Schoolgirl Incest by Glenn

Schoolgirl Incest

The following story is a complete fantasy (of course) but there isn't much that I wouldn't give to live it out with my mom and sister. I hope you enjoy it.

Glenn brought the video he had just ordered from the net home and was looking forward to jerking his massive cock while watching the sluts on the video perform every perverted act you could imagine. He placed the video down onto the table and went to his room to get changed. As he put on some loose fitting shorts his little sister, Sherry, came home from school early.

Sherry was one of the hottest pieces of teenage ass you could ever see. She was just 14 and was beginning to tell that men where staring at her more. Her black hair, which she normally wore down at shoulder length, was now tied up in a pony tail. And her bangs hung on her forehead perfectly. Her one piece school uniform was shorter than it was supposed to be and her young developing tits filled the top of it. Her teen ass made your eyes stare, and she had no idea that she had caused her science teacher, Mr. Rhelo, to go into office during classes and stroke his cock while imagining fucking her tight virgin asshole hard.

Sherry threw her bag down and glanced at the table where Glenn's video was placed. She picked it up and stared wide eyed at the cover. It showed a picture of a very young girl, around 11 or 12 in age surrounded by 5 naked men and her face was covered in cum. Sherry had only scene porn one time before, at her friends house. She turned the video over and on the back in clear red letters was a description of what was inside. Just as she got to the word bestiality, her brother Glenn said "What the hell are you doing home?"

Before she had a chance to reply he grabbed the video. "Are you going to watch that now?" She asked in her sweet "little girl" voice. Glenn was suddenly confronted with his biggest fantasy. He had wanted to fuck the shit out of his sister for as long as he could remember and now here she was, alone with him and a very perverted porn video.

"Aaaaahhhhh, yes I was, why?" He replied

"Can I watch it with you" she asked.

Sherry also held a fantasy of letting her older brother do anything he wanted with her. She had been fucking herself with cucumbers, bananas and any other phallic shaped fruit or vegetable she could find for the last 2 years. Whenever she shoved the various food stuffs into her teen cunt she would imagine it was her brothers cock showing her what incest fucking was all about.

Glenn slipped the video into the machine and sat down on the couch. Sherry followed suit and Glenn pressed play. After the titles, that where in German, finished his favourite word appeared on the screen. 'INCEST' in big red letters. Then a girl about 12 years old was playing with some dolls and bears when a young guy of about 17 walked in. Then across the screen came some words that made Glenn's cock hard. 'BROTHER + SISTER INCEST MOVIE ONE'. Then the guy walked up to the little girl who was obviously his sister and pulled out his massive cock. His sister smiled, grabbed his cock and began trying to suck in as much as she could. She sucked and licked and after about 5 minutes he said something in German and she began wanking his cock until he moaned and erupted stream after endless stream over his sisters face and in her mouth.

"Oh my god that's so hot, look at all his stuff. There's so much of it. Do all guys cum that much?" She said

"Only when they have their little sisters sucking them," Glenn replied.

And with that he pulled down his shorts so that his 10 inch cock stood up. Sherry stared, unable to move or speak. Glenn grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock.

"Stroke this nasty sister fucker you incest slut," He commanded.

Sherry had spied on her brother wanking enough times to know roughly how to do it. She pulled his foreskin up and down as he began to moan, "Faster, faster you stupid bitch, make me shoot my hot incest fuck for you!"

"Tell me you want it on your face Sherry!" he said

"Give it to me all over my schoolgirl face Glenn MMMmmmmmmm its so hard," She replied.

Sherry could remember from the last porn movie she saw at her friends house that the guy really liked it when the girl said dirty things so she continued. Just as she finished saying the words she began jerking her brothers cock faster then without hesitation she got on her knees and began doing what the girl in the video had done. She began sucking the hell out of his cock.

Glenn grabbed both sides of her head and began using her head to jerk off. Sherry wanted to be used as a fuckdoll by her brother as he kept up his steady pace with her mouth and tongue.

