- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] the adventures of Angel
[Author] Tim Cool
[Type] Father/daughter

The Adeventures of Angel part 1
My dad was grunting and panting hard as his 8 inch
cock was slamming in and out of wet pussy. The slick,
slick sound of him ramming me combined with the
squeaking of the bed and the head board banging into
the wall was loud and a big turn on for the both of
us. "Oh shit Angel, I love your sweet pussy...gotta
cum soon. His breathing was hot and he was panting in
my ear and kissing my neck. I was fingering my pussy
as he did me and I nearing a cum too. "Daddy", I
gasped "fuck me harder...oh shit I love this!...Do you
like your little girls pussy? " He gets hot when I
talk like that and it makes him super horny. My dad
uses that viagra stuff and you it really works. He
has cum 3 times and is still hard since last night.
My dad was on top off my ass and I had put a pillow
underneath me so he could get in deeper. "Shit
Angel...let me cum...please" I was sweating and
panting...being really loud and nasty saying stuff
15yr old shouldn't "Fuck me Daddy...fuck your nasty
teen slut...come on fill me!! That did it...my dad
came buckets inside me....OH, OH, OH....GAWD angel...I
love you!" I came too...screaming like a banshee. He
rolled off the side of me and went to sleep...but gawd
shit his cock was still hard! I was a mess. my blonde
hair was all mussed up and my pink slutty teddy was
torn and had cum stains on it...the bed covers were
all over the floor and porn tapes that dad rented were
scattered...well, thank goodness that mom is not
here...she is a social workers conference...get this
she works with sex offenders! Yeah, but dad and me
know all the tricks and mom is not any wiser about our
fun...shit we been at since I was 13. Hey I forgot to
tell you about me...names Angle ,I am 15...a
cheerleader, 120lbs, 5'6, nice butt and 36d
tits...slender legs...blue eyes and a little upturned
nose. Shit if mom knew that daddy was doing me and I
love it...she fucking freak out. Next time, I will
write about how I caught dad jacking off to my pics
and how it all started...that is when I was 13! Gosh
I wish I had some of my dads friends here...I am sore
but my mouth and ass is still eager...hmmm well moms
is comming home tomorrow and we gotta get back to her
view of normal. But ya know...daddy and me can still
have fun before...and after. See ya!