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[Story Name] Bringing daughter back
[Author] Mithunda
[Type] Father/daughter

Roy was tired. He had been driving for the past two days across the hot Arizona desert on his way to LA from Alabama. He was going to LA to pick up his daughter Sue. She had called home a week earlier to tell Roy and his wife that she was leaving her husband and had nowhere to go. Last year just out of high school, she had married one of her classmates and gone off to LA because she had become pregnant by him. But somehow the boy got into gangs and Sue's life became hell, all the more so because she had a baby girl now to take care of. So she opted to get out and had called her parents. Roy could have gone by air to LA but he had to bring back Sue's stuff. Since part of his business was renting U-Haul trucks, he took one of those trucks and drove to LA.

He felt sad when he entered the neighborhood where Sue lived. He was relieved that she was getting out. Roy was not happy when Sue got pregnant and then married her boyfriend. He was in love with her since she was sixteen. He had wanted to keep her for himself. But being her father, he did not want to force her in any way and had let her take the path she chose. But when her marriage fell apart, he was secretly happy. He thought he had a chance now to make his daughter his own girl and he was determined not to let the chance go by. When he saw his daughter, he was glad to see that she looked as pretty as she was a year back. In fact she looked better because now she was also a mother. Roy hugged her and planted a fatherly kiss on her cheek. Sue started crying with happiness and relief on seeing her dear father.

They sat and talked for a while and Roy had a couple of hours sleep. Then they started packing Sue's stuff which did not take much time because she did not too many things to take. They went to bed early because next morning before dawn they wanted to leave. Roy said he will sleep on the couch in the living room. But Sue said "Dad, you are tired from two days driving and again you have two days drive ahead. Sleep comfortably in the bed. The couch is only a love seat, much too small for you", and she took the couch. Roy immediately fell asleep on the comfortable bed.

Couple of hours later, he woke up and went to the bathroom and when he came back, he saw his daughter lying curled up in the love seat with the baby's crib by her side. Apparently she had breastfed the baby and her blouse was open on one side revealing fully her right breast. Roy's fatherly instinct was to cover her with a sheet and he went to the bedroom to get a sheet. He returned with the sheet and was about to cover her when something made him stop and take another look at his daughter's exposed breast. It was beautiful. A full breast with the perfect nipple and areola gently rising and falling with her breath. Roy did not know how long he stood there enjoying the sight of his daughter's lovely breast. But he found himself bending slowly until his face was just an inch from that soft object of desire. He could smell her breast milk which had dried up on her areola. He was about to bend further and engulf the delcious nipple with his lips when Sue rolled over and fell off the couch. He had just enough time to snap back to his self before she woke up and saw him standing there holding the sheet.

"Dad, what happend?", she asked. Roy said, "I was going to cover you baby. Your blouse was open". "Dad, night time I don't even wear blouse. I have too much milk in my breasts and sometimes it starts leaking and makes my blouse wet and I have to take it off anyway. Also I have to feed the baby three four times. So I just don't wear my blouse. Today since you are here, I put one on.", said Sue. Roy was surprised but felt curiously happy and said, "Sue dear, you don't have to do anything different because I am here. Take off your blouse if you want to". When Sue took her blouse off, Roy was fascinated by the view he got of both of her breasts. He said, "Wow, Sue, you have gorgeous breasts. They have really grown since you were a little girl".

Sue smiled and said, "Thanks for the complements Dad. I am glad you like them. And, dad, it is really uncomfortable here on the couch. Can I sleep on the bed with you?". Roy said, "Of course baby, come on in. It is after all your bed", and led her to the bedroom. When they were lying side by side, Sue asked, "Dad, do you want to me to cover myself with the sheet. I am not wearing my blouse. If that would bother you, I will cover myself. But it is hot in here". "Don't worry baby. You don't have to cover yourself", Roy said and then jokingly added, "Instead, I will tie my hands up so that they don't reach out and fondle those cute breasts of yours". Sue laughingly said, "Dad, you wouldn't do that, would you, being my dad and all that. Anyway, let us say goodnight and catch some sleep, daddy", and kissed him on the cheek and settled on the pillow.

