- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Tracy's developing breasts
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

     Let me start from the beginning.

     I noticed Tracy's breasts beginning to develop when she turned 12.
     Tracy liked wearing tight halter tops that showed her nipples and breast
     swells clearly.  At night she would usually change into a pink see-through
     nighty that barely covered her little ass.  Tracy never liked wearing panties,
     and it would always turn me on when I caught glimpses of her perfectly
     formed ass whenever she bent over around the house. 
     Sometimes she would sit on my lap while we played games on the computer
     and would straddle my leg with hers, unconsciencely rubbing her young
     hairless pussy against my leg.  While playing she would rub and grind hard
     against my leg at times, backing her little ass fully against my growing hard-on.
     During these occasions I would make it a point to wear thin nylon shorts
     without underwear to fully appreciate the direct contact of her young pussy
     against my bulging cock.  Being only 17 myself, these were my first encounters
     with a real live pussy, so I always encouraged  Tracy to play games with me
     on the computer.  And Tracy loved to play games on the computer too, I don't
     think she ever realized that she was clamping her pussy around my cock
    when she would straddle my legs.  She was so into the game that she would
    buck her hips every few seconds and I could easily position her tight little ass
    wherever I wanted. 
     Occasionally I would manage to feel her budding breasts briefly here and
     there while we played.  That's when I noticed that they were beginning
     to swell, beginning to grow into a nicely formed pair of tits, hopefully
     big someday.  That's when I decided I should get a better look
     at these little swells and gauge their growth. 
     After my initial inspection I decided that a thorough nightly visit
     would be in order.  A full inspection would first require exposing
     Tracy's breasts so that I could easily massage her breasts and pinch her
     tiny nipples until they were hard. It is at this point when I determine the
     amount of growth since the last inspection.  Then a thorough kissing and
     licking session was in order to stimulate the nerve endings.  Finally
     to promote future growth of Tracy's little titties I would have to
     rub a load of sperm into her breasts and nipples, which would require
     me of course to jack off all over her tits.  When all the sperm was
     finally absorbed into her skin, I would replace her nighty and tuck
     little Tracy back in bed, giving her a full kiss on the mouth.  After
     a few months, Tracy's titties were indeed growing larger.  Her nipples
     doubled in size, and they would tighten up real small when they got hard,
     and became very responsive to my nightly fondling.
     First her nipples grew larger and more pointed.  Her breasts began to form,
     making her chest swell outward.  Tracy was a very sound sleeper, I knew that,
     so at night I would routinely check the growth of her breasts.  I would
     get ready by stripping fully, then sneaking quietly into Tracy's  room. 
     With the hall light on and her door partially closed I  could see Tracy lying
     flat on her back, as she usually laid while asleep.

     This night Tracy was wearing her pink see-through nighty which showed
     her budding breasts clearly.  I gently pulled the covers down to her knees
     and looked Tracy over.  For a 12 year old, Tracy was quite developed.
     Her legs and perfect ass were that of a fully mature women, yet tiny like
     a doll.  Her skin was perfectly smooth and tight. 

     My eyes traced her outline up her legs, to her waist line where her nighty
     began, barely covering her young little pussy.  I unbuttoned her nighty and
     slipped my hand over her right breast and lightly tweaked her nipple. With
     my left hand, I pulled open her nighty and exposed  her left titty to my gaze.
     Such a perfect little breast and tight little nipples.
     I bent down and lightly kissed her nipple feeling it enlarge inside my mouth
     like a little hard-on.  I continued to kiss on her left breast while lightly
     squeezing the other taking full advantage of the situation.  I moved
     my right hand down to her little ass feeling the tight roundness of
     her form.  I slid my fingers along her crack and squeezed her bun,
     enjoying the moment to the fullest.

     Here I was standing completely naked in front of my sleeping 12 year
     old sister, fondling her entire body as she slept.  Massaging and pinching
     her breasts and nipples as much as I dared.  God, what would happen if Tracy 
     awoke now and saw me standing over her with this gigantic hard-on.  The sight of
     my huge cock alone would probably scare her to death.
      Anyway I continued groping her wherever I wished, jacking off and rubbing
      my dick all over her young tight nipples. Usually I would come all over her little
     breasts or even in her mouth, but tonight I decided to come all over
     her cute little ass. 

     I laid down beside her in the bed with her back to me and lifted her leg up in the air
     while I stroked my cock with my other hand.  The sight of my sister's tight little ass
     spread open in front of me was driving me wild.  I began to ferociously jack myself
     off letting the tip of my dick rub against her exposed ass hole and

     I leaned over and began to suck on her breast as I felt myself beginning to cum.
     I then erupted, shooting gobs of cum all over her little ass and pussy.  I thought
     surely Tracy would wake up.  I quickly got up and wiped the excess cum from
     her legs.  The rest I rubbed into her breasts and then slipped my softening
     cock into her mouth as she instinctively sucked on as if it were some kind of
     I replaced her nighty and slipped back into my bedroom.  I laid in bed thinking
     about Tracy and how much I loved doing these things to her.  Someday I
     thought, I would have to fuck this girl.

