- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy Robert
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

        Sooo you want me for your daddy eh? Well I think I can fulfill
that role. I can and will be the hottest, hardest, meanist fucking
daddy you'll ever meet though!
         I'll wake your six year old body up with a hot piss shower.
All over your sweet little naked body. Spraying your little sweet cunt
and face. Open wide, open that mouth for daddy's piss!
        Then daddy will sit his 170 pound frame upon your tiny little
body and dick whip your little lips.
        "Open wide baby fuck! Open wide!" I say and push my cock in
your mouth. I've saved some of my piss and squirt it  in your mouth.
This causes you to choke a bit and sputter.
        "Daddy..please please...." You breath
        Daddy is pissed by now. Instead of enjoying the pleasure of
stroking my dick inside your mouth, daddy has to see what the fuck his
cunt girl wants.
        "SPEAK SLUT WHORE!" I Hiss and you shudder.
        "I can't breath. Please...I'll be good girl but let me
        "Let you breath? LET YOU BREATH." I yell and pull you up by
the hair.
        "Little Annie the Fanny wants to breath eh? Sure baby I'll
give you something to breath." With that I comand you to sit upon the
bed, on your knees. I turn my back to you and tell you to begin to
suck my asshole. You recoil back and I grab you and slap your little
slut face.
        "You do what daddy says right? Remember the contract you
signed? Remember?" You nod your head and with tears in your eyes you
begin to lick and suck my butthole.
        "OOOOH YES BABY GIRL! YOU DO IT SO WELL." I moan and gyrate my
hips so your tounge fills all around my asshole.  But I almost forgot,
you wanted to breath. With that said I push a bit and expell a large,
        "There you go my little love. BREATH THAT!" I laughed wickedly
and rubbed my butt all over your lips and face.
        Scooping you in my arms I fall upon the bed. Today daddy's
gonna stretch your little cunny.
        "Now since you were so good at sucking daddy's butt hole I'm
gonna give you what all little girls love. A stiff, hard, cock up your
        "DADDY NOOOOOO!" You cry but realize daddy is Master of your
fate. I place you on my hips and lift you up and over my cock. Your
sweet, swollen pussy lips are still a bit sore from last night but I
don't give a fuck. Your here for my pleasure!
DICK!!!!" I moan as I lift you up and down on my cock.
        "You know what to do Annie girl, you fuck yourself baby girl.
You know you love to." I soon feel your little feet on my hairy legs
and your rump moving up and down. Your crying, whipering and begging
me to stop.
I can feel it feel your cunt milking my cock. Making it tense, hard.

        HUMP! HUMP! HUMP!

        Up and down and up and down on your hot, sticky cunt. Daddy's
baby girl fucking daddy's cock. TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL!

SAY IT CUNT GIRL!" I holler as I burry my cock DEEP into you..
        "I'm daddy's little cunt girl! i love daddy dick! oooohh
ooohh!" You cry out as the last drops of my cum fill your already
soaking wet cunt.
        Soon daddy is all fucked out but Annie's punishment isn't over
yet. Now Annie belongs to daddy. She is HIS property and does anything
he says. And she's always known that too.
        After I pull my cock from your sore, tight cunt I order you to
scoop daddy's juice from there. "EAT IT BABY! EAT DADDY'S CUM!" I say
and you make a face. " DO IT!" I say slapping your face once again.
        Your tounge darts out and starts to lick my cum from your
hands. You make a face but soon catch yourself and lap it up like it's
your favorite treat. To please me you say "MMMMM...that was good
daddy!" I stroke your hair and bring your face close to my cock to
finish your treat. I laugh and say as you eat me clean. "Yes it was,
you littl sweet kiddie whore. Daddy should lend you out to his friends
just for fun and watch." You stop licking and a sense of dread comes
over you. You never know when daddy is kidding or not.
        "Now since you've been a bad, whiney, non-loving little girl
daddy must punish you." I say, ordering you to stay put.
        Leaving the room I go  to a closet in the hallway. I take a
key from a special hiding place and open it. There inside are daddy's
toys. From the closet I take a chain, handcuffs as well as vibrator
with a lock on strap. From another part of the closet I reach down
into a diaper pail and take a very old, but still wet Pampers.
        "Here we are." I say and plop the toys down. Your eyes open
wide and you try to get up. I kick your legs from under you. "Going
somewhere?" I asked and you begin to cry. "Oh yes, I forgot!" I soon
returned from the closet with a ballgag.
        Pulling you by the legs I place the hard vibrator infront of
your little cunt. I then slowly insert it in. This causes you to cry
out. "Well I guess I should put the gag on first. Would want you to
fuss too much baby whore."  and I do. tying it tightly around your
face,  place the ball squarly in your mouth.  The room was soon filled
with just the muffled breathing of daddy's little captive..
        I continue with my envasion of your cunt with the vibrator by
turn it on and circiling it about your cunt walls. You squirm, twist a
bit and shake from pleasure and terror. I slowly insert it into your
wet, buttery hole  and strapped it on in the back. Turning it on
higher, your whole body jerks more violently  from the shock and
        "There that's good. That's how I like to see you. Silent but
sexed up." I smile and kiss your little forehead.
        I then wrapped the  cold wet diaper over your waiste. Once
again you try and wiggle but I am too strong. This particular
punishment you hate the most. For you pride yourself on being potty
trained. You feel ashamed though that your daddy forces you to wear
diapers for his pleasures. 
         While securly taping the diaper on and wraping Ducted tape
about your waiste to hold it firmely,  daddy's cock gets  soo hard.
Soon he'll be at you again. Daddy breaths deep for  the room has
become  filled with the stale stench of pee. I rub my hand to the
front of it and feel the vibrator doing it's magic. Your body still is
twisting and moving to the pleasure and daddy is very pleased.
          I then  take your hands and place them over the bedpoles and
secure them with the handcuffs. First your left arm tightly shakled to
the bed post. Then your right. Your confiment is compleat and you
resighn yourself to the will of  your daddy.   
        "You look so cute this way." I whisper in your ear, stroking
your hair with one hand and my cock with the other. "I think I'll get
my camera and begin to snap pics of you." I muse, feeling myself get
harder at the thought of others getting turned on by the this sight.
The sight of a six year old girl with an old diaper on, shaled to the
bed and a ballgag in the mouth! "They'll look good on the NET baby
whore." I snickered.
        Returning from my den with the camera I sqaut down first and
sternly but lovingly say to my little girl. "You've been BAD Annie and
you must be punished. You never obey me. You know you like it when
daddy touches you but you always say no. Well little whore after today
I hope you'll learn that that word can never be spoken by you again.
GOT IT!"  You nod vigorouly and I pat you on the head.
        "Good girl. Now smile for the camera. These are just the first
shots. God Annie, your little body just gets me more and more excited!
I breath hard. Grabbing hold of the bed post I manouver myself so my
dick just touches your diaper. Preasing it hard against you I cause
the vibrator to push even further in. After a few moment of jerking
off, I get up and whisper to my little girl.
         "Soon I will be back baby whore. Back to see how your little
body is reacting to the wet diaper and cunt tickler. Daddy may even
take the ball gag and fill you up will his own gag. And of course more
pictures!" Your eyes widen with fear and a small tear appears in them.
You realize that your no longer just a little girl. You'll always be
daddy's little whore.
        As daddy leaves and your body is rocked with entense
sensations you hear in your mind the words that scare you yet excit
you as well. For you do like daddy dick. You are daddy's slut and you
hear those words and breath as sigh
        Soon baby...soon.