- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mommy for a day
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

Mommy for a day [father/daughter]

I was ashamed of myself, but I couldn't help it. My 12 year old daughter Rachel
has already developed to the point where most folks would think she was 17 or
18. I can't keep my eyes off her large breasts and sweet well rounded ass. I
want to fuck her bad. She is constantly giving me stares that appear to be of
the erotic nature, very alluring and seductive. I was sure it just my
imagination and I try not to return them, but I want to fuck her bad. I've
played a million scenarios through my mind about having her, but I never thought
it would actually happen. I figured I was just engaging in harmless perverted
thought. Then a situation occurred that forever changed my relationship with

My wife Sandi usually works just in the evening on the weekend. I always took my
day off on Tuesday so we could have the day together while the kid's were at
school. This Tuesday was different. Sandi got called to work to fill in for
someone who had taken ill.

My daughter Rachel complained that morning of a stomach ache, so my wife told
her to stay home with me. It wasn't 5 minutes after Sandi left that Rachel
started running around like nothing was wrong, it was apparent that she wasn't
sick. I told her that since she had faked sick, I wanted her to clean the house
for her mother. Of course she protested, saying "I didn't make the mess, why do
I have to clean it up?!"

I told her to pretend she was her mother, and just do what she would do. "I get
to be Mommy!" she exclaimed.

I told her yes, and to get busy. Then she asked if she got to be mommy all day
and do what she would do. Not thinking that she had anything in mind out of the
ordinary, I said yes, whatever mommy can do you can do... OK. OK she said and
started running around cleaning up. I thought to myself that that had worked
good, I should have tried that a long time ago. "Rachel, I am going up and take
a shower, if anyone calls take a message."

"OK Tim", she said. Well I did tell her she was Sandi for the day, I guess I
could let it slide she called me Tim. About 10 minutes after I went upstairs, I
had just walked into the shower when I heard someone in my room. Not being able
to see real well without my glasses, at first I thought it was my wife, that
maybe she got out of working. Then I yelled out "Who's there?"

"Just me Timmy", came the answer, but it wasn't Sandi... it was Rachel. She was
climbing out of her clothes when she said, "I thought I would join you honey."

"Rachel!", I said...

."Sandi!", she replied. She opened the shower door and stepped in, naked as the
day she was born.

"I don't think this is a good idea honey," I managed to say while attempting to
keep my dick from becoming a totem pole. I failed, I was rock hard.

My wife (daughter) reached down a took a hold of my cock and looked me in the
eyes and said, "Looks like you're glad to see me Timmy."

I couldn't get my mouth to move to answer her. Her mouth however worked just
fine, it was now licking my cock.

"Rachel", I said, "we can't do this."

She just looked up at me and said "Do it to me Daddy," and walked out of the
shower into the bedroom and flung herself on my bed. I couldn't help myself, her
gorgeous little body, and beautiful orange sized breasts begged me to follow.
Before I knew it I was lying next to her licking her nipple and stroking her
moist virgin pussy. "Rachel, are you sure you want me to do this?". "YES
DADDY... please do what you do to mommy, TO MEEEE."

She was so wet and I was so aroused that I just spread her legs apart,
positioned myself between them and placed my 10 inch cock at the entrance to her
sweet cunt. "Put it in Daddy!!" she begged, "Fuck me Daddy."

I slowly began easing my rod into my own daughter's cunt, but she pushed hard
against me thrusting it in deep. Feeling her warmth surround me I pushed harder,
and within three strokes I broke her hymen and was buried completely within her.
She felt so good, so tight, so wet, I knew I couldn't last long before I came.
She didn't even flinch when I broke her. She was fucking me back like a pro,
damn she was good. "Ohhhhhh Daddy,, it feels so good!!, don't stop Daddy I'm
feeling really good... something's happening... it really feels good Daddy."
"You're cumming honey... that's what that good feeling is called," I answered.
"Rachel, I have to pull out of you before I cum."

"No Daddy, don't pull it out yet!" she yelled.

"I have to honey," I said as I continued to pound my cock deep into her. "When I
cum, sperm comes out of my dick, it can make you have a baby," I said.

"Yes Daddy, put it in me... don't stop... put your sperm in me... make me have a
baby!" she screamed, "Please Daddy cum in me!"

That was too much to handle, I could feel my jism rising, ready to explode. I
was lost in the passion and excitement, the fact my daughter was asking me to
impregnate her was too much. My balls started emptying their cargo into my sweet
daughter's womb, spasm after spasm pushed cum deep into her. Rachel exploded in
orgasm when she felt my load flowing into her. "Oh yes Daddy, I'm going to have
your baby... it feels so good Daddy... now I will be just like Mommy." I was
sorry that I hadn't stopped myself from cumming in her, but she was so sweet...
so grateful, that soon as I could get it back up... I fucked her again.

After that day Rachel was constantly wanting me to fuck her (and I her), several
times we did it when my wife was upstairs sleeping. Rachel never got her next
period (she had only had two before now), because she was pregnant with my
child. She's about 6 months now... she looks so beautiful with her pregnant
little belly. I love fucking her and feeling my child move around in her. When
she began to show we had come up with a story to tell her mother.

Rachel told us the story that she had gone to a football game with some friends,
and had met a boy there from another school. One thing led to another, and
before she knew it she was having sex with him under the visitors' bleachers.
She claimed it was the only time she ever had sex and that she never knew his
last name, and couldn't even remember his first. She said her and her friends
had some wine coolers, and she got a little drunk. She couldn't even remember
what the boy looked like. Rachel put on a great show telling the story we had
made up. I even did a good job acting surprised, shocked, and dismayed.

But Sandi bought it, hook, line, and sinker. We agreed Rachel should have the
baby and that we would raise Rachel's child as our own. I can't wait to make the
next one, Rachel wants me to keep her pregnant so she can have 5 or 6 kids
before she's done being 18, I'll try! Rachel wants us to move away and live as
man and wife. I'm thinking about it, I really do love her much more than I ever
loved my wife. Oh, by the way, Rachel told me she stayed home that day when this
all began so she could get me to do what I ended up doing. I played into her
plan with her being Mommy for a day game, I feel so used!!.