- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Becky
[Author] Red Rose
[Type] Father/daughter

Jackson and his daughter, Becky, live alone.  Becky's mom left when
she was just a baby.  Jackson had done his best to raise his little
girl.  Now that she was just entering puberty, he began to notice her.
Straight blonde waist length hair, her eyes the color of a spring
morning sky.  She was lovely, her curves just beginning to be
noticeable in the shape of her calf, her waist.  Her breasts had not
started to develop yet, but that would come soon enough.  The day
he saw her in her bikini, he couldn't believe that he got a raging hard
on. He realized he wanted to see more of her budding young body
then the suit allowed. Feeling ashamed, yet thrilled by the idea, he
drilled a hole from the walk in closet through to her room so he could
watch her.  He began to have fantasies about taking her to him and
breaking her cherry as he loved her with his hard cock. He was
rewarded many nights as he watched her playing with her little slit.

Jackson stood inside the dark  closet now, the door shut tightly.
There was no light in the closet, and it was full of clothes, hanging
from two different rods.  Should someone open the door, (very unlikely
as they lived alone) they would not easily see him.  His eye was
glued to the  small hole in the wall, the wall that separated his 10
year old daughter's room from the closet.  Jackson watched as Becky
stripped off her clothes to change into her pj's. He stood in the closet
stroking his cock to the sight of her naked little girl body.  He
watched as she looked at her little body in the full length mirror on her
bedroom door.  She ran her hands over her tits her nipples got hard at
her touch.  She ran her hands down her body, watching them in the
mirror.  Slowly she rubbed her hairless mound, hoping that someday
soon she would have hair there like some of the girls in gym class.
Becky lay down on the bed and began caressing herself more
deliberately.  Jackson watched through the peep hole.

He had seen her play with her own pussy, exploring the new feelings
her body was starting to feel.  He could hear her little girl sighs when
she stroked her little clit, as she was doing now.  Jackson almost
moaned out loud as he watched her.  She slid her fingers over her clit,
down into the valley of her pussy.  She pushed first one, then another
finger into her little pussy.  Becky had never done this to such a
degree before!!  Jackson was amazed and became angry as he
watched.  10 and she was not a virgin, couldn't be, because as he
watched she added a third finger and plunged them in deep into her
pussy!!!  He really could hear her now, moaning and sighing as she
wiggled on the bed, her slender hips bouncing up and down.  He
stifled a groan as he stroked his cock harder, faster.

He watched as she turned over on her tummy, thrust her ass in the air
right towards the wall.  She reached beneath herself and again
plunged her fingers into her pussy.  She fucked them, gyrating her
hips, grinding down on her little fingers.  Jackson lost his breath, his
heart skipped a beat.  He had the most wonderful view of his daughter
finger fucking herself !!  Her tight round ass in the air, hips moving
madly, her fingers covered with little girl goo.  Suddenly he saw her
little young body begin to tremble, to quiver.  Her sighs got louder.
Jackson was ready to blow, he wanted to cum with her.  Then he
wasn't sure he heard right, but he thought he heard, "fuck me daddy!"
from the other side of the wall.  She clamped her legs shut on her
hand and fucked her fingers like nothing he'd ever seen before.
Jackson shot his hot load of cum on the closet wall just as his little
girl's orgasm began to subside.

He leaned against the wall, drained.  Though his body was spent, his
mind was racing.  Had he heard her say, 'fuck me daddy?'  No, it had
to be his own desire raging in his mind.  His little girl wouldn't say
something like that!  His mind turned to the fact that she was not a
virgin.  His heart raced as he turned over in his mind who might have
fucked her, who took her cherry?  That question pissed him off for
several reasons, 1st, she was his daughter, and it was her virginity,
second, he should have been there!  He should have been the one to
stuff her full of hard male cock and tear away her hymen!  He looked
down to see his cock once again hard and throbbing.  Just the
thought of fucking his little girl made him want to cum again already.
Jackson was 43 years old, not much made his cock hard again,
minutes after having had a great cum.  But Becky did.  His darling
Becky made her daddy's cock hard, made him want to fuck her deep
and good.  Taking his hanky, he wiped his cum from the wall, put his
cock in his pants, zipped, then quietly opened the door to the closet
and left.

Becky had no idea her daddy was watching her as she fingered
herself to a great cum.  She sighed.  This one was a real good cum.
She fucked her fingers instead of just playing with her clitty this time.
She just loved cumming.  Ever since Tammy from down the street
had made her feel real good that day 2 years ago.  She and Tammy
were playing in Tammy's playhouse, in her backyard, surrounded by
trees.  It looked like a real house, only smaller.  The doors and
windows worked, even their locks worked.  The furniture was small
too, almost to small for them now that Becky was 8 and Tammy was
11.  They loved the playhouse and as long as they remembered to
leave it early enough, no one ever came looking for them or bothered
them.  One afternoon they were wrestling around on the floor and
Tammy's hand landed between Becky's legs.  Becky felt something
akin to an electric shock between her legs and she froze.  Tammy did
not move her hand, instead she pushed it against Becky's mound,
feeling her little slit through her shorts.  Becky tried to wiggle away,
but Tammy held her.
Becky moaned as Tammy rubbed her hand harder against her cloth
covered slit.  Tammy slid her hand up and over, then down behind the
elastic of Becky's shorts, behind the elastic of her panties.  Becky
began to protest and Tammy whispered, 'shhhhh, it will feel real good
in a minute.  I do it all the time'.  Becky hushed and then gasped as
Tammy's fingers found her hairless little slit and began to stroke it,
working her fingers up and down.  Then she parted Becky's pussy lips
and found the little button within.  She gently stroked it, rubbed it,
drawing circles around it.  Becky sighed out loud.  This did feel so
good !!  She opened her legs some to let Tammy have it easier.
Tammy pulled her hand out and said, "take off your clothes Beck, I
want to show you something my mama taught me to do'.
Becky stood, unsure she should do this, but Tammy encouraged her
by reaching up to undue her buttons.  "Come on Beck, you will like it,
I promise !"  she reassures.  Becky dropped her clothes and Tammy
had her lay down again.  She knelt and began to kiss and lick
Becky's little body, sucking here and there, working from her neck
down over her tummy.  Becky shivered as her skin tingled from
Tammy's kisses.  Her little nipples hardened and Tammy sucked
them.  Once again Tammy's tongue traveled over her tummy, leaving
wet trails until she came to the hairless little mound.   "This is the
best part Beck!"  She said before she leaned down and covered
Becky's pussy with her open mouth.

Becky screamed at the warmth and wetness on her pussy.  It felt so
strange !  So unreal.  She tried to wiggle away but Tammy grabbed
her butt and held her down.  Just as she became accustomed to
Tammy's mouth on her pussy, she yelled and jumped again.  Tammy
was licking her!  (Tammy was working Becky's slit like a pro, and in
fact she was a pro, having been taught to please her mother well !)
Becky wiggled and squirmed but nothing stopped Tammy.  She held
on and thrust her tongue deeply into Becky's little slit, licking,
stroking.  Now her tongue dug down deeper, finding and exploring
Becky's little fuck hole.  Becky groaned and moaned, wiggled, but
now wiggled towards Tammy's hot mouth.  Tammy groaned in
pleasure too, she loved having her mouth on pussy, it made her own
pussy wet and tingly. She gently began to insert a finger into Becky's
pussy, pushing ever so slowly, relentlessly.  She came up against
the cherry there and began to push harder.  Becky moaned in
discomfort and tried to draw away from the intruding finger.  Tammy
would have none of that.  She wrapped one arm around Becky's thigh
and held her tight.  Tammy needed to cum and couldn't stop.  As she
held Becky tightly, she pushed her finger into her as hard as she
could.  She felt the cherry as it was ripped apart.  Becky cried out
and Tammy captured her little button in her lips and sucked.  Becky
forgot the pain, forgot everything and anything else as Tammy sucked
and fingered her to her very first orgasm.  Tammy's body shuddered
as she too came.  It always made her cum when she had her mouth
on pussy.  Her mother had taught her well, besides, she had always
felt more like a boy then a girl.  As the two of them came down to
earth Tammy asked Becky if she was mad.  Becky said no, then
smiled and asked, "when can we do it again?"  Tammy laughed and
hugged her friend.

That was 2 years ago.  Since then Tammy had taught Becky a lot
about sex.  She taught her how to lick and suck pussy, how to
masturbate, and even how to shove a big dildo up her pussy and fuck
herself til she came.  Tammy loved Becky and was always ready to
please her.  In turn, Becky learned to please Tammy.  That was
usually very easy.  She would just let Tammy fuck her while she wore
a tie on dildo.  Becky learned about sex toys from Tammy, who
learned it from her mother.  Becky liked it when Tammy fucked her,
she liked the feeling of having her pussy stuffed full, the feeling of
Tammy's kisses on her lips.  Sometimes she sat in Tammy's lap, the
dildo buried in her pussy, other times she was on her knees while
Tammy slammed the dildo into her hard.  Sometimes, Tammy just
liked to watch her lick the end  of it as she wished she was a boy and
the cock was real.

