- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Little sister (2)
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

I touched my six year old sister last night

        I touched my six year old sister last night.  I had not planned on
doing it....it is something that they say you should not do...but after a
while I just could not contain it anymore I had to touch her small body.
is only 6 years old and so beautiful.  She has large green eyes that are
always looking around at everything.  She  had a small body that was so
it was unbelievable.  She had a small bony ass that was tight and soft
touch and when she sat on my lap the little ass would be so good that I
be throbbing in a couple of seconds in my pants.  I use to, after her
on my lap,  have to go upstairs to my room and get on my computer and look
some of my gif  files of preteen girls that I had.  I would then jack off
most of the time it would be imagining my little sister  sitting on the
in front of me sucking my cock.
        That night was to be different though...I had not known it till
After I had watched t.v. for a little bit I  climbed upstairs to my room
having decided to do some gif trading.  I was sitting online talking to
jerk who would not give me any gifs when there was a soft sound at my
door.  I turned just in time to see my little sister in overalls standing
the door looking in my room.   I turned to her and said,  "yes Ashley can
help you?"
     She had smiled at me her small lips curling upwards where two dimples
were and her eyes lit up.  "Chris can you help me with my bath?"  I
dead in my tracks and looked over at her.
    "Ash you are old enough to bath yourself."
    She looked at me for a second then she said,  "ya,  but I want you to
bathe me.  Gets lonely in that tub all by myself...and mommy daddy and
are all gone so I have no bath mates and it gets boring.  So please  Chris
come take a bath with me."  How would I be able to hide my hardon when I
climbed into that tub with her.  I was already hard looking at her in
small overalls which were getting too tight for her small body.
     I thought about it for only a second before I said okay to her.
happened in the bath.  I hid my hardon by putting bubbles in the tub and
never noticed.   I did touch her chest once but  that was playfully.    I
covered my self with a towel before I got out and watched her as she got
Her small clit was clearly visible to me.  The small lips were so perfect
the mound rose so perfectly I dreamed of touching that small area.  She
her small panties on and then her night gown.  It was long and went down
her knees, it was almost see  thought and I  could kinda see her panties.
     I walked her to her room and said to her,  "Come on Ashley get into
bed time for you to sleep."  She sighed and said in a small voice that I
barely heard the words no and I started to tickle  her tummy telling her
she was too going to get in that bed.  I lifted her off the ground while
was laughing and so was I totally forgotten about my hardon and my feelings
for a little girl.  I laid her down on the bed and found that I was  on
bed with her.  That was  when I felt it her small body was all around me
I felt her small legs that were thin and perfect.  My hand started to go
over her body and this I swear to you was unbelievable I was so hard in
boxershorts and I felt as if I could go  at any minute.
    My hand went down off of her small arms which were also making me
all the sudden.  She had stopped laughing sensing that something else was
in the way that my hand moved over her small tummy and traced it.  I moved
her nightgown up wards all the way up above  her chest.   She was just
looking at me.   I kept tracing her small belly button. My cock was
now it needed to be relieved lots it hurt so much.  My hand kept tracing
though and then it moved downwards.  I  started to pull her panties down
wards.   She kept her legs straight but raised her butt so that I could
the panties off.  I slide them off of her and looked down at the small
that were there and my hand slightly started to trace them.  With my touch
she spread her legs for me and I could see now her folds and I looked at
small face and noticed that it was flushed and she was panting.  I felt
inside her folds and that was when I felt it, my little sister was wet. 
slowly traced the inside with my hand and that was when I felt the pain
my cock I had to let that out I had to.
       I started to pull down my boxers and my sister looked disappointed
I took my hand away.  I stood up  and pulled my boxers off of my body and
cock shot out and up.  Ashley just stared at it and Iaid back down next
her.  I had to be  relieved.  I took her small hand and rapped it around
cock.  It only went around halfway.  I showed her how to move her hand and
she did that I moved back to her folds and started to make her pant again.
Her brown  hair was full of sweat now.   I felt her go at about the same
that I did and she looked at the white stuff rushing out of my  cock and
her hand she smiled  a little bit and I said to her.  "You can never tell
or dad Ashely they would kill me, or Carol this is our little secret." She
promised of course though she looked reluctant she loved it though I could
tell.  I touched my little sister and that is what happened.  We are going
do it again and when we do I will send you another story of what happened

Part 1 end.

Well that night I went back to my room and let my little sister fall
asleep unrestful.   She had left her panties off and when I had asked her
please put them back on she had said that she did not want  to put them
on.  As I got back up I touched her small clit once and rubbed it I felt
she was already wet again.  Tomorrow morning I would surely regret doing
to my little sister.  I went back to my room and laid down in my bed and
pulled my boxers back off.  I started to remember the feel of Ashley's
ass in my hands and the way that her small clit felt in-between my fingers.
remembered the way that it felt when she went or  the way that her hand
on my cock and I all the sudden wanted her to be there and sleeping next
me touching her flesh and feeling her in-between my body.

I had a throbbing hardon by the time that I had finished thinking about
my little sister and her body.  The feel of her clit would never leave my
fingers I knew that now...I knew that I  would never get over the feeling
touching a little girls clit and that scared me.   I had a throbbing hard
that was starting to hurt.  I took it in my hand and thought of Ashley's
small clit and what it would be like to put my cock  into that small hole.
of course went in a matter of seconds,  then I quietly put my boxers back
and snuck down the hall to Ashley's room.  Our parents and Carol had
a about twenty minutes after Ashely and me had touched each other.

I made sure that no one was up and opened the door to Ashley's room.
Her small nightlight was on in the corner and her windows were open a
bit. She had a small window seat with three pillows on it. The window of
course curved all around the seat.   I looked  at her small bed and saw
she was sound asleep in it.  Her nightgown top was a little above her
button and her small legs were spread wide.  The sheets were thrown off
one side. One of her hands was covering the small mound almost
perfectly. I looked at her small face it was so full of beauty and
trusting.  I went over to the bed shutting the door behind me softly.  I
touched her thin cheek softly and felt the softness of the skin.

