- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Daddy's discipline
[Author] Susan Wright, from the Family Room
[Type] Father/daughter

      I've always been a real bad girl, but thank goodness I have my
daddy to punish me when I'm bad.  I know you're not supposed to
like being punished, but I do.  Please don't tell Daddy, though,
for if he found out he wouldn't punish me anymore and I think
I'd rather die than go through life without Daddy being mean to

      My daddy is such a wimp, though.  I mean, every time he
punishes me he feels guilty afterward and always goes all soft,
making love to all my holes tenderly and gently.  Of course
there are other times, when he's angry, and somehow I think
they're better.  I have many more orgasms when Daddy's mean to

      It started years ago when I used to wet the bed, and boy, did
that make him mad!  He would pull down my panties and give me a
spanking with a hair brush.  Ouch!  My buns would turn a fiery
red as he whacked them ten times each in turn, sometimes more,
so I couldn't sit down on a chair for days.  But that was all
right, for it was during those times that Daddy would let me sit
on his cock so my buns would be in air.  It was definitely worth
getting punished!

      Sometimes when my daddy would hit my little bottom with a belt
or hair brush or other object, I would put my hand under me and
play with my pussy, and wave after wave of wonderful waterfalls
of lust would flow through my body.  Of course, Daddy always
caught me, and nothing made him madder than when someone else,
even me, pleasured his little girl.

      I like going poopy in my pants even more than bed wetting, for
that gets a different punishment from my strict daddy.  He would
pull off all my clothes and then take off his, too, until his
twelve inch monster was exposed in all its purple anger.  He
would then stick it up my tiny bunghole until rivers of his love
juice filled my bowels.  I still remember Daddy's words when he
sodomized me on a daily basis.

      "Bad little girl!  I'm going to make sure that you never do
that again!  I'm going to push the shit right back into you!" he
would say, feigning anger, but I know my daddy.  He's never
really angry; he loves me too much.

      Nothing pleases me more than to feel my daddy's cock go in and
out of my tight little rectum.  His penis is so large that took
almost a year of getting bum fucked to take it all in!  I feel
funny in my tummy when Daddy does my bum, for I feel like his
penis juice is mixing with my food.  That's how deep he does me!
He even makes me clean his dirty tower of lust off with my mouth
after he fucks my ass long and deep.  I feel so dirty when I
have to lick it off that it makes me cum and cum and cum.  It's
so wonderful how Daddy humiliates me!

      That's not the only way he punishes me when I go potty in my
pants or in bed!  After I get a thorough bum fucking, which can
and has lasted for hours, he drags me into the shower stall and
goes potty on me!

      "I'll show you not to go potty anywhere but in the toilet.  A
big, grown up young lady has no business messing up her pants,"
he scolds as we're both in the stall bare-ass naked.

      That's when he does it.  His bladder must be in proportion with
the size of his penis as he lets out a stream of pee pee that
seems to last forever.  He pisses on me and in me until my whole
body is just dripping in his smelly pee.  Gross!  I feel so
dirty when he makes me drink it, but it makes me get so excited,
too!  I'll never tell him that I think his urine tastes great or
he'll stop doing it, and that would just break my heart.

      Just when I think I can't get punished anymore, that's when
Daddy shows me that there is no limit to his discipline or my
punishment.  He goes poopy.  In the toilet, dummy, not on me,
but he makes me clean his bum off with my tongue!  I don't mind
though, because it makes my bare pussy nice and wet until I
literally flood with my own sweet juices.  I know they're sweet
because Daddy tells me so when he eats my tight love box.
Sometimes he'll let me taste it by kissing me, but not usually,
because Daddy's greedy.

      Daddy doesn't punish me alone.  Sometimes he feels bad and
dirty for whatever reason and then he tells me to punish him.  I
take full advantage of him on those rare occasions.  I make him
do me with his wet tongue, both on my shaved snatch and my
puckered bum hole, especially after I just get done doing number
one or two.  He loves it when I talk like a little girl; it
drives him so crazy!

      I like spanking Daddy, too, even though I afraid to hit him too
hard.  I could never really hurt my Daddy, I mean he fucks me so
good!  Still, I hit him and hit him until I can see the red
marks on his butt cheeks through all his dark hair.  Of course I
feel bad afterwards and I take my tongue and give him wet,
sloppy kisses on and in his big butt.  Sometimes it smells,
phew!  That's when I march him into the bathroom and start a
nice bubblebath for my stinky daddy.

