- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] 8, 12, 16, 18
[Author] Jaz1701
[Type] Father/daughter

In some ways I have been very lucky. I have loved and been loved by two of the kindest, funniest, most beautiful women god has ever put on this earth. To have it happen once would be enough for any man. But to have it happen twice...I know I don't deserve it. I met my wife when we were both five years old, she lived next door to me and we were the only kids our age in the neighborhood. Beth was a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed tomboy. We were inseparable. Not only was she my best friend, for many years she was my ONLY friend. When she was 8 years old Beth told me that I was going to marry her someday. I laughed and told her that I was never getting married. Things started to change when we went to Jr. High. One day after school she invited me to the Sadie Hawkins dance. I turned her down. She cried and ran away. I had never made her cry like that before, and I did not like it. The next day I went to her house and said I would go with her. She coolly informed me that she had already asked Ronald Sloptvik --an 8th grader, and that since he had said yes he was her boyfriend now. I remember clearly how angry I was at her, perhaps even more so because I did not know how to put it into words. She did not belong with dumb old Ronald...she belonged to me!

"Beth I am sorry, please forgive me. He can't be your boyfriend, I am. We are supposed to get married," I said in desperation.

"I do forgive you John, but...you said no, and he said yes. I have to go with Ron. Please understand," she said in stubborn sympathy.

But I didn't. I watched as my Beth went out on her first date with a boy and It was not me. I watched from the bushes as Ronald kissed her softly on her parents front steps when he brought her home. I watched when he stuck his tongue in her mouth and pressed her up against the wall and tried to feel her tender little breasts.

"Ronald stop don't do that let me go! Get your hands off me," Beth cried as she tried to get away from the stronger boy.

"I can't stop now. Just let me see them. I just want to hold them and maybe kiss them a little. I promise I won't tell anyone," he said as he covered her mouth with one hand and roughly ripped open the front of her dress.

He then squeezed her breasts before lowering his head and sucking and biting on them through her bra. He lifted her dress and started to grope her privates. He did not do it for long. I tackled him from behind and began pounding him in the face, and stomping him as hard as I could .

"Don't you ever touch her, don't you EVER look at her. She is MINE! I'll kill you mother fucker. You hurt her again, and you are dead!" I was screaming and crying as I pummeled the larger boy.

Beth's father ran outside and saw his daughter's ripped dress and the bloody teenager on his front lawn getting the shit kicked out of him. He pulled me off of him and wrapped me in a tight bear hug.

"Stop son, it's ok. You don't want to kill him. Come on let's go check on Beth. She needs you now. "

Beth was sitting on the ground crying. She screamed when I tried to hold her.

"Don't touch me, this is all my fault. I am so stupid! I couldn't get away! I tried but he was too strong. If it wasn't for John... he would have raped me...he had me!," Beth sobbed hysterically.

Her father did not know what to say, or do. I sank to the ground and wrapped my arms around her, and rocked her for a long time. "Don't worry Beth I will always be here for you. I love you. Anyone that tries to hurt you will have to kill me first. We will be together forever. I swear to God. I'll never let anything hurt you again."

Beth's dad looked down at us, smiled, patted me on the head and said "Amen son, Amen to that."

He then turned and went back in the house. Beth and I stayed out on her lawn holding each other, talking, laughing even. She was my best friend and soon would be my lover. We were lucky. We had it all figured out by age 12. Or so we thought.

Beth and I were married when she turned 18. We both had pretty decent jobs. I made $12 an hour delivering pizza (we'd never go hungry) full time while I went to college. Beth made $10 as a Customer Service Supervisor at Sears (Love that employee discount). Beth's mom had died several years ago. Her share of the $75,000 Insurance policy had been held in trust, accumulating interest until she turned 21, or was married for one year. We had been married about six months when she gave me the news.

"John, I am pregnant. I know we had not planned to have a baby so soon..."

I jumped off the couch and picked her up in my arms and said" I love you I can't wait to see a mini you. You have made me the happiest man in the world."

I began kissing my wife, slowly, hungrily devouring her mouth, her sweet little tongue. I pulled her down to the living room floor and removed our clothes. I kissed, and nibbled on her firm ripe breasts. I suckled on one then the other.

