Grandma's Nasty Boy by Cowhand

Grandma's Nasty Boy

(Here is the second part to 'Ma's Hard Workin Boy.' I thank everybody for their thoughts and suggestions. Please keep them coming.)

I reckon my Ma had done woke me up sexually. Ya see after them first couple of times me and Ma fucked, I just came plum hooked! I was thinkin about pussy all of the time. I'd be down at the saw yard cuttin cords and my mind would just wonder. I'd be thinkin about how cold it was or how hungry I was and how I just wanted to get on back to the house so I's could get back up in Ma's tasty warm pussy. The next thing I'd know is my trousers would get all tight and distractin. I'd have to go to the back the shed at least four times a day just so I's could releave myself with my hand. I swear all that wasted time was makin my work day drag and in turn makin it just that much longer before I could get me a little poke.

Ma was still pretty much keepin it from me. I'd have to come up behind her and get her when she wasn't lookin. Or I would slip into her bedroom after she done went to sleep and more or less slide it on in before she woke up. She'd always fuss at first, but after I threw my pecker up in her pussy a few hard times, she'd let out a big ole howl then start fuckin me back like a wild animal. I don't rightly understand what goes on in her head to make her change like that but I sure didn't mind. I reckon I had a right to that pussy any how. If she could give it to her pa she could give it to her son, the man of the house, right?

Anyways, work went as it usually did, hard and borin. I recall one day I managed to get through with my cuttin a little before supper time so I headed on to the house. By the time I walked the three miles home, I had two appeitites that needed satisfying, my stomach and my cock.

I saw grandma sittin in her porch chair workin on knittin that new shaw for my little sister. I noticed that it was kind of quiet around. The criquets chirpping and the steady creek of grandma's rockin chair seem to be the only noise.

"Hey there grandma, how ya doin," I says walkin towards the door.

"I reckon just find boy, just tryin to finish up this bit of knittin," she told me. "You put in a hard's day?"

"Yes um."

She said, "your grandpa done takin your sis and ma into ta town for shoppin. Your ma was'a needin some flour and such for some pies and......"

I didn't pay her no attention. She would usually start ramblin on and on about nothin if you paid her much mind. Besides, I was needin some food in my belly before I starved to death.

As usual Ma had some beans warmin on the stove. It looked like the rest of the family had done had their supper before goin to town. I ate what was left and finished it off with some honey bread. I felt kind upset that Ma wasn't home. I was really lookin forward to doin a bit of fuckin. She be given it to me before the night ended, I was sure. But in the mean time, I figured I would just go to the outhouse and try to get myself off with my hand real quick.

I walked out the back door headin towards the privey, I could see that grandma had done got up from her chair. I thought oh great she done beat me to the outhouse. Sure enough, as soon as got up to the door, I could hear her tinklin.

"Grandma, I'ds needs to get in there," I told her gettin impatient.

She got kind of snappy sayin, "you just hold your horses, boy. I'll be out when I'm out."

I didn't care much for her tone, but I kept my mouth shut seein how I didn't do much disrepectin towards grandma. Anyways, I didn't need to use the can to bad. I just like the peacefullness of sittin in there while I'm feelin on my pecker.

I walked around the side, figurin I could go ahead and get myself hard whiles I was waitin.

I must of stood there for a few minutes rubbin on my swollen cock. I was startin get all excited and was wantin to get in there so I could finish. I could kind of see grandma throught a slit between the side of the boarded wall. I peeked in closer to see if she was done. She was just sittin there doin her business takin her time. I kept on peekin. She had her flower printed dress all hiked up over waste while she set there leanin over her knees. I reckon she was sittin there day dreamin as usual taken her sweet old time.

I was still pullin on my cock as I watched her. It was gettin me real hard. I could make out her thick legs and see the profile of her big saggy titties. I was wantin to get in there for a closer look so I walked around the front.

I spoke into the door saying, "Grandma, I really need to get in there."

She says, "Well come on, I'm almost done."

So I walked on in. She's sittin there with her legs all open, panties around her ankles, not payin me much attention. It was a little dark in there, but I could still make out her pussy crack. There looked like there was a little bit of gray and black hair on the top and sides of her pussy lips. I recalled the first time I got a good look at Ma's pussy. It looked like the same exact pussy except she had a big thick fur patch of black pussy hair.
It was like she had a ole coon stuck up between her legs.

Anways, standin in front of her, I couldn't help but start rubbin on my cock agian. I fished it out of my trousers and began to slowly stroke it. Grandma must had not seen me do this at first.

When she took notice of what I was doin she says, "boy, watch ya pullin on that for?"

"I reckon Ima needin a little poke, grandma," I tell her.

