- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Caught with Timber
[Author] Donna Pets
[Type] Brother/sister

It's an early summer morning and dad's truck is packed for a camping trip to Williams River. My older brother, Chester is complaining that he doesn't want to set in the back of the camper shell with the stupid dog and his whiny little sister.

Whiny, little, I'm sixteen and far more grown up than he is at eighteen and what's wrong with the dog, he's far better company than my stupid brother anyway. We exchange barbs as the truck is packed for the trip. It's three in the morning, I'm riding in the back of the camper shell with a one hundred pound dog called Timber.

The only lights in the back of the truck are from passing cars and the dim glint from the trucks tail lights. I am lying down in the bed of the truck facing the tailgate so no one can see me. Timber is lying with his back to the tailgate. His eyes are the darkest green I have ever seen, they appear black and shiny in the dark.

I am thinking of boys, wondering what it is like to be kissed, not the kind of kiss I have seen mom get from dad, but a real kiss the one in the movie where the guys tongue goes in to the girls mouth. I lean closer to Timber his breath is warm on my face. I feel a strange tightness in my tummy, a feeling of drifting out of control comes over me.

I open my mouth and Timber licks at my lips, then the roof of my mouth. I feel his lower jaw press against my lower teeth; his tongue is warm and tickles the roof of my mouth. In a wave of shame and humiliation, I reach down to my private parts. I slide my hand up under skirt and into my panties. I know that this is wrong. My finger touches my fur, find my inner lips and then the small bud just above the folds of skin. I moan as a wave of passion sweeps through my body, just as Timber pushes his mouth farther onto mine. Over the last few months I have been getting braver with the dog.

Yet each time the shame draws me back to reality. This time I go further, I touch Timber's maleness tentatively with my hand, the same hand that was just inside my panties. For the hundredth time, I wonder what it would be like to know a man to have him kiss and fondle me. Someone to take control of me and make me his.

Oh, I desire so much to be held, to be loved, to be talked to and to be made love to. I put my hand back in my panties, damp with my wetness and that of Timber, my finger slides silkily over my outer lips and dips to my passage. I tenderly stroke the little bud waiting above my opening. I gasp slightly and Timber is at my mouth again. I drift into a dazed state and feel as if someone is directing my actions. I startle back to reality when the back of the truck fills with light. We have stopped at a gas station. I quickly arrange myself as if nothing has happened.

We are stopped and my dad walks around back and opens the camper shell. He asks if I need to get out for a while. My face is flush with shame; I cannot look directly into his eyes. I climb out of the truck as dad takes Timber out on a leash. I blush and quickly turn away when I see that Timber has a tip of red showing between his hind legs. I jump when the gas station attendant asks "regular or high test."

I quickly walk over to the restroom. The warm summer morning is filled with insects flying about the lights, zipping this way then that. When I am safely in the restroom and the door locked, I look at myself in the hazy mirror. Nothing has changed, there looking back at me is the same short sixteen year old girl with small breasts, long brown hair, hazel eyes and well defined hips. There is no hint of the perverted act just contemplated with the dog. I am so ashamed, I cannot trust myself with the dog, maybe my dumb brother will trade seats with me.

I splash my face with cold water and wash my hands. As I go out to the truck, Chester has just returned from the restroom and jumps into the front seat between mom and dad. With a shy look at the gas station attendant, I clime back into the camper shell trying not to let him see above my bare knees. At least in the back of the camper, I don't have to put up with endless comments about my height.

At five foot one, ninety-five pounds, I am always being called peewee. I hate that name; the worst part is that my brother is always saying that I look like a midget. I guess that's why I dress in short dresses that show my legs and help to make me look taller, even when they are impractical, like climbing over the tail gate of the camper.

It is just turning light, the gas station disappears in the early morning fog and the trees start to show their green color on the hill to the right. The Gully River is just becoming visible down the bank to the left. West Virginia is just breath taking in the late summer.

In my mind, I follow the Gully River up to the Cherry River then to Williams River and on up to the West Fork of the Williams River near the old ghost town of Williams. Soon, I tell myself, we will be there. With this thought I stroke the soft black hair of Timber, it makes me feel good knowing that I can finally be alone. The Sun has turned the inside of the camper warm as we pull in to the campsite. Dad and Chester are noisily unloading the truck as mom directs the lay out of the camp.

