, the youngest gets the older kids involved.
 45K  Gumshoe                           A "Sam Ped" Detective story
 13K  Getting ready to have 'twins'     She's mad at her husband, for neglecting her daughter.
  9K  Helping the kids                  Momma feeds the baby, while the kids . . .
 28K  Helping Papa                      She helps Momma, by getting Papa off.
 20K  Her brothers                      Her brothers do a good job; but what about Daddy?
 14K  All Her Fault                     It's her fault what happened with the kids, not mine.
 55K  Horny Out of my Mind              She gets horny when she get pregnant.
 25K  Just Horseshit                    Some stories are unbelievable.
104K  Horny Nieces                      Girls seduce uncle & cousin while daddy watches.
  7K  In Your Sister                    Do it right, if you're going to do it.
 16K  In-breeding                       You don't want to have ALL your babies by the same man.
 67K  The Inspector                     Postal Inspectors (like police) are above the law.  (Unfinished)
135K  Interruptions                     Her big brothers won't play with her, so she keeps interrupting Mom.
  4K  Jacking off in your little sister What it sounds like.
 35K  Jasmine and the Purple Panties    The panties are Magic.
 26K  Heck of a Job                     Fringe benefits of a department-store clerk.
 61K  JOCELYNN'S SWEET DREAMS           Waking up, with our daughter in bed between us.
 27K  Learning                          She's old enough to learn how, from her father.
 61K  Little girls need it too          Sex, what else?
 39K  My Little Sister                  My cousin helps me teach my little sister how.
  9K  Winning the Lottery               Her dad wanted something for his money.
 10K  I love my kids                    He does, too.
 36K  Love for the World                Spoof. . . The incest-evangelist.
 45K  Melanie's Busy Day                Slutting around for fun.
 19K  On Meyer's Campus                 And you thought Harrad College went overboard.
 43K  Missing Big Brother               All he wanted was a little "panty-shot" . . . at first.
 14K  Molesting my little sister        Now don't forget to molest your little sister!
 18K  On being 'molested'               WE know the difference between being molested, and making love.
 20K  Momma is a Pervert                Look what Mom had my brother do.
 21K  Momma's way                       No "unplanned" pregnancies here.
  4K  Mother's Day                      A nice present for Mother.
 34K  Making Momma Proud                Taking care of the family, while Mom's away.
 30K  Momma taught me how               To get pregnant by Daddy, of course.  AND my sisters.
 19K  Playing "Mommy and Daddy"         His sister wants to play "house".
 27K  Mommy Juice                       Makes little girls into mommies.
 12K  Mornings                          Mother makes sure daughters get what's needed.
  9K  My Boys                           Her dad started what she carried on with her family
 21K  My Hot Little Sister              You an't fucked NOBODY 'till you've fucked her.
  7K  My Brother                        Big brother gets me horny. . . And something else too.
 20K  My Family                         She does it with the whole family.
 51K  My Little Sisters                 Momma doesn't want me to "waste" it.
 53K  My Sister and I                   Sometimes things don't work out so nice.
 17K  Nap Time                          My daughter has needs too.
 16K  You can never tell                You've got to look out for Perverts.
 33K  Nice Niece Nooky                  Competition between the nieces.
  2K  Not Really                        Dad helps son get daughter PG.
 34K  It's Not Fair                     That boys aren't as horny as girls.
 28K  Now kids ...                      Teaching the kids, and convincing my wife.
 3K   Nuttin'                           Humor.  (With apologies to Abbot and Costello)
 18K  Objections                        Some men (unlike her father) have objections to raising girls right.
 57K  Getting out of hand               Too much, too many.  Can you help?
 22K  Grandpa's Rape                    Grandpa has fun with her daughters.
 11K  Patience                          The kids just CAN'T wait.
 49K  My Pedophile Father               My father teaches the neighborhood kids about sex.
 82K  The Pedophile                     He like little girls, after daughters got him.
 12K  Peeping in on my Daughter         Finding out about the family.
 45K  Perverted?                        My hands are tied.  What else can I do?
 43K  The Photo Club                    I was in control of everybody but myself.
  9K  Piss-Hard                         How daughter gets him ready for Momma.
 16K  Please Daddy?                     I just want to feel it for a second. . . Oh yeah?
 34K  Police Stop                       Sometimes police can be helpful in a family crisis.
 40K  Poor Planning                     Oops!  Everybody in the family at once.
 40K  Just Posing                       Daddy takes pictures, to have sex with daughter.
  9K  "Practicing" with my little sisterYou know what HE is practicing.
  9K  Getting little sister pregnant    She's got a surprise in the belly for her cousin.
  6K  Pregnant! #1                      She's pregnant, and horny.  (No incest.)
  7K  Pregnant! #2                      Sex while pregnant.  (No incest.)
 21K  Privacy                           A boy has no privacy from his sisters' peeking.
 22K  "Problems" with my little sister  What happens when our parents find out?
