- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Rich kid
[Author] PowerWad
[Type] Brother/sister

I laughed to myself as I watched the rich kid pull his dripping pecker out of my sister. I tried not to snicker too loudly as she kissed him and told him she had a great time that night and she couldn't wait to do it again. I watched him get into his car while I slid my sister's robe off her luscious body, and as he backed his car out of the drive, I bent her over and slid my aching cock into her body.
"Do you think he'll figure it out?" she asked.
"Not a chance," I answered as I pistoned myself in and out of her over-lubricated pussy.
"Do you think he'll go for it?"
"He has to," I said as I reached around and began fingering her clit, "his parents would disown him if they found out."
"I just hope he doesn't want to fuck me after he hears."
"Why not, little sister?"
"Because..., mmmmm..., because he has such a little cock, and doesn't know how to fuck at all."
"That's why we picked him, honey. Not enough experience to know better, or to pull out."
"Mmmmm, but why such a little prick?"
"How many well to do 20 year old virgins are going to be well hung? Think about it!"
"I guess, but at least I have you," she said as she leaned up into my arms.
You see, sis and I had this plan, we'd been fucking for a couple of years, and one day she decided she wanted to go the final step, and do the ultimate taboo. I wasn't so sure it was a good idea, but with a little prodding, I agreed, as long as we had a way to cover it up. So I arranged for this snotty rich kid to meet my sister. His brother was telling me how the kid complained about never getting laid. So after coming over to our place a few times, my sister found out that indeed, he had never been with anyone. All it took after that was a little flirting, a little alcohol, and my convienient decision to "go out for the night." I stayed in the closet of her room, and kept an eye on him as he fucked her, both to make sure she was safe, and to video tape the event. He never even noticed the closet door was cracked.
As soon as the kid dropped his load though, my sister warned him that I would probably be home soon, and it might not be a good idea for him to be there when I arrived. I'm quite a bit bigger (both muscular and manhood) than him, and everyone knows I'm protective of my little sister, so it was all he could do to get out of there quick. Now all that was left was to inform him that she was pregnant, and that he was not only the daddy, but if he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone (especially me-I would "kill" him), and his parents-they had already written one son out of the will for the same reason), he would make sure her and the child were taken care of for life, and to be on the safe side, so no one suspects, they shouldn't see each other again.
We both knew he couldn't resist an offer like that, so we couldn't help ourselves after he left. There I was, with my sister bent over in the window, fucking her like a guy just out of prison would fuck a hooker. Her long brown hair seemed to flow like water as I pounded her from behind. My hand was soaked as I rubbed her clit, trying to bring her off as fast as I could. I knew it would only be moments before I exploded. After seeing her with another guy, and her telling me I was a better fuck, I was determined to live up to it. I slid my finger across her clit a hundred miles an hour, and soon she was spasming around my dick. Not wanting to resist any longer, I shot my load into her sweet body as I bent over her and held her in my arms.
After we caught our breath, I turnedher around and leaned her against the wall next to the window. "I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that our child is on the way," I said to her.
"Do you have any reservations?" she asked.
"Only one. That I can't admit to the world how much I love you. You?"
"Yes, that I let him fuck me. I would rather be poor, knowing that you are the only man that's had me."
I kissed her. "You said it yourself, I am the only MAN that's had you," I smiled.
She smiled back at me. My cock was growing again. The thought of my sister begging me to have my child, her fucking another guy to cover for it, and our recent fuck was too much.