Touching Little Girls by Kairra S

Touching Little Girls

This is a work of fiction. This stuff is fun to get off on (as I do) but touching a child is illegal and psychologically damaging to the child. So have fun and don't fuck anyone up! Part 1 Harold loved when Cindy brought her friends over. REALLY loved it! Cindy was his little girl. Today she had brought over Maggie, one of the girls she knew from the school paper they both worked at. It was Saturday afternoon and the girls had decided to spend the day by the pool. A pastime Jack more then approved of. After all, they were both only 13 years old. "Not a safe age to be wondering the streets," he thought, grinning to himself. He was in one of his favorite spots right now. Leaning against the bathroom window frame, his pants down to his ankles and his 8 inch swelling cock drooling pre-cum on his right hand. He had a perfect view of Maggie through the partially closed shutters. She wasn't exactly beautiful; not by a long shot. But she was young and very sweet looking, the same age as his daughter though she looked a few years younger. Long straight dirty blond hair. Pudgy, small breasts that budded more from lingering baby fat then the onset of womanhood. The complete opposite of Cindy who stood a full foot taller then Maggie with the slim body of a child on the verge of development. Her breasts though just as small as Maggie's were much more firm, barely bigger then small lemons with very evident thick nipples. Not that Jack had ever contemplated their taste or texture. After all she was his daughter. He may have been a horny old man but he certainly wasn't a pervert!

He turned his thoughts back to Maggie. The girls were lying on lawn chairs practically underneath the bathroom window that held Jack's reflection. Maggie's wet bathing suit clung tightly to her mound. She had outgrown its size at least two years ago and Jack moaned as he spotted the outline of her cunt lips through the material. "She was probably the kind of girl who was always creamy" he thought. The kind of girl that always left thick poignant globs of sticky cream in the crotch of her panties. Even in her wet bathing suit he thought as he stroked his cock harder.

She was obviously a virgin. He had nonchalantly questioned Cindy about her experience with boys. It was nil. She hadn't even been kissed yet. But she just "looked" like the kind of girl who was wet all of time. Without even knowing it. She was also the kind of girl who was going to lose her virginity very quickly. Probably by the first pencil-dicked pimple-faced teenage jerk-off that figured out that she would spread her legs for a few seconds of male attention. And God how he wished he was that jerk-off. How he would love to be the first guy to get his cock enveloped by those greasy puffed out cunt lips. The first one to force her head down on his cock to pump a hard earned load into. The first guy to cum on her plump little tits and belly. God he groaned as his fist pumped frantically at his thick pulsing hard-on, the head of which was already a dark reddish purple, the skin riding roughly over the swelling veins over and over and over again.

She was probably the kind of girl who'd take your entire cock in any hole. The kind that you don't have to worry about choking when she's sucking you off because you know she'll be back for more if you take her out to dinner once in a while. "Fuck," he thought, his forearm straining from his violet stoking. "For twenty bucks she would probably let me see her cunt. Would probably let me move up real close and smell it."

"Christ," he thought again, "she would probably let me lick her just for a fuckin' ice cream cone! If she wasn't such a big mouth I'd take her out for a car ride right now, buy her an ice cream and take her to the small patch of woods out back. She could eat her ice cream in the back seat while I eat out her pussy!" Jack felt his balls contract tightly as his palm and fingers rode his cock hard. "Yeah baby that's it. Eat up while I savor your little pussy. Ahhh God .... Yeah. ... that's it," he groaned as the first string of cum shot out of his cock. "That's it sweetie ... eat up because daddy's gonna fuck that little mouth of yours in a few minutes!" he screamed as his cock shot gobs after gobs of hot cum onto the wall ... his cum landing straight on her pussy tits and ice cream in his mind's eye.

Harold milked his cock completely dry, stroking hard long after it had started to go limp. These little episodes were few and far between. He rarely had the liberty of jacking off freely with a 13-year-old girl just a few feet away. Most of his "releasing" was done in his workshop in the basement with his small collection of magazines. Magazines he had paid his cousin Jake quite a fortune for. They didn't sell that kind of thing at the 7-11! Short, tall, brunette, fat, pretty, mousy; he didn't care. They all made his cock rock hard. They were all young. Very young. He estimated between 11 and 14 years old. All performing hardcore sex acts. His favorites were the ones with older men in their late forties (his own age actually) with their huge cocks buried deep inside a little girl's ass or pussy. The girl's face obscenely contorted by pain and pleasure. He even had five Polaroids taken by a friend of his cousins at a New Years Eve party. Pictures of a young girl that looked to be about 11 sucking off two guys that looked old enough to be her grandfathers. He had sold his favorite chain saw for those! And they got him off at least twice a day! A lot better then his born-again professional nagger that got him off twice a year! The lifeless, drying-up old bitch!

Having cleaned himself and the bathroom wall off Harold put on his swim suit and gingerly headed outside. After all it was a beautiful afternoon and after his enormous cum he shouldn't have to worry about Mr. Submarine surfacing at the sight of a little baby skin! Both girls were now playing in the pool. As they screamed and laughed, splashing and wrestling in the water Harold settled in the chair where Maggie had been sun bathing. There was just something erotically nasty about resting his skin on the sweaty surface of the little girl that had just made him cum. He would be able to read the paper as the girls were completely covered in water leaving nothing exposed to his wondering eye.

