- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Nursing sister
[Author] from family letters
[Type] Brother/sister

      My sister, Alice, is married and has a three-month-old baby
which she breast feeds.  Tuesday, she was over visiting with
Mom.  I was in my room studying.  I'm twenty and go to the local

      "I'm going to feed little Michael," my sister called.

      I immediately dropped what I was doing and went to watch.  I
never tire of watching my big-breasted sister feed the baby.
Every time I get a chance to watch my sister feed little
Michael, I do.  And every time I watch my sister take her tit
out and feed her baby, I get an erection.

      Mom said she had to go next door for something and would be
back in about an hour, then left.

      I got up close so I could see everything.  Alice unbuttoned her
blouse, unfastened her bra, and exposed both of her breasts to
me.  This was something new.  I stared in open-mouthed lust at
my sister's breasts.  They were big and white and had the most
beautiful nipples I had ever seen.

      Alice looked at me and smiled.  She was frankly showing me her
breasts.  My cock got as hard as a board.

      "You like to look at these, don't you?" she said.

      I nodded yes and stared at my sister's jugs.  They were

      She brought her son up and let him suck.  I kept looking back
and forth from the tit he was sucking to the unoccupied tit.
This was the best show I had ever had.

      After a while he went to sleep, and Alice put him in his bed.
She still had not covered her breasts, and they swung as she
moved.  She cam back to me.

      "Do you want to try it?" my sister said.

      "Suck you?" I asked.

      "Yes.  Do you want to suck my breast?" she said.

      "Of course," I said.

      She had me lie across her lap, and she fed me her other breast,
just as she had fed the first one to Michael.  I was not as good
at nipple-sucking as my nephew was, but I sure was good at
titty-feeling.  I sucked her milk and swallowed it as greedily
as Michael had.

      Too soon, my sister stopped me.

      "My turn." she said.

      "What do you mean?" I asked.

      "Mom told me to let you have a suck, and for me to suck you
right back," Alice said.  "It sounded like a good idea to me."

      My sister had me stand in front of her, and she took my dick
out.  She put it in her mouth and sucked me.  A lot quicker than
I wanted to, I came in her mouth.  

      "That was good," she said.  "Tomorrow, come to my house and
we'll do something better."

      She did not specify what we would do, but I was most eager to
find out.

      Came Wednesday, I was at my sister's door at three in the
afternoon.  When she let me in the door, Alice was wearing a
dressing gown, and I could tell that she did not have anything
on underneath it.

      "Michael's asleep," she told me.  She took me into the living
room and immediately exposed both of her breasts to me.  I
grabbed one and started sucking her.  As I sucked my sister, her
gown fell open farther and farther.  Soon, she was naked to her

      She took one of my hands and pushed it down between her legs.
I did not have to ask what she wanted.  I pushed my hand up
between her legs and cupped her bare pussy.  While I did that, I
kept sucking her milk out of her big breast.

      "Take your clothes off," my sister told me.

      I hated to stop what I was doing, but I did as she said.  While
I was getting naked, so did she.

      "Get on top of me," she said when we were both nude.

      My sister lay on the divan and I got on top of her naked body.
With a minimum of squirming and moving, we were in a position to
fuck.  I was between my sister's legs and my cock was nudging
her pussy mound.

      "Well, what are you waiting for?" she said, looking expectantly
at me.

      I pushed my peter into her pussy.  It went in smoothly - deeper
and deeper, until she had the whole eight inches and the head of
my cock against her womb opening.

      "Good fit," my sister said.

      "That's because you're my sister," I said.  I wasn't exactly
sure what I meant by that, but she seemed to like it.

      Her tits rolled under my chest as I fucked her.  Fucking my
sister was a lot better than just looking at her tit as she fed
the baby.  I was not wearing my usual pregnancy protection, and
I mentioned it to her.

      "That's all right," she said.  "Bob and I are wanting another
baby anyhow."

      I loved the sound of that.  My sister did not care if I got her
pregnant.  That, of course, immediately became my goal.  I slid
my peter in and out of her pussy, enjoying the feel of her body
against mine, especially her breasts against my chest and her
tight pussy around my peter.  I was fucking my sister!  I had
never dreamed that I would get this privilege.  I rocked in my
sister's saddle.

      The she orgasmed for me.  I looked into her face and was proud
that I had made her come.  I had fucked my sister to orgasm, and
I was going to fuck her some more.

      Her pussy was wet and I fucked her a little faster.  I wanted
to be sure to shoot my sperm up my sister's pussy before little
Michael work up.

      Then I came.  I put my cheek against hers and pushed my peter
all the way up her pussy.  I counted the spurts.  Seven good,
hard squirts of cum went from me to my sister's womb.  I thought
how great it would be if I scored the first time I fucked her.
Of course, I wanted to fuck her some more, just to be sure.

      I am continuing to fuck my sister - every day, when I can.
Some days, I fuck her twice.  I'll bet I'm fucking her more than
her husband is.  I'm pretty proud of that.

      I'm going to get this in the mail, then go over to my sister's
house and fuck her before her husband gets home.  There's
nothing like fucking your sister in the afternoon.