Horny Nieces

Horny Nieces

When Cindy Adams entered the room she shared with her twin sister Amy, the cute ten-year-old was lying naked on the big bed with her legs spread wide apart. She had both her hands tucked in between her legs, rubbing her little hairless cunny as hard as she could. Cindy liked to watch her sister masturbating almost as much as she liked doing it herself. Amy fiddled with her clitty with one hand while she poked a finger of the other in and out of her cunny hole. Cindy slipped her hand up underneath her dress, and down the front of her underwear; so she could feel her own naked little cunny, while she watched her sister masturbate.

Amy's slim hips jerked up and down faster and faster as she started to come. Shortly, her jerks became almost frantic, as she reached her climax. As she relaxed afterwards, the little girl opened her eyes, and saw her sister standing beside the bed. The little girl smiled lazily up at her twin and said, "Wow, that was a good one, Sis!"

"It sure looked like it," replied her sister, "What were you imagining?"

"Oh Uncle John is coming to visit for a couple of days, and I was thinking what fun we could have with him."

"But we don't even know if he would fool around," commented Cindy, as she climbed on the bed beside her sister. "I know," sighed Amy, "But he's so handsome. Maybe Daddy could ask him."

"But if he didn't want to he might be all mad and Daddy would get into trouble. We'll have to try and see, ourselves. Remember how we let Daddy see us all naked and playing with our cunnies? His cock got all nice and hard and big and he let us play with it. Maybe we could do it with Uncle John too."

"We'll have to be careful," suggested Amy, "We'll just let him see us with no clothes on first and watch and see if his cock gets hard. Then maybe we can get him to play naughty games with us!"

While they were talking, Cindy had pulled her skirt up around her waist, slipped her underwear down, let her legs flop to the sides, and spread her cunny open. She was lazily rubbing the bump of her clitty, while Amy let her cum juices dribble out of her open hole when their brother Billy, (who was a year older,) went by the door of the room and looked in. Seeing both his little sisters lying side by side on their bed with their private parts exposed, he entered the room. "Mind if I watch?" he asked, smiling.

The two girls smiled back, as the older boy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock; already hard and poking out towards them. "How about you jerking off right into my mouth and giving me a nice drink of hot cum, straight from the tap?" suggested Amy, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

"Ooo, sounds like fun!" giggled Cindy, "I want to watch all that lovely stuff come squirting out and then I'll lick Amy's cunny so you can both have a really good cum."

Billy took off his clothes and straddled his little sister's chest. His cock was fairly good sized for an eleven-year- old. . . Nearly six inches long, and about three quarters of an inch across, with just two small tufts of hair at the base. He pointed it at his sister's face and began to masturbate while the little girl cuddled his balls and her twin sister watched.

"Let me suck it and lick it a little," pleaded Amy.

So Billy lifted up and pushed forward, so that his little sister could reach his cock with her tongue. The little girl licked and lapped at the head, while the boy continued to rub the shaft up and down, faster and faster. When he grunted, "Now!" Amy opened her mouth wide, and put her tongue out as far as she could and held it just under the head of her brother's cock.

The spurts of Billy's thick cream squirted onto his sister's tongue, covering the pale pink with a coating of white, then sliding gently into her open mouth to make room for more. The little girl gave a gurgle of delight as her mouth filled up with her brother's semen as the boy continued to masturbate.

Once the thick gooey spurts had stopped, Amy licked the last dribbles off his cock, and slurped the loads of sperm into her mouth; savoring the rich flavor, before gulping down the rich sauce greedily.

"You like that stuff, don't you," observed Billy, as he watched his little sister licking her lips to get the last traces. "Sure do," said Amy, as her sister knelt between her open legs and began licking all over her spread open cunny, making the hairless lips wet and shiny.

The young boy watched one sister lapping at her twin's hole and his cock started to get hard again. He moved behind Cindy, and lifted her skirt up over her back, so he could see her cunny poking out from between her legs towards him. Then he reached down between her legs and fondled her smooth little cunny. Cindy wiggled her bum a little, and spread her legs some more, to allow her brother easier access. Billy knelt behind his little sister and rubbed his cock up and down her crack. "That's a nice hole, Sis," he said, "Wouldn't you like to have something thick and hard inside it?"

Cindy looked around briefly. "Sure would," she said.

"I get to lick Billy's cum out of your hole," said Amy.

Billy and Cindy both laughed.

"Not full yet?" asked Billy as he rubbed his cock up and down his sister's hairless cunny slit and slipped it gently inside her.

"I never get enough cum, you know that," laughed Amy as Billy began thrusting back and forth into her sister's cunny.

"I'm glad to hear that," said an older man's voice from the doorway, "Because I've got a whole lot, if you want it!" "Daddy's home!" exclaimed Amy.

Billy looked around, to see their father enter the room and take off his suit jacket, shirt and tie. "Hi Daddy," he said, not stopping his slow thrusts into his little sister's tight little hole.

"Having fun kids?" their father asked, standing next to the bed so Amy could reach up and undo his belt and trousers.

"You bet, Daddy," she replied, "Billy jerked off into my mouth; and then when Cindy started licking my cunny, his cock got hard again so he could fuck her. I bet your cock is nice and big and hard too, isn't it Daddy?"

While saying this, the little girl was busy unzipping her father's trousers and pulling down his underpants. Their father's thick eight inch cock waved in the air, poking up and out towards her, as he kicked the last of his clothes off. Amy grasped her father's erection and urged him closer to her, hefting his big testicles and fondling them. "I'm going to drink all the cum out of these big balls of yours, Daddy!" she announced, "I'll suck this big thing and play with it till it squirts me a mouthful!"

Her father laughed. "My kitten loves her cream, doesn't she?"

Amy looked up at him and nodded, as she began licking the bulbous head of his cock. Then she stretched her small mouth wide open so she could get the big helmet-shaped head inside. The little girl used both hands to masturbate the thick shaft, because neither one would go around it properly. Amy had done it this way, as long as she could remember. Harry Adams hefted his balls and cuddled them, while his daughter sucked his cock and masturbated him.

The man was glad he had found his kids all naked on the twins' big bed. He liked to watch them having sex together. Sometimes he would just quietly masturbate while his children played with each other's private parts, sucking and fucking one another; and then tell them when he was ready to come. Amy, of course, loved to drink his cum, but so did Billy. Cindy liked him to squirt his cum all over her, especially onto her cunny; which she would hold wide open so the spurts would go right up inside her hole. Then Amy and Billy would lick their father's cum off their sister. So it really depended on what they were doing to each other when he was ready to come, where he squirted his thick semen.

Right now, he watched Cindy licking the bare hairless cunny of her twin sister, while her brother fucked her from behind. He had a big load of cum in his balls today. At lunchtime, he'd gone down to the outdoor swimming pool and watched all the children swimming. Some of the little girls' bathing suits clung to their immature bodies so well when they got wet, that Harry could see every detail of their little cunny mounds and the vertical indentation of their cracks. In some of the older ones, their tits had started to grow and small mounds pushed out from their flat chests. Harry always stood by the slide so he could get a good look at them, as each one waited for her turn. Harry loved watching, and he thought of how lovely the little girls had looked as his sexy little daughter sucked his cock and used both her small hands to masturbate him. He knew it wouldn't be long before he came, because Amy sucked on his cock so well. He slipped a finger down and twiddled her clitty while Cindy licked at her sister's hole.

Billy stroked his cock faster into his sister while he watched her twin sucking off their father. He could tell from her movements and the spasms in her warm cunny that Cindy was coming, and he suddenly reached his peak too. "I'm cumming!" he grunted, and felt the squirts of cum shooting deep into his sister's throbbing hole.

Cindy wiggled her bum, to feel her brother's cum squirting into her even better, while Harry asked Amy, "Are you ready for your drink of cream, Kitten?"

Amy looked up at him, her mouth full of the head of his cock, and nodded.

"I'll pump it all out, Honey, you can cuddle my balls and make them make more cream for you if you want to," he told her.

Amy let go of her father's erection. She caressed his huge testicles as he began stroking his cock up and down, while she continued to lick on the head.

Harry looked down at his daughter as the first squirt of cum spurted out and into her mouth. He always loved the ecstatic expression on her face as she tasted the first spurts of his cum. The little girl gurgled a little, and opened her mouth wider and held it up so the rest of his cum could fill it right up before she would have to swallow. He pulled back a little and watched the cum squirting in thick creamy gushes out of his cock and straight into his ten-year-old's wide open mouth.

The white lake in her mouth got deeper and then filled it right up. She looked up at him and swallowed quickly, gulping down his semen quickly and opening her mouth for more as quickly as she could. She was so quick she only missed one squirt, and that hit her lips and dribbled into her mouth when she opened it again. Harry filled her mouth a second time and then his cock stopped shooting.

Amy licked her lips to get the last and washed the warm creamy soup around in her mouth to get as much flavor out of it as possible before she swallowed it. The taste of her father's cum and Cindy's licking at her hole, was enough to make the child cum. She shivered and shook as her cunny spasmed and jerked, then relaxed.

As Billy pulled his softening cock out of Cindy's hole Amy looked up at her sister and reminded her, "Don't forget I get to eat Billy's cum out of your hole!"

Cindy grinned and straddled her sister's upturned face; looking down between her spread-open legs as Amy licked greedily at the entrance to her cunny hole. Billy's cum dribbled out in thick globs; and Amy slurped them up as they appeared in Cindy's vaginal opening; smacking her lips at the taste.

When they were all lying on the bed together relaxing, Amy and Cindy asked their Daddy about their Uncle John, who was to visit them for the weekend. "Do you think he would like to fool around with us?" Cindy asked her Daddy.

"I don't know," he replied, "We'll have to be careful not to let him know too much about what we do together before we know what he's thinking -- he might think it was wrong."

"I know," said Amy, "Cindy and me can let him see our cunnies, sort of by accident, and we'll see if his cock gets hard and if he keeps looking at us."

"That might work," replied her father, "Oh yes, he's bringing your cousin Carl with him." Carl was twelve years old, and they had not seen him for several years.