      It takes me so long to wash him from head to toe 'cause he's so
big, but I think it's my favorite thing to do because nothing
gets my juices flowing like when I wash my daddy.

      I start with his hair and wash it twice with baby shampoo
because he cries when the real stuff gets into his eyes.  What a
baby!  Then I wash his big, hairy chest and it takes forever.  I
mean, my hands are so small and his chest is so big!  I really
like washing his cock, which always stands at attention when my
hands go up and down its length with suds.  Then I fondle his
balls with soapy fingers until he's ready to explode, but Daddy
won't let that happen and neither will I.  He taught me one very
important rule, and that is, man cum is very important for my
growth and development and it's a terrible thing to waste, so
every time Daddy has to cum, he must cum in me.  I'm certainly
not going to complain!  Therefore, just before he's ready to
blast off, I snuggle my super-tight gash onto his love flag and
ride up and down like some carnival attraction.  His pole feels
like it's behind my bobbies when he's all the way up in me and
his balls are spanking the bottom of my crack.  It definitely
hurts a bit when he's all the way inside me, but I love the
finale when he blasts his seed inside my womb, trying to get me
pregnant.  I love having babies with him and we're already
working on our fourth!

      Anyway, Daddy sucks my boobie flesh and my tiny nipples while
my hungry, shaven twat clamps his fatherly meat in anticipation
of a dousing with his loving sperm.  That's when it hits me like
a whip, I explode in wonderful sensation when his meat hits my
magic button, sending wave after wave of gooey feelings washing
through me.  There feelings are what I live for and my loving
daddy makes sure I get lots of them every day.

      Daddy feels it, too, as my pleasure gives him pleasure also,
and he sends his steamy love seed on a dutiful mission to
impregnate his little girl for the fourth time.  I haven't told
him yet that I'm already two months pregnant.  I going to have
another of his babies!  It makes me smile when I think about it.
I just hope it's a boy.  We already have three girls and when
they get old enough, I'll have enough competition.

      After I make a funny noise pulling my wet snatch off Daddy's
cock, I finish washing him and then I rinse him off.  Now comes
the fun part.  Daddy likes his little girl clean and he
absolutely loves washing me every chance he gets.  I love it
just as much, and on good days, I'll time my potty accidents
just right so we keep going in and out of the bathtub and
shower.  Oh, it feels so good to have Daddy wash me all over.  I
like it most when Daddy washes my hair.  Daddy never lets me cut
it and it reaches past my bum now, so when Daddy sodomizes me he
has to move it out of the way.  Nothing hurts his feelings more
than when I wash my hair instead of letting him do it.  I
definitely don't want to hurt his feelings!

      He always has a hard time deciding how he wants my hair to
smell, but don't mind, because when he's indecisive, he washes
my hair over and over again.  Sometimes he just goes crazy, like
now, and uses five different shampoo bottles on my hair.  I love
the feeling as his hands wash all of my hair, and the shampoo
just drips off the end because he uses too much.  He lathers up
my blonde curls and I see that he too is excited, as his penis
gets nice and hard again.  He stands up, knowing that I know
what to do and I try as best I can, like so many times before,
to fit that monster into my petite mouth.  His cock tastes so
yummy as I slurp on it like a popsicle stick until it gets nice
and bright red and then turns purple.  I love the taste of his
jizz, but I don't want any right now.

      Instead, knowing that Daddy will go along with it, I beg,
"Please, Daddy.  I want to feel you do my bum again while you
wash me all over."

      He gives me an affirmative smile and I assume the position as
Daddy towers behind me and soaps up his cock with my shampoo.
He then takes his humongous monster cockhead and pushes it
against my super-tight sphincter.  I gasp out in pain and
ecstasy as Daddy's love tool floods my rectum, stretching my
anal walls beyond their designed capacity.

      "Goooooood.  Fees so goooood!" I moan as Daddy starts the
journey inside my bowels.  "Fill your little girl's bum full of
cum," I plead as I laugh at the rhyme I just came up with.

      Daddy laughs too as he devotedly pumps me in my cute little
ass.  Anything for his daughter.  I feel like I have to go poopy
real bad as he fills me up, and then as he pulls it out, I feel
so good I just want to scream, and I do.

      "Yes, Dada!  Fill my tush!"

