Keep It in the Family Act 3 by Stacy5000

Keep It in the Family Act 3

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Act 3 - Passion Explodes

Keep it in the Family

STARRING CARA (Mother), SHELLEY & STACY (twin daughters)

INTRODUCING DONNA (Cara's sister) and Meghan (Donna's daughter)

"Hey Cara, why are you in such a hurry to get home these days?" asked Ryan Brady, a co-worker of Cara's at the law firm. "What can I say Ryan I have two girls to take care of all by myself. A mothers work is never done you know." Cara smiled as she locked up the office and got her purse, preparing to leave for the day.

"Yeah I remember those two daughters of yours, they sure were developing the last time I saw them. You better watch out or soon you'll have men like me knocking on your door looking to court them," he said only half jokingly.

"Trust me Ryan as long as this mother hen is drawing breath you will never get your hands on my daughters." And with a quick wave and a knowing smile walked out to her car and drove off.


"Go ahead Shelley honey pour away," Stacy said to her twin sister. They were in their mothers bedroom, where they had been since they came home from school. The two sisters ran upstairs and were out of their clothes in record time. They began kissing and making love when Stacy had a fantastic idea. To that end she told Shelley to go downstairs and fill a cup full of honey and put it in the microwave. Shelley put it in for a few seconds on high and warmed it up. Within seconds she was back on the bed on her knees. Stacy lay in front of her with her legs spread and pinned back by her own arms. Her wet pussy was open, dripping wet and inviting, waiting for Shelley.

"Are you ready?" Shelley asked as she held the glass of warm honey.

"Yessssssssssssss. Do it to me please."

Shelley smiled and began to pour the thick sweet liquid from over high above Stacy and it splashed loudly as it hit Stacy's clit. Stacy screamed in delight as the warm liquid hit her and streamed down between her luscious legs.

"Oh GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! That feels so wild!!" Stacy squealed. Shelley just smiled and continued pouring until the glass was empty and there was a thick film of honey all over her pussy and down between her ass cheeks onto the bedspread.

"What a mess!!" Shelley laughed.

"I guess now you have to clean it up you little slut!!" Stacy joked as she wiggled her little ass on the spread.

"Mmmmmmm my pleasure," Shelley responded and she threw back her long black hair and bent her head down to her twin sisters sticky pussy. Shelley was amazed at how far they had come in three and a half weeks. Before three and a half weeks ago she had only dreamed of eating a wet dripping pussy and now she was a seasoned pro at giving head to women AND the two women she gave such fantastic head to were her own mother and her twin sister. Shelley had found that she loved the taste of pussy and often gave both her mother and Stacy head for hours at a time until she felt her tongue was ready to fall out of her mouth. Only then would Stacy and her mother return the favor to her for hours more until she literally passed out from the pleasure.

Shelley dipped her tongue knowingly into her sisters love canal and lapped lovingly, swallowing the thick mixture with obvious relish. The honey was already mingling with Stacy's own juices and the taste was delicious. She continued her tongue attack on her sister.

"Fuck Shel it feels like you're gonna swallow my fucking clit!! UHHHHHH!! JESUSSSSSSSS!!" Stacy was staring wide eyed at the ceiling, intent on the exquisite sensations her sister was giving her. She clawed at the bedspread and panted heavily, panting her sister's name over and over.

"Oh Fuck!! Shelley! Shelley! Shelley! Shelley! Shelley! Shelleyyyyyyyyyy!! Eat me!!"The encouragement from Stacy spurred Shelley on, she was determined to bring her sister to higher and higher peaks of orgasm every time she went down on her. She swirled her tongue over Stacy's clit and then flicked it with as much speed as she could muster over the little bud. She inserted two fingers in her sister and rapidly began to fingerfuck her for all she was worth. Stacy bucked her ass hard off the bed to meet her sisters loving thrusts. The feeling of Shelley's tongue and fingers combined with the thick sweet liquid that covered her genitals was mind blowing. Shelley took two fingers of her other hand and spread Stacy's pussy lips open. In a rapid fire movement she began to flick her tongue over the spread open lips and her own pistoning fingers.

"Oh God that's it baby!! Oh Fuckkk meeeee!! Uhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhh Uhhhhh!!!!"