Jackson had no idea it was Tammy that had taken Becky's cherry.
He was determined to find out who the man was that had done that
deed.  He began keeping a close eye on Becky, tighter then ever
before.  Believing that she was still fucking this guy, he thought if he
followed her he would catch them.  He followed her for more then 3
weeks, during which time he had never seen her alone with a boy, let
alone a man.  She usually spent her afternoons with her friend
Tammy, in Tammy's playhouse.  She had done that for the last 4 or 5
years.  Jackson was confused.  Surely she must still be fucking this
guy, or did he fuck her and dump her?!?!  To Jackson that was the
worst thing to happen, to fuck an innocent girl then just walk away.
That made him even angrier just to think about.  He decided he
should talk to Becky.  Maybe he could get her to tell him who the guy
was.  He would tell her he heard a rumor that she had a boyfriend and
go from there.

That night at dinner, Jackson told Becky, "I am sorry to have to ask
you this Becky, but I want the truth.  There is a rumor that you have a
boyfriend?  Do you?  They say that you do things with him.  Is it true
Becky?"  She looked at him totally surprised, her eyes wide.  "No
daddy, I don't have a boyfriend !  Geeee whiz!  Who said I had a
boyfriend?  I am to young to have a boyfriend."  Jackson almost
choked on a mouthful of food as she said she was too young to have
a boyfriend.  Obviously some guy had taught her to fuck !  He looked
at her wide eyes and innocent face, and wanted to believe her.  He
could not keep an eye on her every minute so to make sure she was
not seeing this guy, he grounded her.  "Daddy !!!  Why are you
grounding me?  I didn't do anything, and I don't have a boyfriend!!!"
Becky cried.  "Honey, it is for your own good.  You are not totally
grounded, you may play with Tammy either here or in the play house,
but you must come straight home, and not be with any boys, or, er,
men.  Do you understand?"  Tears in her eyes she nodded yes and
he let the matter drop, for the moment.  He could see that she had
been upset.  She finished her dinner and did the dishes then hugged
him.  She smiled as she went to watch tv.  "Good" he thought, "she's
accepted the grounding".

The next afternoon in the playhouse, Becky told Tammy what had
happened with her dad.  "I can't believe he thinks I would do things
with a man !  Geeeee." she said.  That's when Tammy laughed and
told her, "you are still so sweet and innocent.  You wouldn't be if you
had my mom !  Don't you know what we do you can do with a man
too?  A man can fuck you, and eat out your pussy, all the same
things we do !!"  Becky had never considered that.  She knew it, but
she did not consider Tammy to be a man so she just never thought of
it.  "The real question is, how could he know that you do things?  He
doesn't know it's me you do them with, but he knows you do things.
Did he ever catch you playing with yourself?  Fucking the dildo I gave
you?"  Becky shook her head no, "I lock my door, he would have to
knock first."  Tammy pondered this.  "Maybe he peeked through the
keyhole?"  Again, Becky shook her head no, "there is no keyhole,
remember?  My lock is in the knob.  " Tammy sat on the floor and
crossed her legs.  "Well, he has seen something, somehow.  We just
have to figure it out.  You said I could still come to your house?"
Becky nodded yes and Tammy said, "Let's go" and got up leading
Becky by the hand.

Jackson looked up from his paper as the girls entered the house.  He
smiled at them and said, "Hi Tammy, how you doing?"  She grinned
her prettiest grin and responded, "I'm fine Mr. J."  Becky hugged her
daddy then said, "Me and Tammy are gonna go play in my room, OK
daddy?"  He smiled again and said "sure, have fun girls."  He went
back to his paper as the girls happily and noisily ran up the stairs.
Once in Becky's room they closed and locked the door.  "Come on,
let's look for a camera, or a hole or anything that's not yours!" Tammy
told Becky.  The two of them set about nearly tearing the room apart
and found nothing.  An hour later, flopping down in exhaustion on the
bed, Tammy looked at a picture across the room.
Nothing unusual, except she noticed a small dark spot right under the
edge of the frame.  She got up from the bed and went to the picture.
She looked under the edge of the frame and squealed, "Becks !!!  I
found it!!"  Becky joined her and looked at the small dark hole in the
wall.  Almost invisible if one was standing up.  "What's on the other
side of this wall Becky?  Isn't it the closet?"  Tammy asked   Becky
nodded yes as she stared at the hole. " I'm going to go into the closet
and see if I can find this hole in there.  Stay here so I can see if I can
see you."  Becky nodded O.K.  Tammy unlocked the bedroom door
and quietly moved to the closet door.  She opened it and stepped
inside, pulling it shut behind her.  She went to the wall of Becky's
room and began to look for the hole.  It took only a few seconds, for
she could see light coming through it.  She put her eye up to it and
saw Becky still staring at the hole from the other side.  Tammy
giggled.   She put her lips close to the hole and said, "Becky, go lay
down on the bed, I want to see if I can see you real good from in
here."  Becky walked to the bed and sat down.  Tammy came back
into the bedroom a minute later.  She was grinning.  "You have been
masturbating haven't you?  Bet you didn't know your daddy was
watching you !!  He probably thinks some guy taught you that stuff

and that's why he doesn't want you talking to boys !!"  she said.
Becky spoke for the first time since she saw the hole, "oh god
Tammy, daddy has seen me finger my own pussy !!"  She was nearly
in tears.  Tammy hugged her and said "it's not so bad !  He must like
to watch you, and he can't be real mad, cause he hasn't made you
stop."  Becky shook her head, and said "you don't understand at all !!
Sometimes when I frigged myself I would say, 'Fuck me Daddy !!'  I
know he heard it, I just know it.  What does he think of me?"  Tammy
hugged her tighter and whispered in her ear, "he probably thinks
you're as hot as I do, and he probably wishes it was his cock fucking
you."  Becky pulled back and wiped her eyes, asking, "do you think
so?"  Tammy grinned and said, "Yep."  Then she pulled Becky down
onto the bed with her and undressed her, then undressed herself.
The two of them loved each other with tongues and lips caressing
each other until they both came.

"Good-bye Mr. J !"  Tammy called out as she left.  Becky came down
the stairs, her face aglow and sat down to watch tv.  Jackson was
glad that she had a friend as good as Tammy.  He loved to see her so
happy.  If only he could find the guy that had fucked his baby girl !  He
looked at Becky from the corner of his eye, she was so lovely, looked
so innocent !  The combination of that innocent look, and the
knowledge that she was not a virgin made his cock swell in his pants.
He forced himself to watch tv and remained still until his hard on
subsided.  About an hour later, Becky excused herself, saying she
was tired and going to bed.  Jackson hugged her good-night and
kissed her forehead, telling her, "sleep tight sweetie".  She went to
her room and put on her pj's, thinking, 'no show tonight daddy' and
curled down to sleep.  Jackson had waited a few minutes then let
himself into the closet.  He was disappointed that her room was dark,
and no noise could be heard.  "Aw well, can't expect the kid to frig
herself every night he thought and went to his own room to sleep.

The next afternoon in the playhouse, Tammy was excited.  Becky
laughed at her friend who when excited was clumsy.  She kept
tripping on the too small furniture.  Finally settling down Tammy got
the words out.  "Beck, I think you should let your daddy watch you.  I
think he should get to see it all, even you fucking yourself with a
dildo".  Becky moved back about a foot and cried out "WHAT?!?!?
ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?  Tammy laughed again and continued, "nope,
not nuts.  You said yourself that you sometimes say 'fuck me daddy'
so you must want him to do that, right?  What better way to make
him want to fuck you then to show him you can do it, that you like it?
You could really put on some shows for him !  Man, that's a hot idea.
I talked to my mom about it and she said he already wants to fuck
you, or he wouldn't be watching you.  He's just not ready yet."  Becky
thought about this, and realized it was all true.  She did want her
father to fuck her, she did know he wanted to, or he wouldn't have
made the hole in her wall so he could see her.  She agreed and the
two of them came up with the first of several plans for Becky's

Tammy asked, "have you ever fucked yourself with the dildo in your
room, so he could see?"  Becky shook her head no and said, "No, I
only use my fingers."  Tammy grinned and said, "then that is what
you do!  Fuck yourself on it real good, your legs open and towards the
wall so he can see real good!  Do it slow, and nice.  Love it the way
you do when I fuck you with it.  Let him see everything."  Becky
thought about this.  She liked the idea of fucking herself on the hard
rubber cock, and when she thought of her daddy watching, her little
pussy gushed and she couldn't wait for that night.  She hugged
Tammy tight and told her, "I love you Tammy."  Tammy's response
was, "I love you too, and when your daddy starts fucking you, I hope
you still let me fuck you too!"  Becky smiled shyly and said,

