- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] My sister Mary
[Author] MickeyBear
[Type] Brother/sister

      "Harder.....Harder," Mary whispered in my ear.  I responded by driving my steel hard cock
deeper into her soaking wet cunt.  Mary was straddling my hips, her short red skirt pulled up over her
firm ass cheeks.  A pair of silk panties laid on the floor next to the couch where we were hurriedly
making love.  She was whispering so she would not alert her two daughters, who were supposed to be
taking a bath.  The only sound was our hard breathing and an occasional slap of flesh as I buried my
self deep into her.  I could feel the cum begin to rise up from my balls, and propel itself deep into her
golden-haired vagina.  She buried her face into my shoulder as an orgasm swept through her body, her
pubic muscles milking the jism from my cock.  As her spasms subsided, we kissed passionately, our
tongues fighting with each other. 
      Mary slowly raised herself off of my now limp cock.  Her small, firm breasts, the quarter sized
nipples still hard and covered with my saliva, stuck through her unbuttoned blouse.  Although she will
turn forty later this year, her body was still as firm as any eighteen year old. "Thanks," she said, "I really
did need that."  "Now hurry and get cleaned up so we can get back over to Mom and Dad's house."  I
stood up and slipped off to the bathroom, holding my pants up with my hand so I wouldn't get any of
our juices on them. 
      Jill and Jeri, Mary's seven year old twins had gotten into Dad's garden at our parent's house
and gotten filthy.  We were in the middle of a family reunion and Mary had asked if I wanted to come
along while she ran them home to get a quick bath and change clothes.  As soon as the two girls were
safely in the tub, we had jumped each other, not even bothering to take off our clothes as we
passionately made love.  Our love affair has been going on for almost thirty years now.  Even though I
live up north and only make it home about once a year, we always find a chance to renew the passion
we have known since we were kids.  We both are married and have our own families, but our spouse's
will never have the special bond and passion that flows between my sister and I.

*******  *******  *******
Chapter One

      Our story began twenty nine years ago in the summer of 1967.  I was twelve years old and
Mary had just turned eleven.  We were born only thirteen months apart and had always been good
friends and playmates.  We lived in a mid-sized industrial city in the upper south.  Although we lived in
a suburban area, none of the kids who lived real close to us were our age.  We had been born at the end
of the baby boom, and most of the neighbor's kids were in high school and starting college.  Our father
was an engineer at the big industrial plant in town, and our mother stayed at home with us.  We lived in
a modest split level house.  Our bedrooms shared a common bath at the end of the hall..   
      Our little brother David was born in the spring of 1967.  Our parents had sat us down and
explained where babies come from soon after Mom found out she was pregnant.  One day soon after
school was out for the summer, Mary and I were playing in the treehouse that Dad had built for us.  It
was built in a large oak tree near the back corner of our property.  The tree house was about six feet
square with a roof and windows on each side.  We had taken old blankets and pillows we had found in
the basement up to it so it was very comfortable.  Mary had to go inside to use the bathroom, but
quickly came running back to the treehouse.  "Come on," she said, "You have to see this."  I followed
her to the back door of the house.  She put her finger to her lips and motioned me to be quiet.  We eased
open the back door and slid into the house. 
      Mary and I tip-toed across the kitchen floor to the top of the stairs.  We could see down into
the den through the railing. Our house did not have air conditioning, so it was very warm inside.  I
guess it was because of the heat and the fact that we had been playing outside that Mom had taken off
her blouse and bra, and was nursing David topless.  Before this, she had always been very careful to go
into the nursery and close the door before nursing him.  Although I had seen plenty of pictures, I had
never seen a grown woman's breasts in real life.  My mother was a very petite woman, but her breasts
seemed huge.  They were capped by nipples that must have been two inches across.  As we watched,
Mom shifted the baby from one breast to the other.  The nipple that he had been sucking at was hard
and stuck out about a half inch.  I could feel my dick rising in my shorts as we watched.
      After watching this for a couple of minutes, Mary touched me on the shoulder and motioned
for us to leave.  We slipped back out the door and ran across the backyard toward the treehouse.  As
we climbed the ladder, I looked up and caught a glimpse of Mary's white panties up the leg of her
shorts.  Mary sat down on one of the pillows, and I laid face down next to her on a blanket, trying to
hide the bulge in my shorts.  "Did you see her boobies?" Mary said. "I hope mine get that big
      This surprised me because Mary had never said anything of a sexual nature to me before. 
Even though we shared a bathroom, I had not seen Mary naked since we were 3 or 4 years old and still
took baths together.  She always locked the door on my side of the bathroom whenever she was in it. 
