- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Young master Alex - learning the ropes
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Brother/sister

    Let me begin my story by saying that I became interested in
bondage at the age of 15, or rather that is when I became aware of the
pleasures of bondage.

    Besides Dad and Mom, our family consisted of my 14 year old step
sister, Traci, and my 11 year old half sister, Anne.  Like most kids
we played all sorts of games, but our favorite was to play like
cowboys and indians, or cops and robbers.  All of our games involved
the tieing up Traci, Anne and Melody, the 13 year girl from next door.
Sometimes I would tie up one or two of the girls at a time, or on some
occations, I would tie up all three of them tied up.  As we grew older
the cowboy and robbers parts grew less and less, and the tieing up
become more elaborate and more restrictive for the girls.  And they
were enjoying it also.

    One day I had Anne and Melody  sitting on the ground tied up back
to back.  I had tied their hands behind them,  but infront of the
other girl. Both girls were wearing tight shorts, and as I had crossed
their ankles when I tied their feet,  this placed their fingers on top
of each others pussy's. Also in this stage of our games, I was gagging
the girls with the halter tops they wore.   This left their budding
tits exposed to my touch, which didn't seem to bother either girl.
With Traci I had tied her hands together behind a post, and used her
halter top as a gag, but as I lowered my hands,  they slid over her
budding breasts. I was surprised when she moaned, and her little
nipples quickly became hard and erect.    This had never happened
before, but I couldn't resist the urge to place my hands over those
two small mounds and begin gently rubbing and squeezing them.  Traci
also seemed to want this as she pushed her chest forward, closed her
eyes, and began a steady moaning not unlike a cat purring.  For
several minutes I played with her little tits,  until I noticed that
she was rubbing her crotch against my leg.

   Slowly I slid my right hand down over her soft trembling belly to
her shorts. She offered no resistance as my fingers slipped under the
waist bands of her shorts and her under pants. She spread her legs as
open as she could, and my exploring fingers quickly found her warm
damp pussy.

   As I slowly began rubbing her pussy, my index finger slid between
her velvet pussy lips, and into her hot wet female tunnel.   Traci
almost knocked me over when she suddenly thrust her small hips
forward, but I kept my balance by closing the hand I had on her pussy.
This seemed to drive her wild, and it was all I could do to hang on to
her gyrating cunt.

   All too soon Traci suddenly stiffened and gave out with a long low
moan.  Then she slumped back against the post and slid down to a
sitting positon.   My fingers popped out of her pussy, and my hand
slid out of her shorts as she collasped.  I wasn't sure just what had
happened, but my own little penis had tingled and gotten stiff during
this experience.

      And Traci's actions had also had new effects on Anne and
Melody.   Both girls were still franticly rubbing each other's pussy
through their shorts. Both girls also stiffened suddenly and moaned
with gratification.

   I thought for a minute that I had hurt Traci,  and I rushed to her
and removed her gag.    Slowly she wet her lips and with eyes glued to
the bulge in my shorts,  asked me to remove them. For a few seconds I
just stared at her, then I slowly pulled my shorts down and let my
stiff penis pop into view.   Again Traci gave out a soft low moan, and
asked if she could kiss it!   The thought of a girl kissing my penis
suddenly sounded very good, and my throbbing penis responded by
stiffening even more, until it was pointing straight out.   I quickly
stood up and moved it to Traci's mouth.  Gently she kissed its hard
round head, then, she opened her mouth and slowly sucked it in.    A
hot flash of pure pleasure suddenly raced through my loins.

  With her lips puckered tightly around my penis,   Traci began
sliding her hot tongue around and along its length.  Never had I felt
anything like it before, and when Traci began moving her head back and
forth so that my penis was slidding in and out in her hot wet mouth,
I grabbed her by her hair and began pumping with her.  It seemed that
my whole body would explode,   but it my penis that exploded, spraying
my juvenile sperm down Traci's throat. With my penis and maybe my
balls, completely in her hot little mouth, Traci drained every drop of
my sexual fluid.

  I fell backwards in exhaustion.   As I layed there looking at half
nude Anne and Melody, who were still gagged and bound,  and the naked
Traci,  with her shorts  and pink lace panites pulled down below her
knees when she got off,  I realized that my step sister had just given
me my first blow job.   The smug smile on Traci's face told me that it
was just the first of many to come.

