- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Exploring sis
[Author] Cynthia692goo
[Type] Brother/sister


The following story is 100% true, although the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved. The first 18 Chapters my brother wrote as a letter to me while he was serving in the Navy, approx. 3 years after this story begins. We were separated due to his being in the service and I was finishing my last few months of high school, he sent me the letter telling me that he wanted me to know just how much our relationship meant to him in his own words. A few years later while on vacation for a month in Hawaii we wrote the next 20 chapters together. I wrote the final 5 chapters almost 16 years after the beginning of the story following my Love's death during a so called "Classified Training Mission" in which he and another of his fellow Navy S.E.A.L.s were killed. I will love and miss him forever, until we are again reunited in what ever follows life upon this earth.


INTRODUCTION - A Description of Sis and I -

CHAPTER 1 - Our Summer has a Change of Plans -

CHAPTER 2. - Things go from boring to way beyond expected -

CHAPTER 3. - Sis and I start to really checkout each others 'tools' -

CHAPTER 4. - Our Fun {& education} Really get Rolling -

CHAPTER 5. - Almost to the Final Frontier -

CHAPTER 6. - Ready to Begin Perfecting Our New Talents -

CHAPTER 7. - Dedicated to Mastering Our New Skills -


Introduction - Sis and I -

Sis: 5'10" tall, 124lbs., 37D - 24 - 35, Long brunette hair with front cut in bangs above eyebrows and remainder an even length with ends just brushing the top of her tight rounded butt. Dark brown eyes, full sensuous lips and perfect straight gleaming white teeth. Most Important of All Features; a Heart of Solid Gold!

Me: 5'11" tall , 175lbs, 48" chest and 32" waist, well defined muscular build, shoulder length dark brown almost black hair. 7Ĺ" cock about 2" around. Light green eyes, with mouth and teeth matching those of my Sis's. Forever Grateful for all the Love Iím Blessed with Receiving, especially from my Sis! I desperately hope Iíve proven worthy of such a wonderful, loving and forever exciting woman!

Chapter 1 - Our Summer has a Change of Plans -

I was 16 and like most healthy 16 yr. old males I was constantly in a state of arousal, and thinking about sex, looking for a chance to finally get to go all the way, and not overly particular about who with. Mostly fantasizing about finally finding that gorgeous nymphet that would allow me to fulfill my desires, and jerking off at every opportunity.

Summer vacation was only a few days old, at breakfast one morning my parents informed my sister and I that my Grandfather was seriously ill and in the hospital suffering from a heart attack, my Grandmother desperately needed some help around the house, therefore, our summer plans were to be drastically altered, and we were to travel with my dad 400 miles away to spend an undetermined amount of time helping out Granny. Neither, my sister Terri or I acted very excited about the prospect, but kept it to ourselves, since we knew family members needing help had to take priority over our own plans for fun and adventure during the summer.

Terri was 15, actually 11 months younger than myself, we had always been very close as younger children and got along well for siblings. Though over the last couple years our interests had strayed apart and we didn't spend as much of our free time together anymore. Terri was a star athlete on several of the girls sports teams at our high school, an honor role student and in my opinion, as square and obedient a person as any I had ever known. I on the other hand, although capable of good grades, found school work boring, refused to cut my hair as required to be a participant in our school's boys sports program, and therefore was not involved with the athletic programs at all, however, I was very athletic oriented.

I tended to hang out with a much wilder crowd, usually either in trouble or narrowly avoiding it in one form or another. An avid Motocross racer, a large part of my non-school time was spent either racing or practicing and doing physical conditioning. I was already ranked as a professional by 2 organizations that sanctioned racing events.

The prospect of spending the better part of the summer with an old lady in a town where we knew nobody our own age was a unifying unpleasantness for both Terri and I, or so I thought and after my dad dropped us off at Granny's and left to return home and to his job, Terri commented to me, with a grin, "if I start looking like I'm having to much fun please slap me and bring me back to reality", a comment that brought laughter from both of us. Granny lived in a small 2 bedroom house, but there was a 1 bedroom apartment built onto the detached garage, this was to be my new residence and Terri would be staying in the main house with Granny.

