- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy pictures
[Author] Big Daddy
[Type] Father/daughter

I've always prided myself on being a good girl. I tried to do
everything for daddy to make him happy. So, when Daddy started
pulling down my panties I wasn't about to tell him no. I may
only be 9 but I knew what daddy wanted when he started to touch
me like that. I was skating around the livingroom in my brand
new skates wearing only my tee shirt and panties when daddy woke

Sleepily daddy walked up to me scratching his big balls through
his underwear and asked me if he could touch me. Daddy had been
asking to touch me a lot lately ever since the day he put his
hand between my legs and noticed that I did not pull away. He
slid his hand up between my legs and rubbed my little pussy
though my pants as we watched t.v. together. I liked it when
daddy touched me so I told him it was ok.

When daddy touched me this morning his hands were all over my
little bottom. He was on his knees and playing with my bottom
as he looked up into my eyes.

"Can I take these off?" he asked pulling my panties forward in
front so that he could see down my panties to my little brown

Daddy had never seen my pussy before and I kind of liked the
look on his face as he stared down my panties. I kept smiling
at daddy as he looked down my panties and suddenly I noticed

Daddy's dick was REAL hard and big and I could see it swelling
up in his underwear. I couldn't believe how big daddy's dick
looked. I had seen my brother's and it was tiny compared to
daddy. I knew what it meant when a guys thing got all hard like
that and it made me tingle all over thinking how my daddy was
getting turned on by looking at my pussy.

My brother and I used to show each other our privates in our
rooms and when he got all hard like daddy was now I would suck
it for him until he said it tingled and then he would lick my
pussy until I tingled too. As I looked at daddy's big dick I
wanted to suck it for him like a good girl should.

"You can take my panties off," I said as I stared at his big
hard dick.

"Good girl," he said as he slid my panties off and over my
skates. Daddy put one hand on my bare bottom and rubbed my
little bush with his other hand.

"You're thingy's hard," I said as he rubbed my little bush.

"Oh," He said. "You mean my cock?"

I had heard my mother use that word before when she asked my
daddy if he'd give her his hard cock. Now I knew what she was
talking about.

"Ya," I said. "What made it hard?"

"You made it hard," He said as he slipped his hand between my
legs and rubbed his finger against my bare pussy lips. I
tingled all over and started getting wet between my legs.

"I did?" I asked excited about my daddy touching me like this.

"Uh huh," He said. "Want me to show it to you?"

"Yes," I said with wide eyes. "I want to see it."

Daddy reached down and pulled open his underwear so I could see
down inside. His cock was huge! I liked seeing it laying
sideways all hard and big like that.

Daddy pulled his underwear down over his big balls and uncovered
his whole dick for me to see. He held it in his fist and
wiggled it around a little.

"What do you think?" he said.

"It's big!" I said.

"Want to touch it?"

I really wanted to but I knew because daddy was so hard that he
wanted more.

"Can I suck it?" I asked.

"OH YES!" Daddy said as he stood up and quickly pulled down his
underwear and dropped them to the floor. "I'd love to have you
suck my cock."

I carefully got down on my knees and tucked my roller skates
under my bottom. Daddy smiled down at me as I reached up and
put my hand on his leg and with the other grabbed his big cock.
I loved the feel of my daddy's hard hot cock in my hand and I
quickly opened my mouth and stuck it in.

"OH GOD!" Daddy moaned as I wrapped my hot mouth around his big
cock and sucked on the head of it like my little brother liked
me to do. "That feels so fucking good."

I loved hearing that daddy was happy and I sucked harder as I
started stroking his huge cock at the same time.

"That's a good girl," He said as he ran his fingers through my
hair, "Suck daddy's cock."

I knew daddy really liked this and I couldn't stop myself. I
loved sucking daddy's big cock and hearing him tell me what a
good girl I was.

"Oh fuck ya," Daddy said as he moved my hand to his ball so that
I could feel them as I sucked.

"Do you really like that?" I asked.

"Oh baby," He said. "Daddy loves it when you suck his cock like
this. God, you've got to do this more often."