"Suck it, that's it suck my fat cock sis, I'm gonna fill your mouth with my incest fuck, you schoolgirl whore!" He moaned.

He could feel his sap rise so he pulled her off and pushed her down onto the ground. Then he knelt back and told her to lift her skirt. She instantly obeyed and Glenn was rewarded with the sight of his sisters black lace panties, panties that where way too sexy for the average teenager.

Glenn began to stroke off faster until he again felt his nuts tighten. He straddled her chest and slowed his wanking down to steady strokes. She smiled at her brother who's cock was mere centimeters away from her mouth. She felt strange and then realised it was lust, pure and utter animal lust for her brother. He felt the same.

"Oh fuck here it comes Sherry stick your tongue out, I'm gonna shoot it all over your face sis, here take my incest fuck."

He wanted to coat his sisters face in his cum so he carefully aimed his cock at her and let loose the biggest amount of cum he had ever produced. It kept cumming and cumming and cumming. It was shooting over her tongue and cheeks and lips and chin in thick squirts. It was so creamy and thick it looked like watered down yogurt.

Sherry was in heaven. Her tongue was coated and her mouth was quickly filling up with his seed. She could really feel each squirt as his cum was so thick and heavy. A few of his shots then went across her hair, gluing her bangs together. Finally his orgasm slowed and he dribbled the last few drops onto her school uniform covered chest.

He breathed out loudly and smiled as he looked at his very cute little sister, who had just become even cuter with her brothers fuck all over her 14 year old face. He slowly rubbed his cock around in his mess and couldn't believe it was so thick. Sherry swallowed the mouthful of her brothers warm, thick, creamy incest fuck and then staring at her brother, slowly licked her lips.

"That was so hot, can we do it again?" she asked.

"I plan to do that and a whole lot more Sherry," he replied.

"It felt so sexy to have you doing that on me, I loved it, can we......."

Glenn interrupted her mid sentence.

"Tomorrow I'm going to take you out onto a farm and your going to suck some horse and any other animal cock I can find. I'm going to turn you into a really sick slut. Now come here and give your brother a kiss."

She walked over and Glenn grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him and they kissed. She sucked on his tongue and cleaned his mouth out. Glenn could taste his fuck as she continued kissing. All the while he squeezed her firm round and perfect ass cheeks.

"I'm going to have some of this tight schoolgirl asshole too". He said.

Sherry smiled and hugged her brother. Then she wondered how many other 14 year old girls had brothers who were as hot as hers.


Sherry and Glenn didn't know that their mother had come home just after they put the tape on, and she had watched the whole scene. As she did she rubbed her wet cunt against the kitchen door knob. She had known that Glenn held desires for her a son wasn't suppose to towards a mother. She was often going into his room when he was at work and finding Incest magazines and his computer still running and showing pictures of bestiality and stories of incest. Then there was the time that she went to tell him she was going out and found he was in the toilet. However, on his computer was a website entirely of pictures of incest between mothers and sons. And there next to his computer was a pair of her used panties. They where particularly hot ones and the crotch of them was covered in his cum.

Since then she had been spying on him jerking his big cock off with her panties while looking at all the incest sites on the net. And now she found herself envying her teenage daughter, because she was getting what she wanted so much.........her sons thick man fuck. She decided to get what she wanted that night and snuck out to get a little something to surprise him.

She knew from the magazines and pictures on his computer that along with incest, bestiality, very young girls and school uniforms (sometimes all combined) that he also had a "thing" for nurses. So she headed straight for the costume shop and hired a nurses uniform, making sure it was several sizes smaller then she normally wore. Then she went home.

Glenn was sitting in his room replying to some e-mails. His mom came in and asked where Sherry was. She had gone to her friends house so she knew that she had her son all to herself. She too wanted to be used like a real fuck slut and she knew she had given that trait to her daughter. The fact that it was incest made it more appealing. She went to her room and put on a pair of red lace and silk thong bikini panties and a matching bra. Then she put on the nurses uniform.

She went to his door and called out.

"I've got something for you Glenn"

Glenn quickly minimised the mpeg of the little girl being gang fucked and answered.