After dinner with her dad, she quickly did the dishes.  She tried to sit
and watch tv awhile, but she wanted to be in her room, alone. She
said, "I'm going to bed early daddy, good-night", and she kissed his
cheek on the way to the stairs.  She was nervous about what she
was going to do.  She turned on her radio and tried to relax.  Jackson
could hear her radio, so he knew her door was open, he sighed in
disappointment.  A few minutes later Becky called down the stairs,
"Night daddy, I love you!" and he heard her door shut tightly and her
radio stop.  He suffered an instant hard on, almost unable to wait a
few minutes for her to get comfortable.
Jackson waited about 20 minutes, long enough he thought for Becky
to be comfortable and in the act of masturbating.  He slipped quietly
into the closet and closed the door.  Looking through the hole he saw
her on the bed, her legs spread wide, the only light in the room was
her little bedside lamp, which illuminated her body beautifully.  He
could see every detail of her pink little pussy, her fingers sliding in
and out of it, caressing her clit.  He dropped his pants and his cock
stood out hard and pulsing.  He stroked it in time to his daughters
stroking her pussy.  He sighed.  She was so beautiful, so hot ! Becky
withdrew her fingers from her pussy and she licked her juice slowly
from each finger.  God !!  Jackson wanted desperately to know who
taught her about sex!  She reached under her pillow and Jackson
nearly fainted as he saw her pull out a dildo.  It was at least 6 inches
long, and 3 wide.  He stared as her tongue began to lick the end of it,
then run down the sides.  She slipped it into her mouth and slowly,
fucked it in and out.  He could see her saliva shine as it coated the

Becky moaned as she took the dildo drew it down her body, leaving a

wet trail upon her chest and stomach.
She slid the dildo over her mound and caressed her hairless pussy
lips with it.  Up, down, around.  Her ass wiggling all the time. Jackson
watched as she slid the dildo between her pussy lips, found her clit
and rubbed it.  He heard her moan "ooooo".  His cock jumped in his
hand and he had to squeeze it hard to keep from shooting his cum
right then.  He wanted to wait, to see what else his little girl was
going to do.  Becky reached down and spread her pussy lips open,
then began to push the dildo into her pussy.  She did this slowly,
(Jackson thought almost deliberately), fucking it in and out a little
deeper on each inward push.  Her little ass began to move and soon
she had all of the dildo buried in her pussy, fucking it.  She
thrashed around on the bed as her other hand found her little girl clit
and she began to rub it.  Jackson thought he was going to die, his
heart was racing so fast.  He couldn't stop himself from cumming, and
he had to swallow a groan when he did it was so powerful a feeling.
His cock did not go soft, but remained hard, though relieved for the
moment.  He continued to watch his little girl.
Becky rolled over onto her knees, and still holding the dildo fucked it
in and out of her pussy.  She was gyrating her ass, grinding down,
taking all of that hard rubber cock into herself and loving it.  She fell
forward and lay on the bed the dildo trapped between her legs, still
buried in her cunt.  She writhed and groaned and fucked it as if
someone were fucking her from behind.  After several minutes, she
turned over onto her back, drew her knees up and let her them fall
open.  Jackson could see her small hairless pussy stuffed full of that
dildo, a perfect picture.  Becky reached down and took it in her hand
and Jackson saw her twist the bottom of the dildo.  Goddamn ! It was
a fucking vibrator !  Becky moaned loudly and thrashed on the bed as
the vibrator sent shivers of delight through her young body.  Just as
she was about to cum she pulled it out and lay it upon her clit.  The
result was instant.  Jackson had never seen any woman ever cum as
hard as his little girl did.  She bucked and thrashed, moaned and
finally yelled, "OHHHHHHHHH !"  as her body was wracked with an
intense orgasm.  Jackson's cock throbbed and shot his cum again
upon the closet wall.  He sank to his knees unable to stand after
cumming twice in such a short time.  He heard Becky's door open a
few minutes later then water running in the bathroom.  When he heard
her enter her bedroom again, and shut the door, he got up and left the
closet.  He had a lot on his mind.

He wasn't sure he wanted to kill the bastard who had fucked his
daughter any more.  In fact he had considered congratulating the guy
on a job well done !  After that night it was hard for Jackson to be near
Becky and not get a raging hard on.  He wanted to fuck her so badly,
but was terrified of doing so.  It had been several weeks since that
night, and he had watched her masturbate with and without the dildo
several times. Was he some kind of pervert that just liked to watch?
he asked himself.  The answer was no, he wasn't.  He just didn't
know how to approach his 10 year old daughter and tell her he wanted
to make love to her, to fuck her better than that other guy she was
seeing could because he loved her.

Becky was getting frustrated.  Sitting with Tammy in the play house
she asked, "what now?  I know he watches me.  I heard him in the
closet one night.  That really turned me on !  Still he doesn't come to
me and tell me to stop, or that he wants to do it to me.  Nothing. Help
me Tammy".  As Becky was speaking Tammy had been undoing the
girls clothing.  She slipped Becky out of them, then stood and
dropped her jeans.  Becky broke into a smile as she saw that Tammy
was wearing their favorite dildo.  It was real big, and long. Becky liked
the way it stretched and filled her up and Tammy liked watching that
happen.  Becky got to her hands and knees and Tammy mounted her
from behind.  She slowly, gently pushed forward sinking the dildo into
Becky's pussy an inch at a time.  Becky coooed and wiggled her ass
fucking the hard cock in her cunt. Tammy held her hips and began a
pumping motion.  Tammy whispered to Becky, "Imagine I am your
daddy.  It's your daddy fucking his dick into you.  Show your daddy
you want his cock. "
Becky groaned loudly and pictured in her mind her father mounting
her ass, his cock driving deeply into her pussy.  Her juices flowed and
if Tammy's cock had been real she would have felt the spasms inside
of Becky's pussy.  Tammy told her, "Now, tell him, tell him to fuck
you, fuck you hard and deep.  Tell him you love his cock."  Becky
wiggled faster, fucking the dildo deeper into her pussy as she cried
out, "yes daddy !!  fuck me !!  fuck me harder!  ram your cock in my
pussy"  Tammy had to hold Becky's hips as the young girl
experienced an orgasm so intense that she went totally rigid for
several seconds, screaming "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Tammy reached down and clamped a hand over Becky's mouth
stifling the scream and whispered, "shhhhhhhhhhhh calm down
Becks.  We don't want anyone to hear!!"  This silenced Becky and
she remained calm enjoying the fucking that Tammy continued to give
her until she too came.  Afterwards when both girls were dressed
again Tammy asked Becky, "sometime, would it be ok with you if I
fucked your dad too?  Mom won't give me cock, unless I fuck myself
with the dildo.  I wonder what it would be like with a man's cock in
me."  Becky giggled and said, "of course you can silly, but I get to
fuck him first !"  With that both girls sat down and drew up a new plan
to get Jackson to fuck his little girl.

Jackson had to find out who the guy was that was screwing his little
girl !  He wasn't sure what he would do if or when he found the guy, he
just knew he had to find him.  He tried following her again to no avail.
She seemed to take no interest in boys other then to say hello.  She
didn't even speak to men that he could see.  She and her girl friends
huddled in groups laughing and giggling, but again no boys or men
were around.  He was totally confused.  It got so that he knew when

Becky was going to masturbate in her room.  He noticed a sense of
excitement about her when she said good night at these times.  He
could swear he also smelled her pussy, her arousal.  He knew that
her juices were flowing.  Jackson was torn between excitement over
this and anger.  Anger because he wanted to know who had taught
her, who did she think of when she fucked herself on that dildo.
It was a Saturday night and Jackson was watching tv when Becky
came down to say good night.  He looked up a smile on his face for
his little girl and he froze.  She was standing there before him in baby
doll pj's.  The top so short it barely came below her ass, the panties
so tight he could see her slit through the thin material.  She sat down
in his lap and threw her arms around his neck.  "I love you daddy" she
said as she hugged him tightly.  Jackson could not find his voice for
he was terrified she was going to notice his hard cock.  Becky felt it
and was elated.  She really did turn him on !  She wiggled her butt in
his lap as if trying to get comfortable.  Jackson couldn't help groaning.
Her tight little ass in his lap, rubbing against his cock was almost
more then he could stand.  She leaned over and kissed him good
night.  He managed to mutter, "good night sweetie." and she went to
her room.  Once she had the door closed she giggled, happy to know
that her daddy really did like seeing her body, that he really did want
to fuck her.  She lay on the bed and pulled her panties up between
her slit, holding them tightly against her clit, her little butt moving to
enhance the pleasure in her pussy.  She knew he would be in the
closet in just minutes, and this time, she was really going to give him
a show, and as Tammy's mom had suggested, let him know she
wanted to fuck him.

Jackson swallowed hard and stood.  He wished he didn't want his
little girl so badly.  It felt so wrong, yet having her in his lap, his
cock under her wiggling ass was a pleasure he couldn't describe.
Every time he thought of her fucking some man he wanted to explode
with anger, and he had an even more perverse desire of seeing her
fucked by the guy.  He climbed the stairs and entered the closet.
Becky listened for the closet door, and when she heard it she stood
up and began to take her pj's off.  Slowly, deliberately, feeling the
silky material on her soft skin.  She rubbed it against her nipples, and
over her tummy as she let it drop to the floor.  Tammy had showed
her how to wiggle her butt when she took her panties off, and she did
so now.  Slowly, her hips swaying side to side, she hooked her
fingers in the elastic band and slid one side down an inch or two, then
the other side, all the time wiggling her butt towards the hole in the
wall.  Jackson was awed at her movements.  She was beautiful to
behold.  He stroked his cock as he enjoyed her show.  Finally, Becky
kicked her panties aside and lay on the bed.  She made no pretense
of playing with her slit, she reached for the vibrator and turned it on.

