Nony and Me by Dick Bell

Nony and Me

It was a hot summer day. After finishing our late night dinner, my wife Suzie and 14 year old son Ben were watching a movie on the video player. I don't know the exact time, but all of a sudden I found both of them sleeping on the carpet. I quietly switched off the TV and video player and turned off the light. After spending the whole day out on an excursion trip, they were all so tired that I was sure they wouldn't wake up until next morning.

I slowly tiptoed out of the room and walked through the passage to our bedroom to take a piss. Incidentally, I found the door of kid's bedroom open. Our younger daughter Nony was there in the bedroom, sleeping. After returning home, she was so tired that she immediately went to bed, saying that she wanted to sleep.

I moved to the door to close it, when I found my daughter Nony sleeping in an unusual manner on her bed. She was 12 years old, but looked bigger because of her body structure and some extra flesh on her hips and chest. And she was sleeping with her nightie totally open from the front, revealing whatever she had in the front. I got so hot seeing her like this that I immediately changed my mind to go for pissing, although my bladder was near bursting.

I entered her room and stood nearby her bed. In the light of the lampshade, the sight of my young daughter was totally unbelievable. Her preteen breasts were like newly grown unripe pears, jetted out of her silky base, sleek stomach and beneath it the most provocative inverted triangle of her pearly pussy. My piss filled cock erected instantly at this amazing sight.

Slowly I bent over my daughter's breast and lightly took hold of her left breast. Oh God! It was pulsating under my tender touch. With my other hand, I pulled out my rock hard fully swollen cock, then took hold of my sleeping daughter's left hand and placed it on my erect cock. She didn't shown any indication or motion to my action and this encouraged me.

I slowly pulled down my pajama bottom and got onto the bed, straddling over her chest. First, I slowly rubbed my cock over my daughter's cheeks and then placed it on her lips. The precum juices from the tip of my cock was spread over her lips. Showing no sign of movement from my daughter, I turned around and adjusted myself between her thighs and started kissing her young cunt lips.

Slowly I inserted my tongue in between her cunt lips. It was so deliciously hot and smelling so fragrantly that I forgot everything else in the world. I took hold of her thighs and started licking her cunt deeply.

All of a sudden, my daughter moved her legs in desperate motion.

"Daddy! What're you doing?" She was now awake and caught her Dad red-handed.

"Baby! You are so lovely... Come on, enjoy it!"

"Dad...but this is wrong... I'm your daughter!"

"Nothing wrong, my sweetheart, if you like this with me!" I tried to explain and convince her.

With this I took my daughter in my arms and started kissing her on her soft lips and over her cheeks. My rock hard cock was sliding over her small stomach. Her small body was totally covered under my heavy posture. She didn't say a word, except I was hearing her heavy breathing and moaning underneath me. She was getting hotter and hotter with my kisses and my cock touching her slender body. Nony, my daughter, took hold of my cock in her small hand, by pushing her hand in between our bodies and started sliding her Dad's hard cock up and down with her palms. The first burning inside me, all of a sudden doubled due to my daughter's reaction and feeling her hands on my cock. I found myself feeling as if I would shoot my cum and piss within no time. Shooting cum over my baby's body was okay on her bed, but holding my piss was beyond control, so I decided to take my daughter to the bathroom.

"Nony -- dear, come on, let's go to the washroom. Let me show you something special..." I said in my daughter's ear. With this I got off her bed and, after removing her nightdress, took her completely naked in my arms and headed towards the washroom. In the bathroom light I saw my lovely daughter Nony, naked for the first time after her birth. She was looking very shy, standing in front of her father completely naked, and was trying to hide her cunny between her legs. I make her sit on the toilet seat and started removing my own clothing. My cock, filled with boiling blood, cum and piss was pointing 60 degrees towards my stomach. It was very hard to bear the load any more.

I stood in front of my daughter with my cock facing her lips. "Sweetie, open your mouth and take Dad's cock in your mouth." With this I tried to push my cock in between her lips. She was reluctant for a moment, then slowly opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. I took hold of her head with one hand and with the other I scissored my fingers between her lips and my cock and started fucking my little cute daughter in her mouth.

"Nony! Have you seen this before? What is it?" I asked my daughter.

"Ccc....cock..." she said when my cock slipped out of her mouth for a moment.

"You like it baby what Daddy doing to you?" I asked again.

"Yeaaaah!" was her response.

"Nony... in a moment Daddy will shoot something like cream in your mouth. Don't worry and try to eat it, it's nourishing and tasty." I said to my daughter in order to prepare her for the end result.

Being so little, Nony's mouth was small and my huge cock was completely fitted between her lips. Her saliva was glazing on the base of my cock. My movements were desperate now. I was very near to coming.

