- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy's little whore
[Author] Mpower
[Type] Father/daughter

Chapter 1
Her First Cock

Cindy was eleven the first time she ever saw a cock in person.  It was the
cock of her older brother Jeff.   Jeff was seventeen at the time and was a
very horny boy.  Daddy had told his son about sex when he was 13.  He
decided to share his porn magazines with his son and allowed him to watch
Porn.  Dad felt that he would rather have his son watching porn than
violence.  Dad never even stopped to think this his son would show it to
his younger sister and that she would ultimately become a slut and a whore
that he himself would one day fuck. 

Jeff had a TV in his room and he loved watching his dad's pornos.   Dad
had the best collection of nasty porn any teen age boy could dream of.
Most boys feel like their lucky if the get to sneak a look at Grandpa's
Playboys or Penthouses but young Jeff would jack off every night wathching
some major slut getting used by a bunch of guys. 

Jeff was a good looking guy and managed to seduce his first girl when he
was 14,  a cute little 13 year old brunette down the street named Jenny. 
By the time Jeff was 17 he had fucked 6 different girls between the ages
of 12 and 16 and had a chance to play with a hot 22 year old woman he had
met at a concert.

Cindy was an early developer,  She started to develop at 10.  Jeff hadn't
paid much attention to his younger sister before,  but now that her body
was starting to change he couldn't help but notice.   She was 5' tall and
had long pretty blonde hair with a bit of a curl to it.  She had the
smoothest fairest peaches and cream complexion and an awesome cute little
tight butt.  Her breast were Cindy started wearing a bra at eleven when
her breast grew to be 34B.

Jeff found himself having fantasies about his sister.  When he would watch
pornos and Jack off he would think about how fun it would be to seduce his
sister and make her into his little sex toy.  An in-house little fuck
doll, now that would be convenient. 

Cindy had started to have new feelings in her body as it developed, her
breasts were becoming very sensitive and she found herself touching them.
This would send a tingle down to her pussy which she would also touch.  It
felt so good when she would touch her pussy, it would get all wet and all
she could think about was boys, and especially,  Jason, a cute fifteen
year old boy who went to the high school.  She decided to ask her big
brother some advice about guys, "How can I get Jason to notice me, none of
the guys hardly notice me."  I want a boy friend but I don't even know how
to kiss,  I've never made out with a guy,  I want to know what it's like.
Will you teach me Jeff".  As he listened to her plea he thought to
himself,  "This is a perfect opportunity. "  Jeff told his sister that he
would teach her everything he knew  about what boys like in girls, He
would teach her how to kiss and how to make out. Cindy was so happy and so
excited, her brother was going to teach her, when can we start" she
squealed with nervous excitement.  "Well, dad won't be home for a couple
of hours yet from work, how's about right now.  To start it off he would
teach to teach her how to french kiss, so that when she got a date with
the guy  She should know how to kiss.  That was very important. 

Cindy was a natural,  and Jeff found that it was a real turn on to be
kissing his sister, she had full lips and a long tongue.  She started out
a little slow but once she got into it, she started to kiss her brother
with abandonment.  He could feel the hunger in his little sisters young
developing body,  he decided to try and feel her tits,  he could fell the
pushing against his chest while they were kissing.  He reached his hand up
and placed in on his sister's left breast.  Cindy did not stop him.  He
pinched her erect nipple gently through the fabric of her bra and shirt.
She moaned, mmm that feels so good,  my nipples are so sensitive.  Jeff
stopped kissing her to talk,  Here is your second lesson, Sis you've got a
great bod, if you want a guys attention, flaunt what you've got, don't
always were a bra, guys are turned on by tits, guys love to see nipples
poking through a tight tee shirt,  believe me, if you want to get more
male attention you need to stop dressing like a Seattle grunge punk and
start dressing a little more like a sexy woman.  Try putting on little
more make up, guys love lip stick, try putting it on in front of them.
You've got great legs, start wearing more skirts, short skirts,  not hippy
grunge long skirts but something sexy, and get some sexy heels.  If you
want to get male attention you need to advertise, show them what you've
got.  Guy like sexy girls, in sexy clothes,  Your a babe don't hide it.

