Kiddies' Golden Showers

Kiddies' Golden Showers

George Speck, Principal of Sedgelake Public School, was walking the corridors after school. His wife had left him the previous year, leaving the 35 year old George to raise their ten and twelve year old daughters and eleven year old son by himself. As he entered the girls' changing room he heard small scuffling noises from the back of the room. George looked around the corner of a bank of lockers.

Two girls were in the other corner of the room about ten feet away. They were lying on their backs with their legs spread to either side of the benches on which they were lying. George didn't recognized them at first, partly because the way they were lying he couldn't see their faces properly, but mainly because both girls had taken their underpants off and pulled their skirts up around their waists and were rubbing their naked, hairless cunnies.

George couldn't help but stare at the two cunnies, spread open and facing him, and his cock gave a lurch and started to swell at the sight. He often caught glimpses of his own little girls' cunnies when they were getting ready for bed or watching TV, but he had never seen girls exposing themselves so deliberately. Their lovely smooth cunny lips framed their deep pink inner lips and the darker cunny hole between them. He looked at what he could see of their faces, and now he recognized them as the Harrison twins, Amy and Cindy. Their fingers worked back and forth in their little slits, and their hips jerked up and down. Did they do this often? He wondered what else was going on in his school that he didn't know about. What else did the girls do?

As he wondered this, he saw a little clear liquid run out of one girl's peehole and dribble down her crack. She reached down and wet her fingertips, then rubbed them all over her spread open private parts. George heard her giggle and say, "Hey Cindy, I'm peeing so my trickle gets nice and wet. Does it ever feel good!" "I know," said the other, "I like doing it too," and as George watched, she too peed a little, catching it with her fingers and wetting her hairless cunny with her own urine. He came a little closer to get a better look, and watched the two young girls pissing and masturbating, then bumped into a locker which made a loud metallic noise. Amy and Cindy raised their heads at the commotion and saw the principal staring at them. "Oh, wow," said Cindy, "I mean, um..." Amy didn't know what to say either. The girls pushed their skirts down as the teacher approached them.

George sent them home. He drove home himself, feeling horny from what he had seen. He thought about the two young girls rubbing their hairless cunnies, and how they had peed while he watched. His erect cock pressed against his pants. When he entered the house he heard a noise from the family room, and looked around the corner. His ten year old daughter Shelley was sitting on the floor in front of her eleven year old brother Bobby. Shelley had lifted her skirt up around her waist and pulled the crotch of her underpants off to one side, and her cunny was exposed. Bobby was staring at it, and George could see that he had unzipped his shorts and pulled them down a little so that his sister could see his penis.

The two children were so intent on each other that they didn't see their father watching them. "It feels good when I rub mine, does yours feel good too?" asked Shelley. "Sure does!" replied Bobby, rubbing his small erection, and then Shelley saw her father looking at them and gave a little squeak of embarrassment. "It's all right, kids, there's nothing to be ashamed of," said their father. "You can play with your bodies whenever you want to, it's all a part of growing up and getting big." He left the room and went to change from his suit. I'll take a nice long bath, he thought, and ran a tubfull.

As he lay thinking about watching the two little girls that were peeing on themselves he realized that he had to pee badly, not having gone since lunchtime. His cock had been so hard he hadn't felt the pressure of his bladder. He fondled his rigid cock while he thought of the girls playing with their piss. I can do that too he thought, and let his cockhead point up along his body. Yeah, come on, pee, he thought, and relaxed his bladder muscles, sighing with pleasure as he watched the piss stream splash out like a pale golden river, arching up to splash on his chest, hot and tingly. George's cock hardened more as he pissed on himself, moving his cock to direct the flow all over his chest and neck. He made the stream go higher so it splashed down on his face, using his other hand to wash his face in his own hot piss and tasting the tangy flavour on his wet lips. I wonder... he thought, and opened his mouth to catch the falling stream of hot yellowy liquid, letting his mouth fill up with the spicy fluid. As he thought how horny this made him, his cock hardened even more and he gulped and swallowed his mouthful of his own hot piss, loving the taste and the tangy feeling. The stream of piss slowed and he made it squirt up in the air and land back down on his erection and his testicles. "Aaah!" he murmured, stroking his cock slowly, "Nothing like a golden shower and some hot lemonade!"

George showered off, got out of the tub and dried himself, his cock still hard. He stroked it as he cuddled his balls, folding the wing mirrors over the sink out so he could see a triple reflection of his hand stroking his cock, one from each side as well as from the front. George liked masturbating while he watched himself, and this time it was even better as he thought of the two little girls rubbing their hairless cunnies all wet with piss. I'd like to piss on those little cunnies while they rubbed them, he thought, and then cover their little cracks with my cum. His hips jerked back and forth , and he watched the heavy streams of thick creamy semen jet out and splash into the sink, and fondled his balls to get all their load out.

When George went downstairs he heard the children giggling, then the TV went on and in a few minutes they came into the living room, giggling again when he said, "Hope I didn't spoil your fun!"

That evening after they had got ready for bed Shelley came to say goodnight to her father, who was sitting reading in his housecoat. "Did you mean it about, you know, um, touching myself when I wanted to?" she asked, looking down at her feet. Her father put down his book and looked at his youngest daughter in her short nightgown. "Sure, honey, why shouldn't you? It's your little trickle you like to touch, isn't it. I bet it feels nice when you touch it, doesn't it?" Shelley nodded. "That's why I like doing it," she said, "It makes me feel all funny, and I want to do it some more, so I just keep touching it and playing with it till I feel all really nice."

