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[Story Name] an incest pregnancy story
[Author] Allforincest
[Type] Father/daughter

Hello everyone!
I'm so glad I found this group! I'm always amazed to find like-minded 
people these days, laws and morals being what they are!
I am a 45-year-old male product of incest. My father (rest his soul) 
was involved sexually with all three of his daughters from the time 
they were very young. According to my mother (his eldest daughter), 
it started when his wife died. His daughters were 7, 5 and 2 at the 
My father was always an overly sexual man. My mom remembers he was 
always fondling his wife and also that she could hear them fucking at 
night, every night. They also often went to their bedroom in the 
middle of the day, when my father would come in for lunch (he was a 
In any event, after she passed, he quickly turned his affection 
toward his daughters, starting with the eldest, my mom. Her sexual 
education was done in a very loving way. He was always gentle with 
her. He never penetrated her until she was ready. She asked him to 
finally take her virginity when she was 12.
From ages 7-12, he was very patient with her. He always made sure to 
go slowly with her and give her plenty of loving caresses as he 
undressed and fondled her young body. She loved having him go down on 
her and he would, often. She also learned to give him hand and blow 
jobs, although his favorite way to cum was to lie above her, his body 
weight resting on one hand, and rubbing his throbbing cock all over 
her pretty girl pussy as she held it wide open with her fingers.
Mom's sisters got involved quickly. Dad has told me that he first 
tasted the youngest when she was 5 years old! But, like with my mom, 
he never forced anything and waited for them to ask to be penetrated. 
The middle one was 14 and the youngest, the most precocious, was 11.
My mom got pregnant with me when she was 15. To avoid hassles, the 
story circulated by my father was that she was raped but that, since 
he didn't believe in abortion, that my mom would keep the baby and 
raise it with him. After that, all three girls were put on birth 
control to avoid further mishaps.
My own sexual life began when I was 6 and I walked in on my dad and 
mom having sex. My aunts were there also, sitting and watching, 
fingering each other as they waited their turn to get a feel of my 
father's prick. I stood there, shocked but fascinated. When my mom 
saw me, she broke into a huge grin and nodded her chin in my 
direction. My dad turned around, mid-fuck and laughed.
"Well son, I guess the cat's out of the bag, huh?" he said to 
me. "Get closer boy, and learn about the facts of life." I went to 
sit between my aunts, who quickly started to caress my young body 
through my pj's. The youngest quickly dipped inside and felt up my 
tiny boy cock. She proceeded to stroke it gently as we all watched 
daddy ream my mother's cunt.
There is alot more I could share, if you are interested. I am now 
married to my youngest aunt's daughter by my dad. My wife is 35. We 
have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys, between the ages of 15 and 5. 
All are being properly trained in the art of family love. My oldest, 
a girl, wants to have my baby and we are actively working on giving 
her just that!