My hand glided down over her neck and felt the soft skin there. I softly
bent over and kissed  her small lips with mine and she stirred a little
I still remember touching those lips with mine.  They were so soft and
perfect for a six year old.  I was turning 17 in two weeks and that meant
that I would really  be in some deep shit if I got caught sexually
a six year old but when I came into her room I forgot all about caution
just could not stop.  There was no way for me to stop this time either
like last time.  I shook  her shoulder until she woke up.  Her big green
looked at me   as a smile lit her lips.   "Bubba!" Then I put my hand on
lips to tell her not to talk.

I lifted her small body up in my hands and carried her out of her
room.  Her small legs felt so good against my hands as did her back.   I
carried her to my room which was far away from our parents room.  Tomorrow
was Saturday so everyone slept in  late and if Ashely was not in her room
the morning no one would notice thinking that she had gone outside to
I laid her down in my bed and went back over to my door and locked it.
Then I went over to where  my  Ashely was and told her to sit up.  I
the nightgown and  said before I went back out.  "I am going to go get you
some clothes...stay here..and  only open the locked door to me if it is
anyone else keep it closed."   With that and a nod from her I was gone. 
heard the door click shut behind me as I went to her room and opened a
and took out a small pair of cotton  panties  with little hearts on them.
Then  I went to her closet and took out a dress with small flowers on it.
carried it all back to  my room and said at the door,  "It is me Ash open
up."  She did so very fast and I closed the door behind me.

I turned on a small light and laid her clothing down on a chair in my
room and turned to look at my little sister.   She was standing there by
bed totally naked.   Her brown hair hung over  her shoulders and went down a
little below her nipples.  I was  hard of course.  She stood straight up
her small clit's folds were hidden from my view but the lips were perfect
every way.  I wanted to touch her small clit and feel  it again but right
I had other  things on my mind.   "Bubba why did you wake me up?"

"Do you want to sleep in here with me  Ash?"   She nodded and  started
to lay down on the bed.   I pulled off my boxers and my cock  sprung up
of what had been holding it.   She looked over at me as I came towards
Her legs were spread and ready for something and I could no longer control
myself.  I went over to where she was and  said to her,  "do you want to
please me Ashley?"  My little sister nodded at this idea and I told her to
get on her knees and open her mouth. She also opened her legs wide so that
could step in-between them and let  her  touch my cock with her mouth.  I
her small hand and rapped it around my cock and held her guide it to her
small six year  old mouth.  The tip of it would only fit but that was
for me.  I felt those cool lips slide over my cock and  her  teeth were
behind them.  Then I felt her small tongue touching the edge of my cock it
drove me wild.   I wanted  to let my load go but I held it back while I
rubbed her small clit with my foot.   I felt her start to suck my cock
when I
asked her too.  It was just like a baby sucking a bottle it drove me wild.
could not keep my load anymore  in to my  cock and  I went.  It all gushed
into her mouth and around her lips and down over her small body.  I felt
of it hit my  foot and some it hit her clit.  She swallowed the rest down
throat and I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom to wash the cum
up.  After that we went back  to the bed where I laid her down and
her legs and  brought my mouth down to her clit lips. I spread her folds
slowly  I used my tongue to make her go down there....I could not believe
it felt so good.   She went. I gathered her in my arms and held  her close
hardon was digging into her tummy and she did not mind.  We fell asleep
that way it was such a great night.    My little sister loved me  doing
stuff to her  I could hardly wait to see what would happen tomorrow.

Part  2 ends

I remember going though the night with  no problems what so ever.
I remember that in the middle of the night I woke up and felt her small
female legs rapped around mine and her little  soft clit was pushed up
against my stomach.  I slowly moved my hand down to the small ass that was
just hanging there ready for hands to touch it.  I slowly moved my hands
the small ass and felt the tightness and the boneness.   I slowly fell
to sleep as I rubbed my hand over her small ass  thinking of what it would
like to put my  cock into her small clit or even her ass.  I slowly fell
asleep ever so slowly.

When I woke up it was 7:30 the next morning I felt great.  Except that I
needed to be relieved again my cock was so hard that it was standing up
straight in the against my skin and  Ashley's little  knee was pushing it
against my skin. I started to move my dick against her small leg.  I
her small ass with my hand.  I continued to move my hard cock against her
small leg.  I felt as if I was about to go and I was so hot.   I could not
stop my little sister's small body was driving me insane  I just could not
stop.  Then I felt myself go all  over her leg my cum spilled out.  I
continued to rub her small ass with  my hand and then I looked over at the
clock and saw that it was 8.  I slightly shook Ashley till she woke up.
"Chris."  She said groggily and I nodded and she sighs.

"Come on Ashley lets go take a  shower."  She nods as I picked her up
and carried her to the bathroom.  I started to put   water into the tub
Ash sat down on the edge of the tub watching me.   Her small legs were
and I could see  the lips of her clit and I wanted to touch it so much.
the water filled I reached over and slid my hand in-between her legs and
started o rub the small clit lips and she looked down at what  I was
I felt her get wet down there as she spread her leg so that I could
her  body more readily.  I felt her small pussy and brought one of my
inside between the small lips and felt inside them once again.   She
to pant.   I was making my little sister horny.  I kept rubbing inside her
clit and I started to rub the small bud of the clit and I felt her get
more excited as she started to moan.  That was when she went.  I felt it
she started to breath harder. A little six year old had just come.  I
hardly believe it.