"I'll look after him," said Billy, "I bet I can find some videos he'd like to have a look at."

The others laughed. The family had an extensive collection of everything from nudist camps to children sucking off their pets.

They were playing in the pool the next day, when a car came down the lane and stopped.

"Look, it's Uncle John and Carl!" announced Amy excitedly.

They ran to greet the visitors. Since it was a hot day they all decided to go for a swim. After a while, Billy and Carl went inside. The others stayed by the pool.

Billy and Carl changed into their bathing suits. Then Billy suggested that Carl look at some of his collection of comics. He didn't want to scare his cousin off by showing him a dirty video right away, not until he knew if he might like that sort of thing, anyway. But in the middle of the comic pile were a couple of underground ones, that showed drawings of men with cum squirting out of their big erections, and girls with big naked tits and bare, spread-open cunts.

Billy pretended to be reading one of his own but watched to see which ones Carl seemed interested in. He leafed through several and then found one of the underground ones. When he found one of the dirty drawings he glanced over to see if Billy was looking, but he seemed not to be noticing.

Carl became absorbed in the comic, looking carefully at all the drawings of the girls lying back holding their cunnies open wide, and the men putting their huge erections inside them, or letting the girls suck their cocks. He squeezed his cock, since looking at the pictures had given him a stiff erection.

Billy pretended to notice what his cousin was looking at. "That's a different one, eh?" he said, "I wonder if the guy that draws them gets the girls to lie down and hold their cunnies open while he draws them. I'd like to have a job like that! Or how about drawing a guy with a big hard-on like that one -- how long do you think he'd have to keep it up before the drawing would be finished?"

"I dunno," replied Carl, "Do you think his models really have cocks that big? They look about a foot long!"

Billy pulled a book out from under his bed. "I've got some pictures of guys with their cocks showing, and girls showing their naked cunnies," he said, "Let's see if they're like the ones in the drawings."

He flopped onto the bed with the book and Carl lay beside him, both half on their sides facing each other. The book had color pictures of naked men and women in all sorts of sexy poses and sex acts with each other. The two boys looked at the pictures closely, commenting on the models. Billy slipped his hand down the front of his bathing suit and adjusted his cock. "My cock gets really big when I look at these pictures," he said.

"So does mine," replied Carl, putting his hand inside his own trunks and feeling his stiff erection.

The two boys left their hands inside their bathing suit and felt their cocks while they looked at some more of the pictures. Billy looked at the way the bump under Carl's bathing suit was moving up and down, and knew he was beginning to masturbate. He started moving his own hand up and down on his stiff cock. "Mmmm," he sighed, and Carl looked down at him.

"Are you doing it?" he asked.

"Yeah, are you doing it to yours?" replied Billy.

"Sure am," replied the other boy, "Feels good, doesn't it."

"Sure does," said Billy, "Do you do it a lot?"

"Yeah," answered his cousin, "Every night at least once and during the day too."

"Me too," said Billy, "I like to watch the cream come out, do you?"

Carl nodded. The two boys were masturbating faster now as they talked about how good it felt.

"Hey," said Billy, "If we come like this we'll make a mess inside our bathing suits." He took a few sheets from the box of tissues and placed them in between him and Carl. "We can do it on these," he said, and began slipping his bathing suit down. "What if someone comes in?" asked Carl, looking at the door. "Don't worry," replied Billy, "Nobody will -- they're all out by the pool." He pushed his bathing suit down around his thighs.

Carl stared at his cousin's erection while he continued to rub his own. "You've got a nice big one," he said. "Let's see yours," said Billy as he began masturbating again.

Carl slid his bathing suit down like Billy had done. "There," he said, showing off his cock.

"That's a nice one too," said Billy, "Let's put them together and see whose is bigger."

The two boys held their cocks at the base and put them alongside each other. "Yours is a little bigger," said Billy, "but you're older than I am," and he rubbed his cock along the shaft of his cousin's.

Carl said, "That feels funny!" as both boys stroked the heads of their cocks against the other's shaft, then rubbed the head with the sensitive head of their own.

"That's even nicer," said Billy, "I'm going to come soon."

"Me too," said Carl, "I'm going to come just by rubbing our things together." He grunted a little as his cock jerked and a blob of semen jetted out and splashed on the head of Billy's cock.

"Hey, that feels nice," cried Billy, "Keep doing it!" The boy stroked his hand up and down his cock as Carl grabbed the shaft of his cock and began masturbating quickly, stroking the thick spurts of cum out onto the other boy's throbbing cock.

"Oh, that feels great," grunted Billy. His hand and his cock were covered with his cousin's warm cream, the sticky, slippery stuff letting his hand slide up and down it better as he masturbated faster.

Just as Carl finished Billy cried, "I'm going to do it too!" and he held his cock so his cum splashed onto his cousin's cock, sliding his hand up and down to get as much pleasure as he could from masturbating. When they had both finished coming, they wiped the cum off their cocks and hands, then cleaned themselves up with the tissues.

"Wow, that was a good one," exclaimed Carl, "Have you ever done it with another guy like that before?"

"Yeah," said Billy, "Have you?"

"No," replied his cousin, "but it sure felt nice."

"Maybe we can do it tonight -- you're supposed to sleep on that rollaway cot over there, but my bed's plenty big," offered Billy.

"Sure," Carl nodded as they pulled up their bathing suits and went outside.

The others were in swimming. The two girls splashed their uncle and rubbed their slim young bodies against his as they played at catching each other. Amy clutched him in pretended terror and gasped, "Oh, Uncle John, save me from her! Don't let her get me!" She clung to him and rubbed her body down his front, feeling the firmness of his muscular body against her and slipping one leg in between his to get even closer. She could feel his cock begin to thicken and press against her belly as Cindy came up to him and squeezed herself against him from behind, pressing her belly against his firm bum.

John felt his cock getting hard because of the two girls rubbing themselves against him, and was afraid they might be shocked if they knew the effect they were having on him. He gently pushed them away and they dove into the water and away from him, as he adjusted his cock inside his bathing suit.

"His cock was getting all hard," Amy whispered to Cindy, "I could feel it moving!"

After a while they got out of the pool, and lay in the sun to dry off. Amy and Cindy lay side by side on their sun beds, while Harry and his brother sat in lounge chairs off to one side.

"Can we take our tops off and get a nice tan, Daddy?" asked Amy.

"Oh yes, can we Daddy?" begged Cindy.

"Well, I don't know, Honey, we have guests today, we wouldn't want to embarrass your uncle, now would we?"

"Don't worry about me," said John, "You go ahead if you want to."

"Anyway," giggled Cindy, "we don't have anything to be embarrassed about because our titties haven't started to grow yet, really. We just have big puffy nipples, see?" and she sat up and took off her top.

John Adams looked at his slim ten-year-old nieces in their bikini bottoms and thought how sexy the little girls looked. "Do they usually sunbathe topless?" he asked his brother.

Harry nodded. "Yes, as they say, they haven't really got anything to hide yet. And sometimes when they're here by themselves they take their bikini bottoms off too and get an all- over tan. We're so private here, no one can see them anyway."

"What about you?" asked John, lifting his knees to hide the fact that his cock was getting hard. He didn't want to embarrass the girls. "Do you get an all-over tan?"

"Sometimes, especially when we're going to go for our holidays at the nudist camp," smiled Harry, noting the way his brother was sitting and realizing the reason for it. His own cock was hardening and he pulled his knees up and slipped his hand inside his bathing suit to adjust his cock so it lay up along his stomach.

"What if you get a hard-on? What would your girls think of that?" asked his brother, gazing at the two girls. Harry laughed. "Oh, it wouldn't bother them," he said, "They know cocks come in all different sizes and shapes. Remember when we were kids, fooling around with the little girls and playing all those sex games? 'Spin the bottle?' 'Truth or Dare?'"

"Yes, and how about 'Seven minutes in heaven'?" laughed John.

"Well, they still play them," said Harry. "One day I came home early from the office and there were eight kids -- six girls and two boys, including my three -- in the family room. They didn't hear me when I came in so I stood and watched to see what they were doing. I could tell it was some sort of strip game because half of them didn't have any shirts on. It looked like a variation of 'Spin the bottle' except that when the bottle pointed at you, you had to stand up, take off an article of clothing, and then turn around twice before you sat down."

"How far did they go?" asked John, his cock fully hard by now. He slipped his hand inside his bathing suit and adjusted it as Harry had done, then left his fingertips inside the waistband so he could touch the swollen head while he watched his two young nieces in their bikini bottoms and listened to his brother's story.

"Oh, they all got naked," said Harry, "It seemed that the winner was the last person with any clothes on, and they all wanted to see who would win. They wanted to see each other naked, too, of course."

"I bet you got a good look too," suggested John. "I sure did," said Harry. "One of the girls was older than the rest, and had a nice pointy little pair of tits and a bit of light hair on her cunny. It didn't cover up her crack, though -- you could still see it. Most of the rest were like Amy and Cindy -- just puffy nipples and maybe a little bit of fat starting to push them up off their chests. And no hair on their cunnies -- just big puffy hairless cunny lips and a pink slit." "What about the boys?" asked John.

"They looked a bit embarrassed because they were outnumbered, maybe, but they showed the girls what they had. Billy was a little younger than the other boy but they both had about the same size cock -- and both as hard as anything, of course. The girls all giggled and stared when the boys stood up naked." "So who won?" asked John.

"Oh, Amy won," replied Harry. "She still had her underpants on. Then the others said 'chicken, chicken' so she stood up and took them off and showed everyone her naked cunny."

"Including you," said his brother. "Including me," agreed Harry. "Well, I had already seen Cindy's cunny, anyway, when she showed it to all the kids."

"Didn't it feel funny, looking at your own kids all naked like that?" asked John. "Well, it did at first," said Harry, thinking how to put it, "But then I realized they were just the same as the other kids when they got their clothes off. Besides, they were playing the same sexy games we used to, so it didn't seem to make any difference. Then after that Cindy said they'd better get dressed again because I would be home soon and I slipped out the back and into the bathroom."

"Why the bathroom?" asked John.

