The Reunion by Phil Phantom

The Reunion

Jenny and I knew that one day we'd have to deal with her past. Brent Jordon was always lurking in the backs of our minds. Brent was the school bully, a jock, and Jenny's boyfriend in high school. She was the cutest girl in my sophomore class when Brent was a senior. He graduated and joined the army, then went to Vietnam and stayed for three tours. I started dating Jenny in our senior year despite the reputation she'd earned after six months as Brent's girl.

She wrote Brent a dear John letter and we married right after graduation. We moved far away and lived in fear of Brent's return. We only stayed in contact with our immediate families back home. In time, we relaxed, but anxiety was always there. Jenny put me through college. Afterward, I supported her desire to be a homemaker and we had three kids. I got a good job. She became a wonderful housewife and mother. After twenty years, we had just about put Brent out of our minds. We returned to our hometown for a family reunion after learning that Brent was stationed in Germany, a career army sergeant. We met many of our old friends, had a great time, and returned to the west coast.

One year later, Brent showed up on our doorstep. It wasn't totally unexpected. While home, we learned that Brent hadn't forgotten, had never married, and was determined to find us. After his discharge, he headed for California.

Jenny and I never talked about her past with Brent. I never tried to find out how much of what I'd heard was true. She never offered information. She was not the same girl with me that she'd been with Brent. The one thing I knew was that she married me because I was a submissive, like her. She confided in me that she had no control under a domineering man.

I also knew that a secret part of her longed for that uncontrolled submission to raw power. We both had our secrets and respected each other's private fantasy lives. We actually had two sex lives. We had rather tame sex as normal couples do, but we both masturbated frequently, always in private.

I knew of Jenny's rather large collection of smut books and dildoes. She kept them locked in a suitcase under the bed. I had several opportunities to browse her collection after she'd carelessly left her suitcase unlocked. I was shocked by the things I saw. Heavy bondage and gang rape was the most popular theme, but she also had many books on incest, pedophilia, and bestiality themes.

It was hard to imagine my Jenny thinking of such things, much less getting off on them. As for me, my fantasies tended to center on Jenny and infidelity scenarios. I pictured Jenny screwing every male that came into our life. To my knowledge, however, I doubt that she'd ever been unfaithful. I hinted enough that I'd understand if she took a lover. She'd blush at such hints and would deny the desire. Later in our marriage, after she realized what my fantasies were, she'd only smile and say, "Maybe, if the right guy came along."

By this time in our marriage, she also knew I had rummaged through her nasty books. At first, she wanted to curl up and die, but I could now tease her with a reply such as, "Or the right dog," and get a wicked smile. Same was true with, "Or the right little boy or girl." I might even mention one of ours by name and she'd lick her lips wearing a hungry smile.

In the summer of '92, Jenny and I were thirty eight. Barbara, our daughter, was just turning sixteen and as beautiful as her mother at that age. Brad was fourteen, and Tommy was thirteen. Barbara was quiet, demure, petite, and submissive like me and Jenny. Tommy was also shy and quiet. Brad, however, was very outgoing and difficult to control. He was bursting with hormones and gave Barbara a difficult time. Jenny, too, complained about his language and the way he treated her. She caught him trying to jimmy the lock on her suitcase. She also frequently found her and Barbara's used panties in his room, soiled with dried semen.

She wanted me to talk to Brad about this, but I kept putting it off. Brent's arrival made the discussion a moot point. Brent arrived late one June afternoon, just before I arrived home from work. His duffel bag was just inside the entryway. He was sprawled in my easy chair, smoking a cigar. Jenny was bringing him a fresh drink when I entered.

He hadn't changed much. If anything, he looked bigger and more rugged. Jenny turned sheepish eyes on me as I surveyed the scene. Tommy was at his feet, looking up at him like he was some kind of super hero. Tommy beamed, "Look, Dad, it's Uncle Brent! He was in the war and killed a whole bunch of commies."

I set my briefcase down and said, "Hello, Brent." Brent smiled, flicked ashes on the carpet, and said, "Hello yourself, Shrimp. Jenny, here, just invited me to stay with you this summer. How about taking my gear into the bedroom."

I looked to Jenny. We had no guest room. I could not put Barbara in with the boys. The garage was unusable. Jenny, as though reading my mind, said, "Just put it in our room. We'll figure something out later."

I could not lift his bag. I dragged it to our bedroom, then returned to the living room. Barbara and Brad came home shortly thereafter. Brent made a big fuss over Barbara, making her pose and turn. She blushed continually. Brent entertained us with his barbaric adventures on battlefields, in bars, and in whore houses. We were all shocked at the language he used and at the things he said. I got the impression that Green Berets did more fucking than fighting.

Brad and Tommy thought he was cool and hung on every word. Barbara was frightened. Jenny had a curious nervous glow about her. I was just plain scared shitless. The sexual tension between Brent and Jenny was obvious from the start. His eyes rarely left her, and I caught her eyes wandering constantly from his massive open chest to his large crotch bulge under the camouflage pants. Whenever Jenny came close, he'd reach out and smack or pinch her ass. At first, she'd react modestly, blushing profusely, and pulling away. After a while, she seemed to go out of her way to move near him or stand by him, mindless of our kids. It wasn't long before she calmly tolerated a hand traveling high up her leg, even under her dress. The kids were stunned by our acceptance of this overt sexual abuse. She tried to ignore their questioning looks, and I couldn't look anyone in the eye.