     One Saturday night when our parents were out to an all night party, I
     decided to expand my nightly examination to include more of Tracy's
     little supple body.  She was really starting to look good, and I noticed
     that her little ass was becoming fuller but still very, very tight.

     That night however, Tracy wore a long T-shirt which covered most of
     her body except her nipples which jutted out through the thin fabric.
     While she laid on her stomach watching TV, occasionally I caught a
     glimpse of her panty-less ass crack when she would flip her legs.
     I could hardly wait until bedtime, and my dick was throbbing by the
     end of the night.

     Finally Tracy said she was tired and got up and went to bed.
     Assuring myself that Tracy was sound asleep, I gently pulled up on her
     nighty revealing her young sweet 12 year old pussy to my gaze.  I could
     not resist bending down and lightly kissing her pussy lips, inhaling the
     sweet fragrance of her twat.  I parted her legs slightly to allow me more
     access to her crack.

     I then moved up to her chest and unbuttoned the last two buttons on her
     nighty.  Before spreading her nighty open, I bent over and gently kissed her
     nipple through the fabric, tugging lightly on her nipple, then biting it gently
     feeling it grow with my touch.
     I repeated the process with the other nipple until it too was hard and
     poking through the shear fabric of her nighty.  Tracy looked so good laying
     there on the bed sound asleep, exposed to my gazes and touching.  I then
     rubbed my hand lightly back and forth across her hardened nipples, paying
     careful attention to her breathing pattern.  Occasionally she would
     moan lightly, but never stirred.
     After I was sure she would not wake up I spread open her nighty revealing her
     perfect little titties.  I gently cupped her breasts in my hand and would squeeze
     her nipples with my thumb and fore finger.  I spent a lot of time fondling her
     sweet young breasts while jacking myself off ferociously. 
     As I kissed her breasts and nipples I would mentally gauge any growth and
     development since my last inspection.  There was no doubt that Tracy's breasts
     were indeed growing at a somewhat alarming rate.  Her 12 year old nipples became
     very responsive to my touch, and would harden quickly at the slightest touch.  Some
     nights I would tease them by licking them, then blowing on them and
     lightly tugging on them with my teeth.  My sister's young breasts responded
     to my teasing by swelling up quickly and almost doubling in size.  I pinched
     her nipples as hard as I dared, twisting and pulling them until she would
     begin to stir.
     The thought of getting caught excited me even more, and I became more and
     more confident.  I placed my cock at the part of her lips and would gently push
     until my sister's young lips parted open allowing my cock to enter her mouth slightly.
     I would then move my cock around in her mouth very slowly, feeling her teeth and 
     tongue rub against my glans.  While rubbing her titties with one hand I would usually
     jack myself off in her mouth, spraying my cum down her throat.  I always
     saved one last spurt for her breasts.  I made sure to rub all the sperm
     into her breasts and nipples leaving no evidence for the next morning.

     During the next few weeks Tracy's breasts continued to grow nicely.
     They were now a full 34C, more than a handful, and now required
     more than just one spurt of sperm to cover them fully.  I was convinced
     that my nightly sessions contributed to the perfect development of
     Tracy's breasts. It was unusual for a 12 year old (well almost 13 now) to
     have such perfectly formed breasts.  Her tiny body made her tits look
     bigger than ever.
     I decided it was time to share the fruits of my labor.   The next day I asked Bob,
     a friend of mine, to come spend the night and help me with my nightly maneuvers. 
    --end pt. 1

 Part 2.     "Bob Joins the Inspection Team"