But Roy could not sleep. He could not take his mind off of his daughter's wonderful breasts, which she had shown him when she took her blouse off. The two lovely jiggling shapes were creating a pleasant image in his mind. He started fantasizing about holding them in his hands and softly caressing them. He imagined the feel of the firm nipples in his palms. He did not know how long he was in his fantasy world when he realized that Sue was shaking him gently. WHen he turned on his side to face her, she said, "Dad, can you put your arms around and hold me, please. It is so long since I was in somebody's warm embrace and I need it, dad". Roy said, "Yes dear, scoot over and let me hug you". Sue moved over and Roy put his arms around her and held her close to him, He could feel his daughter's firm breasts pressing his chest and it sent a shiver through him. Sue put her hand around him and a deep sigh escaped from her and she slowly drifted into sleep.

His daughter's nice smell and warmth kept Roy awake. He wondered whether Sue would let him fondle her lovely breasts. He wanted to hold them and caress them so much. He did not know that soon he would be doing lot more than that, because after a while, he felt wetness on his chest. He realized that it was milk from his daughter's breasts. He was wondering whether to wake her up when he heard the baby cry. Then Sue woke up and said, "It is feeding time for the baby, dad. Let me go and feed her". Roy said, "Oh, that is why your breasts started leaking. Look, my t-shirt got wet with your milk". Sue said, "Sorry about that, dad. I can't help it", and went to the living room to feed the baby. When she came back and got into bed, she said,"Dad, I still have milk in my breasts. Your t-shirt is going to wet again". Roy said, "It is Ok baby. I will take my t-shirt off. I can also take care of that problem by finishing off your milk". Sue said, "You want to do that dad? That would give me relief too. Here, start with my left breast. There is more milk in there than my right", and held up her left breasts with her hand.

Roy covered her young breast with his mouth and gently pressed her nipple with his tongue and lips. His daughter's sweet milk began flowing into his mouth. After a while, he heard Sue say softly, "Dad, do my right breast now", and he switched to her right breast. Then he heard her moaning and her chest started heaving fast. He asked, "Are you all right, Sue?". Sue said, "Yes dad. It is so nice having your lips on my breasts. Keep sucking even after you finish the milk", and she took his hand and placed it on her left breast. Roy started gently caressing her soft and warm breast while continuing to suck her right breasts. Sue was softly moaning excited by her father's fondling and sucking. Father and daughter slowly drifted into sleep soothed by pleasant feelings.

Next morning, they got up early and started their onward journey home. Sue put the baby seat between her and her father. Sue was wearing a bra and a loose shirt and on the way when the baby cried, she would pull up t-shirt and push her bra down to give the breasts to the baby. Roy enjoyed the lovely shape of his daughter's breasts through the rear-view mirror as she fed the baby. He hope that during the night Sue will let him suck her breasts.

They had a six hour journey across the hot desert and after a couple of hours of drive, Sue said, "Dad, can you pull over? I have to piss." Roy asked,"Sue, you used the rest room at McDonald's only two hours back". "Yes dad, but after the baby I have had to piss quite frequently. I had to go half hour back. But I was feeling shy to tell you about that. But I started leaking. So I had to tell you", said Sue. Roy said, "Oh, sorry Sue. I did not know that. I will pull over now", and did so. There were no buildings or even trees miles around that place. Sue got down and stood close to the truck with the truck door open, to give her privacy while she pissed. So Roy could see what she was doing.

She put her hand under her skirt and pulled her panty down and took it off. Then she hitched up her skirt and spread her long legs and started pissing. Roy could see her smooth tight ass and the golden stream of her piss as he looked through the door. When she was done, Sue got in and closed the door. She still had her panty in her hand. She said, "Dad, if you don't believe how urgent it was for me, just see how wet this panty is", and gave him her panty. Roy took it and felt the wetness in the crotch. "Yes Sue, it is wet with your piss. Next time, you have to piss, just tell me and I will pull over. By the way I enjoyed watching you do it, Sue. You have a gorgeous ass baby", said Roy.