We had never played "doctor" or anything else.  Over the last year I had tried to get a peek at her as she
dressed, but had not had any luck.  As we talked about what we had seen, my hard-on continued to
throb.  I desperately needed to jack off.  I was hoping that Mary would go the house to pee as she was
originally going to, but she continued to talk about seeing Mom nurse the baby.  Mary moved down
and laid down on the blanket next to me.
"I wonder what it feels like?" Mary asked.  "She looked like she was enjoying it," I replied, "It almost
looked like she was asleep."  Mary closed her eyes and reached up and rubbed her hand over the small
bump in her T-shirt where her breasts had just began to swell. 
      My cock was rock hard, and straining to get out of my underwear.  I reached down and rubbed
it, the sensations jolting through my body. I reached up the leg of my shorts and pulled it out of the
restraints of my underwear, hoping to ease some of the pressure.  As I pulled it free of my briefs, I could
hold back no more as thin streams of almost clear cum began to erupt from the head, spattering on
Mary's legs.  Mary quickly sat up and looked down at her legs.  My hard cock was still in my hand, and
a thin stream of cum spit out of the head and landed on her leg.  She pushed me back and scrambled out
of the way.  "You peed on me!" she yelped, " I'm telling Mom!"
I grabbed her and pulled her back down on the pillow.  "I   didn't pee on you," I said.  "That's what
happens when a boy gets excited." 
      My hard-on was still hanging out of the leg of my shorts, and a drop of cum still hung on the
bright red head.  "I couldn't help it," I continued,  "It just happened."   Mary was staring in fascination
at my hard cock.  "Your thing is all big and red," she said after a few moments.  "That's what happens
when I get excited," I repeated.  "What made you excited?" she asked.  "Seeing Mom's titties," I replied,
"I've never seen real ones before."  Mary looked at me questionably so I went on.  "Remember when
Mom and Dad told us about where babies come from."  Mary nodded.  "Well when a boy sees a girl's
titties, his dick gets all hard and excited."  "His dick?" she asked.  "That's what you call a boy's thing," I
answered.  By this time mine had wilted and disappeared back up the leg of my shorts.  "Then the boy
puts his dick in the girl's pussy.."  "Pussy?" she asked.  "Your pee hole..."  and then he shoots his stuff
in her to make her have a baby."  "I don't believe you," Mary said, "That thing wouldn't go into my pee
hole, it's too big."  "Yes it will," I replied, "I've got pictures to prove it." "Where?"
      Our conversation was suddenly broken up by Mom calling us in for lunch.  We left the topic
hanging as we ran inside.  Mom had put her blouse and bra back on, but I could see a small wet spot
where one of her breasts was leaking.  Mom announced that we were going to the community pool that
afternoon, so I didn't have a chance to prove anything to Mary.

Chapter Two

The next afternoon, Mary and I were back in the treehouse.  I had brought with me my favorite jack off
pictures.  They consisted of three old black and white pages from a porno magazine that one of my
friends had swiped from his brother.  They showed various pictures of a big titted blond woman fucking
and sucking a guy.  One picture even showed him stuffing his cock up her ass.  I kept these pictures
hidden in the cutout pages of an old book in my bedroom. 
      "See...I told you that's what happens," I said proudly.  I pulled the pictures from my pocket and
carefully spread them out on the floor of the treehouse.  Mary looked at them with amazement in her
eyes, slowly turning them over and looking at all of them.  "I still don't see how you can get your thing
inside a girl's pee hole," she said.  As we looked at the pictures, I could feel my dick start to harden
inside my shorts.  As I reached down to adjust it, Mary noticed and asked, "is your thing getting all big
again?"  I nodded yes and quickly pulled my hand out of my shorts in embarrassment.  "Can I see it?"
she asked.
      I was shocked to hear that, but I slowly pulled my shorts and underwear down over my hips. 
My hard-on sprung back up against my belly.  Mary gasped but could not take her eyes off of it.  She
slowly reached out her hand and touched it with a finger.  A drop of pre-cum appeared on the blood
engorged head.  "Use your whole hand," I said, and reached down and wrapped her fingers around my
five inch erection.  "Not too tight," I said as she squeezed a little too hard.  I showed her how to move
her hand up and down.  "This is how you make a guy cum," I said.  "Cum?" she asked quizedly.  "Like
yesterday when you thought I was peeing."  "Oh, you mean when that stuff comes out of your
.....dick?" she asked haltingly.  "Yeah, that's what Mom and Dad were talking about when they told us
about the sperm and egg stuff," I replied.  Mary continued to stroke up and down on my rock hard cock. 