Cindy was happy,  her brother had taught her how to kiss, he had felt her
up and he had given her some advice on how to dress for Sexsess.  And he
told her that she was pretty, He said that she had a great body,  wow she
starting to feel confident. She was becoming a woman, and her sweet
brother Jeff what helping her.
"Dad will be home soon and I have to finish my homework,  I'm going out
with my friend Mark tonight, We'll continue with your lessons tomorrow
after school.

The next day Jeff decided to show his sister what he meant about sexy
clothes.  Dad's magazines would work just fine.  The were full of hot,
slutty looking girls.  And he knew he would love to she his sister dressed
up nasty.  She came home from school wearing a skirt and a tight tee shirt
with no bra.  It worked, she exclaimed, I could definitely tell that the
boys were notice me today and Jason, came up and talked to me an told me I
looked pretty.  Thank you so much Jeff, I'm ready to learn more.  He told
her that he some magazines to show her how to dress real sexy.  The first
magazine he showed her was a penthouse,  it had a fetish feature, and
showed all kinds of leather and vinyl mini skirts,  High heeled boots,
garters, etc.  Cindy loved looking at the pictures of the sexy women.  She
drank it all in.  Show me more,  I want to see all the magazines,  the
next magazine he hander her was club this not only had girls dressed up
sexy,  it had pictorials of simulated sex.  Photos of guys putting their
cocks right in front of a slutty dressed girl with and open mouth.
Pictures of guys putting their tongue right next to a pussy.  Cindy was
fascinated, mesmerized by the photos,  it was a thought they were
awakening an inner instinct with in her.  Next Jeff handed her a full on
hard core mag with full penetration and facial come shots.  "Do guys
really like to have their cock sucked", Cindy asked innocently,  " All
guys love to have their Cocks sucked,  a good girl will suck her
boyfriends cock everyday, sometimes twice a day and if you really want to
make a man happy drink his come.  Nothing turns a guy on more than when a
woman sucks his cock with abandon, and when he finally shoots his load,
she moans and gobbles up all of his juices like Candy. "  "What does, it
taste like Cindy asked,  "Do you want to find out.  "Yes, yes" she
exclaimed,  I want to taste it, I want to learn how to suck cock"  "Will
you teach me how to suck your cock Jeff, Please.  This was music to Jeff's
ears.  He told her to "take it out,  guys like aggressive girls, girls who
love sex,  Girl who wants cock.  All guys love to be sucked. "  She came
over to him shyly,  she was a little nervous and excited.  She undid the
belt and then pulled down the zipper.  Jeff was already semi-hard.  He
said "reach in and pull it out."  She pulled his underpants down and
fished out his 7" cock.  She stepped back and looked at it, Wow, a cock a
real live cock. She had just seen a bunch of pictures of cocks,  but here
was her brothers sticking out right in front of her,  "Touch it"  Jeff
took his sisters hand and placed it on his cock.  He then put his own hand
around hers and showed her how to move it up and down.  "Guys love to have
their cocks rubbed and Jacked."  This was fun and exciting, rubbing her
hand up and down on her brothers cock.  It got even harder and started
throbbing,  a small drop of pre-come formed on the tip.  "Taste it"  Jeff
encouraged.  "Does it taste good?" she replied,  "Taste it"  Jeff said
more forcefully.  He was getting very turned on by now.  He took his
sisters head and gently pushed it towards his cock.  Cindy was a little
nervous but didn't resist.  Her sweet young mouth opened and her tongue
reached out to lick the drop of pre come off the head.  "Mmmm that tasted
good"  she said, "It's sweet and salty, but yummy.  I want more" "Kiss it,
suck it"  Jeff gently guided her head up and down showing her the right
speed and rhythm.  He taught her how to combine the stroking and jacking
with her hand while sucking the cock.  "That a girl,  what a sweet baby
sister,  what a good little cock sucker you are going to be,  your are
going to make so many guys happy, with your sweet little mouth.  That's
right milk it, Jack it, suck it."  It felt so good,  it seemed his sister
was a natural.  She was giving his as good a blow job as he had ever had,
and she was loving it.  Moaning, slurping, gobbling up his 7" tool like a
baby with a lolly pop.
He knew he couldn't hold off much longer,  He told her.  Soon I am going
to come,  I want you to take it as deep in your mouth as possible and I am
going to shoot it straight down your throat.  She nibbled and gobbled and
sucked with even more enthusiasm now.  What would it feel like, what would
it taste like to have come shooing in her mouth?  Would she choke?  It
wasn't long before she knew the answer.  Jeff placed his hands on her head
and pushed his cock all the way into her mouth and said,  "Here I come
baby, take it, drink it like a good girl."  Cindy felt the cock get real
hard in her mouth and then start to pulse.  She felt the cock squirt into
her pretty sweet mouth.  She heard her brothers words and she swallowed.
Gulp, gulp, gulp,  The cock kept pulsing, squirting, shooting and Cindy
just kept sucking and swallowing.  She wanted to make her brother proud.
It felt so good,  after he finished coming he had to grab her head and
slow her down, it was too sensitive.  Stop and just hold it in your mouth
or suck real slow and gentle.