Sue giggled and said, "Everything about me is nice for you dad, because I am your daughter. Yesterday you said my breasts are gorgeous and today my ass is gorgeous for you. What is next?". Roy replied,"Sue darling, there is lot more. First of all your face. That is the prettiest face I have seen in my entire life. Your eyes, your hair, your cheeks, your lips all make you so cute and desirable. Then the milk from your lovely breasts that you gave me yesterday-that is the tastiest thing I have ever tasted in my life. And the soft feeling of you breasts cannot be described except as heavenly. Just now I saw your splendid legs as you stood there pissing and your piss itself was like a stream of liquid gold". Sue smiled shyly and said,"Thanks for thinking I am so lovely, Dad". Roy said,"You are welcome baby. I am sure there are more beautiful things about you and I will get to see them all one of these days", and winked at his daughter. Sue blushed and bent her head.

Then Roy looked at the panty he was holding and exclaimed, "Oh, I forgot this. This looks so beautiful to me when I think it has been on you, baby and its wetness makes it a treasure for me". Then he put her panty to his nose and exhaled the fragrance that was coming from the wet crotch. He moaned, "Oh, baby, your scent makes my head reel". Sue laughed and said, "Daddy, stop being so romantic and start driving. Just sitting in the middle of the desert praising your daughter's beauty will not get us home". Roy also laughed and started the truck.

As he drove, he and Sue chatted about lot of other things and Sue fed her breast milk to the baby and both kept drinking lot of water beacuse it was so hot. After a couple of hours, Roy asked her,"Is it time for you to piss baby?". Sue said, "Yes, dad. I have been drinking a lot of water. Don't you feel like pissing too?". Roy said "Yes dear. But that is not my only problem. I have a hard on that won't quit. It is not easy sitting near a gorgeous girl like you, watch your breasts and think of your pissing", and laughed. Sue also laughed and said, "You are talking and behaving like a horny teenager, Dad". Then they both got down to piss.

When Roy pulled his prick out of his pants, Sue was looking and she let out a gasp at the sight of her dad's enormous prick which was fully erect and slanting upwards. And Roy had his first glimpse of his daughter's pussy as she lifted up her skirt and spread her legs to piss. He was surprised to see that his daughter had a clean shaven pussy like he had seen on teenage girls whose pictures he used to browse on the internet. Both their hearts were beating fast at this first revelation of each other's sex. They looked with a rush of adrenalin at the golden stream of liquid that came out of each other's piss holes.

When Sue was done, she said, "Dad, give me the panty. I have to wipe myself". Roy had stuffed her panty in his shirt pocket and he took it out and gave her. Sue wiped her pussy clean with the panty purposely pushing the panty deep inside her pussy. Then she goggled and gave it back to her father saying, "Here dad, now you have more of your favorite scent in that crotch". Roy took it and put it to his nose and let out a long moan and held onto the truck pretending that he was going to swoon. Then they got into the truck and drove on.

Roy slipped his daughter's wet panty over his head and put it around his nose so that he can keep enjoying her sexy smell from the crotch of her panty. Sue called him a joker.

Chapter 2

Around six in the evening, Roy decided to stop and check into a motel for the night. As he was going to register, Sue said, "Dad, don't waste money booking a room with two beds. We will sleep in the same bed just like last night". Roy felt happy to hear her say that and he got a single-bed room for the night. After they checked into the room, Roy said, "Sue, I am going to get a pizza and some drinks for our dinner. You take your shower". Sue said, "Dad, get some similac for the baby too". Roy asked,"Why Sue, don't you usually breastfeed the baby?". Sue was a little shy when she replied "Yes daddy. But today I think I have a bigger and hungrier baby to feed". Roy was excited. It means that his daughter was going to keep all her breast milk for him.

When he got back with the pizza and the similac and let himself in with his key, a gorgeous sight awaited him. Sue had taken a shower and was brushing her hair in front of the mirror wearing only a skimpy little silk panty. Her shapely breasts were jiggling nicely as she brushed her hair. Roy said "Baby, you are gorgeous". Sue smiled and said "Dad, go take a shower. You have all night to look at me and praise my beauty".

Roy went into the bathroom and took a nice shower. After that, they ate the pizza. Roy could not take his eyes off of his daughter's gorgeous breasts and the slight bulge of her pussy pushing against her thin silk panty. He longed to go between her hot thighs and kiss that soft bulge. After finishing the pizza, they settled on the bed to watch the TV. Sue nestled against her dad and put her head on his shoulder. When Roy put his arm around her and held her breast, Sue trembled a little. She watched their relection in the mirror behind the TV. Her father looked very handsome. He was not wearing any shirt and she loved the look of his hairy muscular chest. She could see his stiff prick pushing his shorts out.