"Don't stop, I'm going to cum!" I moaned as the sperm rose up from my balls and began to erupt from
the slit in my cockhead.  Mary just stared as spurt after spurt of the clearish liquid spewed from my cock
and dribbled down her hand.  Her hand never stopped moving up and down, milking the cum from my
dick.  It was the first orgasm I had ever had that had not been courtesy of my own right hand, and it had
been very intense.
      Mary finally let go of my shrinking cock and wiped her hand on one of the blankets that lay on
the floor of the treehouse.  I was sitting on one of the pillows with my shorts and underwear around my
ankles.  "Now you have to show me your pee hole," I said.  "Mom said I shouldn't ever show it to
anybody," Mary complained.  "Well she said I shouldn't ever show anybody my thing," I replied, "but I
showed it to you."  Mary thought about this a second, then reluctantly got to her knees.  She
unsnapped and unzipped her pink shorts and slid them down her legs.  I can still remember the white
cotton panties she wore underneath.  A small spot of moisture had soaked through at the junction of
her slim thighs.  "The panties too," I demanded.  She hooked her thumbs into the sides of the white
cotton and pushed them down to her knees.  By this time I had shaken my shorts off my legs and was
sitting in just a T-shirt. 
      Mary sat back down, and I reached over and pulled her shorts and panties off.  She was shyly
keeping her legs together, but I put my hands between her knees and spread her legs apart.  Her hairless
slit was puffy and pink.  I scooted up closer to her and ran my hand up her thigh.  I was finally going to
get to touch a real live girl's vagina.  Mary recoiled a little but let me have my way.  I ran a finger up the
length of the small slit, feeling the heat and a slight wetness.  Mary's thighs seemed to part a little more. 
I put some pressure on my finger and the pink lips of her pussy opened up.  My finger slid to the
bottom of the slit, and barely entered the small opening.  I did not even get up to the first knuckle before
I met resistance.  Mary let out a little moan, and my finger seemed to get a little wetter.  Using my other
hand, I spread the lips of her cunny more so I could get a better look.  I noticed for the first time the
small pink bump at the top of her slit.  I also notice a few blond hairs that had sprouted just above the
slit.  I moved my thumb up and nudged the pink bump, causing Mary to flinch and moan audibly. 
      "Do that again," she said through clenched teeth.  I dipped my finger into the moist hole to
lubricate it, then began to slowly massage the flesh around the bump.  Mary began to shiver and twist
as I massaged her tiny clit.  I continued to rub the bump, occasionally dipping my finger down to her
vaginal opening to gather more moisture.  Her juices were now running down the crack of her ass and
making a spot on the blanket under her.  After about two minutes of this , Mary arched her back and
moaned loudly.  "Ohhh...Ohhh....OHHHHHHHH!" she gasped and pushed my hand away from her.  I
sat back and watched as she squirmed on the blanket for a moment, her thighs tightly clenched
      Mary laid there for at least five minutes, her thighs slowly parting and her legs relaxing as she
recovered from her first orgasm.  Her hands had moved up and she was rubbing her small breasts, or at
least the nipples, which were standing out hard against her T-shirt.  As I laid down next to her, she
rolled over and put her arms around me and hugged me close.  My hard again pecker slid right between
her thighs, and I could feel the wetness and heat as it settled in her slit.  We ground out hips together,
and I could feel my head of my cock slip into the tiny opening of her pussy.  We laid there for a minute
as I gently tried to push my cock just a little deeper into her opening.   "MARY," my mother yelled from
the back door, "TIME FOR YOUR PIANO LESSON!"  We quickly rolled apart and grabbed at our pants
and underwear.  I think Mary set a record for getting dressed.  Luckily, we had never taken off our shoes
and socks. 
      Mary quickly climbed down from the treehouse and headed for the house.  I reached down and
picked up the pictures that were still laying on the floor.  I pushed my shorts back down off my hips and
grabbed my hard cock in my right hand and stroked it until I came again.   For the first time in my life, I
was thinking of something other than those pictures as the sperm erupted from the slit in my cockhead. 
After wiping myself off on one of the blankets, I pulled my shorts back up and headed for the house.

Chapter Three

      Two weeks passed until we had a chance to meet again in the treehouse.  Mary had spent a
week at church camp, and the following week I had taken my turn at the camp.  Since I was the only one
at the camp from my area, I was able to brag that I had touched a girl's pussy.  I just didn't tell anyone
that it was my little sister's.  I was the stud of the camp, and had even gotten one of the girls to go the
lake with me for some making out.  Daphne had let me tongue kiss her and even let me feel her small
breasts through her blouse and bra.  But when I had tried to unbutton her blouse to get inside she
stopped me and told me she wasn't that kind of girl.