We'd never seen Jenny act improperly in any way. She dresses conservatively, never curses, and never goes about in bra and panties as some mothers do. Jenny is a small woman, fair complected, with a very pretty face and long wavy honey-blond hair. She has a petite, sexy figure, tight, but full in the right places. Watching her stand to receive a burly man's hand up her dress to the crotch was mother of all shocking events for our family.

Barbara looks exactly like Jenny only her hair is straight, long, and dark, and her breasts aren't as big. Her figure has developed nicely, but still looks immature. She actually looks more like a fourteen-year-old. Brent gave Barbara a thorough going over with his eyes. He might have pawed her, too, but Barbara kept her distance from those paws. Those paws had her mother's wetness on them.

While Jenny prepared dinner, I had several opportunities to corner her. She seemed evasive. All I could get out of her was, "What can we do?" or "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Several times, I pressed, "Where will he sleep?" She avoided answering, then after the fourth time, she spun around and said, "Where does a six-hundred pound gorilla sleep? Where the hell do you think he's going to sleep? The question you should be asking is, where are you going to sleep?"

She turned away before I could respond. I suspected as much, but hearing her say it was a shock. It was just as well that she turned away, because I couldn't think of anything to say. With her back to me, she said, "We knew this day would come, Arnold. Now it's here. We'll just have to suffer through."

"What about the kids?"

"We can't hide this from the kids. I know Brent. He'll enjoy dragging me through the filth in front of them. I can't help that; he always gets his way. Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't stripped me naked and taken me in the living room right in front of them."

I said, "I'm surprised you didn't suggest it."

She spun about and said, "Look, Arnold! I'm no hero, and neither are you. I haven't heard a peep out of you all afternoon. You want me to take a lover; well, you got your wish. Don't even think about acting holier-than-thou with me. If you don't speak out, neither will I. As far as I'm concerned, while Brent's here, he's the man of the house, and I'm his whore. You and the kids had better adjust. Oh, and one other thing. If Brent wants Barbara, and I'm sure he will, I'll probably hold her legs apart for him. If you can't deal with that, you'd better get brave, and do it soon."

I stood in stunned silence while that message sank in. I was not feeling any braver, though. Jenny sensed that and added, "By the way, he intends to impregnate me while he's here. He told me so right in front of Tommy. Tommy watched me flush my birth control pills down the toilet. He didn't say anything about Barbara, but I think she'll get the same treatment. You saw the way he looked at her. We won't be getting abortions either. He made that quite clear."

I shook my head in silent wonder. I said, "We can always run."

"I'm not running from him anymore. I'm tired of living in fear. I always thought he'd kill me if he ever found me. If all he wants to do is turn me into a breeder for his brats, well, I can live with that."

"What about Barbara?"

"I can live with that, too. Chances are she'll only bear him two or three kids before she leaves home. She can leave them with us, place them up for adoption, or take them. At any rate, she can start her life over after she leaves here. While she's here, though, she'll serve Brent, just like me. You'd better get used to the idea, Arnold. I think we're going to have a very large family, but we deserve it for what we did, and I do mean we. You made me write that Dear John letter while he was still in the war. You practically dictated it to me. Well, he's back and he's pissed. He has every right to be and we should be ashamed of ourselves. We are going to make this up to him in any way he sees fit."

Jenny returned to preparing dinner. I went and sat outside on the patio. I needed to think and hide my growing erection.

Dinner with Brent was bizarre to say the least. He had exhausted his repertoire of fight and fuck stories and began reminiscing his high school days. Of course, Jenny was the main topic. Our kids heard stories about their mother that were unbelievable. Throughout the telling, Jenny maintained a deep blush, never making eye contact with anyone. I squirmed nervously as he described in intimate detail every sexual experience she had. She never denied anything. The rumors I'd heard were true. Jenny did serve as a bitch to a pack of hunting dogs.

Poor Barbara was having a hard time eating with the image of her mother sucking off dogs. Brad grinned from ear to ear at the same mental image, and Tommy smiled innocently and asked, "What does dog cum taste like, Mom?"

Besides talking like a barbarian, he ate like one. He rarely used a fork, preferring fingers. He made a mess where he ate. Brad soon began to mimic him, both in actions and speech. He floored us by asking, "How many times a day did you fuck my mom, Uncle Brent?"

Jenny looked up at that comment, as surprised as I at our son's words. She, however, made no comment, nor did I. We all awaited Brent's answer. Brent smiled and said, "Shit, Son, we fucked three times a day and twice that on weekends. Ain't that right, sweetpuss?"

Jenny bashfully said, "I suppose. Would you like more roast beef?"

Brent leaned back in his chair and crudely groped his crotch with a maniacal grin and said, "I think you know what I want more of, don't you?"

"Brent, please, you're embarrassing me."

