- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Photography lesson
[Author] Honey Moon
[Type] Brother/sister

Rose put down the paper in disbelief. "Kenny, why would you want me to model for you? I'm sure there are lots of girls who would love to pose for you."

Kenny blushed, and rubbed the back of his neck, in that way she found so cute. "Um, it's for my art class." He muttered. "We're, we're studying eroticism, in photography. You know how nervous I get around pretty women!"

"What does that make me?" she asked sharply.

"No, I didn't mean that! You're the prettiest girl I know! You're also the only girl I know that I can feel comfortable with.

Rose smiled. "I'll except that, big brother. Wait, did you say eroticism? I can't do dirty pictures! Mom would kill me, and you would go to jail!"

"Not like that!" Kenny protested. "Eroticism can be anything! A picture of you, just touching the tip of your tongue to a strawberry, would be a very erotic image.

"Sure, if I was naked!" she shot back.

"No, I may ask you to wear something really hot, but I wouldn't do anything to make you feel uncomfortable!"

"I don't know about this." She looked back at the form he had given her. "Are you sure people won't freak if I put I'm only 15?"

"It'll be fine! It's art. If you aren't nude, and no nude males are in the shot, it's all perfectly legal."

Rose thought it over, and made up her mind. "Ok, Kenny, as long as it's nothing that will get you into trouble!" she filled out the form, and handed it back to him. "Ok, Mister photographer, when do we get started?

"How about right now?" he asked eagerly. "Come on, let me see you under the lights."

Rose followed her brother into his basement studio. "What should I do?" she asked, as he positioned the lighting equipment that he bought with part of his university grant.

"Just sit on that stool, and look towards me." Kenny took out his light meter, and pointed it to her face. "I'll have to watch the light level. Your skin is so white, you're reading a little hot. Turn your head to the left. That's good. Your hair is going to look great. It's just the right shade of orange, to give a good contrast to your skin tone.

"White skin, orange hair?" Rose asked angrily. "You make me sound like a clown!" she jumped off the stool, and headed for the stairs.

"Rose, wait!" he pleaded. "I'm sorry! I just get carried away sometimes!"

"My hair is red!" she pouted. "And you know I burn, if I try to get a tan!"

"Listen Rose." Kenny's face was turning a very interesting shade of red it's self now. "You have the kind of red hair that drives the guys crazy! I, I think it's very sexy. Your skin is just fantastic! You could do commercials for makeup!"

"Are you saying I need makeup, Kenneth?" she asked quietly. She slowly walked back to the stool, and sat down. She never could stay angry with her brother, but it was kind of fun to tease him!

"No! I didn't mean it like that! I, I just think you look wonderful!" he managed to stammer.

"It's ok, you dope! I think you meant that as a complement!" she swung her legs, and just looked at him. "Now what?"

Kenny opened his mouth, then closed it, and stood there, looking kind of silly. "Rose?" he almost whispered. "Could you go change into your cheerleader uniform?"

Rose giggled. She knew she looked good in it, but this was the first time she had any inkling that her brother thought so too! "I guess so, I'll be right back." Rose ran upstairs, and hurried to change. She was a little embarrassed though. Not by the thought of her brother seeing her in it, but by something just a little more personal. "I must be crazy!" she whispered, as she slipped her shorts down her legs, and kicked them onto the bed. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and she looked down in dismay. The plain cotton of her panties was really starting to get damp! "Shit! He's my brother! Why am I feeling like this?" Rose slipped the offending garment off, and slipped on a fresh pair, the heavier ones that went with the short little cheerleader skirt. She shook her head, at her own foolishness, and hurried into the skirt, and sweater of her uniform. "I hope Kenny doesn't notice. I don't want him to get all embarrassed!" she raced down stairs, and nearly collided with him, as he checked his equipment. "I'm ready, Kenny!"

"Great! Lets just do a few test shots first, ok?" Kenny had her sit on the stool, and at first just had her toss her long hair from side to side.

"This is kind of boring." She said after about the twelfth picture. "Is this all you want me to do?"

"Nope, we're only just starting." He looked at her, and she watched his throat move, as he swallowed nervously. "Now I want you to just pull up your top, only a little bit. Just make it look like you're getting undressed, ok?"