"Well, watching all the naked kids had given me a big hard-on and I wanted to get it down. I bet you know how I did it, too!"

John laughed. "Like we used to do it when we were kids?"

Harry nodded, "Sure felt good, too. I had quite a load!"

"I feel like I've got a bit of a load myself, just from hearing about it," said John, "This cock of mine is bent double -- I'm going to go and adjust it."

After he had left, Amy and Cindy came up to their father excitedly and asked him why Uncle John had gone. "I told him about the time I watched you guys playing 'Spin and strip,'" said Harry, "And he got so horny he got a big hard-on!"

"Wow," said Cindy, "Maybe we can have some fun after all!"

"Anyway," said Harry, "I think if you girls want to let him see your cunnies, maybe by accident, he won't object!" Carl and Billy had gotten out of the pool by this time as well. Carl watched the girls talking to their father, although they were too far away to hear the conversation. "Their bathing suits sure don't hide much, do they?" he observed, "Do they always take their tops off?" Billy laughed.

"Sure," he said, "If your Dad wasn't here they'd be getting a nice all over tan."

"You mean they take all their clothes off?" asked Carl, "Wow! Do you get to see them naked?"

"Sure," said Billy, "We've been going to a nudist camp for the past few years and we've got pretty used to seeing people naked."

"Do you ever get a hard-on?" asked his cousin.

Billy chuckled. "Sure, all the time," he replied, "Nobody seems to mind."

"Mine's hard right now," said Carl, "Is yours?"

"Yeah," said Billy, "It feels like I've got a gallon of cream ready to come out." He looked at his cousin. "I think I've had enough swimming for now. Shall we go back to my room?"

"Yeah," said Carl, "I bet we can find something to do there!" The boys wrapped towels around their midsections to hide their erections and went back to Billy's room.

John returned to the poolside and sat down again. "That's better," he said, "I've got it tucked up so it's more comfortable. Do the girls like going to the nudist camp?" he asked.

"Sure," replied Harry, "They always meet their old friends, and make new ones too, and we all have fun."

"And having no clothes on doesn't bother them?" asked his brother.

"Not at all," replied Harry, "We do it around here too, when we're sunbathing, of course."

"Maybe Carl and I will join you at the nudist camp sometime," laughed John.

"Sure," said Harry, "Come along!"

John laughed again. "I'd probably get a hard-on looking at all the others," he said, "Maybe Carl would too -- he's old enough by now, I guess."

"That wouldn't be a problem," Harry said, "Billy and I get them all the time, and so do all the others. It's just too much to resist sometimes."

He looked at his brother. "If you're thinking of going," he said, "you could always try stripping off here. It's very private, like I said."

John nodded thoughtfully and looked at his two nieces, wondering what they looked like naked. "I wouldn't want to do it all by myself," he said.

"Oh, we'll all join you," said Harry, seizing the opportunity and slipping down his bathing suit. "There, mine's off - and see? I've got a hard-on myself, so you don't have to be embarrassed." He lay back and allowed his erection to poke upward.

John hesitated, then said, "OK, what the hell," and slipped his bathing suit down and kicked it off. He sat forward and clutched his knees to hide his erection, but Harry said softly, "Just relax! We're all friends here -- and family too!" John lay back and let his knees drop.

"There, that's better," said his brother, looking at John's erection, "Nothing to be ashamed of there. You always did have a nice big one!"

Amy had seen her father and uncle stripping off their bathing suits, and nudged Cindy. "Look at that," she whispered.

"Wow," Cindy replied, "It's just as big as Daddy's! Let's go get a better look -- we'll ask if we can take ours off too!" The two girls got up and stood in front of their father and uncle. "Can we get an all-over tan too, Daddy?" asked Amy.

"Sure, Honey, if you want to," smiled their father, and they undid the strings at the side of their bikini bottoms and let them fall.

John was thankful he had sunglasses on, so his nieces wouldn't know that he was staring at them and their naked cunnies. They pirouetted in front of the men, showing their bums and cunnies, and then Amy said, "You've got a nice big one, Uncle John!" She giggled and both girls ran and dove into the pool, splashed around for a while, then went and lay down again.

"Your girls are very pretty," said John.

"Yes, they are, aren't they," replied his brother. "Mind you, I always think younger girls are pretty anyway. I love their nice tight hairless cunnies. Remind me tonight to show you a video I took at the nudist camp earlier this year." Back in Billy's room, Billy slipped down his bathing suit and stood naked in front of his cousin, his stiff cock poking out and up in front of him.

"You sure have a nice one," said Carl as he pulled his bathing suit down and let his erection bob up into the air. The two boys stared at each other's cocks and Billy said, "Yours is nice and big too. Wanna do it?"

"Sure," replied Carl, "Do you?"

Billy grasped his cock and stroked it up and down a couple of times. "Sure feels nice," he said, and stepped forward and touched the head of his cock to the head of his cousin's. "This feels nice too. Let's lie on the bed and do it together."

"You mean like we did before?" asked Carl, "I liked it when we rubbed them together. It felt all funny to do it with another guy. I really liked it when we made our cream go on each other's cocks. I think rubbing them together made me shoot more than usual."

"Yeah," said Billy, "Let's do that again. Hey, how about if we play with each other's balls while we're rubbing our cocks together. Maybe we'll get our balls to make even more cream." He reached out and cupped Carl's testicles, lifting them and cuddling them. "How does this feel?" he asked.

"Good, really good," replied Carl, doing the same for Billy.

The two boys stood facing each other, rubbing their cock- heads together and fondling each other's balls. "Come on, let's get on the bed," said Billy, "I wanna jerk off!"

The boys climbed on the bed and lay facing one another, half on their sides so they could use both hands on their genitals. Half- masturbating and half rubbing their cocks together while they fondled each other's testicles, it wasn't long before they were ready to cum.

"Yeah, feel my balls," Billy grunted, "Gonna shoot my cream all over that nice big cock of yours. Gonna cover that big cock with lovely tasty cream!" Billy got the tissues ready and this time it was his turn to shoot his cream first. As the first streams hit Carl's cock they made it slippery and he jerked off faster, his hand slipping up and down the sticky shaft.

When the thick squirts of Billy's semen had stopped, Carl's cock and hand were covered with a shiny creamy coating. "Here comes my cream," he grunted, and leaned farther over Billy to rub their cocks together.

Billy reached out his other hand to his cousin's cock. "Lemme help you jerk off," he said, "We'll both make that lovely cream go all over my cock," and both boys masturbated Carl's cock at the same time while Billy played with Carl's balls. The gushes of semen squirted from Carl's cock and covered Billy's with white splotches and blobs. When he had finished coming both boys cleaned up the splotches of sperm, then lay back and caught their breath.

After supper the group sat around and chatted for a while, catching up on all the family gossip. The two boys excused themselves. "We're going to watch a video in my room," said Billy to his father with a wink.

When they got to his room he said to Carl, "What do you really want to do?"

Carl looked around. "Got any more of those magazines?" he asked.

"Sure," said Billy, "There's a whole pile over there on my dresser."

Carl began looking through the pile of magazines, with pictures of men and women, boys and girls engaged in all sorts of sex acts with one another. "Wow," he said, "Won't you get in trouble if your father or your sisters see them?"

Billy laughed and decided to let his cousin find out little by little what sort of fun his family had. "Naw," he said, "Dad buys most of them for us because they won't let us in the adult bookstores, and I think Amy and Cindy like looking at them too."

"Wow," Carl said again as he thought about the two girls. "Hey, you know this afternoon when we were talking about seeing your sisters with no clothes on? What do they look like?"

"Like girls," shrugged Billy. "No hair on their cunnies, nice cracks, you know. Hey, if you want to see them, I've got a video we took at the nudist camp last month."

"Hey, great!" exclaimed Carl. "Does it show everything?"

"Sure it does," replied his cousin, "We all took parts of it so we're all in it -- and our friends, too." He found the video, and put it in the machine.

"That felt great, what we did this afternoon," said Carl, "It feels neat when another guy does it to you."

"You never had anyone jerk you off before?" asked Billy. Carl shook his head. Billy stepped up to his cousin and cupped his hand over the bulge in his cousin's jeans.

"Feel's like there's something alive in there," he said as Carl's cock got even harder.

"Why don't you reach in and find out," suggested Carl, playing along with the game.

"I think I should," replied Billy, unzipping his cousin's fly and exploring inside his cousin's pants, "I think it's going to take both hands to see what it is. Let's see now." He knelt down in front of Carl and undid his belt and waist button. The boy's jeans gaped open at the top, showing a triangle of white underwear underneath. Billy pulled his cousin's jeans down to his knees. "Yep, still a big bulge in those underpants," he said.

"Better pull them down and see what's there," said Carl, watching his cousin kneeling in front of his crotch. Billy pulled Carl's underpants down and his rigid cock poked out, jutting out a few inches away from Billy's face.

Billy examined the erect penis that throbbed in front of him. "Is it always big and hard like this?" he asked.

"Not always," replied Carl, "Would you like me to show you how I make it go down?"

"Sure," replied his cousin.

Carl placed his hand on his erection and began masturbating. "See, I rub it like this," he said.

"Why do you do that?" asked Billy, watching as closely as he could.

"It feels good," said his cousin, "and after a while some cream comes out the hole in the end and then it gets smaller and goes all soft."

"You mean this hole?" asked Billy, touching the bulbous head of his cousin's cock and putting a finger on the hole.

"Oh, there's some stuff coming out of it now," he said as some slippery clear stuff stuck to his finger. He put his fingertip in his mouth. "Mmmm, tastes good," he said, "Is that the stuff you were talking about?"

Carl shook his head and masturbated faster. "No, the other stuff is white and it comes out in squirts."

"Oh, wow," said Billy, "I wanna see it squirt," and he placed himself directly in front of his cousin's cock and began fondling his testicles.

"Hey," said Carl, masturbating faster, his hips jerking back and forward, "I'm gonna come in a minute -- if you don't move it'll hit you right on the face!"

"That's OK," said Billy, "See how good you are at hitting a target -- try to get it all in my mouth," and he moved closer to the head of Carl's cock and opened his mouth.