"Oh, come now, Jenny. Don't tell me you've been trying to hide the fact that you're a whore all these years. Is that what you've been doing? I don't think you fooled Brad. Did she have you fooled, Son?"

Brad smiled and eagerly said, "No way. I knew all along."

"How about you, Barbara? Did Mommy fool you?"

Barbara fired back, "My mother is not a whore, Mr. Jordon."

"Call me Uncle Brent, sweetheart. And I think you might change your tune before the night's out. How about you Tommy, my boy? You ever see your mom fucking anyone besides your dad?"

"No, never."

"Ever see her naked?"


"Do you want to?"

Tommy blushed and looked about nervously before saying, "Yeah, I guess."

"Well, take her clothes off, then. Hell, she won't mind. Jenny loves showing off her body. Go on, kid. Strip her!"

All eyes were on Tommy, even Jenny's. Tommy looked frightened. After a few seconds, Brad volunteered, "I'll strip her."

Brent said, "No, you're too eager. Give Tommy the privilege. How about it kid? You said you want to see her naked. Strip her, right here, right now!"

Tommy looked over to his mother. Jenny's eyes were cast down to her plate. I could see the undeniable flush of arousal washing over her. Though deeply embarrassed, I knew she wanted him to strip her. Tommy said, "You mean do it right here at the table?"

"That's right, kid. Strip her buck-assed naked."

He glanced around, ignoring his sister's dirty look and said, "I suppose, if she'll let me."

"She'll let you. Don't worry about that. Go on. Get over there and help her out."

Tommy rose cautiously. Barbara said, "Tommy, don't you dare!"

Tommy ignored her and cautiously came around to Jenny's side of the table. Jenny drew a deep breath as he came up beside her. There was a brief pause as they each thought about what was about to happen. Timidly, Tommy's hands went to the top buttons of Jenny's blouse and fumbled with the first button, giving her ample opportunity to halt him. When she said nothing, he undid the button and immediately started on the next. Jenny sat motionless with her arms hanging limply at her sides, red as a fire plug. Tommy undid button after button until the last one was undone. He moved the flaps off her creamy shoulders and slid the sleeves down her arms. Jenny sat forward to facilitate the blouse's removal.

Tommy seemed surprised and smiled, tossing it aside. He now had his mother seated at the table in her bra. He could hardly believe she let him do that. He looked around. Brent nodded. Tommy reached for the center clasp of the bra as Barbara cried out, Mom, why aren't you stopping him?" Everyone ignored her. He had difficulty, but it finally gave way. He reverently pulled the cup halves free of her breasts. Jenny's nipples were puckered and hard. Tiny goose bumps circled her areola.

We all studied Jenny's beautiful white tits. They never looked better. Even Barbara looked unabashedly. Jenny glanced around and must have noted the admiring eyes, because she sat up straight and squared her shoulders, thrusting out those proud puppies like a seasoned stripper.

Tommy went for her skirt snap and zipper. Jenny then had to make a decision. To go further required her cooperation. She had to either lift her ass up or stand. After a moment's hesitation, Jenny stood. The loose skirt fell to her feet. Tommy seemed taken aback by this sudden display of intimate flesh and intimate apparel. Jenny stepped free of the skirt. Tommy moved it clear, then just stood there on his knees staring at her in panties and shoes. She was a sight that had to be digested before going on. Brad shouted, "Drop her fucking panties, Tommy! What are you waiting for?"

Tommy hooked her panty waist band, then looked up for her okay. Jenny said nothing. Tommy took her silence as an okay and drew the panties down her legs, pausing briefly when her blond bush came into view. Brad leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table as Tommy dragged the panties to her feet. Jenny assisted by stepping free of her panties. Tommy remained to remove her shoes blindly while looking up at her pussy.

When he stood, Jenny sat back down. Brad said, "Make her stand back up, Uncle Brent."

"If you want a better look, go look. Who's stopping you?" Brad needed no further encouragement. He walked right over and knelt by her chair. He grasped her knees and firmly twisted her in her seat to face him. He then pried her knees out wide, eliciting a groan from Jenny as he peered between her legs. Barbara cried out, "Brad!"

Brad just said, "What's the matter Barb, jealous?"

He turned his attention back to his mother's pussy, imbued with the indirect power he derived from Brent. Testing the limits, he rudely jammed his middle finger in her hole, making Jenny grimace. He wormed it around, sinking deeply and said, "What's the matter, Mom? Are you bashful?" He continued to physically and verbally abuse her, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, fingering her pussy and her asshole.

Brent laughed at Jenny's humiliation. After allowing Brad ample time to study his mother's intimate anatomy, Brent stood and offered Jenny his hand. She gave hers and stood. He led her off to the bedroom. For over an hour the sounds of their passionate lovemaking filled the house. I could not leave my seat. My cock was rock hard. Brad and Tommy were at the bedroom door with their ears pressed to it. Barbara looked at me and said, "Daddy, how can you let him treat Mom that way?"

I said, "Honey, we have no choice."

