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[Story Name] Generations of daughters
[Author] Edspony
[Type] Father/daughter

It's early morning and I'm just starting to wake up. I lay here and smile. I feel so good. Laying up against me with her head inside my left arm and on my shoulder is my sixth generation daughter, Tina. Her little titties with their hard nipples are pressing against my side. Her outside leg is thrown over mine. Her inner thigh is all sticky with my cum. Her arm is laying across my stomach with her hand holding my cock. I glance over at my wife Sara on the other side of the bed. She is already awake and smiling back at me.

I'm 99 and have had a full night. My daughter has just had her 13th birthday and a good time was had by all. Hopefully she is pregnant, but we will continue fucking until she has missed her period.

I really want to live to be 100 so that I can hold my seventh generation daughter. That would make her my great, great, great, great, great granddaughter.

All this started early in the 20th century on a warm summer day. You see I grew up in a small mid west farming community. Sara lived next door to me. I had a crush on her but was a couple of years older than her and she unfortunately had no interest in me. For her 13th birthday she had a big party, but I wasn't invited. So I went down to the dump to shoot rats with my slingshot. While I was there I found a bunch of empty bottles. I thought they would make great targets and be easier to hit than rats. One of the bottles that I was going to set up for target practice had a label that said 'chloroform' on it and it still had a little bit of liquid in the bottom. Boy did I get an idea. I'd teach her not to invite me to a party.

I went home and set my plan into action. I got a rag from the rag bin and some rope from the storeroom. About midnight I got out of bed and picked up my sack of stuff, snuck out my bedroom window, climbed down the tree, went through the hedge, up the morning glory trellis and through the window into Sara's bedroom. I poured some of the chloroform on the rag and held it against her nose and mouth until I was sure that she was out. I took the rope from the sack and tied her spread-eagled to the four corners of her bed. I took my pocketknife and cut off her nightgown. I then cut a strip from her nightgown to gag her. I then cut another strip to blindfold her so that when she came too, she couldn't identify me and cause me problems later.

There she was, naked for me to look at and feel up. I touched her small titties with my fingers and when the nipples got hard I tried to suck some milk out of them. Of course it didn't work, but what did I know I was only 15. Anyway back to the story. I then put my hand down to her pussy and felt the soft fuzz that was there. It was short and so soft you wouldn't really call it hair yet, just soft silky strands. I felt her slit and found a bud near the top of it that I rubbed for a little while. She must have liked it because her pussy moved up to meet my finger. I think that she was starting to wake up with me doing that. I then moved my hand down and slid my middle finger into her pussy. Boy, I was exited as it was wet and tight. My finger went in a long inch and then something stopped it. I thought that pussies were supposed to be deeper than that and just assumed it would get deeper as she got older.

I decided that I couldn't wait any longer as my cock was so hard that it was almost hurting. I took off my pajamas and crawled up on the bed between Sara's legs. I then put my cock into her slit and pushed. It went in a little bit and then stopped. I knew what to do next because I had watched some dogs fuck. I knew that you had to move in and out with your dick. So I started to shove in and out. Wow, did it feel good, but I got so exited and shoved so hard that my cock sank all the way into her. She jumped when this happened and tried to get up, but couldn't because I'd tied her up securely. I just kept pumping away because it felt so good until my cock and balls started to feel all tingly and then I started to squirt stuff up inside of Sara's pussy. She was really trying to get loose at this point, I thought her dad might be coming down the hall to see what all the commotion was about, so I pulled my dick out of her pussy, shoved all the stuff, including the pajamas into the sack and retreated naked to my bedroom to hide.

When I got back into my bedroom I put the pajamas back on, stuffed the sack in the back of the closet and hid under the covers. I couldn't get to sleep because I was really exited about what had happened, but I was a little bit scared too. In a few minutes lights came on in Sara's bedroom and a little bit later the police arrived. A hour later all the lights went out, the police left and all was quite. I then decided that I was safe. I then lifted my middle finger up to my nose and smelled the finger that I had stuck up Sara's pussy. It smelled so good that I licked it off and then promptly fell asleep.

Sara got pregnant from the rape. They never did catch the rapist. I volunteered to marry her so that the baby would have a daddy. Everyone said that I was too young to get married, but I insisted that I wanted to. So we got married just after I turned 16 and just before my daughter Annie was born. Daughter number 1.

After the baby came, we couldn't live with Sara's folks anymore. Her parents gave us a 80-acre farm that had belonged to Sara's moms parent. It was a mile outside of town. I didn't like farming so we rented out the farm land, but we lived in the house. I started working in Sara's dads hardware store to make a living.