Several minutes later the Cindy emerged from the water. Finally Harold Thought, "Maggie's gonna come out and show me her wet tits." Maggie however remained in the water as Cindy stood about 10 feet from her father's chair her back to him as she faced the pool. She then got down on her knees to bend her head forward looking down at the inside wall of the pool. Something seemed to be wrong with the top filter drain. Harold observed with curiosity wondering what may have been the problem. But instead all he could see was Cindy. Her knees were spread wide. Her ass stood up high in the air to keep from falling forward into the pool. Her legs were skinny but long. Water trickled down the smoothness of her inner thighs. His gaze moved upward towards her pussy that seemed to push outwards towards his face. The bathing suit clung tightly to her cunt accentuating the mound that disappeared towards her belly. He could faintly see her slit rising upwards to where he could assume her fuck hole must begin. Judging from how wide her knees were he assumed her pussy lips were opened exposing her clit to the wet material. The edge of her bikini bottom rode high on her ass a few inches above her tan line. Though her legs were a bit on the skinny side her ass was round and firm enveloping the extra material into the crack of her ass. Harold wondered what it would be like to kneel behind her. To push the material aside and take long licks inside that tremendous crack. To push his tongue inside her tight little asshole and then to lap at the folds of her juicy cunt. He wondered if those folds were a light pink or almost reddish brown color. He thought about how tight her little cunt would feel around his tongue if he pushed it inside her.

Just then Maggie screamed "got it" and Cindy dove back into the pool. Harold snapped suddenly out of his daydream. His cock was pulsing, urging its way out of the top of his tight bathing suit. "FUCK," he thought. "I've got a hard-on from looking at my own daughter! How fuckin' sick is that!" He rolled his eyes at the absurdity of the whole thing. And why the hell hadn't he worn his trunks instead of this damn Speedo! He stared gravely as the girls climbed out of the pool heading for the diving board his cock stiffening further at the sight of the water dripping down rapidly from Cindy darkly tanned smooth flat abdomen to the swell of her pubic mound. He lowered his newspaper quickly as the girls skipped quickly past his chair. The girls repeated this ritual over and over again. Each dive sillier then the next. Harold held his breath each time the girls emerged from the pool his eyes riveted to Cindy's cunt as she approached and ass as she walked away his hand pumping slowly behind the newspaper. The waist band of his bathing suit was pulled low under his balls as his fist rubbed his exposed cock over and over again. He needed to cum so fuckin' badly and the thin newspaper was the only thing that stood between Cindy and his thick pulsing tool!

His hand suddenly froze as the girls ran up quickly towards his chair. "I have to be heading home Mr. Tanner," Maggie said, breathless from the short run. "Thanks for the use of the pool".

"No problem," replied Harold nervously as he rested the newspaper down on his aching cock, "Come by anytime"! Cindy sat quickly down by her father's side her back to him as she dried herself off. Her ass was seated inches from his crotch! Harold was terrified. Under the newspaper his cock was oozing tons of pre-cum, his balls seconds away from sending his spunk speeding up his shaft. And there was no way he could reach under the paper to tuck his cock back into his bathing suit for fear of getting caught! Cindy on the other hand was very pre-occupied in herself. Her back still facing her father she hurried herself with drying off and endless blabber about Maggie's upcoming 14th birthday party. Suddenly Cindy turned slightly towards her dad offering him a bottle of tanning lotion. "Could you do my back daddy?" she asked.

"Sure sweetie" replied Harold, taking the bottle quickly from her hands to insure she would turn back around quickly.

Not moving from his position on the lawn chair he started massaging her shoulders with the dark oil. He was careful not to make sudden movements so as not to disturb the newspaper that concealed his exposed hard-on. The further he massaged the oil into her soft, youthful skin the more his balls ached for release. As he reached the base of her back he looked around nervously to see if any neighbors could see what he was doing. Assured no one was watching he inched the newspaper slowly off his cock. It stood up straight against his stomach only inches from Cindy's warm oily back. He just HAD to touch himself. Even for just a few seconds! Kneading his left hand gently into her lower back his right hand reached quickly for his cock. The oil on his hand felt amazing on his prick and he closed his fist tightly imagining this was what it felt like to be inside Cindy's tight virgin cunt. He stroked franticly as he watched his left hand roam over her naked back. Impulsively his hips began to rock. But Cindy was too wrapped up in babbling about the upcoming birthday party to notice how awkward his hand had gotten and how heavy his breathing had become. Feeling his balls contract he moved his hand up to Cindy's side only inches from where the swelling of her breast began and pushed the head of his cock against her lower back. The feel of her warm skin against his engorged cock was more then he could stand as his eyes shut tight his cock pushed out the first of many gobs of cum. String after string of hot cum landing haphazardly on his 13-year-old daughter's back. As the last of his pleasure subsided Harold opened his eyes to find his entire load had pumped out against Cindy's back. Still she chatted incessantly oblivious to the amazing orgasm she had just given her father. Weakly Harold eased his hand down to the areas he had exploded on. He smeared the cum evenly, letting it absorb into the tanning oil. His knees were weak and his head still spun from the tremendous cum he had just accomplished. He was going to have to do this again soon he thought as he tucked his now limp dick back into his bathing suit, his eyes wondering to the side of Cindy's breast .... Real soon.

Part 2

Harold was obsessed. He had never seen his own daughter in this particular light. It was all he could do to keep himself from cuming in his pants several times a day. He would get hard watching her eat breakfast wondering if she would like the taste of his cum. He'd get hard watching her sit in front of the TV wondering if she ever fantasized about those actors fucking her. He would get hard at the sound of running water in her shower wondering if she was on her knees in the bathtub with three fingers shoved deep inside her. He just couldn't get her out of his mind! He would jack off several times per day to try to alleviate the pressure but still his cock rose at the first sight of his little girl. He would have given anything for her to just walk up to him and ask if she could suck his cock! But of course she wouldn't. She was his daughter. He was her father. Besides which she was still a virgin and very nervous around boys. Sucking cock was still a few years down the road for her and sucking her dad's cock had certainly never even come close to almost crossing her mind! But Harold couldn't get her out of his mind. Down in his workshop with his pants down to his ankles he would stare at the pictures in his magazines fantasizing about how it was Cindy's lips that were wrapped around his cock instead of his fist. He would cum hard during these fantasies filling her throat and mouth with his thick hot cum, holding her down to his cock until his balls were completely drained.