"I will," I said as I started sucking harder again.

"That feels so fucking good!" he groaned. "Come on, suck
daddy's cock. That's a good girl. Suck it."

Daddy kept looking down at my pussy as I sucked him and I tried
to spread my knees a little so he could see better.

"Daddy wants to put his cock in his little girl's pussy so bad,"
he groaned as I sucked him.

I didn't know how to do that. My brother never wanted to put
his dick in my pussy but now that I thought about it, I wondered
what it would be like.

"Do you want to put your cock in my pussy now daddy?" I asked as
I held his wet dick in my little hand.

"Would you like that?" he asked. "Would you like daddy to put
his big cock inside you?"

"Yes daddy," I said.

"OH GOD," Daddy moaned loudly. "Ok sweety, lay down on your

I clunked heavily as my moved my skates around and laid down on
my back like daddy told me.

Bend your knees," Daddy said.

I raised my knees like he said as he pulled his hard cock over
and over as he watched me. "Open your legs real wide for daddy,"
he said. I spread my knees and kept my skates on the floor.
Daddy slowly dropped down to his knees between my legs and kept
staring at my little pussy which made me tingle even more.
"You're only 9," He said as he stroked his dick. "Do you think
you can take daddy's big cock?" "Will I be a good girl if I do?"
I asked. "OH BABY!" Daddy laughed. "You'll be the best little
girl in the whole wide world." "Then I want it," I said. "What
do you want baby?" daddy said. "I want you to put your big cock
in my pussy." "Ok baby," he said. "Daddy's going to put it in
now." Daddy leaned over me using his hand to hold him up and put
his big cock against my little pussy. It looked so huge next to
my little bush and I wondered if it would fit at all.

With his hand daddy wiggled his big cock up and down against my
pussy, rubbing my naked lips and getting them all wet and
sticky. Daddy was so much bigger than me but I liked seeing his
naked body laying over me.

"Here it comes baby," He said as he pushed his cock against my
pussy and I felt it start to go in.

"OW!" I cried out as his huge cock started to stretch my pussy
open. "It hurts!"

"It only hurts a little," he told me. "Then it gets much

Daddy didn't move any further and I started to get used to the
feel of his big dick inside me this far so I told him to go
ahead and keep going.

"Good girl!" he said as he pushed into me a little slower and I
felt like my pussy was ripping apart.

"OWEEE!" I cried. "It hurts! It hurts!"

Daddy was only a little ways inside me and I had to have him

"Oh baby," Daddy whimpered. "Look, Daddy's got his big cock
almost halfway in your pussy. Don't you want Daddy to put it
all in your pussy?"

"Yes," I said as I lifted my head and looked between my legs at
my daddy's big dick sticking out of me. It looked very nice and
I was starting to get used to the feel again.

Maybe this would be better if I just did it all real fast,"
Daddy said. "Then the pain will be over quicker.

"Ok daddy," I said as I held on to his shoulders and braced
myself for a lot of pain.

"AURGHHHH!!!" Daddy groaned as she shoved his big cock all the
way up my little pussy.

"OWWWW!!" I screamed as I started to cry. "IT HURTS SO BAD!!!"

"I know baby, I know," Daddy said as he pulled the hair out of
my eyes and tried to brush away the tears. "Daddy will make it
up to you I promise."

I cried a lot as daddy held me and stayed motionless. I could
feel his huge cock buried deep in my little body and I wanted to
enjoy it but I couldn't yet.

"Daddy loves you baby," he said as he slid his hands under my
little ass and wiggled his huge cock inside me just a bit.

"It hurts so bad," I sobbed as my tears started to get less.

"I know," Daddy said. "But now daddy's got his big cock inside
you and it will never hurt like this again."

"Promise?" I sobbed.

"I promise," he said. "Next time daddy puts his cock inside his
little girl it will feel really good."

"Am I a big girl?" I asked.

"A very big girl," Daddy smiled. "Only big girls can fuck their
daddy like this."