She had dreamed of a scene like this with Brad when she was dating him. But it never happened. It was just rolling on the bed kissing and then having sex. She could not imagine now why she let Brad get her pregnant which forced her to marry him. She was now unsure of her ability to make life decisions. She needed somebody to take care of her so that she does not get into trouble taking unwise decisions. She felt that sense of security with her dad. His gentle caressing touch on her breast, the romantic things he had said about her earlier that day, the firm feel of his strong lips around her nipples last night as he gently sucked her milk - all these told her that she was safe with her dad. She wanted to be her dad's girl.

As she was silently thinking all this, Roy turned her face to him and asked, "What are you thinking baby? Do you feel nice?". Sue snapped out of her thioughts and said, "Yes, dad. I have never felt so nice before. Will you please kiss me?". Roy's heart missed a beat. He put his finger on her lips and asked, "Here?". Sue replied eagerly, "Yes", and sat across his thighs facing him with her kness on his sides and put her arms around him. Roy drew his daughter close to him in tight embrace and covered her soft lips with his own and started kissing her passionately. Sue opened her mouth and let her father put his tongue inside and taste her own tongue.

Soon they were lying on the bed in hot embrace with their lips locked in incestuous ecstacy. When Sue pried her lips away from her father's to catch her breath, she said, "Dad, I love you. I want to be your girl". Roy was joyous to hear these words from his daughter. He hugged her tightly and said, "Oh, baby. I love you more than anything else in this world. I am so glad you want to be my girl. A daughter is the best gift a dad can ever have and you are the best daughter of all", and kissed her again. Sue said, "Dad, I never want to leave you again and I want to give all of myself to you". Roy replied, "Oh, darling, I won't let you ever to go away and I want to have all of you, most of all this", and slid down between her spread thighs to press his lips on his daughter's pussy.

The thin silk panty was already wet and the fragrance that arose from his daughter's hot pussy made his head feel light. The more he pressed his lips to her pussy. the more wet it became. When it was almost squishy, Roy started pulling her panty down. Sue lifted her ass so that her father can take her panty off. Now Roy had full view of his lovely daughter's sex treasure which was glistening with wetness. It was a just a tight crease with no labia hanging loose. It was like pre-teen girl's pussy. He said excitedly, "Oh Sue, this is the most beautiful thing in the world I have ever seen. What a gorgeous pussy you have". Sue said, "I want it to be yours dad, take it", and pressed her father's head down into her pussy.

Roy kissed his daughter's pussy again and then started licking it with his tongue, running it from the bottom to the top of her incredibly soft and hot pussy. Sue was moaning, "Daddy, it feels so nice". Roy licked and sucked her pussy, slurping the copious flow of tasty love juice that was flowing from it due to his loving. His cock was hard and was hurting inside his shorts.

Sue, I want to fuck you, he said

Yes, dad. I want to have you inside me too, his daughter said

Roy stood up and removed his shorts releasing his straining cock. Then he grabbed Sue's legs and turned her pussy towards him. He held her legs apart and rested them against his shoulder. Sue grabbed his cock and placed it lovingly against the opening of her waiting girlhood. Roy pushed his cock slowly inside his daughter's pussy. It was well lubcricated but tight. Then it was all the way in and he slowly started puling it out and pushing it in back. Sue started moaning.

Her ass shook under the impact of his prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from his driving prick. He was ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust into her pussy-hole. As her father began to slowly grind his hips, moving his ass in lewd circles above her, Sue began to pump her cunt up and down on his huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as

tightly as she could around his thick, hard prick. Again and again, Roy stabbed his prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of her grinding pussy.

"Oooooooooooh, Daddy, you're so big in me!", Sue cried out suddenly.

"Am I hurting you, baby?", asked Roy, a little worried that his nineteen-year-old daughter was still too small to take a cock as big as his up her tiny pussy. "No! No, Daddy, it's fantastic! God, it feels so good I could faint!"

"Oh, sweet Jesus, it sure does, sweetheart!", groaned Roy, his cock probing

deeper and deeper. "Damn, but your little cunt is so tight, Sue, honey!...

