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Member of the Club

MEMBER OF THE CLUB (bisexual, m/f, incest, brother-sister, consensual)


I grew up in a nice middle-class (even upper middle-class) neighborhood and community. There it is generally accepted amongst the youngsters that making love to your brother/sister is pretty much the norm. For many of us, brother-sister sex is a perfectly normal and guiltless thing to do, and something about which no one had a feeling of regret afterwards. It is a temporary thing which most of us go through routinely: you simply stop doing it after leaving school and having a regular boyfriend.

It is not a case of making love to a brother when you broke up with a steady boyfriend (or vice versa); in many cases a girl would have a regular boyfriend and make love both to him, and then make love to her brother at home as well. It is not considered to be "unfaithful" to a boyfriend as long as you did it with your brother.

I believe that brother-sister incest is part of youthful experimentation with sex, because same sex activities (also between siblings) also occur regularly. The initial attraction to each other sexually between a brother and sister could probably be attributed to curiosity about sex and the fact that most of the kids we hung out with who had siblings were having sex with them.

Many in our circle of high school friends consider making love to our own brother or sister no big deal because we all knew what was going on when we went home after school, and some even bragged about it. What does surprise me is that not more girls fall pregnant by their brothers.

Incest is still the one behavior that isn't seen or heard of about very often, and is never talked about. Many fathers and mothers will be surprised to know what their darling offspring are doing behind their backs.

June, a good girl friend of mine admitted to making love with her brother regularly and encouraged me to also try it. It happened after I broke up with by regular boyfriend, and was somewhat frustrated sexually. I really needed a nice guy to get laid again...

I told June about my frustrations. Since she has a good looking older brother, Jonathan, I discreetly inquired about the fact whether he had a regular girlfriend at the time.

June correctly guessed my real motive, and her reaction caught me by surprise:

"You have your own brother William to fuck. My brother Jonathan is mine to enjoy..."

She then told me that they make love with each other regularly, and had been doing so for quite a while. "Making love to other guys is okay, but incest is best; you should try it," she said. "Besides, why look for sex elsewhere when you are so lucky to have a good looking brother and can find sex right under your own roof?"

Until this stage my brother and I never had intercourse with each other, although we were pretty much aware of the fact that many of our friends did it. When we were younger we did inspect each other's genitals, but nothing further happened, although we had more than enough opportunities to do so.

The more I looked at my brother after June's revelation, the more excited I became at the prospect of making love to him. I think he also suspected something, but he was the one that was reluctant to take the initiative. We did quite a bit of petting - and even fondling - and came near to making love on several occasions, but in the end it was always he who would put a stop to things getting out of hand.

One week-end when our parents went away on a business trip and left the two of us at home. We watched a sex video which William borrowed, and which was very explicit. We both got aroused, and I could see from his bulging trousers that William had an erection. I invited him to have a shower with me, and soon we were under the running water, naked.

Under the shower he showed me how to masturbate him, which I really enjoyed doing to bring him to a climax and give him pleasure. Quite frankly, if he had asked at this occasion to make love to him, I would have jumped at the opportunity. (I was no longer a virgin by this time). Secretly I wished he would perform cunnilingus on me in return, but was still a bit shy to suggest it directly. Nothing more happened that weekend, to my disappointment.

June invited another girl and me for a weekend to the beach house of her parents, which is 120 miles away. We were told to "bring your brother along" and that we would make it a "brother-sister week-end." At that stage I innocently did not suspect anything unusual and invited my brother along, assuming that the boys would ensure our safety.

On our way there in the car it already became obvious that something was going to happen, since sex became the topic of discussion. My brother and I were asked whether we brought condoms along, to which we replied "no".

My girl friend replied: "Never mind. I brought along enough condoms for all."

Then we were asked if we had ever made love to each other, to which we again replied "no."

My friend said: "We will have to do something about that. But remember, the first time between a brother and sister should be without a condom if you want to become a member of the "Incest is Best" club."

Even at this stage I thought that she was only joking, and that at worst we may have sex with each other's brother. I still really fancied June's brother Jonathan.

After arriving at the beach house we were told that it was indeed to be a "incest is best" weekend and the three brother-sister pairs were each allocated a bedroom to share. No "swapping around" was to be allowed. The rule also was "no nightclothes." When my brother and I showed our reluctance to participate, we were made to feel the guilty ones for not doing "what every one else is doing anyhow." We were told to "try it" to see if we liked it.

At supper that evening quite a bit of liquor was served, which lowered our resistance, and in the end my brother and I went to our allocated bedroom and "did it" for the first time with each other, also due to group pressure. I wanted him to use a condom, but the others refused and we had to do it without practicing safe sex.

It was the best sex I have ever had. We did quite a bit of foreplay before William gently entered me. His erect penis filled my vagina fully and we were a perfect fit, which is not unexpected since I guess that genetic factors determine the size of genitals as well. Yes, doing it with your own brother is sexy and erotic and in a class of its own.

We did our lovemaking slowly, not wanting to come to a climax too soon. Finally we reached our orgasms simultaneously, and I could feel his precious love juices being squirted into my womb until it completely filled my pussy. Call it incest if you wish: inter-sibling lovemaking indeed "is best."

We fell asleep lying next to each other, still firmly locked. When I awoke the next morning, his penis had already gone limp and slipped out of my vagina. William also woke up, and gave me a kiss.

"That was the best sex I have ever had," he said. "Thanks for letting me make love to you."

"Well, I am the one who had wanted to make love to you for a long time. It took quite a while to get you this far," I admitted.

We kissed passionately. He fondled my breasts, and William got another hard-on. We made love for the second time before getting out of bed. I was still well lubricated with his semen of the previous evening, and he slid into me easily. It was as good as the first time, and this time my pussy really overflowed with his semen.

At breakfast table we all had to "admit and tell," and the two of us were "congratulated" because every one knew it was our first time together. (We did not tell them that we actually did it twice). We were actually made to feel as if it was a great achievement for having "joined the club" and "crossed the incest taboo line."

The next (Saturday) evening of the weekend was a repeat of the previous one. Again we did not use a condom, but I felt reasonably safe since I menstruated about a week earlier, which meant that I was still in my "safe period."

It has been quite a few weeks since that memorable weekend. My brother and I continue to fully enjoy the benefits of our membership of the "Incest is Best" club.

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