Chapter 2. -Things go from boring to way beyond expected -

Granny would leave every morning around 6:00 am to drive to the hospital and would spend the entire day there until visiting hours ended at 9:00pm. Returning home by 10:00. We were expected to have dinner ready for her upon her return, and to take care of the normal everyday chores around the house. Working together efficiently Terri and I would have everything done by 10:00 am at the latest and then basically had nothing to do until time to make dinner in the evening. Granny didn't even own a television, and with no transportation other than our feet, we were left with very little to do that was of any interest to 2 teenagers. Boring was an understatement of monumental proportions.

I spent the better part of my days reading Penthouse, or one of the other adult magazines I had stuffed into my duffle bag before leaving home, and of course jerking off 6 or 7 times a day.

On our 3rd morning after arriving at Granny's Terri knocked at the door of my garage apt. about an hour after we had finished our daily chores, I called for her to come in as I tried to stash my magazine collection from view. When she entered I noticed that she was wearing her short cut-offs and a white T-shirt tied in a knot below her breasts, I had noticed many times before that my sis had a knock out body, but never really gave it much thought past just noticing.

I figured she was such a do gooder, that she wouldn't have any idea what her charms where good for anyway, if fact I had overheard her complaining to my mom about her big tits on several occasion, saying that they were just in the way when playing sports. I took the opportunity to silently think to myself that it was a real shame that such a good looking girl was not only my sister but a total square to top it off. She came into the apt. and sat down on the side of the bed facing me as I sat in the only chair in the sparsely furnished room, and asked if I wanted to play cards or something? To my great surprise I noticed that she did not have her normal industrial support bra on, in fact I could see the unmistakable outline of her upturned pear shaped nipples through her shirt,,, god what a set of tits,,,,, as good as any I had been studying in the magazines, and better than the majority of the models. This revelation gave me an instant hard on that felt like it was cast from concrete!

Naturally I quickly agreed, anything to keep those magnificent tits and splendid legs in view at close range! I couldn't believe that I had never noticed what a foxy specimen my sister really was. My aching rock hard cock was not about to let me forget any time soon. Terri produced a pack of Hoyle playing card form her back pocket, removing them form the package she asked what game I felt like playing? I just knew that if I told her what I really had in mind, she would storm out, and probably head directly to the telephone and report to my dad what a pervert her brother was, so I simply said "whatever you feel like will be fine." As she shuffled the deck, she said "Well, OK, then I choose Poker, 5 card stud, nothing wild." To which I casually accepted, somewhat surprised that she even knew how to play poker.

As she dealt the cards she looked me in the eye and said " Instead of money, we won't make bets in a regular fashion, but the winner of the hand gets to either ask the looser any question they want, which has to be answered 100% honestly, or they can choose a piece of clothing that the looser must remove"

I almost fell out of my chair with surprise! "Wow Terri, you're the last person I would have ever expected to initiate a game of that type, but it sounds like my kind of game!" she smiled and said " Thought it might help beat the boredom back a little and provide us the opportunity to get back in touch with each other at the same time." I agreed that her plan sounded flawless to me. I figured that I should be able to have my sexy little sister naked in 4 hands at the maximum, since the absolute most she could be wearing was 3 pieces of clothing, panties, shorts and T-shirt. I was wearing shorts, socks, and a sleeveless T-shirt, I had the advantage easily by my calculations.

Well sis was just full of surprises, as I was quickly discovering, Terri won the first hand soundly. As she raked in the cards, she casually said " loose that T-shirt , thank-you." I readily complied as she shuffled and dealt the second hand. I lost again, it was painfully obvious that my little sister, had played poker before, possibly a lot more than I had! " You have nice feet, I already know that, so Loose the shorts this time, please" she said raking in and shuffling the deck. I complied, however, I attempted to remove the shorts, and since I was not wearing any underwear, conceal my raging hard on to some extent at the same time, not that I was shy about letting somebody see my cock, I just wasn't at all sure as to how she would react to the severe case of arousal.

I finally won a hand on the third round, barely, 3 - 8's to her 3 -6's. and promptly said " Well about damn time, now you can loose that T-shirt, permanently, if I have a choice" Terri quickly pulled her shirt over her head, as I sat there slack jawed and starring at the most gorgeous, perfect set of tits I had ever seen, in a magazine or anywhere else for that matter! Terri noticed the look of amazement and coyly smiled, "What's the matter big brother you look like a drooling retard sitting there like that?" " I assume by your reaction, that you don't mind looking at my titties, or do I misjudge your opinion?" Finally recovering some sense of cool composure I replied rather lamely, " Uhhh, yeh sis, I think you got me figured out on that one alright."