Mmmmmmmm, yeah, just the way a cunt ought to be... tight and hot!" "And wet,

Daddy," giggled Sue, looking up at her father with moist, glassy eyes,"don't

forget wet!" "Oh yeah, babe! You're wet alright.... so very, very wet!" "Then

fuck me Daddy!", she breathed, Oooohhhnnnnnn ... oh fuck me Daddy...fuck me hard. Hard, hard... unh! Unh UNH! UNHHH! Oh yes...like that... Uhhhhhhnnnnggghhh!"

"Oh, Sue!", grunted her father. "I am, baby! I can't believe it, but I am! I'm fucking you, sweetheart! Jesus, It feels so good, darling!... God!" With his hands firmly clutching his daughter's jerking ass, Roy rode her up and down the length of his prick, at the same time lunging up into her tight, squirming pussy again and again with stupendous ferocity.

But in this position, Roy couldn't keep it up for long, and after several minutes of solid fucking, his legs started to ache from the exertion of holding her.

"Ohhhhh, baby! I've got to lie down before I fall down, honey!", gasped Roy. He lowered himself carefully into the bed and lay back, holding her ass tightly so that his cock remained deeply embedded in his daughter's juicy little cunt at all times. He was now on top of his lovely daughter's hot, willing body. He felt her soft and firm tits pressing against his hairy chest and his lust for his daughter grew even more when he thought of the pleasure awaiting him in those beautiful breasts. Then he covered his daughter's mouth with his own, thrusting his rigid tongue between her lips.

Kay opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against his. She sucked loudly and wetly on his hot tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against his mouth.

Sue gripped her father's hips with her thighs, grinding her overheated

young cunt onto his huge throbbing erection. "Don't stop, Daddy... don't

stop!", she panted. "Ooooooh, please... fuck me with your big cock, Daddy! Fuck me hard!....Oh God! Uhhhh! Harder! Unghh"

The bed rocked and the walls reverberated with the noise of wild, unrestrained fucking as Roy and Sue went at each other like rutting animals, the excitement of their incestuous union fuelling their wild, passionate lust for each other. Roy's fingers dug into the smooth jouncing flesh of his daughter's ass as he crammed her flowing slit full of his surging cock. He could tell from the feeling on the head of his prick that it was piercing the very mouth of his daughter's womb.

The look on Sue's pretty young face was one of pure erotic bliss. Roy fucked his panting, whimpering daughter with long hard thrusts that made the girl's milk-filled tits shake and quiver with the sheer force of his deep cock-stabs. In no time at all, Sue was squealing and jerking like a wild animal in her father's arms. She clawed at his back and bit his neck, grinding her overheated little cunt down onto his thrusting prick as hard as she could.

Her knees gripped his hips for leverage as she thrust her own hips up and down to meet her father's rhythm.

"Oooooh, Daddy! Fuck me!... Fuck me! Uhhhnnnn, I love your cock going up my cunt, Daddy! It's so big and hard! Ohhhhhh, fuck me faster, Daddy... fuck me faster!"

"Yeah baby, go for it!", gasped Roy as he felt her hips speed up. "C'mon sweetheart, fuck daddy's big prick! That's it, twist your sexy little ass, baby!" The pleasure generated by Sue's tight, daughterly pussy as it clasped and squeezed his deeply stabbing cock was intense. Roy had not felt such a powerful grip in a woman's cunt, even the first time he had fucked his wife.

The pressure around his rock-hard cock was almost painful at first, but as his daughter's little cunt-hole stretched to accommodate his prick, the pain

disappeared, and only the wonderfully hot, slippery friction of her satiny,

young girlhood remained. "Ahhhhhhhhh, Jeesus! Uhhhhh, yeah... hot... uhh...

tight... ohh... wet... little cunt! Ungghhhhhhh!"

He fucked her with love and lust, grabbing her lovely breasts and ramming his oversized cock deep into her belly. Sue loved every moment of it. She squealed and whimpered, impaling herself wildly on her father's prick, begging him in no uncertain terms to ravish her tightly-stretched little cunt.

"Yes, yes," she cried ecstatically, "that's the way I like it. Oh, Daddy, darling, fuck me like that!.... yes, oh yessssssss, fuck me... fuck meeeee!" Roy was really fucking his lust-crazed daughter hard now, his cock stabbing up into her drooling, squirming little twat with jackhammer force.