"Do you always let Bobby watch you play with it?" asked her father. "No, not always, because sometimes I'm in bed and he's not there, but I like it when he looks at me and sees what I'm doing. And I like looking at him, too. His thing gets all stiff and sticks out straight and he rubs it." "What happens when he rubs it?" asked George. Shelley shrugged, "Well, nothing much, except he rubs it faster and faster, just like I do, and a little bit of clear stuff like pee comes out of the hole in the end. He says it feels really good." "Do you touch each other there?" asked George. Shelley looked up at her father and nodded. "Yes, Daddy, I let him touch me on my crack and he lets me feel his thing and play with it, too. Daddy, I feel all funny in between my legs again. Can I play with my trickle now?" George nodded. "Sure, honey, go ahead. Would you like me to watch you do it, like Bobby does?" "Oh, Daddy, yes!" Shelley cried, and lifted the hem of her nightdress to her waist. "Look, Daddy, look at my bare naked trickle!"

George stared at his little girl's naked hairless cunny. He had caught a glimpse of it that afternoon, and he had seen Amy and Cindy Harrisons' as well, but not close up like this. His own little girl's fat cunny lips bulged out from the flatness of her slim belly. They were so big and puffy, and slightly spread open so that the deep pink gash between them could be seen. "That's a very nice trickle," he said, "I bet you have lots of fun rubbing it and touching it, don't you?" Shelley nodded and looked down at herself. "Oh, yes Daddy! It feels so nice when I put my finger in my crack like this and rub the little bump inside it!" She slipped her middle finger into her slit and her father watched as she showed him how she liked to masturbate.

"Do your titties ever feel funny?" he asked. Shelley nodded. "They feel sort of funny now, Daddy," she replied. Where, here?" he asked, and reached out and slipped his hands up under her nightdress to stroke her slender body. "That feels funny, Daddy!" Shelley giggled as he fondled the small soft bumps of flesh on her chest, "You're touching my tittie places." "Do you like it?" asked her father. "Oh yes, Daddy, it feels nice. I like to play with my tittie places too," replied the little girl.

"Why don't you sit down on my lap and take your nightdress off," suggested her horny father, "That way I can see how nice your titties are while I play with them, and I'll watch you play with your little trickle and make yourself feel nice." Shelley nodded with pleasure and pulled her nightdress off over her head. Her father admired her puffy nipples with the small round cones of fat that pushed them up from her chest. "You're growing nice titties, honey," he said as she straddled his legs and sat facing him. He began fondling the child's nipples again while she looked down at what he was doing and began feeling in between her legs again. "Look, Daddy, my trickle's all spread open when I sit like this!" she exclaimed, "Now you can see it better." George stared at his younger daughter's hairless cunny, the fat lips spread apart to show her small pee hole and the smaller inner lips below it. "Where else do you like touching, besides the little bump at the top?" he asked her. "Oh, I like to touch my peehole, where the pee comes out, Daddy, it feels so funny, like it tickles," replied the little girl, "And down at the bottom there's a hole that goes right up inside me and it feels nice when I put my finger inside it. I just like playing all over in between my legs," she added. "I even touch my bum hole too," she giggled.

He watched the way her fingers were fondling all the places in between her fat cunny lips. "Can I touch your trickle too? You can tell me where to touch it and make you feel all nice," he asked her, and Shelley squealed with delight as George cupped his youngest daughter's hairless cunny and pressed up against it gently. He let his middle finger slip into the spread-open area between the eleven year old's fat outer cunny lips and rub lightly against her clitty and her pee hole while his fingertip found the gap between her small lips and tickled the entrance to her vagina. "This is such a nice trickle I'm going to use two hands," he told his daughter. Shelley nodded. "Ooo yes, Daddy, and I'll play with my tittie bumps because they are feeling all nice and tingly now too," she replied. George began touching her inside her cunny crack. He saw the young girl's peehole and touched the small opening gently, watching it twitch and contract, then open again as he touched it. Shelley giggled. "That feels funny, Daddy," she laughed. "That's my peehole you're touching. It makes me feel all funny, like I want to pee!" George thought of the little girls he had spied on in school. "Does it, honey? Would you like to do a pee now?" Shelley looked at her father. "Yeah, kinda," she said, "Shall I go do one and come back?" George reached over to the end table, found the glass he had been drinking out of and drained the last of the beer from it. "I've got a better idea," he said, "You just stay where you are and you can pee right into this glass. I'll hold it down by your trickle."

Shelley giggled. "You want me to pee right here so you can watch me do it, don't you Daddy? You want to watch the pee come out of my peehole, don't you." George nodded. "Sure," he said, "I'll tickle your peehole some more to help it come out if you like." "Sure," agreed his young daughter, "It sounds like fun. We can both play with my peehole." "That's it," said her father, "We'll play 'Copycat' - you do whatever I do, okay?" Shelley giggled. The young girl had never played pissing games before and she was excited at the idea. George held the glass down between his daughter's legs and in front, so they could both watch her piss flow into the glass, and touched and tickled his daughter's urethra. Shelley giggled and pushed her hips forward. "Here it comes, Daddy," she grunted, and they both watched as a pale gold stream splashed into the bottom of the glass. "Make it go nice and slow, so it'll last a nice long time," suggested George, and Shelley giggled. "This is fun," she said, "I can make it almost stop and then start again, watch," and they both watched the stream of her piss slow to a trickle and then to drops, and then surge forth again.