I took my hand away and felt  a certain kind of loss as I stopped the
water to the tub and  slightly put her into the tub.   She sat there her
closed.   I climbed in behind her and  my hard on was right against her
"What's wrong Ash?"  I asked

"I want it again Chris. I always want it again.   You make me go and
as soon as I do I want to again." I smile and feel my hard on  swell
some more against her back.    I took the washcloth and started to wash her
little thin bony arms.  Ashley watched as I washed her small arms and
her  little chest.  Which was also small and perfect with two  really
nipples that got hard as I started to rub the cloth over them.   I moved
over  her tummy next and started to wash it also.   Her small tummy was
perfect and thin.  I moved down over her little legs  which were thin and
perfect.  They were great to  squeeze and hold in  your hands and touch
over.  I then spread her small legs and touched in between them her small
pussy. I felt that she was already horny again.   I had squeezed her legs
touched them all  over and it had made  her hot all over again.   I felt
bud of her clit  as I kept rubbing and I felt that she was about to go.
cock was moving against the bottom of her back.  She went soon and so did
I felt my cum go all over her small back and I removed my hand from her
and started to wash her  back.  She stood up and I washed her little butt.
It was so cute.

I took  her out of the tub.  I was still hot.  So was she I could
tell.  We both needed to be relieved.   I had to relieve myself and her.
looked at her small face and smiled.  "Ash put your  hands on the counter
over there and lean over it with your legs spread."  She did so and I came
from behind and felt her little ass guide up against my hard cock.  I
my cock around her ass and I felt her small open cunt lips.   The tip of
cock felt the smallness and precum built up immediately.  My cock started to
into her small pussy and I felt it penetrate the smallness.  It was so
So small so small.  I could only fit the very tip of my cock into the
and even with just that small penetration she hurt.  I could see it in her
eyes.  But something else was there also.  She wanted it.  I slowly
to move my cock in her small cunt.  She was wet I could feel it.  She
it even if it hurt her.  I could not contain myself anymore I had to go I
could not let that happen but it did.  I went all inside her small cunt. I
went so much it all gushed out into her small clit and  onto the floor.
I took my cock away I turned her around and wiped her lips.   We were
relieved for now.     I held her as she cried.

"Oh Chris it hurt."  She sobs against my  shoulder.  I just hold her
small ass with her little clit pressed against my stomach and quietly
her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

"Don't worry Ash it won't happen again for awhile till you are ready.
Right now lets get you dressed and get us both out of this room and out
before everyone else gets up."  She only nods as I start to dress her.
was never going to be the same not after these last two days but it was
it, definitely.

