- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Healthy incest
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

I've seen lots of fakey stuff in here - people making up obviously false
stories just for the shock value. Well, I happen to be involved in a
completely rewarding and HEALTHY incestuous relationship with my sister,
and have been for 14 years, since I was 23 and she was 21. After college
for me, and her last year in college, we had both had a few nasty and
disappointing experiences with relationships. It was summer, and we were
home on the farm, helping dad with the vegetable farm. It was hard, hot,
dirty work, and almost every day after the rock-picking, or the weeding,
or digging or whatever was on the schedule for the day, we'd go
     My sister was and is a very attractive woman... I'd been noticing
how good looking she was since I was 13, but of course never mentioned
it. I had fantasies about sneaking nude into her bedroom at night and
hiding under her bed while she changed,ordinary adolescent stuff like
that, and I did "accidently" see her naked on a couple of occasions,
stealing glances at her small little nipples down her shirt, etc,
sneaking to the closet naked to get clothes after a bath when she
thought nobody was looking - which kept me in wet dreams for months.
Nothing ever really came of it, until that last year, 1983.
     It was early summer, or even late spring, after school, and we had
gotten very close. I told her about my disappointments, she told me
about the obnoxious creeps she had dated in college, and we
commiserated. One saturday, I went out to the hill where she was
sunning, (It was still a little chilly, but she's always had a hard time
getting a tan, so she was starting early) and I laid down on the blanket
next to her.  We talked about how much we wished we could meet someone
like each-other. I worked up a little courage and told her that I loved
her, something I'd never said seriously before. She got quiet, and said
after a bit that she loved me too. We hugged. We didn't talk anymore
right then, but I think we both knew a barrier had been broken. After a
while she got up since it was getting cloudy and went inside. The next
time we went swimming, She either "forgot" the top to her bikini, or it
was in the wash or something, I don't remember now, and she just wore
her bottoms and a t-shirt... there was no-one else there swimming when
we got there, and we had fun splashing around for a while... I was
getting very sexually aroused, I had a very difficult time keeping from
staring at her nipples poking against the fabric of her shirt once she
got wet all over. We lay on our backs in the water and stared up at the
sky for a little, holding hands. I had an idea. I told her to lay back
in the water, and i would try swinging her around in a circle in the
water... by the ankles, just for fun. Well, if you've ever tried that,
you know it doesn't work: she couldn't hold her legs straight against
the flow of the water, and couldn't keep her head above water, and I
couldn't make her move through the water very fast either, even though I
was pretty strong from picking rocks and hoeing weeds, etc. So, I parted
her legs and tried to get a grip under her knees, but that just sank her
head further under the water, so she wrapped her legs around my waist, I
grabbed her hips, and she could stay up. I swung her around in the water
for a bit, but I had a problem: my rapidly stiffening erection. I could
feel it brushing her thigh, and then her crotch! at every step, so I
stopped swinging her around, and sank down in the water, saying
something like,  "How was that?" She caught her breath and said
something along the lines of "That was fun!" and "Maybe we could do it
again sometime."
     She said it in a very strange tone of voice, which I found too
scary to respond to directly, so I went for the indirect, and said
something like, "Well, why not right now?" She agreed. I got between her
legs again, (Heaven!) and started swinging her around again. I watched
the water pouring over her body as I swung her in a circle. She had been
holding the bottom of her t-shirt the first time, although I didn't
notice it, being too befuddled by my own concerns, but I noticed this
time. She was holding it very tight... her fist practically in her
crotch. She let go, or the cloth slipped, and the fabric floated toward
her head immediately, but she caught it and drew it down again. I knew
for CERTAIN that she could feel the hardness of my erection rubbing
aginst her crotch, even though I was trying to keep her body away from
     Now, if this was a fake story, this would be where i would make up
some excuse for her to take off her shirt, or skinny dipping, and we'd
wind up fucking. We didn't that day, that was as far as it went. I was
too chicken to do anything, and so was she, I found out later that she
had been close to having an orgasm when we stopped. Another car drove up
not long afterwards anyway, if my memory is correct. We left not long
afterwards, after towelling off. I THOUGHT about telling her that if she
wanted to take off her wet shirt so she could dry off as we drove home,
it would be fine with me, but I didn't, and it wasn't because I was
chicken, but because I knew she wouldn't react well to that suggestion.

     A few weeks later, when the weeding was dying down for the summer,
and the rock picking was long over with, I got done with some chore or
other, and went out to where she was sunning again in front of the
house. She had gone for a long walk with a girl-friend of hers the
previous weekend, and pulled a muscle, she said, in her side. I took off
my shirt, and laid down on the ground next to her lawn chair. It was
near lunch time, I remember. She was putting tanning lotion on her legs.
