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[Story Name] on the farm with daddy
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

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Plowing for two whole  weeks to get the land he owned in shape for planting,
was not Dan's idea of a good time. Heat, bugs, noise, long hours and an aching
back. Finished for the day, tired and dusty,  Dan entered the old but spacious
farmhouse, he was greeted by is daughters.
" Daddy !!! "  his little 9 year old Rebecca cried out , running to him , to be
swept up by her father.  "This is what makes it all worth it " Dan thought to

After dinner, he helped his eldest, Marie with homework. At 17 , she was a true
long legged, statuesque beauty. None of which escaped her father's embarrassed
looks...His middle girl, Hanna had just turned 13 and was taking on the looks
of her mother. Long chestnut brown hair, big green eyes , and shapely curve,
even if she was only thirteen. Rebecca was a cross between her parents. Tall
for her age like Dan, pretty & smart like her mother.

Tucking the kids into bed that night, Dan's wife came to him with the bills.
With the first day of summer vacation starting for the girls in a week, she had
decided to take on a full time day job. " Marie can look after the girls while
I work. We need the money Dan. "  He reflected on this a while and said " Well,
Hanna is going to be sitting for the hooper twins 5 days a week this summer &
Marie is going to be at the pool in town all day , with her lifeguarding job.
That sort of screws everything up . " Dan looked at his wife, and knew she was
crestfallen. She had only offered in hopes of helping them get out of debt from
the last year's crop failure. She finally said " Well, I am heading for a bath
then bed. It will work out. Maybe Janie down the road can sit with Becca for
us. " With that, she kissed his lips softly, and climbed the steps.

Dan watched the news and sipped iced tea , thinking of the problem of Rebecca.
Dog tired & ready for bed, he switched off the television and headed to join
his wife. Showering, he heard her come into the bathroom. " Honey, I think I
know what we can do about the sitter problem..." She sat and listened as Dan
suggested Becca stay with him durring the day. He had bought a new tractor the
previous spring, and there was room for two. Enclosed cab, ac, a radio. She
stay with him from 8 a, till noon, they'd eat lunch, then go out from 1 till 4
. If she brought her barbies and a few tapes, they could pull it off. After the
fields were done, she could stay with him & help with odd jobs on the farm.
They discussed the details and brought it up to Rebecca at breakfast. She
squeeled in delight at not being left with her sisters all summer, or, a

The week passed and Dan found Rebecca all ready to come with him, her barbie
case in one hand, and a canteen of water in the other. Dan had seen his wife
off to work, and Marie had dropped Hanna off at the Cooper's on her way into
town. Taking his daughter to the huge tractor, her set her up, buckled her in
and they were off. Nine year old chatter about the kids at school, her teachers
& best friend filled the next few days , and Dan ( tried to ) listen intently.

The fourth day into the new routine proved to be a day that would change Dan's
life forever. The usual chatter started and Dan asked his daughter what she
knew of boys, when she brought up a lad in school she'd said liked her. " Well,
I dont know much dad. Just what Mr. Grisby taught us in health class. " Dan
asked       " Well, what do you & your friends think of boys ? " Rebecca
glanced at her father & blushed. " Daaaaddy !! "she giggled.... He grinned "
What ??" looking innocent, he nudged her with his elbow. He let it drop as she
changed the subject.

At noon, they went to the house to eat. She went to her room and came back,
producing a pillow. "Going to take a nap today Becca ? " He teased. He knew
from breaking in his own seat , that her ass was getting sore from the rides
everyday." No daddy, the seat in the rig is starting to make my bottom hurt ,
so I wanted to bring my pillow today "  He grinned and tossled her hair as they
walked back to the tractor. Fifteen minutes into the field, Dan noticed Rebecca
getting frustrated at the pillow slipping off of the seat. She arranged & re
arranged to no avail . " Daddy, this is making me mad !! " he laughed a little
and said " Okay. let me stop a ssecond. " He slid the tractor into neutral and
told her " Come sit on Daddy's lap. You can help me steer. " He watched as she
slid in onto his lap behind the huge wheel. They were off once again.

