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[Story Name] My sister Fantasy
[Author] Wetnwildwilly
[Type] Brother/sister

Ok here is my story, actually there are 2 parts to this story, first part is what happened in the first place, and the second part is what i want to happen to me and her. Part 1: My mother and father were at work, and i was 16 at the time, my sister was 7 well i was feeling horny! well i was always horny at that age. ok here we go she was sitting on the couch and she went to her room to do what she usually does, paint, color, things girls do. Well while she was gone i took out my cock, i'm not the biggest man but 6 inches is good for me. Well i was stroking slowly, my eyes were closed and everything, i didn't hear her come in, *oh yeah i should tell you what she looks like, shes about 4'5, tall i think for her age, long dark hair, tits just barely showing, her butt very round and perky, brown eyes, just gorgeous* anyway as i'm there stroking, she watches and asks what i'm doing, i jump not knowing what to say, and i look to her and ask her if she wants to know, she nodded, and i told her to come over and sit down. By this time i looked a the clock, no one would be home for about 5 hours, so i removed my pants and boxers, and i undressed her, she wondered why but didn't care. I told her to touch it and she gently reached out and grabbed my cock, it felt so good i almost came, but i didn't anyway i told her that it felt good and she smiled, i was feeling brave and i took her to my room, and put her face down on my bed. i told her to spread her legs and she did willingly, i then put my dick between her legs, rubbing up against her hairless pussy, oh god it felt good!! i continued to stroke like that and well i never tasted pussy, so i turned her over , she at this time just smiled and when i licked her her body responded to me and she moved closer to me, was so good seeing my sister like that i was eating her pussy!! well i finished and i told her to lick my cock, she didn't want too, so i grabbed her head and made her hold out her tongue and lick it, i didn't care if she told mom and dad or not! anyway, i turned her over again, and slipped my cock between her thighs and ass, rubbing up and down against her pussy again, and i came, she asked what it was and i told her just it was something she smiled and well this continued until she was 10, after a while she didn't like it, and we stopped.. i was sad and tried to get it again but it never happened anymore.
Part 2. Today i seen her tits, nice and pretty round about a b cup now, her pussy now getting hair on it, she looks so wonderful, i wanna grab her and fuck her HARD! She is now 12, and well she and her class had sex ed. so she knows what i wanna do to her, i tried rubbing her pussy and tits but she walked away and so every now and then i get to brush up against her, but here is something she doesnt know, one night, she was sleeping hard, i went to her room and crept in, as she layed there, i got behind her and started fucking her like i did when she was around 7 or 8!.. oh god it was exciting, anyway here is my story I was walking in the house, mom and dad had left, she told me that she was gonna take a shower, so i said ok and after a few minutes i went in there. i opened the door and walked in, she asked" what are you doing?" i said that im going to make her suck my cock and if she doesnt like it, ill tell mom that she broke a lamp, she yells" I DIDNT BREAK A LAMP" i said i know but ill break one and say you did it on purpose. she stared at me and was mad, but she gave in and i pushed her to her knees and slammed my cock into her mouth oh god, it was so good, feeling her tongue, she slobbered up and down but she did pretty good, so after she was finished with her shower, i took her into my room. i looked at her and spread her legs, i got in between her, and she looked at me" no.. no i dont want too please.." i didnt care and i pushed the head of my cock into her tiny hot love hole, and she tried to push away but i kept her there. finally i started pushing in more and i felt her cherry, and her eyes filled with tears" no please jack" i yelled at her to shut her mouth and slammed into her, breaking her cherry, and making her scream in pain, but i not being gentle i started fucking her hard, she after a while stopped crying and was moaning instead. " oh oh.. jack please.. mmmh mm more more!" i loved watching her cry and moan my name so i continued to fuck her stroking in and out, not caring who came in or not. well after about 30 minutes i tensed up and and she looked at me all scared" no..! no dont cum in me jack please dont, im begging", i didnt care and shot up inside of her!. i slumped against her and rubbed and sucked her titties as she cried. well mom came home and she didnt say anything to me or mom, but feeling her lil pussy squeeze my cock.. mmmm thats a memory i will always remember! jack