Stacy bucked wildly under her sisters ministrations and her eyes suddenly shut tight, allowing her to block out all sensory input except the senses shattering orgasm that rocked her young body. Stacy opened her mouth and actually screamed with pure delight.


Stacy saw spots of color dancing before her eyes as the orgasm caused her entire body to tremble. Stacy fully expected her orgasm to subside but Shelley didn't stop eating the pussy she loved so much, she continued licking, sucking, nuzzling, and probing her twins succulent pussy. Stacy was lost in nirvana, time lost all sense of meaning as she just threw her head back and forth and panted, "More! More! More!" Shelley gladly gave her sister what she wanted attacking her pussy with lustful abandon.

When Stacy finally returned to Earth it was almost 30 minutes later and she had experienced handfuls of multiple orgasms at the hands of her twin sister. She opened her eyes and looked up at Shelley, she was quite a sight. Shelley's entire face was red and covered with honey and vaginal juices, some of her hair was even matted down with the stuff. Standing next to the bed was their mother Cara, who looked on approvingly at her two daughters locked in a twisted and sinful incestuous situation. She was running her hand through Shelley's honey covered hair. With a smile she lowered her face to Shelley's and kissed her deeply, the two shared the cum and honey still in Shelley's mouth. Stacy could see Cara's tongue lapping the cum and honey from Shelley's mouth. The incestuous kiss lasted several minutes and then they finally parted, each licking their lips seductively not allowing a drop to escape their mouths.

Cara began removing her clothing and handed Shelley an envelope. Still covered in cum and honey, Shelley opened it and pulled out a long letter. Stacy sat up beside her sister and read the letter with her.

"I already read the letter it was in the mailbox when I got home." Cara said as they read it.

"It's from your Aunt Donna. My sister." The girls looked at one another wickedly and then smiled knowingly at their mother. Obviously, they had sex on their minds.

"Are you as close to your sister as we are?" Stacy asked.

"No girls you don't understand. Donna and I were close years ago. We were close but we were never like you two. Donna married her husband Roger and had your cousin Meghan, I always hated Roger because I thought he drank to much and we had a fight over it. We haven't been close since she married. Then I married your father and it turned out he left us for some stripper in Texas so I was ashamed I had treated Donna so badly. Now Roger has kicked Donna and Meghan out of the house in a drunken stupor and they have nowhere else to go. They want to stay here for a while."

Stacy rubbed her hands together with vigor, imagining all the possibilities that could arise from Donna and Meghans stay.

"Great mom, nothing like a little family reunion, you of all people should know that," Stacy said.

"No girls, we can never let that happen. Donna is having a tough time and needs support not sex. Meghan is not even 16 yet and she is very troubled and rebellious. She is going to be a real handful. I think when they arrive you girls are going to have to go and sleep in your bunk beds again. No more sleeping together. I want our relationship kept a secret at all costs. Do you understand me girls?"

Shelley and Stacy were both aghast, "What? No sex? No more sleeping together? Or showering? What about if we need to have sex with each other? What about when we need you?" Shelley asked.

"We are going to have to show some restraint girls. It won't be forever. I will miss you as much as you will miss me but this needs to be kept a secret. What if Donna or Meghan found out and they didn't approve? Who knows who they would tell? There is no guarantee that they would think like us. Then we may be in a whole world of trouble. See what I'm saying?"

Suddenly it all made sense to the girls. Their faces darkened at the thought of the courts splitting them up and never being able to make each other cum ever again. They would do what their mother said.

"When will they get here?" Stacy asked.

"Tomorrow night. Before then I want you girls to hide all the sex toys, dildos, porno movies, and lingerie I bought you in the attic ok? If you need to get off use the shower massager. Alone I'm afraid. No showering together at all. No sleeping together. No sex until they leave." Cara answered.

The girls agreed and began to leave to wash up and do as their mother asked.

"Wait girls." They stopped and looked at their mother.

"I said tomorrow night. We have plenty of time to do that later. I think we should give those toys and dildos a good workout before they are put away don't you?"

The girls smiled knowingly and charged their mother, knocking her over onto the bed.

"Cum to mommy!" she squealed.


Several hours more passed as Cara and her twin daughters lost themselves in a world of incestuous lesbian pleasure. They ate one another's pussies, dildo fucked one another, and anally probed one another. Each girl in the incestuous threesome experienced handfuls of multiple orgasms, the fact that they were the last orgasms they would give or receive for an undefined amount of time made those orgasms even sweeter. All three fell asleep on the big bed in their mothers room. The next day was Saturday and they all overslept.