Little animal groans of lust bubbled up from deep in Sue's throat as she writhed in passion on her father's pistoning prick. The more her father fucked her with his over-sized prong, the hotter she got and the more she wanted! From the first deep, wondrous penetration, her father's huge prick had filled Sue's tight little pussy to the brim, his long, hard thickness stretching her tiny cunt-slit. Her father's swiftly stabbing shaft induced

such a feeling of extreme sensual rapture, that for a long time Sue was

unconscious of anything, except the massive hardness pounding incessantly

between her slender thighs."Uhhhhhhhhh, fuck me hard Daddy!", she whimpered.

Then it happened. "Ohhhhh, Daddy, I'm commmmmiiinnngg! Sue suddenly squealed, grabbing her father tightly and pressing his hard body against her soft one. She moaned and tossed her young, teenage body back and forth on the sofa, almost making her father's prick slip out of her coming cunt. But Roy held onto her, scooping his hands under her shaking ass and jerking her hips up toward his prick. He rammed her deeper and harder as his daughter continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around his steel-hard, pleasure-giving daddy-cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, God, it feels soooooo gooooood! Sue cried, thrusting her hips up even higher, shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again. Ahhhhhh, dad, commmmiiinnngg! she moaned loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at the father's cock, trying desperately to milk it of his hot, thick jizz.

She pumped her ass off the bed, feeling her milk-filled tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the bed between her legs.

Oh, God, dad, fuck me, fuck meeeee! she yelled. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and shudderingly powerful. She didn't know how her father could hold back his own cum, but she sensed that he was doing it for her sake, to make her orgasm all the better, and it was working. As always she silently thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

The young girl's long, sharp fingernails clawed her father's shoulders and back as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of his hard prick.

Roy was about ready to come as he felt his daughter's orgasm finally easing off. He realized that he had just given her the most exciting climax she had ever had. He wanted to make his daughter remember their first love-making for a long time. He wanted her to have several orgasms before he himself came. His cock was still rock hard and he continued to fuck his daughter until she whimpered and came again her squirming little pussy bathing his cock in a deluge of hot, oily lubrication.

Roy was still fucking Sue powerfully, guiding his horny young daughter from one climax to another. He could feel her little cunt-walls contract tightly around his cock with her every orgasm. Soon Sue cried, "I'm gonna come again, dad!" "Oh, yeah!", groaned Roy, feeling his daughter's third orgasm rip through her slender, quaking body. Each climax seemed bigger and more intense than the last, and Roy marvelled at the way the girl could come so hard one second, yet be instantly aroused the next. His cock was rock-hard, and sometimes felt like it was about to blow any second, yet every time his cute little daughter climaxed, his stamina seemed to return and he simply fucked her more.

Roy soon felt a mighty climax racing upwards from his balls, engulfing him like a tidal wave. "UHHHHHHHH! FUCK! I'M CUMMMMING, BABY!", he yelled, "OOOHHHH, YEAHHHH, CUMMING IN YOUR TIGHT FUCKIN' CUNT!" Sue squealed with pleasure as she felt her father's cock, swell and squirt deep up inside her, flooding her womb with jet after jet of hot, creamy cum. She squirmed and writhed beneath him, bucking her little hips up to receive his precious load.

After consummating their love. Roy and his daughter lay together in bed en each other's embrace, savouring the bliss of their union. After they regained their composure, Sue thrust her milk-heavy breast in her father's mouth and Roy hungrily sucked at the nipple to drink the sweet milk. Her father's lips on her breasts made Sue more horny. She took his prick in her hand and started fondling it gently. After Roy finished sucking both her breasts, Sue

slid down the bed towards her father's rigid lance of cock-meat

jutting out from his crotch and she gasped with raw, cunt-churning

excitement. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked out, moistening them.

Roy's prick, fat and swollen with lust for the girl, bobbed only a few inches from her mouth. As he watched her, her head tilted forward. Her lips, soft

and wet, brushed against the straining head of his prick. A jolt of pleasure sizzled through his loins. His cock jerked and twitched with anticipation.