As much as he had fantasized about it Harold had never had a nice young pussy. The closest he had come to it was the time he and Jake had picked up a hitchhiker on their way back from the fishing cabin. She was so drunk that she had fallen over Jake while crawling into the back seat. Jake being his usual self had quickly crawled over the front seat to greet her before she got in. Harold was stuck driving as usual. Jake quickly learned that she was 12 years old and had just come from a frat party from one of the small neighboring towns. Her boyfriend had left with his buddy leaving her to fend for herself to get home. Being his usual prick self Jake had told the girl that they were police officers and would have to tell her parents about her drinking. The poor girl was terrified and begged them not to do so. After some over exaggerated fiend resistance Jake had told the girl that they wouldn't say anything if she was very nice to them. The girl had been a little afraid at first and had asked to be let out of the car but after some convincing on Jake's part that they would not hurt her had agreed to do "some" stuff as she put it if they promised not to tell anyone about it. Jake quickly lowered his jeans to his knees and ordered the girl to suck him. Harold pulled the car over and unzipped his pants to free his aching hard-on. He sat sideways on the front seat behind the wheel watching the girl bob her head up and down over his cousins prick. She wasn't very good, probably due to her drunkenness. However Harold's cock grew harder and harder at the sight of her sweet young mouth being stretched by Jake's hairy shaft.

He turned fully facing them. Jake was lying back his right hand fondling the girl's breasts as his left hand massaged his balls. His eyes were closed as he moaned softly to her every upward thrust. Harold pressed his cock to the vinyl seat cover in front of him. It's soft coolness combined with his pre-cum felt amazing as he started to thrust his hips lightly increasing the pressure on his cock. God she looked good! He couldn't wait for his turn!! He wondered if she would let him put his cock inside her little pussy. He knew he was thicker then most men and hoped that that would not scare her off. "Fuck" he thought, increasing the speed of his thrusting, maybe she might even let him go in her ass! Jake's hips were thrusting hard now, his face contorted wildly in his mounting pleasure. "That's it sweetie" he urged "suck it nice and good". Harold reached over to stroke the girl's pussy. She was on all fours to Jake's left with her ass hiked high in the air to keep her balance as Jake rammed his cock fiercely in and out of her mouth. She was wearing jeans but Harold didn't care. He just wanted to feel the heat between her legs. Heat he would soon feel wrapped around his cock. He thrust harder and harder against the seat which was now smeared with his own pre-cum. He had never felt anything so amazing rubbing hard against his shaft. Jake was loosing control, his ass lifting high above the seat to reach deep into the girl's throat. Harold's other hand reached out to hold the girl's head still. As he felt the violent movements of her bobbing head combined with the heat emanating from between her legs he heard Jake moan loudly "come on sweetie eat up daddy's cum". Harold thrust wildly against the vinyl as he held the girls head down to Jake's throbbing prick. The thought of Jake's cum pumping hot and deep into the girls mouth made his balls ache. He thrust harder and harder until suddenly he felt his cock explode, trapped tightly between his body and the vinyl seat. He came what seemed gallons against the seat and his shirt as he continued to rub his cock hard against the seat.

When he opened his eyes Jake's cock hung limply to one side as the girl sat up. Her hair was matted down to her sweaty forehead and her lipstick was smeared clear up to her nose. She reached suddenly for the door to fling herself out. Throwing herself to her knees her stomach contracting she began to vomit hours of taquila shots and fresh cum. Harold's dream of tight wet baby cunt began to wither away. This was just his fuckin luck! They had driven the girl to a nearby buss station. She thanked Jake as he slipped a $20 dollar bill into her hand. She called out asking if he wanted her phone number as they had driven away but neither guy turned back.

Harold snapped out of his daydream. Yeah he thought, that's as close as I've ever gotten to baby pussy. Fuckin Jake had to hog her only conscious moment! He was always getting girls. Nice ones too. He had all the looks. Athletic with pitch black hair and blue eyes. And the fucker never missed a beat. He had burst more cherries then girls that Harold had ever seen in magazines. And God knows Harold had a lot of magazines. Jake was always coning some pre-pubescent girl into letting him see her titties. Then it was always just a matter of time before he got more. The only pussy Harold had ever gotten was his wife's and a hooker his friend's had gotten him for his 40th birthday. He hadn't even lost his virginity until he was 33. He had never been very popular with the ladies. Even his wife had insisted on getting married first. And even after that she would only ever do it out of "necessity". So he had a good 40 lbs to loose and he had started balding in his mid twenties, he still had the biggest and thickest cock of any of the guys he knew! And it was always rock hard. Wasn't THAT necessity enough!!!

The only girl who had not shunned him was his little Cindy. She had always been daddy's little girl. Even now when her friends and fashion were the dearest things to her it was still daddy that made everything ok when things went wrong. It was always daddy who understood her best thought Harold as he felt his cock swell for the third time that day. "fuck" he thought as he unconsciously rubbed the bulge in his jeans "how can I get my cock in her mouth without freaking her out or getting caught"!

August 12th. It was finally Maggie's birthday. Cindy being Maggie's best friend had invited everyone in school. Well, everyone who was anyone of course. Harold watched Cindy hurry herself with last minute details. The party started at 8:PM sharp and she just HAD to be the first to arrive! Harold thought back to the last time he had seen Maggie. It was that weekend by the pool. Maggie made him so hard with that cheesy bathing suit of hers. He wished she was here right now strutting her nice plump ass for his enjoyment. "I wonder if her father goes into her room at night" Harold thought. "I wonder if he goes in there when his wife is asleep and coaxes little Maggie to let him touch her little flower under the blanks" he mused to himself. "I wonder if little Maggie gets her belly filled up with her daddy's thick cum every night before she goes to sleep".