At around 10:30 they all awoke and showered together and then cleaned the house. Young Meghan and Donna would sleep on the fold out couch in the downstairs living room so they put fresh sheets and blankets on it and folded it back in again. When that was done they gathered up the double dildo, two strap on dildos, handfuls of girl/girl XXX movies, and three strings of anal beads that the girls used. They washed them and put them in a plastic bag, sealing it, they put it in the attic until after their relatives had departed. Stacy and Cara had to laugh at Shelley when they shut the attic door as she looked as if her best friends were leaving town. Cara spent the rest of the day doing some baking and getting dinner ready for her sister and her niece. Stacy and Shelley cleaned up the house and double checked the entire place to make sure no traces of their incestuous relationship could be found. They could find nothing that implicated them. At 5:30 the phone rang and Cara answered. It was her sister.

"Cara, it's Donna." Came the familiar voice on the other end.

"Donna. It is so good to hear your voice. Is Meghan with you?"

"Yes she is. I must warn you though, Meghan is a real handful. Very rebellious. If you didn't want us to come I would understand."

"I won't hear of it Donna, we'll all do fine. When will you be here?"

"In about 35 minutes is that ok?"

"It sure is. I know Stacy and Shelley can't wait to meet their cousin Meghan."

Just then Cara felt two sets of hands hike her skirt up and start kneading the cheeks of her ass. She whipped around and slapped them away. Both girls giggled and pouted playfully. Cara had to resist them and there was no better time to start than now. She closed the connection and did a last minute clean up of the kitchen.

Half an hour later a blue Mazda pulled into the driveway and Donna and Meghan got out of the car. Donna was taller than her sister Cara, her hair was dark but not jet black like Cara's, almost a redhead. She had the same crystal blue eyes Cara had though. Her figure was incredible even by Cara's standards. She wasn't as busty as her sister but had a very lithe body. Her legs were long and muscular, Cara's figure was much softer and rounder by comparison. As good as Donna looked physically she seemed very tired, walking with a slouch wrought of driving cross country. Meghan got out of the passenger side and immediately caught her cousins eye. Both Stacy and Shelley noticed the younger minx. Meghan wore tight blue jeans that hugged her incredibly tight, high, young ass. Like her mother, her legs were her best feature, she had shorter reddish hair and her breasts were developing nicely. Although not as big as her cousins, she looked more like an athlete with those smallish breasts. Cara saw her girls looking at Meghan and knew instantly what they were thinking, they wanted her. Cara would have none of it.

"You two get your minds out of the gutter," she said out of the side of her smile as she waved at her approaching sister and niece. Donna was happy to see her sister and the two hugged, both Shelley and Stacy grew wet watching their mother and their aunt hug. Cara hugged Donna hard and realized that she was fully aware of Donna's large breasts pushing against her. Involuntarily she hugged Donna closer just to increase the sensation. Despite herself, Cara wondered if Donna would be interested in.......? No of course not.

Cara dismissed the thought and turned to welcome her niece whom she had not seen since Meghan was a very young girl. Again, Cara felt herself undressing her niece with her eyes, time would pass very slowly until these two left and she could let her baser instincts reign with her daughter once again. Meghan had no intentions of being friendly however. Cara went to hug her niece and found herself promptly pushed back to arms length.

"Fuck this shit!" Meghan muttered with venom, "I don't wanna be here and you don't want me here so fuck the happy go lucky, Beaver Cleaver shit ok?" she said as she grabbed her duffel bag and headed into the house. Storming past her two cousins. Shelley and Stacy shared another look with their mother that indicated they all knew she would be trouble, not to mention a very spirited fuck. Cara tried desperately to put the thought from her mind, and failed.

Meghan sat on the couch absorbed in TV while Cara, Donna, Shelley, and Stacy caught up on things. All three girls kept their eyes on Donna's long legs and bountiful breasts. Cara proudly told her sister of her daughters accomplishments in school (despite their incestuous triangle, both girls remained "A" students). Both Shelley and Stacy smiled seductively at their aunt. Donna sensed that something was strange with her sister and her nieces but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. The way they smiled at one another, and at her. The way they touched ne another on the knee and thighs. Shelley and Stacy looked at Donna like a piece of raw meat. Donna thought she even caught that look from Cara once or twice. It was odd to say the least. No doubt she was tired and imagining things. Donna knew that she was about to begin a new life for herself, she knew she was tired, frustrated, hot, and unbearable horny. Her husband wasn't good for much, but he fucked the daylights out of her when he wasn't too drunk to get it up. God she felt a deep need for sex, but there was none of that now. She had to be strong, for Meghan's sake, to build their future together.