When Annie turned 13 we were going to have a birthday party for her in the evening after I got off work since it was Saturday and we could sleep in late the next morning. Sara was helping out at the store while one of the female clerks was on maternity leave. Sara left work at noon to go home and get things ready for the birthday party. When she got to the house, she looked in the living room window and saw Annie laying on the couch with only her panties on. One boy was sucking her titties while she was giving another a blowjob. Needless to say the boys were sent packing. If we hadn't invited so many people to the party it would have been cancelled, but we decided to hold it anyway so that we didn't have to make up any excuse for canceling on such short notice.

Annie was sent to bed right after the party. I sat down to talk with my wife about what to do about Annie. Sara said that the only way to calm her down and to save her reputation was to get her pregnant.

I was flabbergasted and asked her if it would work and who could we get to fuck her that wouldn't say anything. She looked at me and said that getting pregnant worked for her and that I should do it. I thought alright, but just said that I would go along with it, if that's what it takes. She then said that we would raise the baby as our own as she had never been able to get pregnant again and would like a little one in the house. We talked about it a while more and decided that the best time to do it was right now, before Annie could get into any more trouble.

Up the stair we went. We opened the door, turned on the lights, and went into Annie's room. Annie was laying in bed rubbing her pussy under her nightgown. She then sat up and in a huffy tone asked us what were we doing in her room without knocking anyway. Her mom grabbed her wrists and pulled her back on the bed with her arms over her head near the headboard. Mom then said to take my pocketknife (for those who were wondering, yes it's the same knife. I consider it my lucky knife and have used it at all of the girls 'parties') and cut the nightgown off of her. Annie then began to scream and struggle. Sara said hurry up and gets the nightgown off of her and cut it into strips so that we could tie her hands to the headboard. When that was done Sara told Annie to quit screaming or she would gag her. She said no one was going to hear her screams this far out into the country anyway but the noise hurt her ears.

Mom said that since it was her idea, she wanted to go first and warm Annie up for me. She immediately got on the bed and laid down beside our daughter. She then leaned over and started sucking and nibbling on Annie's nipples. She slid her hand down between our daughter's thighs and started playing with her pussy, stroking a finger in and out of the slit. Sara looked at me and smiled. She said we got to her in time, because her cherry is still intact. Sara kept working on Annie's nipples and pussy for about a half-hour, Annie had cum many times by then and was now in a state of almost constant climax. Sara looked at me and said Annie was ready for me now and to get up here and fuck her.

Was I ready. I had almost cum many times just watching those two. Well I climbed on the bed and slipped between my Annie's legs. I put my now very hard dick to the entrance to her pussy and shoved. It slid in about two inches and then stopped, I thought that I was in heaven. I pulled almost all the way out, took a deep breath and then plunged into Annie's pussy as deep as I could go. Her cherry popped without anyone hardly noticing. I came almost instantly, filling Annie's pussy with loads of my stringy white baby making cum.

We all rested for about a half-hour and then started again. Sara started by eating Annie out for 15 minutes. This really drove Annie nuts. She pleaded for me to fuck her and to untie her please, which we did. I lasted about an hour this time, but boy did I really have to hold out real hard not to cum too soon. When I finally came we were both screaming with joy.

Mom and I then tied Annie's hands to the sideboards of the bed, so that she couldn't get up and get cleaned up. Since we both wanted Annie to get pregnant, we wanted the cum left in her pussy where it would do the most good. Well it worked, 9 months later Lisa was born.

Sara said that we should have a party like this whenever a daughter turned 13. So that's what we have done. Every 13 years I have bred another daughter. The others daughters were Tammy, Joan, Wendy, and Tina. My wife and I raised Annie, Lisa, and Tammy as our daughters. Tammy still lives with us and is raising Joan, Wendy, Tina, and the will probably raise the next daughter as her own as well.

Annie is a curly red head. Lisa has red wavy hair. All of the other daughters have brown wavy hair. In fact the last three look so much alike that they could be triplets if they were the same age.

All of the daughters, except for Tina, have gotten married and have other kids of their own. Sara and I have many grand kids of all generations to keep us company. We really have enjoyed our lives even though we're both getting old now and slowing down a lot.

Last night was the most special of any of the daughters 'cumming' out parties. After all the cake, candles, and presents, Tina was sent to bed. A hour later Sara, all my other daughters, and I went upstairs to Lisa's bedroom. We just marched right into Tina's bedroom. Boy were we surprised. No one was there. We then heard Lisa yelling that she was over in grandma and grandpas bedroom. Well, we all trooped in the other bedroom and there was Tina, sitting on our bed, wearing a big smile, her birthday suit and nothing else. She said that she wondered what took us so long, since she been ready for what seems like forever.

I don't know who told her, or how she figured it out, but boy was she ready. We;

No, I don't think I'll tell you yet. I think I'll just save this evening for another story.