What a good little girl his sister was, and what a great cock sucker.
Jeff knew that the fun had only begun.  He told her how happy and proud he
was.  He told her how pretty, cute and sexy she was.  She was so happy and
proud and excited.  She hadn't spilled a drop.  Her brother had come in
her mouth and she loved it.  So hard,  so nasty, so grown up, so
exciting.  "When can we do it again, I want to learn more,  Please Jeff
teach me everything,  teach me how to be a woman."

Mom had died when Cindy was only 6 year old,  and Daddy worked a lot.
This gave Jeff a lot of time to teach and train his sister. Almost
everyday after school.  Cindy and Jeff would get together and play.  Jeff
taught Cindy how to masturbate,  They would look at magazines and watch
pornos and get each other off.  Cindy loved to have her pussy licked.  She
had started to grow a little hair down there so Jeff encouraged her to
shave her pussy, like the women in the pornos.  He told her guys are
turned on by  smooth cunts.  He loved his sisters sweet pussy,  it tasted
so good.  Cindy and Jeff would kiss, lick and suck each other for hours.
One of Jeff's favorite things to do was to have his sister watch porno
while she sucked his dick.  She would watch the way the women sucked and
she would try to suck her brother the same way.  Jeff gave his sister some
more advice. "If your kissing a guy and you want more, take his hands an
put it on your tits, let him know that you want him to touch you.  Grab
his crotch, take his cock out.  Guys love an aggressive woman."

Daddy had no Idea what was going on at this point in time.  Jeff was
staying home a lot more,  he wasn't dating anyone at the time and didn't
need to.  He had his own little cock sucking sister to play with, and she
was the best.  She was pretty, sexy, and nasty.  He had taught his sister
to be his little cum sucking baby whore.  This had been going on for about
3 months when Jeff suggested that his sister find out what it feels like
to be a complete woman.  That to be a real woman she need to take a cock
into her pussy, that it was time she learned how to be fucked!  She was a
little concerned that it might hurt.  Jeff had a plan to make it easier on
her.  Daddy had showed Jeff where he kept his sex toys.  Daddy was a very
sexual man himself and dated a lot of women.  Daddy loved nasty women.
Slutty types, daddy had told Jeff about the nasty things he loved to do to
sluts.  Daddy had all kinds of toys,  dildoes and vibrators of all
different sizes.  Jeff figured he would break his sister in slowly,  using
small dildoes at first and open her up.  He would lick her clit while he
worked the toys in and out our her young tight hole.  Sometimes she would
push it in and out of her self while she would suck her brothers cock.  He
did this for several days,  gradually using bigger toys, till he managed
to slip a tapered vibrator into her hot juicy cunt that was as big as his
cock.  He knew she was ready.  He licked her, real good to get her very
hot.  she came twice with the vibrator inside her.  Her moans and screams
were too much,  His cock was so hard,  he listened to her breathing he
could tell she was hot, and that she was ready.  He pulled the vibrator
out.  "What are you doing, why did you stop?"  "I think your ready, do you
want to be fucked by a real cock?"  "Yes", she quickly replied, "please,
put it in, I am so fuckin hot,  I was just about to come again,  please,
fuck me now, make me a woman."

