- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] I found my sister drunk
[Author] Ale Stone
[Type] Brother/sister

Almost fifteen years old and no parents at home! They were on a two week
holliday on Rhodes. Two whole wonderful weeks by myself. I had to promise
not to have any partying in our apartment while they were gone, but still.

I wandered around the apartment just feeling the empty space and finally I
wound up in my room with an old Micky Spillane. Time passed quickly while
reading and when I felt hungry I checked the time and saw it was almost six
o'clock. Just right to eat, shower and go down to the mall.

I showered, gave the prepared food a shot of electricity in the micro wave,
ate and changed inte fresh clothes. On final look in the mirror and I was on
my way. Just as I looked one final time in the mirror I heard a key in the
lock. The door opened and my sister entered.



"Are you on your way out?"

"Yes. I'm going down to the mall. Did yoy want anything..."

"No. I just wanted to talk a little, but that can wait till you come back
home. If I'm still here by then."


I just talked to some friends for a couple of hours but nothing special
seemed to happen and I was on my own at home so I decided to go back home
and finish my Spilane.

When I came home I saw that the light was on in the living-room and the TV
was on. On the table there was a half-empty bottle of whisky bur not a sight
of my sister.

I checked my parents bed-room but she wasn't there and not in my room or the
kitchen. The last place I checked was the bath-room and there she was.
Sitting on the throne with her pantyhose by her ankles.

"What? Whay are you sitting here?"

"Mm," she mumbled. "I think I need some help. I think I drank to much whisky
and my legs dont want to do what I tell them to do," she said in the
typically slurred and thick voice of a drunk person.

"OK. OK. Get a grip on my shoulders and I'll help you in bed."

"I peed my pants. I couldn't get them down and they are all wet and sticky."

"Do you want me to take them off?"

My sister just nodded in answer. First I finished taking her pantyhose off.

"Lets see. Lean against my shoulders and then..."

She took hold of my shoulders and I fumbled by her hips under the skirt to
get a grip of her panties. With an effort I got them off her and noticed
that they were soaked.

I took some toilet-paper and drew it over her cunt and let it fall down in
the bowl.

"I'll just check if you're dry," I said with a thick voice.

Slowly I drew my hand over my sisters hairy pussy. This was more than I ever
had expected to experience with my own sister.

While we were sharing room I had been very hot on her and when she once in a
while, involuntarily I thought, had showed me her sprouting tits I had got a
rock-hard hard-on but that was nothing compared to what I was feeling now!
My cock was stiff as an iron-bar!

"I think it's best if I whipe you one more time," I said and my sister just
nodded her agreement.

The same procedure repeated itself but with more awareness this time I once
again drew my hand over my sister's hairy cunt. Now I could clearly feel her
soft pussy-lips against my fingers before I withdrew my hand.

"Come on. I'll help you to bed."

When my sister leaned against me I noticed that I wouldn't be able to take
her as farther than to the nearest bed, the one in my room.

I half carried half dragged her there and dumped her on the bed. She
immediately fell back on the pillow. I took her feet and lifted her legs up
on the bed.

I stood there and looked longingly at her helpless body. Should I? Should I
lift her skirt and check how her pussy looked like? I hesitated but not for
long. My curiosity took over and the temptation took over my sense of moral.
Carefully I lifted her skirt till my sister's pussy lay exposed to my look.
All I could see was the hairy Mount Veneris the rest was hidden by her
thighs which were closed and I didn't dare to spread them.

"Take of my..." my sister mumbled and I interpreted it just how I wanted to
understand it.

Slowly and carefully I unbuttoned her blouse and with an effort I managed to
get it of her.

I struggled to get my hand behind her to reach the clasp of her bra but I
got at it and un-hooked it and with slightly trembling hands I took it of
her and I could see her breasts for the first time in a long time. They
weren't big just small hills on her on her chest and crooned by light red
nipples on their tops. Obviously she wasn't un-effected by the situation
because her nipples were stiff and the aureolaes were crinkled and oval.

I turned my attention to her skirt. Unbuttoned it and drew down the zipper
on the side of it. I took the hem in my hands and started to draw it down
over her hips. I thought I sensed my sister lift her bottom a little to
accommodate my effort. Soon she lay before me in her naked glory!

I just sat by her side for a long time admiring her beautiful body. Easy and
carefully I put my hand on her knee. Felt the hard smoothness in my cupped
hand. Let it slowly slide up over the smooth skin on the inside of her leg
and almost unnoticeable the gap between them opened so when my hand reached
her crotch I could see the pink pussy-lips. I scratched the brittle hair on
the hill of her pussy. My fingers drew by their own will towards the pink
protruding pussy-lips. Curiously I fingered them and they seem to swell and
open a little. My finger stroke the length of my sister's slippery crack.

Exited to the extreme I shed my clothes and lay on straight arms fully nude
over my sister. My rock-hard erection touched the crisp hair on her pussy
and irritated the bulbous cock-head even more. I reached down and gripped my
cock and put it against my sister's pussy. When my cock-head pushed her
pussy-lips apart she moaned a little. I looked alarmed at her and I could
see a little smile on her lips! She mumbled something I couldn't hear. And
she started to move her hips in small circular movements and without any
effort from me my cock sank deeper and deeper into my sister's tight little
pussy. When I bottomed and our pubic-hairs touched she sighed and opened her
eyes! She that it was I, her own little brother who had his cock buried in
her pussy. Before she could do anything to withdraw I put my arms around her
and started to fuck her in deep and rather hard strokes. After only a couple
of thrusts I felt how she put her arms around me and strated to fuck back!

"Oh little brother I knew it! I knew it! Knew that you would have a big and
hard and wonderfull cock," she moaned in my ear. "I've wanted to fuck you
for so long! So long! I never dared! Fuck me! Fuck me little brother!"

Her words spurred me on just as much as the feeling of her wet pussy around
my intruding cock and the two things together made me cum much earlier than
I wanted. My sperm pumped into my sister's cramping pussy in an almost
painful orgasm.

"Yes! Yes! give it to me! Give me a baby! Yes! Fill y cunt! Fill you're
sister's cuming cunt with sperm! You're sperm!"

Finally we lay still and I could feel my cock softly embedded in my sister's
pussy. Now and then she sighed in the aftermath of her orgasm. We kissed and
lay like that for a long time. Nad then we fucked. And fucked. The whole
night and during the rest of our parents holliday.

After that I often visit my sister in her apartment. To say hallo to my
daughter and fuck her mother.