" Wow daddy, that is, better " He smiled, as he felt her squirming in his lap.
" Uh, honey , sit still, okay ? " he almost begged. He knew his penis was
filling out, and if she did not stop, she would feel his errection. " What's
wrong daddy ? I'm sorry, I was trying to get comfortable. " He sighed "it's
okay Becca. " He thought of her soft skin, shielded from him , only by her
cotton shorts & his jeans.

They rode on for what seemed an eternity. Becca and her daddy finished, went to
the house & cleaned up for dinner. Later that night, Dan fucked his wife with
more vigor than a man half his age......And Becca slipped her tiny fingers
under her nightie , into her panties and down to her clit. She thought of her
daddy, and the hard thing in his pants that afternoon. Tomorrow would be even
better. Oh how the vibrations in the seat made her little pussy feel, but
daddy's penis felt even better !
Swirling thoughts of her daddy filled Rebecca's  head as she came softly.
Swirling thoughts of his daughter filled his head as Dan filled his wife with
his hot cum.

The next day Becca came down wearing a sun dress. Alone in the kitchen, Dan
watched her make lunch for them " Daddy" she said " I thought we'd eat by the
pond today . It is so nice out ! " He agreed and the two set out for the fields
again. Dan watched as her 9 year ols bottom swayed under her dress. Maybe he
should make her ride on the seat instead today....

Climbing into the cab, Becca would have none of that. She slid into her daddy's
lap and got comfortable. "You okay Becca ? " " Oh yeah, I'm fine ! Let's go !"
He fired up the huge tractor and went to the place they'd stopped the day
before. An hour into the ride, Dan heard a song he liked & turned up  the radio
. " This is a good one baby  " he said when his daughter looked up at him. She
decided that daddy was not very hard, so it was time to do something about it .
The music made the perfect opportunity..

Rocking to the rythm of the song, Rebecca ground her firm ass into her daddy's
crotch . Now he knew, she was doing it intentionally, and his cock could not
ignore it. Wordlessly, his hand went to her tummy. He rubbed her a little and
she sighed " Mmmm, daddy" in her little girl voice. He dared to slip down to
her thigh, and she pressed harder into him. His hand went up , a little further
, till he was under her dress, and he felt her little hand guide him to  rub
her little vaginal lips . He gasped at the dew on his finger, as he slipped it
into the leg of her panties, caressing her tiny bud, coaxing it out. He could
take no more. He stopped the tractor without a word . She stripped the dress
off for him. She looked up at him, and bared her chest to him . He saw the tiny
nipples, errect and pink. He licked them  , making her shudder.

Lifting the 9 year old to her feet, he undid his jeans, letting his cock stand
errrect. He silently stroked it for her a few times, then sat her back on his
lap, and they rode further down the row... She spread her little legs, letting
her daddy's penis slip between them, then closed them, trapping it between
those soft thighs, up next to her wet sex. He gasped as her tiny hand wrapped
around the head, then the shaft. Nature took over & guided her fist up and
down. He enveloped the little hand with his own, making the seal tighter and
the strokes faster. Rebecca moaned " Yes daddy , I want this..." She ground her
clit forward a little and proceeded to climax on his dick. He felt her little
trickle flowing on his hot flesh and almost came. He lifted her & had her face
him ...

He hoisted her to the steering wheel and slipped her panties down, parting her
little knees, looking at her hairless  lips. He leaned down, scooping her up
till she stood on the seat, feet by his thighs . His hands held her little
buttocks up, as he slipped into her folds with his tongue. " Daddy!!!! Oh,
daddy, lick me please, I want it , lick it daddy , lick meeeeeee !!! " She
pumped her narrow hips toward him, and he slipped a finger into her tight
little vagina. "You like this baby ? " He only stopped licking her sweet smooth
pussy lips long enough to ask her. "Uhhh, huhhh daddy, Oh my sweet daddy,
uhhhhh " She  tried to get more of his finger into her tiny cunt.