She looks down at my cock and says, "you aint thinkin ya wantin to be on top of me, is ya?"

"I just need to get me a little bit is all, grandma. Why dont ya let me put in ya for a bit."

"I reckon if ya need ta bad enough. But I aint gonna help ya none cause you's a nasty boy. Your grandpa is always tryin to hump on me but I just dont think it proper for you men to always wantin to be doin your business like a bunch of dogs. He usta always make me take him inside me. Always expectin me ta take off my draws and get on my back. Especially after he'd be out drinkin that moonshine, he'd be bringin his brothers over all the time let'em climb on top of me. I was sure glad when your momma can of age......"

I wasn't payin her no mind. I didn't much understand what she was a talkin about most of the time. So I unhooked my trousers and letted them fall to the floor. It felt good to stand there naked, feelin the cool air. I went up between her legs, pushing her up more onto the seat. Grandma always had a smell to her. It always reminded me of the Lylac that grew done by the river in the spring. It has a kind of a musky yet sweat smell to it. I stepped on her panties while I hoisted her legs up, so that they came off from around her ankles. As soon as I did that, I got nose full of the scent comin from her hole. This whole time it must have been grandma's pussy that gave her that scent. Anyways, seein grandma's pussy all spread out with her legs put up like a baby waitin for a diaper change got my cock real hard. I reached down and put a finger up in her pussy. Except for the little bit of leftover pee, she was all dry. So I spit into my hand and rubbed it up and down her pussy crack.

"Now you hurry, boy and dont be diddlin around, ya hear?" she says.

"Ima needin this bad, grandma, besides I bet grandpa or his brothers never gave it to ya the way ya needed it," I says to her.

I took my cock into my hand and I guided it up to the openin of her pussy. And leanin with all my weight, I push hard up into her. Grandma, let out a slight, "uhh." It was startin to be feelin real good. I started to slowly pull it back out tryin to get a feel for her pussy. I pushed back in with the same amount of force. This spreaded my spit more evenly up her wrinkly old pussy and allowed me to start layin it into harder.

I just started throwin it up her old cunt. She started huffin from the feel of me repeatedly slammin myself inside her. I pend her legs up high as I reached down mashin her big ole titties through her dress.

"Ohhh, Grandma, you still got a good peice of pussy," I tell her. "I want ya to feel me push up your pussy harder and harder, Grandma. I want to take it as I shoot my cum inside you."

Grandma letted out a "Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, Uhh!," as I fuck her. Her breathin was gettin kind of louder and I could feel her pussy gettin wetter.

"Boy, Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, dont you be gettin nasty while you on top of me, Uhh, Uhh," she lets out between huffs.

"Just let me get it, Grandma. Just let me put it up inside you and feel good. This is all I want, Grandma. Let me feel my cock slide in an out of your pussy. Dont it feel good. Dont feel good goin in and out of ya?"

She just laid there grunting and takin the poundin I was given her. I watched as her titties were jigglin all over her chest. I wanted to see them, so I started undoin her buttons. I pulled them out as as she stared up at me. I was wantin to cum hard into her. I just couldn't get enough. I ran my hands all over her tiities. Squeezin them and yankin on her fat brown nipples.

"Grandma, Ima goin to cum hard inside ya! I want you to take it all. I want to feel your pussy squeeze out every last drop of my cock juice. Ya hear me!?

Grandma was wrappin her legs up around me. She started sayin, "boy, hurry up and cum. This is bein nasty what you and me doin. Hurry and cum."

I tell her, "Grandma, help me. Help me to come hard. Make my cock burn inside you. Me bein on top of you aint nasty. This feels to good. Dont ya want me to feel good. I want to make you feel good, too, Grandma. Feel it slid in and out of ya. Feel how your pussy goes tight around my cock and squeezes it. That's it, Grandma!, That's it, I know ya like it. Take it, take it hard up your pussy."

I really started to pump her hard then. She was startin to moan. Going, "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." I could feel her pussy gettin sloppy wet. It was making a'smock, smock, smock,' sound every time I pushed into her.

She tells me,"Ohhh, boy, I'm startin to feel that nasty feelin, too. Uhh! Uhh! Okay then, I'll make you cum, honey. Yesss! I know ya need it, baby. You can have my pussy. It may be old and worn out but you can have it. You give it to me, baby. You give it all to me. Fuck your Grandma, baby. Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!.

"Smock, Smock, Smock."