"Are you serious?" gasped Carl.

"Uh huh," replied Billy, and stuck his tongue out and tickled his cousin underneath the purple head of his cock with it.

"Wow!" cried Carl, "Here it comes, then!" and watched as a thick jet of white shot out from his cock and squirted straight into his cousin's open mouth. Carl stroked his hand up and down his cock while Billy cuddled his balls and spurt after spurt shot straight into the younger boy's mouth. When they started to lose their power and dribble onto his tongue, Billy leaned forward and sucked the head of Carl's cock into his mouth. "Mmmm," he said as he continued to fondle the other boy's balls and suck the last dribbles of cum out of his cock. He swallowed, and then moved his head forward; slipping as much of the boy's cock into his mouth as he could.

"Oh, wow," cried Carl, "Does that ever feel good!"

Billy looked up at his cousin and began bobbing his head back and forth on his cock as it started to lose its erection. He licked the last of Carl's cum off his softening cock. "You hit the target pretty well," he said; licking his lips clean, "How did you like that?"

"It was great," exclaimed Carl, "I really liked it when you put it in your mouth, at the end. Your mouth tasted so lovely and warm on my cock! What did my cream taste like?"

"Great!" said Billy, "You sure gave me a nice big drink!"

"That was you playing with my balls and licking the end of my cock," said Carl as Billy stood up. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"Oh, girls do it to guys all the time, so why shouldn't guys do it for each other? We know how we like it to feel better than they do, anyway," replied Billy.

Carl pulled his jeans and underwear off and knelt down in front of his cousin. "It's my turn now," he said, "I want to try putting your cock in my mouth and making it spit." He pulled down Billy's jeans and underwear and exposed his rigid cock. He fondled the other boy's balls and stroked the shaft of his penis a little, then guided it to his mouth and licked the big purple head.

"Oh, yeah!" cried Billy, "That's great!"

"It tastes nice!" Carl reported, "I thought it might taste of piss!"

"Just put as much in your mouth as you want to," advised Billy, "If you want you can just suck and lick on the top bit and I'll jerk off."

"I want to see how much I can get in my mouth," replied Carl, "It tastes so good -- all warm!" He sucked on his cousin's cock for a while, learning to suck his cheeks in and bob his head back and forth.

"That's great," sighed Billy, "I'm going to cum soon -- are you ready?"

Carl nodded, his head still moving back and forth on Billy's cock.

Billy said, "OK, here it comes then!" and watched the other boy's face as he tasted hot semen for the first time. Carl's eyes widened, and he stopped the motions of his head as the thick spurt of cum squirted out onto his tongue, and then cuddled Billy's balls and bobbed his head back and forth faster. "Mmmmmf," he mumbled, looking up at Billy.

"Like it?" smiled Billy.

Carl nodded his head, his mouth still full of his cousin's cock. "Mmmmm," he mumbled, trying to smile. A dribble of white cream escaped from the corner of his mouth and he paused and swallowed, then went back to his sucking. When he had sucked all the cum cream out of Billy's cock he sat back and licked his lips. "Oh, boy, that was great!" he said. "I really love the taste of your cock, Billy! And your cream is super. That's a great drink!"

"Let's lie on the bed and relax," laughed Billy, "We can read a dirty book while we wait."

"Boy, I'd like to see your sisters naked!" said Carl.

"Maybe they'll leave their door open when they go change for bed," Billy suggested, "and we can peek around the corner at them."

"Do they do that sometimes?" asked Carl. "Oh yeah," replied Billy, "Actually, the only time we close our doors here is when we don't want someone to come in."

"You mean if we had our door open they'd come in?" asked Carl.

"Sure, they might if they wanted to," said Billy, "Then you could show them that big hard-on of yours!"

Carl thought for a moment. "What if we try and see them getting undressed, and then come back here and leave the door open so they can come in," he suggested.

Billy agreed and they watched the nudist video while they waited, stroking their cocks and looking at all the naked people and their genitals.

At about nine o'clock Harry said to the girls, "Now, kids, time to get ready for bed. Get your night things on and you can come back down and watch TV for awhile if you want to."

"Actually," said Harry, "I think I'll get ready for bed myself."

John nodded, so the two men changed into their housecoats and slippers, then returned to the family room while Amy and Cindy went upstairs to change. Harry got John and himself a drink.

"You have a nice pool," said John as they relaxed.

"It is nice," Harry agreed, "We have lots of fun in it. And it's nice to get an all over tan, like we did this afternoon." John laughed and thought about his two nieces; how their young hairless cunnies had looked that afternoon, and how their puffy nipples had poked out beneath the thin T-shirts they had worn after their swim. They had the skimpiest of shorts on, fitting their slim bodies tightly. "I had a good time this afternoon," he said. "I hope the girls didn't mind me having an erection. I couldn't help it, with them running around with no clothes on."

Harry laughed. "They've seen lots of hard-ons," he replied. "I get them all the time. I get one even looking at our videos!"

"Oh yeah," said John eagerly, "You asked me to remind me about the videos from the nudist camp."

"Sure," said Harry, "Would you like to see some while we wait for the girls?"

"You bet," said John, and Harry got a cassette and slipped it in the machine.

"I took these," he said, as the screen showed Amy and Cindy coming out of a building toward the camera. Neither girl had any clothes on, and John stared at the girls' naked bodies. The next scene showed them lying in the sun, and the camera panned down from head to feet, showing a close-up of the naked girls.

"Gosh, they're good pictures! You can see every detail," said John, staring at the pictures of his naked nieces. "If I saw two nice looking girls like that I'd get a huge erection -- but they're your daughters, so I suppose that's different."

"Not really," said Harry, "I think they're good looking too. Maybe that's why I take all these pictures of them. Besides, I like young girls and I like to take pictures of them. They don't seem to mind, either. Now, look at these two," he said, "Look at the way they're lying," and the screen showed the camera zooming in from a distance on two girls about eleven years old, who had their legs apart and up in the air. The slit between their legs was spread open and the camera zoomed in on it.

"Gosh," said John, "You can see everything! Even their cunnies! Is that her cunny hole?"

"Sure looks like it to me," laughed Harry. They watched the rest of the video, fast-forwarding through the parts they weren't interested in and concentrating on the pictures of naked children.

"Say," said Harry, "I've got one through the Nudists' Society you might be interested in -- it's called 'Young and Innocent' -- would you like to have a look?"

"Sure," said John and Harry started the video. It showed naked children, from the age of four or so up to about twelve, at nudist camps. In many of the pictures the children were sitting in groups playing games or lying in the sun, the camera panning slowly past their young smooth bodies. Whoever had taken the pictures had taken care not to show close-ups of only their genitals, but had also made sure that these were clearly visible in most of the pictures. Harry let John work the remote control, and saw that the pictures his brother liked best were those of girls aged about nine through twelve. "Look as this one," he said, "She's just starting to get titties," and he did a slow motion pan of the young girl lying in the sun.

"Yes," said Harry, "and there's just a little fuzzy hair at the top of her crack, look."

"I like these that show the girls in a circle," said John, "See the way they sit with their legs crossed. That way their slits are spread wide open and you can see everything!"

"I like this one," said Harry, as the camera showed a girl lying on her stomach with her legs apart. "See the way her cunny is spread open a little?"

"Your own pictures are just as good, though," remarked John. "Look at the way those two were showing off their slits. And your pictures of Amy and Cindy are good too. I guess you could take pictures of your daughters here around the pool, too, couldn't you."

"I do," agreed Harry," Maybe we'll take some tomorrow, eh? I can do one for you to take home with you -- how about that?"

John thought of a video showing his naked nieces. "That'd be great!" he said.

Billy and Carl heard the girls going past Billy's room, pulled on their underpants and slipped down the hall to where the girls' door was open. Billy looked cautiously around the edge of the door and motioned to Carl to look. They watched as the girls slipped out of their jeans and shirts.

Amy was about to pull down her underpants when she saw a movement at the door out of the corner of her eye and realized someone was there. She went to the far corner of the room, out of sight from the door, and motioned to Cindy. When her sister got there, she whispered in her ear, "There's someone at the door watching us -- it's probably the boys. Billy's letting Carl have a look at us!"

Cindy giggled softly. "Then let's give them a good look," she said, and the two went back to where they could be seen from the door. Amy sat on the bed in her underpants, facing the door while Cindy half faced the door, pulled hers off and stood brushing her hair.

Carl stared at the naked cunny of his cousin and clutched his cock. Cindy pretended to look in a mirror while she brushed her hair and turned more to face the door, displaying her private parts to her brother and cousin.

Amy flopped back on the bed. "I'm a bit tired," she said, and pulled her underpants down and kicked them off. Her cunny slit was facing the open door, and she pulled her legs up, and let them flop open to each side, which spread her cunny slit wide open for the boys to see. Carl stared at the first girl's cunnies he had ever seen in the flesh.

Then the girls slipped shorty nightdresses over their heads and Billy and Carl slipped away down the hall and back into Billy's room.

"Wow," said Carl, "Your sisters sure have nice cunnies! Do you think they'll come in here on their way downstairs?" "Let's just see what happens," said Billy, "Shh, here they come. Pretend to be reading the book," and the boys picked up books and pretended to read them as Amy and Cindy came down the hall in their shorty nightgowns. They looked in the open door and saw the two boys lying on Billy's bed. The girls saw the big bulges in the boys' underwear and the books they were reading and giggled.

"Hey," called Amy as they came in and stood one at each side of the bed, "Whatcha doin' guys?"

Billy moved his book aside. "Nothin' much," he replied, "Just looking at a book." Billy winked at his sister standing next to the bed and looked at the way her short nightgown only just came past her crotch. "Which one of you can reach up higher?" he asked.

Amy looked at Cindy and giggled, knowing what her brother wanted her to do. "I don't know, let's see," she said, and both girls raised their arms up over their heads. This raised the hem of their nightgown up higher than their crotches, and showed the two boys a close-up view of their naked cunnies. Their cunny mounds bulged out from their flat bellies and the deep pink slits between the hairless cunny lips were slightly open.