      Over the years of course Ashley grew up into quite a startling
young girl.  By the age of
ten my little sister was taking on elements of becoming a teenager.  Oh
she still had three more
years of growing to go though but she was still not the same as I
remembered her being three
years ago.  I barely saw her anymore now because I was away at college.  I
missed and ached
for her small little body next to mine so much that sometimes I would have
to call late at night and
talk to her for  awhile just to feel like I was there with her.  God how I
missed her small bony thin
legs curled around me her pussy lips pressed against my leg or cock,  her
flat stomach and
chest pressed against my body.  Or the way that her hair smiled.   How I
missed holding my little
      Every once in awhile I would invite a girl at the school out on a
date.  The girls that I
usually asked were small breasted, with barely any hips at all.  But when
we got to the actual
date I would find that nothing sexually ever happened, either because they
kept their distance
from me scared that I would do something that would hurt them or I just
was not sexually
attracted to them.  Sometimes I would picture what my little sister Ashley
would look like when
she was older, like the age of these girls.  It just would not enter my
mind.  All I could think about
was what it was like to have her beautiful little girl body next to mine
late at night as we laid in
      Finally I got to go  home for Thanksgiving and Christmas even it
was only for three
weeks.  It was still worth it.  Was Ashley waiting there for me so that we
could immediately jump
into my bed in the house and fuck all night long,  no I hardly think so.
It all had to look normal
and innocent still now didn't it.  I remember arriving home and seeing my
mom and dad out on
the front lawn waiting for me as I parked my car in the drive way.  They
were normal everyday
happy go lucky parents who were ignorant to what was going on in their own
house.  Thank god
that they died that way or I think that if they ever found out that they
would  have killed me and
sent Ashley to a mental hospital.
      I remember greeting them with open arms and we all three went
inside the house to
relax and talk.  Ashley was still in school not to mention the fact that
my parents were still
home.   We mainly talked about my current grades and my plans for after I
got out of college.  I
don't really guess that what was on my mind will come as much of a
surprise.  I was thinking
about Ashley and her small body pushed against mine as we sleep in my bed
locked together in
eternal bliss. . .
      It was late in the afternoon that Ashley returned home.  I loved
what she was wearing as
she came though the door.  Shorts that went down to the middle of her
thighs,  a tight shirt that
showed off her hard nipples.  When she saw my face she smiled at me and
ran over to give her
big brother a hug.  "Chris your home."  I stand along with mom and dad.
Ashley comes into my
arms and we hug, as we hug I feel my cock start to get hard  pressed
against her small thin
body.  I can smell the shampoo in her hair.  As she starts to pull away I
feel her hand slide
across my hard cock and she smiles.  "Mom why didn't you and dad tell me
that Chris was
coming home?"
      Our mom says,  "Well. . .we wanted it to be a surprise."  Ashley
      She turns to where our mom is and says,  "I got to go upstairs and
do my homework, I
will be down for dinner."  Then she is gone.  I watch her ass as she walks
off to the  back of the
house to her room.  Oh how I want to touch those legs feel those thighs
and shin's.  How I
wanted to touch that girl.  I sigh and sit back down on the couch.  My
parents sit down also and
we continue to talk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      It was later that night after dinner and when our parents were
asleep that I snuck around
the dark house and down to where Ashley's room was.  I opened the door to
her room and
walked over to where she was sleeping in bed.  Oh how I had missed holding
her late at night.
Her body was not much different than when she had been six years old.  She
still had thin bony
arms and legs that were far to long for her age, long dark brown hair
(almost black) that hung
down to the middle of her back, beautiful green eyes, flat chest, and I
was betting a tiny little
cunny with no hair on it.   I slowly walk over to where she is sleeping
and I pull the covers back
to give myself enough room to slide into the bed with her.
      I slowly slip under the covers next to her warm little girl body.
 She is wearing a long
shirt that goes down to about her knees (that kind of thing is very sexy
on a little girl, that is a
long shirt on a short body)  The shirt has been bunched up in her sleep
and I can see the bottom
of her little white panties.  I slowly slide my hand up to those panties
and start stroking her little
pussy.  Of course this quickly wakes her up.  "Chris"  She whispers into
the darkness.  I just grunt
a yes and lay down next to her warm little body.  I can tell that she is
smiling.  Even though it is
dark in the room I can just sense that she is smiling about me joining
her in the bed.   I slide my
hand over my sisters warm body and find her little girl ass and rub it
softly before I bring her in as
close to me as I can and hold her there.  "I love you big brother."
      I smile and rub her little ass a little bit before replying,  "I
love you Ashley."  She brings
her face upwards and I slide a kiss across her mouth.  Our tongues meet
and we kiss in a deep
embrace.  I feel her hand coming down between our tangled bodies reaching
for my hard cock.
I pull back from her and let her hand go down and inside my boxers.  I
feel her tiny ten year old
hand grab hold of my cock and I sigh as she starts to stroke it.  "It's
been so long since you have
done that to me."  Ashley smiles at me and we kiss lightly on the lips
again.  I peel the
nightgown off of her body  throw it onto the floor next to the bed.  The
only thing left on my little
darling girl was her white panties.  I slowly slide her out of her panties
and looked at her little girl
slit.  At the time that I was looking at it I never thought that what I
was doing right this minute
would change forever her life and mine.
      She was starting to take my boxers off and I helped her with them.
 I remember feeling
anticipation for the moment.  I slowly laid down on my back and she
climbed on top of me  her
mouth right next to mine.  I remember guiding my  hard cock into her
little girl pussy and Ashley
crying out a little in excitement because it had been so long since we had
done this.   I felt the
tightness of her ten  year old pussy and I was still so amazed that she
was still so tight after all
these years of us fucking.  After a few minutes of moving in and out of
her hot little pussy I could
no longer hold back and came inside of her with more force than I had ever
before.  Ashley who
was very tired after all the activities at school that day fell asleep on
top of me, while the cum
was still coming into her little body.   It was once more peace being her
with my little sister.
Little did I know that Ashley had something planned for the next three
weeks that I was going to
be home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      It was the next morning that my mom and dad told me that they had
planned to go away
for the next three weeks on a long needed vacation.  Imagine my surprise
when I learned that
Ashley wanted to stay with me in this house for the three weeks because I
was her favorite in
the family (gee I wonder why).   My parents left later that day and I was
in bewilderment that I
was actually going to be alone with Ash for the next three weeks, just me
and her in this big
house alone.  I was so thrilled.  But I was about to learn differently.
That afternoon when Ashley
got home from school one of her friends was with her.  the friends name
was Anna and I had
seen her before many times.  She was a tall ten year old girl, with little
budding tits.  She had
long blonde hair that went down close to her little girl ass.  Which was
round and perfect.  Oh
how many times I had wanted to touch that little preteen.  Her little tits
were not cupped in a bra
and you could see the nipples in the white shirt that she was wearing.
She had a short skirt on
that was almost skin tight.  The shirt that she had on was skin tight and
I could see just how
thin she was.  I loved it.  God did I ever want her.  I wanted to cup
those little training bra size tits
and suck on the tiny nipples.
      When they saw me standing there with just my boxer's on and a
shirt, I am sure that
Anna was in a little shock that something was sticking straight up in my
boxer shorts.  Ashley I
knew was not in shock.  Instead she whispered something to Anna and then
dragged me out of
the room following her small ten year old ass which was in loose blue
jeans and just made her
all the more sexy.  When we were in the bed room she started to stroke my
cock,  "Chris," she
said to me.  "Anna needs our help, she has never had sex and she wants to
seduce her brother,
but she does not think she can do that unless she has sex with someone
else first and you are
the one that she chose to have sex with.  I want you to help her."  After
Ashley had finished
telling me all of this I could not help but come in her small little hand.
 I was so excited and so
shocked to think that I was going to get to touch the beautiful Anna.
      After we had cleaned me up and put some underwear on so that my
hard-on would not
show up until me and Anna were in the bed alone.  Ashley had a little talk
with Anna and then
she followed me back to my bedroom and we sat down on the bed.    I slowly
slid a hand on her
little thin leg and started to slide it up towards her little secret
place.  Anna started to look
worried so I stopped.  "Look Anna what's wrong?"
      Anna looked at me and sighed.  "I am scared that it is going to
      I took my hand and placed it under her little chin and lifted her
face up till her eyes were
looking at mine.  "Anna I will try my best to make sure that it does not
hurt you as much as it
would if you were not experiencing pleasure."  Anna smiles and my hand
starts to go down from
her chin over her shoulder and then down to her left breast.  Which I cup
in my hand and feel the
roundness though the tight shirt.  Anna sighs and I notice that she likes
this.  I take my hand off
of her breast and take the bottom of her shirt and slip it up over her
head.  After I removed the
shirt I looked at her small preteen breasts and I lower my head down so
that my mouth can get a
firm grip around the nipple.  I start to suckle and Anna moans with
pleasure.   I was starting to
bet that she was getting wet.  I slowly slid one of my hands up her long
leg and spread her legs
wide open and continued to slide all the way up to her panties.  When I
reach then I start
stroking her little pussy though the fabric.
      I pull my mouth away from her nipple and stand up.  Anna looks
into my face wondering
why I have stopped giving her pleasure.   I slip my shirt off over my head
and let it fall to the
ground.  Then I  pull my boxers down and step out of them.  My cock is
about to burst.  I pull my
underwear off as fast as I can and then release my  hard cock.  Anna
stares in amazement at
the huge member.  Well at least it was huge to her ten year old eyes.  I
slowly smile and help
her to stand up.  I unbutton and unzip her skirt and slide it down her
body.  She steps out of it.
Anna is now breathing hard and I found myself wanting to get into her
little pussy more and
more.  So I slid the panties off of her and looked down at her little girl
pussy which had a little
tuft of hair that was starting to grow on it.  I slid my tongue over the
little pussy and I hear Anna
moan in pleasure.  That is when I know she is ready for me to enter her
little hole.  I slide her
back onto the bed and spread her little legs wide open.  Anna looked at me
and smiled.  I got
hold of my about to explode cock and smiled at her also.  Very gently I
put my cock down at the
entrance to her cunt.  Her little lips were wet and when I started to rub
my cock against them she
moaned some more.  I could no longer resist.  "This might hurt Anna."  All
she did was nod and I
entered her little body in one thrust.  She was very tight and as I
entered her she cried out a
little bit, but I knew I could not stop now.  I pushed into her again and
felt her  cherry. I had to
break that barrier.  I pushed again and went in tearing the thin skin.
Anna cried again as I
moved into her tiny hole.  God it was so small and tight, and hot.  As I
started to move again
Anna stopped moaning in pain and started moaning in pleasure.  I knew that
she was starting to
enjoy it.  A few minutes later the pressure of the tiny little cunt was
to much for my hard cock
and I exploded into her small little body.
      At the same time that I was coming into Anna's body for the first
time a plane was flying
over Europe with my parents in it.  The plane was going to come down from
the sky and no one
was going to survive.  It happened that the plane had a malfunction that
the flight crew had not
seen.  The plane tried to land but the whole thing exploded into a fire
ball on the ground.  We
learned of the death two days later as me and Ashley were sitting on the
couch playing with
each other.
      The funeral was a few days later; and right after the funeral
Ashley had to appear before
a court as did I.  I was after all of legal age to continue to raise her.
The courts said that since
she had been with me most of her life that I was the best choice to raise
her.  So we went home
and I started to work on my first novel.  Something that I had always been
interested in was
writing a novel and now that I was going to be home a lot more I thought
why not write.  A
month later I finished my first book a book that was to net me and my
little sister two million
dollars.   As I sent the book off Ashley came running down the stairs in a
panic.  "Chris, Chris
something is wrong I am bleeding all over the place."  I run over to where
she is and look at her
naked little body.  The blood of course is coming out of her little pussy
and I know right away
that she has started her period.
      I come over to where she is and put a towel on her little pussy.
"It's okay Ash." I say as I
hug her.  "You are just having your first period."
      Ashley laughs at me and kisses my nose.  "Of course I am silly, I
knew that I was just
complaining that I was bleeding." I laugh at this and we kiss.  Even a
period was not going to
stop us from having sex though.  At the time I thought it weird that
Ashley was starting her period
before she even  had  tits or hair on her little pussy.  But then her
doctor told me that sometimes
they happen that way.  So I just put it in the back of my head.  And no it
did not stop us from
having sex even though we were scared about her getting pregnant  we
really did not care.  If
she got pregnant we would just tell the doctor that a man had rapped her.
That should work.

