- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jumpin' on Jan
[Author] Dale Pastoretti (from Hot Family Letters)
[Type] Brother/sister

The first time I saw my sister's pussy, we were at the car wash.  I was washing the tires and Jan was running the vacuum on the carpet.  Jan was wearing jeans cut off so short that I could see her pubic hair.  I told Jan I to feel under the seats and put the trash in a bag that I had handed to her.  Since she had one foot on the ground and the other inside the car, I had a great view.  I could now see one pussy lip plainly.  I had never seen a more erotic sight in my life.  (I had been sneaking peeks at Jan ever since I returned from my four-year hitch in the Navy.)

    Jan stepped out of the car and put the bag of trash in the garbage can.  She said, "Look what I found."  Jan was holding up a Hustler magazine and an issue of Hot Family Letters.  I had Jan put them in the car as I wanted to look at them.  I had started teaching her to drive as soon as I got out of the Navy.  Jan loved driving and it gave me time to be alone with her.  I was leafing through the Hustler and spent a lot of time looking at the centerfold.  I commented on how pretty she was and how her tits stood up.  Jan would glance at each page but made no comment.

    I finally folded up the book and told Jan, "Oh, she wasn't all that hot.  I'll bet you're prettier than she is with your clothes off."  Jan was still silent on the way home, but I felt like I had broken the sexual barrier.

    One in the house, I put the book on the coffee table and went to change.  I picked up the magazine and found out what she had been reading.  It wa a story about a guy and his sister eating each other in the sixty-nine position.  Jan was gone a long time and I thought about going up to peep on her, but then she came back downstairs wearing thin yellow shorts and a halter.

    Jan sat back down beside me and we started reading the book together.  In every story the man would eat his sister, mother, aunt, grandmother or cousin before fucking her and she would eat him.  I could tell it was getting to Jan, and I was hotter than the hinges of Hell.

    Just to see how far Jan would let me go, I said, "Jan, has anybody ever eaten your pussy?"

    "No," was her reply.  "Do people really do those things?"

    I told her that when two people loved each other, they did it all the time.  It was just foreplay before the main event.  Jan said it sounded nasty and she could never do it.  I said, "Jan, nothing between lovers is wrong as long as one doesn't force the other."  I turned to a page where a guy was eating his sister and licking her asshole.  I told Jan I would like to do her like that.

    She said, "You can't tell me that an ass isn't dirty."

    I said, "I didn't mean eat your ass.  I was talking about eating your sweet pussy."

    Jan said, "It isn't right for brothers and sisters to do that."

    I told Jan that it hadn't hurt the ones in the book or caused them any problems.  Jan said it still wasn't right.  I asked Jan to at least try it once, and if she didn't like it I would never ask again.

    I begged Jan for the longest time, and just when I thought she ws getting mad and was going to leave, I told her about my wet dreams and all the nights I had beat my meat thinking about her.  I finally got her to admit that she masturbated almost every night.  She said all girls did it.

    I asked her, "Doesn't it feel good?"

    She said, "If it didn't, I wouldn't do it."

    I said, "Then this will feel even better."

    Jan finally told me she would let me kiss her and feel her up, but I couldn't take her shorts off.

    I had Jan put one leg on the back of the couch and I put the coffee table under the other one.  I lay down on Jan and started kissing her eyes, nose, ears, chin, neck, and finally her sweet hot lips.  I had Jan's top pushed up over her titties, and after kissing her mouth and finally working my tongue over her teeth and tongue, I kissed my way down to her firm breasts.  Her tits were as hard as a man's arm muscles.  Jan's nipples were about one half inch long and felt like a jelly bean when I took each one into my mouth to suck and nip on.  Jan's hands had moved to my head and she was holding my mouth firmly in place.  She had started to grind her pelvis against mine and as much as I wanted to stay where I had dreamed of so many nights, I knew that if Jan climaxed now I wouldn't get to suck her juicy pussy.  So I kissed my way down to each thigh and then centered in on her pussy through her shorts.

    I could tell by the way Jan was twisting about that I was doing a number on her.  I soon found out that by tilting her on her side that I could pull her shorts to the side until her pussy was completely uncovered.  I was now looking right up inside my little sister's cunt.  Jan sure had a pretty pussy.  Her curly hairs were a light brown with just a little fuzz running down each side of her pussy lips to the crack of her ass.  The lips were fatter and a darker color than her tan thighs.  I released her tit and took both hands to pull her pussy open.