The camper is to be moved next to a large pine tree just above the river where Timber can be tied to sleep under the truck. The tent is to be pitched next to the picnic table on a large flat area back away from the river. Great I think, walking down the bank, just what I need, the river roaring in my ears all night. The water is cold but the large car size rocks in the river are warm. I climb up on a large flat one and lay back in the warm sun. I jump out of my skin when my brother yells from behind me.

"The fish can see your panties peewee!"

Why does he have to be so mean? After breakfast, dad is pitching horseshoes with Chester and mom is setting in the sun on a lawn chair reading a book. I get the leash and lead Timber off for a walk down the riverbank. For twenty minutes we walked down stream, I am enjoying the quite and Timber is clearly enjoying the smells. I am again forced to stop while a rock gets his undivided attention.

As I look around, I hear giggling and see a couple laying on a large rock jetting out into the middle of the river. They are about one hundred yards from me but the wind is carrying every sound they make. It's clear that the couple is unaware that I can hear them, it's also clear that they are involved in some heavy petting.

I snap Timber's leash and turn him away from the river into the tree line and start to weave my way down stream to get a better look. My heart is pounding and my breath is barely under control. I can see the large rock through the trees. The man is about twenty with broad strong shoulders and brown hair. The man has removed his girl's top and is unsnapping her shorts. The girl's breast are exposed to the sun, I feel flush. Imagination takes over; I'm the girl on the rock. I feel his hands on my breast as my left hand teases at my right nipple through my shirt, his mouth on mine. My hart is pounding wildly. I sit down my legs are so weak. The girl lifts her bottom and allows the man to pull her shorts and panties off. My god, he is so strong looking, with one quick move he has his pants down and has inserted his hard maleness between the girl's legs.

I gasp as he moves forward, I know that his manhood is deeper into the girl's privates than his tongue is into her mouth. My hand has found its way up under my dress and inside the waistband of my panties. A cold poke to the back of my neck informs me that Timber is restless. I push the dog away from my back and he prances over in front of me blocking my view of the couple on the rock. I push at Timber again; he backs up but then slaps at me with his big right front paw sending me sprawling onto my side. I get up to my hands and knees to stand but find Timber under my skirt. Before I can recover he has pushed his cold nose up my leg to the crotch of my panties. I gasp out of surprise and drag the dog back around to my side as I jump up to my feet.

Just then Timber barks, the man on the rock looks up and our eyes meet for just an instant, I stoop down under the brush and drag Timber deeper into the trees away from the river. I am about one mile away from the river and the embarrassment that the dog has caused me. I stop to catch my breath and collect my thoughts. Around me the trees and bushes are spotted with boulders, a heavy green fills my view. The air is filled with the sound of wind blowing through the treetops; the river is a faint memory whispered to the West. Under my feet the ground is soft and covered with pine needles and grass. The sun is just approaching its zenith. I find a chair size rock and set down.

My head is spinning. I close my eyes; I can see the man's eyes locked onto mine. I again imagine that I am laying on the large rock under the handsome man. His lips are on my bare breast as his hand slides under my panties. A flush feeling overtakes me. I slide down the chair size rock and set on the warm ground looking up at Timber. I reach out and slowly stroke his ear. Timber leans to me and licks my face. My heart is pounding as my lips part and Timber's tongue slips in between my lips softly at first then more urgently stroking the roof of my mouth. With my eyes closed I unbutton my shirt and unclasp my bra.

I pull up my skirt and work my panties down below my knees. My hand finds the soft lips between my legs as the other finds a bare nipple. A chill goes up my spine when my fingers make contact with the little bud just above my other lips. A moan allows Timber to press his tongue deeper into my mouth; I am spinning out of control. I open my eyes and see the red tip of Timber's maleness. The vision of the couple on the rock appears in my mind, for the hundredth time I wonder what it's like to be held and controlled by a strong man. I would give anything to be loved. In a dream state, I roll onto my hands and knees. I lower my head to my fore arms, my elbows pressed to the ground.

My short skirt has flipped up over my back and I am exposed, unprotected, my panties down around my knees my small breast bare pointing toward the ground. Unaware of what I am doing, I find myself presented to Timber. His tongue is all over my bottom. His slobber is clinging to my downey fur then running down my thighs, I cannot think, I only have an uncontrollable need to be loved. Please, don't do this I plead with myself. But it's too late, just as I gain a small measure of control, Timber is on my back. I yell as his nails dig along my waist and grab my thighs.