George let his finger move into the stream of his daughter's piss. Shelley giggled. "I'm peeing on your finger, Daddy," she said, "What does it feel like?" "It feels nice and warm," said her father, "Be a copycat and try it." Shelley put her finger down beside her father's and let the stream of her piss run over it. "It does feel nice," she exclaimed as George wet the rest of his fingers and began touching his daughter all over the inside of her cunny crack. "Ooo, that feels nice, Daddy," she said, "I like it when you make my trickle all wet with my pee." The young girl copied her father, cupping her hand in her piss stream to wet it and then wetting her private parts with her piss. She looked down to where the glass was filling up with her body's fluid.

"It's got bubbles," observed Shelley, "Just like your beer, Daddy." "I wonder it it tastes like it, too?" he said, and stuck a wet finger in his mouth as the little girl watched, wide-eyed. "'m, tasty," he said, and Shelley copied her father, raising her piss-wet fingers to her mouth and tasting the liquid with the tip of her tongue. "Mmm, yeah!" she said, dipping them into the stream of piss again and getting them good and wet, then sucking the liquid off them. "I make good beer, eh Daddy," she said, and her father laughed as he licked his daughter's piss off his fingers again. "You sure do, honey. I guess we can call it 'Shelley's Body Beer, can't we?" and they both laughed.

"I think my pee's finished now, Daddy," said the little girl as the stream slowed to drops again, "I'll tickle my peehole and see if I can get more to come out," but only a few drops came out her small hole when she touched it. George took the beer glass out from between his daughter's legs. "Lovely body beer," he said, admiring the pale golden colour and the rim of froth around the edge. He lifted it to his nose and smelled it. "Mmm, smells good too," he said, tipping it towards him and sticking his tongue into the frothy liquid. "And tasty, too," he added, putting the glass to his lips and taking a sip of his daughter's warm piss while she watched him.

"Let me try some, Daddy," begged Shelley, "I want to try some of my special Body Beer." George laughed and handed her the glass, watching as she tasted her own piss with the tip of her tongue and then took a drink. She swirled the warm fluid around in her mouth and then swallowed it and said, "It really is good, Daddy! But it's starting to get all cold now." "I guess we'll have to finish it off before it cools down, then," said her father, and the two of them took turns taking mouthfuls of the eleven year old girl's piss. When it was finished Shelley licked the last from her lips and sighed with pleasure. "That was nice, Daddy," she said, "But my trickle's all itchy and still wants to be played with."

George licked one middle finger and slipped it gently into the entrance of his daughter's vagina, "How does that feel, honey?" he asked her. Shelley wiggled her bum and thrust her hips forward to make his finger go farther up inside her. "Lovely, Daddy," she said with a sigh, "Do it some more. Put it in me some more!" George slipped his finger in further, watching Shelley's face so he could tell if he was hurting her. When it was all the way in he wiggled it back and forth, surprised that he was able to slide it all the way in. "You have a nice big hole," he told her. "I know, Daddy," replied his daughter, "Kelly showed me how to make myself feel good by putting things up inside it and rubbing them in and out and I guess it got bigger." George thought of Kelly, his older, twelve year old daughter. "What sort of things?" he asked her. Shelley shrugged, "Oh, my hairbrush handle and stuff," she replied. "Does Kelly like touching herself in between her legs?" asked their father. "Sure," said Shelley, "We do it to each other, too."

George left his finger up inside his daughter's vagina and began touching her on her clitoris with his other forefinger, rubbing it up and down the sensitive nub of flesh. The little girl squirmed with delight and looked down at what her father was doing to her. "That feels lovely," she sighed, "Do it to me some more, Daddy! Touch my peehole too!" The horny father used both hands to fiddle with his daughter's sex parts while she watched and began touching her puffy pink nipples. "My titty bumps feel all funny, Daddy," she said with a gasp, her hips beginning to thrust back and forth as her father masturbated her. "Keep doing that, Daddy, it feels so good!" she cried, jerking back and forth against his fingers and making his finger in her vagina move in and out, her face reddening while she twitched and her hips spasmed as she came. "Ooo, wow, Daddy, did that ever feel good!" she exclaimed. "I like it when you do it to me." The young girl caught her breath and leaned back on her father's legs, then caught sight of the bulge of his hidden erection.

"Can I play with yours, Daddy?" asked the child and when George nodded she leaned forward slightly and opened his housecoat to reveal his erection. "Oh Daddy, it's a big one!" she exclaimed, touching it with her fingertips. She tried to hold it but it was so big she couldn't get her hand around it completely. "I'll use two hands," she said and began fondling him while he gently continued to masturbate her. The little girl was sliding both her small hands up and down her father's erection when suddenly Bobby came in and saw what his father and sister were doing. "Hey, neat," he said, coming over to stand beside them. "Wow, Daddy, have you ever got a big one! Look at mine!" and he slipped his pyjama pants down his thighs and revealed his hairless genitals. His small cock jutted straight out from his body, parallel with the floor, and was almost three inches long. He held it with two fingers and a thumb and began stroking them to and fro. "It feels good when I rub it like this, Daddy. Do you do it too?" he asked.