    I licked up both sides of her pussy lips until I got to her clit.  By pushing back on Jan's tummy, it brought her clit out in all its glory.  I just blew my hot breath on it for a while and fluttered the tip of my tongue over her little nub.  One minute of this and Jan was moaning and coming.  SHe had both hands on my head and was hunching her cunt into my face.  I drew her little nub into my mouth and sucked hard on it.  Jan's climax was a long, strong one.  I could feel her stomach quivering.  And I still hadn't put my tongue in her yet.  Jan started to push my head away, but I told her the best was yet to come.  I said it's always better for a girl to come two or three times.

    Jan relaxed and even raised her hips when I started tugging at her soaked shorts so I could pull them off.  This time I had Jan put one leg over my shoulder and I slid a cushion under her ass.  This way I had her pussy stretched open to its fullest.  I held it open for the longest time.

    I've always loved to eat pussy and never fail to eat a girl to one or more orgasms.  Jan was no exception.  As soon as my tongue went into her, I could feel her stomach tighten and she had another climax right away.  After her climax subsided, I just kept kissing her sweet pussy and telling her how much I loved her.  When Jan quieted down enough, I crawled up on her and she started kissing me and telling me how good it was and how much she loved me.

    Jan surprised me.  She said she couldn't suck me just yet but knew that she had to please me somehow.  She said she was a virgin, but I could fuck her, putting just a little in her.  I stood up and undressed.  When Jan saw the size of my cock she got really scared, but was still too hot to stop me.  I got on Jan and put the head of my dick just inside her pussy lips and started hunching slowly.  With each jab, I tried to gain entry.

    Suddenly, I hit her hymen and felt her stiffen up, so I stopped and explained that she would have to relax.  I went on to say that I could pop her cherry without too much pain and that all she would feel would be a small burning for about one minute.

    Jan relaxed and I pulled back some.  I knew I couldn't hold back for long.  I was so hot and worked up that I had to stop or I was going to come without even breaking her cherry.  I just lay on Jan with my throbbing cock nestled between her pussy lips.  Jan looked at me and asked me why I stopped and if I had come yet.

    I said, "No, honey, I haven't come, but I need to get my dick all the way in your pussy for you to get the best felling out of it.  This'll hurt you some, but not much, and only for a second.  Then you'll know the joys of fucking with a man in you."

    With this said, I started fucking more slowly, still trying to gain penetration with each hunch.  I said, "Jan, honey, let me know when you're ready to take my dick."

    Jan started kissing me and licking my face and then she shouted, "Now, Dale, now!  For God's sake, take me now!  I want to feel your dick inside me!"

    I gave three pile-driving hunches before I felt my pelvis slap against Jan's.  She cried out, "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!"  I just lay on her with my dick buried all the way in my sister's tight, hot pussy.  I looked at Jan and she had broken out in a sweat.  There were beads of sweat on her forehead, lips and between her breasts.  God, Jan was the prettiest sight I had ever seen.

    I looked where my throbbing dick was connected with my sister's hot pussy and saw a little blood on my cock and pubic hairs.  I asked Jan if it hurt much.  She said it was burning some and she felt so filled up.  Soon after, Jan put her heels on my ass and was matching me stroke for stroke.  I think a girl is born with a natural instinct for fucking.  Less than three minutes before, she was virgin and already she was giving me the best fuck I had ever had.

    I've always had the ability to drag out a fuck for as long as it took to bring my partner to orgasm.  Soon I had Jan coming, but I still held back.  I wanted her to come as many times as I could make her.  I've found out that if you bring a girl off many times, you can always go back for more, or else she will come looking for you.  Now that I had sampled Jan's beautiful tight pussy, I wanted her to want me the next time as much as I wanted her now.

    It took all the willpower I could muster, but I finally had Jan on the verge of another orgasm.  She was really getting into it now.  She was clawing my ass and back and using her petite frame to life my one hundred and seventy-five pounds each time she hunched.

    Then she was screaming, "Come, Dale, come with me this time.  I want you to shoot your hot cum all the way up into my womb.  Hurry, Dale, come with me."