They ate a fantastic meal and enjoyed good conversation (with the exception of Meghan, who ate in silence). Donna continued to notice the way the girls brushed up against one another, she knew she would have to ask Cara about her family relationship with her daughters. Later that night they retired to bed and Donna and Meghan curled up in over sized T-shirts on the fold out bed.

For the next several weeks life continued in the house as it always was. Donna continued to look for a job while Meghan buried herself in TV when not in school. Cara continued to work and Shelley and Stacy continued on in school. What was not so obvious however, was that Shelley, Stacy, and Cara were becoming sexually starved. The house had become so crowded and busy that they never even had a chance to masturbate one another let alone have sex with one another. They had to content themselves with copping feels off one another whenever they could, sometimes Shelley noticed Donna or Meghan catching a possible glimpse of their incestuous activities from the corner of their eyes. Finally, it was Shelley who broke down and approached her mother after dinner.

"I need you." Was all she had to say. Cara looked into her daughters needy face and felt a pang of compassion for her child, she knew all too well what her daughters needed because she needed it too. She hated to see her children suffer but she had made up her mind and she wanted to see it through.

"Shelley, you know I can't, not until your aunt and cousin leave."

"You don't understand mom. I need you. I need you so bad I can taste you from across the room. I'm not as strong as Stacy. I need you tonight, I want you to spit on my clit and make me cum."

Cara smiled, "Honey don't you think I would love that? I can't just now I wish I could."

"I'll be coming to your room at midnight mom. Whether you want me to or not," Shelley said as she reached around and skirted her hand up her mothers dress. Unwillingly Cara arched her buttocks towards her daughters squeezing hand and shut her eyes, enjoying the sensations as Shelley kneaded her buttocks and her fingertips probed her mothers ass crack.

"I'll be waiting for you baby." Cara finally relented, she could never resist her daughters when they came on strong like that. She knew it wouldn't be hard for them to make a slave out of her, oh well maybe someday she thought to herself as she smiled. Shelley pulled her hand from her mothers dress and held it to her nose, inhaling the scent that came from between her mothers legs. It was heavenly to be sure. Tonight she would be satisfied.

That night passed slowly for both Shelley and Cara, they knew what would happen later and how wild it would be, they counted the seconds until bedtime. Stacy was engrossed in a physics book as she had a test the next day and although her sister told her she was more than welcome to join in, Stacy pecked her on the cheek and told her that she would definitely join in on the fun next time. Stacy went to bed early and Cara took her cue from her daughters, feigning fatigue and pulling out the pull out bed for Donna and Meghan. "I'm not finished watching TV yet!! Fuck what a hole this place is!" Meghan mumbled as she made the bed with her mother. Eventually they went to bed and the seconds ticked by for both mother and daughter. It was a warm night and that didn't help their feelings. At 11:30 Shelley could handle no more. She rose and put on a pair of thing panties and a push up bra. Over this she put on a robe and opened the door as silently as possible, tip toeing down the hall to her mothers room. The door was slightly ajar and a dim light flowed through the crack. Without knocking Shelley opened it and entered, closing the door until it was as before, with only a crack open. Cara noticed her daughter walk in the room and pulled back the sheets. She had certainly done herself up for the occasion. Cara wore dark blue garters and garter belt, blue crotchless panties, and no bra. Shelley was practically drooling looking at her mother.

"Come to mommy." Cara said to her daughter in a playful yet husky, throaty voice that indicated her own arousal.

Shelley bounded across the room and jumped on the foot of the bed, down on all fours and looking at her mom like a hungry tigress.

"I am gonna fuck you you hot little bitch," Shelley growled at her mother.

"You would do that to your own mother?" Cara smiled as she licked her lips seductively and inched down the bed towards her daughter on all fours.

"20 times a day if I could," Shelley replied, "You sexy bitch you have been teasing me for weeks."