I quickly shuffled and dealt the next hand, which I promptly lost. " Like I said, I have seen your feet, so why don't you just donate the socks, you look kind of silly wearing only socks and a hard on anyway, then get ready for a question." Terry said as she picked up the cards and shuffled, then set the deck down beside herself on the bed. "Have you ever put that raging hard cock to it's intended use, or just manual self abuse?" she asked, looking me straight in the eye. " And by the way if the loser attempts to lie when answering a question, and gets caught, then they have to perform any dare that the winner requests" she added before I could fully form an answer to her question. I didn't want to admit to her that I was still a virgin, and figured that she would probably not believe me even if I admitted it, so I said that I had been able to use it properly on a few occasion, but was looking forward to much more experience, " Since we both know that practice, practice, practice makes for perfection." I quipped. She had never let her eyes wander form mine since asking the question, and I couldn't hold her gaze and lie (so much for a poker face I suppose) at the same time it seemed. She thought for a brief moment then said " Nice try big brother, but your lying to me and I know it!"

I sheepishly admitted it, since she seemed to have not even the slightest doubt as to my honesty. She flashed me a beautiful smile, flipped her head as only girls seem to do, flipping her waist length mane of hair over her shoulder, sitting up straight, displaying her perfect tits proudly for my enjoyment. " Stand up and let me get a good look at that hard cock, then come over and sit on the bed with me, so I can do a little touching if I want to." She demanded in a rather authorative tone of voice. I complied eagerly, since doing so also put me much closer to her magnificent tits. I also realized that I was loosing the game badly and at the present rate, would never succeed in getting her out of her shorts and panties.

Chapter 3. - Sis and I start to checkout each others 'tools'-

As Terri dealt the next hand, I noticed that she was staring at my cock and balls with the same look of admiration I was admiring her breasts with. " Well Sis, see anything you like, or are you just a drooling retard too?" I asked cockily. "Yep, big brother, I do see something I like, I didn't realize you had such a nice tool set!" she replied. The comment didn't hurt my ego at all, and I smartly snapped back, " Oh, and how would you know exactly, had much experience judging tool sets?" Terri blushed noticeably at that remark, and didn't respond at all, simply picked up her cards and said "Better play your cards, hot shot, be kind of nice if you could win a hand now and then just to keep the game interesting." I had the winning hand with an impressive pair of 4's, I had the feeling that she deliberately lost that hand, since she never showed her cards just said " You win, I don't have a thing."

Never one to be ungrateful, I quickly told her to loose her shorts, figuring one more lucky hand and I would have my exquisitely gorgeous sister naked also. Terry slid off of the bed, standing up she had her back to me, and wiggled her ass sexily as she peeled her tight cut offs over her hips. To my amazement, she was not wearing any panties! I was quickly beginning to wonder if my assessment of my little sister's personality was totally wrong, maybe she was just a lot more discrete about things than anybody I knew. When she turned around, she was smiling broadly, "Well finally, I was beginning to think I was never going to get to get naked too!" she said as she slid back up onto the bed retaking her seat.

She sat in a semi lotus type position (Indian style), which to my delight, not only exposed her pussy, but caused the outer lips to open and reveal the pastel pink inner lips, I was also surprised that she had no pubic hair at all. "Yeh, me too." I replied as I quickly dealt the next hand. Gee sis, I thought girls your age would have a full crop of hair going down there, but obviously not." Terri smiled as she picked up her hand of cards and replied " You're right except that the girls on the basketball team all agreed that their guys seemed to like it better with no hair, so I figured you probably would too, especially after I noticed that most of the girls in your magazines have their pussies shaved." I had to admit that I did like it that way, easier to see everything in all it's splendor.

Obviously my little sister was not, at least around me, self conscious or bashful with her body, and rightfully so, as she was the most exotic creature I had ever seen or even envisioned in my wildest fantasies. As she picked up her cards she didn't even look at her hand, she just softly said, "I vote for skipping the card game, if your interested, I think we can find something much more enjoyable to pass our time." I tossed the cards over the side of the bed "Sis, I am sure your right, but I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, so you tell me what you would like to do exactly, not to mention as you already found out I am not what would, even remotely, be considered experienced myself!"