      On the night I got home, I was taking a shower in our shared bathroom when the door quietly
opened and Mary peeked in.  "I've got something to show you," she said, "but it will have to wait until
tomorrow."  I was standing in the shower after cutting off the water, and Mary was looking at my
shriveled cock.  The memories of our last encounter in the treehouse flooded back into my mind and my
dick began to grow.  We heard a knock on my door, so Mary quickly jumped back into her room and
closed the door.  Mom walked in bringing some clean clothes.  I quickly shut the door to the bathroom
so she wouldn't see my hard-on. 
      Just after lunch the next afternoon, Mary and I headed for the treehouse.  Mom was putting
David down for a nap, and told us to play quietly so we wouldn't wake him.  As Mary climbed the ladder
above me, I looked as usual to see if I could see her panties up the leg of her shorts.  I saw a quick flash
of pink cotton just before she scurried into the door of the treehouse.  As I climbed in the door, Mary
was pulling the blankets and pillows out of their box and spreading  them on the floor.  As I sat down on
a blanket, Mary unzipped one of the pillow covers and pulled out two thin paperback books that she
had hidden inside.  "Kimmy found these in a trash can at camp," she said excitedly as she handed them
to me.  The Wedding Night was the title of the first one.  It was a slim book with a white cover.  I opened
it and looked at a picture of a woman in a long white gown.  "It's all about sex and stuff," Mary said.  As
I flipped through the pages, I paused to read occasionally.  The book described how a "modern woman"
should react on her wedding night.  "Your first session of intercourse may be painful, as the hymen
must be torn before your husband's penis can be fully inserted into your vagina," read one passage.  "A
small amount of blood may appear as the hymen is broken."  It went on to describe the entire sexual act.
      "Did you read this?' I asked as I flipped through the pages.  'Yeah, Kimmy and I read it at camp
and she let me keep it."  Kimmy was our cousin who lived across town.  She was the same age as Mary. 
"It sounds kinda scary," she said, "but it says it's all natural and you should learn to enjoy it."  I set that
book down and picked up the other one.  There was a picture of a girl in a nurse's uniform on the front. 
Her top was unbuttoned and her large breasts were spilling out of her bra.  Night Nurses was the title.  I
recognized this as a "fuck" book.  I opened it up and began to read.  "Gwen tensed as Doctor Bob ran
his hand under her skirt and up to her soft ass cheeks," I read aloud, "His finger slipped under her
panties and found the wet furrow of her soaking pussy."
I could feel my dick harden as I read a few more lines.  "Gwen dropped to her knees and began to loosen
the drawstring of Doctor Bob's surgical pants," I continued, " She pulled his scrubs over his hips,
revealing his massive nine inch hard cock.  She began to kiss and lick the purple head, pausing
occasionally to take the length of it into her mouth and down her throat."
      By this time, my own swollen cock had formed a tent pole in my shorts.  "You're all hard again,"
she said as she stared at my crotch.  She leaned over and put her hand on my hard pole.  She looked at
me and asked, "Can I make you spit again?"  " The word is cum," I said.  I quickly pushed down my
shorts and underwear as Mary grabbed on to my five inch hard-on.  I laid back on the blanket as Mary
stroked up and down, using some of the pre-cum that appeared on my cockhead as lubricant.  I could
feel the sperm start to boil in my balls as she jacked me off. 
      "Hold on a second," I said, putting my hand out to stop her.  I slid my hand up the leg of her
shorts to her panties.  "You're all wet too," I said.  "It feels all tingly down there," she said.  I reached
over and pulled her shorts down off her hips.  Mary sat down and pulled her shorts and panties off.  I
also started pulling her T-shirt over her blond head.  "I want to see what your titties look like," I
explained.  Her pink nipples were the size of quarters, topping mounds that had begun to swell just a
little.  The middle of her nipples were the size of a pencil and were sticking out.  I reached up and
touched one of them, and it swelled and hardened under my touch.  "Take your shirt off too," Mary
said.  I complied, pulling my tank top over my head.  We were now both naked except for our sneakers
and socks.  (Several years later we talked about how we always left our shoes and socks on in case
Mom called.)