She wiggled and sighed as she ran it over her body, over and around
her nipples, down her tummy over her mound.  Jackson could hear
her moaning, more loudly then usual.  His cock throbbed in his hand
as he watched his 10 year old daughter drive the vibrating dildo deep
into her pussy.  He saw all 6 inches of the thing embedded in her little
pussy.  She writhed on the bed in pleasure, one hand pinching her
hard little nipples the other hand driving the dildo in and out of her
hairless pussy.  Jackson watched as her body tensed, and her back
arched.  His cock was dribbling amazing amounts of precum, he
knew he was going to cum.  As Becky fucked herself harder and
faster, her back arching more she suddenly screamed out, "GOD
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH  DADDY !!  Jackson heard it, knew he heard it,
and with a loud throaty groan he shot his wad all over the closet wall,
spurt after spurt of hot sticky goo as he listened to his little girl
crying out, "FUCK ME DADDY !"

Jackson slumped against the wall, unable to move.  He was trying to
catch his breath.  He had cum so hard it hurt, and still his cock was
hard.  There was no mistake this time.  Becky, his darling daughter,
had screamed, "Fuck me daddy" over and over as she came on her
vibrator.  She wanted him to fuck her !  She wanted him to drive his
cock into her and fuck her good !  Jackson was elated !  He was also
terrified of doing it.  She was his  daughter !  Men didn't fuck their own
daughters !  But God how he wanted to fuck her !  He sat there his
mind racing for and against fucking his baby girl.  Becky put the
vibrator on the stand next to her bed and pulled the blanket up around
her chin.  She smiled as she drifted off to sleep, knowing her daddy
now knew she wanted to fuck him.  Jackson got up took a shower
and spent a sleepless night at the kitchen table.  His heart, cock, and
brain were at war.  He loved Becky and wanted her to have everything
she wanted, even including fucking him. He wanted to fuck her so bad
his cock hurt.  His brain was telling him it was all wrong. By morning
he knew he couldn't, just couldn't break the laws of man and fuck her.
He had to stop things where they were.  He went to sleep near dawn.
Tammy and Becky met in the playhouse the next day.  Becky
excitedly told Tammy what she had done, what she had yelled.  She
told her that she knew her daddy was watching 'cause when she
yelled out 'fuck me daddy !' she heard him against the wall.  Tammy
was all smiles and told her, "well, it shouldn't be long before he
comes to fuck you now !"  Becky giggled and said, "I sure hope so!"
They spent most of the afternoon talking about school, and gossiping,
as girls do.  Becky leaned her head against Tammy's shoulder and
sighed, "thank you for always making me feel good".  Tammy hugged
her and said 'I like making you feel good.  You are my best friend."
Then their lips met in a soulful kiss, their tongues exploring each
others mouths.  Tammy made love to Becky, slowly, deliberately,
taking the time to please the little girl completely.  Now that Becky
might be fucking her daddy, Tammy was afraid she would lose the
little girls affection, lose the good times they shared.  At 13, Tammy
really was in love with Becky.  When Becky left that afternoon
Tammy cried.

That night Becky once again spent the night alone in her bed.  Her
daddy did not come to fuck her.  She sighed and tears formed in her
eyes.  Didn't he love her?  Didn't he know now how much she wanted
to fuck him?  Tammy had even taught her to suck on the dildo like it
was a man's cock, so she could suck her daddy's cock.  She wanted
to surprise him with that.  She lay there for awhile, and finally nodded
off.    Sometime during the night Becky heard her daddy go into his
room.  She thought about it and decided if he didn't come to her, then
she would just have to go to him !!  She got up out of bed and took off
her pj's.  Glancing at herself in the mirror as she opened her door, she
thought maybe she should brush her hair first, then giggled at the silly
thought.  Hopefully daddy would just mess it up more.  She crossed
the hall and carefully opened the door to his room.  The light was off
and she could barely see him.  She crossed over to the bed and lifted
the blanket, then crawled in.  Jackson jumped when he felt the
coolness at his back.  He turned over to see Becky smiling at him.
"What are you doing in my bed young lady?" he demanded.  Becky
grinned and said, "I was cold, and lonely and wanted to be near you
daddy."  It was then that he noticed she was naked, stone stark
naked.  She wiggled closer to him until her little body was tight
against his.  She could feel his cock harden against her mound, her
face in the hair of his chest.  Jackson was stunned.  She reached
down and took his hard cock in her cool hand and he moaned.  He
could not have stopped her for anything in the world.  He had wanted
this to long.  She began to stroke his cock and whispered to him,
"daddy, it's so big !!"  He knew it was bigger then the dildo she fucked
herself with.  His cock was 9 inches long and about 4 wide.  He often
wondered if it would fit in her little hairless pussy.  He was about to

find out.
He lay on his back and pulled his daughter on top of him, her legs
wide straddling his hips.  Her little slit was rubbing against his cock
and she was sighing, moving her hips enjoying the fleshy meat.
Jackson lifted her a bit and told her, "guide my cock into your pussy
baby!"  Becky reached down and took his cock in her hand and held
it at her fuckhole.  Jackson began letting her down on his hard cock.
Becky cried out "OH DADDY !!" as his cock began to stretch and
enter her.  He let her down some more and she began trying to fuck
him.  He grinned and told her "I'm going to let you down on it all it
once, baby, it might hurt a little."  He let go of her little ass and she
was impaled upon his cock.  Becky screamed as it hit bottom and
was looking for more room.  It met her cervix and shoved it aside. She
sat there, her eyes glassy, her breathing ragged.  Jackson
gripped her hips and caused her to move on his cock.  "Oh baby,
daddy has wanted to fuck you for so long !!  Your pussy feels so
good, so tight.  Fuck me, fuck daddy baby!  Fuck my hard cock, ride
it!!"  Becky began to move.  She was like a wild thing once she got
used to the length and girth of his cock.  She was moaning and
shaking her head, gyrating her ass on his thighs.  She reached down
and stroked her clit as she fucked his hard cock.  Jackson watched
her, wondered at her desire, her need.  Suddenly she began to moan,
"daddy, oh daddy !!  ohhhhhhhh!!!  as she thrashed upon his cock.
Jackson held her tighter felt his cock swell, then as her pussy began
to spasm she screamed, "FUCK ME DADDY, CUM IN MY PUSSY !!"
The spasming in her cunt tightened on his cock like a vice.  He nearly
screamed at the pain, yet his cock throbbed and swelled more.  He
filled her belly with his hot sperm just as she collapsed against his
chest.  He held her tightly, brushing her hair from her eyes.  He
stroked her cheek and then realized she was already asleep !!
Jackson left her there, his cock still embedded in her little pussy
and held her as he too drifted off to sleep.

The next morning they awoke side by side, having come apart in the
night.  Jackson had a hard time looking at her, realizing what he had
done to her.  Becky however was happy and boisterous.  She took a
shower and got ready for school.  Hugging Jackson tightly, she said,
"thank you for last night daddy, I really liked it alot !"  and ran off to
meet Tammy.  Jackson was speechless.  He also knew now that he
had started fucking her, he would never stop.  It became more
important then ever to find the man who had fucked his little girl and
taught her so much.  Jackson was jealous and intended to put a stop
to it, if it was still going on.  Becky was his daughter, and he was the

only man who was going to fuck her little pussy.
On the bus Tammy and Becky talked in excited whispers.  When
Tammy first saw Becky she knew the young girl had fucked her
daddy.  She could see it in the glow of her face.  She listened intently
as Becky told her all about it, every detail.  "You mean you snuck
into his bed? Wow !  That was kinda risky."  Tammy said.  Becky
grinned and said, "yea, I know, but I just had to do it.  He was never
gonna fuck me if I didn't !!!  Tammy, it felt so good to fuck him, I mean
he held me close and I felt good, real good!   Like I feel when you hold
me."  Tammy looked at her friend.  Becky smiled and said, "you
make me feel the same way!"  Tammy laughed and hugged Becky