George nodded. "Shelley's going to do it to me, aren't you, honey." Shelley nodded as George continued, "I've just been playing with her little trickle. Would you like me to play with yours?" Bobby nodded and stepped closer. "Can I help Shelley play with yours?" he asked, "I can play with your balls if you want." George nodded and began fondling his eleven year old son's erection while the son began fondling his father's testicles. His young daughter was masturbating him so well that George knew he would come soon. "Did you ever do this with any of the big boys?" he asked. Bobby nodded. "They squirt all this white stuff out," he said, "Do you want me to do like I do with them?" "What do you do with them?" asked George. "They tell me when it's going to come out and I put my mouth over the end and catch it in my mouth so it won't make a mess," replied the eleven year old. "It tastes nice," he added, looking at George's stiff cock and licking his lips.

George was surprised but hearing this made him even hornier and he felt he was about to come. "Here it comes then," he grunted and Bobby leaned forward quickly and opened his mouth, placing the bulby end of his father's erection in it and closing his lips while Shelley continued to masturbate her father with both her small hands. The first spurt of cum shot out and into Bobby's mouth, and the boy murmured and gurgled at the taste, tickling his father's cockhead with his tongue as George squirted his thick cum into his son's mouth. He kept fondling his daughter's spread open cunny with one hand and his son's small erection with the other while he filled his son's mouth with his gooey semen. When he had finished he continued to masturbate his daughter until she jerked back and forth, her face reddening as she reached her orgasm again. Then they both fondled Bobby's genitals until the little boy came, a thin stream of liquid running out the hole in the tip of his small cock. Shelley got off her father's knee and knelt in front of her brother, cleaning the fluid off his cock and sucking and licking it clean. Her father stroked her small titties, sliding his hand down to caress her flat belly and further down to the bulge of her cunny mound, cupping it and sliding a finger along the crack of her slit. Then they went out to the kitchen for milk and cookies.

After awhile George decided to see what Kelly, the oldest in the family was doing. Leaving the other two watching TV, he went upstairs to Kelly's room. As he approached he heard small sounds from behind the half-opened door, and silently stuck his head around the door to see what his twelve year old daughter was doing. The young girl was on her hands and knees facing half away from the open door. She was naked, and her small pointed titties were hanging down. Her cunny was pooched out between her legs, which were slightly open. As he watched, she said, "Come on, Flash!" Flash, the family pet poodle padded around behind the girl and sniffed at her cunny, then gave it a lick with his long black tongue. Kelly wiggled her bum and spread her legs apart a little more. "Ooo, Flash!" she muttered as he licked into her crack, "Come on, up!" She thrust her bum back, and the dog scrambled up on her back, holding her hips with his front paws and thrusting with his haunches. George could see the dog's red pointed cock, some five inches long, poking forward as he tried to find the girl's hole. Kelly reached back between her legs and found it, stroking it as she brought it forward and guided it into her cunny hole. She placed it at the entrance and the dog gave one big thrust and sank it into her. "Oooh," Kelly muttered, pushing her bum back at the dog as he began thrusting his hindquarters, poking his cock in and out of the young pre-teen. George played with his cock while he watched the dog fuck his daughter. Kelly must have heard him at the door because she turned her head and saw him standing there, rubbing his erection. She smiled at him and said, "Hi Daddy! Flash and I are having fun!" The dog's thrusts came faster and faster, and Kelly got red in the face and a dreamy look came over her. "Oh, Daddy! I can feel it squirting inside me!" she said, panting. The dog dismounted and George saw his daughter's vagina still open a little where the animal's penis had been.

Kelly looked around at her father again and smiled. "Would you like to do it to me, Daddy?" she asked. "Your cock is all hard. I bet you'd like to, wouldn't you?" George nodded and knelt behind the young pre-teen. He held his erection and rubbed it up and down his daughter's vulva, making the head slip inside the girl's slit. Kelly purred with pleasure and pushed back against him, making the head of her father's cock slide up inside her vagina. It was all slippery with the juices and semen the dog had squirted into her, and George let it sink in until it was in all the way. "Ooo, lovely!" exclaimed Kelly, wiggling her bum from side to side, "It's even bigger than Mr. Thompson's at school." George reached forward and under the young pre-teen and felt her firm tits that hung from her body. "Is it OK if I let Flash do it to me?" asked the girl. George thrust his cock into his daughter while he felt her tits. "Sure," he replied, "You can do it any way you want to." "Oh good," sighed Kelly, "Because he makes it go in and out so fast!" They quickened their movements and soon George grasped his daughter's hips as his cock squirted sperm deep up inside her, mingling it with the dog semen that was already there. When he pulled out he lay back while Kelly squatted over his face and held her cunny hole open. George licked around her vulva and poked his tongue up his daughter's vagina as the mixture of his cum and the dog's dribbled down and drooled out into his waiting mouth. He left Kelly on her bed reading a dirty book.