      Mary laid down beside me, and we began to explore each other's body.  I was fascinated by her
nipples, which had hardened into pencil size nubs about a quarter-inch long.  I bent down and
tentatively stuck out my tongue and began to lick at one, as I had seen in my porno pictures.  I gently
took it into my mouth and began to suck on it, much like I had seen my little brother nursing at my
mother's breast.  The tiny pink bud seemed to stretch another quarter-inch before I switched to the other
nipple.  Mary's hand pulled me against her chest as I licked and sucked at her nipples until they had
turned a dark red color.  My free hand was moving up and down Mary's back until I finally settled it on
her firm rear end.  My hand slid down the crack of her ass until I found her wet pussy slit.  Having no
real idea about female anatomy, I began to rub the area around this wetness.  I didn't realize that what I
was actually rubbing was the tight opening to her ass where her juices had run down.  She was
squirming and letting out small moans as I tried to force my finger into what I thought was her pussy.
      I was beginning to wonder how a man could get his dick into such a tight opening when her
sphincter eased up and my finger slid into the tight rosebud.  Mary gasped, "That's my pooh hole," as
my finger slid all the way in.  I quickly pulled my finger out in horror and began to wipe it on one of the
blankets.  "It's OK," she said, "It really felt strange, but good." "Will you do it again?"  I moved my
hand back down to her ass and began to probe at the tight hole again with my finger.  The muscle eased
and my finger slid back into her ass, which was slick with her pussy juices.  Mary squirmed and bucked
up against me as my finger probed deeper into tight rosebud.  As she pushed against me, I felt my steel
hard cock begin to slide between her lips of her hairless cunny.  Just as I  thought I might slip into her
tight, wet pussy, Mary reached down and began to pull on my cock. 
      It only took a few seconds, and I was spurting my cum all over her belly and cunt.  I sucked
hard at one of Mary's nipples and pushed my finger as deep as it would go into her ass, squirming it
around as I pushed.  Mary kind of collapsed against me as I rolled onto my back.  We laid there for a
minute, my finger still buried in her tight butthole.  I slowly started to ease it out, and Mary gave a small
gasp as it finally popped out.  "That felt really good," Mary said.  We rolled apart, and both looked
down at our laps.  Streaks of cum covered our bellies.  My dick had softened and shrunk, but Mary's
pubic mound was still red and wet.  I slid my hand down and began to rub her bump, which was still
moist with her juices.  In about a minute, she began to squirm, and soon she arched her back and
moaned as an orgasm swept through her tiny body. 
We laid on the blankets for several minutes, my arm around her shoulders and her head laying on my
chest.  I was softly stoking her still hard nipples with my fingers.
      After a few minutes, Mary asked what time it was.  I looked at my watch and realized that David
would soon be up from his nap and Mom would be looking for us.  Mary wiped her belly off as best she
could with one of the blankets, and we hurriedly got dressed.

Chapter Four

That night, after dinner, I helped Dad mow the yard, while Mary was busy with Mom in the kitchen.
After we had finished our chores, we all settled down in the den to watch TV.  Since it was summer, our
parents let us stay up until 10:00.  After watching a couple of sitcoms, a movie came on that Mom & Dad
wanted to watch.  It turned out to be a love story, so Mary and I were pretty bored.  I was laying on the
floor reading a book, and Mary was sitting in the recliner reading one of her "teen" magazines.  Mom
and Dad were sitting together on the couch.  Occasionally when I would look over at Mary, I would
notice that her hand seemed to be rubbing at the crotch of her shorts. 
      At 10:00, Mom sent us off the bed.  I continued to read my book until I saw the light in the
bathroom go off.  After a few minutes, I got up and put on my pajamas and went into the bathroom to
pee.  I thought I heard a faint moaning from Mary's room, so I switched off the light and cracked open
the door to her room.  I could see in the light from a streetlight outside that Mary was rubbing her
cunny.  I watched for a couple of minutes, then she began to rub real fast.  She arched her back and let
out a low moan as she came.  My own dick was rock hard by this time.  I gently closed the door and
eased back into my own room.  Pushing my pajamas down, I started to jack off, thinking about Mary and
her bald pussy.  I knew that one day soon I would be able to get inside her and fuck a girl for real.  As
the jism began to spurt from my cock, I thought I noticed the door to the bathroom close.  Mary had
been peeking just like I had been!  I got some tissues and wiped the cum from my chest and stomach. 
      I continued to lay there, thinking about Mary.  After a little while I heard Mom and Dad come
up the stairs to get ready for bed.  The door to my room opened and Mom looked in.  I quickly shut my
eyes and pretended to be asleep.  The door closed and I heard her look into Mary's room also.  I laid
there for another fifteen or twenty minutes when I heard my Dad moan.  Since the baby had been born,
they were leaving their bedroom door open so they could hear when he woke up.  I got up and went to
my door, quietly opening it an inch or two.  I heard another low moan.  Very quietly, I opened the door
and slid out into the hallway.  A dim light from the nightlight in David's room illuminated the hall.  The
door to my parent's room was open about a foot.  I crawled down the hall until I could see into the room.