Chapter 4. - Our Fun {& Education} Really get Rolling -

Terri looked deep into my eyes never breaking direct eye contact, "I want to do and try everything, just in case you have never figured it out, when we were little kids, you were my 'Hero', and since we have gotten a little older, I have known that I loved you, and I don't mean just like a brother, that is why I never go out on dates or even really talk with any of the guys at school, you are the only one I have ever wanted." After a brief pause she continued, "that's why when we were sent down here, I thought that it was going to be the greatest summer of my life, as long as you felt the same way about me, that is!" I was stunned by her revelation and really didn't have a response, I had never realized she felt this way, but as far as I was concerned it was the best news I can ever remember hearing. "I know that most people, Mom & Dad included will think this is totally wrong, but if you feel the same way, I don't care what the rest of the world thinks."

I leaned forward, pulling my beautiful sisters face towards mine with both hands on her cheeks. It seemed kind of corny, yet it felt so right, as we slowly came together, our mouths met in the most erotic, soulful kiss I had ever experience! Terri's soft full lips parted and I felt her tongue softly probe my lips, as mine parted I couldn't believe how wonderful if felt when our tongues met and began exploring each others mouths, I didn't want that kiss to ever end. With out breaking our deep French kiss, my arms around her neck and shoulder we gently eased ourselves back against the pillows and head board, laying, with me partially on top of her. I could feel her magnificent pear shaped nipple, which now was hardening, pressing against my chest, the warmth of her long smooth, powerful athlete's thigh against mine, her skin felt so amazingly soft, she smelled so fresh and enticing, so many wonderful sensations all at once, I wanted to dwell on each one but didn't want to miss any of the others.

After what was probably 10 or 15 minutes we slowly broke the kiss, as it seemed was becoming usual her bright brown eyes were locked onto mine, " I do Love You , Terri, maybe I never even realized just how much until this very instant, but I would be happy if we never had to leave this bed or each other, for the rest of our lives!" I said softly to her, as I gently let my left hand begin to caress her breasts. Finally I lowered my mouth to one of her nipples, and softly sucked it into my mouth, letting my tongue swirl over the now fully hardened nipple. A soft but deep moan escaped from her throat, as she grabbed my head in both hands and arching her back, pushed her magnificent tit into my face.

Although I had never actually performed any type of oral love making on a woman, I had read so much in the magazines, that I had a pretty fair idea of what I was supposed to do, good enough that I figured that I could get started and improvise my technique as I observed Terri's response to my actions. The last few years I had read every article I could find on any techniques that were supposed to really please a woman, at the time I had no idea which really would work, and which were just journalistic drivel, but I was eager to try most anything, I most of all wanted to be able to bring the utmost in pleasure to my partner. Since my partner was turning out to also be my little sister, I figured that I was going to get lucky, in as much as we would be able to experiment and learn together.

After giving both of her tits equal time, I started kissing and licking my way down her creamy, flat and hard belly stopping briefly to tongue her navel. When I reached the area where I had earlier expected there to be pubic hair, her skin was just as smooth and soft as everywhere else on her body, I didn't waste time pondering the pros and cons of the missing bush, in fact I found the smooth bare look very appealing.

I stopped briefly and told Terri, "I am not exactly sure about all the details of what I plan to do next, so please, if something feels real good let me know, if you don't like something then let me know that too, and don't be afraid to pass along on any suggestions you might have, all I want to do is make you feel better than you ever dreamed possible." Her reply came in the form of a somewhat ragged "Ok , seems like your off to a great start so far" as her breathing rate had noticeably increased, and her eyes seemed to have developed a hazy look. Terri spread her legs wide and pulled her knees back, giving me great access to her engorged pussy. I positioned my self directly in front of the object of my long desire and obsession.

I had heard other guys joke about pussy smelling like a rotten tuna, but the slight musky aroma of my sisters pussy was not at all unpleasant, hooking my arms around her hips, I momentarily marveled at the wonders of her pussy, the inner lips were parted and open like a rare pink flower, glistening wet and distinctively longer than the puffy outer lips. I let the tip of my tongue explore the folds between her labia starting at the bottom and working up towards her belly. The instant my tongue slipped between those wonderful folds of female heaven I was amazed at how wet and hot she felt. After exploring the lips on both sides, I flattened my tongue and extended it as far as I could taking a lick all the way up the very center of her love flower.