Cindy was out the door on schedule. His princess out of arms reach Harold headed off to his workshop to read a new magazine Jake had mail ordered for him from Denmark. He had only been able to leaf through it so far but it proved to be more then promising!

His wife asleep Harold was watching a porn flick around midnight when he heard a car drive up. It was probably Maggie's parents bringing Cindy back from the party. But what fuckin timing! All the lights out only the glow of the television illuminated his movements. On the television a middle aged man was slowly inching his massive cock into a young pre-pubescent school girl's ass. She was bent over a large mahogany desk, her skirt hiked up over her white cotton shirt, her legs very far apart while two other men spread her ass cheeks obscenely wide apart in order for the third man to get a good view of his freshly lubed dick forcing it's way into the tiny outstretch pucker. Though the young girl held her breath in anticipation of the pain her ass rode up in short rapid thrusts to help the man inch his entire shaft inside. On the sofa Harold's pajama bottom lay in a pile by the corner. In his hands he held a new novelty item he had bought days early. It was a head. A brunette to be precise. Her eyes were a light blue as was her eye shadow. Her lips were a dark burgundy in her perpetual "ohh" positioning. Harold had nicknamed his new little toy Lucia because of her dark Sicilian complexion. Harold was lying on his stomach facing the television. His left leg lay straight across the sofa as his right lay was bent, his foot flat against the soft carpeting. Lucia's "head" lay directly under his cock.

His fists held the head in place as his cock rammed relentlessly in and out of his little Italian goody. His balls slapped her chin hard with every inward thrust. He stopped only a second as he heard a car drive up. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" he thought as he resumed the slapping of his pelvis against the flattened plastic face. "GOD DAMN FUCKIN TIMING" he thought bucking like a madman "I need to fuckin cum before she gets in here"!! Harold gripped the head with renewed determination. It would take Cindy a few minutes to say her good-byes, walk up the walkway, enter the kitchen etc etc. He still had time. He lowered his eyes to his crotch to watch his cock thrust harder and harder into his little Lucia's mouth. She was one of the few "toys" he had ever bought that could take the entire length of his cock. The inside of her mouth was smooth and warm it's tightness easily sliding the skin on his cock hard against it's veiny surface. "come on baby" he moaned hoarsely "that's my girl. Come on baby make daddy cum inside you. Suck daddy's big cock deep in your throat". Harold heaved as he franticly rammed his cock into the puckered mouth. He was so close, so incredibly fuckin close to exploding. But Cindy would be in any second now! He panicked for a second at the thought of her walking in on him. But then again why? How amazing it would be to let her watch. To let her stare at the length of his shaft pumping in and out of that tight hole. To let her see what her daddy is capable of. To let her hear and smell the force with which he could cum for her. To let her see what she was missing. Let her see how thick he was and how well he could fill her up. Let her see what kinds of things she could do to please him. With those thoughts Harold back muscles tightened and he felt the first force of his cock exploding underneath him. He continued to pump slowly as each orgasmic contraction produced gob after gob of thick white cum into his new toys mouth.

As his orgasm subsided Harold began to listen again for the opening of the kitchen door. Still nothing. Harold rose quickly removing the battered head from his fading cock. Poor Lucia was a mess. Her nose slightly bashed in and with her mouth drooling cum she looked like a $20 hooker. Not a bad prospect to Harold's standards. Throwing the head behind the end table he rapidly put on his pajama bottoms and ran to remove the porn flick from the VCR. "Too bad" he thought pausing a moment to admire as the man on the screen who was having his cock and balls licked clean by two young black girls. "I could have done a double load with that one"!

His knees still weak from his tremendous cum Harold walked slowly to the kitchen door. Why hadn't Cindy come in yet!? He peered through the curtains to find Cindy standing on the porch with a young man. They were kissing in what Harold deemed to be a very awkward embrace. The young man seemed to be trying to press himself against Cindy without success. Cindy would retreat to his every advance. Frustrated the boy brought his hand up to Cindy's breast and before Cindy could react Harold flung opened the kitchen door. She stared at Harold horrified as the boy flung himself quickly to the other end of the porch. "what are you doing" Harold growled at his daughter. "Nothing daddy I swear. We were just saying good-by daddy honest" she almost pleaded. "Get inside right now" Harold replied, never removing his glare.

Once inside Cindy began to protest once again. Harold let her continue uninterrupted until Cindy began to cry. "Please daddy I tried to stop him I swear. Please please please don't tell mom about this"!! They both knew what she was talking about. If Harold told his wife Cindy would be grounded for a year. Sex to Cindy's mom was an unpardonable sin outside of marriage. Something only "evil slutty girls" took part in. Harold's eyes began to soften. He knew very well she had tried to push him away but he would never let on. "All right honny, I won't tell your mother. But you have to promise me you will never see that boy again". Letting out a sigh of relief Cindy swore she would never ever see him or any other boys until her father gave her permission. Having said this Cindy through her arms around Harold with glee "and thank you, thank you so much daddy for not telling mom". But Harold could no longer hear her words. He was entirely concentrated on the warm body pressing up against him. He could feel her small breasts pressed tight against his chest, her thighs touching his. Despite his orgasm only minutes ago Harold's cock responded instantly. Harold's right hand reached around to hold her. Landing directly on her tight denimed ass he squeezed gently pulling her pelvis slightly into his. The pressure of her body against his hardening cock was exquisite!

Seconds later Cindy quickly broke their embrace. Her eyes met Harold's in confusion. But only for a second. She seemed to dismiss the thought as quickly as it had occurred. "Well I'm off to bed daddy" she whispered as she walked away never looking back at her father" "ok baby" Harold whispered back as he slipped his hand into his pants enveloping his fist tightly around his fully erect shaft "we'll talk again tomorrow ok".

