- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Incest by blackmail
[Author] Superstud01
[Type] Brother/sister

Gloria always detested her little brother.  He could always be counted
on to make her life hell, even
though he was only about two years younger than her; he told their
parents about her smoking cigarrettes,
he told them about her escapades with boys during lunch at school
(what he knew about), and he was
constantly around, as if to spy on her.  Gloria at 15 had big firm
breasts, the tight and firm body of a
luscious teenager, and a voracious appetite for cock.  What her 13
year old brother did not know was that
Gloria was getting fucked by the high school varsity football team, as
well as several young men from the
local college, who gained access to Gloria through their buddies on
the high school football team (it was a
case of younger brothers telling their older college age brothers
about the slut who put out, whose name
was Gloria).

Gloria was very popular, having lost her virginity at age 10 to a 17
year old neighbor boy, who basically
lured her into his tree fort, where he overpowered the girl and raped
her.  The boy then proceeded to
befriend Gloria with gifts and candy, in order to coerce her into
allowing him to have sex with her on a
daily basis, and in no time he was pimping her out to his friends.  At
age 13 Gloria got pregnant -- father
unknown -- and she conned her parents into letting her go to "Summer
Camp," which was actually a home
for unwed mothers, which facilitated the sale of her newborn baby.
Gloria's parents had no idea that their
13 year old had just sold her baby girl to a 30 year old pedophile,
who fucked the child, and when the girl
was older, he used her to breed more virginal children for him to
fuck.  But Gloria never looked back, and
never gave the infant a second thought after she received the
$5,000.00 the man paid her, in cash.

Greg, Gloria's little brother, was a virgin in the throes of
adolescence, and the mere suggestion of sex
caused him to get erections spontaneously almost any time.  Gloria
loved to walk in on him jerking off, so
that she could taunt him about the size of his penis, and his lack of
sexual experience.  She loved being
able to make him shrink up with shame at having been caught
"red-handed," sometimes even during the
course of ejaculation...  Little did Gloria realize that her little
brother would get even.

It was around the 4th of July when news came in that an old college
roommate of their father had been
killed in a hunting accident, and their parents were called away from
the family's home in Garden Grove,
to New Jersey, for the funeral.  This meant that the two siblings
would be on their own for a full week.  To
Gloria this meant that she had a place to fuck; she told her little
brother to get lost, and that first night she
brought five guys over for a gang-bang.  She took their cocks on the
floor of the living room, oblivious to
the fact that Greg had watched the whole scene, and had made an audio
tape recording of the orgy.  This
went on for several days and about 24 cocks, before Greg confronted
Gloria with the accumulated
evidence of her fucking, including a photocopy of the entry in her
diary wherein she confesses to having
willingly engaged in the gang-bangs.

"You little bastard!  I can't believe you WATCHED me screwing those
guys...  That really SUCKS, Greg.
You know, you really are a little cocksucker...  You better give me
all that shit back, or buddy, I'll get all
those dudes to come after you, and they WILL fuck you up... " Gloria
was shouting, she was so angry.

"Oh come on Gloria, use your imagination, I'll GIVE you back all the
evidence, but only if you agree to do
anything I say until mom and dad come home... All you have to do is
agree to be my, well, personal slave,
and you can have the tapes back...  But if you won't agree to be my
slave, then fuck you, and you can
suffer the consequences after I tell mom and dad how you held a party
every night, and let all those guys
fuck you, IN THEIR BED!"  The sound in Greg's voice was sarcastic, and
Gloria just hated it.  She knew
that she had to cooperate with her obnoxious little brother, but she
resisted, in the hopes that Greg might
soften his demands a little.

"Your SLAVE?  You must be joking!  I'll just get Brad and Bill and Joe
to come back tonight, and they'd
be happy to fuck you up for me; they might even fuck you up the ass,
so you can get used to it for when
you go to prison, cause that's where you're going.  YOU'RE JUST A
Blackmail is against the LAW, you know..." Gloria was trying to talk
her way out of the corner Greg was
trying to put her in, realizing that her fuck buddies would never hurt
her little brother, for fear of being
prosecuted for assault and battery on a minor (she knew this because
she had tried before, unsuccessfully).

"Okay, FUCK YOU GLORIA!  I'm TELLING mom and dad the minute they get
home, and just wait until
they see these PICTURES..."  Greg now produced a stack of explicit
photographs, all of which showed
Gloria getting fucked (by more than one guy).  Gloria knew now that
her slimy little brother had her by
the short-hairs, and she reluctantly agreed to be his PERSONAL SLAVE.
That night Gloria prepared her
brother's bath, and his meal.