Jeff didn't need any more encouragement,  he was very ready, he just
wanted to hear his horny sister beg and plead for his cock.  He placed his
hard 7" tool right at the entrance of his sweet sisters shaved young
pussy,  and then slowly pushed his hips forward to enter her.  God it felt
so good,  so smooth, so juicy, so tight.  Cindy took a deep breath as her
older brother impaled her.  Ohhh, my god she thought, this is great, to
have a warm throbbing cock inside me.  She was happy, she was proud,  she
was becoming a woman this day and she loved it.  Her brother started to
fuck her a little faster and faster, and then he would push it in all the
way and just hold it there.  He loved his sister so much,  she was so
pretty and so sweet.  He looked into her eyes,  he could see the pleasure
on her face,  she was loving his cock inside her.  He pressed his mouth to
hers and kissed her deeply as he continued to push his cock in and out,
she started to grind to meet his thrusts.  She has seen a lot of pornos,
she knew what to do. 

Jenny had already started her period, so Jeff knew he couldn't come inside
her lest she get pregnant.  As he got closer to coming he told her,  "I'm
gonna come soon,  I am going to pull out of you and squirt it in your
mouth just like in the pornos".  Cindy was excited she loved drinking her
brothers come.  She had become addicted to it,  it was like candy to her.
Her brother tasted so sweet.  The thought of him pulling his cock out of
her pussy and putting it into her mouth made her come again.  This was too
much for Jeff,  He pulled it out and stuffed it into his sisters hungry
horny mouth and released his load.  God, he came so much,  so hard, and
Cindy sucked and licked and gobbled up every drop like she had so many
times before,  only this time she could taste her own pussy juices on his
cock and she like it. 

After that,  Jeff would often feed and fuck his sweet baby sister.  They
continued to play in the afternoon,  and if dad went out on a date,  he
would go into his sisters room and fuck her at night.  She had become his
little whore,  her body was his,  he could feel her and feed her and fuck
her anytime he wanted and she loved it.

Chapter 2   -  Daddy gets a girlfriend

Daddy started seeing a new woman,  a very hot slutty looking girl named
Trish.  I say a girl because she was only 20 years old,  and daddy was
38.  He had gotten married at nineteen and they had had Jeff when he was
20.  Daddy had a penchant for young women.  Daddy started bring Trish home
often and taking her to his room. 

Jeff and Cindy knew what was going on,  they would listen at daddies door
to him feeding and fucking the hot 19 year old who still lived with her
parents.   Cindy and Jeff learned that they could peek in the window and
watch their father fuck his young girlfriend.  It excited both of them.
Then  Jeff would fuck his sister real good while dad was driving Trish

Cindy had seen her fathers cock, it was bigger than Jeff's.  Cindy started
to have fantasies about being fucked by her father.   She wanted that big
cock sliding into her, but daddy had no idea, about her escapades with her
brother, and she wasn't going to tell him.  She didn't know what his
reaction would be and she wasn't ready to find out.  She liked her
encounters with her brother and didn't want them to end.

Daddy continued to fuck Trish and Jeff continued to fuck Cindy.  This went
on for several more months.  As much as Cindy loved sucking and fucking
her brother, she was now ready to try to seduce Jason.  The high school
guy that she thought was cute He had been flirting with her a lot.   Her
brother was right about sexy clothes. Cindy was wearing short skirts, lots
of make-up and no bra and the boys were noticing her,  she was now 12 and
was very developed for her age.   Her breasts had grown to a ripe 34 C.
Perhaps it was the hormones being activated by the sex,  perhaps it was
all the come that she was drinking, what ever it was Cindy was feeling
like a woman, like a sexy woman and she had confidence.  She had tits, she
was shaved and she knew how to take care of a cock, how to please a man. 