 24K  Pure-Bred                         Our family is REALLY in-bred.
 51K  Raping Little Suzy                NOT a nice story, but still based on love.
 80K  Rats                              What's Momma up to with her son and his sisters?
 37k  The Reformed Child-Abuser         Spoof.  Reverse child-abuse.
 22K  A Relative Interest               Wife's sister nurses her baby.
 64K  Restrictions                      Daddy watches out for his daughter.
 23K  The Reward                        Sometimes the reward you get, is not QUITE what it seems.
 59K  The Big Brother Caper             A "Sam Ped" detective story
 28K  "Safe-Sex"                        Older girl uses sister for birth-control.
 38K  Sandwich                          She's the "filling" in the sandwich.
 6K   Seeing my daughter properly       Watching my daughter with her father.
 62K  Serpentina                        Unbelievable story about a girl and her snake.
 6K   She needs it now                  ... while her body is maturing.
 45K  Shifting the Blame                Momma blames everybody but herself for what happens.
 16K  The Shopping Channel              Funny incest advertisements.
 18K  The Shopping Channel (Shoppingkanalen) (In Swedish!)  Translated by Toby Fields
  4K  A short interlude with nieces I   Fucking my nieces.
  4K  A short interlude with nieces II  Watching my brother fuck my daughters.
  4K  A short interlude with nieces III Feeling my uncle fuck me.
  3K  Showing my Younger Daughter How   Using older daughter to show young one.
 17K  Showing My Daughter               Her mother's right, she's old enough to learn.
 58K  Sibling Rivalry                   Between my granddaughters.
 18K  My Sister's Baby                  I caught her, then we got caught, then she caught.
 17K  Sisters in heat                   When IS a girl likely to get pregnant, anyway?
 19K  Taught by My Big Sister           Big sister, teaches her younger brother and sister.
 84K  My Sister's a Pervert             She has her pedophile big brother do her daughters.
 20K  My Sister's Daughter              What my nephew and nieces do ....
 65K  My Sister Drinks It               She drinks pee, because she HAS to.
 15K  Helping Out Sis                   They both help each other out.
 32K  Sleeping Little Sister            Little Sis slips into bed naked with big brother.
 20K  Spoiled                           Daddy lets me stay up late ... sometimes.
 10K  Spoiling It                       Mother spoils her fun with Daddy.
 37K  "Statutory" Rape                  She was DEFINITELY young enough to qualify.
 27K  Taking care of Uncle Frank        I finally get to fuck an adult ... for a change.
 74K  Taking care of Grandpa            That was her "chore" every morning.
 57K  A Matter of Taste                 Some people have different "tastes" when it comes to sex.
 15K  Teaching the Boys                 ... to fuck their sister, what else?
 15K  Teaching Judy                     Teaching my daughter about sex, and where babies come from.
 39K  Teaching Little Lisa              Toddlers get horny too.
  7K  Teaching our Daughter             How to "make a baby; what else?
 53K  Teaching the kids                 You don't want them growing-up homosexual, do you?
 18K  Using my father's technique       So her daughter doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant.
 10K  The Tempest (Chapter-3)           Originally written by Emerson Laken Palmer, Frank rewrites ch3
 30K  Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3.        Checking out Mom and Dad's reactions.
 24K  The Selkie                        A sea fantasy ... not pedo or incest.
 38K  The "Server"                      Gramps "serves" as a "baby-sitter".
  4K  Tricking Daddy                    Trying to get Daddy to be my lover.
 57K  Two Bets                          Be careful if you bet with my sister ... you might win.
 85K  Two Much                          Twins, and a little fantasy/sci-fi.
 2K   You be careful                    Be careful when you cum in your sister.
 13K  You MIGHT be a sex-maniac if. . . A whole list.
 43K  Fun with my Sister's kids         Sex with the "nieces?"
 21K  Raising Unicorns                  The stories you hear about unicorns are only partially true.
 91K  On Vacation                       Novelette. . The kids get pregnant.
  1K  Vignette                          VERY short piece of a story.
 13K  Watching Bobby                    It's a lot of fun to watch the kids ... and what they don't know.
  2K  Watching our daughter             Watching my daughters get in trouble.
  8K  Watching the kids                 Peeking into my daughter's bedroom one night.
 47K  Weird                             You wouldn't believe what my mother had Grandpa do.
 5K   Decode of the encrypted message in "Weird"
 10K  What's Fair?                      I'm not going to be unfair to MY kids, like my parents were.
 7K   Who can you trust?                ... to fuck your little girls right?
 28K  Why is it?                        That people start out with relatives?
 41K  The Wolf and the seven little She-Goats German fairy-tale
 40K  Little Red Ridinghood             By the same author as "wolf1.txt"
 10K  The Wrong Sister                  His son is fucking the wrong sister, so Daddy makes a mistake.
 10K  "Yes Papa"                        A house full of obedient children.
 21K  The Zucchini                      Daddy replaces the vegetable in his daughter's cunny.

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