"Nony... Nony... oh darling... Daddy is about to shoot his cummmmmm!" with this my first spurt of thick cum jetted out of my piss hole and into the deepest regions of my daughter's throat. She gagged on my cock and pulled out the spurting cock from her mouth. My remaining semen was flowing out of my cock like a garden sprinkler and each spurt was setting on my daughter's face. In a moment her whole face was coated with my hot creamy cum.

My piss was now out of control and the next thing was a full powered jet flow of my piss released from the deepest of my bladder and headed towards the face of my lovely daughter. The hot golden urine of mine was splashing my daughter's face and her remaining young body. She was taking a bath with her Dad's hot piss. I took hold of my still erect cock and directed the flow of my piss towards her lips. Nony abruptly opened her mouth and my piss made a gargling noise in her throat. Then I directed the flow of my piss on her small tits, stomach and pussy. It took almost 3 minutes to stop pissing.

My daughter was completely wet with my piss. I made her stand up and took her in my arms and started kissing her cum plus piss smeared face, lips and titties. She was shaking badly in my arms. She took hold of my cock and said in trembling voice. "Daaddy... fuck me."

I was surprised. I never thought that my daughter knew about fucking also.

"What is fucking? How do you know this?" I asked her.

"I...I... seen you and mom doing it by the swimming pool" She replied.

"Your pussy is quite small baby. Can you take Dad's cock in your pussy?" I inquired.

"Make it slowly... but do it Daddy... now... please!" She was now rubbing her cunt. While standing and embracing with me, my cock that was now hard again and was touching her small tits. One of her soft and tender hands was clutching my back.

I sat down on the toilet seat. My cock stood up again. I made my daughter to face me and I took her up in my arms, making her legs spread as far as possible and adjusted her small hairless cunny over the tip of my cock. I took a handful of saliva from my mouth and smeared it on my cock and on her pussy.

"Now -- Nony, sit on Daddy's cock... take it as much as you can." I guided her. With one hand I adjusted my pole hard cock, while my little daughter pushed down her pussy hole over the tip of my cock. It felt to me as if someone was putting a rubber band over my cock. Very soon my cock head disappeared in my daughter's cunt. Slowly, she pressed herself down over my cock until she took half of her Dad's cock inside her young pussy hole.

Nony was trembling and shaking badly. This was her first ever fuck and she is taking it from her own dad. Her small cunt slit has full gripped over my shaft. During the first few minutes my preteen daughter was totally unable to take the whole length of her father's hard cock. She was simply trembling in ecstasy and sliding herself up and down over my hard cock.

Her tiny posture was totally between my arms and I was kissing all over her face and lips and tiny breasts while fucking my little daughter from underneath.

I took hold of my daughter's small ass cheeks in my both hands and help her to increase the tempo of sliding her cunt over my cock.

"Daddy...! Fuck me ... fuck me ... I feel pee daddy!"

"Wait a minute baby," I said. "Let daddy shoot his cream in your pussy".

Within next minute I got up from the toilet seat holding my baby in my arms with my cock still ramming my daughter's silky cunt. She was very light in my arms. She took hold of my waist tightly with her small arms, clinging to my chest. With my hands holding my daughter's ass cheeks, I keep fucking her. She was moaning badly. All of a sudden my boiling sperm shot in my baby's cunt. Spasm after spasm and spurt after spurt of my thick hot semen splashed inside my little daughter's hot cunt.

After my hard cock subsided, I pulled it out from Nony's cunt hole. My semen started dripping out of her little hole. She wanted to piss badly as she actually woken up in the middle of the night. She wanted to sit over the commode, but instead I sat down over the bathroom floor.

"Nony, baby come over daddy's face."

With this I help managing herself to straddle herself over my face, with her pussy right over my open mouth.

I started licking and lapping inside my daughter's dripping cunt with my tongue. I was tasting my own semen flowing from my daughter's cunt hole.

"Daddy...please, I wanna piss!" Nony was finding it hard to hold now.

"Okay, baby ... piss in daddy's mouth, let me drink your nectar." I urged her.

I pushed my open mouth with her cunt lips, taking her whole little cunt in my mouth. In a few seconds, I felt my daughter's hot piss filling my mouth. It was hot and tasty. I started drinking my daughter's urine. Then I move my mouth from her cunt and took the flow of her golden urine over my face. In between I was lapping her cunt like animal.

After she finished, we both took bath and I took her back to her bed.

"Nony, dear ... will you tell all about this to any one?" I asked her.

"No ... daddy" she assured me.

"Did you liked it, baby?"

"Y... yes, daddy."

"You want to do it again?"

"Yes..." she said and put her little hand around my neck and kissed her dad on his lips, like a mature woman.

"I love you daddy."