The knowledge that her mouth gave her father so much pleasure excited Sue. And, again, she kissed the thick crown of his cock, moaning with excitement as she once more made his cock jerk and twitch. She gripped the throbbing shaft of her father's cock and her tongue touched the little slit at the center of the prick-head. When her tongue moved back, its tip was coated with one of the pearly cum-drops that oozed from his prick.

She stuck her tongue out again and this time it washed over the sensitive surface of his prick. She coated his cock with the warm moisture from her mouth. Then her lips spread wide and even wider.

When her face dropped back to his crotch, she quickly swallowed up most of his prick. Her nostrils flared wide as she took even more of his prick into her mouth. Her lips clamped tightly around his stalk of cock and she moved her face up and down on her father's big, hard prick.

Sue slid her mouth up and down, up and down, finding an easy, natural rhythm that brought fire to her father's groin. His hips swayed back and forth as he shoved his prick in and out of her face, fucking her mouth with his cock.

Sucking her daddy's cock thrilled the teenaged daughter beyond belief. Every cell and nerve-ending in her body tingled with fuck-lust and an ocean of cunt-juice flowed within her hot pussy. His prick was hard and rigid inside her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she impaled herself on her father's cock. She swallowed, drinking down the mixture of saliva and pre-cum. Her tight lips slid up and down the throbbing shaft of his's prick. Her tongue licked out hard and her mouth sucked eagerly, impatient for that exciting moment when her father would dump his load of cum down her throat.

Looking down at his cock-sucking daughter, Roy groaned. His legs trembled with the rush of incestuous sensations the young girl's mouth was giving him. She nibbled a bit on the fat slab of cock-meat in her mouth and he groaned again with pain and pleasure. Sue sucked harder, her cheeks hollowing deeply, bringing him more pleasure than pain now. Ohhhh, yeah, baby, he moaned huskily. She whipped her stiff tongue around her daddy's stiff cock and he shook all over with pleasure. He jerked and twitched as his prick slid over her tongue and halfway down her throat. He knew that he was about to come and he longed for the special incestuous thrill he would feel when he came down his sexy, teenaged daughter's throat. His balls were on fire with desire. But he clamped down with all his might, holding back the flood of cum that churned within his nuts.

He licked his lips excitedly as he watched his prick move in and out of her lovely, young face. Her cheeks bulged out as his thick cockmeat pushed inward. Then, as he pulled out of her mouth, her cheeks sank inward, waiting for his next mighty fuck-thrust. The spongy knob of his prick nudged at the back of his girl's throat now. Her nostrils flared again as she sucked in her breath to avoid gagging. Harder and harder she sucked, gobbling up the fat prick-meat that invaded her mouth. She took her father's cock into her face deeper and deeper, her lips slipping closer and closer to the base of his prick. She licked and sucked, igniting a raging fire that spread throughout his entire body. She sucked hard, drawing him as deeply as she could into her mouth. Then she let him slide down her throat.

And still she sucked, thrilling to the lust-filled groans that were constantly flowing from her dad's throat. She felt the base of his cock-shaft swell and she knew that her daddy was about to come. Her own body trembled as she felt his prick jerk crazily inside her mouth. She sucked harder, pulling on him, milking him. She licked wildly, whipping his prick with her tongue. And he came. Hot scalding cum blasted into her mouth. His jism splashed over the roof of her mouth and coated her entire tongue and the inner walls of her cheeks. Gush after hot gush spurted from his twitching cum-slit. Commmiiinnngggg! Roy cried.

Her mouth was flooded with the thick, sticky goo from her daddy's orgasm and she swallowed. Then she swallowed again and again, drinking down the cream of his come. Then she sucked his spurting prick some more. Ohhhhh, Jeesus! Roy shouted. He groaned with relief as he emptied the last of his cum down her rapidly swallowing throat. Then Sue moved up and kissed her father with incestuous passion. Now she had her loving father's cum both in her belly and her womb. She looked longingly at him and said, "Dad, I love you so much".

Tears welled up in Roy's eyes and he hugged his naked daughter close to him and stroked her blond hair lovingly.