When their father went upstairs, Shelley told her brother that she and her father had been playing games with her pee. Bobby asked what sort of games, and Shelley told him about her Daddy tickling her peehole till the pee came out, and catching it in the glass. She told him how good it felt to have her spread-open trickle made all wet with her warm pee, and how good it tasted. Bobby laughed when she told him about drinking her "body beer". "Hey, I gotta pee," he said, "You can come and watch me if you wanna." "Sure," said Shelley, and they went into the downstairs bathroom, where Bobby took off his pyjamas so they wouldn't get wet. "I should do that too," said Shelley, and pulled her nightgown off over her head. "How come you're doing that?" asked Bobby, and Shelley hopped up onto the toilet.

"It felt really good when Daddy made my trickle all wet with my pee, 'cause it was all nice and warm. I want to see what it feels like when the pee goes right on it. So come on - make your pee go right on my trickle. I'll lean back so I can watch it hit me, and I'll give you a good target - here." The young girl opened her legs wide, spreading the hairless lips of her cunny apart to reveal the deep pink interior. "You really want my pee to go on you?" Bobby asked. Shelley nodded. "Sure," she replied, "Make it go all over my trickle, all in between my legs. You know where I like to rub myself. Make it go there." She pushed herself a little farther forward. "Okay," said Bobby, "Here goes," and he stepped closer to the toilet and aimed his small cock at his sister's crotch.

A stream of golden fluid shot out and splashed onto Shelley's flat belly and ran down either side onto the toilet seat and into the toilet. "Ooo," cried Shelley as he corrected his aim and directed his piss onto his sister's clitoris, "Ooo, that's GREAT!" She held her upper thighs and pulled her cunny parts farther open. "Ooo YEAH! Do it all up and down my crack! Oh, WOW!" and her hips thrust and jerked as the hot stream tingled on her sex parts, dribbling past her own peehole and splashing into the toilet. "Hit my hole, hit my hole!" she cried, thrusting her hips forwards and tipping them up a little to raise her cunny hole. Bobby made his piss stream hit his sister at the entrance to her vagina as she held it open for him, just as the stream lost its power and it changed to dribbles.

"Oh, too bad that's all," said Shelley, using both hands to feel in between her legs and rub her small cunny, all shiny with her brother's piss, "It felt so good! I'm going to make the good feeling come again," and Bobby watched his sister masturbate, his cock getting harder as he watched. She rubbed her cunny all over and stared at his cock as it rose up and poked out in front of him. "Come on, Bobby, do it to yourself while I'm doing it," she panted, and Bobby began stroking his small cock back and forth with two fingers and a thumb while he watched his sister. Both children liked to masturbate, and they liked to watch each other doing it at the same time. "It's going to happen soon," grunted Bobby, his hips jerking and thrusting forwards and backwards. "Do it in my mouth," said his sister, leaning forward and opening her mouth while she continued to stroke her fingers past her sensitive clitty. Bobby stepped forward and let his sister's mouth surround the end of his throbbing cockhead. "Oh, yeah!" he cried as she licked around the small bulby head and he reached his orgasm, sending a thin flow of warm liquid into her mouth. "Umm, mmm, mmm!" muttered Shelley, the taste of her brother's fluid all she needed to make her come. They went out and watched TV till their father came downstairs.

After a while George and the two youngest children decided it was time for bed. They went upstairs and saw Kelly's door open. When they looked around the corner into Kelly's room George saw his twelve year old daughter lying on her back on her bed with her eyes closed, naked. Her slender legs were spread wide, and she was sliding a hairbrush handle in and out of her cunny with one hand while she jerked a finger of her other hand up and down her slit, rubbing her clitoris. George beckoned to the other two and they stood beside him and watched their sister masturbating. Bobby liked looking at his naked sister. George glanced over at Bobby and saw that the boy's cock was poking out straight in front of him. Shelley had a finger buried in her slit, and was moving it up and down in time with her sister's motions. George's own cock jerked and throbbed into an erection as he watched his daughters masturbating. He reached over and cuddled his son's small cock and balls, and Bobby fondled his in return.

Suddenly Kelly opened her eyes and saw her family standing there in a row, watching her and that they were naked and playing with their private parts. She looked at her father's huge erection, then her brother's stiff cock and her sister's naked slit, then slowly parted her legs again as a smile lit up her pretty face. "Hi, guys!" she said, "Wanna play some nice games?" George stepped up to his daughter's bed and looked down at her naked body. "What sort of games?" he asked her, watching as she began masturbating with the hairbrush handle again. Kelly looked up at his cock poking out over her and grinned. "How about 'Hide Daddy's Sausage?'" she suggested. "And where would you hide it?" he asked, teasingly.

For answer Kelly removed the hairbrush from her cunny and used both hands to stretch her cunny lips back and hold her cunny hole open. "Here's a good place to put it," she replied, "I bet there's lots of room for it in my hole, Daddy. Put your finger in it and see." George stared at the cunny hole his eldest daughter was holding open for him, and wondered if they should let on to the others that he and her dog had already fucked her that evening. Just the puffy tuft of hair at the top showed she was growing up; the rest of her pubic area was as bare and hairless as Shelley's was. He glanced at Shelley, who was standing at the other side of the bed, and at Bobby, who was at the foot, staring at the hole between her legs his big sister was holding open. Shelley was still fingering her little slit, and Bobby was rubbing his cock back and forth with two fingers. George cupped his hand over his oldest daughter's hot pubic area and let his finger sink into her cunny hole. She wriggled her hips and thrust them up to meet his finger. "Oooh, that's nice, Daddy," she sighed, reaching up to fondle his erection, "But I bet this big thing will go into me even better."