"I can't believe that I will have to share these with anyone. You realize that if it's a boy you will ruin him for any other woman. I mean, once you have had a taste of this beauties, you do not want anyone else's," I said as I slurped and sucked.

I loved the way her flat little tummy clenched up when I kissed it, I could not resist sticking my tongue in her belly button, while I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Her squeals of pleasure were my favorite sound. I loved this woman. I could smell her juices as they boiled and dripped inside her pussy. I wanted to taste my wife, to see how wet she was today. A slippery slickness greeted me as I pried her legs apart. Beth was really running hot today. She was writhing, trembling naked and spread before me. I kissed her pussy lips and shouted into her wet cunt, "come out come out wherever you are. I am your daddy, and I can't wait to meet you!" Beth laughed, and we spent the rest of the night sucking, fucking, laughing, talking, and eating cold pizza.

We named our daughter Susan after Beth's mother. 8 months later I had another blonde, beauty in my life. She was a happy baby. Little Susie almost never cried, and slept through the night. Her first word was "Da, Da" which she repeated over and over when I came in the room. For two months that was the only thing she could say, the only thing she wanted to say. Susan learned to walk at an early age and followed me around the house demanding that I put her in my lap and hold her. There was no doubt about it, she was a Daddy's Girl. The pregnancy seemed to take something out of Beth though. Her energy level never really came back to normal. The Dr. informed us that it would not be a good idea to have a second child. We were disappointed of course...but we already had an angel--a gift from god. Neither of us felt cheated. Susan was enough. The Dr prescribed a vitamin/nutritional/medicinal therapy that seemed to help a little, and things settled down for a while. In just 4 years I had a baby, graduated from college, got a job, and we bought a house. I graduated with a 3.8 average in computer science, and was quickly hired by a small but growing pharmaceutical company to handle phone and computer networking for the 5 stores they had in our region. Beth was now the manager of her Sears store. We were able to purchase a 3 bedroom house on a two acre property from a retired couple looking to sell quickly. Life was just about as perfect as it could be. My wife was my best friend, and lover. I felt safe in her arms, I knew that nothing really bad could happen to us. We were blessed. Susan had just started school when we got the news.

I came home from work and found Beth sitting on the couch. She looked tense and I offered to give her a massage.

She smiled at me and said, "John--I have to tell you something. I...I'm sorry honey there is no easy way to say this--but Dr. Jones told me that I have Cancer."

My ears refused to hear the words, this had to be some kind of joke, or a horrible mistake. One look at my wife, bravely trying to keep back the tears and I knew--it was not a joke. My mind kicked into overdrive. We would fight this, beat it. We just needed a plan.

"My god honey you must be so scared, but don't worry we will get through this together. Has she talked to you about options? Chemotherapy? Lumpectomy, or Masectomy. Beth...some women who go through this worry about their husband's reaction...I want to make sure you know that I love you and I want the cancer out of you no matter what. You are the sexiest woman alive to me and that will never, never change," I said as I pulled her into a tight bear hug.

"I knew you would be great about this...but sweetie...my cancer has already spread throughout several of my systems. John this is what my mother died from. Dr. Jones...she doesn't think I am going to beat this. Basically I have a choice. I can go through numerous operations while they cut of a piece of me at a time, and spend my remaining days puking my guts out, bald and in pain. Or I can spend my remaining days with you Susan and my dad. The Dr. says I may have up to 2 years. I'll take it John. I'll take 2 years with you my love and I will be thankful for them. It's more than most people get," she said as she consoled me when the tears finally hit me.

I screamed and sobbed and put my head in her lap while she gently rocked me and told me it would be alright.