"What's that mom?"

She entered his room and his jaw dropped. There in front of him was his mother dressed like a nurse. Her red bra and panties visible beneath the material. "All this is yours honey," she said as she lifted the uniform to reveal the crotch of her panties.

Glenn swiveled his chair around and pulled off his shorts. His cock grew erect in front of his mom. She then walked over wrapped her arms around his neck and stuck her tongue in his mouth. He grabbed the uniform and lifted it up. Then he grabbed her ass and squeezed it.

"I'm going to give you a show," she said.

Glenn sat back and his mom turned around and bent over. She pulled the material of her thong to the side and then grabbing her asscheeks spread them as far as she could.

"Stay like that," Glenn said as he jerked his cock stating at his moms spread asshole.

She turned her head back to watch him jerk off.

"OOOOHHHhhhhhhh yes jerk that cock honey. You sick bastard, wank over me wank it yes yes," she moaned.

Glenn had had enough. He grabbed her and pushed her down onto the bed then he spat on her open asshole and slid his cock in to the hilt. Then he immediately began hammering it in and out at lightning speed. He fell on top of her and grabbed her tits through the uniform.

"Take it nursey, do you like that mom?, huh. Your asshole is so fucking tight, I'm going to open it up then shoot my incest fuck on your face you fucking slut incest whore," Glenn said

"Yesssssss, rape me, rape me, use my ass, incest fuck me, incest fuck me, oh god make it hurt," she moaned

Then Glenn pulled out and his mom turned over, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue ready for her sons incest fuck all over her face. Glenn moaned and again made sure that all his cum went on her face. His ejaculation wasn't as big the first one, however it felt just as good. It was, however, just as thick as his first one. Two long thick jets of it coated her tongue then he aimed higher and arc after arc squirted his mom all over her face.

He moved back slightly and smiled at her. She looked at him and swallowed the fuck that he had shot in her mouth.

"Cunt fuck me baby, stick your mommy fucking cock into my incest cunt hole and fuck me," she said through clenched teeth.

Glenn's smile grew wider and he told her to pull up her skirt. She immediately did as she was told and then Glenn pulled her panties to one side. As he held them she pulled her cunt hole obscenely open.

"Look at how big my cunt is Glenn, I've been fucking myself with cucumbers imagining you where fucking me. Stick it in honey, pleeeaaassse fuck me," she said.

Glenn shoved his cock in and began pounding his mom's pussy. He bent down and she sucked his tongue.

"How does that feel?, huh, does mommy's incest hole feel nice?, cunt fuck me stud son, oh god yesssssss fuck me fuck me, ooooohhhhhhhh yesssssss I'm gonna cum, ooooohhhhh Glenn your going to make your mother cum, I'm going to cum on your cock honey," she moaned and squealed.

Glenn then felt his mothers cunt walls close in and she began screaming out as her son brought her to orgasm. Then he began cumming for the third time that day. This time he shot what was left in his balls deep into his moms pussy. Glenn collapsed next to his mom, and she rolled on top of him and began kissing him. His fuck was still all over her face and he tasted it as she pushed her tongue around in his mouth.

Glenn laid there and wondered what he had done to deserve this. His two biggest fantasies had come true. Now if he could get his mom and sister to do some naughty things to some farm animals his life would be perfect. He wasn't completely finished with his mother yet though. He grabbed her hair and through clenched teeth he told her to lay down and spread her legs. She immediately began to get wet.

"Let's see just how big your cunt hole really is mom," Glenn said.

And with that he began working his fist into her hole. She began moaning again, all the while Glenn pushed until his hand, up to his wrist, was inside his mom's fuck hole. He then began fisting her in a steady strokes. What a sight they made. Glenn, fisting his mom who was dressed in a nurses uniform moaning and sighing. She then began sliding two of her fingers inside her asshole. So now as Glenn fist fucked her she finger fucked her asshole.

"I will do anything your sick fucking mind wants me to, baby," she said.

Glenn smiled knowing that tomorrow she would be sucking and fucking every animal they could find.


