- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] The Burkes 1
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

Kerry Burke had been home from school for about 20 minutes when she
happened upon her mother in the pantry.

"Kerry!  I didn't hear you come in!" said her mother, rushing to embrace
her 12 year old. 

Kerry stiffened, realizing in that moment that she wasn't in compliance
with the house rules.  Her mother, Grace, pulled away, taking her hand off
her daughter's plump bottom.

 "Young lady?" she began to inquire.  "Mom, I'm sorry!  I saw the TV on as
soon as I walked in, and Star Trek was on, and I...I.."  "What are the
house rules, Kerry?" her mother said quietly.  Kerry's eyes filled with
tears.  "Panties off as soon as I get home, Mom" she mumbled miserably.

"You're going to get a spanking, Kerry.  Come on out to the kitchen!"  "Oh
MOM" Kerry wailed, trailing after her mother.  "And Brett is home, he gets
to be a part of this!"  Grace stopped at the foot of the stairs.  "Brett!
I am going to spank Kerry.  Do you want to come down and join in, dear?"
"Be right there, Mom!" came the shouted reply. 

Kerry's tears began in earnest.  Of COURSE he would, she thought angrily.
Dammit!  Why couldn't she have just taken them off?  Her big brother
wouldn't miss this chance.

Grace waited till Brett came skidding into the kitchen, wearing a long
striped tee shirt and sports socks.  His cock was already half-erect at
the thought of what was to come.  His mother laughed and gave the 14 year
old's penis a gentle jerk.  "Look at you!  You can hardly wait, can you?!"

"Kerry, pull your panties down for me!"  Kerry sniffled again and reached
under her short skirt, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her
flowered underpants, and pulled them down to her ankles.  She kicked them
in the direction of her brother, who grabbed them and made an elaborate
show of sniffing them and making a face.  "MOMMM!" Kerry cried.  "Now
Brett, knock that off!" Grace said, chidingly.

Her brother tossed the panties onto the dog, and sat down in a chair next
to his mother.  "Come over here, Kerry.  You disobey the rules, you get a
good spanking, young lady, on your bare heinie.  Now bend over my knee."
Kerry knew there was no arguing.  She cried some more, but hiked her skirt
up and turned her back on her brother, bending forward over her mother's

Grace patted the girl's thighs.  "Spread your legs, miss.  That's a good
girl!  I want Brett to have a good view of your heinie and your pussy
slit.  Wiggle for me---let's see how you look."
She gave Kerry a good hard slap and Kerry wiggled for real, trying to
lessen the sting in her fanny cheek.  "Wow!" exclaimed Brett, slouching in
his seat, pulling up his tee and taking his now hard cock in his right

"No hair yet, Mom, but she's a little wet, I think!  Jeeze."  The color
rose in Brett's face as his cock started to throb.  "Honey, are you just
going to jerk off, or do you want to pull it while I am spanking Kerry and
then give her a little fuck?"  Brett was panting a bit.  "I want to give
her a  fuck, Mom."  "Pussy fuck or heinie fuck, sweetie?  I have to know,
because if you're going to heinie fuck, I need you to hand me the Crisco
Oil so I can get her slippery for you."

"Heinie fuck, Mom." Brett replied, panting.  "I love to feel her hot
cheeks against my balls right after you've spanked her, and I love how
tight her heinie hole is."  He reached into the low cupboard to his right,
and dragged out the bottle of Crisco Oil.

"Thank you honey!" his mother beamed at him.  As Kerry moaned and
struggled a little, scared of both the spanking and her brother's stiff
cock, Grace poured a bit of oil into her palm and pried open Kerry's
bottom cheeks.  "Come on, young lady, you know you deserve this.  I take
*my* panties off every day when I get home, or your father would take the
strap to me, and you know it!  Nobody is exempt from the rules, and there
are no excuses!" 

"But Mom, why does Brett get to fuck meeeeee?" she wailed.  "You know
perfectly well that the men in the house are the rulemakers, dear, and I
am not exempt from that either!  You remember the last time Daddy strapped
me?  And Brett was allowed to get between my legs and rub his cock back
and forth and up and down across my pussylips until he squirted?  Boys get
much too excited watching a girl get a spanking.  It isn't good for them
unless they can squirt right away!"

Brett's eyes were huge as he watched his mother's hand rubbing the oil
into his sister's crack, pulling her cheeks apart and working her finger
into Kerry's heinie hole, making the whole area slippery and shiny.  He
nearly came right then and there.  "Spank her, Mommy, please? Spank her
now!" he moaned.

Grace smiled, glancing at her feverish son.  "All right honey!"  She wiped
her hand on her skirt, and raised it high.  "I hope you're ready, young
lady.  This is going to be a good hard spanking you won't forget for a
while!"  She held Kerry tight and began to spank.  Kerry squealed with the
first slap and built almost immediately to full-voiced crying.

"Mommy Mommy no no no more!  Mommy I'm sorry!  Pleeeeeease!  Mommy, my
fanny stings, please stop pleeeease!"  She wailed and sobbed and kicked
and wiggled in an effort to escape her mother's hard, stinging hand.  "I
warned you this was going to hurt, young lady!  Now you see it's not too
smart to disobey, is it?"  "No Mommy, I'll be a good girl, I'll be

Grace glanced over at Brett.  His eyes were huge and staring at Kerry's
reddening fanny and her moist, shiny slit.  Her firm flesh jiggled just
slightly, and her oiled crack, he knew, was hot and open.  "Mom,
please...now Mom, please?" he gasped.  "Ok, honey!  I guess Kerry's had

Brett stood so quickly he knocked over the kitchen chair, making Grace
smile again.  He was getting to be such a big boy!  He stood, trembling,
between his sister's flailing thighs.  "Stop that kicking, young lady!"
Grace demanded.  "Your spanking is over, and your brother needs to fuck
your naughty heinie hole!"

Kerry obediently stopped kicking, and lay limp and sobbing over her
mother's knee.  Grace used both hands to pull her bottom cheeks apart for
Brett.  Kerry's little hole glistened and winked.  Brett gasped and pushed
the head of his bursting cock against the opening.  Kerry squealed.

"Easy, Brett, honey--you don't want to go too fast. Girls like it, but
only if you slow down a little."  "Yes, Mom" he breathed, working his cock
in a bit at a time, nearly insane with the feel of his sister's tight, hot
fanny.  "That's a good boy!  Hold your cock with one hand, and you can
play with your balls a little with the other. There!  Doesn't that feel

He was fucking her...fucking her....he nearly bent double with the
excruciating lust, feeling her small body shudder beneath him.  His free
hand cupped his balls, and almost at once he started to cum.  "Mama,
Mama...I'm gonna squirt in Kerry's heinie, Mama!!!" he shrieked,
helplessly pumping and shivering as his cock began to spurt.  "Good boy!
Good boy!"  Grace encouraged.

In a minute it was over, and Grace was using a paper towel to wipe the
excess spunk from Kerry's bottom and thighs.  "Now you go to your room,
young lady, and I'll bring you up a sandwich later.  Have you learned your
lesson, Kerry?"  "Yes, Mommy" the girl sobbed, holding her bare fanny with
both hands.  "Good!  Have a bath and get into your pajamas.  And if you
are very good, maybe Brett will come up later and give your pussy a little
licking.  All right?"  "Yes, Mommy.  Thank you. And thank you, Brett."

Her brother, cleaning off his limp cock, winked at her, and she ran up the
stairs, hoping Mom would bring up a pb&j instead of dumb old meatloaf.