- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Sisters learn spanking can be hot
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

Ok, get this.  I'm bi.  It makes it easier in this business.  There's
a good supply of male clients for my services, and an even better
supply of women.  A lot of my clients are high power people, people
who spend a lot of their day controlling other people.  Then they come
to me, and I do the controlling.  And while I enjoy dominating a man,
I treasure dominating a woman.  So I don't charge them as much.  It's
still hard work.  Dreaming up scenarios, and making sure you know how
much your client can endure takes energy and imagination.  It's damned
hard work.

Still, I get off on it.  No, I didn't torture cats as a child.  I
found out that I enjoyed spanking people, and there were people around
liked to be spanked.  It just grew from there, and for that I have my
Karen to thank.

I guess it started when I was put in charge of my little brother and
Mom and Dad both started working evenings when I was fifteen, and I was
in charge until 10 p.m. So if I caught Karen or Joey being naughty, I
spanked them.

A spanking was very simple then.  Karen was twelve and Joey was only
and they tended to fight like the dickens.  If they were just being
mischevous, I tended to let things slide just as Mom would.  But if
broke something, or one of them hit the other, the offending party got
spanked.  I simply led them into my bedroom, explained what I was going
do and why, had them remove outer garments, and spanked them on their
bottoms thru their underwear.  Then I sent them off with a loving
admonishment.  I never had to spank either one of them more than once
twice a month.

Until I was seventeen and a senior in high school.  One night, while I
studying, I heard Joey scream, and there was Karen, looking smug, while
grimaced and said she had hit him.  When I asked, she confirmed it.  I
marched her into my bedroom, delivered the ten smacks I considered
appropriatte.  She didn't seem at all concerned during my "lecture,"
made me a bit angry.  So I think I spanked her a little bit harder than
usual.  She marched merrily away when I was finished, pulling her jeans
as she walked.

And then the next night, she did the same thing.  Out of nowhere, she
slapped Joey.  And I spanked her again.  Two nights later, the same
act.  I
spanked her, but I spoke to Mom about it, too.  Apparantly, Mom's
hit home, somewhat, because Karen never struck Joey again, not for
whole lives.  But Karen still made trouble, in different ways.  One
night it
was refusing to get ready for bed.  Another night it was refusing to do
chores.  For a week, I let it slide, because I really didn't want to
her too much.  Or maybe, as I can see from this end of things, maybe I
afraid that I was enjoying it too much.

Well, one night Karen walked up to the table, and without saying a
spilled cola on my homework.  No accident, this was absolutely
predetermined, and designed to piss me off.  Well, one week of her
refusals, and just plain nastiness had me pretty angry with her, so I
ordered her into my room.  I dispensed with the lecture, announced that
tonight I I was going to spank her until her bare bottom was red.
she asked.

"Yes, bare!"  And without furthur adieu, I put her over my knee, pulled
the panties of her baby doll nightie, and began to deliver twenty of
best.  Karen squirmed, Karen squiggled, Karen fought, and Karen yelped.
delivered ten on her right buttock, and ten on her left buttock, wide
smacks which left red impressions of my long, thin fingers on her soft,
white skin.  When it was over, Karen leapt from my lap, and I realized
her breathing was ragged.  She ran from the room, and I heard her door
I might have felt sorry for her then, except that I was too
at my own reaction.  My pussy was dripping wet, my breathing was
ragged, and
my clit was on fire.  It wasn't the eroticism itself that unnerved me.
was no stranger to sex.  No, it scared me to think that I was enjoying
this much.  Scared me a lot.  And with my sister ...

A week went by.  I tried to be especially nice to Karen, and lenient to
brother and sister.  But Joey, pissed off at Karen over another of her
shenanigans, had hit her.  I walked in on the fight just as Karen was
readying a swing at Joey, and called it to a halt.  After determining
they were both at fault, I took Joey into my room, gave him the
lecture, and
spanked him thru his pajama bottoms.  As he went, I realized that even
though I had taken it easy in administering the blows, I had had a very
definite reaction.

I called Karen in.  I gave her a lecture about teasing Joey, and called
over my knee.  "Not bare this time?" she asked, and she looked
"No, not bare, " I said, and then I realized what was going on.

"You enjoy this?"  I exclaimed. It was as much an exclamation as a

"So do you," Karen countered.