Barbara got up, stormed past her brothers, went to her room, and slammed her door shut. Since her room abuts ours, I doubt that she escaped the lewd noise. I could not help but wonder what she did in her room. When she returned thirty minutes later, she had a look about her that I'd never seen before. It was the look of arousal. She returned during one of their intermissions. I was still at the table. The boys were still sitting on the floor at the bedroom door. Barbara joined me. She looked like Jenny after a good climax, flushed and slightly sweaty. Her anxiety was gone.

As the sounds resumed, and Jenny became quite vocal, shouting "Fuck me, Brent!" Barbara said, "I guess Mom is a whore after all, isn't she?"

I said, "It certainly appears that way."

"You don't seem too upset."

"I've suspected as much."

"I never did. I never had a clue. Do you still love her?"

"Yes! I'll always love her, Barbara." Barbara glanced down the hall at the bedroom door as Jenny's cries grew louder and more vulgar. She said, "I do too. I sure hope Brad doesn't start treating her like a whore, though. I couldn't believe he did that, or that Mom let him."

"He already is treating her like a whore."

"Yeah, I guess. I think that Brent guy gets off on it, don't you?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Hummm, I probably shouldn't make faces when Brad treats Mom that way, should I?"

"It doesn't do any good, no."

"Dad, do you think he might try something with me?"

"Who, Brad or Brent?"

"Brent! Brad better not ever touch me."

"But Brent can?"

"Well, we can't stop him, can we?"

"No, I suppose not."

"Well, do you think he know?"

"I wouldn't put it past him."

"Do you think I might be next?"

"I doubt it, not right away, anyway. Even Brent needs to rest-up."

"I'm a virgin, you know."

"I figured you were."

"What should I know...if he tries something?"

"Try to relax."

"You mean, let him do it?"

"I don't think you could stop him, do you?"

"No, but what about you and Mom?"

"I'm afraid we can't help you, Barbara. I'm sorry."

"That's okay. I understand."

I don't know what she understood because we hadn't told her shit. She simply accepted that he had the right to fuck her and we couldn't do or say anything about it. I guess she wanted to leave it at that. If I had been sitting on a little virgin pussy with a gorilla like that in the house, I'd be full of tough questions. Maybe not, not if it itched. He certainly had a good womb scratchier. She sat pensively for a few minutes, then said, "I sure hope he doesn't strip me naked in front of Brad and Tommy like he did Mom."

"What about me?"

"Well, you either, but them mostly. Do you think he will?"

"I think there's a good chance he will, yes."

"Wow! That will be the hardest part, I think. It's kind of scary, you know, doing it. Mom sure seems to like it, though." She blushed, then said, "I'm sorry. That sounded bad, didn't it?"

"It sounded honest."

She smiled bashfully then said, "If he's going to do me, I hope he'll hurry up and get it over with. That sounds bad, doesn't it?"

"No, I can understand how you must feel. The wait is the worst part. Frankly, I'm glad you're taking this so well. It's a sign of maturity."

"Really! You think so! It just makes sense. I mean, if he's eventually going to do it anyway, why put it off?"


"You know, I could make myself look less like a little kid. I can look grown up if I try. If I didn't look like a little kid, do you think he might make his move a little know, to get it over with?"

"I would think so."

"I thought about putting on a sexier dress, you know that red knit one Mom hates to see me in."

"I know the one, and I don't think she'd hate to see you in it now."

"Why not?"

"I think it would relieve her mind. She knows what's in store for you. If she saw you in that dress, she'd know you were resigned to your fate."

"Do you want me to put it on? I will...if you want."

"It's up to you, dear. If you do, don't wear bra or panties. If you're going to send a message, you may as well send a good one."

"Wow! This is so weird...Okay, I'll do it."

With that, Barbara got up and dashed to her room. She breezed past Brad and Tommy. I heard her say, "Perverts" in passing. She emerged five minutes later. She looked stunning. She returned with a sexy sway to her youthful hips, turned in place, and sat. I said, "Hey, you look dynamite."

"God, I feel so nasty without underwear on. Do you think he'll like this outfit?"

"Yes, I'm quite certain he will. Are you sure you're ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." She looked over her figure and pressed the already clingy material to her sucked-in tummy, saying, "You can really tell that I'm not wearing a bra, can't you?"

"Yes, and if you aren't careful how you sit, you can tell you have no panties on either."

Barbara sat with her knees facing me and looked down. Her hemline cut across her thighs just inches shy of her crotch. Her legs parted a few inches as she glanced down. I was treated to a peek at her lightly-downed labia lips. She held the pose and said, "Yeah, I guess you're right. If I sit like this, can you see anything from where you're sitting?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I can see plenty."

"Does it look sexy or slutty?"

"To tell you the truth, a little of both."

She smiled, and said, "You know what's weird. I know you can see my vagina, but it doesn't bother me like I always thought it would."

I smiled and patted her knee. I said, "I think you're getting yourself aroused, young lady."

"Is that bad?"

"No, not if you plan on getting laid. It will go easier if you're turned on."

"Well it ought to go real easy then, because I am definitely turned on. God! Why is it taking them so long?"

"Relax, sweetheart. Your turn will come soon enough."

"God! Now I even sound like a slut, don't I?"