I knew that the clitoris was supposed to be her super sensitive joy button, though I was not exactly sure where to find it, until I reached the top portion of her 'flower' where the lips from both sides began to merge, as my tongue passed over that area Terri moaned and thrust her hips up towards my eager mouth, her left hand had been lightly caressing the side of my head, and running her fingers through my hair now suddenly grabbed tightly to the back of my head and pulled me down to meet her up thrusting pussy. I was certain I had found the love button, her throaty "Ohhhhh YES, YES baby suck my hot cunt!!" "Oh GOD that feels soooooo good , so goddamn good!!" confirmed my suspicions. Dropping lower I tongue fucked her tight hot love hole as deeply as my tongue could probe, at the same time as my thumb worked in circles around her joy button. Suddenly she began to grunt, groan, moan etc and her pelvis started to jerk and thrust in small circular thrusts, both of her hands were now tightly pulling my face into her hot wet pussy, and her love nectar was filling my mouth requiring me to swallow regularly, my nose was pulled so deeply into her wet and warm folds it was getting impossible to breath except through my mouth, but I didn't want to miss the chance to drink her flowing love nectar if possible.

I was sure that I had found heaven! Then she started shuddering and shaking, followed by a scream that startled me, at first I thought maybe I had done something that was hurting her, but she wrapped her legs around my head and it would have been impossible for me to pull back from her pussy, then I realized that she was not in pain but was having an orgasm! After what seemed like several minutes she relaxed the leg lock on my head and was not spasming nearly as hard, "Oh fuck, Oh goddamn, shit yes, yes yes..... oh, please STOP!" "Baby please stop, or I am going to pass out" she panted to me between grunts and little shrieks.

I was rather proud of myself, to say the least as I moved back up beside her beautiful shuddering body, her eyes were closed, breathing ragged and heavy, as I wrapped my arms around her and leaned in to kiss her cheeks and eyelids. Within a moment or two she wrapped her arms around me also pulling herself tightly against my chest, her eyes fluttered open and her mouth found mine as we again locked into a deep French kiss, though much less frantic than the first one, it was even more sensuous if anything.

Shortly thereafter she rolled her legs up to mine and threw the top one over my hip using the back of her calf to pull me towards her. My cock was harder than I had ever seen it, and it was now engulfed within the folds of her hot drenched pussy lips, the head extending past and along the crack of her ass. The feeling of just being enfolded with her labia was almost getting to be to much to handle, I was afraid that if she started moving very much I was going to spurt my cum right then. After several minutes of this embrace she broke our kiss, saying "My god I never had any idea that it was going to feel so good, I didn't even know it was possible to feel that much pleasure!"

I gave her lips a light lick, and asked "Did you enjoy the taste of your pussy nectar, as much as I did?" She blushed a little, and said "Your mouth does taste good, it's making me even hotter!" "Now I want to return that pleasure and taste your beautiful cock, until you fill my belly with you warm sperm filled cum!" at which point she broke our embrace and moved down toward my cock, taking it in her hand, the other fondling my balls, I said "It's not going to take much before I can't hold back any longer, so don't waste much time if you want to really eat my cum." Upon hearing that she bent and took as much of my 71/2 " cock into her mouth as she could without gagging, closing her lips around the shaft, the warmth of her mouth was all it took, "Ohhhhh Sis, here goes" was all the warning I was able to give her, though she didn't really need a warning, she just wasn't prepared for the extent of my eruption.

The first 3 or 4 spurts she was able to swallow after which she did the best she could, but semen was leaking from both corners of her mouth, her solution was to jamb her head down on my cock, and swallow at the same time, which pulled my spurting cock right down her throat, and she took me all the way to the base, the hot tight feel of her throat working on the head and top part of the shaft either made me come again or just intensified the orgasm already happening, whichever, I could not believe how intense the spurting was. Terri somehow kept me buried in her throat until I had pumped all the spunk I had, directly into her belly, before she slowly withdrew me from her mouth and gulped a couple lungs full of air before smiling at me

"Geez sis, that was great, where did you learn to deep throat like that, I thought that was something that took quite a bit of practice and determination?" I said, amazed at her seemingly effortless success at swallowing my entire cock. She said she had no idea how to do it, other than hearing some of her girl friends discussing having tried it, "I just couldn't swallow the flood of cum that was filling my mouth fast enough, and that seemed to be the best solution, because I didn't want any of your cream to get away!" she said as she was still lightly stroking my still rigid cock. "All the girls I have ever overheard talking about their boyfriends always say that a guy's cock gets soft after an orgasm, why is yours still almost as hard as it was before?" she asked, "I really don't know, it usually does, at least when I'm jacking off, it must have something to do with my beautiful sister sitting there touching me, naked and more sexy looking than even my wildest fantasy."