      I remember waking up that morning with Anna on my left and Ashely
on my right.  Both
of them were sleeping naked in the bed with me.  Last night had been
something out a
pedophiles dreams I guess you could say.  It had started out with Ashley
asking me if she could
have Anna stay the night.  Anna had not been successful in seducing her
brother because he was
currently not interested in little flesh.  Or something like that.  Well I
had agreed because I was
hopping that maybe I would be able to do it with Anna again.  Well as the
night wore on we
played all kinds of games and ordered pizza.  Then came the best game of
the night.  Strip
poker.  I won the first two hands  and both girls had to take off their
socks and shirts (Anna was
wearing a bra that night.  After the first few weeks of her not wearing a
bra and people being
able to tell that the preteen was  not wearing a bra her father had gotten
sick and tired of it and
made her wear a bra from then on.
      Anna won the next round and so I had to take off my socks.  That
was okay, then Ashley
won and made me take off my shirt also.  Pretty soon we were all naked and
the two girls little
sexy bodies were making me really hard.  I could no longer hold back and
so I picked them up
and carried both of them back to my room while the squealed in my arms.
They where heavy and I
knew that I was going to have to drop them soon so I almost ran.  I
dropped them on the bed and
then got in between them.  The two girls were horny by then so I grabbed
my little sister in my
arms and spread her legs.  I had her climb on top of me.  I felt my cock
enter her little pussy.
Then more weight joined us as Anna climbed on top of Ashley.  As I moved in
and out of Ash
Anna moved up and down on Ash and my cock.  It drove all three of us wild.
 When I came
inside of Ashley Anna cried out.  All three of us came at the same time.
      My cock started to get limp and as it came out of Ashley's little
pussy Anna grabbed it
and stuffed it into her little pussy.   I immediately started to get hard
again.  Ashley slipped out of
the way and  it was only me and Anna.  I fucked the girl till I could
barely take it anymore.  She
was so tight. I came inside her little pussy and just as I did Ashley
climbed onto my face sticking
her little girl pussy into my mouth. I started to suck and it drove her
wild.  At the time I did not
think about getting the two little girls pregnant.  How could I think
about that around all this little
girl flesh.  Sure they were both ten years old right now and both had had
there periods but who
would think that two preteens could really get pregnant.  I sure didn't.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Well the next morning as I looked down at the two lovely little
girls I started to think that I
might have gotten them both with child that night.  I tried to deny that I
was attracted to that and
that it made me hard but how could I?   My  hard on started to get harder
and I started to get a
little scared that these two little girls were being used so.  A few
minutes later when the two girls
woke up they could tell that something was wrong.  Ashley always being
stronger than Anna
was the first one to speak up.  "What is wrong Chris."
      I at first just looked at my little sister and then slowly I said,
"I have been using both of
you and when you get too old I will not want you anymore.  And now I want
to see both of you
pregnant and that scares me."
      Ashely looked over at Anna and then she said.  "Chris you are not
using us we want you
to make love to us.  And we know that we may not always be attractive to
you.  We do not care.
All we want is for you to love us right now and if we do get pregnant then
so be it.  And if you are
attracted to little girls that are pregnant then so be it."  She smiles
and grabs my cock. "Just
think right now  your sperm might be merging with my egg and making a
child."  I could not
hold back.  I    Laid Ashley down on the bed and spread her legs.  I
fucked my little sister harder
and faster than I had ever before.  She loved it even if it did hurt a
little bit.  Anna just watched
us.  All the time Anna rubbed her belly.  I knew then that she was already
pregnant but not with
my child. . .whose child you might ask well let me tell you the story the
way she told me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.   Anna's Tale told by Anna.