      I almost gasped in shock when I looked in.  The light from their bathroom partially lit the room. 
I could see Mom laying naked on the bed.  Dad was laying between her open legs licking at her pussy!   
As he lifted his head from her crotch, I could see that Mom's pussy was covered with a thick mat of dark
hair.  Dad wrapped one arm around her leg, and using his hand opened up her pussy lips.  His head
dipped back down and he began to flick at her with his tongue.  Mom was squirming around on the bed
and trying to be quiet.  Dad's other hand moved up her body and he began to massage her milk-swollen
tits.  "Careful," I heard mom say, "They're kinda sore from nursing."  Dad rolled her tit around with the
palm of his hand.  Her nipples were hard and stuck out about and inch.  He slowly began to kiss his way
up her body until he  reached her swollen globes.  He took her right nipple into his mouth and began to
suck!  I could see that his hand was now in Mom's lap.  He slowly inserted a finger into her pussy and
began to pump it in and out.  This continued for a minute as Dad nursed at her breasts, first the right,
then the left.    Soon, Mom pushed Dad off of her and onto his back.  His hard-on was sticking
straight up in the air.  Her hand went down and wrapped around it and she began to slowly stroke up
and down the way Mary had done to me that afternoon.  She then bent her head down and took the end
of his hard cock into her mouth!  My hand was stroking my own hard cock as she began to slowly bob
her head up and down on his hard rod.  Her hand was still stroking the part of his enormous erection
that she could not get into her mouth.  I could hear soft slurping sounds as she sucked on him. 
Occasionally, she would take it out of her mouth and lick around the head like a lollipop.  Dad had one
hand on the back of her head, and the other was twisting in the sheets, trying to be quiet.  After a
couple more minutes of sucking, Dad lifted her head up.  Mom let his cock pop out of her mouth and it
slapped back against his stomach.  She raised up and straddled him.  Reaching between her legs, she
pried back his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her hairy pussy. 
      As she slowly lowered herself onto him, my own cock began to spurt it's seed.  I quickly
flipped it back into my pj's, hoping that none of it got onto the carpet.  As I looked back into their room,
Mom began to move up and down on Dad's huge cock.  It must have been eight or nine inches long,
much longer than my measly five inches.  Dad was thrusting up into her.  At the same time he was
massaging her huge breasts!  I thought I saw something squirt out of her tits into Dad's face.  His
tongue was licking at his lips and cheeks.  After a couple of minutes, he pulled her down to him.  He
then rolled over until she was underneath him.  He began to thrust himself deep into her wet pussy!  I
couldn't believe I was seeing my own parents fucking.  Mom began to moan a little louder and Dad's
thrusting became quicker.  "I'm going to come!" Dad whispered loudly as he slammed into her harder. 
Mom raised up to meet his thrusts, and pulled his head down to kiss him.  Even though they were trying
to be quiet, moans escaped from them both as they reached their orgasm together.  Dad collapsed on
top of Mom, and they lay there kissing one another. 
      As I started to slip back to my room, I heard a squeal from David's room.  He was awake!  I
turned and quickly crawled back to my room and closed the door.  I held the doorknob until I heard
Mom go into his room to pick him up.  I gently eased the knob closed and quickly crawled back into
bed.  My pajamas were wet and sticky from the cum I had exploded into them.  I grabbed some tissues
and cleaned up myself as best I could.  However, I knew that mom would be able to see the cum stains
on my shorts if she looked close enough.  I just prayed that she would be in a hurry and not notice
them.  I could hardly wait to tell Mary what I had seen!

Chapter Five

      It was five days before Mary and I could meet in the treehouse again.  Three straight days of
rain had kept us inside and under Mom's watchful eye.  Then the weekend had come and we had all our
weekend chores to do while Dad was off.  Just after lunch on Monday, Mom told us to go outside and
play so the baby could take a nap.  I told Mary to meet me in the treehouse; I had something to tell her. 
      I went out to the treehouse and spread out the blankets and pillows on the floor.  I then pulled
the "fuck book" that Mary had found in a trash can at camp out and started to read it.  The part of the
book I was reading was about a young nursing student who was losing her virginity to two interns.  My
dick was straining against my underwear when I heard Mary coming up the ladder into the treehouse. 
She looked at the book that I was reading and a smile crossed her face. 