"Be honest. You can't wait, can you?"

She smiled wryly and said, "No, I can't. I'm horny. You knew all along, didn't you?"

"I suspected."

"Shit! He's going to see right through me, so will Mom."

"I think so, but why hide it?"

"It's not so much them I'm worried about; it's those two." She indicated by a flip of her head the two boys down the hall behind her, still at the door.

I said, "Who cares what they think, Barbara?"

"I'll never live this down, Daddy. You don't know Brad like I do. You should have seen the look he gave me when I went past him in this dress. They looked up my skirt and saw I had no panties on."

"I saw. They obviously liked what they saw."

"Yeah, well, they're not getting any if I can help it."

"You may not be able to help it."

"You mean Brent might want me to..oh way...not Brad and Tommy."

"He might."

"Oh, shit! Is he like a pervert or something?"

"What do you think?"

"I think he is."

"Are you still turned on?"

"Can't you tell. You keep checking."

"Maybe perversion runs in the family. I'm turned on just thinking about it."

Barbara looked at the obvious bulge in my pants and smiled. Her hand went to the front of her skirt's hem. She drew it up past her mound, widened her knees, and ran her index finger through her wet slit. She pouted, "Silly me. I thought it was looking at my vagina that did that to you."

I boldly leaned forward and cupped her sex, saying, "It certainly helped."

She smiled and widened her thighs, lifting her pussy into my palm. I entered her tiny hole with my middle finger and felt her hymen just as Jenny reached a loud climax in the bedroom. I said, "Try not to be too bashful. I'm looking forward to seeing you in your birthday suit. You are a lovely young lady, Barbara." I slipped another finger inside, saying, "It wouldn't hurt to stretch this a little."

"You better stretch it a lot more. Uncle Brent looks really big."

I forced another finger inside while Barbara offered me an obscene spread. She grit her teeth and grunted as I tried squeezing in a third finger. Her pussy felt marvelous. Oddly, it wasn't my cock I imagined plowing it's depths; it was Brent's. I'd never thought of Barbara in my fantasies, but I did then. I also imagined her nine months pregnant with Brent's bastard child and my cock gave a lurch.

Barbara was adjusting to my three fingers. She was exceedingly wet and receptive. I knew Brent was in for a rare treat. As my fingers moved inside in imitation of a cock, Barbara's right hand drifted to her clit and began rubbing. She had her head laid back and biting her lower lip, breathing hard, rapidly building to a climax. Just then, the bedroom door opened. We quickly drew apart.

Barbara hurriedly adjusted her skirt, as I sat back and wiped my wet hand on my trousers. Brad and Tommy scooted free of the doorway. Jenny emerged first, still nude, followed by Brent, also nude. He held her by the scruff of her neck in his powerful left hand, guiding her toward us as the boys ran ahead to view the spectacle from the front.

Brent's semi-rigid, wet cock dangled and swayed between his hairy muscled thighs with each step. As he neared us, my eyes could not resist staring at it. It was a magnificent piece of work, eight inches long and thicker soft than mine was fully erect. The skin looked silky smooth and he had a nicely formed cock helmet. His balls were enormous. I could not blame Jenny for falling under his spell.

Jenny looked like a fresh-fucked whore. Her hair was sticking to her face. Her body glistened with sweat. Semen poured from her raw gaping cunt and cascaded down her inner thighs. The boys gawked at the mess Brent made of their mother's pussy. Brad, especially, enjoyed the sight, bending to peer between her legs as they stopped before me. He said, "Wow, Uncle Brent really fucked the shit out of Mom!"

Jenny was beyond embarrassment. In fact, she seemed to take delight in her lewd exhibition. Brent had come to a halt beside Barbara's chair, draping a heavy arm around her neck. The weight pulled her head toward his crotch. Barbara stiffened at first, but slowly relaxed. Her head went closer. Brent put his hand on her head and guided it to his crotch. Her left cheek came to rest on his wet pubic mat. Her nose hooked over the base of his slimy cock. Brent presented me with a bizarre spectacle and said, "You stole my cunt twenty years ago, Shrimp. I'm willing to let that slide. Jenny probably never told you that she gave me her twat. I claim it and everything connected to it, including everything that has emerged from it. That means your kids belong to me. From now on, they will call me Daddy, and they can call you Arnold, Shrimp, or whatever pleases them. Furthermore, you get no more free pussy from Jenny. She'll cost you one-hundred bucks for a short time. Take it or leave it."

I nodded meekly. Brad laughed and said, "Hey, Barb, how does it smell down there? That's your Mom's nasty pussy juice you're smelling."

Brent told Jenny to sit on the table and lie back. She pleaded but complied. He made her draw her legs open and back, then stepped over and motioned Brad in. Brad got between her legs and followed Brent's finger. Brent urged him to look closer and closer. When Brad's head was less than six inches from her gaping cunt, Brent shoved his head in tight, sealing his face against her messy pussy. Jenny cried out. Brad struggled uselessly. Brent taunted, "You show respect for your mother, even if she is a whore, understand, boy?"