I am glad to say the Dr.s were wrong. My wife did not live 2 years. She lived 3. Beth clung to life with a tenacity and stubbornness that mystified her Doctors. She simply refused to succumb Their tests all showed that her body was riddled with cancer by the end of the first year, but she would not die. The Drs. were amazed but I was not. It was simple. Beth loved me, and Susie and she knew we were not strong enough to endure her death. So she refused to die. She willed herself to live. She did her best to prepare us for the inevitable. She insisted on explaining what it meant, to Susan. They spent a lot of time together. Shortly after she was diagnosed, Beth made a series of video tapes for me and my daughter. She insisted that I play them to Susan as she grew up at various moments in her life. Some of it was practical. There were detailed directions on how to make our favorite meals, and cleaning tips. She covered what it was like to have a period, showed her how to put on a tampon, pick the right bra. Kiss a boy. Things to consider in a boyfriend, in a husband, driving tips, a demonstration of how to do a mammogram, and a promise to get yearly exams. Sexual techniques for when she was older. Memories and stories behind family photos, and relatives long forgotten. Some were labeled by the date they should be played(ex on Susan's 16 birthday). Others by an event(Susan's First period, wedding, birth of first child.) There were 21 6 hour tapes in all. Beth said this way she would be able to help take care of us even after she was gone. For three long years she struggled, and then she died.

I remember when my daughter turned 8.

But we did not celebrate her birthday, instead we buried her mother. It was a cold, gray day. It was almost as if god was ashamed to show his face; as if he turned the sun off in guilt at what he had done. The same phrase kept echoing in my head "Your wife is deadddd, deaddd, she's dead!". All I wanted to do was howl. To shriek her name. I just wanted to turn my brain off for a little while and go insane. But I could not allow myself that comfort. I had a daughter who was hurting too. She needed me. When we finally got home that afternoon I went to my room to cry in private, and compose myself. After about 20 minutes I came out to find Susie cleaning the kitchen.

"What are you doing honey, you don't have to do that," I protested.

"It's ok daddy, now that mummy is gone I'm the woman of the house. It's my job to take care of you. Mummy taught me how and she said I could be a big girl and help you. Please daddy let me take care of you?"

"OK Baby, how about we do it together," I said as we worked, and talked and finally laughed together. That night when I got Susie ready for bed, and was about to leave she said. "We almost forgot to say prayers. I'll do it. Dear god, I love daddy, and mummy, and grandpa. I promise that I will take care of my daddy and be a good girl and marry him when I'm old enough. Say hi to mummy, and baby Jesus. Amen. Daddy when will I be old enough to marry you?" Susie asked in sweet, sleepy voice.

"Well I don't know honey. I guess you will be a woman when you're 18 so you can marry whoever you want. By then you won't want to marry your wrinkly old father; you'll have some young stud who will have swept you off your feet," I laughed as I tousled her hair.

My 8 year old daughter looked me straight in the eye and said in a cold tone" I will SO marry you. I will never love anyone else. You'll see. When I'm 18 I'll be your wife, I swear to god and hope to die."

I turned out the light and left her room without a word. As I got into my cold empty bed, I could no help but think of another stubborn, blonde 8 year old who had informed me that we would be married 20 years ago. But that was different. I had just closed my eyes when there was a knock at my bedroom door.

"Daddy I can't sleep I miss mummy. Can I snuggle with you?" It had been a horrible birthday for Susie. It made sense that she would want a little extra comfort tonight. Heck neither of us really wanted to be alone that night.

"Sure honey climb in," I said as I pulled the covers back. Susie slid in next to me and gave me a kiss goodnight. She then pressed her little warm butt into me and trapped my arm with hers.

Susie gave a contented sigh and said, "Now I can sleep. It's all warm and toasty. I love you daddy, she said as she snuggled and wriggled against me making herself comfortable.

I held my daughter tight, as I thought of my wife and slowly we drifted to sleep.

I never knew that my cock had gotten long, and hard and thick. I did not realize that it had pressed deep into the warm folds of my daughter's ass; separated only by my briefs, and her thin nightgown. It was the first time that my body responded to Susie in a sexual way.

But it was not the last.

I remember when my Susie turned 12, check that Susan. She came into my room to wake me up on her birthday morning.

"Daddy get up. You promised you would take me shopping. Dad! Wake up...ok you asked for it," she said as she sat on my stomach and began tickling me awake.

