Daddy's Special Little Girl by Pammy Rachel

Daddy's Special Little Girl

One day Pammy Rachel was sitting on her Daddy's lap and noticed a big bulge beneath his pants. It felt really hard and really stiff. She remembered when she was smaller that he had a big bulge even then but she never paid it much mind. Now, that she was a bit older, her curiosity was peaked and she decided to find out just what was in Daddy's pants.

"Daddy?" Pammy Rachel asked in her young girl voice.

"What is it, little girl?" Daddy said in his strong Daddy voice as he stroked her hair. "What can Daddy help you with?"

"Why is there this hard lump in your pants?" Pammy Rachel asked as she rubbed her small hand up and down the bulge. To her surprise, the swelling grew even more. Her Daddy groaned as her hand traveled the long length of the enlargement beneath his pants.

"Well, little girl," Daddy explained thickly as he closed his eyes, "that's a special toy that all daddies have.

"A toy!" Pammy Rachel exclaimed as she began to squirm on Daddy's lap. Her small bottom rubbed hard against Daddy's toy. Daddy moaned a bit and licked his lips as his daughter's petite ass touched his already aroused cock.

"Is it a toy for me?" Pammy Rachel asked gleefully as she imagined a new toy to play with. A toy that she didn't have to share with anyone else, unlike her Barbie dolls she had to share with her younger sister.

"It could be, Little Princess." Daddy said as he rubbed his whiskered covered chin. "But, if you want to play with it you have to promise your Daddy two things."

"Oh yes Daddy! I promise! I promise!" Pammy Rachel said excitedly. Her little hands began to paw at the toy that remained hidden in Daddy's pants.

"First, you must promise that you won't tell anyone. Not any of your friends, not your younger sister and most importantly, your mommy. She wouldn't like you playing with this toy. And, you have to promise to play with it the way I tell you to. If you play with it right, you'll get a big surprise at the end." Daddy instructed as he adjusted his daughter's small ass so that she was directly on top of his cock.

"Ok Daddy. I'll even seal it with a kiss." Pammy Rachel promised as she planted her lips right on her Daddy's. She pressed her tiny lips hard against her Daddy's rough lips and wrapped her arms tight against his neck. Before she could pull away, Daddy gripped her tight to him and put his tongue in her mouth.

Pammy Rachel felt her Daddy's tongue gently exploring her mouth. She had heard from some friends on the playground at school that this was french kissing. Her stomach began to tingle as her mouth opened wider for her Daddy.

Her Daddy hands began to wander to the front of Pammy Rachel's shirt and began to unbutton it. In a few moments, the shirt was undone and his daughter's small underdeveloped breasts were accessible.

"Daddy? " Pammy Rachel asked with a quiver in her voice. "Are you sure this is OK?"

"Shhh, Princess. Of course it is. Remember when you go to the doctor? Well, he looks at your chest doesn't he? I'm your father so it's OK for me to do the same." Pammy Rachel's Daddy assured her as his strong hands squeezed her tiny melons.

As her Daddy's hands gently caressed her small breasts, Pammy Rachel began to feel an ache between her legs. Her breath grew husky as her Daddy began to play with her erect sensitive nipples. She stifled a cry as his warm wet mouth enveloped one of the ripe buds and began to suck on it.

"Daddy, I have this funny feeling between my legs." Pammy Rachel whispered.

"I have a funny feeling between my legs too." Pammy Rachel's Daddy told her. "Let's go lie on the bed and I'll let you play with that special toy."

Pammy Rachel brightened up a bit but the ache between her legs still throbbed. Her Daddy picked her up and laid her down on the bed. He moved her legs apart and began to touch her young pussy through her shorts.

"Now, Pammy Rachel, Daddy has to take off your clothes in order to fix that feeling between your legs. Remember that toy I told you about? Well, it's going to make you feel better but you have to trust me and do what I say, Ok?" He said as he rubbed her crotch.

The ache in her tummy was growing and Pammy Rachel nodded hurriedly. Whatever toy Daddy had for her, she hoped he would let her play with for a while.

Daddy unzipped her shorts and slid her out of them. She shimmed out of her shirt and laid there naked on the bed. Her face grew red with embarrassment as she lay there nude and vulnerable in front of her Daddy. She watched as her Daddy looked her up and down. He must have liked what he saw because he gave her a smile and leaned down to kiss her again.