Rose was really getting into this, and only gave a token complaint. "I thought you said no nudity?"

"I did." He smiled sheepishly. "Turn your back, and just pull it up a little, alright?"

"Well, alright." She turned around, and slipped the sweater slowly up her back

"No, that's no good!" Kenny cleared his throat. "Go upstairs, and take off your bra. I don't like the lines of the straps."

"You're kidding right?"

"Please. I just want your back in the shot. The straps spoil the effect."

"Don't peek now!" she finally whispered. Rose quickly pulled off her sweater, and removed her bra. The young woman hastily donned her sweater again, hoping Kenny didn't peek. Her nipples were growing so hard they almost ached! "You can look now!" she smiled sweetly at her brother, and handed the garment to him. She just managed to hold back her giggles, when he dropped it like it was red hot!

"Um, where were we? Oh yeah. Rose, turn your back to me, spread your legs, and lean forward, just a little. That's perfect. Now, slowly pull your top over your head."

"How's that?" she asked from within the sweater.

"Beautiful! Just great!"

It must have been the material of her top, muffling her hearing, but Kenny sounded quite odd. Almost like he was out of breath, after a long run. "Is that all?" she asked, after pulling the top back down.

"Not yet. Rose, I know I said no nudity, but could you do something, just a little racy?"

"Just what do you have in mind?"

"Keep your back to me, and take the top completely off. Then, just run your fingers through your hair, like in a shampoo commercial.

Rose thought a moment, then without a word, slipped the sweater off. "How's this?" she whispered, as Kenny clicked away. She even turned her head over her shoulder, and smiled sweetly, right into the lens.

"Oh God, that's wonderful!" he muttered, as the flashes fired. "That's it!" he cried happily. "These are going to be perfect!" He eyed her closely. "Rose, why don't you cup your hands over your breasts, make sure you, um, you cover your, you know, and let me take a few frontals?"

Rose was having more fun then she ever expected, and didn't really want it to end, just yet. "As long as you won't get into trouble over this, I guess it's ok!" she raised her hands slowly, and cupped her long fingers over the fullness of her breasts. Rose gently squeezed her nipples between her fingers, and suddenly felt weak in the knees. She turned around. "Like this?"

Kenny fired off several more shots, and then put the camera back on its tripod. "That was great, Rose!" he quickly turned away, and Rose slipped back into her sweater. "I have a few more I want to take. Would you mind changing clothes again?"

"No, I don't mind." She really did, but how could she tell her brother that all she wanted to do right now, was to go to her room, and practice he brand new hobby? Rose just recently discovered just how much pleasure one could experience, if one were to use her fingers in just the right way! It seemed like lately, she was masturbating every chance she could get. It had even gotten to the point that she couldn't sleep, without at least one good orgasm! "Just a few more, ok? What should I wear?"

"I know this sounds strange, but could you wear the dress you wore to Aunt Becky's wedding? I have a couple, uh, props, that should go well with it."

"Sure, just give me a minute." Rose hurried upstairs, and once more slipped out of her clothes. Her panties were soaked! She thought longingly, of the hand held shower massager, then hastily tried to wipe herself dry with her panties, before putting on yet another pair. Her date with her watery lover would just have to wait! She slipped the simple, but elegant pale green gown over her head, and let the silky material flow down her body. Aunt Becky's wedding was several months ago, and Rose was delighted at how much better she filled out the bodice now! She grinned at her mirror, and stuck her tongue out at her firm nipples. They were clearly visible, but as long as she was dressed, that was ok! When Rose joined her brother downstairs, she was startled to see he had dragged the old dining room table up in the middle of the studio, and he was tying thin silk ropes to the legs. "What the hell is that for?" she gasped in shock.

"I just want to show the erotic feel of bondage, combined with that dress." He turned, and openly stared at her. "Rose, you're beautiful!"

"Are you planning to tie me up? I read "Gerald's Game!" I can't do anything nasty like that!"

"You'll be dressed! I just want to show how erotic a helpless woman can look! I won't hurt you! It'll just be for a few minutes, I swear!"

Rose was somehow getting even hotter by the idea of being tied up. "Just for a few minutes, ok?" he nodded. "How do you want me?"