Well I certainly wasn't going to put up with that; two can play that game. Soon I had her pinned beneath me, and was running my hands all over her body making her squeal, and gasp and laugh. I guess it was a combination of factors: the fact that I had not had sex in over 4 years, maybe it was wrestling with a beautiful young woman first thing in the morning--but I felt myself get hard. My cock was pressing into Susan's body. She was pinned beneath me and as I ran my hands over her chest to tickle her I noticed that she had breasts. I don't know where they came from, or when they arrived but there they were. Tiny, perky little titlets. Her baby nips were sticking out through my old shirt that she slept in. I felt moisture on my leg, and I reached down and discovered Susan did not have any underwear on. Her kitty was wet and dripping. I accidentally rubbed her lips and my finger slipped inside her for just a second. The walls of her vagina clamped down on me and she squeezed her legs tight to hold me there. My 12 year old was aroused! Susan and I looked at each other for a moment and then she began to kiss me. It was light and slow at first, but then something happened. We both lost control. I started sucking and licking her face and lips and tongue. I found her tiny clit and rubbed it softly. Susan was moaning and sucking my neck hard. Then she spoke.

"Oh daddy this feels so good. It's the best birthday present ever. I am ready daddy. I am ready to be your wife. Teach me how to fuck. Teach me what you like and I'll do it," she said as she played with my hard cock through my briefs.

That brought me back to reality. What kind of sick freak was I? I had almost raped my daughter. I still wanted to.

"Honey, stop. Susan let go of daddy's dick. We need to talk. You didn't do anything wrong, but I did. I'm sorry baby. I just started thinking of you as a woman instead of as my girl. It's been so long...it's no excuse but for a second I thought you were your mom. I'm your dad, and I will always love you but not like that."

My daughter did not say anything. She just tucked her head and cried. I of course felt like a total shit. I put my arm around her and held her in a fatherly embrace.

"You, You don't want me. I'm not big enough yet. I know you said we would have to wait until I was 18 but I though maybe you had changed your mind. I thought you wanted me I thought you loved me," she sniffled.

"Oh Susan of course I love you. God help me I even want you sexually. But it is wrong. We just made a mistake it's not the end of the world. Don't look so gloomy. It's your birthday. We have lots of shopping to do. I know one thing you need that I had not thought of--a bra, and some real pajamas . Now hurry up and get dressed and we'll see if we can't burn out your old dad's credit card," I said as I hugged her tight and kissed her on top of her head.

When we got to the lingerie section at Sears I asked if she wanted to go in alone.

"No dad I don't know what size to get, and I need help putting it on."

I looked around for a female sales clerk...but it was Sears so of course I could not find one. So we looked at several. We finally narrowed it down to five.

"Which one do you like dad. What looks sexy to you, " Susan asked. A woman and her daughter overheard her and gave me a look like I was a pervert or something.

"I guess you will need some practical, boring ones; and a few lacey frilly ones for when you want to feel pretty. Hmm how about trying these on," I said as I handed her one of each along with a matching set of panties.

We walked back to the dressing room and closed the door. She blushed slightly as she took off her shirt, and I looked at her tangerine sized breasts for the first time. My god they were beautiful. Firm round, and capped wit long nipples. Susan stared at my crotch. I could not help it, my dick started to grow. She saw that and smiled, as if to say so you DO think I'm pretty.

What she said though was, "Come on dad help me figure out how to put this thing on".

It took some time and a lot of fumbling but we finally figured it out. I was not prepared for it when Susan dropped her jeans to the floor and quickly removed her plain cotton shorts.

"I want to try on my new underwear too." My 12 year old was standing before me wearing a lace bra--and nothing else. I had a rock hard on, and she knew it. She paraded around the small dressing room, half naked. Posing and looking at her bra in the mirror all the while flashing her tender young ass and sweet pussy at me. Susan lifted and cupped each breast.

Then she asked me, "Daddy I want to make sure this bra is not too big. Feel me. Do you think it feels right. Is it too loose?" I pulled on the bra and put my hand inside to make sure there was enough room between her tiny breasts and the bra material. I remembered that Susan had long nipples and I was concerned the bra might be uncomfortable when she became aroused. I decided to test it by lightly brushing her nipples through the sheer lace. My daughter looked up at me while I did this and I could almost smell the sex in the air. She slowly licked her lips and moved closer to me.

"How does that feel honey. Is it too tight?"