Pammy Rachel obediently opened her mouth when she felt his tongue prodding at her lips. Once again his tongue explored her little mouth. Everytime his tongue touched her, the ache between her legs flared up. Without knowing it, she began to move her hips in a grinding motion.

"After Daddy shows you what to do, you'll be a big girl." Daddy whispered in her ear. "You want to be a big girl for Daddy, don't you?"

"Oh yes, Daddy," Pammy Rachel moaned. "I want you to make me a big girl."

"Daddy needs to have less clothes on in order to make you a big girl. You lay there and put your hands between your legs. Daddy likes to see your hands touching you there."

Pammy Rachel did as she was told as her Daddy pulled off his shirt and took of his pants. Her eyes widened as she saw his special toy poking out from his boxer shorts. His toys must have been big indeed because it seemed to stand straight out from his body. Pammy Rachel wondered what kind of big girl games she could play with it.

Her Daddy stood there and gazed down at her. "Before you play with the toy, there are a few new words you need to learn. First off, the place where you put your hands, that's called your pussy. And the lips outside of your pussy are your pussy lips. Now point out your pussy and your pussy lips for me."

Pammy Rachel gingerly touched her pussy. She had never really felt down there before although she had heard some of the other girls at school say that they had rubbed themselves there until they got a good feeling. She wondered if her Daddy would show her how to do that.

Her fingers tenderly touched her pussy lips and she was amazed to find out how soft and smooth everything felt. There was just a soft covering of downy hair on her pussy and she liked how it felt. She hoped her Daddy would like how it felt too.

"Now, we need to learn some words for the parts that Daddy has." Daddy said as he sat down and patted the bed.

Pammy Rachel sat up and scooted over to him. Daddy pulled off his boxer shorts and she got her first look at his special Daddy toy.

It was big, thick and was the same color as Daddy's body. Pammy Rachel tentatively reached out her hand to touch it but pulled it back at the last moment. She was both scared and fascinated at the same time of the new toy. It didn't look like any other toy she had ever seen and she wasn't sure what to do with it.

"It's ok, little Princess. Daddy will show you what to do." Daddy said encouragingly.

He took her small hand in his and moved it over to his dick. Pammy Rachel felt his toy harden and grow even more as her hand touched it. It was almost like it was alive. She closed her eyes as her Daddy began to move her hand up and down his soft shaft.

"This is what big girls play with. Daddies really like it when their little girls become big girls and do this for them. It feels so nice to have your hand rubbing me. I'm going to take my hand away but you keep touching me like you're doing." Daddy said huskily as he withdrew his hand from her.

Pammy Rachel opened her eyes and watched her hand move up and down Daddy's toy. Daddy seemed to enjoy it when she reached the tip and so she let her hand linger there for a moment. As she played with her new toy, Daddy moved his hand around so that it rested between her legs. He teased and fondled her pussy while she continued to stroke him.

"Daddy's toy is also called his cock. Tell Daddy you like to play with his cock." Daddy instructed.

"Daddy, I like playing with your cock. It feels neat." Pammy Rachel said as she wrapped another hand around his cock. With two hands, she was able to cover Daddy's toy between her hands.

"Yeah, Princess," Daddy moaned. "Rub Daddy that way. My cock feels so good with your hands on it. You're such a special little girl to make Daddy feel so good. I'll make you feel just as good soon."

"I think you're ready for another big girl lesson, sweetheart. Remember when we got you that big lollipop at the amusement park last month. Remember how you liked to suck and lick it. Well, you can also suck and lick on Daddy's toy. Try it."

"Does it taste like a lollipop?" Pammy Rachel asked suspiciously. Daddy's toy didn't look anything like the big red lollipop she had enjoyed so much.

"It tastes different but just as good. More importantly, it would make Daddy so happy to have it in your mouth. Big girls really like it in their mouths." Daddy said in a coaxing voice.

Pammy Rachel leaned over and moved her hands so she could get her mouth on her Daddy's toy. Timidly, she darted her tongue out and tasted her Daddy's cock for the first time. Daddy put one of his hands on her head and began to guide her mouth up and down the shaft.

"I know you won't be able to take my cock all the way your mouth yet, but if you put the top part in it would make Daddy feel even better. Just put it in and Daddy will do the rest."

Pammy Rachel opened her mouth as wide as it would go and slipped her Daddy's cock in her mouth. Daddy bobbed her head up and down with his hand. She kept her mouth opened and Daddy slid his toy in and out. She gagged a bit when he tried to push more of him in and he slowed a bit when he heard her cough.