"Hold on a second." He threw a bolt of black velvet over the table, hiding the old scrapes and dings in the heavy wood. It looked more like a prop in a porno movie, she had watched on her computer, late one night! "There, now just lay across it, and let me tie your hands.

"Not too tight, ok?" Rose's heart was pounding, as she lay over the table, and reached her arms out to the other side. Kenny pulled the ropes into position across the top, and tied her wrists, just tight enough that she couldn't slip free.

"Spreadůspread your legs, Rose!"

"I can't, the dress is too tight!"

"I'll help you." He gasped.

"What are you doing?" the touch was almost like an electric shock, as Kenny slowly slid the dress up her legs, giving her the room she needed to spread them farther apart. Her body was beginning to tremble, as he tied first one ankle, then the other. Rose couldn't wait for him to finish. Frankly, she had never felt like this before. She was becoming convinced, that if she didn't get to massage herself to orgasm real soon, her heart was going to just simply explode!

"Oh my god, you look so sexy like that!" he moaned, as he snapped one picture after another. Rose started to shake, as his gentle fingers moved her legs, to get the best angle. "Rosie, I think I could get a gallery showing with these!" he exclaimed happily, as he took more pictures.

"Are, are you finished?" she whispered hoarsely. She needed to get to her room, and fast! The young girl was fighting hard, but if her hands were free, she might end up slipping them between her legs, and giving herself the release she so desperately needed, even if Kenny were still in the room!

"Just a couple more, then I'm done." He clicked away with his camera, and then with a sigh, placed it on the table next to his sister. "I don't know how I can thank you, Rosie! These pictures are going to be great!" He bent, to untie her legs, and then just froze. Very gently, he traced a finger up her leg. "You're so very beautiful, Rosie!" he whispered, as his hand slipped up under the rumpled material of her dress.

"Oh god! Kenny, what are you doing?" Rose gasped, as his hand rubbed across her bottom, sliding the material of her panties back and forth. The friction was warming her, making her tingle all over. "Stop it, ok?" she muttered weakly, as he slowly lifted her dress, exposing her bottom to his view.

"I swear, I won't take any pictures!" he gasped, as he pulled the dress up to her waist. "I never, I mean. Oh hell! I never saw a woman naked, in person before!

"But, but, you're 19!" she stammered, as his hands fondled her shapely bottom.

"You know how nervous I get!" he whimpered, as a single finger slipped up under the leg opening of her now completely soaked panties. "I never had the nerve to try to get it on with anyone!

"I'm your sister!" she cried out, as his finger touched her vagina. She tried to close her legs, and couldn't! "Just untie me, ok?" she asked, trying to keep calm.

"You're so warm and wet!" he said in childlike wonder. "I won't hurt you! I promise!"

Rose moaned, as his hand slipped away from her again. It was crazy! Incest was so wrong, but part of her was crying out, for his fingers to move across her throbbing clit! "Don't!" she simply said, as he yanked down the back of her panties, exposing the perfect skin of her firm round bottom.

"Rosie, you are the sexiest girl I know!" he said quietly, as his hands rubbed her bottom.

"No!" she shouted, as she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled. "Don't you dare!" she ordered, as her body trembled.

"I won't hurt you!"

Rose's mind reeled, as Kenny pressed his body against hers. She felt his hardness, through the material of his shorts, as he moved against her. His penis felt huge, as he wedged it, shorts and all, between her cheeks. "Stop, just do that." She whispered, as he slowly humped against her bottom. She was so confused. Part of her wanted to scream, and run, but a growing part of her, just wanted to feel the warmth of her brother against her body. He paused, for a moment, and Rose whimpered, when he pulled down his shorts, and pressed his naked penis up along her cheeks.

"I love you, Rosie!" he gasped. "Please, don't hate me!"

"Kenny, don't!" she screamed, as he pulled back, and slipped his penis between her legs, between her and her wet panties! "Don't you stick that in me!"

"I won't hurt you!" he chanted, as he slid his cock up along her vagina, slipping it through her own fluids, fucking just her outer lips, and her wet panties.