"I think it's a tie," said Billy and the girls giggled and dropped their arms.

Amy picked up a Playboy magazine and flipped through it. "I see you guys like pictures of girls with big titties. Cindy and I don't have any titties."

"What have you got, then?" asked Billy.

"Just these," said Amy, pulling down the neck of her nightgown and exposing her big puffy nipples on their small fleshy mounds. "I bet you were looking at them this afternoon when we were out by the pool, anyway," she said. Cindy reached over and took the magazine; giving Carl a fleeting glimpse of her cunny when she bent forward and her nightdress floated away from her body. "The girls don't just have big titties, they have hair, too," she said. Carl saw his chance.

"You have hair too," he said.

"Not where the girls in the pictures have it," she said, looking at him innocently, "I don't have any hair in between my legs."

"Well, I wouldn't know," said Carl, "You were wearing your bikini bottoms this afternoon when we were out by the pool so we couldn't see in between your legs."
"Would you like to see in between my legs?" asked Cindy.

Carl swallowed. "Sure," he said.

"Okay then," replied Cindy, picking up the hem of her nightdress and lifting it up to her waist.

Billy and Carl stared at her cunny slit.

"See, no hair," said Cindy, looking down at herself.

"I don't have any either," said Amy, lifting her nightdress and displaying her cunny.

Billy and Carl looked from one young girl's cunny slit to the other.

"Do you like looking in between my legs?" asked Cindy.

"Yeah" he replied, staring at her slit.

"You can't see much, though," offered Billy, "There's just a slit."

"Well, you haven't shown us yours yet," retorted Amy. "Let's see what you've got inside your underpants." She pointed at the bulge in his underwear.

Billy looked at Carl. "Should we show them?" he asked his cousin.

"I guess it's only fair," he said. "They showed us theirs. If they want to look, they can look."

Billy looked back to his sister. "Have a look if you want to," he said.

Amy pulled down his underpants and his cock popped out and poked up in the air. "Hey look Cindy," she said, "Billy's got a hard thing sticking up!"

Cindy pulled down Carl's underpants and exposed his cock. "This one's a bit bigger," she observed, "and it has more hair around it."

Amy fondled her brother's balls. "These look nice," she said, "What are they for?"

Billy grinned up at his sister. "They're my cream churn," he said, "They make cream."

"And what's this for?" she asked, putting her other hand around his erection. "That's the pump to pump the cream out," he replied.

"How does it work?" asked Amy. "Just pump it up and down to prime the pump and then the cream comes out," he replied.

"Can I try it?" she asked.

Billy looked at Carl. "Sure, why not" he said.

"Does yours work like that too?" Cindy asked Carl.

Carl nodded and Cindy looked at Amy. "Hey Amy, let's see whose pump works faster," she said.

"Okay," said Amy, pulling her nightgown over her head, "I'm going to get comfortable while I pump out Billy's cream," and she sat naked beside her brother on the bed.

"That's a good idea," said her sister and stripped off her nightgown too.

"You'll have to tell us if we're doing it right," said Amy, beginning to masturbate her brother with slow even strokes.

"That's good," he sighed as he relaxed. "Maybe if you move the cream around in my cream churn it'll come out better," he offered.

Cindy pretended to copy what her sister was doing. "Is that all right?" she asked her cousin while she masturbated him and fondled his balls. "Oh, yeah!" he said, "That's great!"

"Is the cream going to come out soon?" asked Amy, "Where does it go when it comes out?"

"It just shoots out," replied her brother, his hips starting to jerk up and down as he approached his orgasm.

"That's silly," said Amy, "It'll make a big mess and all get wasted. She grabbed the glass from Billy's night table. "I'll put it in here," she said.

"Here comes the cream," grunted her brother, and Amy held the glass at the end of her brother's cock. Thick squirts of creamy semen spurted out and splashed into the glass, covering the bottom and filling it part-way.

"Wow, look at all the cream," marveled Cindy as she continued to masturbate her cousin, "There's nearly half a glass of it! Let me have it when you've got all of Billy's and I'll put Carl's in with it."

Amy passed the glass over, when Billy's spurts changed to dribbles.

"I'll just catch the rest of it in my hand," she said, and cupped it next to his still-flowing cock.

Carl was ready now and Cindy held the glass so the squirts of his semen jetted out and fell into it. "What shall we do with it?" she asked her sister when she had pumped it all out and nearly filled the glass.

"Give it here," replied Amy, who had just licked the last dribbles off her fingers, "Let's see what it tastes like." "Don't you dare drink it all," said Cindy, "I want some too."

Amy looked at the glassful of the boys' cum, tipped her head back and opened her mouth. The others watched as she let the semen slowly dribble in viscous blobs out of the glass and into her mouth. "Mmmmm, good," she said, smacking her lips after swallowing the slippery mouthful.

"Gimme some," cried Cindy, reaching for the glass.

"Okay, but don't drink it all," replied Amy, handing it to her.

Cindy slurped back a mouthful and gulped it down.

"Do you guys want any?" asked Amy. "Yeah, I'll have a little drink," replied Carl eagerly, and Billy added, "Me too!" They shared the rest of the glassful and Amy drained the last of it.

"That was neat," said Amy, "Can we pump some more out? Oh, the pump handle's all soft. What's the matter with it?"

"It's just resting while the churn fills back up again," replied Billy, "When it stands up again that's the signal that you can pump some more out."

"That's right," said Carl, "In the meantime, how about if you show us what you can do with what's in between your legs. Do you have a cream churn inside that crack place?"

Amy laughed, "No, we don't have anything like that," she said. "We just have the hole our pee comes out of and our trickle hole."

"What's a trickle hole?" asked Carl.

Amy lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. She held her two hands between her legs and pulled her cunny lips apart to open her vagina. "See, it's this place here," she said.

"Wow, it's a hole that goes right up inside you," said Carl, "What's it for?"

"We don't know," replied Amy innocently, "But it feels nice when you put things inside it."

"What sort of things?" asked Carl. "Oh. I like to put my fingers in mine, and carrots, and wieners."

"I got a cucumber in mine last week," said Cindy proudly, "It was only a small one but the knobbly parts felt so nice when I rubbed it in and out."

"Can I put my fingers in your hole?" Billy asked his sister.

"Sure, I guess so," she said. Billy slipped his finger into his sister's vagina. "It's all slippery in there," he told Carl.

"Lemme see," said Carl, and leaning forward and slipping his finger in alongside his cousin's.

"Ooo, that feels good," said Amy, writhing around on the bed.

"Do me, do me," said Cindy, putting a foot up on the bed to spread her cunny open and peeling her fat hairless lips back from her slit.

Carl lay back on the bed. "Why don't you sit over my chest," he suggested, "That way I can see in between your legs better and play with your hole like Billy's doing to Amy."

Cindy straddled her cousin's chest; and looked down at her private parts, spread open by the way she was sitting. "Are you going to put your finger in my hole?" she asked her cousin.

"I'll put my fingers all over you in between your legs," he replied.

"Oh goody," she cried, "You feel me all over and I'll tell you what feels really nice. I like to rub this part up here, see," and she peeled the covering back from her clitty. "This little bump feels really good when I rub it," she explained. She showed him how she played with it.

While she masturbated, Carl examined her cunny, tickling it and sliding two fingers at a time up her cunny hole.

"Make your fingers go in and out of my hole," she gasped, rubbing her clitty with two fingers.

Carl did as she asked, and soon she was breathing faster and jerking her hips as she approached her orgasm. "'Nh, unh, unh, unh!" she cried as she came, and then relaxed with a sigh.

Carl slipped his fingers out of her hole. "Hey, my fingers are all wet," he cried, "You got stuff dribbling out of your hole, Cindy!" He cupped a hand under the young girls' open vagina and caught the cunny juices as they dribbled out. He dipped his tongue into the puddle of clear liquid. "Mmmm, tastes good," he said, and slurped the rest down. Meanwhile Amy lay back on the bed and masturbated, her legs either side of her brother. At her request Billy had gone to her room and got her hairbrush, and she showed him how she inserted it into her cunny hole.

"I'll make it go in and out while you play with my special place," she said. Soon she was jerking and twitching as she came, and Billy wet his fingers in his sister's cunny hole and licked them clean, smacking his lips at the taste.

After they had relaxed for a few minutes, Amy said, "Hey, Cindy, we have to get back down to the family room -- the Daddies will be waiting for us!" The two sisters put their nightgowns on and left, giggling.

The boys lay back on the bed. "Gee, that was fun," said Carl. "Your sisters are nice!"

"They're OK," agreed Billy, wondering what they were up to downstairs.

"You wanna watch a dirty video?" he asked. Carl nodded, "Sure," he agreed, "You got any with guys and girls really doing it, so you can see their cocks and all that?"

"Sure," said Billy as he slipped a cartridge into the machine and started it.

Harry and John had also changed into their robes while the girls were out of the room, and had watched Harry's videos taken at the nudist camp, and the one showing the naked children. Both men were hiding erections under their housecoats. Just as they picked up magazines the two girls bounced into the room. Both men were glad to see that both girls had their shortest nightgowns on, ones that barely covered their firm young bums.

"Are these OK Daddy?" Cindy asked, turning to show the men her slim young body.

John looked at his attractive young niece, thinking of the naked cunny that he had seen that afternoon by the pool, and the video he had just watched that showed her and her sister both naked.

Her father nodded.

Amy flopped on her stomach in front of the TV and Cindy sat next to her uncle on the couch and picked up a magazine. Amy was punching through the channels with the remote. Her nightdress rode up with her movements and soon her bum was half bare. Harry looked at his daughter's bare bum and then sideways at his brother, who was watching the young girl's movements intently. Amy was lying right in front of him facing away from him. He glanced at his brother, and Harry winked back at him as the child in front of them exposed herself to them. John watched the young girl, as she wiggled around, her nightdress sliding farther up around her waist, and her movements opened her legs slightly. Now he could see a little of the crack in between her legs! His cock pulsed as he looked between his niece's legs. Amy pretended not to know what she was showing the men, but continued to shift her body around and spread her legs wider all the time. Now John could see the ten-year-old's crack open up to show the darker pink area inside it.