"NO I DON'T," I cried, and I grabbed her, took her over my knee, and
spanking her panty-covered butt.  But inside, I knew she was right.  I
enjoy it.  There was a definite charge to being in control, to having
or Joey subservient to me.  And it was erotic, too, in a way that I was
somewhat afraid of, especially since it was my sister who seemed to
the stronger reaction.  After I had delivered ten very cry-provoking
strokes, I caught my breath and stopped.  I was breathing very hard.
So was
Karen.  She was moaning.  Even though I had stopped, she was wriggling
bottom as if begging for more, as if I was still delivering blow after

So I did.  I pulled her panties not just down but practically off, down
just above the knees so she couldn't kick her legs, and I proceeded to
her ten on the right butt, then ten on the left butt, then another ten
right, another ten left, until I felt myself shudder in a small but
orgasm.  I grabbed Karen tight lest she fall, and she did this amazing
which at once shocked and pleased me.  She turned and grabbed me around
waist, and reached up to hug me tightly.  She forced her legs around my
and in a few seconds, she too was having an orgasm.  Then we lay
together on
the bed, breathing heavily, sighing, embracing.

Then, after I somehow dragged myself up and started Joey on the road to
Karen and I talked.  Karen, it turns out, had been "enjoying" the
for a long time, almost a year.  She would leave my bedroom for her
pull off her panties and rub her bruised skin and moist pussy until she
came.  "I wanted you to spank me.  I wanted it so bad ... so I acted as
as I knew how."  As she said this, she put her arms around me, nuzzled
neck.  It was at once comforting and unnerving.

She was a sweet kid, if mischievous.  And precocious.  She was
more comfortable with her sexuality than I would have been at her age.
enough in school, popular with a great many of her schoolmates, she was
quite a bit unlike me.  I had been more of a loner, an intense studier.
Teachers respected me for my work; they respected Karen for her

And Karen was also one thing I was not ... Karen was very, very pretty.
she was still a kid, really.  She was fourteen and a half, and going
all those female body changes.  Her hips were still slender, but her
were round with high, proud, rosy nipples.  Her hair was long,
straight, and
black, and it sort of naturally stood off her face.  Parts of Karen
looked twelve, other parts of Karen looked sixteen.  But all parts of
looked good.

I had had no inkling that I might enjoy a lesbian encounter, and would
have thought of anything involving my own kid sister.  And yet ... I
couldn't deny that I'd enjoyed spanking her.  Or deny that I'd enjoyed
reaction.  Or deny that I was enjoying having her arms around my waist,
head resting on my breasts.

But I said none of this to her, I simply kissed her, and sent her off
bed. Yet over the next few weeks, I had fantasies regarding Karen,
involiving spanking, caressing, and a whole lot more.  In waking hours
wondered just what Karen would be willing to take, and how it might be
arranged.  Images of Karen bound to the bed, helpless, blind- folded,
knowing where or how I'd touch her ... images of her excitement and
not to mention my own.  And other thoughts came to me .. of Karen, on
orders, licking my tits, my ass, my pussy.  And images of what
pleasures I
could bestow on Karen, and the humiliating poses or situations into
she might be put.

While these thoughts took shape within me, I let Karen get away with
rebellion ... for awhile.  For even as I wrestled with these thoughts,
I was
also using them to plan what was to be the seminal experience in my

Almost a month passed.  I had no reason to spank either Joey or Karen
that time.  I had not had a date, nor much contact with my friends,
Whatever Karen had awakened in me, it was consuming me.  When my plans
gelled, I began watching for infractions.  Karen didn't disappoint me.
think she was itching for it, too, for her behavior towards me, (not
Joey,) steadily grew more rebellious as the month went by.

I was fixing dinner for Joey, Karen and me, and Karen was due home from
library at 5:00 p.m.  Six o'clock approached, and Karen was still not
I sat Joey down, and while he ate, I went to my room and got an
with a letter I had prepared for Karen.  I left it out on my bed, and
returned to supper.  At 6:30, Karen breezed in, acting as if nothing
amiss.  I instantly set upon her, let her know I was angry with her,
that she would be punished.  She shot me an angry glare, but I could
that this was just what she, too, had been waiting for.  I told her to
go up
to my room, read the letter on the bed, and wait for me.  I promised to
bring her some dinner.

Karen left, feigning rebellion.  Joey said "She's really gonna get a
talking-to, isn't she?"  I nodded.  When we had finished, I cleared
away the
food, and while Joey washed the dishes, I prepared a sandwhich for
Karen.  I
asked Joey if he'd done his homework, and he nodded, so I let him go
down to
the basement to play and watch TV.  He liked to turn the TV down there
to a
high volume; I was, tonight, inclined to let him.