"Tell Daddy you like to suck his cock, Princess." Daddy groaned as he lifted her head from his dick.

"Daddy, I like to suck on your cock. It doesn't taste as good as my lollipop but I still like it. Can I suck on it more?" Pammy Rachel asked as she licked her lips. Her Daddy smiled fondly at her.

"You can do that to Daddy anytime. Daddy really likes it when you're play his big girl. And, as you get bigger, you'll be able to take my cock deeper and deeper without coughing. By the time you get to be a big girl, you'll know all the special secret games they play. All the boys will want to be your friend, but your Daddy will always be your most special friend won't he?"

"Yes, Daddy, yes," Pammy Rachel agreed. "You'll always be my friend."

"Now let Daddy look at that pussy you have. I'm sure it will taste as good as your lips did." Daddy positioned his young daughter so that she was once again on her back.

"I want you spread your legs wide, Sweetie. Almost like you were doing the splits. And tell Daddy that you want him to lick your little girl pussy." Daddy said as he stroked the soft mound between her legs.

Pammy Rachel took a deep breath and followed her Daddy's orders. "Daddy, I want you to lick my little girl pussy." Her voice trembled a bit as she spoke words that she didn't really understand.

Pammy Rachel moved her legs as far apart as she could. Daddy helped her a bit so that he was able to lean down and put his face on her pussy. He spread her pussy lips apart and began to lick her small nub of a clit.

"See Princess, daddies like to lick their little girls there. It makes the little girls feel so good and it helps them get wet for when the daddies put their special toy inside." Daddy's breath felt hot against her soft skin and Pammy Rachel felt another twinge in her stomach.

Daddy's tongue licked and lapped at her small pussy. Pammy Rachel moved her small hips up and down on her Daddy's face as his tongue tickled her. As good as her father's face felt down there, she felt as if there was something missing. Her Daddy must have felt the same way for he began to talk to her again.

"Little girls sometimes have problems getting their daddies toys in them so I'm going to help you a bit. It might hurt some so if it does you just think of all the new toys I'm going to buy you at the store when we're done. After the first time, it shouldn't hurt as much and you'll get a really good feeling." Daddy said as he began to stretch her pussy lips wide apart.

Taking one of his thick fingers, he began to prod at the opening of his daughter's virgin hole. He soon encountered some resistance from her hymen. To keep her mind from the impending pain, he began to massage Pammy Rachel's small pert budding breasts with his other hand.

"Now, Sweetheart, this might hurt a bit but you're a big girl. You can cry out if you want since we have the house to ourselves so no one will hear. Take a deep breath and make Daddy happy."

Pammy Rachel did as she was told and braced herself whatever it was that Daddy was going to do. An involuntary cry escaped her lips as her Daddy's finger took her virginity. It burned and hurt down there and she began to sob.

"Don't cry, Sweetie," Daddy comforted her. "When Daddy puts his toy in you, you'll feel all better. I promise."

Pammy Rachel's tears dried up as she listened to her Daddy's words. Daddy went to get a cold cloth and made the spot between her legs feel all better. Then, he climbed on top of her and Pammy Rachel felt his hard throbbing toy resting on her small pussy.

"I'm just going to get you used to the feeling of Daddy on top of you, Princess. Then Daddy is going to put his toy in you and move it around a bit. If you make Daddy feel really good, then something special will come out of his toy. Only big girls can make their daddies feel good enough so that something comes out of the toy. You want to be a big girl, right?" Daddy asked his little girl as his thick hard dick nudged and rubbed at her newly pierced opening.

"Uh huh," Pammy Rachel said as she nodded her head. "Can I see what comes out of your toy?"

"I'll make sure that you see it, Pumpkin." Daddy said as he patted her cheek. "Now, we're going to play one more big girl game before Daddy puts his toy in your pretty pussy. Listen carefully, Daddy is going to lie on his back and you are going to crawl on top of me, but I want you to face my toy so that your pussy is close to my mouth. I want to kiss your pussy again. It felt good when Daddy put his mouth on your pussy before, didn't it?"

"Yes, Daddy. It made me feel weird down in my pussy but I liked it." Pammy Rachel whispered as she ground her hips up and down near her Daddy's toy.

"Then let Daddy make you feel good," Daddy said as he motioned for his daughter to move.