    I wanted to hold back, but I  had dreamed about making my little sister beg me to fill her pussy with cum and now she was doing it.  There was just no way I could hold back.

    I think this was the most I had ever come in my life.  It felt so good it hurt.  I thought I was melting and running out the head of my cock.  Even when I pulled out and went to get a washcloth, the cum kept dripping out on my legs.  But when I got back, Jan was still lying there with her legs open.  I got down to wipe her cunt and I could see just a small trickle of blood pushing my cum back out of her.

    I sat on the edge of the couch in front of Jan, kissing her and apologizing for hurting her.

    Jan said, "Dale, the only way you'll ever hurt me again is to tell me that this won't happen again.  I've been living for this and it was worth waiting for.  You were the one to make me into a woman.  I knew it would hurt, but I've had my dreams, too, and it happened just like I thought it would.  Dale, I've always wanted you to be my first."

    We took a shower together and Jan brought her clothes to my room so we could dress just like married people.  After we were dressed, I asked Jan if she thought she would feel guilty later about letting me fuck her.  She didn't answer me but ran out of the room.

    In a minute she was back with a book of incest.  Tossing it to me she said, "I've read this twice every night and jerked off thinking about you.  It's like you told me, it didn't hurt the couples in any of the books, and I don't see why we can't just go on.  In fact, all this talking about fucking is getting me hot again."

    I asked her if I had hurt her much.

    She said, "My pelvis is a little sore, but my twat is in fine shape.  That is, if you're hinting.  We have plenty of time you know."

    Jan pointed out that we had three hours till it was time to relieve Mom and Dad at the shop, and we spent almost all that time fucking.  I brought Jan to two more orgasms.  The last one was a whopper, and I came two more times myself.

    Since I got out of the service and Jan was out of school, we had been running the auto parts shop in the evenings.  Mom and Dad would open at eight and Jan and I would go in from two until eight.

    After our marathon fuck, we had what we thought was the world by the balls.  We could fuck at least one time every day.  And no one suspected a thing.  We hadn't a care in the world until Jan got pregnant!  We talked about leaving our parents a note and running off.  So it was relief the way it actually worked out.

    Our parents' car pulled out of the driveway and Jan came running into my room with just her shorty top on.  I pulled her down on the bed and was humping the fuck out of her.  Jan was having the big O, and I was already in the short row when Mom walked into the room.  Jan started trying to cover up and my cock wilted like a dead flower.  We covered up and Jan was crying.  Mom sat on the edge of the bed.

    Mom told us that she and Dad knew about us from the start.  She told us about finding the magazines and staying awake till Jan snuck into my room each night.  She and Dad would sneak up to my door and listen to our passionate lovemaking.

    She said that Dad was very upset about it, but she had smoothed it down by telling him we would meet someone else and stop.  Dad had said don't bet on it.  Mom said she thought it was wonderful.  She told us she had slept with two of her brothers for five years until she met our father.  Then she added, "Just don't get careless and get Jan pregnant."

    Jan told her it was too late, that she was almost two months gone now.

    Mom quietly said, "I'll go to the living room and wait till you two finish, then we'll talk to Dad.  But I'd actually like to watch if you don't mind."

    I looked at Jan and she nodded okay.  My cock got hard and I got on Jan.  I put her ankles over my shoulders so I could suck her tits, too.  If we were going to put on a show for Mom, I wanted it to be a good one.  I wanted Mom to see my seven inches slide into her daughter's red pussy lips.  From where Mom was sitting on the bad, she had a very good view.  I think I gave Jan one of the best fucks we had ever had.  I looked back a time or two and Mom was rubbing her crotch.  We finished and I dragged my cock out of Jan's well fucked pussy and stood in front of Mom totally naked.

    Mom looked at my cock and said, "Your dick is even bigger than your father's.  I can understand how Jan is so crazy about you."

    Jan stayed in bed talking to Mom and I went to get us a wash rag.

    After I washed Jan's pussy and thighs, I slapped her on the pussy and said, "Get that pretty ass out of bed and let's go talk to Dad."

    In response Jan said, "You've hurt my pussy and I can't move till you kiss it."

    I didn't want to eat Jan in front of Mom, but I did spend longer than was needed there.  I even opened up her pussy lips for Mom to see as I kissed her there.

    Mom sighed and said, "If only Dad would do me that way."