Wow, he thought, what a nice little cunny! I wonder how often Harry gets a good look in between his girls' legs?

Amy spread her legs wider apart and reached over her back with one hand. She began by scratching her bum and then slipped her hand down between her open legs and lightly scratched the area over her cunny. Her scratches turned into touches in between her fat cunny lips. Suddenly she pulled her hand away, lifted up slightly and slipped it underneath her. John and Harry saw the young girl's fingertips appear from underneath her cunny and slip into her crack. They watched as she began feeling herself all over and rubbing herself against her hand. John realized the young girl was masturbating while they watched. Her movements came faster and faster suddenly she froze, jerked her hips and tensed her bum, and then relaxed with a sigh.

Cindy saw her father and uncle looking in between her sister's legs and shifted her position on the couch so she half faced him, her legs partly open. "Wanna play a game of something, Uncle John?" she asked.

"Sure, I guess so," he replied, looking away from Amy's naked cunny reluctantly.

"Count me out," said Harry, "I'm just going to watch whatever Amy can find on TV."

"How about chess?" asked Cindy, and her uncle agreed. "We can play right here," said Cindy, returning with the board, and placed it between them on the couch.

Cindy shifted her position and sat sideways on the couch; her legs crossed tailor-fashion. John almost gasped aloud. Her legs were wide apart, and her cunny was stretched wide open, showing him the whole area in between it. It was right next to the board, and he could look at it all he wanted to while he seemed to examine the board for possible moves. The more he looked at the young girl's cunny, the more the dark red inner lips seemed to swell and open, and the more her clitty poked out from underneath the flap of flesh over it. The inside of her cunny hole seemed to be getting wet as well. John wondered why.

After a while Harry got up from his chair. "It's such a warm night," he said, "I think I'll go for a swim."

Amy flopped over on her back, her cunny showing. "Oh, yes Daddy! Can we have a skinny dip? That'll be fun." Harry looked at John. "How about it? A quick skinny dip?"

John looked at his niece and nodded. "Sure," he said.

Harry slipped off his housecoat, revealing his erection.

"Oh Daddy," laughed Amy, pulling her nightdress off over her head, "it's all big and hard like it was this afternoon! Have you got a big hard one too, Uncle John?"

John dropped his robe on the floor and exposed himself to the young girls.

"Ooo, yes," said Cindy, taking off her nightdress, "Uncle John's is nice and hard. How come it's all big like that, Uncle John?" she giggled.

John didn't know what to say, so Harry quickly put in, "Your Uncle John is like your Daddy -- we both like looking at pretty little girls like you. Now run along outside, and we'll be right behind you!"

The two girls ran out to the pool and jumped into the warm water. Harry and John made their way out and stood watching the two little girls splashing in the water.

"Those nightgowns of theirs are certainly short," laughed Harry.

John nodded. "Yes," he said, "When Amy was lying on the floor hers slipped right up around her waist. She has a nice round little bum!"

"Yes," Harry agreed, "And a nice little cunny too."

"Was she really playing with herself?" asked John. Harry nodded.

"Sure looked like it to me," he replied. "The way Cindy was sitting was just like the girls in the video," remarked John, "Her cunny was wide open and right in front of me -- I couldn't help seeing everything!"

"I bet you looked, too!" laughed Harry, "I would have, as well."

"Yes I did," agreed John, "I've never had a chance to get a good look like that at a pretty young girl before. Besides, I think an uncle should take an interest in his nieces."

Harry laughed again. "Particularly the part in between their legs, eh?" he asked.

"Well," said John, "They seem to be interested in what we have in between our legs. Maybe I should have been more honest, and told Cindy my cock got hard, from looking at her cunny!"

"Well, you can if you like," said Harry, "Here they come now."

The girls climbed out of the water, Amy chasing Cindy, and Cindy ran to hide herself next to her uncle. "Don't let her get me, Uncle John," she cried, plastering her wet body to him and clasping him around the hips.

John put his arms around his slippery niece, holding her slim body to him as he turned to avoid Amy. It felt like the young girl was rubbing herself against his rigid cock, and he reached down and held her closer, placing a hand over her small firm bum. Amy ran off laughing and Cindy relaxed against her uncle.

"Is that right what Daddy said inside, Uncle John?" said Cindy, still clinging to him, "Do you really like looking at little girls, like my Daddy does?" She looked down at her uncle's erection, trapped between them. "Is that why this thing got all big and hard like his does?"

John nodded. "I've never really looked at any before you two," he said.

Cindy giggled. "You mean without any clothes on," she said. "Were you looking up under my nightdress? Did you see in between my legs?"

John nodded slowly. "Well, the way you were sitting when we were playing chess I couldn't help seeing between your legs," he replied.

"Did you like looking? Would you like to do it some more?" she asked, looking him in the eye. John looked back at her and nodded.

"Let's go back inside, then," she said. "What about Amy and your Daddy?" he asked. Cindy giggled. "They can find something to do themselves," she laughed, and she led her uncle back to the family room.

Cindy lay back on the couch and spread her legs. "Now you can look at me all you want to," she said. John examined his young niece's splayed-open private parts closely while she watched him with a little smile. After a while Cindy pretended to feel itchy. She scratched the top of her thigh, then one of her cunny lips while her uncle watched, then dug in between her legs with both hands, touching and fondling all over her cunny area. "Oh, Uncle John," she said, "My trickle's so itchy! I just have to touch it and rub it."

"What makes it itchy?" he asked her. "I don't know why it is," replied Cindy, "Can you see anything that would make it itchy, Uncle John? You can see it better than I can," she said innocently.

"What about my pee hole?" she asked him, "Is it all right? You can touch me if you want to. I want you to make me feel better."

"Oh, I don't think so, Cindy," he said, "I can't go feeling in between little girls' legs, even if they are as pretty as you and your sister!"

Just then Amy came through the door and came up to them. She was still naked from her swim, and her cunny was exposed. "What's the matter, Cindy?" she asked, slipping a finger into her crack. "My trickle's all itchy and Uncle John won't help me see where it itches," complained her sister, lying back and caressing herself in between her legs. Amy looked at her uncle. The girls knew he was confused by what was happening, and reluctant because he didn't want to seem too forward. But his erection told the girls they were turning him on. "It's okay, Uncle John," she said spreading her legs apart and rubbing her cunny with both hands, "My trickle gets itchy too, and I like it when someone helps me get rid of the itch. It was all itchy before and I rubbed it and made it feel all nice."
"If Uncle John won't help me, will you?" asked Cindy. "Sure," said Amy, coming over to kneel beside her sister, "Where's the itch?"

Cindy spread her legs more and widened the gap between her cunny lips. "Touch my pee hole," she suggested. Amy touched the little girl's urethra and rubbed her fingertip over the small opening.

"That tickles," giggled Cindy, twisting a little, "It feels nice when Amy played with my pee hole, Uncle John. What about my trickle hole?" she asked her sister. "Down here, Uncle John, see?" she explained, placing her fingers on either side of her small lips and pulling them open to expose her vagina better.

John looked closely at his young niece's vagina. He was surprised to find the opening into the child so large. The interior glistened a deep pink with her juices.

"Touch it, Amy," suggested Cindy, pushing her hips farther forward and tilting them up so her uncle could see up her cunny hole better. "If you touch it all over and put your finger inside it maybe we'll find why I want to scratch it. Maybe you can make the itchy go away."

Amy touched her twin all over her inner cunny lips, then licked her index finger and slipped it up inside her hole. "Oh, Uncle John," sighed the little girl, relaxing as her sister fingered her vagina, "That feels so nice. Can you help Amy? Put your finger in me -- your fingers are bigger and they'll go farther up inside of me."

John hesitated. He wanted to touch his young niece's private parts, but he was still shy and afraid of being caught by their father. "Do you really think it would help?" he asked.

Cindy nodded quickly and pushed her hips up towards him. "Oh yes, it would, it would! Put your big finger in my hole, Uncle John. Look, I'm holding my hole open nice and wide for you." The child spread her small inner lips and held her vagina open.

John looked at the glistening pink opening and gave in. "Okay," he agreed, "If you're sure it'll help." He touched her gently on the entrance to her vagina and she sighed with pleasure.

"It feels better already, Uncle John! Put your finger in me now. Yes, just like that. Put it in me more. Wiggle it around up inside me. Put it in farther. It feels nice when it's all up inside me. Make it go in and out. Oh, that's lovely!"

She lay back while her uncle stroked his finger in and out of her. "Oh," she said, "this place feels all itchy now," and she peeled back the covering from her small clitty. "See, Uncle John, there's a little bump there." She turned to her sister, kneeling beside them watching their uncle finger her sister's cunny. "Can you touch it and see if that helps, Amy? I'm busy holding my trickle hole open so Uncle John can get his finger in me deeper."

Amy touched the child lightly on her clitoris, making her jump and twitch.

"Oh, yes, that's it," she said, "Keep touching it and rub it a little while you make your finger go in and out of me! That feels so good!" Amy and John did as she asked, and her hips jerked faster and thrust up and down.

John had never masturbated a child before. "She's going to come!" he thought, "I wonder if this is the first time she's come?"

Cindy panted and twitched and thrust and got red in the face, and then suddenly jerked spasmodically as she reached her orgasm. "Ahhhh," she said, relaxing back onto the couch, "That was lovely, both of you. I loved it when you put your finger in my hole, Uncle John."

John slipped his finger out of the young girl but she still lay holding her vagina open.

Amy pretended to examine her sister's open hole. "You've got sticky stuff in your hole," she reported, and slipped a finger into it.

"That feels nice all over again," sighed Cindy, wiggling her hips.

Amy withdrew her finger and licked the clear sticky fluid off it. "It tastes nice," she reported, "Try some, Uncle John." John licked his still-wet finger off and agreed.

"Let's get some more out of Cindy's trickle hole," suggested Amy and stuck her finger back into her sister. The three of them took turns wetting their fingers with the little girl's cum juices and licking them clean.