      And as I watched Anne and Melody getting each other off again,
I knew that someday, my throbbing penis would be in each of their hot
little mouths, and my semen would fill their little bellys. And
someday,  my hard swollen cock would find its way into each of their
tight little pussys,   while they squirmmed helplessly gagged and
............. Bondage and Sex were it for me.

  When my strength returned, I untied Traci's hands, and helped her to
her feet.  While she straightened out her halter top and put it on
over those beautiful pointed tits of her's, I brushed the dirt from
her round pink buttocks.  As my hands glided over their lovely curves,
she suddenly turned around and faced me. She then grabbed both of my
hands, placed them firmly onto her hips, and pulled us together.    My
limp penis was now pressing against her wet pussy lips.  Without
saying a word Traci closed her eyes and pressed her mouth to mine. My
step sister was also giving me my first kiss by a girl.

  The kiss seemed to last forever, but it did end and my pretty sexy
young step sister stepped back,  slowly pulled up her pink under
pants, then her shorts...  Then she went over to Anne and Melody..   I
thought she was releasing them when she removed the gag from Anne, but
I watched in fascinaton as she kissed the tiny girl's mouth, and slid
her hand into Anne's shorts.    I knew by the motions of Traci's hand,
and by Anne's responce, that Traci was finger fucking her little half

  Poor Melody was squirming and I knew what she wanted. Kneeling
beside her I pulled her shorts and panties down  and slipped my right
hand over her tiny bare pussy.   I thought about removing her gag and
kissing her, but her petite erect nipples were much more inviting. As
I placed my mouth over Melody's left titty, my left hand glided over
Anne's bare breasts to her firm little tits. It was a beautiful sight.
Traci was kissing and finger fucking her tied up kid sister, while I
played with her tits and sucked on the gagged and bound Melody's tits,
while finger fucking her tight virgin pussy.

  Anne and Melody were soon moaning and squirmming in ecstasy as Traci
and I played with them.   Soon both of them stiffened and collapsed.
As Traci and I untied our sexy little cohorts, Melody grabbed me
around the neck and pulled my face to hers, and gave me a hot little
kiss, and a more then friendly hug.   And to my delight,  whispered in
my ear that the next time we played this game, it was to be her turn
with me.

  My nights of masturbation were over. From now on I would find a
pretty little mouth or pussy to satisfy my desires and needs. And my
desires and needs included bondage, very strict bondage. I would
become an expert, a Master Of Bondage, I would bind and gag a girl
before making love to her...........................

                       Young Master Alex.
                      Knotty Wood Nymphets.

  After that wonderful day in the trees behind our house Traci, Anne ,
Melody  and myself continued exploring into the different ways of
enjoying the new pleasures of bondage. But that summer, when school
was finally out, we really got into it.

  One thing we did was to find someplace farther from the house, so as
to avoid any displeasures of exposure.    Near the top of the hill
overlooking the long driveway to the house was an old building.
Although it didn't have a roof, the four high stone walls gave us the
privacy we needed for our games.  Inside were several good size trees
that had grown in the earth floor.  And the only two doorways to the
inside  were well obscured by more trees and brush. It took some hard
work but together we cleaned out the brush and debris on the inside.
We blocked up the only window opening with large stones, and we had

  One warm summer day,  I had all three girls completely naked,
gagged, and hanging by their wrists bound to ropes thrown over one of
the old roof beams. Hearing a car coming up the driveway I slipped to
the doorway. The car was our uncle Bill's from the city, he and aunt
Shara and our cousins Megan, who was 11 years old, and 8 year old
Jody, had come for a visit. It was a little disappointing that we had
to disrupt our frolic,  but I quickly untied the girls and we all got
dressed. When we arrived at the house and greeted everyone, we learned
that our cousins were to spend the summer with us while uncle Bill and
Aunt Shara joined our parents on a trip to some fancy named resort.
For the next several weeks, the five of us  were to be under the
supervision of the housekeeper and her husband.

  This was allright by us as the housekeeper, Marie, and Homer,
her husband did not mind what we did during the day.  Just that
we stayed out of trouble, showed up when called for meals,  and
were inside by dark.   It was going to be a PERFECTLY WONDERFUL
SUMMER. A summer of bondage games with five young pretty girls.
And as I followed Traci and Megan upstairs, Megen's short skirt
revealed a pair of long trim legs, and lovely round ass cheeks.

      I could hardly wait  to explore under those  snow white
panties she was wearing.   Glancing up I saw Traci looking back at me
with a smug grin.  She knew I was was getting excited by little
Megans pantied tush.  She also knew I could see her bare bottom
as she and Anne no longer wore any panties.   At the top of the
stairs,  Traci stopped and bent over as if to fix her stocking,
but she spread her legs and teased me with her bare pussy.