"Here it is, Grandma! I'm cummin in your pussy. Squeeze me inside you, Grandma. Milk my cock. Yess that's it. Your pussy is so good, Grandma. Im cumming, YES, You fucking old peice of pussy. Swallow my cock, swallow my cock! YESS, GRANDMA, YESS, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, GRANDMA......., NOW, UHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Grandma started to yell out with me, sayin, "YES, BOY...., YES, CUM INSIDE ME...., OHH... FUCK IT...., FUCK IT IN MY PUSSY......, UHHHH, OHHHHHH, OHHHH!!!!

Grandma then threw her legs wide open as I pounded everything I had into. Shooting all of my cum deep inside her. Her old pussy sqeezing me.

"Smock...., Smock............., Smock............................"

I continued slamming my cock up into her. Getting every last bit of my juice up inside her.

"Ohh, Boy, I ain't felt that in a long long time," she says.

"Grandma, you sure do have a good piece of pussy. I see were Ma's gets hers from. I think I need to be followin ya out her to the outhouse more often."

My cock was going soft up in her pussy. "Now that was a good bit of humpin," she says. "I ain't done that in a long bit of time. It'd be nasty to always be letin ya climb on top of me. But I reckon ya can be inside me every know and then seein that ya dont go tellin your Grandpa, he'd be thinkin he could climb on top of me all of the time, agian."

"Grandma, I's just need a little bit of pussy everyday. Besides what little bit he gettin off of Ma seems to agree with him," I told her. I could feel my cock gettin hard again.

"Boy, take that pecker out of me. I's need to finish my knitten, ya hear?"

I started thinkin that maybe I should go on a get me one more quick poke before Ma got home. That away with a couple of poke's out of the way, I could fuck Ma's hungry pussy all night.

"Grandma, let me just get a little more, and I'll letcha be."

She says, "boy, I swear you's about as stubborn as your grandpa. I can feel your pecker still poken in me. Didn't ya get enough already?"

"Ah Grandma, just a little more. I'll be quick, Grandma, I's promise."

"My back is gettin stiff," she says. "You young bucks is always wantin to hump like rabbits, I swear."

"Come on Grandma, you like this," I tell her. I pulled my cock out of her and help her to her feet. She seemed to understand what I wasa doin cause she turned herself around, benden over, pushin her big ass up in the air.

I didn't waste no time. I slid right back up her. I grabbed onto her hips and started fuckin her hard and fast. Her pussy was really sloppy and wet after that first bit of cum I left inside her. I fucked her faster and faster. That pussy was suckin my cock with every stroke. She was bracin herself against the wall. She may have been old but she was still a strong women. She was needin that strength to just to hold on as I pounded her with everything I had.

She didn't waste no time fuckin me right back. She was yellin out this time with all of her breath. "God damn, boy. UHH! Uhh! What are ya doin to me? UHH! OHH!.....Damn!...FUCK, OHH!...FUCK, BOY, YESS......THAT'S IT, BOY, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR GRANDMA, YOUR GRANDMA'S PUSSY IS ACHIN GOOD, BOY!......UHH.......UHH! OH MY GOD!!!!OHHH GOD!!!! I THINK, I THINK IMA CUMMIN, BABY,.....YESS.... OHH YESS.....I AM, BOY.....I AM CUMMIN.. OHH! FUCK IT, FUCK IT, IT'S CUMMIN, IT'S CUMMIN......FUCK MY PUSSY, BOY. FUCK YOUR GRANDMA'S PUSSY....HERE IT IS, BABY!!!! UHH!!UHH!! UHH!! YESSSS, YESS, IN MY PUSSY, BABY! FUCK IT IN MY PUSSY! GIVE IT TO ME!" She started makin a high pitch, "HE HE HE HE HE HE OHH FUCK MY PUSSY'S CUMMIN, MY PUSSY'S CUMMMMIN. HERE IT IS ...... UHHH.... UHHHHH .....UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe Grandma's old tired pussy just came. That was just to much for me. I let loose a hard cum, shootin everything I had into her pussy. I held on to hips pushin it as deep inside her as I could squeezin out that last bit. "Ohh, Grandma, ohh, damn women, that was good. This is a good peice of pussy, Grandma. You got it all. Your pussy done drained my cock, Grandma."

I let my limp cock flop out of her as she leaned against the side the wall. Her breathin was short and quick. She was pantin away. "Damn, boy. Your Grandpa aint never done that to me. I don't think my pussy's ever been that hot."

"Ah, Grandma. That sure was good. Ya think ya be lettin me get this again?"

She says, "I reckon," as she starts straightnen her dress and pattin down her hair. She turned and walk out of the door, leavin me standin there.

I was figurin that with both Ma and Grandma to poke with, I'd be sittin right well for a good bit So I cleaned myself up down at the river then joined Grandma, sittin on the porch, watchin the rest of them walkin up the road, comin back from town.

Until next time..... This is my second attempt at erotica. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.