Somehow, I don't remember whether I asked her if she'd like it if I put
some lotion on her back, or if she asked me, but I wound up rubbing
lotion across her back, rolling up her tube top to do it. As long as i
was rubbing her anyway, I asked if she'd like a massage, maybe make her
side feel better? She agreed, and i spent some time exploring her body
and developing a raging erection. I gave her a good massage, kneading
her muscles and tendons gently but firmly... I think I had read a book
on massage or something by then. At any rate, she really liked it. I
pulled her tube top up to her neck, and rubbed her back in long strokes,
and her bare legs. my hands hesitated at her butt, and I asked her if it
was all right to rub there. She giggled like I was silly, and agreed
easily, putting me at ease.
 I let my hands slip beneath her shorts to massage her buttocks, and it
felt indescribably good, but then I decided not to go any further, not
knowing how she'd react. of course my erection was still very hard, so
when I finished rubbing her legs, (and rubbing her thighs was very very
very nice) I tried slipping my midsection under her chair to hide it
when she turned over. She asked why, and i came up with some lame
excuse, like wanting my shorts to be in the shade so they wouldn't get
so hot in the sun, and i wasn't getting tan there anyway. She unrolled
her tube top and turned over, giving me a compliment on my skills as a
massager. i sat up and asked if she'd like me to do her front too, and
she agreed. No, I didn't massage her breasts, although I dearly wanted
to. I rubbed her soft tan shoulders, her beautiful torso, and her lovely
long legs. I rubbed her thighs for a very long time, getting closer and
closer to her crotch... then she got up without a word and went inside.
I was afraid I'd gone too far, but she didn't act any differently toward
me the next time I saw he about half an hour later at lunch.
      She'd gone into her room. Did she go in there and masturbate? The
thought made my mouth go dry.  That summer I was doing quite a lot of it
myself, in the bath tub or in bed. No, nobody caught me at it, and I
didn't catch her doing it. My old fantasies came back about hiding under
her bed, and I had some very nice dreams. Sometimes they were so vivid
that I had trouble he first thing in the morning, remembering that I
HADN'T actually made love to my sister, feeling that warm wet ring slide
down my shaft. A few more weeks went by. Mom and Dad took us on a day
trip to some aquarium, and since it was August, we wore light shirts and
shorts, but we hadn't reconed with the air conditioning in the car. Mom
and dad wore warm clothes, so for them to be warm in the front seat, My
sister and I in the back seat got chilly. We got close, and cuddled all
the way to the aquarium and back, telling mom we had to keep warm when
she looked at us. My sister threw her beautiful legs over me and sat
right on my lap... and once again, I could feel my erection pushing hard
into her flesh, and there was no way she wouldn't feel it. And she kept
wiggling around!
     Once again, we didn't go any further. Finally, it was September,
and my sister was packing for her last year at college. I had gotten a
job in town, part time, but it was a short term temporary thing, I had
plenty of time to help dad harvest. Anyway, the day my sister was
leaving for college, I went to her bedroom in the morning, wearing my
robe, and knocked on the door. She called out "hold on a minute" and I
heard cloth rustling around, then let me in, wearing her own robe, very
thick and plush purple fabric. I went in, and we talked about her going
back to college. I asked if she needed any help packing, but that was
all done. I told her i would miss her, that I always had when we were at
different places. maybe I could find a job in the city, and come live
down there? She said she though that was a good idea and yawned.
     I asked if I'd woken her up, but she said no, and acted like she
was going to say what she had been doing, but stopped. "Still tired?" I
asked. "Well, kind of stiff," she said, or something like that. I asked
if she would like another massage, since she liked the last one so much,
and she blushed! She agreed, and laid down on her bed. I tried
massaging her through the thick robe she had on, but it wasn't working,
I couldn't feel where she left off and the robe began. I thought about putting my hand under her robe,
but I thought she might not like that, and I was desperate for her to
not get mad at me... I sighed and turned around on the bed. "What's
wrong?" she asked me. I didn't dare look at her, I was too scared,
but I went ahead and said what was on my mind.
     I don't even know if I should be in here...." my voice shook a
little. "Why not?" she asked now, clearly concerned. "Have you
ever..." I started and broke off. She said, "Have I ever what?" very
VERY quietly. I sensed something important in that, and I got up my
courage. "Have you ever thought about having sex with me?" oh boy. I
could just see the rest of my life turning into a burning hell,
everything teetering on the edge of collapse. Mom would hate me
forever, I'd have to join the foreign legion... "Well, I guess I have
THOUGHT about it, sometimes," my sister said, meaning she'd never
seriously considered it, only I thought I heard a little bit more
than that. Not hell but purgatory... I said, "Do you want to have sex
with me?" and somehow I looked at her... I don't remember standing
up, but I was looking at her standing up to me. "I don't know..." she
said. "Sex creates a kind of bond you know? not a brother-sister kind
of bond... I love you, and i don't want to put a wall between us..."
"Maybe I want that bond." I said. "We're both grown up now, we can do
what we want. I love you. We've both had lousy luck with other
people. nobody else is like you, nobody else knows me like you, and
the same thing goes the other way. I mean I know you better than
anyone else. does." She sat down, and I could tell she was really
considering it. "It's too scary... we could get in so much trouble."