Terri smiled at my comment, and slid back up my body, laying on top of me until we were able to embrace each other beginning another loving kiss, tongues and hands exploring each other. Her legs were open and on the outside of mine, my cock again lay between the wet open lips of her pussy as she moved her ass in small thrusting circles stimulating her clit, it felt so great, I just really couldn't imagine how anything could ever feel better.

Chapter 5. - Almost to the Final Frontier -

After another 3 or so minutes of deep kissing, she reluctantly pulled her lips from mine. "I am kind of afraid to go any farther, I don't really know exactly what we are supposed to do but I know that I really want to feel your wonderful cock buried deep into my pussy." She said in that soft throaty voice of hers, "I have heard that it is supposed to hurt for a little while the first time." I said, wanting to make sure that she knew what to expect. "It's not a problem, I broke my cherry over a year ago, fantasizing about you while stuffing a cucumber up my cunt." She replied.

She raised her ass up off of me a bit until the head of my cock was where she wanted it, then sliding her hand between our bodies she positioned my cock as she moved down my body slightly at the same time as she lowered herself down onto my rock hard tool. As the tip of my cock penetrated the entrance to her love tunnel she moaned followed shortly by a gasping moan from me, the exquisite pleasure I was feeling as her tight, wet, silky soft pussy started enveloping me was beyond belief!

Terri raised herself up to a squatting like position with her hands supporting her upper body on my chest, her eyes closed and head thrown back I could feel her long tresses brushing my thighs, I put both hands on her hips, though I didn't know if it was to help support her or to pull her down onto me all the way, before I had a chance to do either she dropped her body down in one smooth motion until her pelvis was tight against mine. We both moaned deeply, she just stayed there motionless except for the milking type contractions the walls of her pussy were gripping my cock with. After a few seconds, she began slow full strokes raising her ass up until my cock would almost come out of her silky fuck hole, then back down all the way, followed by a slight back and forth rocking movement that rubbed her stiff clit against the root of my cock. I could not believe how great she felt, it seemed like her pussy had been made just to hold my cock, and my cock was made just to fill her fuck hole perfectly.

After what was probably around 10 minutes of constant slow erythematic fucking, Terri started trembling slightly, and with a noise something like a grunting moaning screaming combination she began pounding harder and faster up and down on my cock, I thrust up into her wonderful pussy as hard as I could matching her thrust for thrust, just as I was about to tell her I couldn't take much more without cumming, she started jerking and shaking almost like a seizure, her hot love juice flooding out and down my balls as the walls of her cunt gripped and released then gripped my cock again, "Oh god, Yes Yes Yes, Oh fuck I am cummmmmmmminggggggg, fill my hot cunt with your cream, oh goddamn yes...!!!" she screamed, I felt my balls tightening and my cock grow longer and harder and I knew she was about to get her wish! I pulled her hips down with all my strength at the same time as I thrust mine up as hard as I could, groaning in ecstasy I started pumping her baby oven full of my semen.

I had thought that the intensity of the orgasm when I was in her throat was unbelievable, that was minor league compared to what I was feeling now! As she felt the spasms of my cock and the cum washing into her womb, Terri began cumming even harder, her cunt was gripping my spurting cock like a velvety vice, it's contractions milking the cum from my cock.. After what seemed like days and seconds at the same time she collapsed on my chest, we were both breathing hard and neither of us could talk at first. I recovered enough to bring my arms up and embrace her, pulling her tightly against my chest.

"My god that was the greatest experience of my entire fucking life! You felt just so incredibly good, I can't even explain how good you feel to me!" I whispered to my Sister/lover. "Me too......Oh god that was great.....I didn't want it to ever end, but I felt like I would explode into outer space or something if it got any more intense!" she rasped out between gasping for air. Finally as our breathing and heart rates returned to something more normal, she brought her mouth back to mine and we were once again locked into a wonderful deep soul kiss.

My cock was still deep within her velvety cunt, although it was now only semi-hard, her love tunnel was still gripping it tightly. "Can I stay right here for awhile?" Terri asked me as she broke our kiss. "Sis, you can stay right there for the rest of our lives, if you want to." I said, my tongue reaching for hers again. We fell asleep like that at some point, still joined at the crotch and the mouth, both of us in a total state of bliss!