Pammy Rachel got up from the bed and let her Daddy lay down. Then she did as he had told her and crawled on him. She planted her pussy on his mouth like he wanted and she stretched her arms out so that her hands touched his swollen, hard cock. The tip of it seemed wet and Pammy Rachel smeared the slippery wetness up and down the shaft. Soon, her Daddy's cock was glistening from all the wetness that dripped from the hole in the top of it. She wanted to ask Daddy what the wetness was but he had his face buried in her pussy.

The more Daddy licked and nibbled on her pussy, the more she squirmed and moaned. His whiskers tickled her a bit but they also felt good as they scratched at her skin. Her pussy was sopping wet so when Daddy slid a finger in, it went in with no resistance.

Daddy plunged his finger in and out all the while preparing and stretching his daughter's pussy for the girth that it was going to have to take. Daddy had a good thickness to his cock and a big bulbous head that he was going to sink deep into his daughter's pussy and he wanted her to be able to take every inch of him in.

Daddy's cock looked ready to burst Pammy Rachel thought. Daddy must have thought the same for he stopped licking her.

"Sweetheart, I think it's time that Daddy gave you his toy. Climb off of me for a moment and let Daddy do something." Daddy said thickly as he licked his daughter's pussy juice from his lips.

Pammy Rachel moved off of him and watched as Daddy put a piece of stretchy material over his toy. It looked funny with a small little hat on top. Before Pammy Rachel could ask Daddy explained that he needed to have it on so that none of his special juice would splash in her pussy. He called it his cock coat.

"Climb on me again and put your pussy right over my toy. Daddy will do the rest from there." Daddy ordered as Pammy Rachel climbed on him.

Holding his daughter over his cock, he slowly lowered her down onto his shaft. As the head of his cock speared her opening, Pammy Rachel moaned in pleasure and pain. Daddy took care of the pain part by rubbing his fingers all up and down her clit. Soon, Pammy Rachel sank all the way down. Her pussy was stretched to the limit as she accepted her Daddy's cock all the way in.

Pammy Rachel's Daddy marveled at the way his daughter's small pussy took him all in. It was hard not cumming with his hard cock in such a small tight hole but he wanted his daughter to cum first so he held back unleashing his load in her.

Daddy held her small hips tight and bounced her up and down all the while rubbing her clit. In a few moments, Pammy Rachel felt an intense feeling between her legs that she had never felt before. She cried out as her pussy began to clench down on the cock that filled it. She had never felt so good before.

"Oh yeah, Princess," Daddy groaned as he felt his daughter have her first orgasm. "Give it to Daddy. Squeeze my hard cock as tight as you want, Honey. It's all for you to feel good. Daddy, is here for your pussy."

Pammy Rachel slumped over her Daddy's chest as her orgasm subsided. She felt weak but good. She hoped that Daddy would always make her feel that good.

"Now, Sweetheart, it's time for Daddy to give you his really special surprise." Daddy just about growled at her. "Lay on your back and pull your pussy lips apart for me."

Pammy Rachel scrambled to do her Daddy's orders. She sank back in the bed and pulled her tender lips apart. She felt wet between her legs and she rubbed her small hand in the juicy fluid.

Daddy pulled off his cock coat and grabbed his cock in one hand. Jerking his hand up and down his shaft he watched his daughter play with his pussy. In no time, he could feel his orgasm building. Bending down so that his cock was positioned over Pammy Rachel breasts, he let his orgasm break.

"Here comes Daddy's special surprise for you, Princess." Daddy stammered as thick white juice spurted from his cock. "You made Daddy so happy and feel so good, that this is what you get. You're my special little girl."

Globs of warm goo fell on Pammy Rachel's small body. Daddy milked his cock for all that it was worth over her baby breasts. His breath was ragged as he watched his cum rain down on his young daughter.

"The last thing you need to do, Honey, is to clean Daddy's toy up. Just like you have to clean up your other toys after you're done playing with them, you have to clean up Daddy's toy when you're done playing with it."

"Ok, Daddy," Pammy Rachel said exhaustedly. "How do I clean it?"

"Just use your mouth and lick it clean," Daddy explained. "You can just lie there and I'll put it in your mouth."

Pammy Rachel opened her mouth and began to clean her new toy. It tasted different than before, and while it still didn't taste like her red lollipop, it still tasted good. A bit salty though, Pammy Rachel thought.

"Next time you play with my toy," Daddy said as he laid next to her and wrapped his arm around her, "I'll teach you more things that big girls do. I'll show you how good it feels to be on all fours and have Daddy behind you. Now though, you rest and take your afternoon nap."

As Pammy Rachel slipped off to sleep she thought off all the fun games she and her Daddy could play tomorrow.