Chapter 3   -  Cindy gets her second Cock

Jason was waiting in front of the Jr. High when Cindy came out of class.
He asked her is she had ever smoked pot.  He told her "it makes you feel
real good."  She knew about feeling good, and replied I never have but I'd
like to try it.  He invited her over to his house after school.  He got
out some smoke and rolled a joint.  He showed her how to smoke it.  It
made her cough, at first but she want to see what it was like to get high
so she keep on smoking.  Soon she was feeling it, she was already feeling
horny and excited just to be alone with Jason, she was hoping this guy
would hurry up and make a move on her when she remembered what her brother
had told her.  That guys like aggressive girls, guys like horny girls.
She looked at Jason and then walked toward him.  She grabbed him and gave
him a big kiss.  Jason's mouth opened,  he was planning to put the move on
this girl, she was so fine.  He had no idea about just how wild and
experienced she was but he did know that he liked her straight to the
point approach.  He thought to himself, "this girl is hot."  They were
kissing passionately, but Cindy wanted more,  Jason was going too slow,
she took Jason's hands and placed them on her tit,  "Feel me", she cooed.
Wow, this girl is really hot.  Jason had manage to score with four other
girls,  but he hand never met a girl like this, this aggressive.  This was
going to be fun.  
All this kissing and feeling of her breasts was making Cindy hungry,  What
she really wanted was cock,  Jason's cock in her mouth and in her pussy.
He horniness made her bold.  She drooped to her knees and proceed to undo
Jason's jeans,  Jason wasn't wearing any underwear.  With the swiftness of
a pro Cindy had his cock out and was sucking it in no time.  Jason being
only 15 didn't  have much control and it wasn't long before he was pumping
his load of cum in to the sweet Cindy's sucking mouth.  She swallowed it
up like Candy just like she had so many times before with her brother.
Jason's cock wasn't as long as her brothers but it was a little thicker.
Wow, all cocks are different, she thought.  I want to try a whole bunch of
cocks.  I want to try them all,  I guess I'm turning into a slut, she
thought, but she loved cock.  What could be better than a nice hard cock
pushing into her mouth or pussy.  Jason, being young was recharged in no
time and wanted to fuck Cindy.  She had no objections,  she still had the
taste of his come on her lips and She was ready for more. 

Cindy's brother Jeff had gotten her the pill,  so that he could come
inside her.  So when Jason was fucking her she told him.  I'm on the pill
and I want you to come in side me.  Fill me, fuck me, pump me with your
come.  Jason had never heard a girl talk like that before,  except one
time when he had watched a porno film, and once he called a 900# sex line,
and a woman had talked real nasty to him while he jacked off.  But never
from a girl,  It drove him crazy and it was not too long before the young
stud was pumping his come into the sweet baby Cindy. 

After another round Cindy thought she'd better get home.  Her brother
might be worried about her.  When she got home,  her brother knew,  he
could tell by the look on her face that she had been with another guy.  He
came up to her and grabbed her by the hair,  open your mouth, he
commanded,  He leaned forward and smelled her breath.  "You've been
sucking cock haven't you?"  "Yes" she replied,  she was a little scared.
her brother appeared to be angry and Jealous, she could feel it.  " Who",
he asked"  "Jason, the high school boy I told you about" "Did he fuck
you?"  "Yes,"  "Slut"  He knew the day would come when his sister would
fuck and suck another guy,  he wasn't prepared for the feeling of Jealousy
that he was feeling.  He thought of his hot sweet sexy sister sucking off
another guy and it made him hot.  It was only making him want his sister
more.  She had sucked and fucked another cock,  but now she was home and
it was her brothers turn again.  Jeff pushed his tongue into his sisters
mouth,  he could taste come on her lips,  It only made him want to shoot
his own load into her mouth.  He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her
down to her knees,  Oh goodie, she thought,  for a minute there I thought
by brother was going to be mad and not want to keep using me.  but this
was not the case.  If anything her brother was hotter and nastier than
usual.  He kept calling her a slut,  she liked the word.  She liked the
idea of being a slut.  Just like the women in the porn movies.  She wanted
two, three, four, five cocks at a time.  What a hot thought, to be used by
a bunch of men like a fucking porn whore.  "Yes, I am a slut, a nasty
slutty cunt,  use me, feel me, feed me, fuck me, like the slut that I am.
God I love cock she thought.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  It would
be so nice to have two cocks at once,  to be able to suck a cock and be
fucked at the same time. 