Chapter 6. - Ready to Begin Perfecting Our New Talents -

When I came awake I realized that Terri had awoke before me, finding my cock still inside of her creamy hot cunt she had started moving back and forth slowly until it regained it's full hardness, then as I woke up she had began to fuck me again with full deep strokes. After a few minutes of the exquisite pleasure, I held her in my arms pulling her to me, "Lets try it in a different position for awhile" I said softly to her, then rolled her over and under me without ever removing my rigid cock from her steaming fuck hole.

Once I was on top of her I supported most of my weight on my arms as she wrapped her long legs around my waist pulling me all the way into her cunt. "Oh yesssss, fuck my hot cunt, fuck it hard and deep baby" she moaned as my cock buried itself to the hilt. I began stroking in and out of her wonderful pussy with slow steady thrusts. Her breathing again became more ragged and she started to cum again.

I continued thrusting but increased the tempo more and more as her orgasm intensified until I was pounding into her swollen spasming cunt. "Yes oh yes shit yes, fuck me fuck me fuck me oh god yes......." She gasped then began a grunting scream as she panted, her orgasm continuing, she was thrusting her pussy back at me as hard as she could, matching my thrusts. Her fuck hole clamping down on my cock as she continued to cum was all I could take and with a grunt I buried my cock to the hilt again as I felt the spunk spraying spurts deep into her womb. It seemed to last for a couple of minutes, before I collapsed onto her nuzzling into her neck and kissing her under the ear. I could feel her still having little contractions as her orgasm continued but weakened.

Chapter 7. - Dedicated to Mastering Our New Skills -

We lay together for some time regaining our energy, my cock still clasped within Terri's tight pussy. Again sharing a deep lingering hot French kiss, and exploring each others bodies with our hands. "Well, I guess we should get up and start getting something ready to make dinner, it's almost 8:00pm, but I can testify to the old saying that time sure flies when you're having lots of fun!" Terri said as we broke our lingering kiss. "Yes, I guess your right Sis, but I know what I want for dinner, and we won't have to cook it either" I replied with a sly little smirk. "Oh, and what might that be?" she asked with a smile, "All I want to eat is your soaking wet, sexy, gorgeous pussy and maybe a beautiful tit or two will be my desert." I answered as my tongue explored her left ear. Terri moaned softly, and replied " Lover, you can eat, lick, suck or anything else you feel like doing to me anytime you want and as much as you want!"

My cock was beginning to become fully erect again, still clasped within her hot, slippery, wet fuck hole. Sis noticed my cock was expanding inside of her again, and hunched her hips against me, making sure that my cock remained buried as deeply as possible within her belly. "Oh...god.....yes, baby ......fuck my hot cunt again.....fuck me hard and fill my hot cunt with another load of your love juice.....I love making love with you, now do me........fuck me .....fuck my hot cunt......Oh...please fuck me now!!!" Terri groaned out as she wrapped her long smooth legs around my waist again and pulled me against her hard.

I raised myself up on my arms and began slowly stroking in and out of her wonderful love hole, pulling back until only the head of my cock barely remained within her, then stroking back in until I was buried to the root again, then pushing into her and slightly upward so that the root of my cock would rub against her clit before beginning to withdraw again starting the next stroke cycle. Her pussy muscles would tighten and grip my cock hard as I stroked back, almost like a fist tightening it's grip making sure not to lose it's hold on an item of great value, then as I began to thrust in again her pussy would relax letting me glide back in a silky soft embrace until my cock was again buried to the root at which time her wonderful love muscles would again clamp down holding me in a vice like grip awaiting the beginning of the next out stroke.

We made love slow and deliberate like that for over half an hour, it felt so wonderful, I didn't want it to ever end, I knew now for sure that Terri's pussy was where my cock belonged, and I wanted nothing more than to make love to her, to make her feel as good as possible, though I doubted that I could ever manage to make her feel as good as she felt to me. "Oh yes baby......yes, yes yes.....your going to make me cum again.......oh goddamn yes!....... your cock feels so fucking huge inside me! Fuck me.....fuck me.....baby, Oh........I'm cummmmming, yes, yes, oh shit fuck goddamn, I'm cumming..... " she said in that sexy throaty way of hers as her orgasm erupted into contractions, her pussy now gripping and releasing and gripping again with the spasms of her orgasm.