After school they went to the playhouse and Becky gave a more
detailed account of fucking her daddy.  Tammy listened in awe, and
grinned as she realized that Becky was indeed a little wildcat when it
came to fucking.  She was also very proud that it had been she that
taught her how to do it.  Tammy's pussy got wet as Becky related
every detail of how her daddy's cock had felt in her pussy, how it had
felt when he filled her with his sperm.  "And Tam's, his cock is so
BIG, I thought I was gonna split ! "  Becky giggled.  Tammys's eyes
went wide and she said "is it bigger then the dildo we use?"  Becky
nodded her head yes and held her hands out to show her how long it
was.  Tammy fell back in a mock faint, then croaked "water, give me
water !"  Becky knew there was no water around so she dropped her
panties and climbed on Tammy's face.  "I am the only thing to drink
around here !" she said.  Her friend needed no urging.  She thrust her
tongue out and began to lap at Becky's juices, fucking her tongue into
the girls fuckhole deeply and licking out all the girl goo.  The two of
them fooled around all afternoon pleasing each other until it was time
for Becky to go home.  They kissed good night and Becky left.
Jackson looked up as Becky entered the house and smiled at his
little girl.  "How was school today Becky?" he asked.  She plopped
down on the couch beside him and said, "it was ok, same as
always."  She kicked her shoes off and leaned back on the couch to
watch tv with him.  Jackson wanted to talk to her and now was as
good a time as any.  "Becky, we have to talk.  What we did last
night, what I did to you last night, is against the law in this country.
anyone finds out, I go to jail and you go to an orphanage.  You must
never tell anyone !  Ever !  Do you understand?"  Becky nodded and
said, "I know it is daddy, but I wanted you to do it to me.  I wanted
you to fuck me."  Jackson looked at his lovely daughter's face and
kissed her lightly on the forehead.  "I know you did honey, but it is
still a crime and must be our secret, ok?" Becky crossed her heart
and gave the usual child's vow and promised not to tell.  He
continued, "I really don't think we should do that anymore Becky, it
really is wrong."  Becky started to cry, "but daddy !!!  I love you, and I
like fucking you !!  Please don't tell me we can't do it!!  I need you
daddy, I need your hard cock in me, I like fucking, I like it when I
cum.  Please daddy !!  Tell me you will keep fucking me and make
me cum!!"  She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him
tight.  Jackson hugged her back and they sat like that for a few
minutes.  He loved her and in the end knew he could not tell her no.
His hands slid down her back to her tight little ass and he squeezed
her cheeks.  Becky sighed and snuggled deeper into his arms, threw
her leg over his and began to rub her pussy against his thigh.
Jackson's already hard cock was straining against his jeans. Becky
slid all the way down his thigh, past his knee until she was on the
floor.  She reached for his zipper and undid it, reached inside his
shorts and grasped his cock.  It was warm and the skin so soft to her
touch.  She could feel his pulse against her fingers.  There was a drop
of clear liquid on the tip of it and she leaned in and licked it off.
Jackson sat imobilized.  My god !  She knew about cock sucking!
Was the only thought in his mind.

Becky licked his cock up and down, swirled it around the head of his
cock, played with the 'eye'.  Jackson moaned and had to use all the
will power he had to keep from cumming.  Just the sight of her tongue
traveling his cock made him tremble.  Then Becky leaned down and
took his cock in her mouth.  She let it slide slowly over her lips and
tongue, when she had taken as much as she could she closed her
lips and began to suck.  Jackson lost it then.  He reached down and
held her head in his hands and shot his load of hot cum into her
mouth screaming, "OH MY GOD BABY !!  DRINK MY CUM!!  DADDY
Becky jumped in surprise when his cum filled her mouth, but she
managed to take it all, drink it all down and suck for more.  When he
released her head, she looked up and smiled at him, a drop of cum at
the corner of her lips.  He picked her up and held her tightly.
That night after she was in bed, Jackson wanted more then ever to
find the guy that had taken his daughter's innocence.  He wanted to
make sure the dude wasn't still hanging around his precious baby girl.
No man would ever touch her again, until she was old enough to
decide she wanted to fuck another man.  Until then she was his
private pussy.  He knew Becky would still insist that she had no
boyfriend, it was pointless to ask her.  He couldn't find the guy by
following her either.  He decided to order 'caller id' so he could keep
track of calls coming into the house.  Maybe he could find the guy
that way.  He and Becky got few calls, especially while he was home.
He would see what happened when he wasn't home.
He got the caller id box the next day and installed it on the extension
in his room.  For several days he kept careful track of the calls.  He
was surprised to find that most calls were for Becky, all of them from
her school girl friends, and most from Tammy.  Jackson gave up in
defeat, telling himself he would just never know who had taught Becky
to fuck and he should just forget it and be thankful she wanted to fuck

That Saturday he needed to make a run to the market.  Becky was
up in her room with Tammy and he called up the stairs, "girls, will you
be ok while I run up to the store?  I'll only be gone a little while."
called down that they would be fine, and he thought so too, as
Tammy was 13 and had babysat on her own for some of the
neighbors.  He left, closing and locking the door behind him.
Upstairs the girls had already started their special brand of play.
Tammy lay on top of Becky, kissing her deeply, running her hands up
and down her body.  She kissed Becky's cheeks and slid down to her
throat.  She desperately wanted to give her little love a hickey, but
knew that Mr. J would see any such mark and be furious.  Becky
would be in lots of trouble.  She satisfied her desire by gently nipping
Becky's tender flesh, and was rewarded with her sigh.  She lay
beside Becky and began to undo her clothes.  Becky resisted and
said, "what if my dad comes back silly?"  Tammy's hands
continuedto roam her friends body as she answered, "he went to the
market.  You know how long that takes !!"  Becky grinned and said,
"yea, I guess we do have time to play."  With that Tammy resumed
undressing her.

Becky lay naked on the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy open
and waiting.  Tammy stood and dropped her clothes.  Taking a strap
on dildo out of her purse she tied it on and climbed between Becky's
legs.  She watched as she pushed the tip of the dildo up against
Becky's little fuckhole, watched as it parted the folds and began to
enter the younger girl.  She moaned as Becky began to move her
hips in response.  Tammy held onto Becky's thighs, and began to
fuck her, driving the dildo in deeply, and oh so slowly pulling it out
again.  Becky's little ass moved up and down, matching Tammy's
thrust.  The two young girls were reveling in pleasure.  Becky reached
down and began to stroke her clit as she moaned, "fuck me Tammy !
You fuck me so good !  Make me cum !  Make me cum so gooood !!"
Tammy doubled her efforts and soon was driving the hard dildo into
her friends pussy fast and deep.
Neither girl heard the car door slam, nor the front door open and
close.  They were to wrapped up in their pleasure.  Having forgotten
his wallet Jackson had come back home to get it.  Passing the stairs
he heard sounds from Becky's room.  They were sighing, and
moaning.  Thinking something might be wrong he headed up the
stairs.  He was halfway up them when he heard Tammy's voice yell,
"Cum for me Becky !!  Cum for me!!  Cum on my hard cock !   Oh
yea, move your ass and cum for me!!"  Jackson could not believe his
ears, his heart thudded in his chest and he took the rest of the stairs
two at a time.  He got to Beck's door in time to watch as the two girls
were struck with their orgasms.  They thrashed and writhed together,
holding onto one another, kissing and groping.  He could see the
muscles ride the wave of pleasure over their young bodies.  Becky,
laying on her back, Tammy's fucking her hard and deep with a strap
on cock.  Jackson moaned out loud and shot his load in his pants
without a touch or another thought.
Their pleasure crested, the girls heard his moan.  They jumped apart,
terrified that he was going to be angry and they did not know what he
might do.  He stood their, nearly in shock, looking at their young
bodies, the dildo obscenely jutting out from Tammy's body.  No one
said anything for several minutes and then Jackson told them, "girls
get dressed and come downstairs, we need to talk."

As he waited for them downstairs a lot of things began to make sense
to him.  When Becky said she had no boy friend, had seen no man,
she had not lied.  Tammy was fucking her, and Tammy was a girl !
He couldn't see her with a man or boy because she was in the
playhouse with her lover !!  The girls came downstairs, Tammy
meekly hanging her head, "I'm sorry Mr. J, but I love Becky !!  I like
making love to her !  Please, don't ask me to stop!"  Becky said
nothing waiting for her father's wrath.  He told them both to sit down
and began asking questions.  "Where did you learn that Tammy?
Who taught you about sex?"  She replied, "my mom".  Looking at
Becky he asked Tammy, "how long have you been fucking Becky?"
Tammy hunched down and almost whispred, "just over two years".
Two years?!?!?!?  Two years and he hadn't noticed anything?!?!?  He
groaned and looked at the two girls.  He turned to Becky, "did she
make you do things, or did you want to do them?"
Becky smiled and said, "daddy, Tammy is my friend, she makes me
feel good.  I like what we do, and I want to do it.  She doesn't make
me do anything.  She taught me things to do to you when I got to
fuck you.  She loves me, and I love her.  I won't stop fucking her
daddy, I can't."