After a long and nasty sessions of sucking and fucking,  Cindy told her
brother about her fantasy,  that she wanted to try two men at a time.
Would he be interested in sharing her with one of this cute friends.  Most
of Jeff's friends had no idea that he was fucking his sister.  It was
their little secret.  But now that his sister wanted to have a three way,
he would have to let one of his friend in on what a hot little number his
sister was.

Chapter 3   Cindy's first 3-way

All of Jeff friends thought his sister was fine,  and had great tits.
Cindy had been dressing pretty slutty, it was hard not to notice her.
Jeff decided to let his good buddy Mark in on the action.  Mark was the
school stud,  he had more different pussy than any guy in the school.
Jeff figured that Mark knew what he was doing and was a perfect guy to
team fuck his sister with.  Jeff invited Mark over to the house to smoke a
bowl.  Jeff told his sister that a friend was coming over and to dress
real slutty.  "Today your are going to get two cocks at once".  Mark and
Jeff were smoking a bowl when, Cindy came in looking so nasty.  She had on
the shortest little catholic school dress with garters, stocking and high
heels.  She had painted her lips red with a lipstick that stains the lips
so that she could suck and suck cock and still look like a whore.  The two
boys eyes were riveted on this sweet nasty nymph.  Jeff spoke to Mark,
this is my sweet nasty baby sister Cindy.  Mark was speechless.  He hadn't
seen Cindy in quite a while and he had never seen her like this.  She
looked so hot,  so sexy, so nasty.  "Do you think my sister is hot?"  "You
know it", replied Mark with enthusiasm.  "Would you like to fuck her?"
Mark couldn't believe what he was hearing, his friend Jeff who he hadn't
hung around with for a while was asking him if he wanted to fuck his 13
year old baby sister right in front of her, and she was smiling, a hot
nasty smile.  Could this be true,  she looked so hot.  Jeff continued,
"my sister is hot,  my sister is a horny little fuckin nympho.  I have
been feeding her my come and fucking her for two years now.  recently she
sucked and fucked another guy.  When she came home,  she sucked me and I
fucked the shit out her.  She said that having been used by two men in one
day made her feel slutty and nasty.  But that what she really wanted was
to have two men a time.  I picked you cause I know you have a lot of
experience with chicks and I thought you might like to team fuck the
living shit of by sweet young nasty baby sister with me." 

Mark listened with excited amazement, he looked the sweet girl woman,
damn,  Of course he wanted to fuck her,  He felt his cock grow in his
pants as he listened to the descriptions of how Jeff had been using his
sister since she was 11 years old.  Mark nodded his head yes, and with
that Cindy walked straight to him and dropped to her knees.  She was so
happy,  two cocks.  She had Mark's cock out and in her mouth in no time.
Her brother came over and knelt beside her.  He placed his hand on her
head and grabbed a big handful of her hair,  he started to push her head
up and down on his friends cock.  "Suck it, Suck it you little slut"
Cindy loved to be treated nasty and loved it when her brother pushed her
head.  Her brother started to feel her tits and then slapped her ass.  He
reached his hand up under his sisters dress.  She wasn't wearing any
panties as usual.  Her cunt was smooth and wet.  He started playing with
her clit, while she was sucking off his friend.  Cindy was getting really
hot.  She was sucking Mark's cock with a fury, moaning and slurping and
licking.  She would jack and milk the head with her hand, and then lick
down the cock and lick the balls.  Mark had had a lot of blow jobs, but
never had he seen a chick so hot, so young, and so nasty, and what a blow
job.  Mark couldn't hold on for long and exclaimed "I'm gonna come."  With
this Jeff pushed Cindy's head all the way down on Mark's cock and said
"drink it baby girl, drink it all."  Cindy's didn't  take her mouth off of
Mark's cock until she was sure that she had milked every drop out of it.
She opened her eyes to see her brother's cock, waiting for her, she took
her mouth off Jeff cock and placed it immediately on to her brother