"Then come and get me Shelley, I'll fuck you so hard tonight you'll beg me to stop."

"Not fucking likely," Shelley replied as her face came with in an inch of her mothers. They could now smell one another's bodies and the musky odors that they produced. The foreplay was over.

"We'll see you little slut. How did I ever raise such a filthy little slut?" Cara asked.

"Like this," Shelley responded as she licked her mothers face. Cara licked Shelley back, like two animals about to mate.

Shelley reached out and grabbed her mothers arms and pushed back with all her might. Cara fell back, pinned as Shelley fell on top of her. Their mouths mashed together, tongues everywhere searching and licking one another's faces. Shelley began to kiss and lick her way down her mothers neck, occasionally biting and nibbling to make her squeal with pleasure.

Cara ripped off her daughters bra and Shelley's breasts fell free, her nipples pressing against her mothers. Shelley felt her mothers knowing hands exploring her every recess. It felt divine!! Cara's long slender fingers played with Shelley's nipples and then ran down her back to squeeze her ass cheeks just as Shelley had done to her earlier in the evening. Shelley kissed her way down her mothers tight tummy and started to slide off her panties.

"I want you to cum all over my face mom, soak me ok?" Shelley asked. Totally sincere.

"You just get busy eating me Shel, the amount of cum I spray is up to you giving me what I need, get to work baby."

Shelley smiled and opened her mouth, a long string of spit flowed from her mouth down onto her mothers clit, the spit flowed down between her pussy lips to her asshole and made Cara squirm with delight. Without another word Shelley lowered her face to her mothers sex and began to devour her as a starving person would devour a hot meal. Almost immediately Cara began to squirm and pant, it had been so long since she had one her daughters hot tongues on her body. It was the best feeling she had ever experienced.

"Ohhhhh Shel tongue fuck me baby!! Oh God you keep this up and I'm gonna cum right in your face! You'd like that wouldn't you, you little hoar!!" Cara said as she sat up on her elbows and looked down at her daughters face between her legs, looking deep into her eyes.

"Cum on my face mom, cum on my face! Make me drink your juices! Be a slut for your own daughter!!"

"Unghnnnnn!" Cara moaned.

Shelley's tongue darted in and out of the wet folds of the pussy that had birthed her years before. She knew just how to get her mother off and she was going to get her off as hard as she could. They could play games later, hard, knowing orgasms were needed by both parties right now. After only a few more seconds of eating pussy, Shelley was amply rewarded.

"Oh fuck baby here it comes!! So wettttt!" Cara moaned again as she spread her legs wide and reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips wide. As was customary with her first big orgasms, she sprayed her juices like a man would, Shelley opened her mouth and moved her face as close to her mothers vaginal opening as she possibly could. The juices spewed forth and covered Shelley's face, Shelley did her best to swallow it all but couldn't keep up. It was obvious her mother hadn't cum in weeks, the juices were still flowing freely. Shelley lapped greedily at her mothers vagina and managed to drink a good portion of it before the stream subsided. Her face was covered with the rest of it. Dazed but still horny Cara sat up and pulled her daughter to her roughly. She began to lick her own cum from her daughters face in a new fit of passion. Hungrily they looked into one another's eyes.

"I wish you had a strap on mom, I need to be fucked by you, but they are all in the attic."

Cara smiled at her beautiful raven haired daughter and kissed her deeply, "don't worry baby, I knew you would need to be fucked so I gathered some things to help me get you off. Get on all fours." Cara commanded her daughter. Shelley did so without hesitation. From her dresser Cara produced a plate full of grapes and two thick candles, she also held a doorknob, recently removed from her closet door.

"What are you going to do to me?" Shelley asked.

"Make you cum lover. What else is a mother for?"


Donna couldn't sleep at all. She had been tossing and turning and the fact that Meghan was snoring wasn't helping either. She rolled out of bed and sat up. She was so desperately horny these days, she needed to cum so badly, and the house was so full she never had a chance to masturbate. At times she didn't think Shelley and Stacy would mind if she pulled down her pants and started masturbating on the dinner table. The two girls were very sexual and often squeezed their aunts thigh or knee often during a conversation. It was very familiar indeed, too familiar she thought. Yet she liked it a lot, she had never tried women but she was never against the thought, the opportunity had just never arisen. Stacy and Shelley were both very sexy and looked like their mother, could it be she was attracted to her nieces? Or even her own sister? She smiled and laughed quietly, how absurd. She wanted to put a cold cloth on her forehead and relax for a while and to that end began to climb the stairs. As she got closer to the top she heard the sounds of sex emanating from her sisters room. Shocked, she assumed her sis had a man on the side and snuck him in after everyone had gone to bed, no wonder she was in such a hurry to go to sleep. Maybe she would just waltz in there and demand that her sister share her man with her sex starved sister.