Glenn woke up early, so as he could get ready for his mom and sister's special day. Sherry knew that she was going with Glenn to a farm but didn't know that her mom was coming too. Likewise his mom didn't know Sherry would be coming all both girls knew for sure was that they would be swallowing and having more cum then they could ever imagine shot onto their faces, and it wouldn't be Glenn's. It would be animal cum. Glenn planned to add his own fuck to their animal cum covered faces.

Sherry came out of her room wearing a pair of very tight shorts and a mid-rif top, her firm teenage tits bouncing with each step. Just as she reached the kitchen where Glenn was drinking his tea their mom walked out wearing a short floral dress.

"Now you're both here I might as well tell you that we will all be going to the country today, and you two sluts are going to do whatever I say," Glenn stated.

His mom looked surprised at first but that soon disappeared as the thought that she would be having a hot incest threesome entered her head.

"We will do whatever you tell us to, right Sherry?" his mom said.

And then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he grabbed her ass through her dress. They then began tongue kissing right in front of Sherry, who began rubbing her little cunt through her shorts as she watched her brother and mom make out.

They had decided to make a picnic out of their hot little incest triangle, and after lunch an idea entered Glenn's head. He stood up and stripped off all his clothes. Then he told his mom and sister to kneel in front of him.

"Open your mouths you fucking whores," Glenn said.

They both did as they where told and then Glenn began letting loose an endless stream of piss into their mouths. He filled his sisters mouth then squirted in his moms.

"Swallow it!" Glenn commanded.

Both girls did as they where told. While they swallowed his champagne he aimed his stream over their faces until they where both dripping with piss.

"Lay down and spread your legs". Glenn told his mother.

"Sherry stick your fist in mom's cunt". Glenn said through clenched teeth.

Sherry did as she was told and soon their mom was moaning for Sherry to "Fist fuck mommy's cunt hole." Glenn jacked his cock as he watched Sherry's hand push in and out of her moms hole.

"Time for some animal cock girls," Glenn stated.

The three of them walked over to where five horses where tied to a fence.

"I want you to be as messy as you can," Glenn told his mother.

She then knelt and began stroking the sheathed cock of the horse until it began to grow until it was fully erect. His mom then got on her knees and began licking the length of the big black skinned cock. Her lust took over and she began to suck the head. Her head began bobbing back and fourth as she slowly brought the horse off. Glenn pushed his sister down in front of him and she immediately began sucking his cock as he watched his slut whore mother give head to a horse.

Sherry's head bobbed faster and faster as her cunt gushed teeny girl juice into her bikini panties. Glenn smiled as he looked down at his sister and then over to his mother. She was now bobbing her head as fast as her daughters. She felt like a complete slut, sucking horse cock in front of her son and daughter. Glenn grabbed his sister's hair with both hands.

"Slow down, I don't want to cum until that nasty slut has her face covered in horse fuck," Glenn said.

All of a sudden Glenn's mom's head stopped and while she kept the tip of the horses cock in her mouth she proceeded to jack his cock. Her hand was a blur as she pulled his big pink and black meat back and forth. Then the horse let out a grunt and began letting loose more cum then his mother could have ever hoped to see or taste or feel. Her mouth was filled almost instantly. She then pulled his cock out of her mouth and continued jerking it. She swallowed most of the load that was shot into her mouth. As she did this the horse kept squirting his thick custard like cum all over her face.

What a site she made. Kneeling below a horse. Her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out while she jerked on the horse cock as it kept shooting and shooting his horse fuck all over her face. Eventually the horse stopped cumming and she immediately took his cock back into her mouth to clean it and suck out any cum that was left in his balls.

She stood up on her uneasy feet, almost dizzy with lust. Her lust doubled when she saw her son smiling at her while her daughter, on her knees in front her brother, sucked his massive cock. The sight of his mother smiling and licking her lips with her face literally covered in horse cum sent him over the edge. His mom quickly knelt beside her daughter, looking up at Glenn still running her tongue around her lips and letting some of the cum dribble from her mouth.