     On Friday night, I invited my friend Bob over to spend the
     night.  After everyone was in bed asleep Bob and I got ready.  I
     explained to Bob my nightly inspection routine as we stripped and
     walked down the hall to Tracy's room.
     As usual, young Tracy was laying flat on her back with her arms folded
     above her head causing her back to arch and jut her breasts outward and up.
     I pulled the covers back exposing her body to Bob.
    Tonight, Tracy was wearing a silky camisole that covered her to her waist, her
     legs were spread enough to show Bob her young hairless pussy.  I decided the
     first thing to do was expose Tracy's magnificent breasts to Bob for his opinion.
     I pulled the straps off Tracy's shoulders, and slipped the top down
     over her swollen breasts, exposing her tiny nipples to the
     night air.  Tracy was now fully exposed to us.  She looked so cute
     lying there asleep.  Her pouting young lips were slightly parted while
     she breathed deeply. 
     Bob and I stood there for a moment enjoying the view and stroked ourselves
     to full erections.  Bob began by ever so lightly rubbing his hands over Tracy's
     tits.  He gently squeezed them and pinched her nipples, at the same time being
     very careful not to wake Tracy. 
     Bob then kissed and licked her breasts softly and lightly bit on her nipples
     making them hard.  Bob could not believe how perfect this 12 year old's breasts
     were.  He was now ravishing her young tits,  squeezing them hard by now and
     had his face buried between them.  The sight of Bob ravishing my young 12 year
     old sister was really turning me on. 
     While Bob jacked off and played with Tracy's tits, I knelt down and began kissing
     and licking young Tracy's cunt.  I let my tongue glide across her smooth pussy
     lips and explored the inner parts until I reached her tiny hole.  I stuck my tongue
     in as far as it would go, and then fully licked her entire pussy several more times
     making the entire area moist with our juices.  I slid my tongue down past her pussy
     hole to her young tight ass.  I kissed and licked her ass hole thoroughly, enjoying
     the taste of a virgin young ass. 

     I then positioned my cock over her pussy, rubbing it up and down between her ass
     cheeks.  I stopped at her pussy hole tempted to enter.  The head of my cock would enter
     slightly, but I knew Tracy would awake if I penetrated her. 
     I continued to rub my cock over Tracy's pussy and ass while watching Bob jack off
     on her tits.  At that moment Bob started to cum, and shot loads of sperm over Tracy's
     breasts and nipples.  He turned his cock to her half open mouth and shot off the rest
     of his load. 
     Bob then smeared his sperm all over her tits with his dick, gliding it over her hard
     young nipples making sure every inch was covered with sperm.  The sight of
     Bob shooting his load all over my sleeping sister's bare breasts was almost
     too much.

     All of a sudden Tracy stirred and turned over on her stomach, smashing her
     large sperm covered breasts onto the bed, and now exposed her young tight
     12 year old ass to our gaze. 

     As Bob watched, I stroked my engorged cock while rubbing my free hand
     over Tracy's tight little cheeks, squeezing and kneading her flesh, then running
     my hand down her crack into her now wet pussy.  Tracy has the most beautiful little
     ass ever, perfectly formed and tiny with a nice gap between her thighs.

     I bent over a lightly kissed her ass, running my tongue in between
     her cheeks until I reached her little button.  I then brought my cock
     up to her moist ass cheeks and slid the head between her cheeks while
     stroking my cock and rubbing the head up and down her little crack.

     I continued to hump little Tracy's ass crack while watching Bob
     trying to insert his dick back into Tracy's mouth.  Tracy's little
     ass felt so good and I could feel my orgasm building inside my balls.

     Bob now his hard dick completely inside my sister's mouth and
     he had slid his hands under her chest grabbing and squeezing her
     sperm soaked tits.  While I continued to fuck my sister's little
     butt crack I could not believe she hadn't yet awoken.  The sight of
     Bob's big cock in my little sister's mouth and my dick sliding up and
     down her tight little butt crack was too much for me to bear. 

     I erupted into a gigantic orgasm spewing sperm all over Tracy's back
     and butt crack.  I inserted the head of my cock into Tracy's pussy hole
     and shot the rest of my load deep into her hole.  At that time Bob
     released his second load into Tracy's little mouth and shot his
     sperm down her throat.  We both stood back and looked at the sight
     of my 12 year old sister covered in sperm, cum oozing in her butt
     crack and dripping out of the corners of her mouth. 
     At that time, Tracy rolled over onto her back and began to moan lightly.
     Still asleep Tracy began rubbing her breasts together and squeezing her
     nipples.  Moaning again lightly, she reached a hand down to her little
     pussy and began rubbing it.  It was obvious little Tracy was having
     an erotic dream and was beginning to get herself off in her sleep.
     Little did Tracy know however that she was already completely covered
     in our sperm.  She continued to rub herself to orgasm while we
     watched and jacked off.  When Tracy came Bob and I both shot another
     load all over little Tracy's titties while she squeezed them together,
     rubbing our sperm into her nipples. 
     When Tracy was finished cumming, she rolled onto her side and fell
     back into a deep sleep.  Before we left, Bob and I each inserted our dicks
     into little Tracy's mouth to clean them off and rubbed her tits one last time
     before sneaking back my bedroom.
      --end pt. 2              

 Part 3.    Time to Quit Fucking Around

     My nightly inspections continued, and I was becoming more and more bold.
     When Tracy turned 13, I decided to spread my attentions to her perfectly
     formed little ass. 
     For a 13 year old virgin, Tracy had unknowingly racked up quit a record with
     me jacking off on her tits and ass and in her mouth every night for a year. 
     Tonight I decided I was going to fuck little Tracy, that I was finally going to
     give it to her good and right.  Instead of just jacking off all over her I was
     going to fuck her virgin pussy once and for all. 