The next morning Harold's wife left the house early as she always did on Saturdays to do some charity work at the local hospital. Harold rose early to be able to greet Cindy when she came down for breakfast. He had a plan. He couldn't wait any longer. He just HAD to touch her. Not too much if she didn't want. Just a little. Maybe just her little tities. Maybe just to see them. If she wasn't too hesitant maybe even get her to touch his cock. Fuck, maybe she would even put her tongue on it!

Cindy arrived at the breakfast table around 10:AM wearing her usual "boyish" style PJs with the buttoned down top and loose pajama pants. She sleepily plopped herself down on a chair as she reached for the cereal box that awaited her on the table. "So how's my little muffin today" Harold asked nervously. "ahh ok" replied Cindy too preoccupied in pouring her serial to meet Harold's eyes. "Listen kiddo" continued Harold. "I've been thinking about something. You know ... about that little secret we have together on what went on last night on the porch". Cindy's eyes flew wide opened as she froze in mid pour "I thought you said you weren't going to tell mom daddy. You promised" she almost screamed in Harold's direction. "No no no. Nothing like that sweetheart" Harold quickly interjected "A promise is a promise. I will never tell her. What I was going to say is that maybe to prove to you that I can keep my promises I could tell you a secret about me that you could promise not to tell mom too. That way you could be completely sure I could never tell her"! Cindy stared at Harold for a moment. Her confusion was more then evident. "Ok, I guess" she finally responded hesitantly. "That might be fun" she added the distrust vanishing from her eyes. "well ok then" replied Harold "but you have to promise you will NEVER tell mom. In fact you have to promise you will never tell ANYONE"! Cindy, grinning from ear to ear jumped out of her chair "oh daddy, of course I promise. Come on tell me. Tell me"!! "Well it's something I have to show you actually" replied Harold even more nervous then before. "Down in my workshop. Wanna see it now". With that Cindy grabbed Harold's hand urgently pulling him to the cellar stairs "Well come on then. I'm dying to see what this big secret is" she almost giggled.

The two descended quickly to the workshop door. Harold having unlocked the door signaled Cindy to walk in. She had only ever been in her dad's workshop a handful of times. It was considered by the whole family as his workshop/den/private space area. It was really just a small room in the corner of the basement. Upon entering there was a sofa to the left that faced a few bookshelves. On the far wall was a large work bench that was cluttered with tools. On both sides of the workbench stood 2 large metal shelves holding boxes, used motors, jars of screws and other such things. Harold asked Cindy to sit on the sofa and proceeded to rummage through a large box that was deep underneath the workbench.

Harold sat next to Cindy holding a magazine face down to his lap. Undetected by Cindy his hands trembled and he nervously fidgeted with the corners of the pages. "Now sweetie" Harold began after clearing his throat "you have to solemnly swear you will never ever tell anyone about this. This will be our own little secret that we will never tell. Just like what happened last night on the porch". Cindy stared at her father gravely. This was obviously a serious matter. "Of course daddy. I swear. I love you more then anything and I would never betray your trust" she replied touching his cheek to her palm. "Besides" she giggled "unless you had Johnny trying to get inside YOUR blouse I doubt your secret beats mine"!

Harold turned the magazine over and opened it to a random page. His already half erect cock stiffened as he watched his daughters eyes widen. The page that he had turned to had several pictures of a young girl with two older men. The stills showed the girl in various instances of getting fucked on all fours while the other man pumped his cock into her mouth. Cindy said nothing as she stared intently at each picture. "I have a whole lot of these princess" Harold whispered into her ear. "Have you ever seen a man's cock sweetie"? he added nervously. Not removing her eyes from the pictures Cindy simply shook her head. "Well you see those guys" Harold continued "see how big their cocks are? That's what happens to a man's cock when he sees a pretty girl. It gets big and hard so that he can make her feel good with it". Finally ungluing her eyes from the pictures Cindy looked at her father. "Daddy I don't think we should be looking at this stuff" she said gravely. "Why sweetie" quickly interjected Harold "it's completely natural. Everyone has sex. Especially pretty girls. Everyone does it. Even your mom and me" he lied. "God wouldn't have made men's cocks get hard when they see pretty girls if it wasn't right. He wouldn't have put a tight hole between their legs if he didn't mean for men to put their hard cocks in right? He wouldn't have given girls nice titties and smooth asses if he didn't mean for it to make men's cocks get hard to put inside them right?"

Cindy continued to stare at her father. Harold wished she would just say something. Anything. His cock was beginning to tent his sweat pants under the magazine. Talking to his daughter like this while openly looking at the pictures that got him off every day with her was making him so incredibly hard. He wondered if she was getting wet. If she was imagining herself with those men. "I look at these pictures when I come down here. Your mom doesn't know about that. She just wouldn't understand. I look at them and my cock gets big and hard just like those men. And when I rub my cock with my hand it feels really good sweetie. I sit right where you're sitting now and take my cock out and rub it until I cum. It makes daddy feel so good to rub his cock sweetie. And when I do it I think about those pretty girls and how they're letting me touch them and stuff. That makes me cum really hard".

Cindy's eyes were now to the floor. And still she said nothing. Harold's cock ached to be freed form the confines of his sweats. He desperately wanted to reach in and stroke it as he talked to his daughter. He turned the page and continued "look baby. Look how much fun they are having. See how the girl's face looks. That's what girl's faces look like when they feel good. When they have a cock inside their little pussies or when they are sucking on a hard cock like that picture there. And there's all kinds of other things girls can do too. Sometimes they're the ones to rub the man's cock with their hand to make them feel good. And men do all kinds of things to make girls feel good too sweetie. Really really nice things". There was a pause as Harold turned yet another page. "You know sweetie" His voice was so low it could hardly be heard "you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Even prettier then all of the girls in this magazine. You're my special special girl. You make me the happiest dad in the world. You make me happy like those girls in the picture there. I mean...well .... You know" he stumbled "you make me happy in that way. Like the girls in the pictures. When I look at you my cock get big and hard like those men. And sometimes ... well ... well a lot of times when I rub my cock I think about you. About you being one of those girls and me being one of those men and how you're letting me do things like that to you".