Gathering her courage, Donna walked up the stairs and approached the door, which was open a crack. Peering in, she was shocked by what she saw. Cara? And Shelley? Together? Shelley was on all fours on the bed and Cara was behind her, she was working a large candle into her daughters pussy and holding the other one, which happened to be aflame, over her ass. Hot wax fell from the candle and splashed on Shelley's tight ass. Shelley was chewing on a pillow to keep from screaming. Cara began pistoning the candle in and out of her daughter and Shelley eagerly humped the wax fuck tool with all her might. Wax continued to drip all over her asshole. Cara put the burning candle in a holder on the dresser and picked up a plate of grapes, she picked one and began to rub it all over Shelley's puckered asshole. Ever so slowly she inserted it in Shelley's ass, Shelley was moaning loudly at this even though she had a pillow in her mouth. Cara then lowered her head to Shelley's ass and began to suck, her lips suctioned around her daughters asshole and after a few seconds of sucking the grape popped out and into Cara's waiting mouth. Cara lovingly cleaned the grape with her tongue and reached around to kiss her daughter, the grape went from Cara's mouth to Shelley's, Shelley swallowed it with obvious relish.

Donna knew that this was wrong, what was Cara doing to this young girl? Her very own daughter? It was sick wasn't it? Then why was Donna's hand down beneath the elastic of her panties rolling her clit back and forth? Why was this such a turn on for her? She knew why before she even asked the question. She was desperately horny and she wanted to cum. It wouldn't be bad if she just watched, it wouldn't be like she was an incestuous slut like her sister and nieces.

Cara continued to insert grapes into her daughters puckered asshole and sucked them out, some of them she swallowed herself, some she gave to Shelley. Every once and a while Cara paused to pour more hot candle wax over her daughters ass cheeks. Donna had never seen anything so erotic.

Cara suddenly withdrew the candle and began to work the larger, rounder, doorknob into her daughter, despite herself, Shelley began to hyperventilate, she was in such ecstasy. Donna looked on. What must it be like to make love to your own daughter with such wild abandon? Despite herself, she began to imagine Meghan, young, hot, and bad-assed. Donna knew that Meghan would be wild in bed, she began to imagine herself in Cara's place and Meghan in Shelley's place. Cara worked the doorknob into her daughter and began to piston it in and out, all the while she inserted the thick candle in Shelley's asshole and slid it in with ease. Now she began to double fuck Shelley. Shelley had her face buried in the sheets and was whimpering with pleasure. Only her mother got her off this good, and Stacy of course. Soon she was going to cum, and no force on Earth could stop it. Cara was giving it to her hard in the ass and slowly in her pussy. The sensations were exquisite to say the least. Shelley was gripping handfuls of sheets as she moaned in ecstasy.

From the hallway Donna was about to orgasm when Shelley went over the edge, the sight was amazing to Donna, she doubted she had ever seen a more beautiful sight than Shelley and Cara together. She still imagined what her own daughter would be like to do this type of thing to, a voice in her head told her that all this was very wrong, but her desires overrode it and she fingered her clit with wild abandon. She held one hand against the door to keep from falling down as she came all over her rapidly fucking fingers. She still imagined Meghan on her hands and knees taking a doorknob and a candle deep inside her, panting in orgasm at the hands of her own mother.

Suddenly shocked back to reality, Donna realized that Shelley had cum, she had to get out of there. Donna turned and ran smack into Stacy, who was on her way to the bathroom.

"Damn!! Oh sorry Stacy, I didn't see you."

"Or anything else either Aunt Donna," Stacy looked at Donna's hand which she was withdrawing from her panties. Three of her fingers were soaking wet and reeked of her juices. Stacy smiled knowingly, "Are you ok Aunt Donna? You seem bothered."