With that soggy message conveyed, he let go. Brad fell back on his ass, rising on straight arms, his face smeared with semen and fuck juices. He stared back at Brent in complete shock. Brent told me to kneel between her legs. I got up and knelt. I knew what was coming. He said, "Clean this bitch's twat and legs, Shrimp."

I started with the runs that were lowest on her calves and lapped up their combined juices until I got to her pussy. Jenny got to an upright posture to watch me eat her spermy adulterous cunt. Since oral sex was something we'd never done, it was quite a thrill for her. I did my best to make it more thrilling. Behind me, I could hear Brent instructing Barbara in giving him head. Jenny kept glancing past me to the sight, growing more excited with every lap of my tongue.

The boys feasted their eyes on the duel spectacle, going from one couple to the other, poking their heads in for good views. I brought Jenny to a climax, gave her a few good licks for good measure, then turned to watch Barbara. She was on her knees with her mouth stuffed with Brent's erect cock. It looked to be eleven inches long and as thick as a child's forearm. She pumped the shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. She looked like an experienced cock sucker to me. Brad was beside her, grinning with his face near hers.

He looked up to Brent and said, "Daddy, are you going to shoot off in her mouth and make her swallow your cum?" Brent pushed Barbara's head off with a sucking pop. Barbara looked surprised and not just a little disappointed. She obviously thought she was doing it real good. I did, too. He lifted her to her feet and pushed her into Brad's arms, saying, "Why don't you and Tommy take her into my bedroom and tie her up for fucking. Be creative."

He turned to Jenny and said, "You go with them and supervise. I need to have a little talk with hubby."

Jenny got down and followed them. Barbara kept glancing back to me as Brad dragged her along. When they were out of sight, Brent pulled up the chair Barbara had vacated. I took my seat. He smiled, and said, "Look, Arnold. I know you're getting off on this. Jenny told me of your little kink. Let's not bullshit each other, okay?"

I nodded. He went on, "I won't be here long, three months, six months, tops. I've volunteered for a special program sponsored by the UN. It involves disarming land mines in third world countries. Those nasty fuckers are everywhere by the tens of thousands. Little kids are getting killed and maimed every day. I can't take retirement. I've got no family, nothing much to live for. I won't survive long doing that kind of work. It's a numbers game. It's not if you fuck up, but when. I might last a year, maybe two, but one day...BOOM, no more Brent. Don't give me those phony sad eyes. I'm not looking for sympathy. If it matters to you, I'll tell you what I want here."

We were interrupted by Brad. He ran into the dining room and retrieved his mother's panties from the floor where Tommy took them off. On the way back, he said, "She needs a gag."

Brent and I exchanged smiles. I said, "I don't understand, Brent. Why would you do this?"

"It's personal. Let's just say I have a lot to atone for. The point is, I want my last days here to be my best. I want to experience everything sexual I've ever dreamed of, with the girl I've always dreamed of. I also want to leave a kid or two behind. She told you of my plans to knock her up. I plan to knock Barbara up, too. Furthermore, I want those kids carried full term. If you or anyone else interferes, there will be hell to pay."

"Jenny is resigned to bear your kids, Brent. She even wants Barbara involved. I won't interfere."

"Good, I didn't think you would. I'm going to leave you to raise my kids, Arnold. I have two-hundred thousand dollars in life insurance. I'm making Jenny the beneficiary. The UN will add another hundred grand. I want my kids to know that I'm their father. I want them christened, Jordon."

"We'll do that, Brent."

"You're a good man, Arnold. You realize of course, that I'm going to use the shit out of your family for a while."

"You made that quite plain."

"I've just begun. You might get off on it; you might not. It might get old. Don't be a hero, okay? Grin and bear it."

"I'll be okay. You haven't heard a complaint yet."

"No, but you haven't seen your little girl squirming on the end of my dick, either. I have plans for that kid. You might not like them."

"Don't be too sure."

"You interested in fucking her?"

"The thought has crossed my mind."

"Are you willing to pay two-hundred bucks a pop. I need some mad money."

"That sounds reasonable to me. Just to keep peace in the family, how about upping the price of Jenny to match it. We can afford it."

Brent smiled, patted my shoulder, and said, "I always liked you, Shrimp. Okay, it's two bills. Look, Jenny don't know about the UN deal. She thinks I'm here to stay. She thinks she and Barbara are going to be pumping out kids for years. Let's leave her to think that, okay? She's getting off on the idea."

"Yes, I could tell."

"Well, they should have little Barbara all set. Want to watch?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Just for appearances, what say I have them strip you and tie you to a chair?"

"Sounds kinky. I think they'd like that."

"All right, from now on, I'm treating you like dog meat. As far as I'm concerned, we never had this conversation."

"I understand. Oh, and Brent, I really got off on cleaning up after you."

"Yeah, it looked that way. You could act a little less know, just for show."

"Yeah, right. Sorry. I'll try."

"You ever suck a guy off, Shrimp?"

"No, never."

"You will. Come on, maybe after I'm through pounding Barbara's cunt, I'll set her on your pecker. See if you can work up a good hardon while you're watching."

"That will be no problem. She's hot for you, or couldn't you tell."