This is so great she thought,  one cock comes and another is waiting,
Yumm Yumm Yumm,  I love come.  I love cock,  I love cocks,  I love being a
slut.  She was so happy.  Being young, Mark got hard again right away.
Jeff said "do you want to fuck her now?"  Mark nodded yes,  Well do it,
she's on the pill so stick it in her.   She is wet and ready,  fuck her.
Jeff sat down on the couch, Cindy was on her hands and knees.  Sucking her
brothers cock.  Mark pulled up Cindy's dress and gazed at her beautiful
young smooth pussy.  That looks good enough to eat, he thought.  He spread
her ass cheeks and started licking her cunt and ass.  She tasted great,
He stuck his tongue in her cunt as deep as he could and then licked up the
crack of her ass.  Damn,  she's sweet.  His dick was now fully hard again,
he proceeded to mount her doggy style while she was sucking Jeff.  Cindy
felt Mark's cock push into her.  Mmmm,  that feels so good.  Cindy was in
heaven, this was the greatest, to be able to suck and hard pretty cock and
get fucked at the same time, what could be better.

"Fuck her hard, slap her ass, she loves it", said Jeff.  "Treat her nasty,
call her names, pull her hair, push her head, do what ever you want to her
she's a slut, use her."  Mark loved hearing all this, he loved nasty sex.
He grabbed Cindy's hair and, pulled her back on to his cock, the he pushed
her ass and head forward onto her brothers cock.  Suck it bitch, Suck
while your fucked.  Back and forth her body pumped on those two cocks like
a 2 cylinder engine.  What a nasty little fuck and suck toy.  "This is
fun."  Mark thought to him self, "I hope we can do this again. "  Cindy
was just a little fuck and suck machine and she was loving it as much as
either of the boys.  She loved to suck and she loved to be fucked.  She
could never decide which she love best,  but now she knew the answer,
both at the same time is the best.  Mmmm, sucking,  cock, fucking cock,
Ohhh,  Yes, it felt so good, so hot, so nasty.  She really felt like a
slut now.  This was her kind of fun.  After about fifteen minutes of this
position,  Jeff said, " I want to fuck her for awhile, let's switch
places.  He took his cock from his sisters mouth.  He climbed off the
couch.  Mark was still pumping away at his sister sweet smooth snatch.  He
looked up at Jeff, " You ready",  "You know it dude"  Mark pulled out and
stepped aside, and Jeff looked at his sisters open snatch.  So engorged,
so excited, so juicy it was dripping.  God, what a pretty pussy.  He
couldn't look any longer he had to fuck it,  He had to put his cock into
his sister slutty cunt that had just been fucked by his buddy Mark.  Ohhh
Yeah, mmmm, Jeff slid his cock into his sister sweet juicy warm cunt.  Wow
it was sooo hot.  Mark want around and climbed on the couch where Jeff had
been, and Cindy went back to doing what she loved best, sucking and
fucking.  Jeff slapped Cindy's ass.  "Slut, you love this don't you"  Jeff
loved his sister very much, he had made her into a little horny cunt, and
this was what she wanted, he enjoyed giving it to her, and he liked doing
it too,  it was nasty, like pornos,  two guys teamin a chick,  Yeah he
could get into this.  If his sister wanted to be teamed, if she wanted to
be a slut, why not.  As long as he got to keep on fuckin her,  he didn't
care how slutty she was except for the disease factor.  Perhaps it was
time to talk to his sister about using condoms.  He reasoned the sluttier
your gonna be, the more careful you should be.  He knew his sister was
destined to be a major fucking slut.  She was taking on two cocks with a
fury.  After Mark had come twice and Jeff three times,  Cindy was ready
for more.  Yes, this was only the beginning,  Jeff knew that he was going
to be teaming his sister again and again.  And he knew that day wasn't off
before she'd be wanting to get gang banged.  Jeff was happy and excited
about what he had done to his sweet baby sister.  She was the hottest,
sexiest, prettiest little nymph that he knew.  She was his sister, and she
was his fuck doll.  Yes.

To be continued