"What's fuck mean?" I asked as I started to get used to the feel
of my father's big dick inside me.

"That's when daddy moves his big cock in and out of your pussy
over and over again," he said.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked.

"Oh baby," He smiled. "I don't want to fuck you. I'm GOING to
fuck you."

Suddenly daddy started to pull his huge cock out of my little
pussy and it hurt a little but not nearly as bad as it did going

"You've got such a tight little pussy," Daddy said as he
suddenly slid his cock back inside me unexpectedly.

"UH!" I cried a little. "That hurts."

"Daddy's going to fuck his little girl," was all he said as he
pulled back out with a long stroke and shoved it back inside me.

"UH!" I gasped again but this time it didn't hurt so bad.

"YA!" Daddy groaned as he repeated the action again only faster
this time. "I'm going to fuck you real hard!"

Before I knew it daddy was fucking me really fast with long hard
thrusts and it was feeling really good.

"You're such a good girl," He panted as he fucked me. "Daddy
loves having his cock in your tiny pussy!"

Daddy's balls were slapping against my bare bottom as he
continued working up and down between my legs. I looked down
between us and saw daddy's big cock all shiny wet from my pussy
and I smiled.

"I like this," I said at last.

"Do you like daddy's cock in your pussy?" he asked as he gasped
for breath.

"Yes daddy, yes!" I said as I started getting all tingly inside.
"It feels so good!"

"I'm gonna cum!" Daddy barked. "I'm gonna cum baby!"

Suddenly daddy grabbed my hips and pulled me into him hard
making his cock go really deep inside me. Then I felt this warm
liquid feeling shooting up inside me.

"OH FUCK!!" Daddy groaned. "OH FUCK YA!!"

I could feel daddy's cock throbbing inside me and each time it
did I would feel more warm liquid shoot up my pussy. It felt
really good and I smiled as daddy just lay there deep inside me
still throbbing.

Daddy pulled his cock out of me then and I saw thick white stuff
drip out of his cock and onto my pussy. Daddy stroked his big
dick and growled as more white stuff dribbled out and onto my
little bush. I liked the way the stuff stuck to my hair and
looked kinda messy.

Daddy slapped his big cock against my bush making little flecks
of white stuff fling all over my tummy.

"Ya," Daddy smiled. "FUCK YA!"

"I liked that daddy!" I said as he knelt there between my legs
looking down at my little sticky pussy.

"Come on baby," Daddy said. "Get on you hands and knees. Daddy
want's to fuck you again.

"My hands and knees daddy?" I asked.

"That's right," he growled as he helped me up. "You're daddy
loves to fuck his little girl."

"How are you going to fuck me daddy," I asked, "when I'm on my
knees like this?"

"Turn around," Daddy said.

"Like this?" I asked as I put my little bottom facing his hard

"JUST like that," He said as he licked his lips and crawled up
behind me. Suddenly daddy's cock was pressing against my wet
pussy again and I felt him push it in me like that.

"WOW!" I said amazed at what I was learning. I felt daddy's big
cock slide all the way up my pussy again and he grabbed on to my
little hips and growled.

"You fucking tight little bitch," He grunted. "Daddy loves
having his cock in that tight pussy."

"Do you fuck Melany too?" I asked about my older sister who was

"Not yet," Daddy said as he pulled his cock out a little and
pushed it back in. "Fuck that feels so good."

"You're cock feels good inside me daddy," I told him.

"I know," he said as he started sliding it in and out of my
little pussy. "GOD DAMN I KNOW!"

"Fuck me daddy!" I said. "I like it when you fuck me."

"When I'm done with you I'm going to fuck your sister," daddy
said as he continued ramming his cock in and out of me."

"Are you going to cum with her too?" I asked.

"You mean am I going to cum in her like I came in you?"


"OH YA!" He said. "I'm gonna cum in both of you every day."

"I like it when you cum in me!" I said.

"Then hold on," He said. "Cause daddy's got another load of hot
cum for you baby!"

Daddy grabbed my hips and shoved himself deep inside me again.