All the next day in school, Greg was busy thinking up things he could
force his new slave to do.  When he
got home he had evolved a plan which he was determined to carry out.
He knew that it was the ultimate
act of coercion, and it excited him to no end as he built up the
resolve to carry it out.  Later, at home,
when Greg had Gloria draw his bath, he took a moment to stroke his
meat until it was hard, before
removing his robe and sliding into the warm water.  When Gloria turned
to leave Greg stopped her, and
insisted that she stay and receive further orders.  Gloria had no
reaction when she sat down on the toilet
seat cover, and became fully aware that her 13 year old brother was
masturbating openly in front of her.

"What the fuck are you doing, Greg?  If you want dinner, then I really
need to get back into the kitchen..."

"FUCK DINNER!  ALL you need to think about is doing what I tell you to
do, SLAVE!  I think I'm
gonna find out what all those guys at school are talking about...  You
know, the one's who brag that they
AND I KNOW YOU'RE GOING CRAZY..."  Greg's lips now curled up into a
sadistic smile.

"What are you saying, Greg?  You want to fuck me?  You are sick...
CAUSE YOU'RE MY BROTHER!  Don't you know THAT'S  INCEST!  I'm not
letting you fuck me, no
way!" Gloria was getting a sinking feeling in her stomach; she knew
that there would be real hell to pay if
her little brother ratted her out.  She suddenly started to think
about the shock her parents would
experience if they saw the photos of her getting fucked on their bed,
and in their house.

"You're only making it worse on yourself...  You know that you have to
do it...  whether you want to or
not!   I'm not bullshitting Gloria.  If you know what's good for you,
you'd get naked and spread 'em on
IT!" She did know that Greg would carry out his threat.  The thought
of being penetrated by her little
brother's penis almost made her violently ill, but she knew that she
had no alternatives to submitting to
him sexually.  Gloria silently rose to her feet, looked at Greg in the
eye, and left the bathroom.  Greg was
worried that she wasn't going to put out, and that he might have to
carry out his threat.  He finished up his
bath and toweled off, before leaving the bathroom in the nude; his
bedroom was immediately adjacent to
the bathroom, and when he entered the dimly lit room he noticed that
his big sister had taken her shorts
off, along with her top, and was lying on his bed COMPLETELY NAKED
with her legs spread.  Greg's
heart skipped a beat as he realized that his opportunity to lose his
cherry was at hand, with his own sister!

 "Okay, Greg, JUST GET IT OVER WITH...  AND, NO KISSING!  This is
grossing me out as it is, so

The 13 year old's erection was extra hard as Greg climbed up onto the
bed, between his big sister's
outstretched legs.  He instinctively reached down to guide his
throbbing penis into Gloria's cunt, but he
couldn't find the hole...  After some fumbling around, the girl got
exasperated and reached down between
her brother's legs, and took hold of the teenager's cock, in order to
do it herself.  SHE HAD DONE THIS

Greg felt the head of his dick suddenly slide through the snug lips of
his sister's pussy, which was hot and
wet despite the revulsion Gloria was feeling as she engaged in incest
with her brother.  Greg, on the other
hand, could have cared a less that he was breaking a taboo by fucking
his own sister, because he was
having sensations in his penis that he had never had before.  Once the
bullet-shaped head of Greg's
manhood penetrated Gloria's cunt-lips, he pushed the whole length into
the tight snatch, until it was all up
inside his sister's pussy.  He started to thrust his dick in and out
by moving his hips up and down, which
caused erotic, horny sensations to surge throughout his body from his
balls, in ever increasing waves of
intensity.  Greg was soon fucking his 15 year-old sister with full
vigor, each thrust burying his dickhead
deep inside Gloria's womb, until he started to ejaculate.  Panting
like a dog Greg's cock squirted sperm
into his sister's cunt, flooding it.  Gloria remained unmoved by the
sex.  "Are you done yet?"

In order to taunt Gloria, Greg left his penis inside her.  Within
several minutes it got hard again and he
fucked her for a second time.  She remained still and motionless like
a plastic blow-up fuck-doll, as her
little brother humped his way to orgasm.  SHE HAD DONE HER DUTY AS A
BROTHER...  After that night Gloria let her brother screw her every
night until their parents came home.
After their parents returned, Greg would steal into her bedroom after
everyone was a sleep, and he
continued the blackmail...  Gloria dutifully put out -- hating every
minute of it -- and six months later she
got pregnant by her brother. As a cover she married a college jock and
moved to another state, where she
gave birth to the child her brother sired.  After that, she never saw
her brother again.