I waited about fifteen minutes before ascending the stairs, carrying
sandwich.  I wondered if Karen would be in my room or not. For here is
text of the letter I had written:

      "Karen.  You have once again disobeyed our house
      rules.  I therefore order you to put yourself at my
      command for your punishment.  You will submit to
      whatever I command.  I will not tell you much about
      what I plan for you, but it will involve spanking, and
      you will be restrained.  If you do not accept this, I
      will inform Mom and Dad that I can no longer control
      you and that the task of disciplining you will now be
      in their hands.  If that is so, I will not expect to
      find you in my room when I get there." 

      "However, if you are in my room, I will assume you have
      accepted my terms.  In that case, I wish you to prepare
      my room and yourself for your punishment.  In the
      bottom drawer of my chest you will find a black shoe
      box, and several towels.  Place one of these towels on
      the bed, and lay out all the items you find in the
      black box.  One item will be a black velvet choker.  I
      want you to put that around your neck." 

      "Next, I want you to place the big ottoman in front of
      the mirror.  If you are dressed, you are to remove all
      your clothes except your bra and panties. Fold them
      neatly and lay them on top of my dresser.  If you are in
      nightclothes, then I wish you to remove your nightgown.
      If this leaves you naked, then you may wrap yourself in
      a towel.  Then you are to sit on my bed and await me."

I knew what I hoped she'd do, for I was beginning to enjoy the slightly
feelings which were welling up in me.  And when I opened the door, I
inwardly, for there was Karen, in her bikini panties and lacy bra,
anxiously with her hands knotted between her bare knees.  Around her
she wore the black choker.  On the bed was the towel, several leather
thongs, and a pingpong paddle.

I put the sandwich on the dresser.  Karen's eyes went to it.  "You may
that later.  First you must accept your punishment.  Are you prepared
to do
everything that I command?"  Meekly, Karen nodded.  I exclaimed, "That
do!  I must hear you agree," And I held her arm, tightly but without
"Do you accept my terms?"

"Yes," Karen said, in a hushed, rather fearful voice.  Was she having
thoughts?  She probably hadn't counted on my demanding that she
undress, and
it was easy to infer from the letter that I wanted her naked for her
That implication, I guess, had been enough to turn rebellion into

"Good."  And I went into my large walk-in closet to prepare myself.  I
stripped everything I was wearing, tossed into a corner of the closet.
took care to see that Karen could not see me as I put on the black
the black bra, the black peignor, and the black leather gloves.  Then I
stepped into my black high heeled shoes (only three inches ... back
then I
knew nothing of what was expected of me!) and strode out into the room.
"STAND!"  I ordered.

Karen stood, and there was fear in her eyes.

"Strip!" I commanded.  Karen hesitated, and I grabbed her arm.  "Delay
brooks more punishment, Karen ... "  She shook free, took a few steps
and proceeded to remove her bra.

Heaven help me, but when she took her bra off and let her tits swing
free, I
almost had an orgasm then and there.  That she had obeyed me, that she
agreeing to expose herself to me, these were new and exciting ideas to
and I welcomed the feelings I experienced at my very first very sight
Karen's puberty,) of her high, proud breasts, with the uptilted nipples
pointing to the ceiling.  To think that sometime in the evening I would
those small, round globes, feel them at my desire if not hers ...

And then she had removed her panties, and stood naked, the only flesh
from my eyes the small band covered by the choker.  I knew in that
that women would now be a part of my sexual life, for the rush I felt
eclippsed anything I'd ever felt while looking at a man.  Yet, too, I
it was not just that Karen was my gender, but that she was my sister,
this made it all doubly forbidden, and therefore doubly enticing and

As I picked up bra and panties from the floor, I saw that Karen's eyes
downcast, her hands folded lightly over the small triangle of pubic
hair.  I
leered at her, and commanded her to look me in the eye.  "Look forward,
do not move.  You are my slave now."  Karen obeyed.  I could scarcely
beleive the power I had over her.  "Hands at your sides.  And part your
feet."  She did so, and I caught a bit of trembling as I circled her,
admiring her slim hips, her small, round butt, her high breasts, her
waist, her lovely nose and eyes.  She didn't move an inch, despite her

Then I reached out to touch her.  I did not do this suddenly, rather I
slowly extended my fingers toward her nipple, and even as I watched, I
see it harden in anticipation.  I suppose she had expected I would
cause her
pain, that I would tweak it between my fingers ... and I would, soon
But for now I simply reveled in the anxiety I caused her, and I simply
put a
single gloved finger to the nipple and let it rest there for a moment.
Then, slowly, I put two fingers on either side of the nipple, resting
against her rockhard aiereole. I could feel her brace for the pain ...
but I
did not squeeze, simply began rolling the nipple in my fingers until I
her begin to breath with sexual tension.