I am completely unprepared for the violence of Timber's jabbing. His tool has a sharp point and he is driving it at my soft unprotected bottom. I try to stand but Timber is too big and his determined jabbing keeps me off balance until he wins access to my virginity. His maleness slams into me, I pull forward but he yanks me back at the same time jamming his hips forward with blinding speed. I yell again as he has planted his weapon fully into me, I don't have time to contemplate the burning pain before he pulls back and slams me again. All I can do is breathe in short quick gasps as he repeatedly humps into me, with a speed that is staggering. My breasts are bouncing rapidly back and forth hurting my chest. I slump down but he keeps my bottom held up and continues to work at me.

Tears are running down my face, I look under my legs and see the blood of my maidenhood trickling down my left thigh. Then with a hard push forward Timber lodges himself into me and just holds me tightly, I feel stuffed full inside. I can feel a pulsing at the base of his rod where we are joined. A stretching sensation just inside of my womanhood has developed. Oh no, I am being pumped full of his seeds, I can see a steady stream of fluid running down my thighs and pooling on the ground as I am filled to overflowing.

Oh my, what have I done? What have I done? I lay my head down on my fore arms and softly cry in shame and self loathing. My belly feels queasy. His seeds are drying on my leg and yet he is still holding my bottom up and hanging on to me with a grip I would not have believe possible. The pulsing and pumping from his rod has not stopped. I slip over the edge into darkness. When I come back to myself, Timber is laying ten feet from me cleaning himself. I am sore all over, down my sides are long claw marks, my thighs are battered, blood has dried between my thighs and my insides feel crawly. The shame is palatable, I feel so filthy, I fight not to be sick as a knot is forming in my throat.

Then a new sound comes to my awareness. Oh no, it's my brother calling, he's only a few dozen yards away. I jump up and grab for my panties that are tangled around my ankles, I don't have time to pull them up and close my shirt, shit. I squat down as if I am going potty just as Chester sees me. I blush bright red, I cannot make a sound, my voice will not work.

Chester stops and turns his back to give me some privacy. I don't think he knows what I was doing, I think he is embarrassed by catching his sister peeing. I stand up on unsteady legs, pull up my panties and smooth down my dress and clasp my bra. My panties are instantly soaked as more dog seed runs out of me. I grab the dog's leash and ask Chester what he wants.

He says that dad told him to find me and bring me back for supper. With this he leads me back toward the camp. Shortly we reach the river, I make a point of slipping on a rock and fall into the cold water a ruse to rinse as much of Timber off of me as I can and to hide the wetness of my panties. After climbing out of the water, I feel a little better. I'm almost dry by the time we get back to camp. I go into the tent and change out of my dirty clothes. I am still dripping Timber's seeds so I put a panty liner into the crotch of my clean panties. I take my dirty panties and through them into the camp site's latrine. I set on the potty and try to push out the dog's seeds.

My stomach is upset and again I almost get sick. I feel like a whore, I need to see a doctor to make sure that Timber didn't make me pregnant or hasn't given me a sexually transmitted disease. After twenty minutes in the latrine two things are clear to me, first I cannot get the dog's seeds out of me and second I cannot go to a doctor for having sex with a dog. I walk back over to the camp and set down at the table. I can't eat and I just pick at my food. The sleeping arrangements have mom and dad in the tent, Chester has decided to sleep in the front seat of the truck and I get to sleep in the back of the camper. it's getting dark and I climb into the camper for the night. I am laying awake thinking about what has happened today, if I don't come down with some odd disease in the next few weeks then I will be OK. I don't think I can get pregnant from the dog but I will know that also in two weeks when my period starts. If all goes well in the next few weeks, then all I have lost is my virginity and no one will know about that.

It's past midnight and I am still awake, I hear a tap at the camper shell door. I open the door and Chester climbs in, I ask him what he wants. He says "I want to fuck you." I look at him as if he were crazy, and tell him to stop cussing. I think he is just being a brat. He looks at me and smiles and now I know I'm right, he's here to tease me that's all. Chester is always teasing someone he can't help himself.

When he's not, he taking pictures, you can almost count on him to have a camera around his neck, in fact he would look odd without one. I am starting to feel a little unsettled, as I think back to earlier today, I can recall that he did have a camera tucked under his arm. Then he springs it on me. Yes, he did take some photos of me with Timber and yes they do show me having sex with the dog.