  The next few days were too busy for any of our games.   Megan
and Jody slept in Traci's and Anne's room until our folks  left
on their trip, then they moved into the guest room.

  Traci, Anne and I had debated the indoctrination of Megan and
Jody into our games of bondage and pleasure.  We all had agreed
that we would not reveal our  SPECIAL PLACE  until we were sure
that Megan and Jody would be interested in becoming part of our
bondage games.

  The next day Traci and Anne took Megan and Jody to a clearing
in the woods.  I met Melody at our Place, and selected the ropes
and gags we would need.  When we arrived at the clearing, I was
pleased to see that Traci, Anne, and Jody were nude.   Although
Megan still wore her white cotton panties, she was quite a sexy
girl for her young age. Melody quickly stripped and began to gag
and bind Traci.   I enlisted Megan's help and showed her how to
gag and bind Jody and Anne together. She was a little uncertain
at first,  but when she our two helpless subjects were enjoying
being helpless, and how sexy Traci was  tied up in white ropes,
she was more then eager to assist me in binding and gagging the
pretty Melody.   As I watched her pull Melody's crotch rope tight
I knew that she too was enjoying the game. When I sugested that
it was now her turn, she looked at me then at the ropes I held,
and turned her back to me  with her wrists crossed behind her.

  I tied her wrists firmly together, gagged her and decided to
just how close together I could  bind Megan's elbows behind her
before she complained.   To my surprise, she only moaned when I
had them touching.  I stepped back to admire my work, and Megan
slowly turned around to face me.  Her small chest was thrust as
far forward as she could get it and her tiny nipples jutted out
like the erasers on some pencils.  I couldn't resist those hard
little titties,  and I gently began rolling and squeezing them
between my thumbs and fingers.   Megan responded by closing her
eyes and moaning loudly. She offered no resistance when my hand
glided down over her soft flat tummy and slid into her panties.
And when I knelt down and pulled her panties down, Megan spread
her legs as far open as she could.   Her tiny bare pussy was as
good a sight as I had  ever seen.   And as  my  fingers  gently
opened her  delicate cunt lips I  was rewarded with view of her
lovely tiny pink love tube.

  When my quivering tongue touched the inner flesh  of her soft
female sex, she jumped as if electricty had touched her. But as
I slid it up to her sex button, she pushed her hips forward.

  The faster and harder I licked and sucked on Megan's splendid
love box, the harder she pushed forward.   To keep from falling
over,  I grabbed her hips,  and layed her on the ground between
the hog-tied Melody and the mutually masterbating Anne and Jody.
I was eating out my first pussy, and it tasted wonderful. Melody
was using her crotch rope to jerk herself off as she watched us
and Traci was humping herself on a rock she had managed to roll

  When hot little Megan stiffened and groaned,  I knew that she
had climaxed. I sat up and stared down at her exposed wet cunt.
My own burning desire had not yet been satisfied, and for a few
seconds I contemplated putting my throbbing penis into my young
cousin's pussy and fucking her.   Then I looked over at Anne and
Jody.  Jody's eyes were glued to my penis, and by the look in
those eyes, and the movements of her gagged mouth,  my tiny hot
cousin was begging to suck on it.    When I removed her gag and
presented my cock to her mouth little Jody sucked it in so fast
that I thought she was going to swallow it.   I think she tried
to do that several times.  I don't knew wheather it was because
I was so excited or wheather it was Jody's  enthusiastic assult
upon my male organ, but all to soon, my inflamed penis exploded
and spurtted its hot thick fluid down Jody's throat. Even after
she had drained the last drops of cum from my shrunken and limp
penis, little Jody continued to eagerly suck on it.  Jody was a
cocksucker, and being tied up had added to her thrill.

  After regaining my strenth, I decided it was time to move the
girls to out SPECIAL PLACE. I asked Melody, Traci and Anne if it
all right, and they knodded yes. I then proceeded to retie Anne
and Jody so as they were seperated,  and I untied all the girls
legs.  Then very carefully, I led my five sexy gagged and bound
subjects through the woods and into our FUNGEON.  (The new name
was Megan's idea, and everybody liked it, including myself.)

  For the next couple of weeks that was what it became, our own
private bondage fun and games place. The place where my cousins,
my sisters, my girfriend (thats what Melody was now), and myself
all lost our virinity................in.............THE FUNGEON!