      It was later that night after my father made me start wearing a
training bra that I heard
the door to my room open.  I had known for sometime that my father was
attracted to my
developing body.  In fact he had been attracted to my preteen body even
before now.  So it was
no surprise to me that he was going to finally do me.  Of course at the
time I did not think that my
father would actually release all his pent up sexual urges.  Ever since
five years ago when my
mother died he had not had sex and I knew that eventually he would have to
release his sexual
urges.  That night as I was laying in bed thinking about what it would be
like to have his huge
cock going into my cunt I was also playing with myself.  Oh I did that
often more so since after
the first time that Chris had had sex with me.  That was a memory to
remember forever.  My left
hand was caressing my left breast as my right hand moved through the folds
of my  little pussy.  I
remember that that night I was even hotter than usual.
      When I was about to reach my orgasm the door to my room came open
with a light
crack.  I thought that maybe it was my father to come and check on me.
Not to come and have
wild passionate sex with me.  He walked into the room and I tried to cover
my chest, which the
shirt that I had on was now not on it.  He saw my breasts anyway I am
sure.  After I realized that
he was not planning on saying goodnight or anything like that I slowly
removed my hands and
showed him the white flesh of my breasts.  God how my father looked
standing there in his
boxers, his huge cock sticking straight up where I could see it in plan
sight.  I slowly slid the
covers lower till my smooth belly was revealed with it's belly button.  My
father licked his lips and
started to walk over to where I was laying.
      I smiled at this and slowly slid my hands down lower below the
blanket till I was
touching my little pussy.  I spread my legs so that my knees were showing
out side of the covers
and I started to message my little clit.  My father could not stand it.  I
knew that his  hard-on was
already bursting pre-cum out.  He was throbbing in his pants.  When he
finally got to where I
was laying he looked down at me and smiled.  I saw his hand come out and
reach for my left
breast.  I let him touch the smooth skin of my tit.  It felt so good
having his corse hands rubbing
over the soft skin of my small pre-teen breast.   I could hardly believe
that finally after all this
time my father was finally releasing his urges.
      His fingers lightly pinched my nipple.   I cried out in pleasure
as my father  continued to
pinch the nipple.  It felt so good.  I loved the feel of his hand on my
breast.  It made me so hot.  I
was about to cum do to all the attention my father was giving me.  I
decided it was time for me
to show my father how much I wanted him to fuck me and be with me.  I took
my hand away
from my pussy and slowly brought it over to where his hard cock was
standing out from his
boxers.  I slid my hand down the boxers and found his rock hard cock.  I
slowly started to stroke
my fathers cock just like Chris had taught me how to.  His cock of course
reacted to this having
a little pre-teen hand all over it was driving my father mad.  He came in
a matter of seconds.
And for a minute as he came and his cum went rolling down and over my hand
I thought that he
was done and was not going to be able to keep an erection just like most
men his age.  But my
father was one horny man because he got hard again as soon as he finished
      I slowly took my hand out of my fathers boxers and watched as he
continued to move
down towards my pussy.  His   hand was now moving over my belly button.
He wanted more
and I knew that he did.  I took his face in my hands (after I had  wiped
the cum on my blanket)
and brought his mouth down to mine.  I brought our lips together and
started to kiss him.  My
tongue snaked out between my lips and though his.  Our tongues met and let
me tell you it felt
as if his tongue and mine were ment to be connected.  My father's hand by
this time had
reached my little pussy lips.  When his hand touched them it sent a shock
though my whole
body.  I could hardly believe that my father was finally touching me.  As
his hand rubbed the lips
of my pussy I felt as if I was on fire. I knew that if he got anywhere
closer to my clit I would cum
right then and there.  My fathers hand moved closer to my clit, so close
in fact that it brushed up
against it. I could no longer hold back my desire to cum.  I did right
then and there.  The orgasm
was so violent that I am sure my father thought that  he was hurting me.
But I held his hand on
my pussy when he tried to take it away.  Soon he realized that I was
      When I was done with my orgasm my father continued to explore the
lips of my cunt.   I
moved the sheets back off of my body and watched as he explored.  His hand
stroked my cunt
with such ease and familiarity that I am almost certain that he had
touched a little girl before.
Then he slipped one of his fingers into my little cunt hole.  His finger
went into the tiny hole and
slowly moved deeper into the clutching hole.  When he reached where my
cherry should have
been he did not encounter it.  My father being the man that he is did not
stop exploring just
because I might not be a virgin anymore.  He wanted inside my pussy and
right now he did not
care what had broken my cherry.  When his finger was in all the way he
stopped and let my
gripping little cunt grip at it for a little bit.  His other hand was
stroking his cock.  I did not think
that he should be doing that.  So I moved my hands over to his boxers.  I
pulled the boxers down
and saw for the first time how large my fathers cock was.   It was
beautiful.  I loved it.  I slowly
put my hand on his cock and started to stroke the organ again.  My father
at the same time
started to move his finger in and out of my little slit.  It was driving
both of us mad.  I had to have
my fathers cock in my pussy.
      I slowly took my hand off my fathers cock and he looked at me
opening his eyes for the
first time in awhile.  I took his hand that was inside my pussy and moved
it out of my pussy.
Now I am sure that my father was hurting because of this but I needed his
huge cock in my little
pussy right then and there.  I slowly directed my father to get on top of
me.  He did so without
much guidance.  I spread my legs wider so that my cunt was as open as
possible.  My father
now knew what  I was trying to do so he took his cock and started to
direct it to enter my little
hole.  When I felt the tip of the cock at the top of my cunt I almost lost
myself again, but got
control fast enough.  When he thrust it in for the first time I felt a
little pain but that soon faded
by the pleasure.  Soon he was thrusting in and out of my little hole as
much as he could.  I was
a little too tight for his large organ so he had to time it right so that
my pussy was not squeezing
his cock at the time he tried to thrust out of me.  It was quite an
experience.   Soon my father could not hold back anymore.  We both came
when it just became to much for
my little body and his large one.  He collapsed in the bed beside me his
left hand on my little
breast.  I went down to his cock and put the soft limp thing in my mouth
and sucked it dry.
Maybe next time I will jack him off that way but this night he was too
tired for me to get him hard
end of Anna's story.


