- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daughter does daddy
[Author] from family affairs
[Type] Father/daughter

      My wife and I had planned a leisurely vacation in our new motor
home.  Our nineteen year old daughter joined us, as her husband,
who is in the Navy, was out of the country.

      About two weeks into our trip, we were visiting my brother and
his family.  My wife's mother called to let us know her husband
was in the hospital.  My wife decided to fly home, and my
daughter and I would drive home.

      The first night on the road, we stopped at a campground and got
the last available space, which was next to a high board fence
around a drive-in movie.  My daughter found a crack in the fence
and was watching the movie.  She excitedly called, "Daddy, come
here quick!"  I went over and stood close behind her to look.  A
middle aged man had a young girl on a table, eating her out.  He
then stood her up, bent over the table and entered her from the

      My own rod got hard and was touching my daughter's ass.  She
pushed back against me and shook her butt.  She said, "Daddy,
I've never had it that way.  My husband's a prude.  He lets me
suck him off, but he won't eat me.  I'm really horny; will you
eat me?"  My stiff prick said yes.

      Back in the camper we slowly undressed each other.  She sat on
the table and I slowly kissed my way to her beautiful, young,
hard tits, down to her blond muff.  I found her clit, which was
large and hard.  My tongue went into her vagina, and I could
feel her pussy muscles working.  She had an intense orgasm and
pushed me away.  She tried to take my dick into her mouth, but
had trouble with the large head.  She did get it in, but it hurt
her jaws and she couldn't get me off.

      I put a pillow under her ass and tried to enter her, but she
was too tight.  I got some margarine from the fridge to rub into
her pussy and on my tool.

      I forced myself into her, and she screamed with pain as my
apple popped in.  I started to pull out, but she said, "No,
Daddy.  That's alright."  I only had about half my nine inches
in when I lost a big load of cum and then went soft.  I pulled
out and went down on her till she got relief.  The mixture of
margarine and cum tasted real good.  She thanked me for the best
fuck she'd ever had.

      We slept late the next morning.  When I woke up, she had my
dick down her throat.  As it got hard, she gagged and had to
finish me by hand.

      The next four nights were wonderful.  We stopped early every
day so we could fuck and suck.  By the third night, she could
take all of my cock into her cunt and about half of it into her

      Now, we go to a motel about twice a week to watch X-rated
movies and fuck all night.  She just informed me that she is
pregnant.  It has to be mine, since her husband has been gone
for six months.  She wants to divorce her husband and get an
apartment so I can take care of her sexual needs.  She says she
never wants anybody but me.

      I don't know how my wife will take this, but my daughter is the
best fuck I've ever had.  Much better than her mother.

                              Mr. M.S., Indiana