Harold let his words sink in with Cindy. She had turned back to staring at the floor. "Daddy" she finally broke the silence. "I don't think it's right that we do those things. Mom would be mad and" she hesitated a moment "and it's weird. And you're my dad. And it's not" she paused again "well you know ... it's wrong. And what if people found out. And..." Harold held his finger quickly up to Cindy's lips. "It's ok sweetie" he started "no one would ever find out. This is strictly our secret remember. No one else would ever know. Just like no one will ever know that you looked at those magazines. We will never tell anyone". Cindy's hand began to tremble as she stirred in her seat. "Look sweetie" continued Harold "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do ok. I love you and I just want to make you happy and to make you feel good. I would never hurt you. I just want us to love each other and be closer".

Harold turned slightly to his left so that Cindy was more directly in front of him, picked up the magazine and laid it opened on her lap. "look baby" he started as he gripped the shaft of his stiff prick through his sweat pants "you see what you do to daddy? You see how hard you make my cock just by sitting next to me and just talking to me? You see how happy I am when I'm with my special girl"? He kept a tight grip on his shaft as he spoke. The pre-cum had already soaked a dark spot at the end of it's outline. "you know princess" he continued "daddy always has to go rub his cock to make it cum after I've been around you because this always happens. And it always makes me feel good. Really good. But it always makes me a little sad that I couldn't share the special moment with my special girl. Even if I did in my mind". He swallowed hard before continuing. "I understand you're a little nervous baby. I really do. And like I said I would never ask you to do anything that hurts or makes you uncomfortable. But daddy's cock is kind of hurting right now. And I could use just a little bit of help". He reached for the top button of her pajama top with his free hand. "How about you just let me see your titties a little bit? After all ...." He laughed nervously " I saw you naked thousands of times when you were a baby! I've probably seen you naked more times then you've ever seen yourself naked!

Cindy was still staring down at her shoes but she made no move to discourage him. "that's my special girl" he gasped, his voice shaking slightly. He undid the rest of her buttons quickly and pushed her pajama top off her shoulders so that the neck hung over behind her back and her shoulders as well as her breasts were completely exposed. " Oh God" he gasped again "your tits are so beautiful baby. I've never seen anything like that"! Again with his free hand Harold reached out to cup his daughter's left breast. He kneaded it roughly before pinching the nipple slightly between his thumb and forefinger. It hardened instantly as he continued to pinch and twist it. "my little girl likes that doesn't she?" he croaked hoarsely as his hand quickly shifted to her right breast. "You are making daddy so happy right now"!

After a few minutes Harold released Cindy's breasts to quickly pull his sweat pants down below his knees. His 8 inch cock stood fully erect against the extension of his hairy stomach, the skin completely below the large mushroom head clung tightly to the dark purple veins beneath. His fist wrapped tightly around the shaft he stroked it several times before getting up on his knees to Cindy's right side. "Daddy's just gonna rub his cock a little on your titties ok" he breathed hoarsely. "I'm not gonna hurt you sweetie. You'll see baby ... this will feel good to you too". Kneeling by Cindy's side Harold placed his left hand on her shoulder to steady himself. His right hand wrapped just below the head of his cock Harold began to rub the tip against Cindy's nipple. He groaned slightly as the heat of her breast transferred into the sensitive tip of his organ. He was thankful that he had jacked off earlier or he would have already unloaded all over her newly developing goodies! He stroked his shaft slowly across her breast, the nipple pressing hard along it's entire length. He rubbed the head hard against the nipple, at times flicking it back and forth other times slapping the nipple with his tip while other times pressing the nipple hard against his piss hole. He was in ecstasy. He had to consciously hold back several times to keep from cuming hard all over her tits. From all of the pictures he had seen he had never realized just how firm pre-teen tits could be.

Even with this amazing feeling that was bringing him close to a raging orgasm Harold kept pulling his eyes away from the action that his cock was doing on his daughter's tits to her incredible mouth. He hadn't been sucked off in almost a year and he had never been sucked off by anyone other then his wife who only did it when she was very drunk to keep from having to fuck him out of necessity. He would give his right ball to get his cock sucked by a half naked 13 year old! Releasing the grip on his close to exploding prick Harold stood on the sofa next to Cindy to remove his sweat pants. Instead of kneeling back down by her side however Harold put both feet on either side of Cindy's thighs as he faced her. He spread his legs as wide as they would go and bent his knees forward so that his cock was directly at the level of Cindy's mouth. "Now baby" he whispered slowly "daddy really really needs your help right now. I need you to do something that daddy really likes. Something that's going to make me so happy". Before Cindy could reply Harold pushed the head of his cock between Cindy's lips and pushed slightly. "Just open your mouth sweetie. Just like those pictures you saw. Just open your mouth and daddy will do the rest. Daddy needs to do this so fuckin badly baby. Just let daddy go inside a little bit".