She squeeled " Yes daddy, put it in down there !! " He looked up " In your
sweet little pussy baby, tell daddy what you need honey " He licked and finger
fucked his little  beauty  as she struggled for the words  , panting, near
another orgasm.."Pleas daddy , put your big finger..... in my pussy !! In my
pussy daddy!!" He sped up , fingering her slick little slit faster till she
tightened and came hard, watching as her daddy licked up all of her fresh
virgin cream.....

He turned her to sit on his lap again, letting her calm a little .He reached
for her panties and was going to tell her to put them back on, when she said "
No daddy, I saw a magazine at cousin Randals , in the bathroom. I want to do
what they did.The man....he had his thing in her  uh...her pussy .... I want to
do all of it ! "  A fine sheen of perspiration covered his lip as Dan thought
of what shse wanted. His baby wanted him to fuck her. To take her . He
trembled, and was about to say no, when he felt her lift, and guide the head of
his throbbing errection to her tiny hole...She was so slick and tight. Before
he knew what she was doing, he felt the head slip into her little vagina. He
gripped her shoulders and pushed her down, taking her cherry , almost brutally,
She cried out " OHHH!  OWWW !!! UHHHH DADDY !!! " He held her still, kissing
her back , letting her get used to his size. Not huge, but very hard, she soon
felt all of his cock stretching her insides.Her whimpers turned to sighs , then
moans, when she suddenly burst out,  "Touch it daddy, touch my little thing !!
" she nearly screamed. He reached for her tiny clit, and felt her jump. He
nearly came then & there.

She rode up and down slowly as her daddy wiggled his finger back & forth over
her clit. She felt as if she'd torn in two, but it felt better now, He was
fucking her, like the man in the magazine. She heard her daddy asking over &
over if she was ok & he rubbed her back , but  she only nodded, in a little
haze of lust, Daddy pushed her forward, lifting her arms over the top of the
steering wheel , and then as she held on, he pumped his dick in & out faster,
faster till shse screamed as she climaxed...

He held her tiny hips, looking down, watching his cock slipping in & out of his
daughter's sweet little hairless hole , seeing her firm ass dance as she
shuddered through another orgasm. He licked his finger and without slipping it
into her, caressed the little pink bud of her anus. He felt her little muscles
tighten over his thick cock in response ..."Ooooh, daddy , Uhhh, I like that,
rub it for me daddy..." She rode her father faster untill he started to cum. He
felt her grind down suddenly, pinching her tiny nipples and riding him like a
jockey ..."Yes baby !! Daddy's cumming , cumming in you baby !! "  She trembled
and felt the climax building in her young body  "Daddy !! Ohhhhh, yessssssss "
she hissed " Cum with daddy baby , here it comes !! Get ready !! "  She heard
her daddy moan and call out her name loudly, and felt his hot white cum filling
her little body, holding her hips, fucking into her gently, but very very deep,
he was cumming !! The sight of her sliding up and down on his penis was too
much , and he errupted into his sweet daughter's pussy, groaning her name over
& over, stroking her hair , filling her with his cum. She cried out as she came
once more, with him....

He felt his penis soften, and she rolled into his lap , looking at him. " I
love you daddy " she whispered. " Are you okay Becca ? Daddy loves you too "
"yes daddy, I feel soooo nice...hold  me daddy " He did. For 45 minutes, she
lay naked in her daddy's arms , as he covered her with her dress, and kissed
her forehead, caressing her shoulders & neck, whispering " I love you baby "
now and again. . Finally, he took her to the pond, and washed her, pouring the
cool clear water over her tender flesh . His little girl ...He  took her to eat
the lunch they had brought. Sitting on a blanket under a tree, the soft breeze
sweeping over them. He looked at her, feeling guilty, but closer to his
daughter than ever , as she curled up on the blanket & dozed in the warm