"Mmm that feels wonderful, dad, " she said as she hugged me and nestled her crotch into my erection; "Thanks for doing this dad. I feel like a real woman today. Mom told me that getting my first bra would be an important day. Thanks for making me feel so special. I guess I should try on the panties now...do you want to um, help?" she said shyly, hopefully.

A part of me did. A part of me wanted to see her naked and spread and wet before me. I wanted to bend down close to smell her fresh young cunt while she put the new frilly panties on. But I knew if I crossed this line there would be no going back. My 12 year old daughter was too young to know what was happening. Her raging hormones were corrupting her judgement. I was in a similar state 4 years without sex was obviously affecting my self control too.

"No honey. I don't think that will be necessary. I'm going to step out now." As I exited the girls dressing room the young, attractive sales girl stared at my still hard cock, and said," I hope you and your DAUGHTER found everything you were looking for. If I can ever help you please let me know," She said with a wink and a smile. I will never forget my daughter's 12th birthday. That's when I learned that I was sexually attracted to her, that I was sick. I made a promise to myself that I would never act on my perverted fantasies, that I would find an appropriate partner.

It turned out that it would not be as easy for me as I thought.

I remember when my daughter turned 16.

It had been 8 years since my wife had died and I still had not had sex. Oh I had tried but if the truth be known my heart was not in it. I slowly came to realize that part of the problem was the video tapes she had left. I could see my wife, hear the woman that I loved. I could feel her love for me even over a tape, even after 8 years. The simple truth was I loved the palest representation of Beth more than any of the women I dated. She had left me hours of new conversations, with instructions on when to play them. Instead of loving her less, as her memory faded, it never did. I loved her more as I realized how badly she wanted to stay with us. She had cheated death for me and my daughter. She was still a big part of my life. Sometimes (like today) when I felt lonely or depressed I would sit my his room and let the sound of her voice relax me.

"John, by now I have been dead for several years. Susie is growing up, and I hope you are happy. Have you found someone else? Oh who am I kidding. I know you. I am such a hypocrite. I can just imagine if our roles were reversed. If someone told ME to love someone after you died. I ...could not do it. Oh my love, how will you live without me. John you are still young. I have to pray that you are stronger than me. That you can find someone to love. Please try. I love you forever," Beth's image said for the 10th time as I continued rewinding and replaying the tape.

"Never. There will never be anyone but you," I whispered to the screen.

Susan and I had managed to regain a normal father daughter relationship. There had been no more inappropriate actions on my part. It had not been easy. She was an exact clone of her mother. Tall, beautiful blonde. Funny, kind and smart--yep it was my Beth all over again, except it wasn't. It was my daughter and I was determined to keep my hands off her. I still had a recurring dream in which I made love to Susan AND Beth, but that was just a dream.

Her 16th birthday was spent in the emergency room. Around 8am Susan let out a terrified yell.

"Dad come quick! I found one, oh my god I found one!" she babbled. I had just stepped out of the shower. I put a towel on and ran into her room. Susan was standing in front of her mirror, completely naked. She was beautiful. I had not seen this much of her skin since she was 12. A lot had changed. This was a woman. From her full hips, and sensual ass, to her light patch of blonde pussy hair and full ripe 36 c (or maybe d )tits--I drank her nakedness in. I was instantly hard. As my gaze slowly moved over every inch of her I finally rested on her face. She was crying. She was scared.

"What is it baby, what's wrong," I asked.

"Daddy, I, I felt a lump. There is a lump in my breast. Daddy you have to feel it, make sure I'm not wrong. Please tell me I'm wrong," she said as she offered her tear stained left tit to me for inspection.

I felt the fear hit me. Her grandmother had died in her 30's, her mother had died in her 20's. Would my daughter die in her teens? Could god be so cruel? Would he do this to me again. I took Susan's large firm breast and began a slow, thorough exam. I held it, rolled it, mashed it, massaged it, and felt every inch of it. I even took her other breast and did the same thing for comparison. I did not want to believe it but it was true. There was a large mass in her left breast. I was so stunned I barely noticed when my towel slipped off and fell to the floor.