Chapter 3

Roy and Sue got up a little late next day, after their first full night of love making. During their drive towards home, they discussed how to continue their dad-daughter love affair when they are back home. Sue wanted to sleep with her dad in his bed every night. Roy told her she will have to be a little patient because he had to make some alternate arrangement for her mother. Thus, while the couple were happy about their union, the future caused them some concern. When they reached home, Roy's wife Beth was extremely happy to see her daughter and grandson. She had cleaned up Sue's room and put in a crib and stocked it up with plenty of toys for the baby.

She cooked a nice dinner for Sue and Roy. But next day her mood was a little different. Roy could not understand what was bothering her. After a couple of days, she announced that she has taken up a job in the nearby grocery store and she will be working the five to eleven shift. Even though Roy and Sue did not really know why she was doing it, they felt secretly happy. That would give them the whole evening to make love.

The past few days had been difficult for both. They could manage only a couple of love sessions even though they kissed whenever Beth was not watching and Sue got her dad to suck her breasts at least once a day. But for a dad-daughter couple who have just consummated their love, these things were not enough to satisfy their lust for each other.

Finally Roy decided to ask Beth what is going on. That night, when they were alone, he asked her. Beth got up and went to the dresser and brought something in her hand. "Roy, tell me about this", she said, showing Roy the thing in her hand. Roy's heart missed a beat. It was his daughter's panty. Beth said, "I found this in your jacket pocket the day after you returned. It was still wet when I found it. I know this is Sue's. Did you make out with your daughter on your way back?".

Roy remembered going back to the motel room when they were checking out to make sure they did not leave anything back and finding Sue's panty lying under the bed and picking it up and stuffing it in his pocket. They had made love just before leaving. Roy told Beth everything. There was no point in holding anything back and anyway, he wanted to settle this thing so that he and Sue can be together as soon as they can. Sue needed him. Beth asked him, "Roy, are you and Sue in love?". Roy said yes. Beth then told him, "Roy, I have also tell you something. Shirley and I are in love."

Roy felt like a thunderbold hit him. Shirley was their next door neighbor. She was a twentyfive year old nice looking girl who had bought that house and moved in a year back. She had a decent job, dressed well, had a nice car. Roy had heard that she had a violent marital relation when she was young, got no support from her parents and consequently had to stay in an abused women's home for a year and undergo counselling before returning to normal life. Because of her past experiences, she was averse to men. But she and Beth had grown to be quite good friends and did a lot of things together. Roy was not surprised that his wife and Shirley had become lovers.

Beth asked him, "Roy, are you going to hate me because I am in love with another woman?". Roy replied, "No, Beth. In my opinion woman's body is made to be enjoyed by all. So a woman enjoying another womans' body is not unnatural. For the same reason, a father enjoying his daughter's body is also not unnatural. Daughters, sisters, mothers are all women. So incest is not abnormal."

Beth said, "I am glad you accept these things so nicely, Roy. Now go to your daughter. She needs you. I am glad that we are helping her out unlike Shirley's parents". Roy felt immensely happy. Everything turned out to be alright. He kissed his wife and walked over to his daughter's bedroom.

Sue was brushing her hair, getting ready to go to bed. Her breasts were aching. There had been no opportunity for her dad that day to suck her breasts. Roy closed the bedroom door and hugged her from behind and showered kisses on her neck and hair. Sue was suprised. "Dad, is mom not home?", she asked. Roy replied, "She is. She sent me here", and told his daughter everything. Sue was deliriously happy. "Does this mean our union is permanent, dad?". "Yes, sweetheart", Roy replied and carried his daughter to the bed. Father and daughter made love long into the night.

Next morning, when Roy and Sue walked into the kitchen for breakfast, Beth greeted them normally, as though it was perfectly normal for a daughter to spend the night with her father and come for breakfast holding his hand, to be served by her mother. During breakfast, the three chatted about the weather and politics. At the end, Roy said, he better order a larger bed for his daughter's bedroom, since he will be sleeping with her. His wife said there was no need for that. "Roy, Sue can move into the master bedroom and you two can sleep there. I will move out to Sue's room". Sue blushed deeply at these words of her other. She had never imagined one day she will replace her mother on her father's bed. Roy swiftly moved his daughter's things into the master bedroom.

A few days later, he made his daughter wear her mother's bridal dress. He wore a suit and took a self picture of him and his daughter and put it on the side table near their bed. After six months of marital bliss with her dad, Sue told him one day, "Dad, I am pregnant".