Then I pinched and pulled in a quick motion.  Not enough to really
pain, but enough to shock Karen out of her reverie.  Karen stiffened at
that, and a tear formed in her eye.  No, she had not counted on such
devastating cruelty.  And neither had I.  I was aghast at how naturally
this was coming to me.  So I moved on to the actual punishment, the
delivering of blows.

"Lay down on the ottoman, and put your hands behind your back," I
and she did so, but slowly, tentatively.  I fought the urge to grab her
force her down.  The ottoman was high enough that her knees comfortably
touched the ground, and broad enough so that her whole torso lay on
top, her
head hanging just a bit over the edge.  Her hands lay limply upon her
and I bound them together with one of the leather thongs.  I then
her to spread her legs, which, surprisingly, she did without question.
Thereupon, I bound her knees to the legs of the ottoman with two more
leather thongs.

Then I stood back to drink in the scene.  Binding her knees had spread
cheeks of her ass just enough that her buttocks were flattenned just a
which made them more vulnerable.  It also gave me a glimpse of her
which I appreciatted, a bit to my surprise.  There was also just a hint
her breast flattened against the ottoman, jutting out from beneath her
torso.  It all made her look so helpless, so vulnerable.  And for a
I had a twinge of guilt, of doubt.  Yes, Karen had, in her way,
this, yet I had probably carried it out beyond her capacity to imagine
I worried that I was hurting her.

Then she started straining against her bonds, trying to raise herself
the ottoman.  That brought me right back, and I moved to sit on the bed
beside the ottoman.  I said, quietly but forcefully, "Stay down and
And not a sound!"  Again, surprising me, Karen obeyed.  I put my hands
her buttocks, felt the smooth skin, caressed it, kneaded it ... and
then I
said the word "One," and delivered a stinging slap to Karen's right
Karen shook with each of the twenty blows I delivered, ten on each
but her breathing was deep and heavy when I again kneaded the now pink
of her butt.  I picked up the paddle, and again announced "ONE!" I
ten blows with the paddle, five to each buttock, and I could see the
pain in
Karen's face as each stroke fell.  But I could also smell the distinct
of musk rising from her pussy.

I proceeded to caress Karen's butt, powdering it and rubbing in some
oil.  Every few seconds, however, I gave her a quick slap, at random
intervals, so that she never knew when a blow was coming.  This, I
tell, was really exciting Karen, for she was squirming not in pain but
ecstacy.  After about ten minutes of this, I decided to switch tactics.
let a bit of mineral oil drip down into the crack of Karen's ass, and
massaging her anus and her vagina.  But I would not let her acheive
yet.  She was crying out my name in erotic agonay when I stopped.

I was beginning to get quite hot myself, and I was deter- mined to have
release before allowing Karen hers.  I untied Karen's from the ottoman,
bound her knees together, then led her, still on her knees, to the edge
the bed.  I sat down on the bed with my legs spread around her, and
her to bring me to orgasm by whatever means she might devise.

This was really a night of surprises for us both.  For Karen didn't
hesitate, which I found astonishing.  Eagerly, hungrily, Karen reached
my cunt with her mouth, kissing it, licking my thighs, forcing her nose
against my clit, chewing at my panties with her teeth.  She managed to
my panties to one side with her teeth, and then she proceeded to dart
tounge into my cunt.  I was on fire, not just between my legs, but all
through my body.  I tried to prolong it, savor the feel of my sister's
against my most private parts, and I did the best I could.  But the
scene was so intoxicating that in just a few minutes, I forced my hands
against Karen's head, as if it was possible to bring her closer to me
she already was.

And then I exploded.  Noisily, too.  I thanked heaven for the orgasm,
thanked heaven too for the noisy TV I could still hear from the
When the spasms subsided, I held Karen's head close to my crotch,
her hair gently for many minutes.  I could feel Karen shivering, and
realized that it had been a turn-on for her, as well.  I found I wanted
pleasure her now, but I also wanted to retain my power over her.  I
continued stroking and caressing Karen's hair while I reviewed my

Meanwhile, Karen was wriggling her way up onto the bed, despite her
wrists and legs.  I used the opportunity to assert my supremacy.  I
up, grabbed Karen by the arm, and dragged her back to the ottoman.  I
her knees, ordered her to spread her legs, only this time, she was on
knees and looking straight into the mirror.  I placed the ottoman over
lower legs and bound her ankles and knees to the ottoman's legs.
to complete her helplessness, I slipped a final thong thru her bound
and tied them firmly to her waist.