I sat down next to her, not touching her. I could tell she was near
crying, and so was I. "We're both grown ups. our lives are our
business..." I trailed off. She looked at me. I looked at her very
close ... and then I kissed her. She gasped, and put her arms around
me. I slipped my arms under her robe, and she was naked beneath it.
She was scared as hell, and so was I. We were both shaking. I touched
her breast softly, and stroked her nipple, it felt rubbery. My sister
closed her eyes and panted through her mouth. She picked up her hands
and put one in my lap, fumbling around...and then Mom called us down
to breakfast.
     We slid apart, and looked at eachother, a dangerous moment... my
mind was so fogged I wasn't sure I'd really heard Mom. "I guess we'll
have to go downstairs." I said. "I don't want to go downstairs" my
sister said, and I knew she meant she wanted to stay up here and have
sex with me, and that she didn't want to go down there and look at
mom. but then she called, "OK Mom!" and we stood up. i was going to
leave, when she put her hands around me, and give me a fantastic
kiss, and squeezed my erection once through my robe. "I love you" we
both whispered, and then we went down to breakfast.  the rest of that
day was busy, and when my sister left, she gave me a great hug and
kiss, and told me we should call eachother lots.
We did, do some calling, but we didn't know how to talk about our
sexual intentions toward eachother... I started looking in the city
paper for jobs, and found a few to apply for... finally, the last
week in september, i got an appointment, and drove all night down to
the city where my sister was going to college I met her at her dorm,
in the very early morning. She let me sleep on the couch in the
student lounge with a sleeping bag, since her roommate was sleeping,
and there were rules about visitors in rooms between certain hours of
the night. She had to go to class in the morning and I had my
appointment. In the afternoon, I met her at her dorm again. her
roomate was out. I looked over her very small room, while she excused
herself for a minute to do something, I don't remember what.... When
she came back i was scared again... i was sitting in her chair with
the sleeping bag on my lap. She said something like, "Got a hug for
your sister?" and the next thing I knew, the sleeping bag was gone, I
was across the room squeezing her, kissing her... She started taking
off my clothes, and I helped her take off hers. I remember she was
wearing hiking boots, with thick socks, and jeans... She touched my
penis. "Can I hold it?" I nodded. we got down onto her bed, and she
wrapped her fingers around me. that was the last thing either uf us
said for hours. she stretched out her long beautiful body on top of
me, I covered her with my hands, trying to touch all of her at once.
I was in heaven, and not even a hound of hell could have dragged me
away. we devouredeachother's mouths frantically, i felt her beautiful
naked body on my own body... my erection pushed up between her
legs... and she sank down onto it... When I entered her, slipping
between her soft labia, sliding up deep inside her.... it felt better
than any dream I'd had about her. It was so unreal feeling, looking
up at my beautiful sister, naked, and my penis buried up to the hilt
inside her body, hard erect and throbbing inside her. her eyes
fluttered closed, and she moved on top of me, forward and back,
rubbing herself on me... I came inside her, quickly, it was so
exciting. She rubbed back and forth on me fo a minute more, and then,
i felt my sister's orgasm, squeezing my softening cock inside her...
She collapsed on top of me, and i smelled her hair draped across my
face... then we kissed... it was so spectacular to me. Finally, after
all these years, i had finally had sex with my sexy sister i had
lusted over for so long.
     That was our first time. I didn't get that job, but i did get
the next one, and moved to an apartment down in the cities. Dad said
he'd manage to get along without me on the farm, and my sister moved
in with me... not officially, but gradually, spending more and more
time at my place, and leaving the dorm room to her roomate. We
started having sex twice a day. I bought lots of condoms. When she
graduated, she got a job in the cities too, and we started living as
husband and wife - after all, we did have the same last names, and
for all anybody knew, other than people we knew from growing up and
practically never had contact with, we were married.
     Dad died about 9 years ago, and mom about 7. My sister and I
live as husband and wife, still in love, still having sex regularly,
and we have two terrific kids, 2 boys, Eric and Paul.
A typical day starts out with her waking up before me, (She always did
get up earlier than I did), and groping around in the bed for my
penis... since I usually get an erection in my sleep at that time of
day, she grabs me and starts rubbing my erection, almost every morning.
I'm a very lucky man to have a sister/lover to wake me up in the morning
with sex... The kids are usually out in the living room watching
cartoons. either she will roll her wonderful body over on top of me,
slip me between her legs, and rub me up and down until she is wet, and
then slip me inside her, and ride me until we come, or I will roll over,
and get between her legs. after sex, we'll go to the bathroom and clean
up, (her first) and when I'm in the bathroom, she'll go make breakfast.
After I'm ready for work, I'll come help finish breakfast and clean up
while she gets ready for work and the kids get ready for school.
Night's are much less regulated, we do whatever around the house
needs doing, and might have sex several times before falling asleep.
My sister is pregnant again.
This time we're hoping for a girl.