"I noticed. She's just like her mother."

* * *

Brent shoved me through the door. I regained my balance and saw what they'd done to Barbara. She was naked, tied spread eagle to our bed. They'd placed two pillows under her ass. Brad and Jenny were each tying a length of pantyhose to each of Barbara's knees, drawing her knees out fully and tying the ends to the bed frame. Jenny's panties had been stuffed in Barbara's mouth and secured with nylon hose. Barbara struggled and strained at her bonds, raising her sweating head to look about with eyes bugged out. She was obviously having second thoughts about losing her virginity. Brent propelled me to the foot of the bed.

We gazed on her wide open spread. Brent taunted, "Get a good look at your virgin daughter, Shrimp. She won't be a virgin much longer. Jenny, Brad, strip him and tie him to a chair. I don't want him getting heroic once I get started."

Brad ran for the chair. Jenny came over and started unbuttoning my shirt. While working, she whispered, "I'm sorry, Arnold. You know I have to do this. I had a talk with Jenny. She understands the situation. She's just nervous right now."

She drew off my shirt and pulled my undershirt over my head. Brad returned with the chair and set it beside the bed by Barbara's hips. Jenny removed my shoes, then dropped my pants and shorts. I stepped free, naked. Brad led me to the chair and tied my hands behind the chair back. He also tied my ankles to the front legs. My dick started to stand as soon as Brent knelt on the end of the bed. The boys got on each side and watched Brent advance on his knees, fisting his growing erection.

Brent called Jenny over and told her to guide his cock into Barbara's cunt. Jenny knelt beside Barbara's left hip, took hold of Brent's cock, and aimed the head at Barbara's open cunt. She ran the crown up through our daughter's wet lips, then centered the head at her opening. Brent gave a shove, Barbara groaned. He shoved harder, she groaned louder. The head passed her inner ring of muscle tissue. He paused to let her adjust. Jenny jacked his shaft and smoothed her other hand over Barbara's lower abdomen, offering soothing words.

Barbara breathed in short shallow breathes, looking down at her vulnerable spread, beads of sweat dotting her wrinkled brow. My cock ached. Brent lunged. Barbara squealed into her gag. He broke her hymen and was in by half. He paused. Jenny stroked the stretched lips surrounding Brent's cock. Brent took two more inches and started a slow easy in and out sawing motion. Barbara lathered quickly. Pink wetness appeared on his shaft. He took deeper and longer strokes. Barbara's head flailed the mattress as Brent continued to gain deeper penetration.

Brent remained on his knees to give everyone an unhindered view of his cock entering Barbara's stretched pussy. Her pussy seemed to be chewing on his meat, reluctant to let it withdraw. Her lips clung tenaciously to his shiny shaft on the outstroke, and puckered inward on the instroke. Brent had managed to insert all but the last inch. He exclaimed, "Fuck! This is one tight pussy. Hang in there, kid. Just one more inch to go."

Barbara shook her head wildly. Brent ignored her and pressed in, grasping her hips for leverage. Amazingly, his cock went in further. Two more attempts seated him fully. He stopped to rest with their pubic hairs mashed together. Throughout the fucking, Tommy kept looking at my dick. He seemed as fascinated by it as Jenny and Brad were with the fucking. When Brent took a break, Tommy eased off the bed and sat on the floor between my knees, looking at my cock weeping pre-cum. He reached out and touched it. My cock jerked. He touched it again. When I made no comment, he wrapped his fingers around the base and squeezed. Jenny looked over from behind him and made a puzzled face. She tapped Brent to alert him. They watched Tommy bring both hands to play on my pulsing meat. He was soon jacking me off and moving his face in closer. From the other side of the bed we heard Brad say, "Go ahead, Tommy, suck Dad off. He likes sucking my cock. He's been doing it since he was eight. Do him, Tommy; you know you want to."

Tommy needed no further encouragement. He got up over my cock and engulfed the head, sucking hard and jacking fast. It was all I needed. My cock exploded in his mouth. Tommy sucked and swallowed like a pro, milking my cock of every last drop. I was awed; so were they. He didn't want to stop; he was trying for another. Jenny just shook her head with a smile. She returned her attentions to their genitals. She dipped her head and planted kisses near the juncture. Brent drew out all but the head to allow her further access. Jenny used this freedom to get her tongue down along where his shaft entered Barbara's pussy. She laved the area and managed to suck on our daughter's clit.

Barbara had recovered significantly. Her head was up. She watched her mother licking her stuffed pussy. I could see the passion in her eyes. Gone was any sign of anxiety. The licking obviously set well with her. She let out a pleasant moan every time Jenny fastened on her clit and lifted her loins into her mother's sucking mouth. Barbara didn't appear to be at all bothered by her mother licking and sucking on her pussy. Quite the contrary, and Jenny showed no hesitance in performing that perverse act. Hell, she dreamed about it enough. While this was going on, Brad played with and sucked Barbara's 'B'-cup tits. Brent gradually returned to a slow, steady, deep fucking of her cunt.