George climbed on the bed with Kelly and sank his cock into her waiting cunny. As he started to stroke it in and out Shelley straddled her sister's head and let Kelly lick her open cunny. Bobby stood by the bed and let Kelly play with his small cock and balls while her father fucked her. After he had filled her cunny with cum Shelley lay down on the bed and Kelly spread her legs either side of her sister's head and opened her hole up. Shelley licked her sister's cunny and ate their father's cum as it dribbled out of the open hole. Then they showed Bobby and Shelley how to fuck, George fiddling with his youngest daughter's puffy nipples while Kelly played with her brother's balls. After the children came they all went into the kitchen and had big bowls of ice cream.

Kelly told George that she and another girl masturbated together and sucked each other's cunnies after school in either girl's house. George asked her when she had started fucking. Kelly giggled. "Last year I caught Miss Fredberg and Mr. Harris doing it after school," she replied, naming two of the younger teachers at school. "I could see his cock going in and out of her cunny and everything. They were scared I would tell but what they were doing looked like fun so I told them I wouldn't tell if they would show me what they were doing and let me do it too. At first they didn't want to but then Miss Fredberg said to lift up my skirt and show them my underpants. I guess maybe she thought I'd be scared but I let them look at my underpants and Mr. Harris asked if I would pull my underpants down. I said Sure if I could look at them all naked too. So he undid his pants again and showed me his cock and Miss Fredberg showed me her cunny with all the hair on it and her big tits too, and I pulled down my underpants and let them look at my cunny, only I called it a trickle then. They let me touch them and I let them touch me in between my legs and they showed me how Mr. Harris put his cock into Miss Fredberg's cunny and made it go in and out. I was too little to do it but Miss Fredberg licked my cunny and made me feel good like I did in bed at night when I rubbed myself, and she taught me how to suck on Mr. Harris's cock until he came and all the stuff came out of it. After that we used to fool around a lot, sometimes at his house, and I found out Pierre the poodle likes to lick me and fuck me too. After my hole got bigger from his cock, I got Mr. Harris to put his cock in my cunny and fuck me for the first time last spring."

Next morning George was at the breakfast table when Shelley came into the kitchen. "I got up early this morning so I could have a nice long bath, Daddy," she said. "I thought about all the things we did last night and my trickle felt all funny again." "Did you play with it?" George asked his young daughter. "Oh, yeah! And I remembered about peeing, and I lay with my bum up the side of the tub and peed and I held my hand so the pee came out and ran all over my trickle and got it all warm and ran down all over my tummy and I made it go on my titty places too and then I did it to myself and made my trickle feel all good. Can we play some more games like that tonight, Daddy?" George smiled at his young daughter. "Of course we can, honey," he said, "Maybe tonight we'll play with your pee and mine too, if you like." Shelley clapped her hands and whirled around with delight. "Ooo yeah!" she cried. "Haven't you forgotten something?" asked her father, who had noticed that as his young daughter twirled around that she wasn't wearing any underpants. Shelley looked at him as he gestured towards her lower body, then raised her skirt with a mischievous look in her eye and showed her father her naked cunny. "You mean my underpants, Daddy?" she asked innocently, "I thought I'd better leave them off in case I have to pee all of a sudden. Besides, this way I can play with my trickle without my underpants getting in the way." "Well, okay," George laughed, "Just be careful who sees you doing it."

That afternoon at school George found Amy Harrison masturbating again. "I think you'd better come to the office," said George. Amy saw the bulge in the Principal's pants and thought that maybe he wasn't as mad as he seemed.

When they got to George's office he sat behind his desk and told the young girl to sit in the chair that faced it. "And what do you think you were doing in the locker room?" asked George. "I was just playing with my trickle," she said, lifting her skirt up around her waist and exposing her cunny to the teacher. "See, Mister, my trickle, down here in between my legs. Look." George loved the sight of the eleven year old's hairless cunny, which reminded him of Shelley's little crack, and the fun they had all had the day before. His cock surged again and he adjusted it, under cover of the desk. The girl couldn't see his hand but she knew what he was doing. He left his hand over the bulge in his pants and pressed lightly at it as he continued.

"Now stop that," he said, "Put your skirt down right now!" Amy looked at him, still holding her skirt up, and spread her legs, which opened her crack and let George see inside it. "Why?" she asked, "Don't you like looking at my trickle? Our family go to nudist camps and everybody sees everybody else all naked there, so what's the difference? The boys like looking at girls' trickles. They give us a quarter to touch us there, too!" She got up and came and stood beside him, still holding her skirt up around her waist. George kept staring at the little girl's cunny. "I'll let you touch it for nothing, if I can play with your big thing. I betcha it's a real big one. I can tell it's all hard because it's making a big bulge in your pants," and she reached out and touched the principal's pants over the bulge of his cock. George's cock jumped as the young girl touched it and she smiled at him. "I betcha it wants me to play with it, doesn't it. I felt it jump and try to get out of your pants. I bet there's lots of that white stuff in it ready to squirt out all over, isn't there."