"FUCKING TAKE THAT!!" he barked. "Take daddy's cum!"

I could feel the warm wet feeling inside me and loved it.

"Cum in me daddy!" I begged. "Cum in me!"

"That's a good girl!" Daddy said as he jerked a couple of time
and finished squirting his stuff inside me. "Daddy loves you."

"I love you too daddy," I said as he pulled his cock out of me
while it was getting soft.

"You better take a bath before mother gets home," He said. "If
she finds out I fucked you we'll never get to do it again."

"I'll go take a bath right now!" I said.

"Good girl."

"When I came out of the bathroom daddy was on the couch with
Melany. Daddy was still naked but Melany had her clothes on.

Daddy laid down on the couch as Melany stood over him.

"Go on," He said as he held his huge hard cock up. "Suck it."

"Do it Melany," I said which sort of startled her.

"Daddy really fucked you?" she asked me.

"Ya," I said. "I like it a lot!"

"You're gonna like it too," Daddy told her.

"I know I will," she said. "I can't believe it though."

"Why not?" Daddy asked.

"Cause I've dreamed about having you fuck me ever since I was my
little sisters age."

"It's all just for you girls," Daddy said stroking his cock.

"I want to suck your cock so bad," Melany said as she bent over
and placed both her hands around daddy's big cock so that her
fingers were resting gently on his balls.

I watched Melany open her mouth and suck daddy's cockhead into
her mouth.

"I love you baby," Daddy said as he reached up and started
unbuttoning Melony's skirt.

Melany opened her mouth really wide and slid her mouth all the
way down daddy's cock till her lips touched his balls.

"OH FUCK YA!" Daddy groaned as he stopped taking off Melony's
skirt and instead lifted his head to see her face full of his
big dick.

"Daddy," Melany said as she pulled daddy's cock out of her
mouth, "I love your big cock so much!"

"Oh Melany," Daddy groaned as he started taking off her skirt
again. "Show daddy how much you love his cock."

Melany stood up and pulled off her skirt and panties and stood
in front of daddy.

She still had her shoes and socks on but daddy didn't seem to
mind as he sat up and pulled up Melony's shirt and started
sucking on her young titties.

"Mommy and Daddy love you very much," he said to Melany. "Climb
up on daddy's lap and let me show you how much Daddy loves you."

Melany climbed up on daddy like he asked and spread her knees
REALLY wide apart until her blonde pussy was sitting on daddy's
hard shaft.

Daddy grabbed Melony's tight ass and slid his fingers around to
play with her pussy.

"Daddy want's to put his BIG cock in this tight little pussy,"
He said as he kissed her titties again.

"Please daddy!" Melany said looking down at him. "I want it
inside me. I want your big cock inside me daddy!"

"Lift up a little," Daddy said as he grabbed his cock and
pointed it up between Melony's legs.

Melany grabbed on to the back of the couch as Daddy put his big
cockhead against her pink slit and pushed her hips down onto it.

I watched Daddy's big cock stretch Melony's pussy open and
slowly go up inside her.

"OH DADDY!" Melany cried out. "You've got your cock inside me.
You've really got your cock inside me!!!"

"That's right baby," Daddy said as he spread Melony's tight ass
apart with his big strong hands.

"I'm just like mommy now," She said.

"You're much better than mommy," Daddy said.

"Look Tammy," Melany said to me. "Daddy's got his cock in my

"I want it in my pussy too daddy," I said.

"HOLD ON," Daddy laughed. "Let Daddy fuck your sister first."

"Are we going to fuck???" Melany asked. "Are we really going to
fuck daddy?"

"That's right baby," Daddy said as he pulled Melony's ass up his
big shaft and made her sit back on it again.

"I'm fucking daddy!" Melany said as she started sliding her
pussy up and down daddy's big dick on her own. "I'm fucking you

"That's right," Daddy grunted. "You're a nice tight fuck for

"Oh daddy your cock is so BIG!" Melany gasped. "Is my pussy
tight enough daddy?"