      He does me good, hard, long, and deep as I pant like my little
puppy does when it's in heat.  His big hands wash my body all
over with the shampoo lather that fills my hair.  His fingers
pay particular attention to my little quim as he plays with my
pussy and fucks it with his soapy fingers, deeply, to make sure
I'm all squeaky clean inside and out.

      The greatest moment of all, showing how deeply Daddy and I love
each other, is when we cum together.  I feel his bulb grow and
expand as it shoots four streams of sticky goo all up inside me.
It feels so good as it coats the walls of my bung and drips down
to my pretty clitty.  So good, in fact, that it sends me to
fantasyland again as I moan out in happiness and my whole body
shakes and becomes stiff and then shakes again.  I love my daddy
so much!

      Daddy takes a good twenty minutes rinsing my hair and then
soaping it up again while I play with myself, but some reason I
just can't cum again.  I can finger myself all day long and it
never feels as good as when Daddy does it or fills me full of

      We get out of the bubblebath all squeaky clean and I can't wait
to get dirty again so Daddy can wash me.  Of course we're not
done yet as Daddy lovingly gives me a vaginal and anal douche
that makes my insides smell all nice and pretty, like flowers.

      I start to get wet and dirty again, though, thinking of last
week when I was really bad because I called him a dirty old man.
He was fuming that morning when I called him that and he did
something that he rarely does.  He went into the closet and took
out the whip and handcuffs.  Before I knew what hit me, I was
strapped to the bed by the feet and handcuffed to the posts,
bare-ass naked.  He took all his clothes off and whipped me good
until I was crying and my pussy was so wet that it left a stain
on our satin sheets.  That just made him angrier.

      He took a feather and tickled me for what seemed like hours and
there was nothing I could do to stop him.  I thought I would
just die from laughing, and my quim!  Forget it.  I must have
had three orgasms before he was done.  Was that the end?  Hardly.

      He kept me tied up all day and most of the night as he did all
sorts of things to me.  He even peed on me in our own bed!  Then
he had the balls to say that I did it, poor little old Susan ,
as I dripped in pee.  It soaked through my hair and all over my
body.  Not to mention that he stuck it in my mouth and swallowed
most of it.  That just made me wet the bed for real, and then
Daddy was fuming and hard again!

      I didn't know he could get it hard that many times in one night
as he pounded my tender pussy, ass, and mouth until I felt all
three holes were sore.  My tummy hurt, my jaws ached, and my bum
felt real red, but boy, did I cum!

      Between his hard-ons he erotically tortured me, as he would eat
my pussy and suck my titties and get me all riled up.  Then, as
he so expertly knows, before I would reach orgasm he would stop
and taunt me.

      Mean Daddy!  But I still loved him.

      If that wasn't bad enough!  He lit two candles and dripped hot
wax on my nipples.  Ouch, it burned!  However, it make my pussy
cum with delight and that was good.  Was the end in sight?  No

      He then gave me an enema and made me go all poopy all over the
bed, as I couldn't hold it any longer.  Then he had the nerve to
scold me.  It was a nice scolding, however, as he got hard and
just would not cum.  He was like the Energizer bunny, except he
was my furry rabbit as he plugged all of my holes and finally
came in my mouth.  It tasted better than ever, for I was so
hungry!  Daddy knew this too.  He got a banana, a cherry and
whipped cream, and put it all around my hot little pussy and
then ate it right in front of me!

      I couldn't take it anymore.  I was hungry, my pussy was
overloaded from all the orgasms, and I smelled of our urine and
my poopy all over.  Daddy knew it was time to stop and he
mercifully untied me.

      That was the best part of the night as we washed each other for
five hours until we were so exhausted that we both fell asleep
in each other's arms while we were still in the bath and full of
soap and shampoo.  Let me tell you, we had a hell of a time
rinsing it out the next morning and that just made him angrier.

      I'm kind of upset now and I really don't want to tell Daddy
that we're going to have another baby.  It's not that I'm not
happy, for I am, but being pregnant is pure hell.  You see,
Daddy doesn't want to hurt the baby, and though I get plenty of
his hard penis when I'm pregnant, he won't punish me!  That's
torture in itself.  Well, I'll just have to be so bad that my
loving daddy has no choice but to punish me severely.

      All I can say is that if your daddy punished you as well as
mine scolds me, you'd be bad all the time.