By the time he had finished talking Harold had pushed the head of his cock down far enough to feel the back of his daughter's throat. Her mouth was warm and tight around his swollen prick. The feeling was even more wonderful then he had even anticipated. He knew he didn't have much time. Her mouth was much too tight around his cock. But there was one more thing he really wanted to make this perfect. His hands gripping her shoulders Harold started to move his cock slowly in and out of his little girl's mouth. He didn't want to choke her and he knew she would appreciate the time to get used to the taste of his pre-cum before she tasted her first load of semen. He watched as her lips strained to allow his cock it's so needed freedom of movement. It's now or never he thought. She's come this far I'm sure she won't mind. "baby" he breathed the whisper "daddy needs you to do one last thing. I need you to put your finger in my ass while you suck on my cock ok. Just reach behind and put one finger inside. Then I just want you to move it in and out the way I'm doing with my cock in your mouth. Can you do that for daddy sweetie"?

Cindy did not respond right away. Harold could see she was having trouble keeping up with the increased speed of his pumping. But Fuck how it felt good. After repeated encouragement he finally felt her hand searching the inside of his ass cheeks. FINALLY his mind screamed! But he knew he would only have seconds left when his would feel his little girl's finger start to fuck him. He couldn't wait any longer. He just HAD to cum! Grabbing her had behind him he quickly guided her finger to his hole. Aiming directly at his pucker he pushed her finger deep inside. A rush of pleasure spread itself from his ass hole to his balls. This is it he thought. I'm gonna fill my little girl's mouth to the hilt. With that Harold started to pump furiously into his daughter's mouth. He could feel her gagging slightly with every entry but he knew he wouldn't be long so it was no used stopping. "Fuck daddy's ass sweetie" he screamed "fuck your finger in and out just like I'm doing. That's it baby .... That's it. That's my girl. Take daddy's cock in deep while you push your finger. That's it sweetie.....Oh God baby....that's it. That's my girl. Here it comes comes daddy's cream. Swallow it all baby ... swallow daddy's cum". With that Harold clenched Cindy's finger inside his ass and released his load into his little girl's mouth. He held her finger there as he continued to pump glob after glob of warm cum to the back of her throat. His eyes clasped tight, his ass muscles clenched for dear life, his moan a muffled scream Harold pumped his daughter's mouth until the last of his spunk had spilled onto her tongue.

Harold collapsed on the sofa next to his daughter. His eyes closed he rested a second trying to catch his breath. Sitting up he turned to look at his daughter. Her top was still down over her shoulder's and her hair was held back from her forehead with sweat. "You did really good" he said reaching out to touch her cheek. "Really really good. Daddy is so proud of you sweetie. You made me the happiest dad in the whole wide world you know. You make me feel so good baby". With that Harold leaned over and kissed Cindy on the mouth. A long wet deep kiss. He pushed his tongue past her lips wondering if she had savored the last drops of his cum. He pushed his tongue in deep feeling the crevasses that his cock had enjoyed. His hand running up against her thigh he cupped her breast again pinching the familiar nipple. "Sweetie" he began never removing his lips from hers "now we have a new secret we must never tell anyone ok. People wouldn't understand what a sweet little girl you are for daddy, especially mommy. No one is to ever know what you did today ok". Harold continued to fondle his daughter's barely developed breasts. "How about if daddy does to you what you did to him so that we have mutual secrets again sweetie? What do you say Princess" he continued as his hand roamed down to the elastic waist band of her pajamas "how about if daddy sucks on your little pussy the way you sucked on my cock".

Cindy quickly placed her hand over her father's intrusive hand "daddy" she tried to speak through the pressure of his lips but Harold pressed harder. "Sshhhh" he whispered. It's ok. No one will ever find out sweetie. I swear". Harold's hand pushed it's way past the waist band to her pubic mount. "baby" he whispered directly in her ear "spread your legs a little for daddy. Make them nice and wide so that I can go touch inside your little pussy ok". Cindy spread her legs slowly under her father's instructions. Harold's hand slid past her mound to her opening slit. "Ahhhh....good girl" he cooed. "That's my special girl". Harold's midfinger quickly found his daughter clit and began a rhythmic circular stroking around it's stem. "God baby" he breathed into her ear "daddy loves your little pussy so much. How about you let me taste it a little bit. Just a little bit so I can make you feel all good".

Again not waiting for a response Harold slid down to the floor to Cindy's feet. As he pulled roughly on the pajama bottoms Cindy lifted herself off the sofa to help ease them to her ankles and off. He spread her knees as wide as they could go and placed her feet flat on the sofa on each side of her. He stared for a second at his little girl's obscenely wide opened pussy before lowering his head to touch his tongue against her clit. Her pussy smells so fuckin great he thought as his tongue started to slowly lap at her clit. His tongue continued the same circular motion that his finger had started earlier stopping every few laps to flick his tongue quickly over Cindy's clit as it changed directions. He felt his cock harden as he pressed his face deeper into her soft pussy. The aroma and taste were driving him wild. Still kneeling between his daughters wide open legs he reached down to stroke his cock as he sucked roughly on her hardening clit. He still couldn't believe how great this had all turned out!

After a few more minutes Harold decided to push his luck just a little more. Raising his head from between Cindy's legs he began as he always did " sweetie" he whispered as he moved his body closer to her pussy "daddy's cock is getting really hard again. I'm just going to rub the tip of it on your little clitty ok. The same way I did with your nipples before ok". Gripping his swollen prick again at the shaft just under the large mushroom head Harold began to stroke his cock against his daughter's swollen cunt lips. He pressed the underside of the head hard against Cindy's clit before stroking upwards towards the rest of his shaft. He tapped her clit lightly and smeared his pre-cum into the folds of her tiny pussy. Once in a while he would lift the hood completely off her clit to push his piss hole hard against the sensitive nugget. Other times he would push lightly against her fuck hole wondering if it would ever give but it never did.