      "What is it you wanted to tell me?" she asked.  I started telling her about the other night when
I had seen Mom and Dad fucking.  Her eyes grew wide as I told her about Dad laying between Mom's
legs licking her pussy.  "He licked her pee hole?" she asked in amazement.  "Yeah," I replied, "just like
they talk about in this book."  "Listen to this," I said, and began to read from the book.  "Steve ran his
tongue up the young nursing student's thigh until he reached her wet slit.  He pried open the pink lips
and began to slowly slide his tongue into her moist hole, tasting her sweet juices."  "Gosh," Mary said,
"that sounds kinda gross."  "Mom sure seemed to like it," I replied, and told her about the way she was
moaning and squirming on the bed."
Now came my big chance.  "Would you like to try it?" I asked.  Mary seemed to hesitate for just a
second, but then a smile seemed to break across her face.  "Sure...I guess so," she replied.  We looked at
each other a little awkwardly.  "Come here and lay down against this pillow," I directed.  As she walked
up to me, I reached up and pulled down her pink shorts.  Underneath them was a pair of pink bikini
panties with little bears on them.  "Do you like my new panties?" she asked.  "Mom got them for me at
the store last week."  The main thing that I noticed was that they were pulled up into her cunny, and a
small moist spot was starting to appear. "Yeah, they're cute," I replied as I hooked my fingers into the
waistband and pulled them down over her hips.  Her bare cunny, with just a few thin blond hairs above
the slit was already puffy.  I helped her lay down on one of the blankets with her back propped up
against a pillow.  I maneuvered myself between her legs, pulling them apart at the knees.  I ran my hand
up her thigh and gently over her small mound.  A shiver ran through her body as my finger parted her
lips and nudged her clit. (I now knew what it was called from reading the wedding night book.)  
      Situating myself between her thighs, I began to follow the story from the book.  I gently licked
up her thigh until her bald cunny was staring me in the face.  I cautiously stuck out my tongue and put it
against her pink lips.  Mary jerked when she first felt my tongue on her.  I again bent down and took a
tentative taste of her young pussy.  The taste was more tart than the "sweet juices" mentioned in the
book, but not bad at all.  I began to run my tongue up and down her puffy slit, making sure to flick at the
bump at the top.  Gathering my courage, I moved my face down and tried to stick my tongue into the
hole at the bottom of the slit.  There was a lot more juice down there, and my tongue easily began to
slide up into her passage. 
Remembering what Dad had done, I ran my arm over her leg and used my fingers to hold the lips spread. 
This gave me my first close-up look at my sister's virgin cunt.  The lips had become larger, and a darker
pink in color.  At the bottom of the slit was a shimmering hole, its inner lips just barely split.  At the top
of the slit, her bump had become a small button, it's bright pink head peeking out from its protective
hood.  I raised up and flicked at with my tongue, then tried to suck it into my mouth as if it were a straw. 
I felt Mary's hands on the back of my head, pulling me harder into her cunt.  I sucked on her clit again,
and her back arched up as she ground her pussy into my face. 
My hand had slid up under her shirt, and I was massaging her little hard nipples just the way Dad had
done to Mom.  I then felt the familiar quake of her small body as she began to orgasm (another word I
had learned from the book).  I tried to keep licking her pussy, but she pushed my head away and
clenched her thighs together tightly.  My face was covered in her juices.  I continued to massage her
hard nipple until she finally laid back and let out a big sigh.  "Ohmigod," she said in a hushed voice. 
"I've never felt like that, even when I rub myself," she whispered.  I laid down beside her and put my
arms around her.  She looked at me for a moment and then leaned over and kissed me on the lips.  My
first real kiss, and it came from my sister!  She slipped her tongue out of her mouth and licked my lips. 
"Is that what I taste like?" she asked.  I just nodded as she continued to lick at my face. 
In a couple of minutes, she had regained her composure.  My hand was resting on her hip, idly drawing
circles on her skin.  Her hand went down to the front of my shorts and cupped my hard cock.  "Do you
want me to make you come too?" Mary asked in a low voice.  "Yeah, " I replied, "but I want you to do
something to me."  I then explained how I had seen Mom lick and suck on Dad's hard cock.  "Its just like
I did to you," I explained.  Mary had a questioning look in her eye, so I continued.  "Do you remember
the pictures I showed you?" referring to the porno pictures I has shown her a couple of weeks ago. 
"The woman in those pictures had the guy's dick in her mouth," I said, as I built my case.  Mary still
seemed reluctant, but I was pulling my pants and underwear down at the same time.  My hard on
slapped back against my belly.  It seemed as if it were an inch longer than it had ever been before. 
Mary's hand wrapped around my quivering rod, and she began to slowly stroke it up and down.  "You
gotta at least try it." I pleaded with her. 