"You're pussy is VERY tight," Daddy agreed. "I love feeling my
cock in your pussy."

"Are you going to cum in me daddy? Melany asked as she started
bouncing on daddy's cock faster and faster.

"I can't baby," Daddy said. "You're too old. You might get

"THAT'S NOT FAIR DADDY!" Melany yelled as her ass slapped loudly
against daddy's legs each time she rammed herself down on him.
"You put your cum in Tammy, why can't you put it in me?"

"Tammy's too young to get pregnant."

"I don't care daddy!" Melany panted as she bounced up and down.
"I HAVE to have your cum in my pussy! I HAVE TO! I'm going to
make you cum in my pussy!"

"But baby!"


"SHHH!" Daddy warned her as he held Melony's ass tight. "The
neighbors will hear you."

"Then cum inside me!" Melany insisted.

"OK," Daddy agreed. "I'll cum inside you baby."

"Daddy," Melany said. "I want you to make me cum."

"Girls can't cum stupid!" I said.

"Yes they can," Daddy said. "When they're old enough."

"And I'M OLD ENOUGH!" Melany said as though she were bragging.

"How do you know?" Daddy asked as my sister continued bouncing
on his big dick.

"Cause I've made myself cum," Melany said.

"HAVE YOU?" Daddy asked.

"Yes daddy," she said. "And with your big cock inside me I
think I'm going to cum again!"

"Well let's just see if we can't make you cum," Daddy said as he
grabbed Melony's ass and started pushing her hips back and forth
on his massive cock.

Melany wasn't even bouncing up and down now. She just sat there
with Daddy's cock buried deep in her pussy as he pushed her back
and forth.

"I can feel it moving around in my tummy," Melany moaned.

"I'm gonna fuck you till you cum," Daddy said.

"Just keep moving it around like that," Melany panted hard.

"That's right," Daddy said. "Daddy wants his little girls to
feel good!"

"I love your cock daddy!" Melany kissed him on the lips.

Melany was bucking hard now as daddy tried to keep pushing her
hips back and forth.

"Oh God daddy," Melany panted. "I think I'm gonna cum."

Daddy started lifting his behind off the couch to shove his cock
up inside Melany in little thrusts.

"That's right baby," he said. "Daddy's gonna make you cum."

"OH GOD DADDY!" Melany screamed. "OH GOD. I'M GONNA CUM!!!"

"FUCK ME DADDY!" she screamed. "MAKE ME CUM!"

Melany raised her pussy up off daddy's cock until it almost came
off and daddy started fucking his big rod back up inside her up
and down.

"OH GOD FUCK ME!" Melany screamed. "YES FUCK ME!"

Daddy kept pounding his big cock up inside Melany until she
screamed so loud that the neighbors had to hear.


"Jesus Christ I have to cum!" Daddy yelled back.

Melany suddenly sat down on daddy's big cock and buried it
inside her until she was sitting on his balls.


"Here if fucking COMES!" Daddy yelled out.


"Oh God!" Daddy moaned. "OH FUCKING GOD!"

"Squirt it deep in my pussy," Melany purred. "Yes daddy!"

I could see Daddy's white cum running out from around his pole
and out of my sister's pussy now.

"Just like mommy I have a whole belly full of your cum," Melany

"Ya," Daddy moaned. "And just like mommy your going to pregnant
if we aren't careful."

Melany looked at Daddy as if she were confused, "But I want to
have your baby daddy."

"MY BABY?" He asked. "You want to have your own daddy's baby?"

"Yes daddy," Melany said as she lay on top of him now in his

"Well," Daddy said.

"Ooo!" Melany smiled. "I can feel your cock getting harder."

"We better put more cum in that little belly if we're going to
have a baby," Daddy said.

"Let's go fuck on your bed," Melany said.

Daddy lifted Melany up with his big cock still inside her tight
pussy and carried her to the bedroom.

"But daddy," I said. "I want to have your baby too!"

"Later," Daddy said. "But for now I'm going to fill your
sister's pussy with as much cum as I can."