Barbara responded to the fucking this time. She had little freedom of movement, but I could see her straining to meet his strokes. The pace picked up. Jenny got her licks in here and there. Brad had gotten off the bed and stripped. He returned to kneel at Barbara's head, jacking off, aimed at her face. Barbara watched with interest and hunger. She wanted at that six-inch rod. Her muffled noise got Jenny's attention.

When Jenny saw what Brad was doing, she immediately abandoned Barbara's crotch. She went up to Barbara's head on hands and knees. Her ass faced me. I had a great view of Jenny's dripping, inflamed sex. She took Brad's cock fully into her mouth, surprising him. She sucked hard on the boy's cock, right over Barbara's face. Tommy stopped sucking me to peer between his mother's legs. Inspired, he reached over and entered her with a finger. Jenny wiggled her rear.

He pursed all fingers at her opening and shoved. His hand went inside her well-oiled pussy. Jenny stiffened and groaned around Brad's cock as Tommy began fist fucking her. I just sat there, totally mesmerized by the transformation that had taken place in my family members. It was as if a sex fairy waved a magic wand and turned everyone into sex-starved maniacs.

Barbara was the first to climax, followed by Brad, then Jenny. Brent paced himself, waiting until he had everyone's attention. In a dramatic finale, with the others gathered at Barbara's loins, he gripped her hips and pounded her cunt. Barbara climaxed again as her cunt filled with sperm. Brent's pumping made squishy, sucky noises as he continued thrusting. Sperm and cunt juice whipped into a milky froth. He shuddered and groaned out the last squirts then slowly eased out. Jenny dived into the vacated space, gluing her face to Barbara's gaping, drooling gash.

She climbed over Barbara, positioning her knees on the outside of Barbara's head. She stopped long enough to tell Brad to remove Barbara's gag. He removed the gag and Barbara lifted her face into her mother's cunt. The two went at each other like practiced lesbians while we guys watched. Tommy remarked, "Boy, they sure like each other's pussies, don't they?" Brad said, "Man, this is great! I never thought I'd get to see this."

We watched the two bring each other to several orgasms. While they were engaged, Brent said, "All right you guys. I have some rules to lay down. Nobody but me cums in their cunts, understand?"

Since he addressed me also, I nodded along. He went on, "In fact, I don't want either of you boys even sticking your dicks in a pussy. Shrimp, you can fuck pussy, but only with a condom, and only after paying cash. By the way, I'm raising the price of pussy to two hundred bucks. Both of them are too prime to go for one bill."

Jenny looked over and smiled with a wet face. I returned a mock look of anger and frustration. This only made her smile broaden. She returned to sucking pussy. Brent went on, addressing the boys, "If you guys want off, use their mouths or assholes. You can have those anytime you want. Don't worry; they can't say no. If either one gives you any shit, just let me know."

This bit of news spurned the girls on to greater excitement. They attacked each other's cunts and both climaxed together. After calming down, Jenny rolled free. Brent ordered Barbara released. He picked her up and held her aloft, right over my lap. Jenny held my stiff cock up as Brent lowered Barbara. She faced me with her legs out wide and sank right over my seven-inch dick. It was exquisite. Brent released her. They all gathered around. Barbara sat still for a moment, looking into my face with a self-satisfied smile. Brent ordered her not to move unless I agreed to pay up. Barbara began at once to plead with me to buy her.

She said, "Oh, please give Daddy the money, Arnold. Your cock is just right. I love it! Please fuck me!" I held out for show, making her plead all the harder. Jenny soon joined in. She actually went for my wallet and took out two one-hundred dollar bills, saying, "Say the word, Arnold." I held out for several minutes, then nodded. Jenny handed Brent the bills and Brent handed Barbara a condom, saying, "Put this on him, then give him a ten minute ride. If he can't get off in ten minutes, tough shit!"

Barbara wasted no time. She had me covered and mounted in seconds, then rode me hard. I came after only three minutes, but she remained for the full ten, riding my shrinking dick. The next three months were the greatest and most bizarre in our lives. The sleeping situation worked out, since Jenny and Brent always took at least one kid to bed with them and I slept in the empty bed.

Sex was a constant amusement at our home, with everyone fucking everyone else. I spent five thousand dollars on pussy in the first month. Both Jenny and Barbara got pregnant that first month also. As soon as we knew for sure, their pussies were made available to us. Brad loved fucking his mother and gave her little respite. If he had had to pay, he would have easily spent fifty-thousand dollars on Jenny alone. Luckily, both were free to the boys.

Tommy rarely availed himself of pussy, preferring cock, mine or Brent's. He even took it up the ass like a pro. Brent was with us for three months, then shipped out without warning. My family was depressed by his departure. I explained the situation.

In the spring of '93 we were blessed with two new family members - Brent Jordon Jr. and Christa Jordon. Jenny gave birth to the boy; Barbara had the girl. In April of '94, we got a check for three-hundred thousand dollars. I placed the money in a trust fund for Brent's children. A picture of a younger Brent in his Green Beret uniform, receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Nixon, hangs over our mantle like a shrine. A large binder contains hundreds of news clippings about the work he did with the UN. He got what he wanted and we got what we deserved.

The End

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