      When Anna finished her story I asked her just one question.  "When
did this happen
Anna, I mean you have been coming her  for over two months?"
      Anna looked at me and smiled a little,  "It happened about a month
ago, and since that
night, that incestuous night I have not had a period.  The doctor said
that it could be late, but I
don't think it is.  In fact yesterday your sister and me bought a pregnant
test to see if I might be
and it came out positive.  I have little doubt that my father made me with
child that night."  She
smiles slightly and then bows her head as she cries slightly.
      "What's wrong Anna?"  I ask her as she cries softly.
      In-between tears Anna says,  "Well its just that now I am afraid
that my father might get
mad at me and throw me out of the house because I got pregnant with his
      I put my hand under her small chin and lift it till her eyes meet
mine,  "You love your
father right?"  she nods.  "And he loves you right?"  Again she nods.
"Then don't be afraid to tell
him that you are pregnant and that this sperm made that child.  She smiles
a little and nods.  I
smile also as Ashley comes out of the bath that she had gone to take while
I talked to Anna.
Actually she took it alone so that Anna would have to take one alone so
that Ash could be alone
with me for awhile.  When Anna leaves the room Ashley looks around and
smiles. She is
wearing nothing but her bathrobe.  Under the covers I am already hard as a
rock.  Slowly Ashely
walks around the room for a little bit every now and then giving me a
flash of her little ass or a
flash of her little pussy.   I could hardly believe this she was actually
teasing me.  Soon though
she decided for the direct approach and undid the robe.  When her little
body came into my view
I could hardly believe it.  I was about to cum in the sheets.  Then Ash
came over and took the
covers off of me.  She slid on top of me and with her tiny hands slid my
cock into her little girl
slit.  God how I loved the feel it was so tight and beautiful.  I thrust
twice and then came.
      "Chris,  you came to fast how dare you!"  She says as a smile
comes across her face.
Then she slides off of me and goes over to the drawer and takes out a shirt
that covers almost all
of her little slit except for the very bottom.  When she turned around I
could see the bottom of her
cute little ass and the rest of it showed up pretty damn well in that
tight shirt she had put on.
Then she turned around and saw that I was hard again.   Ashley walked over
to me and sat
down on my hard cock again.  Then she leaned down and said in my ear,
"Imagine it Chris right
now you could be getting this little girl womb full of  a child."  Then
she slowly slides my cock
into her little tight hole.  I was in so much shock. I might get my little
sister all pregnant now that
would be cool.  I watch as my cock goes into her little pussy.  She is
still wearing that little shirt
of hers and it made what we were doing just all the more sexier.   I came
in the matter of
minutes.  Just at the thought of getting my little sister pregnant  was
making me hard again
while she laid asleep on top of me.  I had taken a lot out of her as she
had out of me. I fell
asleep soon after.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      It was three weeks later when Ashley came to me with a surprise.
We had two days
before gotten confirmation that Anna was definitely pregnant with a child.
 The doctor that her
father had taken the ten year old to had confirmed it.   Her father was
not mad at her he was just
shocked, for Adam Sanke had never thought that he could get his little
girl pregnant when she
was only ten years old.  Sure she had tiny titties but then again so had
her mother at the age of
ten and  her mother had not started periods for five years later.  Well
Adam had learned his
lesson.  It was on that same day that when the two girls came over to the
house and ran back
into Ashley's room without saying a word to me.  Now at first I thought
this was strange but
about ten minutes later Anna came into the living room and said to me.
"Chris can you please
go  to Ashley's room and talk to Ashley she wants to see you."  Now I was
worried because
usually Anna would follow me upstairs if something like this was going on.
This teasing.
      Well I was about to learn that it was not teasing.  When I got to
the room Ashley was
sitting on her bed looking down at the floor.  I sat next to her now
concerned that something was
really wrong. I put my arm around her shoulder,  "Ash what is wrong
      She slowly looked at me and then buried her head in my chest and
started to cry.  "I'm
pregnant Chris!"  I stopped and took her head out of my chest and looked
at her sobbing little
      "What is so wrong with that Ash we can afford a child."
      She looks at me and says,  "But I am going to get fat and ugly and
you are not going to
want to do things with me anymore because I will have this huge stomach
sticking out from my
flat little girl body.  I may even start to grow tits and you wont like
      I slowly smile at her and kiss her little lips,  "Ashley you
started having your period
before you even started to grow tits or have hair on  your little pussy.
I don't think that you are
going to grow any huge breasts before you have this child."  I smile as I
put a hand on her soft
little girl belly. "Plus if you develop like mom did you will have really
small breasts and that will
be fine with me.  Let me tell you a secret Ash.  Yes I like little girl
flesh and want to be around it
forever and ever.   But I also love you for who you are and who you are
becoming.  You will
always be my little sister, and my lover until you don't want to be
anymore.  And we both can
have some fun with little girls or if  you prefer little boys. . ."
      Ashley smiles at me and says,  "You know I like both Chris."  Oh
Ashley and Anna
fooled around all the time it just so happens that usually when I am
around they don't full around
with each other but with me.  All that though is another story entirely.