George looked at his young pupil. "What are you going to do if I let you play with it?" He asked. Amy looked at him. "Can I make it squirt?" she asked. "Um, yeah, I guess," said George, "How?" "Can I suck it?" asked the child, "I like to drink the cream, see, and that way I don't miss any." "Okay then," replied the horny teacher, "I'll get on the couch." George lay on the couch and let the child unzip his fly and pull out his cock. "Mmm, nice," she said, "I think I'll rub it up and down for awhile first, is that okay?" George loved the feeling of the young girl masturbating his swollen cock. "Sure," he said, and Amy looked up at him. "I thought we were going to get in trouble when you caught me and Cindy doing it to ourselves yesterday," she said, "But you liked watching us, didn't you." George nodded and Amy continued, "It felt neat when I got my trickle all wet with my pee while I did it. Did you see us?" "Yeah," said the horny Principal, "I could see the piss dribbling out of your peeholes and the way you made all in between your legs wet with it."

"Did you like watching us pissing? asked Amy, and the principal nodded. "Yeah," he said. "I bet your thing got all hard, and you wanted to make the white stuff come out, didn't you," continued the little girl. George nodded. "I have to pee now," said Amy, "Do you wanna watch me?" "Sure," said George, and the girl stood up and took off her skirt and stood naked from the waist down. "Where shall I do it?" asked the young girl, looking around for the bathroom. George got off the couch and lay on the thick rug in front of her. "Just squat over my face," he said, "And do it there." "Wow," said Amy, "Is that ever dirty! Peeing on your face! You mean it?" "Sure," said George, "I'll lick your little peehole and tickle it till the pee comes, and you can make it go right into my mouth. Pee nice and slowly, so it lasts a long time and I don't miss any." "Will you lick me all over my trickle? I like getting my trickle licked," asked the eleven year old, slipping a finger into the top of her hairless slit and touching herself on her sex parts while she thought about what the man was going to do to her and how good it would feel. "Sure," said George, "And I'll drink all your nice hot pee, too."

Amy straddled the principal's chest and edged forward, her legs either side of him. George looked at the young girl's hairless cunny stretched open just in front of his face. The fat lips splayed either side of her deep pink gash that contained her clitty nub and the small hole of her urethra. George used both hands to spread the girl's private parts wide apart and open her vaginal passage so he could look up inside her. "Nice big trickle hole, eh Mister?" said Amy, looking down at her principal as he got a good look at her sex organs. "It likes big hard things up inside it, but why don't you see how far you can reach up inside it with your tongue, for now?" As she pushed her crotch forward George lifted her and drew her to him, raising his head a little to meet the child's hairless cunny with his mouth. He lapped at it all over, wetting the fat outer cunny lips and tasting the stickiness of her juices and he licked up and down her slit, slipping his tongue up her vagina as far as it would go and wiggling it about up inside the young girl. She giggled and wriggled on him as he lapped at her warm cunny passage, then pulled his tongue out of her hole and said, "How about that pee, now?"

He used both forefingers to gently open the small urethra, then touched her peehole with the tip of his tongue and felt it twitch as he tickled it. "Ooo," sighed Amy, "that feels nice. I think I'm going to pee now. Here it comes." George let his tongue stick out like a carpet and held it just below his young pupil's piss hole, the tip just touching her inner lips. Amy looked down and giggled at the sight of her principal holding his mouth open and his tongue out, waiting for her to piss in his mouth, then relaxed her bladder muscles and let her piss flow, watching as the pale golden stream landed on his pink tongue and ran into his mouth. George felt the hot splash of the little girl's piss on his tongue and his cock jerked even harder at the tangy taste as her urine ran into his mouth and over his taste buds. "Do you like that?" asked Amy, watching herself pissing into her principal's mouth, "Did you ever drink a little girl's piss before?" George looked up at her, his mouth still open so the flow of piss would go into it, and shook his head. "I like doing it," continued Amy, "Peeing always makes my trickle feel funny. I'm going to touch it and play with it while I pee some more in your mouth - is that okay?"

George nodded, his mouth filling up with the young girl's hot piss while he watched her begin to touch the nub of her clitty and circle her fingers on it. "Ooo, that feels so good," she sighed, letting her piss run a little faster into the man's mouth as she relaxed more. George swallowed and felt the hot liquid run into his stomach, his cock jerking more. He slipped his hand up under her T shirt and felt her naked tittie bumps, rubbing his fingers over the small mounds and making the young girl wriggle with pleasure. She rubbed her clitty faster and faster, then jerked and twitched as she came. Her piss stream slowed to a trickle, and then to drops. George swallowed what he had in his mouth and tickled her pisshole to encourage the child to piss some more, but she sighed and said, "That's all there is. Ooo, did that ever feel good! Now I wanna suck your thing and get all that nice white stuff out of it!"

She looked over her shoulder at George's cock, jerking erect behind her, and said, "Shall I kneel down beside you when I do it, or shall I sit on your legs? Do you wanna watch me suck it?" "Kneel beside me with your bum towards me," suggested George, "That way I can watch you suck it and look at your trickle at the same time." "Will you play with me some more in between my legs?" asked the young girl, "I like it being played with." "Sure," said George, and the girl turned and knelt beside him with her bum facing him. George looked at the child's slim body, her hairless cunny pooched out between her slender thighs towards him, and the tightness of her small bum cheeks. She began caressing his erection while George ran a hand up the inside of the young girl's thigh to her crotch and slipped a finger into the hairless slit of her private parts. She moved her legs farther apart so he had more room to get his big hand in between her slender legs, looked back at him and said, "That feels nice! Feel me all over while I play with this big thing of yours. I'm going to do it with my hands for awhile so it gets lots of nice white stuff inside it for me to drink."