I start to cry and he puts his hand on my arm and tells me mom and dad will never know that their sweet peewee daughter is Timber's bitch if I do what he says from now on. I feel his hand slide up my arm to my shoulder, then down my night shirt to cup my left breast. My mind is screaming but I just set there as he opens my buttons, leans over and kisses me on the mouth. I have no way out, I can't yell, I can't say no, I can't leave, he has photos of me having sex with the dog! I plead with him, I tell him that it's not right but he just leans over and sucks my nipple.

I tell him that I could get pregnant, he just grins and plays with my other breast. I swing to hit him but he catches my arm and pulls me to him. My bare breast mash against his chest. He whispers that he might post a pitcher of me and the dog on the school's bulletin board. With a smirk, he asks if I think mom and dad would like a photo of the dog doing me. I lean against him in shock as he whispers, no peewee, you are mine and you know it. He pushes me down and tells me to lift my bottom. I recoil, then do as I am told, he pulls off my panties, looks at the damp panty liner and laughs at me. I am shaking all over, he climbs onto me, aligns his tool with my passage and pushes his member into me.

I am still damp from the dog and he slides in without pain. His lips are on my right breast, the sucking is making me feel aroused, my hips respond in spite of my efforts to lay still. I thrust my hips up meeting each of his thrusts down. Tears of humiliation are running down my face. He bites my nipple and tells me that he is going to knock me up, so he can milk me like a cow. He puts his lips to mine, forcing my mouth open with is tongue, he sucks at my lip then catches my tongue and draws it hard into his mouth.

I moan in pain as my tongue is pulled into his throat, my mouth is open so wide I can feel his face under my teeth. He pushes his engorged hardness deep into me and I can feel his seeds erupting against my cervix. I moan in despair, like the dog he is pumping his seeds deep into me. Sending a torrent of sperm racing towards conception. I pray that I am not fertile, but I don't think I will be that lucky. If my cycle is right, he may well be knocking me up. I prey that he is not. He pulls his member out of me, the sight of it dripping his seeds, tells me that I am in big trouble. He pulls me up until I am setting he then draws his deflated tool toward my mouth.

Even this debasement is small compared to the self loathing I feel for letting the dog have me. I start to pull away but he tell me to lick and suck it until it's hard again. After a short time, he is hard. Chester pushes me flat on my back and then kicks my knees apart with his legs and again pushes him self into me. He is humping at me with a slow and steady pace, his lips are sucking at my left nipple and his right hand is working at my little bud between my legs. I can feel myself climbing up a steep hill. The degradation of being taken only propels me higher.

I slip over the edge and am bucking wildly under him. The humiliation is complete when I again feel him pumping his seeds into me. This time when he pulls out he tells me to put my panties back on. He makes sure the same damp panty liner is used to catch his seeds along with the dog's. I tell him I want to go and clean up but he tells me lay down and go to sleep. it's morning and I awake to the smell of sex in the closed camper.

My bottom is soaked with sperm from both my brother and the dog. I don't know how I will get through the day. I climb out of the camper and hurry to the latrine. The panties I have on soon join the other in the bottom of the latrine. I splash water onto my face and examine my self in the Metal mirror on the wall. I look the same as I did yesterday except for my eyes which are red from crying all night. I clean up as best as I can and join the rest of the family at the picnic table for breakfast. Chester ask dad for the truck keys so he can drive down the road and take some photos at the sawmill we passed on the way up the river.

Dad tosses the key to Chester. At the truck, my brother yells for me to get in, the ride would do me good. I start to protest but mom chimes in that I do look a little under the weather and that a ride might cheer me up. With no allies left I climb into the truck next to Chester. Twenty minutes later we are at the lumber mill. Chester takes his camera and heads off to talk to a group of men near a large saw. The air is full of the smell of pine pencils and the buzz of the saw is overwhelming. I am standing by the truck trying to stay out of the way. The noise from the saw is changing, it is spinning down to a stop. I look over towards it and see my brother and two large black men headed toward me.

Chester puts his arm around me and proclaims that the men have bought me for the next few hours. I snap to, what in the world is he saying. I quickly turn and step towards the truck but am brought up short when Chester ask if I would like to show my pictures to the men and mom. I turn around and see the black men leering at me. I am trapped, I beg my brother not to do this. I get down on my knees in the dirt and plead right in front of the men but to no avail. I am dragged off to a small shack next to the large saw. The room is a small break room with a large table, some chairs and a row of lockers. I am lifted to the table and told to undress. I try to plead with the men to stop but they say that they each gave a full days pay and that they intend to get thepr money's worth.