Jackson was quiet for a few minutes then said to the girls, "look, you
can still fuck each other, it's ok with me.  Once in awhile though, I
would like to watch, ok?"  Both girls quickly agreed.  As he eyed
Tammy he added, "someday, I would like to fuck you too Tammy,
give you a taste of real cock!"  Tammy giggled and stood up.  Her
body was beautiful and he couldn't take his eyes off her cunt.  "Well
Mr. J, why wait?" she said as she climbed into his lap.  Becky came
over and undid his jeans, pulling his hardening cock out.  "Ohhh
daddy, I'm gonna put your cock in Tammy's pussy !!"  she cooed as
she aimed his cock at her friends little fuckhole.  Jackson sat still as
13 year old Tammy lowered herself down on his cock.  He was
amazed that she took all 9 inches.  Her pussy was tight and
squeezed his cock painfully.  He abandoned himself to the pleasure
of Tammy riding his hard cock, his daughter's voice in his ears, "fuck
her daddy !  Fuck her pussy good, then you can fuck me too!!"


Rita is 30 yrs old.  You already know what she looks like.  Now for a
bit of info about her.  Rita was divorced before Tammy was born.
That was fine with her, her ex had been a real loser.  Rita went back
to work right after Tammy was born.  She had a good job and
supported them both well.  Tammy spent her days in day care, her
nights with Rita.  Rita had tried dating, but found those men wanting
in many ways, most of them losers.  She tired of dating when Tammy
was 3.  She just gave it up.  She could pleasure herself with a dildo
better then anyone could please her.  So she thought.  One day she
was giving Tammy a bath.  She reached for a towel and when she
turned back she found Tammy  had discovered her little baby slit.
At first she was going to stop Tammy from playing with her little
pussy, but as she watched she grew facinated and felt her pussy
tingle and gush.  She sat quietly and watched as Tammy played with
her little slit.  After several minutes she slid her own panties down
her legs and spread them wide.  She slid her fingers into her slit and
began to finger it.  Tammy noticed.  Rita moaned.

Tammy watched Rita's fingers in wonder, stared at the fine red hair
covering her mothers slit.  She looked to her own slit and saw
nothing on it.  She wanted to know what it was on her mother so she
reached out and touched it.  Rita groaned out loud as she felt
Tammy's little fingers in her pussy hair.  She gently took Tammys
hand and moved it down into her slit.  She rocked her hips and
rubbed  her clit on Tammys' little fingers crooning, "oh baby, oh
Tammy!  You make mama feel so good!"  She grasped Tammys little
hand lay it over her clit and pushed it up tight.  Rita gyrated her ass
and rubbed her clit on her 3 yr old daughters hand wildly.  Tammy
got a little scared and tried to pull away but Rita sighed, "it's ok baby!
Just feel mama's hot pussy!  Feel it baby!"  Tammy left her hand
there and Rita drenched that little hand with one of the wildest, best
cums she'd ever had.  When it subsided she let go of Tammys hand.
The little girl was going to stick it in the bath water when Rita
grabbed it and began to lick her juice off it.  Then she put those little
fingers up to Tammys lips and told her, "Lick your fingers baby!  Lick
them for mama and taste mama's pussy!"  Tammy licked her fingers
and Rita hugged her tight.

From there things progressed rapidly.  About the third time Tammy
had her hand in her mama's slit, Rita decided she had to fuck that
little hand.  She got Tammy to make a fist and push it into her cunt.
Rita went wild, as she taught her daughter to fist fuck her.  Each and
every time Tammy had to lick her fingers dry.  Rita became bolder,
more daring, and much more demanding of her daughter.  She
began licking Tammy's little slit.  Gently, softly, ever so slowly making
the little 3 yr old wiggle and squirm, giggle.  Rita loved the feel of
little slit on her tongue and licked Tammy's pussy often, usually after
Tammy had fist fucked her.  Rita considered it a 'reward' for the girl.
Then having Tammy fist her wasn't enough, she wanted more.  One
day as Tammy had her fist buried in Rita's hot pussy, Rita told her,
"lean down and kiss it baby".  Tammy  shook her head no.  Rita sat
up and took her daughters face in her hands and kissed her little lips
then pulled her face down to her crotch saying, "kiss it for mama
baby, kiss it!"  Tammy still didn't want to and Rita said, "why not?  It
wants to kiss you !.  Now kiss it baby!"  Rita still held Tammys head
in her hands and she pulled Tammys face into her pussy whispering,
"kiss it".  Tammy gave in and kissed that hot wet slit.  Rita moaned.
Tammy tried to sit back up and Rita pulled her face into her pussy
again and told her, "now, stick out your tongue and lick it!  Lick
mama's pussy baby!"   Tammy knew she could not get away
because her mother still held her.  She did as she was told.
Rita went wild at the touch of Tammy's little tongue on her slit.  She
pushed her pussy up to Tammy's mouth and held Tammy's face
firmly against it as she demanded, "Stick out your tongue and lick it!
Lick my slit baby!"  Tammy held her tongue out and Rita began
sliding her pussy over it.  She nearly screamed in pleasure every
time that little tongue grazed her clit.  Suddenly she thrust her hips
up and at the same time held Tammys head tightly.  She nearly
covered her little daughters face with her pussy as she began to
cum.  She screamed as wave after wave of wonderful orgasm
washed over her body.  She drenched Tammys little face with her

When she had cum she let Tammy go.  Tammy was crying and Rita
hugged her, then pushed her back on the bed.  Rita lowered her
mouth to her daughters little pussy and licked and sucked it like
never before, until Tammy stopped crying and began cooing.

From there Rita began to experiment more.  Tammy was 6 and
taking a bath when Rita came in.  She watched her daughter for a
moment.  Tammy thought they were going to play the usual, 'fist
fuck' game but Rita shook her head no.  She knelt beside the tub
took the wash cloth and began to wash Tammy.  Tammy liked it and
relaxed as her mother washed her.  Rita had given Tammy many
baths but this one was different.  When she began to wash Tammys
little pussy she dropped the cloth.  She slid her soapy finger into her
daughters 6 yr old slit and stroked it.  Tammy sighed.  Mama always
made her pussy feel good. Rita slid her finger up and down that wet
little slit, now and then teasing the tiny fuckhole.   When Tammy was
fully relaxed Rita played a little longer at teasing that little hole,
abruptly rammed her finger hard and deep into it.
Tammy screamed as with one thrust Rita tore away her little cherry.
She hushed Tammy and began fucking her finger in and out, slowly,
but pushing ever deeper into that little love pot.  Rita moaned at the
sight of her finger sliding deep into her daughter.  Tammys tears
flowed down her cheeks but Rita ignored them and groaned out,
"OH God !!  OH God!!  How good to see your little pussy fucked!  Oh
Tammy, ob mama's baby!   I just LOVE seeing your pussy fucked!"

The pain subsided and a new feeling began to take it's place.
Tammy sighed and moved her butt.  Rita felt the slimey wetness in
her daughters pussy and moaned.  Tammy was getting hot!  She
doubled her efforts and finger fucked Tammy's little pussy faster,
then slower, adding another finger, twisting and turning them,
opening her virgin hole.  Tammy moved her ass and began to meet
her mother's thrusting fingers.  She sighed, she moaned, she
breathed, "OH MAMA!!" as her very first orgasm caught her in the pit
of her stomach.  Rita felt that little pussy spasm on her finger, heard
her daughters words and she too came.

From then on Rita taught Tammy all the things about sex she could
ever want the girl to do.  When Tammy was 7 Rita strapped a dildo
on the girl lay back naked on the bed and told her, "crawl up her and
fuck your hard cock into mama!"  Tammy gladly did as she was told.
She learned to fuck like a man at the age of 7.

When Tammy turned 8 she got a bit rebellious.  She didn't want to
fuck her mother any more, didn't want to lick and suck her pussy.
She wanted to be left alone.  Wasn't going to happen.
Rita became enraged the first time Tammy refused to lick her pussy.
She grabbed Tammy by the hair and screamed at her, "you will suck
my pussy and you will love doing it!"  She forced Tammy to her
knees and then straddled her face.  She ground her pussy onto
Tammy's struggling face and fucked it until she had cum and nearly
drowned the girl in that sticky juice.  For the better part of the next 8
months Rita would cruelly rape Tammys face, or strap on a cock and
rape the struggling girl.  Tammy thought her mother would give up,
but she was to young to realize that all her struggles just turned Rita
on all that much more!  It got to the point where Tammy finally gave
in and began pleasing her mother again upon demand.  Only now
things had changed.  Rita no longer licked and sucked Tammy's
pussy, she no longer fucked it.  Now she simply wanted Tammy's hot
little tongue in her pussy, or she wanted her daughter to strap on a
cock and fuck her.  Tammy didn't mind that, it was better then being
raped, and she too learned to like fucking a cock into her mother.
She felt real proud that she could make her mother cum.

The years passed and by the time Tammy was 11 and starting in on
Becky, she was a trained pleasure slave. (Yes slave.  Though
Jackson and Becky had never had the pleasure of ordering Tammy
to pleasure them she was none the less, a pleasure slave and would
do ANYTHING on command from her mother.)  Rita noticed
Tammys desire for Becky first thing.  She decided she would
encourage, even demand, that  Tammy fuck the girl.  All had gone
as she desired save that Becky had wanted to, and finally did, fuck
her daddy.  What had aroused Rita's interest is the fact that Jackson
not only fucked his own pre-teen daughter, he had fucked 13 yr old
Tammy too.  Tammy had raved about his big cock, how he fucked.
She raved too about how he let the girls fuck and suck each other
while he watched.  Rita also gathered from Tammy that she and
Becky could get Jackson to do almost anything for them.  That got
Rita interested, that turned her on.  Would he do as she wished?
Would he obey?  That's why Rita went to see Jackson.  He sounded
like her kind of man, like her search might be over.