George felt her sex parts all over while she began fondling and masturbating him, feeling how firm her bum cheeks were. He saw her small puckered asshole and touched it gently, making it pucker. Amy looked around at him. "Do you like to touch little girls on their bumholes too?" she asked, "It feels nice!" "I've never done it before," replied George, "Are you sure it's okay?" "You can feel any part of me," giggled Amy, "Specially anywhere up inside me!" and she pushed her bum back towards George's finger. He circled his finger on the brown ring of the eleven year old girl's sphincter and hesitated as he felt it relax. "Don't stop," said Amy, "I like it."

George licked his forefinger and wet the brown area, excited that she liked having her asshole played with. He wet his finger again, this time tasting the tangy spiciness of her asshole and feeling an excitement at the taste. "Ahh," sighed Amy, relaxing her sphincter as he circled his finger on it again. George felt his eleven year old pupil's asshole opening as he fingered it, and he slipped his fingertip into the muscular opening as it widened. "Put your finger inside my bum," murmured Amy, "Right up inside." George slipped his finger inside the child's asshole, letting it sink in all the way and feeling the slick smoothness of her insides as she pushed back against him. He felt the child's hairless cunny with his other hand, slipping his middle finger into the slipperiness of her vagina while he fiddled with her clitty with his forefinger.

"Ooo, that's nice!" sighed Amy, "Both my holes are full! I better fill my other hole with this nice big thing and see if it wants to give me a drink." She held the principal's cock erect with one hand, pulled the head over and slipped it into her mouth, her lips stretching around the bulbous head. Her mouth was warm and wet around his cock, and George relaxed and let his pupil suck his penis while he fingered her asshole and her cunny at the same time. Her head bobbed up and down, dark hair spreading over his crotch as she took as much of the man's cock as she could into her child's mouth, lapping her tongue over it while she sucked it. It wasn't long before George was ready to come, and he said, "You ready for your drink?" Amy looked around at him, her mouth still full of his cock, and nodded. "Here you are then," grunted George. He felt his cock pulse and saw the child's eyes widen as the first spout of semen squirted into her mouth, and she hesitated an instant before she smiled a little and moved her mouth up and down the man's cock faster than before.

"Taste good?" asked George, smiling at the dreamy look on the eleven year old's face as his cock poured his cum into her mouth. Amy looked at him, her mouth full of his cock, her throat muscles working as she swallowed the man's load of semen. "Mmm! Mmmmmf!" she nodded, her hips jerking and twitching. George could feel her sphincter contracting around his finger, and the walls of her vagina pulsing and moving as she slid back and forth on his fingers. When he had finished coming, the girl kept his cock in her mouth and sucked and licked at it as it softened, then let it slip out and sighed,"Ooo, wow! All that stuff! It was all thick, just like a shake! It made me feel all funny again just drinking it." "I know," said George, slipping his fingers out of the child's holes, "Your bum and your trickle told me!" Amy giggled, "They told me too," she said, "I liked your fingers inside me while I sucked your thing." She sat up and said, "I liked having fun with you, Mr. Speck. I liked it specially when we played pee games. I liked watching myself peeing into your mouth. Did you like it too? Do you like drinking little girls' pee?" George nodded. "I loved your pee," he said, "It was all nice and hot and tasty. I never drank a little girl's pee before, but it was great."

Amy looked at him. "Did you ever have anyone drink your pee?" she asked. "No, I haven't," asked George, "Why?" "Because I like doing it," replied Amy, licking her lips, "Do you want to try it now?" George's cock lurched a little at the thought of pissing into the child's mouth. "Sure, if you want to," he replied. "Oh goody!" cried Amy. "You stand up and I'll kneel in front of you. George did as she suggested, and looked down at the child. His softened cock was just above her mouth, and she reached her tongue out and licked the end and giggled. "Ready when you are," she said, "Shall I hold it so I don't make a mess?" George nodded. "I'll try and make it go nice and slow," he said, "There's quite a lot of it, I think." "Oh goody," said the girl.

She looked up at him, lifted the softened shaft of the man's penis, pointed it at her mouth, and opened her mouth. "Now give me another of your nice drinks." George looked down at the child holding his penis and pointing it at her open mouth and relaxed his muscles. "Here it comes," he said as a stream of urine spilled out of his cock and straight into the girl's waiting mouth. "Ummm," she said, smiling up at him as her mouth filled up with his piss. "Taste good?" he asked her as she swallowed carefully so she could keep her mouth open and not miss any. Amy nodded as he continued to piss into her mouth, keeping the stream slow enough that the child was able to swallow his entire load. When he was finished she licked the last drops off the end of his cock and ran her tongue around her lips to get the last traces. Then they got dressed. "I really liked our pissing games," she said as she left the principal's office, "Look, here's a book you can borrow overnight." She reached into her backpack, handed him a colour magazine and waved goodbye. George read the title as she went down the hall: "Family Golden Showers". He tucked the book in his briefcase and went home. "I'll read it tonight," he thought. It had been quite a busy day.