"Honey...I do feel something. Try not to panic. You are young and healthy. I checked and I don't feel anything else. It looks like we caught it in time. It is going to be all right. It might even be benign. Don't worry Susie. Daddy is here," I said as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her naked body into my arms for comfort.

I realized my mistake then. We were both naked, and my 8 inch hard on was pressing into her stomach. I was about to move away but she held me tight.

"Dad I'm scared. I don't want to die. If it is cancer... Mom warned me this might happen. She said with our family history, I should consider mastectomy--removing my entire breast. I'm afraid dad. I want to live and I don't want to take any chances but...I'm afraid that you won't find me attractive if I do that. That you won't want me and will marry someone else," Susan said as she held on to me desperately, afraid of what I would say.

"Susan look at me. I am your father and I will always love you. I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world--nothing will ever change that. We both know that right or wrong I AM attracted to you. That will not change either. I have tried to get you out of my system for 4 years, and yet here we are, naked I'm hard, you're wet, and we both want to do something we know we can't do. Let's go to the hospital, and find out what our choices are. But either way I'll always love and support you. "

We spent most of the day in the Emergency room. With our family history the Drs weren't taking any chances. They wanted a specialist to look at Susan's lump but he would not be available for a couple of days. That was the longest weekend of our lives. Not knowing my daughter's fate was almost impossible for us to bear. It WOULD have been impossible if we did not have each other.

That first night Susan came in my room and crawled into bed with me. She did not say a word. She just put her head on my chest and snuggled up tight against me. She kept grinding her crotch into me until I go hard. Then she let out a little sigh and drifted off to sleep, with my cock pressed in her panties. My 16 year old daughter slept in my bed every night until we got the news that her lump was benign.

I found that I had gotten used to having her nearly naked form pressed tight and warm against me. It felt right. I knew that I had to do something. I still wanted my daughter sexually. The last 4 years of denial, and avoidance had changed nothing. Since I seemed to be incapable of dating, of finding someone else--I decided to encourage Susan to try. She was 16 years old, had few friends, and had never been on a date. I broached the subject that night as she got ready for bed.

"Susan can I come in, we need to talk?"

"Sure dad, just a minute I don't have any clothes on...come in."

I entered my daughter's room and found her sitting on the floor, completely nude with her legs spread wide open. She had a fine sheen of sweat and obviously had been working out. She was doing some stretching exercises to avoid cramping up.

"Hey dad, what's up."

"Er, honey would you mind closing your legs...thanks. I guess this kind of demonstrates what I wanted to talk about. We have got to stop seeing each other in a sexual way. I want you to try and start dating boys your own age. Please Susan. I want you to have a normal life."

Susan had stopped stretching too soon and was having muscle spasms in her lower back and thighs. She got up walked over to the bed and laid down spread eagle.

"Uh, daddy since this is kind of your fault for making me stop, would you mind giving me a nice massage to loosen me up; while I think about your request?"

I know I should not have done it but, it was my fault...so I got on my knees between Susan's spread legs and began a slow deep rubdown of her entire body. I spent a lot of time working the kinks out of her upper thigh. I wrapped both hands around her firm muscular leg, and gently squeezed. It was not very long before her pussy started dripping on my hands. Of course that was only fair because my dick had been leaking through my shorts for some time, and there was a noticeable wet spot.

"Dad you know that I love you, and want to be with you. I plan to have you take my virginity when I turn 18. But I have to admit I am getting pretty horny. I don't know if I can wait another 2 years to get some kind of release. I'll make you a deal. I will start dating. I'll really try to meet a nice boy. But you have to help me. I have never been on a date, or made out with a boy, or anything. You have to teach me how. I don't want to look like a dork, and embarrass myself. Before I do anything with a boy I get to practice with you. Just like I have to really try with whatever boy I find--YOU have to really try with me, You will be kissing, and sucking, and feeling every inch of my body. You will teach me how to please a man, and how to ask him to satisfy me. Whenever we are practicing I get to sleep in your bed. Well dad how about it do we have a deal?"