The milking feeling of her love hole was making my balls start to pull up and prepare to fire another salvo of spermy semen deep into my beautiful sisters gloriously wonderful sucking womb. I continued stroking in the same slow steady pace which we had been using the whole time, I knew it wouldn't be long before I came, but I was not in a hurry to bring that moment on. Sis continued to orgasm, her breath ragged, her legs holding me tightly in there grasp, as her body convulsed and spasmed below me, her head was rolling side to side, and her pussy was hunching back and forth in perfect unison with my thrusting.

Finally I could not take any more, and I felt the first shot of my come boiling up from my balls through my cock, as though in slow motion, I collapsed on top of her clasping sis tightly around the shoulders, I could feel her firm ripe breasts with their nipples hard as bullets pressed tightly to my chest, as I sank my cock to the root, this time with my cock even harder then before as it prepared to explode. I felt the head hit bottom inside sis's fuck hole, then pushing into her as hard as I could, it felt like the head of my cock pushed through a very tight ring, my cock had breached the mouth of her cervix as I exploded and shot the first shot of sticky hot semen directly into her cervix.

As the head of my cock pushed into the mouth of her womb, Terri screamed and began to orgasm harder than she had ever cum before up to this point, her legs so tightly held me around the waist that I couldn't have withdrawn from her cervix even if I had wanted to, which of course I had no intention of doing! I pumped rope after sticky rope of cum into her clenching cunt, until I was afraid that I was about to pass out.

Suddenly sis relaxed her leg lock around me, and went silent, although the muscle contractions and spasms continued within her body, I realized that she had passed out, when my own orgasm subsided enough to allow me to again begin to think, I was concerned that maybe I had hurt my beautiful little sister somehow, maybe by penetrating the mouth of her cervix or something I had injured her, I could tell by the rise and fall of her swollen breasts that she was breathing alright, so I just gently stroked her pretty sweat drenched face with my fingers, and spoke softly next to her ear, "Sis, are you alright, ...... my beautiful lover, I don't know what I would do if I hurt you somehow....... Oh, baby are you ok?"

A few moments later she opened her eyes, slowly, blinking her long lashes and turning her face towards mine, "Oh, baby that was so great!! .......... I think I passed out, but god it felt soooooo........soooo good! I Love You Baby!" she quietly whispered to me, her arms hugging me tightly. Our mouths met again in another sensuous deep lovers kiss.

After kissing for several minutes I raised my hips up, slowly, very slowly pulling my cock from the delicious grip of her clinging, cum stuffed dripping love tunnel, until finally with a slight sucking/smacking sound the head of my cock came free of her cunt for the first time in almost 7 hours!

Almost instantly I felt like a part of my self was missing, and wanted to be back inside my sister/lover's body so that we would again be one entity. Terri groaned and held me with her calves on the back of my thighs, "Oh...... god, I already miss the feeling of you inside of me........ my cunt feels empty and hollow without you inside of me." She purred. We kissed again, at least some part of ourselves were still interconnected. We had only 45 minutes left to get dinner made and ready to serve before Granny would be home.

Realizing that we were quickly running out of time, we both reluctantly separated and sat up in bed, preparing to stand, I almost felt like a little child attempting to take my first step, yet I could hardly wait until we were able to once again be connected as one, to feel her hot silky smoothness surrounding my cock.

"Baby, lets make a new rule for the two of us, if it's ok with you that is" Terri said with a questioning look, highlighted by the obvious look of love and sated lust glowing within her eyes. "What rule is that?" I asked taking her hand in mine, enjoying the feel of her soft warm skin against my palm. "From now on, we will stay naked all the time we are alone, we won't get dressed until we see Granny pull into the driveway, and we will get undressed again the instant that she leaves in the morning." Sis said in a soft seductive voice. "Sounds perfect to me, Sis, the more I get to feast my eyes upon your charms and beauty the better I like it!" I replied passionately.

"Well we had better get going with dinner, or it won't be ready in time." I said as I led my sweetheart from the room out into the backyard and the pathway heading for the house and our awaiting chores, I looked sideways at her, and marveled at the sway of her beautiful full breasts as we walked, the upturned pear shaped nipples still partially hard and pointing up towards the evening sky. She squeezed my hand in hers and smiled in return as I pulled my gaze from her magnificent breast to look upon her pretty face.

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The story continues with; Chapter 8. - Even Our Chores Take on a New Atmosphere -