Harry walked in while John had his finger inside the little girl's vagina. John was frightened at what his brother would say and do. He had been so absorbed in feeling the young girl's cunny and masturbating her that he had forgotten that she was Harry's daughter.

Cindy saw the frightened look on her uncle's face and spoke up quickly. "Daddy, my trickle was itchy and I asked Uncle John to make it feel better and he did! He put his finger in me and it felt so nice! Was that OK Daddy?" Harry smiled at them and sat down in his big chair, his erection waving in front of him. "Sure," he said, "If he did what you asked him to do, that's fine."

John relaxed and Amy went and sat on her father's lap just to one side of his jutting cock. She leaned back against him and got comfortable. "You're a nice Daddy," she said, letting her legs fall open a little on either side of his. John looked at his other niece snuggling up against her naked father, her cunny showing a little between her opened legs. Harry put his hand on his daughter's thigh and she let it fall to the side, spreading the crack between her legs.

"My trickle's itchy, now, Daddy," she said. "Is it Honey? Would you like the itch to go away?" he asked her. Amy nodded.

Harry laughed. "I know what you're up to," he said, "You want me to play with your little trickle and help you masturbate. How about if you show me how you do it, and then maybe I can do it better?"

Amy giggled and got off her father's lap and lay on her back on the floor. She spread her legs and looked up at the two men watching her. "Okay," she said, "I'll show you how I do it, and then you have to do it to me as well, okay?" Harry looked at John and both nodded.

The two men watched as the ten-year-old lifted her legs and let them fall to the side. "I get my legs nice and wide open so I can get both hands in between them and touch my trickle place all over," she explained, "Then I feel my pee hole here and tickle it, and I rub my finger all around this funny hole that goes up inside me, and I play with this little bump up at the top of my crack. See it, Uncle John?" She peeled the flap of skin back from her clitoris and showed the small bud to her uncle. "I rub it like this with two fingers and it feels really good! My hole gets feeling all funny and some stuff comes out of it and it makes it easy to put my finger up inside it. First I put one finger in; and then I put two, because it makes it full up more; just like when you put your finger inside Cindy's hole, Uncle John."

The young girl began masturbating as she talked, and her father and uncle watched as her hips began to jerk and thrust. "Oh, that feels so good, Daddy!" she gasped, writhing on the floor, "Now it's your turn to do it to me," and she climbed on his lap again, still keeping both small hands busy in her cunny slit. "Do it to me, Daddy, please?" she asked.

Cindy went up to her sister. "Let me try, Daddy," she said, kneeling in front of her sister. "I'll do it like Amy and Uncle John did it to me. You can watch, Uncle John, and tell me if I'm doing it right."

Amy slid forward on her father's lap so her cunny was closer to her kneeling sister and opened her legs wider so her sister could play with her in between her legs.

Cindy began fondling her sister while the two men watched. "Is this the right way, Uncle John?" asked Cindy as she slipped her finger in and out of her sister's cunny hole.

"Do you like it, Amy?" asked her uncle. "Oh, yes, Uncle John, it's nice!" replied the ten-year-old, "Can you tickle my pee hole and touch this place up at the top of my trickle crack? That would be so nice!"

John stood next to the chair and used both hands to touch his niece's urethra and her small clitoris at the same time. Amy touched her swollen nipples with both small hands. "My titty bumps are itchy, too, Daddy," she said, "Can you play with them a little?"

Harry tenderly fondled his daughter's swollen nipples while the others fingered the ten-year-old, in between her legs. Soon she was jerking and making little sounds as she reached her orgasm.

As she relaxed and lay still, Cindy said, "Oh, look, some of that stuff is coming out of Amy's hole, just like it came out of mine." She licked off the finger she had pulled out of her sister's vagina. "See if it tastes the same as mine did, Uncle John! Try some, Daddy, it's really good!"

Harry and John slipped their fingers in turn up the child's vagina and licked the clear slippery fluid off their fingers. A big drop dribbled out of the young girl and hung at the entrance to her cunny hole.

"I'm going to get that nice big drop," said Cindy, leaning forward and licking it up. She smacked her lips. "It tastes even better that way," she reported. "Can I get some more, Daddy?"

Harry looked up at John and nodded. "Sure, Dear, go ahead," he said.

Amy kept her legs spread wide open and Cindy leaned forward and began lapping at the entrance to Amy's cunny hole, doing her best to let the men have a good look at what she was doing to her sister. She lapped up all Amy's cum liquid.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels good, what Cindy's doing to me," panted Amy. "I'm starting to feel all funny again! Play with my titty bumps!"

John and Harry each fondled one of the little girl's nipples, while her sister licked her cunny. Soon she was jerking and spasming as she reached her orgasm again.

Cindy sat back. "Now there's more stuff coming out of her trickle hole," she said. "Would you like to lick Amy's trickle and see what it tastes like, Uncle John?"

John looked at the child's spread-open cunny and hesitated. He wanted to taste the ten-year-old's juices and lick her private parts, but what would her father think? He looked at his brother.

Harry smiled back. "Go ahead," he said, "Might as well get it straight from the tap!"

John knelt between his niece's legs and leaned forward towards her hairless cunny. He spread the lips open wider with both hands and licked up the drop of her fluid that was hanging from the bottom of her cunny hole.

Amy sighed as his tongue touched her cunny and said, "Ooo, Uncle John, that feels nice! Lick me some more!" John loved the taste of the little girl's cunny, and licked and lapped at it to get her juices.

"Put your tongue in my hole," Amy said, and John did as his niece asked, slipping his tongue up her channel for more clear girl-cum. "Do me up at the top," she said, spreading her cunny lips apart and peeling back the covering from her clitoris, "Lick me up here." The child twisted and turned on her father's lap as her uncle made her come again by licking her in between her legs.

When she had stopped jerking and had relaxed against her father with a sigh of contentment, John got to his feet. Amy opened her eyes sleepily and noticed his erection. "Oh, Uncle John," she said, "Your thing has a drop of something at the end. It looks like it's coming out the hole in the end. Are you peeing?"

John looked down at his cock and he and Harry both laughed. "No, Honey," said Harry, "Your uncle's thing is just sad that nobody wants to play with it, and that's a little tear, that's all."

"Oh, that's not true!" said Amy, "I'll play with your thing, Uncle John!"

"So will I," said Cindy, coming to sit on the arm of her father's chair opposite her uncle.

Amy reached up and touched her uncle's erection. "It feels all warm, Uncle John," she said, "and all hard underneath this soft skin." She examined her uncle's cock, pretending she had never seen one before. "Oh, look, these things that hang down are funny," and she gently fondled her uncle's testicles, cuddling them and playing with them. John knew he would come in a minute if the little girl didn't stop playing with his genitals.

"I think that's enough, Honey," he said as she continued to cuddle his balls with one hand and touched the big bulbous head of his cock with the other.

"Oh, no, Uncle John," the little girl objected, wiping off the drop of pre-cum from the head of his cock with her finger, and putting it in her mouth. "I have to make the tears stop. Besides, they taste nice!"

The little girl put her head directly in front of her uncle's cock and examined the piss hole in the end closely. "The tears are still coming," she said, using both hands to cuddle his big balls and letting his cock bob freely.

John suddenly knew his balls were going to overflow. Although he wasn't going to have an orgasm yet, the pressure in his balls had built up so much from all the sex games he had been playing that his semen was going to start flowing. And his niece's small hands fondling his testicles were what had brought him over the edge. He looked quickly at his brother and tried to explain.

"Harry, I'm going to make a mess in a minute! Have you got a tissue?" Harry looked at his daughter. "Amy will take care of it, won't you Honey?" he asked.

Amy nodded and looked up at her uncle as she took the shaft of his cock in one small hand. "Is it going to squirt stuff out, Uncle John, or will it come out in a steady flow?" asked the little girl. "I think it'll come out in a flow," replied her uncle. "Oh goody," said Amy, smacking her lips, "I don't want to waste any." She tipped her head back and pointed his cock down towards it. She stuck her tongue out like a carpet, and opened her mouth wide; holding it underneath her uncle's throbbing cock while she continued to fondle his testicles. John watched the creamy liquid gush out of his cock and spill down over his niece's waiting tongue and into her small mouth in a thick white stream. He saw a dreamy look come over her face as the white stuff hit her taste buds. She looked her uncle in the eye as she savored his semen, swishing the gooey mass around in her mouth and swallowing it down.

John was even hornier now. "Do you like that?" he asked her. Amy nodded as she licked the last drops of the flow from the underside of his cock-head. "I love the taste," she replied, "Got any more?"

John looked at Harry, who was stroking his cock while Cindy played with his balls gently, and realized the little girls weren't innocent as he had thought. "Would you like to suck my cock?" he asked. "That was just the overflow you got just now. My balls are still full of it, and if you suck it out, you can have it."

"Oh goody," exclaimed Amy, leaning forward with her mouth open. She licked around the head of her uncle's throbbing cock and then took the head in her mouth, licking around it as she masturbated the thick shaft. John sighed with pleasure as the child sucked his cock, bobbing her head forward and back while she cuddled his balls. "Let me watch it squirting into your mouth, OK?" he asked her, and she looked up at him and nodded. "Here it comes, then," grunted John.

Amy pulled her head back, tipping it back and opening her mouth as wide as she could.

"Do you think you can hit the target, Uncle John?" giggled Cindy, who was watching closely while she fondled her father's testicles.

A thick gout of creamy cum squirted from John's cock directly into the little girl's waiting mouth, hitting the roof of her mouth and deflecting onto the back of her tongue. The next spurt followed quickly, coating her upper teeth and dripping from them in thick gloopy strings as the next shot straight to the back of her mouth.

Amy whimpered with delight and opened her mouth even wider, like a little bird whose mother is feeding it. She held the man's cock with both hands and masturbated him, directing his thick semen into her mouth. She held the cum in her mouth, which filled up to form a creamy lake. She had to tip her head farther back as it filled, so that the cum wouldn't spill out. When the streams of cum slowed down and became dribbles, she milked the last drools out, then looked up at her uncle and showed him her mouthful of cum, looking questioningly at him.