Harold continued stroking Cindy's clit with his cock until he was rock hard again. The combination of his own stroking hand and the stroking of her inner lips against his cock was amazing. But the fact that he couldn't get into her hole fascinated him. He wouldn't fuck her of course because she might get pregnant. But he was dying to know just how tight she was. He thought of inserting his fingers but that would be a waste. He had to feel it around his cock. He had to know what a virgin felt like tight around his cock. With these thoughts he pushed harder on his repetitive trips back down to her fuck hole. Again the hole would not give way and he would return to his daughter's clit. Then back down again with a bit more persistence until finally he was able to get half the head of his cock into the hole. 'Daddy" Cindy whined "it hurts". "It's ok baby" Harold replied never taking his eyes off the head of his cock that was slowly making it's way into his daughter's vagina "daddy just wants to get the head inside ok". Just bite down on your teeth and bare with it a little while. It will only hurt at first sweetie. Just relax your pussy a little bit and let me go inside ok" With that Harold drove the head of his cock deeper inside the hole. That did it! Harold had the head of his cock buried inside his little girl. And fuck was it worth it! He had never felt anything so tight and warm around his cock. "Daddy's just going to put a little bit more in ok sweetie. I'm not gonna hurt you. Daddy just wants to be able to rub his cock a little bit on the inside".

Harold inched his cock inside the hole further. The resistance was incredible. It was so different then anything he had ever felt. A few more inches he thought. Just enough to be able to pump the tip a little. Harold stared down as his cock made it's way slowly into his little girl. He heard Cindy moan with pain several times but knew this was a necessary pain and that soon the pleasure she would feel would wipe away all memory of the pain. Harold stopped his pushing as he felt Cindy's hymen at the tip of his cock. These few inches would be enough. He watched as he cock began to slowly piston inside his little girl. Her cunt clung tightly to the part of his prick inside her, seeming to suck him into her deeper and deeper. He wanted so badly to plunge the rest of his cock down to his balls into her. He wanted to let her feel the pleasure of a thick cock filling her up from the inside. "Fuck it" he thought "just fuck it"! Harold lifted himself slowly off the floor being careful not to let his cock out of the amazingly tight hole. As he did so he pushed Cindy slightly to her right so that she ended up lying on her back her daddy's cock still half embedded in her.

"ok baby" Harold whispered slightly out of breath. "Now I want you to bite down again for just this little part. It's going to hurt right now but it's going to feel really good after when daddy can rub his whole cock inside your little pussy ok". As soon as Harold had finished the sentence he plunged his prick down deeper into his little girl. Still the tight hole resisted augmenting his pleasure. He couldn't believe how tight that cunt was! With one last thrust Harold felt his balls hit against Cindy's ass. He had all 8 achingly swollen inches inside his little girl's cunt!! Cindy had cried out almost screaming. But Harold knew she would be screaming from pleasure in just a few minutes!

With one arm on the back of the sofa and the other on the arm rest so as not to put to much weight on his daughter Harold began with long in and out movements. He wanted Cindy's pussy to get accustomed to his girth before he really started letting her feel what his cock could do. Stroke by stroke Harold increased the speed of his thrusting, his cock sinking deep into the tight fuck hole before almost completely emerging again. After almost 10 minutes he was ready to fuck her "properly". And with that thought Harold began to fuck his daughter with all his might. His face buried in her neck he heaved with every stroke as her body rocked violently under him with his every push. He had never dreamed that fucking baby cunt could feel so good! So fuckin tight. NOTHING could ever make him feel this good. Nothing!

As Harold pumped his cock rapidly in and out of his daughter a thought occured to him. If her cunt was this tight her ass must be absolute heaven. And he had never fucked a woman's ass before. He had seen Jake do it once to his little sister but Jake had only lasted a few strokes. Hardly long enough for Harold to even realize what was taking place. Harold gripped the base of his cock tightly as he pulled quickly out of Cindy's pussy. He was so incredibly close to cuming. "Cindy" he said grabbing her tightly by the hips "now daddy needs you to let him do something very very special. Something only really special little girls let their daddy's do" He talked as he continued to position her on her knees as he spoke hurringly to her. "this is going to hurt again sweetie but I promise it will feel a lot better after a while. A lot of girls really like this baby. And it's the most special thing that a little girl can give to her daddy". With the words Harold began to push the head of his cock into her small pucker. He was determined not to take as much time as with her pussy as he was already much to close to cuming and if her ass was as tight as he thought he was going to have to struggle to keep his load in if he wanted to last a few pumps!

His cock already lubed with Cindy's juices Harold pushed hard against her ass. Again he heard her cry out. "It's ok baby. Daddy's here. Just relax your little bum hole like you did your pussy ok. Daddy won't be long sweetie. You're making me so happy you know". Again Harold pushed hard and the little hole gave way. Once the head of his cock was inside he pushed further savoring the heat around his shaft. The anticipation was worth it. Her ass was definitely much tighter then her pussy. Harold strained slightly as he began to fuck his little girl's ass. The hole was so tight, creating an almost uncomfortable resistance. The pleasure was indescribable. Harold was thankful he had cum just earlier as he felt the familiar tingle in his balls. He would have never made it this far! With that thought Harold began to piston furiously inside his daughter's ass. His cock only half emerging would crush quickly down again until his balls would slap against Cindy's pussy then out again to continue. The slapping of his pelvice against his daughter's ass sounded like a slow clap just before a standing ovation. He pumped furiously fighting against the time his balls would start to unload into his little girl's ass bringing a stop to this incredible pleasure until suddenly he felt the swell of his cock in his daughter's tight ass. He continued to pump slowly as he screamed in all consuming ecstasy, his warm cum filling his little girl's ass with every throb of his exploding prick.

When his balls were completely empty Harold pulled his cock out of his daughter's ass. He watched as his cum escaped from the hole to trickle down to her pussy. He had never been so proud of her. He knew this hadn't been easy for her but she had bitten the bullet and made her old man real happy. He promised himself that he would repay the favor later tonight after his wife had fallen asleep. His little girl and he would have plenty of time to share secrets in the years to cum.

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