"Uh no Stace," Donna knew that Stacy had seen her take her wet hand from her panties, was it possible she was also involved in this incestuous relationship with Cara and Shelley? Donna's mind reeled at the image of it, the three of them together would be heaven, "I was just... coming from the bathroom."

"Oh I see you were just cumming ...... from the bathroom," Stacy smiled knowingly at the play on words, it was obvious she knew what Donna was doing and she knew what Cara and her sister were doing too. Donna smiled weakly, she had to get back to bed. She rushed past Stacy and down the stairs to bed. She climbed under the sheets and cuddled up next to her daughter. She suddenly became aware of the heat of Meghan's body next to her. She was desperately horny and she was now aware that she was dripping wet. Her panties were soaked. She lifted her fingers to her nose and inhaled her own aroma. Images of Cara and Shelley floated through her mind and she unconsciously began to run her hands over her daughters hips. She was surprised to see Meghan respond to her touch. Meghan, who was in a deep sleep, pushed her hips against her mothers hand and smiled. Encouraged, Donna slipped her hand down to her daughters knee and started moving up, she hiked up Meghan's oversized sleeping shirt as she went. Donna looked at every inch of her young daughters body with lust. Her skin so smooth, her body so tight. Her heart skipped a beat as the shirt passed her waist. Her pussy with its fine hairs were exposed. Donna could smell it. She wanted to taste it. God she was so hot!! Donna wanted to make love to her daughter so badly. What she had seen with Cara and Shelley, and then her encounter with Stacy..... it had made her wild with lust. Donna was hot and wet, she wanted to do with Meghan what Cara did with Shelley and Stacy.

"MMMMmmmmmm" Meghan moaned as she rolled over in her sleep towards her mother. She liked it, although if she were awake she would no doubt pull away, but she was still asleep. Donna pressed on, moving her hand down to her daughters inner thigh, Meghan spread her legs a little and Donna slipped her hand in further. Donna's heart was racing, she had never felt this kind of exhilaration, breaking this age old taboo made her pussy run rivers. Meghan had spread her legs wide enough for Donna to reach all the way up to her daughters exposed vagina. She gently ran her fingers over her daughters pussy lips. Meghan exhaled loudly, still smiling, lost in some erotic dream. Easing one finger between her daughters pussy lips, Donna was breathless with excitement. Meghan was getting wet, she put her index finger on Meghan's tiny clit and started to rub. Meghan grinded into her mothers fingers. Donna looked down at the smile on her daughters face, she was so glad she was the one who was causing the smile on her daughters face.

Getting bolder, Donna pushed her middle finger deeper into her daughter and started to piston it in and out slowly. She also picked up the pace of her clit rubbing. Meghan was starting to breathe faster. She was grinding harder against her mothers hand.

Suddenly, Meghan woke, her eyes opened and she was still dazed. She hadn't been dreaming it, she was close to orgasm. For a moment she had no idea where she was, or who she was with.

"Uhhhh, don't stop...." she spoke in a slurred manner. Meghan reached down and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her young breasts and hard pink nipples. Donna could resist no longer, she lowered her head and began to suck and chew on Meghan's nipples. Meghan practically convulsed off of her chair when her mother started sucking on her.

"Oh fuck yes!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly Donna raised her head up and pressed her lips to Meghan's. Meghan, half asleep and totally aroused, returned the kiss. Their tongues sought each other out and entwined. Donna pressed her body against Meghan's hard while continuing her fingerfuck on her daughter. Meghan suddenly arched her back and moaned right into her mothers mouth. She was cumming hard. Donna held Meghan tight and encouraged her daughter.

"That's it my sweet baby, cum for mommy."

After holding her daughter for several minutes Meghan relaxed and her orgasm subsided. Without another word Meghan turned over and fell asleep again. Was she asleep the whole time? Donna wondered. Stacy also wondered, she knew that Donna was hot and bothered and followed her Aunt downstairs hoping that she would finally get her shot at Donna. Instead she stopped as she saw Donna start to pleasure her own daughter in her sleep. Stacy stayed on the stairs and masturbated as she watched, she knew it wouldn't be long now before they were all together. Stacy watched as Meghan fell asleep again and Donna spread her own legs wide and masturbated furiously, all the while calling her daughters name. Thirty minutes later Stacy returned to bed, still aware of the sound of her twin sister and her mother who were still making love on the other side of the wall. She had to get some sleep after all, she had a test tomorrow!