I had to be crazy to accept a proposition like that, but damnit my daughter had wanted me sexually since she was 12 years old, if not longer. She was no longer a little girl. Maybe this was the only way to dilute our attraction for each other. At least she would be dating someone else. As a father I had to admit it was good to know she was a virgin. I would even know exactly where she was sexually every step of the way--because I would be there to guide her, to show her the proper safe way in a controlled environment. If she did not like a specific sex act she would know that BEFORE she got in the back of a horny teenager's car.

"You got a deal. I guess we'll call this your lesson in sensual massage. Goodnight sweetheart, " I said as I gave her butt one last squeeze, and got off her bed. Her naked body was glistening with sex and sweat and I did not trust myself to stay in her room any longer. As I was leaving I turned to see she was right behind me. I gave her a puzzled look.

"Come on dad. Don't tell me you forgot the rules already. ANYTIME we practice I get to sleep in your bed. Besides you have a lot more to show me. There is hot oil massage, I have to learn how to give a man a sexy massage, heck you did not even do my front. I figure this will take at least a week."

She did not put on any clothes. I followed my 16 year old daughter's naked ass and jiggling tits down the hallway to my room. This might be more difficult than I thought.

The next two years were very interesting. Susan kept her word and quickly found a boyfriend named Billy Batson. He was a confident good looking kid. She introduced him to me and I knew this boy would be fucking my baby soon. It was hard to accept, and I was more than a little jealous. Susan seemed to be rubbing my nose in it. As the months went by she asked for more and more intimate lessons--so she could please Billy. "Dad teach me how to kiss. Dad now Billy wants to french kiss. Dad, Billy started rubbing my tits today, show me how it should feel. Dad, Billy asked if he could suck on my breasts, I'm not sure if I should. Will you teach me tonight. Billy wants to see me dance naked, teach me how to strip." Billy, Billy, always fucking Billy. Every lesson took about a week. A week of my naked daughter sleeping in my bed. A week of my kissing, and sucking, and smelling her sex, of feeling her juices drip, drip, drip onto his skin and into my bed.

Then it happened.

"Dad Billy and I have been going out for over a year now. He is starting to pressure me to, suck his dick. This is major dad. We are really going to have to practice this a lot. "

"I don't know Susan that's pretty dangerous. I don't know if that's a good idea. If you start swallowing my cock, I don't know if I will be able to stop."

"Well dad then we have to do it. I need to know if I do this for Billy is he going to rape me when I want to stop. I'm still a virgin dad. I care about Billy and I might even love him. But I still want you to be my first. If you can't control yourself after oral sex, and you love me more than anyone, how can I trust Billy?"

I could not argue with that. A part of me still remembers that asshole Ronald Sloptvik all those years ago trying to rape my Beth, and all he got was a kiss and a quick feel. Billy would be getting french kissed, by a beautiful naked girl who would then let him suck her tits, and would suck his cock. I did not want my daughter to get raped. So I had her practice everything that she planned to do on me first. For the next 2 weeks my naked daughter slept in my bed, danced for me, and sucked me off every night before I went to bed. Most mornings I was awakened to the sight of her smiling face swallowing, sucking and slurping on my dick. She would often hum a little tune and giggle as I came down her throat. I wanted to fuck her but I never raped her. So after 2 weeks we decided it would be safe for Billy to get his blow job. She said he loved it.

That went on for a couple of months, and she did not ask for any more lessons. I assumed that they had finally had sex, and that my plan had worked. About that time my daughter took all of her mother's tapes out of her room, and stopped listening to them. She did not explain it and I did not ask. My daughter seemed depressed and had very little to say to me for a while. Finally she snapped out of her funk and became my loving daughter again. She seemed extra playful. Some days she would slip into the shower with me and give me a morning blowjob just for fun. I know it was not part of our agreement, but I was happy to see her back to her old self so I allowed it. It was not unusual for her to sit naked in my lap, and play with my cock while watching TV. Susan was a bright girl and had been accepted in many colleges across the country. I knew she would be leaving home soon. I figured she just wanted some good memories before she left. She still saw Billy, and we had no more official sex lessons. It had been a strange childhood, I know. But my daughter was happy, and for the most part so was I, so I guess it all worked out.

I remember when my daughter turned 18. It was just after midnight, and she came into my room.

"It's time dad."