With that, one of them reaches out and pulls me down until I am setting on the table. Large ruff hands unbutton my shirt and then my skirt is pulled down. One of the men unsnap my bra and the other is tugs my panties off. In short order I am fully exposed and laid back on the table, my breast are pointing towards the ceiling my legs dangling over the table edge. The first man to take me is the smallest of the men. His blackness is complete including his thick hard tool which after wetting it with spittle he pushes into me causing me to moan out of pain as I am stretched to accommodate his size.

My legs are up in the air my knees pushed into my breast. My back is ground against the hard table top as the black man grinds in and out of me. His breath taste of tobacco, his tongue is thick and works its way into my mouth. I turn my head to the side and the other black man is standing ready to push his rod into my mouth. I am in shock as both men continue to grind into me. My mouth is forced open farther and I am starting to gag on the black member as it pushes against my throat. In desperation I try to swallow and am reworded by his hole rod being pushed into my mouth. My nose is pressed up to his thick black hair. I am becoming light headed from lack of air.

The first man is now pounding wildly and I can feel his balls smack against my bottom with each thrust. As a tear forms, I can feel the first man shooting his warm seeds into me. I can feel my cervix covered by his thick offering. I have no time to contemplate the possibility of pregnancy because the second man is sending a torrent of thick goo down my throat, he pulls out just as I start to choke and continues to squirt into my face and open mouth. I am left on the table to recover for only a few minutes when I see my brother leading a large junk yard dog into the shack. I am picked up and placed on the floor on my hands and knees. The dog is so big he seams to tower above me as I look up at him from the floor.

I watch transfixed from my naked position as one of the black men puts his hand on the dogs tool and starts to work it back and forth. The dog's response is as expected and he starts to hump the man's hand. At this point, the dogs front legs are lifted over my back and his maleness is placed into the opening of my womanhood. The dog starts to hump me even harder and faster that Timber had done. His member quickly claims its place deep inside of me. My passage way offers no resistance to the dog, I am dripping from sex already. The dog is longer and I can feel a sharp pain every time he drives into me hitting my cervix. The men around me are watching my debasement. My breast are bouncing back and forward to match the speed of the dog. I am breathing in quick gasps my breath being knocked out of me with each slam of the dog. I appear to be grunting with joy but nothing could be further from the truth.

My chest is hurting, the dogs nails are cutting into my thighs and ever jab to my cervix causes me to jump forward just to be jerked back by the dog. it's a relief to feel the dog swelling up inside of me, the humping has stopped the dog is pulling me up against him and pumping my womb full of his seeds. Before the dog can finish, he is pulled off of me. My knees are lifted off the floor as the dog is pulled up and away from me. His knot tears out of me with a loud pop and his sperm gushes out and all over the floor. I land back on my knees. No sooner has the pain registered than another man I had not seen earlier drives his rod into my wet tortured hole. After just a few raw strokes, he pulls out of me dripping with dog sperm and rams himself into my here to for un-assaulted other hole.

I open my mouth to scream but yet another man grabs my face and stuffs his member in to my throat. My face is stuffed and so is my bottom. Other men are pawing at my breast, lips and hands are all over my body. My world is filled with pushing, probing, sucking and groping, I have moved beyond pain my senses are overwhelmed. My body has turned against me and is responding to the brutal rape. Lights are flashing in my head I am pushed up one hill after an other to come crashing down to the pit of despair just to be driven up to new heights. My heart is pounding so loud that it drowning out the slapping sound of sex and the muffled moaning that I am making around the shaft of yet another man in my mouth.

For countless hours my body is abused, I have lost track of the number and color of the men. I have swallowed so much sex that my tummy is tight. My hair is slick with sperm and its taste and smell permeates every inch of my body. I am carried naked back to the truck and placed in the front seat. My brother is handed my shirt and skirt. My panties and bra were kept as souvenirs. On the way back to the camp Chester stops the truck and helps me wash off in the river. I then put on my shirt and skirt. Once back in the truck Chester tells me that I had better hope that he had got me pregnant yesterday because, if not him, then I was certainly made pregnant today by one of the black men or maybe the Mexican or maybe the dog. I set quietly as he laughs.

Some joke, I know now that even if I am not pregnant I will soon be. The photos of Timber taking me are now added to a stack of other photos with me and a black man, me and a Mexican man, me and a junk yard dog. With this stack of photos over my head, I know fully my place and it's under anyone my brother says. My first baby was white, I was just seventeen.