"Would you like to drink it all down?" asked John. Amy nodded carefully so as not to spill any of her mouthful of cum and when he said, "Go ahead then," she closed her mouth, gave a huge gulp and swallowed the whole mouthful in one go. Then she leaned forward and took the head of his cock back into her mouth, sucking and licking to get the last traces. She licked her lips and swallowed again, then sighed with contentment.

"Wow, I sure got a nice big drink, Uncle John," she said, "It tasted lovely and warm!"

John looked down at her, then over to where his brother was being masturbated by Cindy. "I didn't know you did this sort of thing," he said, "How long have you been doing it?"

"A couple of years now," replied Harry, "The girls came home from school one day and said that one of the boys had offered to show them his cock if they showed him what they had between their legs."

"And did you?" John asked Amy. Amy giggled. "We told him he had to pull his pants right down. And the principal came along and caught us!"

She giggled again and Cindy said, "That's right! We just dropped our skirts down but Johnny couldn't get his pants pulled up fast enough and the principal saw his cock. It was all soft and little because we were only eight, but he took us all along to his office. He told us we shouldn't show our trickles to boys and we asked him why not. We asked him if there was anything wrong with our trickles and showed them to him. He tried not to look at them but we knew he wanted to so the next day we let him catch us again. This time it was just us two girls and we were in the girls' changing room lying down playing with our trickles. We knew when he came in and that he was watching us so we gave him a good look. Then when he took us to the office this time we sat on his desk in front of him and showed him our trickles close up. It turned out he had seen his own little girl and boy playing with their trickles the day before, after he'd caught us and the boy, and played with them later on that night. So we got him to take his cock out and show it to us. He showed us how to make it spit up, and played with our trickles while we played with his cock."

"That was the first time we ever saw the cream come out! Then we came home and told Daddy about the fun we had. We asked him if his cock got hard like Mr. Harrison's and if we could see it. You were shy at first, weren't you Daddy?"

Cindy giggled and Amy said, "That's right! We had to lift up our skirts and show Daddy our bare naked trickles before he would show us his cock! Then we showed him what we had learned at school from the Principal, about how we could make his cock spit up the cream."

John's cock had started to harden again as his young nieces told him how they first learned about sex, and Amy spotted it.

"Look, Cindy," she said, "Uncle John's cock is getting all hard again. I bet I can get it just as big as Daddy's." Cindy was still gently masturbating her father and fondling his testicles. She giggled and said, "I wonder if Uncle John would like to put that big thing inside your little cunny? Look Uncle John, see how I put my Daddy's thing inside my hole?"

As John watched, the little girl got up and straddled her father's cock, then as he held it at the entrance to her hairless cunny she gently sank down. John watched his niece's hairless cunny lips bulge outward as the bulbous head of her father's thick penis spread them apart, slipping slowly up her vagina. "Ohh, that feels so good!" sighed the little girl, as she wriggled around on her father's thick cock. "It goes all the way up into my insides."

"Would you like to do it to me, Uncle John?" asked Amy, looking up at her handsome uncle as she masturbated him gently.

"You mean. . ."

"I mean do what Daddy's doing to Cindy -- put that big thing inside my hole and make it squirt white stuff up inside me?"

John nodded, so Amy told him to lie on the floor and she would sit on him. "Then you can play with my cunny and my titty bumps too," she said.

When John was lying on his back on the floor his young niece straddled him with widespread legs and rubbed his erection up and down her hairless slit. "Ooo, that's nice," she murmured, "Now play with my titty bumps and my cunny -- put your finger in my hole and make me feel nice."

She used the head of her uncle's cock to rub her clitty while he reached underneath her and found her wide open cunny hole and inserted his middle finger, feeling around inside the young girl.

Feels good when you do that, Uncle John," she said, "But I bet this will feel even better," and she lifted up and held the thick head of her uncle's penis at the opening to her vagina as he removed his finger. She placed the man's cock at the wide spread hole and they both watched as she sank down on it slowly. The young girl worked her cunny lips around the man's thick cock, sighing with pleasure as it slid up inside her. John touched his niece on her clitty as his cock slipped into her; and when it was all the way in Amy sighed with pleasure. "Ooo, Uncle John, you've got a really big one, just like Daddy!" she exclaimed, "It goes all the way up inside my tummy!" She wriggled around and shifted her hips to make the man's cock touch different parts of her insides.

"I like stirring up my tummy with your cock, Uncle John!" she giggled, and began moving up and down on it gently. The young girl's cunny was tight along the whole length of John's cock, the warm smooth slippery tube caressing it as she moved.

"Go slow," he warned her, "or I won't be able to last too long -- it feels so good having it inside you."

Amy giggled. "Well, let's just let it stay there while you play with my cunny some more -- tickle my pee hole and my clitty, Uncle John! I'll play with my titty bumps while you do!"

The two boys looked around the corner of the door and saw what they others were doing. "Wow, they're really doing it!" whispered Carl.

"Let's join them then," said Billy and the two entered the room.

Amy saw them first and said, "Ooo, good, the boys are here, and I can see from the way their pajamas are poking out that they're got something good in them!"

Cindy giggled as she rode up and down on her father's stiff cock. "Would one of you like to lick my cunny while Daddy does it to me?" she asked.

Carl knelt in front of his cousin and his uncle. He loved the close-up view he had of the man's thick cock slipping in and out of the young girl's hairless cunny.

"Don't just sit there, do something," giggled Cindy. "Yeah," said her father, "Give your cousin a nice licking -- and you can play with my balls at the same time, if you want to."

Carl was excited both by watching his cousin being fucked by her father but by the idea of fondling the other man's testicles. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Sure, I bet you like to play with your own, don't you?"

Carl nodded.

"I bet you know how to do a good job," replied the man as his nephew began cuddling his big balls and leaned forward to lick at the hairless cunny of his cousin.

"Ooo, that's nice," sighed Cindy, and her father nodded in agreement. Carl's tongue was licking his cock shaft as the young girl slipped her cunny up and down it, as well as the girl's cunny parts.

Carl kept licking and fondling until Harry said, "Here it comes, Honey," and Cindy gave an extra wiggle on her father's cock, and an extra long lift up so she could plunge it into herself farther, and her father's cock popped out and swayed towards Carl, jerking and pulsing along his nose as the first long squirt of thick white semen shot up into the air and down on the boy's face, a huge splat splashing alongside his nose and drooling down towards his mouth. He was so surprised he could only keep fondling his uncle's testicles and watch as the man's cock jerked and spat glob after glob of creamy liquid up into the air and down onto his upturned face. He opened his mouth to say "Wow!" and a huge blob of semen landed right in the opening. His uncle's cum tasted so good he kept his mouth open and moved it closer to the head of his cock, letting the squirts fall right onto his tongue and dribble into his mouth.

When it wouldn't squirt any more, he leaned forward to catch the last drools and dribbles, then sucked the head of his uncle's cock into his mouth to suck the last of his cum out, lapping at the erection as it softened.

"Oh, wow, that was great!" he said at last, letting the man's cock slip out of his mouth.

"I liked it too," replied Harry, smiling down at his nephew. "You can eat my cum any time!"

Meanwhile Billy had gone over to stand beside Amy and their uncle. Amy kept sliding up and down on the man's huge erection while she reached inside her brother's pajama pants and felt his cock and his sensitive balls. "Got some nice stuff in here for me?" she asked him with a grin as she pulled the string on his pajamas and let them fall. "Sure have," he replied, kicking them off. He stood next to his uncle's body, which put his cock just at the height of his sister's mouth. She leaned forward and began licking it all over, then slipped it into her mouth and let it slide all the way to the back of her mouth.

Billy looked at his uncle. "You can play with my balls if you want to, Uncle John," he said, "Amy likes all the cum she can get, don't you Sis?"

Amy looked up at him and smiled around his cock, nodding.

John looked at his young nephew's private parts; his slender six inch cock being licked and sucked by his sister; and reached up to caress the boy's hairless balls. Billy grunted with pleasure and his hips thrust back and forth, pushing his cock in and out of his sister's mouth.

"Gonna cum!" the boy muttered, and John saw him thrust his hips in spasms towards the young girl's face as she began to swallow. A dreamy look was on her face, as she slid up and down even faster, on her uncle's cock. Her hips jerked and she twitched.

John knew he couldn't hold out much longer with his sexy little 10-year-old niece bouncing up and down on his cock the way she was. "I'm going to cum!" he grunted.

"Ooo goody!" giggled Amy, wiggling around on her uncle's penis, trying to force it even further up inside her tight little cunny. "I love it when Daddy and Billy squirt that lovely stuff way up inside my hole. It makes my insides all gooshy and squdgy! Do it, Uncle John! Make your white stuff go right up into my insides!"

John gave one quick glance at his grinning brother, then was unable to hold back any longer. The man felt his cock-head twitch inside the little girl, before he began squirting his thick sticky semen into his ten-year-old niece.

He grasped her slender hips and thrust his cock as deep as he could inside her, feeling his cum jetting into the depths of the young girl's vagina.

By this time, Cindy had gotten off her father's lap and was kneeling beside them, lapping at her sister's cunny as John's semen began drooling back down out of it and smacking her lips at the taste.

Carl stood beside Billy and watched Amy suck the last drops of cum from her brother's cock, then look at his still-rigid penis, which he was stroking gently as he watched. She licked her lips and said, "Want me to help you with that?"

Carl nodded as she reached for his cock and leaned forward, sliding the full length into her mouth all at once and beginning a fast back-and-forth motion with her head.

Soon Carl's hips jerked and he thrust forward. "Cumming!" he groaned. Then he watched, as his cousin licked the head of his cock and fondled his balls; while her mouth filled up with thick warm cum.

Amy swallowed; then lifted herself up off her uncle's cock, far enough for it to slip out, and for Cindy to get her head underneath her vaginal opening, where she could lap up the rest of their uncle's cum.

Afterwards, they all went out into the kitchen and had milk and cookies, before going to bed. Only, that night, Amy slept with her father and cousin, while Cindy slept with her uncle and brother. None of them really got much sleep that night, or for the next several nights, for that matter.