I took a moment to simply look at her tied there, helpless, and felt
with power.  I stood to her side, but easily within her view, and began
undo the bra I wore.  I approached her, my tits jiggling, and placed my
lightly over her shoulder.  I don't know what made me do what I did
but it was inspired, I think.  I removed my panties, still wet and
with my odor, and I arranged them on Karen's head so that her eyes were
visible thru one opening, with the moist spot directly over her nose.
pulled the panties tight against her face and secured them with a
pin.  She was shaking, fearful, I think that I was about to punish her

And in a strange, erotic way, I was about to punish her.  Not only was
placed in what had to be a humiliating, helpless pose, she was forced
confront her own image in the mirror.  And with the smell of me in her
nostrils, too.  I walked right up to her, my pussy only inches below
face.  I reached down with both hands and caressed her breasts until
nipples were hard.  Then I walked behind her, and ran my hands over her
skin, especially over her still reddened buttocks.  With my left hand,
reached around and took hold of her nipple, squeezed and rolled it in
hand until Karen's face was full of pleasure.  With my right hand, I
squeezed and carressed her rump.  Then, in unison, I tweaked at her
and slapped her rump.  If she had not been so well bound, Karen would
jumped ten feet at the shock.  Then I returned to caresses again,
occasionally pinching her nipple, occasionally slapping her rump

When I could see her start to squirm, I moved to straddle the ottoman
sit behind Karen, and I reached around with both arms to cover her
This was all even more intoxicating for me, for I was very aware of her
against me, her back against my breasts, her hands bound behind her and
against my belly, and the sight of her reflected in the mirror.  Both
of us
could see my hands against her body, both of us could see the reaction
scene was having on her, both of us could see the wild animal passion
Karen's eyes.

I pulled really close, let one hand drop between Karen's legs and began
caress cunt and breast all at the same time.  In her ear I whispered
"Not a
sound ..." and Karen managed, although how she managed, I do not know.
now I was doing her in earnest, ravaging her neck with my teeth, biting
softly in areas where her hair would cover any marks.  And I was now
kneading her breasts with my left hand, and the fingers of my right
were busily exploring the precious cleft between her legs.

As I said, Karen continued to surprise me.  For even as I drove her
to the brink, even as I felt her begin to quake and shiver against me,
reached with her bound hands to make contact with my own dripping cunt.
This drove me wild, and I began rubbing my hand against her clit with a
force I hadn't meant to apply.  But Karen was a trooper, all right, she
it all as pleasure, not pain, even when it clearly hurt.  I moved both
down to her cunt, spreading her lips with my left and delving along the
cleft with my right.  It took every ounce of concentration I had to
servicing Karen, but when I felt her finger enter my cunt, go deep to
against the pulsating tiny toungues which lined my vagina, I could no
contain myself.  I had not meant to do this, but I, too, slipped a
into Karen's cunt, and added to the preassure on both our clits, our
fingerings pushed us both over the edge.  And to be able to watch it
all in
the mirror ...

I think I blacked out for five or six seconds after I came, it was so
intense.  When I came too, I spasmed for close to five minutes.  Karen,
I now held lightly against me, was shaking wildly, and I realized that
finger was still deep inside her, my palm still hard against her clit.
Karen wasn't complaining.  Even bound as uncomfortably as whe was, she
reveling in it, and when she came, it was with such force that she
knocked me off the ottoman.

When the spasming was over, and both of us were still, Karen delivered
final surprise of the night.  For as soon as I had loosed my panties
her head, she turned her head over her shoulder, reached around and our
made contact.  Her toungue darted out to part my lips.  And to my own
surprise, I let them be opened, and we kissed fondly and deeply.  I
her completely, and she removed my bra and panties, and we lay down
together on the bed.  That there was still passion to be aroused was
pleasantly amazing, and we wrapped our legs around each others' thighs
rocketed each other to one more earth- shattering orgasm.

When our senses cleared, I kissed her and held her, and we giggled a
feeling closer than we had in years.  Presently, Karen said, "You know
I could eat four of those sandwiches!"  I laughed too.  I put on my
bedclothes, noted the time, and went off to put Joey to bed.  I found
practically asleep in front of the basement TV.  I turned the TV off,
woke him, and he ambled off to bed at my command.  I returned, a pair
sandwiches in hand, and found my room arranged in its usual order.
was still lounging naked on the bed, though she had a towel draped over
hips.  I joined her, but I did not undress.  We ate our sandwiches,
and talked, cuddled and caressed until we heard our parents coming up
driveway.  With a final kiss, Karen grabbed her clothing and ran for
room.  But not without saying "I can't wait for next time ... "

I went down to greet Mom and Dad, with those words echoing in my ears.