After a moment, she leaned her head down and stuck out her tongue.  She took a tentative lick at the
bright red head.  I guess she decided that the taste was okay, because she began to lick at the head as if
it were a lollipop.  A small drop of clear liquid appeared at the tiny slit.  Her tongue washed over it,
licking it up.  A small string ran from her tongue back to the bulging head of my cock.  "Put the end of it
in your mouth," I directed.  She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the end into it. 
"Watch your teeth!" I yelped, as they grated over the sensitive cockhead.  She pulled back, and
wrapping her lips over her teeth, again slid the end of my throbbing cock into her mouth.  The sensation
is one I remember to this day as she took another inch of my cock into her hot mouth.  I showed her how
to rub the part that wasn't in her mouth, just the way Mom had done.  She started to suck on me as if I
was a straw, lowering her head until she had about three inches of my cock in her mouth.  Her hand was
gently cuddling my balls, tickling the few hairs that had grown on my sack.  It didn't take long before I
felt that familiar feeling in my balls.  "I'm going to cum!" I hissed to Mary.  She must not have realized
what I meant, as she continued to suck on my hard prick.  As the cum boiled up from my balls, she
slipped most of my cock out of her mouth until just the head was in it.  Her small fingers propelled the
sperm up cock and it splashed against the back of her throat.  She pulled away, just as a second spurt
erupted from the slit and splashed against her cheek.  She continued to pump my hard-on, and another
spurt landed on her chin.  Her small tongue reached out of her mouth and lapped up the thin white liquid
before it rolled off her face.
Mary's fist moved up on my cock one last time.  A thick gob of white cream oozed out to the slit in it's
bright red head.  Mary bent her head down and licked the up the last of my cum.  A small string of cum
ran between her lips and the head of my cock.  She dropped her mouth to my now softening dick and
washed the head of any remaining juices with her tongue and lips.  I reached down and wiped away a
small splash of cum that was still on her cheek.  Mary looked up at me with a look in her brown eyes that
I still remember.  I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard on the lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth
and I could taste my cum still on her lips.  We laid there and held each other for a few minutes, until a
sudden crack of thunder announced that a storm was coming.  We slid back into our clothes and hurried
down from the treehouse as Mom appeared at the back door and called for us to come inside.

Chapter Six

      Things progressed pretty rapidly after that day.  It was inevitable that Mary and I would soon
take each other's virginity.  We had begun leaving the doors to our shared bathroom unlocked, and
often when one or the other of us was taking a shower, the other would peek in.  Mary walked in on me
about a week later as I was standing in front of the toilet taking a pee.  She immediately reached down
and took my dick into her hand and began splashing my stream of urine around the bowl. I told her she
had to shake off the last few drops, but more than three shakes was playing with it.  She slowly shook
off the last golden drop of urine, and then stroked me to a hard-on.  As I stood there, she jacked me off,
and soon drops of thick white cum joined the yellow liquid in the bowl. 
      We were totally at ease being naked around each other.  Most of the time when we were in our
treehouse, our clothes were off (except for those shoes and socks!) and we were learning how to give
each other orgasms. 
      About two weeks after the our first episode of oral sex, we were laying on the blankets.  We
both had our shorts off.  Mary was slowly pulling on my erect cock while I ran I finger gently up and
down her puffy slit.  I slid my finger down to the wet hole at the bottom of her slit and gently slid my
finger inside of her.  I soon met the resistance of her still intact hymen.  I began to move my finger in and
out, pressing against the thin piece of flesh.  As I pumped a little bit harder, my finger suddenly
punched through the flimsy membrane.  Mary squealed and jumped back a little bit.  "That hurt!" she
said, a slight quiver in her voice.  "I think I busted your hymen," I said, quoting the correct phrase from
the book on marital sex that Mary had found at camp.  I gently put my finger back inside her sopping
wet cunny and began to slide it in and out again.  Soon, my finger was buried deep inside her.  She
began to moan quietly as I pumped my finger into her slick hole.  I moved my finger around inside her,
eliciting even more moans from her.  She quickly reached an orgasm, and I  could feel her pussy muscles
squeezing against my finger.  As I pulled my finger from her cunny, I could see a small bit of blood
mixed in with her juices.  "Are you okay?" I asked.  "I think you did break it," she said quietly, "It's
kinda sore."  We laid there for a little while longer before Mom called us to come in. 
      That night, after Mary and I had gone to bed, I laid awake reading for a while.  I heard Mom
and Dad come up and go to bed.  In a few minutes, I heard that now familiar moan that I would lay awake
to hear.  This time, I quickly slid through the bathroom into Mary's dark room.  She was laying on top of
the covers, her pink nightgown pushed up around her hips.  I could see the white flesh of her bare
cunny.  I put my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't make any noise.  Her eyes popped op