    We went to the shop and Mom told Dad it was too late for birth control pills.

    Dad put a 'Closed for Inventory' sign on the door and we all went to his office to talk.  Dad was very upset and said, "How could you do this?  Dale, you've been around enough that you should have used protection.  We will have to get Jan an abortion."

    Mom took over then and said, "We can't chance an abortion.  Too many things can go wrong.  Jan could die or maybe become sterile."

    Jan took over then and said, "Daddy, I'm not going to get rid of our baby.  I love Dale as much as you've ever loved Mother.  You might throw us out, but some way I'm going to have my brother's baby and we'll raise it, too."

    I thought it was time for me to take over then.

    Dad had been talking about expanding.  We had looked at some property when we went to Atlanta to a hotrod and antique car show.

    I pointed this out to Dad.  "Remember you said it was a perfect place for a speed shop.  It was located on tow state highways and had four acres of land with it.  It had been a service station and had plenty of space."

    Dad thought a minute and said, "Yes, I think it would make a good auto parts place, but could you run it?"

    I told Dad that I could, with my partner.  Dad asked who that was.  I told him Jan.  I said, "Daddy, I love Jan and I can't think of ever spending another night without her."

    Dad thought a minute and said, "It's that serious, huh?"

    I told Dad that I could always reenlist back in the Navy with my old ranking, and that if they tried to break us up that is what I'd do.  And Jan would join me.

    Dad said, "We've done enough inventory for today but I want you and Jan to take it tomorrow.  You can close up at five.  Let's go home now."

    The whole family went to Atlanta that weekend and Dad made the necessary arrangements for the purchase and stocking, plus repainting and putting in shelves and putting up our sign.

    That night we stayed in a motel.  Dad registered for all of us and he got us a double with two double beds.  I thought I would have to sleep with Dad and Mom would sleep with Jan.  The women used the bathroom first and then Dad and I.

    When I finished showering and came out, Dad and Mom were in the left bed pretending sleep, but Jan was wide awake waiting for me.  I got in bed with her in my shorts.

    Jan turned to me and said, "I'm too excited to sleep; let's whisper all night.  I love you so much.  I just can't believe how sweet Mom and Dad are."

    Jan was wearing a slip, bra and panties.  We lay face to face kissing and then I felt Jan moving under the covers.  She was pulling off her bra and panties.  Then Jan was reaching for my cock.  She giggled and asked me if I could reach one of my socks so she could jack me off.  I figured Mom and Dad were asleep by their breathing.  I told Jan she would have to bite her lip when she started to come, and we would have to fuck slow and not make the bed squeak.

    I had only had my cock in Jan about a minute when I heard the other bed rustle.  It was dark in our corner but lighter on the other bed, which was closer to the window.  The covers were pulled up but I could see Dad's ass moving.  He was fucking my mom and I was fucking his daughter, and we were doing it in front of each other.  When I turned Jan's head so she could see them, she threw caution to the wind and started fucking me harder than she ever did.  I don't know how she ended up on top, but there she was, moaning and groaning and pumping her ass as hard at me as she could.

    I looked over to see if Dad had heard Jan's groaning  and saw that the covers were on the floor and that Mom was on top.  She had her head thrown back.  Her hair was almost touching Dad's thighs and her tits, which I had never seen before, were bouncing.  Dad was gasping for breath now and Mom was whimpering.  I heard her take a deep breath.  Then there was a long groan and she collapsed on top of Dad.

    Jan and I were so carried away.  She was coming in steady tremors.  Jan rolled on her side and then back, pulling me with her.  My cock never lost contact with her juicy pussy.  Then I was driving my dick up in her farther than it had ever been.  Jan was too far gone then and I was too.  Jan started to whisper for me to come with her.  We finally quieted down, but I fucked Jan again later that night.

    Dad had a new house trailer set up for us on the property and told us that we could build a house later.  Mom and Dad would come down to us once a month, and when our daughter was born, Dad was at the hospital.  Before they took Jan to the delivery room he said, "If this is a girl, I'll trade you a clear title to the property if you let me name her."

    Jandell is six months old and Jan is two months pregnant with what we hope will be a boy.  Mom has already named him Danny Gale.  After Dad and Janet Gail.

    They don't know I'm writing this, but if it is published, we will see it as all of us are avid readers of Hot Family Letters.