Rita and her daughter Tammy moved in that very weekend.  Becky
and Tammy were thrilled!  Now they would be together every day and
every night.  Not only that, but they had declined the offer of twin
beds and opted for a queen size.  Now they would be sleeping
together every night.  Rita did not move into Jacksons bedroom, but
insisted that she would sleep in his den.  It was a nice room,
furnished on the masculine side, but it had a sofa/sleeper that was a
queen size and she would be comfortable there.  She declined
sharing Jacksons bed for reasons only she knew.   The move took
the entire weekend and when it was done the tired group ordered
pizza and sat around the fire place taking a break and getting
comfortable with one another.  Rita admired the closeness of Becky
and Jackson, and even Becky and Tammy.  It was she, Rita, who
was the outsider here.  She resolved to change that as soon as she

The next several days were spent unpacking and getting settled in.
Jackson felt nervous, anxious around Rita, like a school boy in love
so to speak.  He watched her every move, the sway of her hips, the
way her eyes gleamed when she smiled.  He didn't understand why
she did not want to share his bed, but he would let her have things
her way, for awhile.  In just the few days Rita and Tammy had been
here Jackson began to notice how Tammy nearly jumped out of her
skin when her mother called her, or told her to do something.  He
wondered about that, no normal kid would behave in such a way.
Becky certainly didn't !!  She was the same after he started fucking
her as she was before in that respect.  He'd have to tell her to do
something 3 or 4 times before she'd do it.  He decided to watch and
learn about the relationship between mother and daughter.  He also
resolved to watch himself around Rita.  God, but that woman could
melt a stick of butter just by looking at it!!  She was that fucking hot.
She walked around the house scantily clad all the time and Jackson
found that his cock was hard and throbbing almost constantly.

Wednesday Tammy and Becky went shopping after school and
came in excited, unwrapping their packages and slinging paper
every where.  "Look dad, Rita!!"  Becky cried out.  "Look what
Tammy and I bought!"  She proudly held up a very slinky, very sexy,
teddi, with garters.  Jackson grinned as she held it up to her and
turned around as if to model it.  Tammy pulled her package open
and withdrew a very long, see through gown that was slit up one side
to her hip.   It was low cut over her budding young breasts, her dark
nipples showed through it.  Jackson's cock was instantly rock hard,
and Rita breath came a little faster.  The two young girls were so
lovely!  The time of waiting had come to an end.  Jackson stood and
took his daughters hand and said, "I don't know about you two, but
Becky and I are going to bed!"  With that he picked her up and
headed to his room.  He didn't have to hear an answer from Rita and
Tammy, he heard them following him up the stairs.  Laying Becky on
the bed Jackson took his clothes off, tossing them in the corner.
Rita and Tammys clothes followed.  Then the 3 of them joined Becky
on the bed.

Becky felt hands all over her young body as her clothes where gently
stripped away.  She lay naked, her little nipples already hard as she
looked at her daddy, Rita and Tammy.  She giggled when Tammy
reached out and stroked her side.  Then her daddy leaned down and
kissed her.  Becky sighed as she felt cool fingers slide between her
thighs and press them open.  She felt caresses on her young
breasts, her hips, between her thighs.  He daddy gave her hot wet
kisses on her lips, her cheeks, her throat, down to her nipples.
There he sucked them gently.  Tammy was kissing and licking her
belly, tickling now and then.  Rita knelt between Beckys open legs
and kissed that perfect hairless slit.  Becky moaned.  Tammy
reached down and spread Becky's pussy lips open, exposing her clit.
Becky's hips went wild as Rita found that little nub and first kissed,
then licked it.  Jackson now knelt over Becky's face, his cock at her
lips.  "Suck my cock baby.  Suck daddy's cock while Rita licks your
pussy."  Becky opened her mouth and gladly sucked Jacksons big
cock between her lips.  Becky was hot, her pussy gushing as the 3
of them worked her little 10 yr old body.  She loved it !!!

Rita was licking that little pussy like she'd been born to it.  She drove
her tongue in deeply licking out all the little girl juice she could.  It
tasted so sweet and clean to her.  She pushed her tongue into
Beckys little pussy and fucked it in and out, only now and then
grazing that little clit.  Becky's hips were bouncing on the bed as she
fucked that warm, wet tongue.  Tammy wanted to be more involved.
She slid her hand under Becky and drove her finger into Becky's
ass.  She slid it in fast and deep.  Becky howled around Jacksons
cock, sending shivers down his back, and tremendous pleasure into
his cockhead.  He fucked his cock in deeper at that instant and felt it
slid into Beckys throat.  He groaned as she began swallowing, her
throat milking his cock.  Tammy fucked her finger into Becky's ass
deeper, faster and watched as her mother closed her lips on Beckys
clit and sucked.  That was all Becky could stand.  She moaned and
thrashed wildly as her cum washed over her.  Her juice flooded Ritas
hot tongue, ran down to her ass and slicked Tammys fucking fingers.
Jackson screamed then too, and shot his hot sticky cum down his
lovely 10 yr old daughters throat.

Becky was sated, Jackson was sated, but Tammy and Rita were not.
They wanted more.  Rita told Tammy, "get your mouth on his cock
and suck it, make him hard!"  Jackson looked up at Rita.  He saw
Tammy instantly obey and felt her warm mouth sliding down his
cock.  He hadn't liked the tone in Ritas voice, but he did love these
lovely lips on his cock.  Tammy sucked him in deeply, running her
tongue along the underside, then over the tip. She tongued his
pisshole, trying to fuck her tongue into it.  He groaned out loud and
his cock began to harden.  Tammy enjoyed sucking his cock and
she did so for all she was worth.  She took it deep into her throat, her
lips stopping at the base of his cock.  Then she slid it almost all the
way out of her mouth and sucked just on the head of it.  Suckled it,
made him moan in pure pleasure.  He took her head in his hands
and began to thrust into her mouth.  From the background Jackson
heard Rita, "Yes !  That's it ! "  Then she got louder still,  "You suck
his cock bitch, SUCK IT, GET IT HARD FOR ME!"  Becky sat on the
bed and her eyes grew wide at the sound of Rita's voice.  Tammy
however instantly obeyed her mother and doubled her efforts.  Rita
sat on the bed with Becky and reached out and pinched one of her
little nipples, making Becky yell out.  She told Becky, "Shut up you
little slut, you love it.  If you don't you'll learn to love it!!!"
though hot and near bursting, gently pushed Tammy off his cock.
"Not now honey" he told her as he stood, his cock wilting.  He
growled out, "Take your hands from my daughter, NOW!"

Rita jumped up and cried out, "what the hell are you doing?  Let her
get your cock hard and keep it hard!  I wanna see you fuck her while
I fuck your kid!"  Jackson turned to look at her squarely and what he
saw did not please him.  Oh she was still beautiful.  Her body
exquisite.  It was what he saw beneath that, what he heard in her
words, and Beckys scream, that he disliked.  Her hypnotic effect on
him was gone.  Jackson loved fucking Tammy and Becky.  He loved
them dearly.  He did not how ever force the girls to fuck him.  That
was not in him, not what his 'bag' was.  He had noticed over the last
few days Ritas effect on Tammy and he had not liked it.  Tonight she
proved what she really was.  He shook his head sadly as Rita grew

"Rita, I am telling you, I will not allow you to treat Tammy or Becky,
nor myself in that fashion.  I'd love to share our daughters with you,
love to fuck you too, but not like that.  I don't take commands from
anyone, and I NEVER force anyone to please me.  That is not
acceptable to me."

She stood there slack jawed and the fire rose in her eyes.  She said,
"Tammy told me that you were easy, that they could get you to do
anything for them, so don't tell me you don't like to be bossed.  You
need a mistress, you need me!  I can control them, I can control you
too!"  She started forward ready to face him down.  Jackson held up
his hand and said, "I did the things the girls asked me to do because
I love them, not because I wanted to be a slave.  Besides which the
things they asked for were small compensation for fucking their
beautiful pussies.  I did those things freely Rita, out of love and
thankfulness, not fear or whimpishness."  He shook his head and
continued, "I am sorry Rita, but you have to leave, now tonight."