TenSex Part 3:  The Birth of Two
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1.  Three Months later.

      It was about three months after Ashley had told me that she was
pregnant that I arrived
home a little later than usual.  When I got in though the door to the
house Ashley burst upon me
and wrapped her little girl arms around me.  We hugged closely,  I could
feel a little bit of the
developing child in her body, but other than that you would not have
guessed that this ten year
old was three months pregnant with a child.  I laid her down on the couch
sliding my hands
over her just budding breasts (which were not even big enough for a bra
yet) down over the
small almost invisible curve of her belly,  "What's wrong Ash?"  I asked
her as she hugged me
      '"I missed you so much Chris,  I thought that you would never get
home from that
meeting that you had with your publisher today."   I smile and continue to
run  my hand down
lower on the dress that she is wearing.  Oh since the announcement of the
child that was
growing in my little sister's belly we had been very busy.  Me writing a
book and Ashley getting
the house ready for our first child.   It was going to be quite an
experience for both of us because
after all it was going to be our first child ever.  But sometimes we would
take breaks from all of
that and have some fun.   Where as Anna during this time you may ask.
Well let me tell you
she was usually with her father.  Anna was four months pregnant she had
gotten pregnant about
two weeks before Ash had so that made it where Ashley would probably have
her child after
Anna did.
      I continued to slide my hand down till it reached the bottom of
Ashley's dress.  I lifted the
dress up till it reveled her pantieless crotch.  I slowly spread her
little girl legs and slid my hand
up to her little pussy.  Ashley of course moaned in pleasure.  I felt her
little hands unbuttoning
my pants.  When she had them down around my ankles she pulled my underwear
off.  When
my hard bulging cock was out.  I slowly brought my hand away and took my
cock in hand.  I slid
it into her little girl pussy and soon was fucking her.  I wanted to do it
harder and she wanted me
to also.  So I put both my hands around her tiny little breasts though the
dress for support and
she smiled up at me as we kissed once our tongues meeting.  Then we fucked
me going in and
out of her faster and faster.  When I came it was one of the most powerful
cums I had had in
weeks.  Ashley smiled as she came also.  It was beautiful.  We laid there
for a while just holding
each other, slowly taking each others clothing off.  "Chris I love you."
      I smiled softly and rubbed one of her little titties and said to
her,  "I love you also darling
one."  We kissed softly our tongues meeting.  I did love this little girl,
but I loved her for more
than her body  there was just something about my sister.   I loved her and
always would till the
day I died probably.   I looked down at her now sleeping on the bed and
slowly ran a hand down
over her tiny budding little titties and then over her rounding belly.  I
knew a baby was growing in
their and I loved it.  Sometimes I would imagine what it would look like
when she was totally ten
months pregnant.  I could hardly wait for her belly to start expanding
with  the child.  I slowly
kissed her lips and then laid down to sleep besides her.  Both of the
girls were going to be going
through some huge changes.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2.   The End.

      It was during the eight month that I was woken up by Ashley's
screams.  For the last
few months I had been watching her belly develop it had been quite a huge
experience for me.  In
fact it had almost been to much for me but I had loved it anyway.  I was
quite an experience
and I would love to go though it again and again.  Her titties were still
quite small and she could
never again be called a pre-teen because her body did not look anything
like a pre-teen girl's
body should look.   With the small little titties with sensitive nipples.
Then below them was a
huge round belly that had a growing child inside.   It was during the last
three months that we
decided to stop making love as to not hurt the baby or it's mother.
Though this drove Ashley and
me both insane.
       And now she was giving birth to the child.   We had decided a
while back that she
would be taken out to the hospital to give birth.  Even though everything
looked okay and
seemed all right we did not want to chance anything happening during the
birth.  The doctor that
we had seen had told us that it would be far better to give birth in the
operating room than it
would be to have the child at home.    At the hospital it was a mess
because two car accidents
were bringing in a lot of hurt people.  Poor Ashley my  darling little
sister was sitting in the
wheel chair next to me while I tried to explain to the nurse what was
going on.  That was when
Ashley started to pull her legs apart.  Never underestimate the power of a
mother who knows
when her child is ready to come into the world.
      When the nurse saw this she almost threw us into a room.  A doctor
appeared soon
after that.  He didn't have to say anything the shock on his face was
enough.  My sister did not
look a day older than nine (well besides the huge belly and small titties
that is).  I quickly
explained what had happened the story that we made up with the other doctor
(that she was
raped and we had decided after much debate to keep the child).  He seemed
to buy it though
with a doctor  you can never really tell what is really going on in the
head.  Soon Ashley could
not hold back any longer.   She had to push and she had to have the child
out of her body before
it was too late.
      It was much later in the night when The child's head emerged from
my little sisters
pussy and into the world.  After hours and hours of pushing and expanding
her little eleven year
old womb my sister had finally given birth to her little daughter/niece.
The child was healthy and
beautiful.   Something for us to be proud of.  A child with the beauty and
grace of my sister.  And
I knew then that for many years to come I would know the love of my sister
and our daughter.