"Happy Birthday sweetheart, you are a woman now, I smiled at her in fatherly pride.

"Dad remember when I was 8, you promised I could marry you when I was a woman. I don't want to be a virgin anymore. Please John, you have to fuck me. Now. I love you and only you," my little Susan said with tears in her eyes and sex in her voice.

This was impossible, it could not be happening. But it was. I watched as my daughter slowly removed her clothes, got down on her knees and begged me to make love to her. I was overcome with emotion. I made one last attempt to avoid the inevitable.

"Honey what about you and Billy. Did you have a fight. Is that why you are doing this?"

My daughter looked up at me, laughed and said, "Oh dad there is no Billy and me. Billy is a gay friend, that I brought over to the house to meet you and had pick me up from time to time. I just used Billy to get you into bed, to get you to teach me sex. I thought you would have given in and fucked me a long time ago, but you never did. I guess you needed to wait until I was an adult, that was important to you. That's why I have not pressured you the last few weeks. But now it's time. No more excuses. Either you love me or you don't. Either you fuck me now, right now; or I am going on the street and beg the first man I see to fuck my virgin cunt. "

I looked in her face and I could see the same fiery stubbornness that her mother had. She would do it. I was reminded of that Sadie Hawkins dance all those years ago. I never forgave myself for not being my Beth's first(date), for exposing her to Ronald's attempted rape. It was not going to happen to my daughter.

"I'm sorry Beth. God help me but I love her. I need her," I said as I pulled my 18 year old daughter into my arms, into my bed; and into my life.

"Oh don't worry about mom, she would approve, Susan said in a cryptic voice as she kissed me.

It was a long and sexy night. I had not had sex for 10 years. I was like a wild man. I had wanted my daughter for so long, had so many fantasies about her; that I could not wait to try them all out. Susan had never had a dick rammed up her ass. Had never had a man lick her pussy clean, or had him stick his tongue in her ass. She had never had toe sucking, belly button licking, dick in your pussy all night long sex before. I was glad I was the one to show her. Sweat, and cum, and pussy juice and virgin blood stained my sheets that night. Susan scratched and licked, and fucked and sucked long into the night. We would fuck, and then rest. One of us would brush up against the other sometimes by accident, other times on purpose, but that's all it took -- a touch, a look --and bang! We were at it again. Finally some time just before dawn; spent, satisfied and exhausted, the two of us, father and daughter curled up into each other and slept.


I soon found out just how smart my wife was, and how much she loved me. Several months before I fucked Susan, she took a peek at her 18th birthday message from her mother. She played it for him the morning after we made love for the first time. It was obvious this tape had been made just before Beth had died. She was thin, and sickly looking. But her eyes blazed with fierce determination. This is what it said:

"My dearest daughter, I love you so much. I am glad you are a woman now. You have so many choices before you. I wish you nothing but happiness. I hope your father is happy too. That he has found someone else. If he has, or if you are already in love with someone please honey stop this tape now and destroy it...Susie I love your father so much. I may be wrong, I may be a little egotistical; but I don't think he can be happy without me. If you go away to school I think it will kill him. Every mother wants her daughter to find a man who will love her, who will cherish her. I found that kind of man, that kind of love in your father. I think you can too. Honey, you take care of him already. You cook, and clean. You share his life in so many ways. Plus you look like me...I think you can seduce your father. I think you and make him love you as a wife. I want you to try. He will resist, he won't want to hurt you. He probably won't fuck you if you are underage. But if you want a good, kind, handsome, funny, loving man--you don't have to look. He is already living with you. Enjoy him with my blessings. Make each other happy. I love you, Mom."

"She knew my dad. She wanted this for you, for both of us. When I first listened to this tape I was mad at her. I realized she loved you more than me. She cared about your needs more than she did about protecting her daughter. For a while I did not want to hear any more advice from her. But she was right. You are my man. I love you. So, dad what do we do now?"

I looked at my daughter, tousled her hair, and said, "that's the easy part my little Susie. That's the easy part".

I sold my house, moved across country, and married my daughter. No one ever knew I was her father. We had two children; a boy and a beautiful, stubborn, blonde little girl, named Beth.

We lived happily ever after; in a land far far away.