Rita went into a rage and began screaming at him, "I will not leave.  I
am here to stay.  You just need to learn to accept that.  The sooner
you do, the better off you'll be.  Now let Tammy suck your cock and
shut up!"  Jackson was awed at her outburst.  The  woman must
truely be out of her mind.  Rita grabbed Tammy by the hair and
threw her down at Jacksons feet.  "Suck his cock bitch. SUCK IT!"
She screamed.  Becky scrambled off the bed to stand next to her
dad.  Tammy had tears streaming down her cheeks.  Jackson
helped her to her feet and then said, "Girls go to your room, I'll
handle this."  Rita moved towards them but Jackson blocked her
way.  Becky took Tammys hand and they ran to their room.  Rita had
lost all control and was screaming for the little sluts to get back there.
Without a word Jackson strode to Rita, grabbed her and lifted her off
the floor.  He carried her kicking and screaming to the front door.
There he set her down and opened it.  With all his might he pushed
her naked ass out the door and onto the grass.  "I said you were
leaving tonight, and I meant it!"  He shut and locked the door.  Rita
was instantly pounding on it, screaming, causing a public scene.
Jackson figured as soon as the cops came he was going to jail.  He
shrugged and went upstairs to talk to the girls.

"Tammy," he said as he entered the room, "Tell me, has your mom
always treated you that way?"  Tammy was still crying and shook her
head yes.  Jackson sighed.  Becky hugged her friend and Jackson
stroked her hair.  He said, "you know that as soon as the cops come
about the noise and Rita being naked on the lawn they are probably
going to arrest me and take you girls downtown.  I am sure she'll tell
them about us.  And as I've told you before what we do is against the
law."  Both girls cried and Tammy said, "I'm sorry Mr J.I should have
told you, but she wouldn't let me!  I didn't think she'd do it to you
guys!"  Jackson held the girls and told them it was no one's fault, it
was just that Rita was sick.  In the distance he heard the sirens.

The cops came and grabbed Rita.  Fully clothed now Jackson and
the girls met them at the door.  In answer to the cops question
Jackson told a simple truth, "She was abusing my daughter.  She
had my daughter naked and was pinching her nipples, making her
scream.  I saw that, I got mad and I threw her naked ass out of my
house.  This is her daughter Tammy.  She has abused Tammy also,
and Tammy has no desire to go home with her."  The cops asked
the girls if this was true and they said it was.  He told Jackson,
"You'll have to come downtown.  This lady accuses you of molesting
the girls here.  All of you need to come downtown."  Jackson nodded
and asked if they could follow in his car.  The officer agreed.

In the car on the way downtown Jackson told the girls, "don't say
anything you don't want to say, and if you want to say something,
then say it.  I am a grown man and I can take what ever I got coming
to me as long as it keeps you girls safe and out of Rita's reach."

They spent more then 16 hours downtown and finally Becky was
released to Jackson and they were told they could go home.  Tammy
was kept however because he was not her father, and her mother
was locked up.  As soon as Jackson was free he got a lawyer who
found a judge and got temporary custody of Tammy.  They picked
Tammy up the next morning.  Jackson had no idea what the girls
told the cops.  He hadn't had time to ask Becky, they had been to
busy with the lawyer and Judge.  When they finally got home that
night he asked what they had said.  Tammy softly cried as Becky

"They asked us if you abused us and we said no.  They asked all
kinds of questions, like, did you touch us in our privates?  Did you
ever make us touch you?  Did you make us do anything 'nasty' to
you or each other.  We said nope, you never made us do nothing
like that, never did anything like that to us.  Then they asked what
happened tonight.  I told them that Rita was trying to do things to me
in our house and you caught her and threw her out."  Tammy took
up the explanation from there.  "They asked me if my mom ever
touched me in my genital area and I said yes.  I answered yes to all
their questions.  They asked me if she made me do things and I said
yes, and if I didn't do them she beat me. "   Jackson was awed.  The
girls had protected him !! Yet they had not really lied.  He had
NEVER forced them to do anything to him or each other.  He never
MADE them do anything at all. The cops had made Tammy take a
physical and found her to have been abused.  Becky had to take no
physical because she said she had never been abused, except for
Rita pinching her nipples.  The cops decided they had nothing
against Jackson.  Tammy sniffled and asked, "what are they going to
do to my mom Mr. J?'   Jackson told her he didn't know but he'd find
out.  He tucked the girls in bed and went to his own room.

The next morning he called the cops to find out about Rita.  She had
been taken to the psycho ward at the hospital.  Seems she really lost
it when confronted with the truth about her abuse of Tammy.  She
also admitted every gory detail of her abuse.

(Authors note:  Sorry, peoples, but I had to get rid of Rita, I didn't
her much!)

Jackson set out to get permant custody of Tammy and did so on her
14th birthday.  Things went back to 'normal' for them.  The girls had
their own room but only used it for their clothes and dressing, and
sometimes a bit of private lovemaking.  Most nights they slept with
Jackson.  It was weeks after that fateful night, before the three of
them made love again.  That was a night Jackson would never
forget.  He had lain in bed, leaning against the head board and
watched to two beautiful young girls service his cock.

He watched as their tongues slid up and down his cock, often
meeting and licking each other over the head of his cock.  One of
them would suck on the head, while the other licked the shaft.  Then
Becky would lick and suck on his balls as Tammy sucked his cock
down deeply into her throat.  He groaned as he watched them,
stroked their hair as they pleasured him.  When he was close to
cumming Becky wanted to fuck him, but so did Tammy.  He was
awed as the two naked little girls began to wrestle each other on the
bed to see who would win his hard cock.  He watched as the twisted
and turned each other, Becky nipping Tammy's developing boobs,
Tammy shoving a finger in Becky's hot little pussy.  His cock
throbbed as he watched.  He didn't care who won his cock, as long
as a sweet tight little pussy soon enveloped it.  The girls ended up in
the 69 position and he began stroking his cock as he watched them
dive into each others pussy and began licking it.  The girls sighed
softly as their tongues found each others clits and licked them.  He
watched as each of them gyrated their asses fucking the tongue in
their young slits.  His cock pulsed, throbbed and when he saw the
girls begin fucking each others mouths, saw the first signs of their
orgasms, he knelt beside them and shot his hot cum all over them.
The girls felt the warm wetness and each exploded in an intense
orgasm.  After it subsided they licked Jacksons cum from each other
and sat there smiling at him.  He took them in his arms, kissed each
of them deeply and sighed, "thank you girls".  The three of them
snuggled down to sleep.

3 months later they got the news that Rita was going to be locked up
for a long time, if not forever.  Tammy had not even had to testify,
because Rita admitted the abuse.  She was happy sad that day, sad
that her mother was really so sick but happy about something else.
She ran home from school that day and got Becky in the bedroom.
"Becks! " she said excitedly, "Becks!  guess what?!?!?"  Becky had
no idea and said so then Tammy explained, "I went to the free clinic
today, you know the one where you don't need a parents
permission?"  Becky asked, "are you sick? What's wrong!"  Tammy
shook her head no, and said, "No I am not sick, but I am pregnant!"
"No!! Really?"  Becky asked.  Tammy shook her head yes and sat
down on the bed.  Becky sat down beside her and Tammy hugged
her, "Looks like you get a baby brother or sister Becks!" she said.
Becky looked at her friend and said, "your gonna be the mama of my
baby brother or sister?  OH WOW!!!  You'll be a great mother!"  The
two of them hugged again then talked while they waited for Jackson
to get home.  Tammy wanted Becky to be with her when she broke
the news and Becky exclaimed, "You don't think I'd miss that do
you !!!"

Jackson came home from work to find the house immaculate, and
dinner on the table.  As he washed up he wondered at the girls, for
they seemed unusually excited.  He had expected Tammy to be
down because of her mother instead he found her smiling at him.
He shrugged, "girls, who can figure em out?" the thought as he went
downstairs.  He joined the girls at the table and they ate dinner.
Jackson kept looking at them as they seemed want to burst into fits
of giggles.  After dinner he sat in his favorite chair and Becky handed
him a beer.  He didn't drink during the week and she knew that so he
asked her, "why did you give me a beer?"   She giggled and said I
think you might need it" and sat cross legged in a chair.  Tammy
came in then and sat beside Jackson on the couch.  He felt
surrounded by the scheming pair.  "OK, what gives you two?" he
finally demanded.  Both girls burst into a fit of giggles and then
Tammy stood up.  She ran her hand down the front of her shirt and
asked, "Do you think I'm getting fat Mr J?"  Jackson thought what a
ridiculous question, she was thin and just beginning to curve out, her
breasts filling out nicely.  His thoughts froze.  Getting fat?  Breasts
filling out?  He looked at Tammy's smiling face, looked to Becky who
was all giggles and it hit him like a ton of falling bricks.  "Jesus
Khrist!  You're pregnant!!  Aren't you??!?!?!?"  Tammy giggled and
said, "Yep".  Jackson lifted the beer and chugged it straight down.
When he finished he dropped the bottle on the floor.  He grabbed
Tammy and lifted her into his arms.  Held her tightly.  When he let
go he had come to his senses a bit and asked her, "do you want the
baby Tammy?  If not we can arrange.." she interupted him.  "Yes Mr.
J, I want our baby.  I want to have Becks little brother or sister.  Are
you mad at me?"  Becky was silent, they hadn't thought of that.
Jackson pulled her into his arms again and said, "MAD??  HELL
NO!!  I am really glad.  I would never be mad at you anyway, it was
my fault ya know."   The three of them stayed up late making plans
for the coming baby.

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