"Cover her fucking teenage incest face with your fuck baby, Take it on your face Sherry and eat your brothers nasty fuck you fucking whore, you nasty little schoolgirl whore. Does her teenage mouth feel good honey, huh, does it......"

She was broken off mid sentence by Glenn moaning loudly and then he took his cock in his hand and began jerking, hard and fast. After about ten strokes he let loose his wad. Thick streams shot out of his swollen dickhead and landed all over her face. Sherry moaned for more as her brother kept cumming. By the time he had stopped his cum had landed in thick streaks across her face. There where lines of it in her hair on her tongue, which she still had hanging out.

"You nasty little bitch!" Glenn moaned with a grin.

Their mom immediately began deep kissing Sherry trying to taste her stud sons juice. She grew hornier and hornier and she slowly began rubbing Sherry's teenage cunt through her shorts. Sherry began moaning and pushing her hips into her mothers hand.

"Lay down honey," her mom said.

Then she slowly slid down her bikini panties. She told Sherry to spread her legs then she slid her mound against Sherry's. She then began rubbing her cunt against her daughters. Both girls began moaning louder and louder. Glenn's cock became hard again as he watched his sister and mom rub their mounds together. He approached his mom's face and forced his cock into her horse cum covered mouth. She began sucking his cock immediately. Glenn, not content with her just sucking it, grabbed her head and began pounding his cock violently into her mouth. This just made her moan louder around his pistoning mother fucking cock.

Glenn pulled out of his mother's cock and pulled Sherry up by her hair. He led her to the second horse and told her to start sucking. Sherry immediately did as she was told. While Sherry attempted to suck the massive horse cock Glenn pulled his mom's legs up and apart and slid his cock into her tight asshole and immediately began to fuck her deep and powerfully. She was in heaven watching her daughter trying to suck off a horse while her stud son ass fucked her like a pro. Soon the horse let loose his load, however, it proved to be too much for Sherry and she choked and coughed as it shot it's first streamer into her mouth. As Sherry gagged on the horse semen the horse kept pumping long thick streamers of his porridge like cum over her sweet little teenage face. Finally it stopped and with one extra cough Sherry got out from under the animal and turned to face her mom and brother.

The sight of her face covered in animal fuck nearly sent Glenn over the edge but he wanted one more thing. He pulled out of his mom's asshole and told Sherry to lay down and spread her legs. The he told his mom to lick out her ass. She instantly went to work trying to lick out her daughters virgin asshole. When Glenn couldn't wait anymore he pulled his mom away and began slowly sliding his cock into his sisters asshole.

"It hurts Glenn, Ow! it hurts AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh please no pleeeeeeaaassssssssssseeeee," Sherry first moaned and then screamed.

But Glenn was determined to take her ass cherry and continued until both she and he suddenly felt her hole give way. Sherry was now breathing hard as Glenn began to slide in and out slowly. Soon the stinging, burning pain turned to a feeling she was begining to like. Eventually Sherry found herself being ass fucked just the way her mom had while she was sucking the horse. All the while Glenn and Sherry where having some brother and sister fun their mom was fisting herself watching her kids fuck like no tomorrow.

Glenn felt his nuts tighten he told his mom to get here fast. Then he unleashed his second load of the day into his sisters tight ass. Sherry screamed with pleasure as she felt her brothers cum shoot into her bowels. Glenn pulled out and told Sherry to squat over their moms face and let her lick out his cum. Sherry did as she was told and soon she felt her moms tongue licking the raw rim of her puckered asshole.

"Pull your cheeks apart baby," her mom said.

Glenn smiled as he watched his sister squating over her mothers face, holding her asshole open as his thick creamy cum dribbled out of it onto his moms face and tongue. This had been one hell of a fucking day and Glenn was determined to have alot more days like this. Soon whenever his dad went over east on business trips Glenn found himself with his mom and sister begging for his cum. It didn't stop their either. Glenn soon found himself with his mom, sister and 12 year old cousin all wanting a piece of his cock. That Italian guy who won the Oscar was right, Life certainly is beautiful!.

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