Rose gasped, every time the swollen head rubbed against her inflamed clit. Her body was shaking harder now, and she could feel her orgasm growing closer. "Just a little more!" she whimpered, as Kenny thrust even harder. Her hips started to move on their own, when it finally happened. He pulled back, just a little too far, and as he thrust forward, Rose pushed back. "No!" she cried, as the head just popped into her wetness. "I'm a virgin!" she stammered. "Don't do that!"

The two of them just stood still. The head of Kenny's rock hard penis was just entering her tightness. "It feels so good!" he whispered, as he eased in, just a bit more.

"We can't!" she started to beg. "Just do it like before, take it out of me!" she felt a fullness growing inside her, and suddenly, an added pressure. "Oh no!" she whimpered, as Kenny just held still. It didn't seem like such a big thing to her, any more, and the thought of Kenny's penis, right up against her hymen, was driving her insane!

"Oh Rosie, I'm sorry!" he cried, as he just trembled, fighting the urge to bury himself completely.

"Kenny, just do it a little more!" she breathed, and closed her eyes. She cried out, as he finally entered her fully, making her a woman.

"Did I hurt you, Rosie?" he gasped, as her whimpers filled the room.

"Just, just a little. Do it slowly, just for a little bit, then take it out, ok?"

Kenny eased into her, and withdrew, making her gasp with the pain/pleasure of her first penetration. "This is so good!" he cried, as he slowly increased his speed. "I love you so much, Rosie! Thank you! Thank god you're on the pill!"

Rose was feeling much better now, in fact, her orgasm was just about to take her, when her brother's words finally sank in. "What?" she gasped, "What pills?" Kenny didn't seem to hear her, as his breathing grew more labored. Amy's pills! Oh god, no! The birth control pills she let her best friend hide in her bedroom, so her mother wouldn't find them! Kenny must have seen them! "Take it out! They're not mine!" she wailed, as Kenny rammed in, one final time! "No, don't cum, not in me! Get it out of me! " She begged, as he grunted, and just pressed himself hard against his sister. She felt the penis jerk within her, and knew his seed was pumping deep into her body. Millions of sperm were swimming up into her womb; ready to fertilize the egg she knew was waiting there. Despite her panic, somehow this thought was still enough to trigger the most powerful orgasm her young body had ever experienced, and she screamed again, but in ecstasy, as her soul took flight.

"Are you ok, Rosie?" she heard as she opened her eyes. Kenny had untied her, and had the velvet over her like a blanket.

"Oh Kenny, I'm ok." She smiled weakly. "I never knew it could be that powerful!" she remembered, and her panic returned. "Kenny, I'm not on the pill!"

"Yes you are, I saw them! I never would have done this, if I thought you weren't!"

"Well, I'm not! Those are Amy's. Her mother would throw a fit, if she found out her daughter was having sex!" she bravely fought back her tears. "I think you may have gotten me pregnant. The timing is sure right! What do we do now?"

"Yes, that's what I'd like to know!" it was their mother, Annie!

Rose thought she would pass out, when she looked up, and saw her mother on the stairs! "Momma! I, I mean, it's not Kenny's fault!"

Their mother walked across the room, and looked at the ropes tied to the table legs. "It's not his fault?" she shook her head.

"Mom, I made her do it!" Kenny yelled. "Don't you dare blame Rosie!"

"Take it easy, Ken! I'm mad at you both, for acting so irresponsibly, but I'm not trying to place blame. I love you two, and I want to help." She glanced at her son's wilting penis, as he hastily yanked his shorts back on. "You're so much like your late father, Ken dear. This is what we'll do. Rosie, if you are pregnant, you'll go on a little vacation, at your grandmother's house."

"You're throwing me out?" the young girl moaned. "Momma, I'm sorry! Please don't!"

"No baby!" Annie hugged her daughter. "Just until you have the baby!" she looked at her son. "If you did get your sister pregnant, you have something very important to do."

"Anything mom! I'll join the army, or move away, I swear!"

"Nothing that drastic, baby. If I'm going to convince people I'm having another baby, I'll have to show a big belly. Won't people be surprised, when I have twins?"

"Do you mean?" Kenny stared at his mother, as his penis stirred back to life.

Annie looked at the growing tent in her son's shorts, and sighed happily, as she unzipped her skirt. "You really are so much like your father!"