     But this would take some planning as I for sure could not get caught, at all.

     I picked the perfect night when our parents went out-of-town for the
     night.  They would not be home until tomorrow night.  I then decided
     I would have to drug little Tracy so that she would not wake up and
     realize what was happening. 
     Since I cooked dinner that night, mixing a few pills in her food would not be
     a problem.  Tracy showed up for dinner wearing a little skirt and tight little
     halter top that clung to her round little titties.  I knew that Tracy was not
     wearing panties again, and I thought about scolding her for it.  I decided to
     focus on the plans for the evening instead. 

     After dinner Tracy moved to the couch and watched TV until she passed out
     from the pills.  I waited as long as I could stand it before I picked her up and
     carried her into her bedroom.  I laid Tracy out on her bed and began taking her
     top and skirt off.  When she was completely naked I decided to test her to make
     sure she was totally out of it before I began the second phase. 
     Before I tied her up, I pinched hard on her nipples to see if there was a reaction.
     When I was sure she was totally out I tied her to the bed with nylon
     stockings, her legs spread far apart and her breasts stretched out flat.
     She looked so good like that, all tied up and passed out cold.  I decided to
     blindfold Tracy in case she woke up. 

     I then started kissing her all over, massaging her flattened breasts and rubbing
     her exposed pussy.  I knew that tonight I could be more rough with little Tracy as
     she couldn't feel a thing.  I pinched her nipples hard, then I pulled on her pussy lips
     and bit on her clitoris. 
     I continued ravishing her tight little body rubbing and kissing her all over.
     I finally noticed a little ooze in her tiny hole.  Tracy was getting wet.  She must
     be having another erotic dream, induced by me no doubt.  I slowly inserted a
     finger into her tight little virgin hole, further lubricating Tracy's little hole.  I
     inserted another finger and then applied some K-Y jelly to my fingers and
     lubed up her hole real good.
    Tracy was ready, ready to be fucked by her own brother.  I got up on the bed 
    and positioned my cock in front of her love tunnel.  I was finally going to fuck
    my little sister!  I guided my rock hard dick into her tight little hole pushing my
    bulbous head further into Tracy.  After the head pushed in I slid the rest of my
    aching cock into her all the up to my balls. 
    Damn, Tracy was TIGHT!  I couldn't believe how good she felt.  I pumped in
    and out of Tracy slowly, I didn't want to come right away.  While I fucked Tracy
    I sucked and bit on her little  nipples, making them rigid and point straight out

    After fucking little Tracy for a while I decided to untie her and turn her over
    on her stomach.  I wanted to pound myself up against her perfect little ass.  I
    placed a  pillow under her stomach to raise her ass up high and then penetrated
    her fully and quickly.  There was no way Tracy could wake up. 
    I fucked her as hard as I could, and finally came, spurting what felt like a gallon
    of sperm into her pussy.  I quickly pulled my cock out and finished myself
    off all over her sweet young ass.  I then rubbed the head of my cock into
    her tight butt crack smearing my sperm all over her anus.  When I finished
    I cleaned Tracy up, untied her, and put her little nighty back on.  I tucked
    Tracy in bed and kissed her gently on the mouth before I went back to bed.
    The next morning Tracy came down to breakfast looking very hungover and
    was complaining about a headache while she described this unusual dream
    she had about her being tied up and screwed.  She said it felt so real,
    and asked me if that's how it really was. 
    I said yes it sounded like it.
    She said it really turned her on thinking about the dream and wanted to
    know more about this sex thing.  I told her I would be more than happy
    to teach her about sex, and cum, and being tied up.

    I decided that Tracy was ready to be introduced to sex now, and not in
    just her sleep or dreams.  I told Tracy to go to bed, wearing nothing
    and I would come in later to talk to her about sex. 

    I came in later to find Tracy asleep already, so I climbed into bed next to
    her and began feeling her body up and down. 

    I kissed Tracy on the lips, then moved to her ear and called out her name,
    "Tracy, Tracy, wake up honey." 
    Tracy stirred a little and opened her eyes and looked at me and said
    softly, "I've been waiting for you to cum!!!" 

    I told Tracy about sex and my dick (of course), and told her to touch it.
    She grabbed it lightly in her hand and felt it as it began to swell.
    "It's growing!!" Tracy said.

     I said "Hang on to it tighter". 

     And she did as she pumped my cock up and down like a pro.  I dared Tracy
     to put her mouth on it and kiss my cock.  She agreed only after I cheerfully
     agreed to kiss her breasts in return.  She took my cock into her mouth and
     slowly devoured it liked she had been sucking cock for years.  Maybe it was
     all that sperm I was depositing in her all those months!

     --end pt 3