- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jenny
[Author] Red Rose
[Type] Father/daughter

Mark and Toni were married for 10 years.  They had a beautiful little
girl who on this day celebrated her 7th birthday.  Jenny had blonde
hair and blue eyes like her mom.  A beautiful little girl.  As she blew
out the candles on her cake, and opened her gifts, she had no idea
what the real present from her parents was going to be.  She partied
with her little friends until about 6 PM.  She helped her mom put the
dishes in the sink and straighten the living room.  She hugged her
mom, thanking her for the party and the presents.  Her mom smiled
at her and brushed her hair out of her eyes, kissed her forehead.
"Dad and I have a special gift for you Jenny.  Now you go take a bath
then come to our room and we will give you the special present."

Jenny smiled delightedly and ran to take her bath.  She wondered
what the gift could be.  She did not think it was a pony, 'cause a
pony would not be in her parents bedroom.  She was eager to know
what the present was.  After her bath she slipped on her loose little
nightie, a kind of see through affair her mom had given her the day before
her birthday.  She looked at herself in the mirror and was just a bit
embarrassed because she could see her little slit through the gown.
Mama had told her she should not wear panties with this gown, as it
was more grown up not to.  Jenny wanted to be grown up.  She did
feel kind of funny though.  She knew when she went to her parents
room her daddy would see her in the gown, and see her naked private
part.  She shrugged and thought he had seen her naked lots of times
before and this was not really any different.  She brushed her hair
then went to her parents room.

When she entered the room she saw her parents sitting on the bed.
Her mom wore a see through nightie just like hers!  This made Jenny
feel better.  Her daddy wore his usual robe.  They patted the bed
beside them and Jenny climbed in with them.  They hugged her and
wished her a happy birthday again, then her mama told her, "you are
a big girl now Jenny and we want you to know that.  We decided it is
time you learned what sex is about.  We want to teach you before
you learn from somebody on the street or in school."  With that her
mom reached the hem of her nightie and lifted it up over her head.
She pushed her daughter down on the bed and pushed her legs open.
Jenny's eyes were wide in surprise, and she let out a small yelp as
she felt something warm and wet on her privates.  She looked down
to see her daddy's head between her legs, his tongue licking her little
slit.  He licked and sucked gently as her mother leaned down and
kissed her lips.  Jenny moaned no!  Believing this to be wrong, but it
did not stop them.  Her mother hushed her by driving her tongue
between her teeth, and licking all around the inside of her mouth.

Jenny was feeling sensations she never knew existed.  She liked the
way her daddy's tongue felt on her pussy, liked her mama's kisses.
Still she had been taught in school that no one should touch her like
this!!  Jenny began to struggle and her mama held her down and
whispered to her, "it's OK Jenny, don't be afraid.  Mama and daddy
want to make you feel real good for your birthday.  Just relax baby
and let us do it."  Ever the obedient daughter Jenny tried to do as she
was told.

When she relaxed, she found that she liked her daddy licking her
even more.  She started to move her little ass, trying to give him
better access to her slit.  He moaned against her quivering flesh and
she sighed and wiggled more.  "Yes Mark, lick our little girl, make our
baby's pussy wet for your cock.  Oh god Mark, I can't wait for you to
fuck her!  Please, let me put your cock in her tight little cunt!"  Toni
moaned.  Jenny did not know what cock and cunt really meant, but
she soon found out.

Toni moved to hold Jenny's little legs high in the air and wide open.
Mark stopped licking her little pussy and shoved a pillow under her
ass, raising it so her slit was open to him.  He knelt between his little
girls legs and pushed his cock at her fuck hole.  Toni moaned as she
saw the contact of cock to virgin baby cunt.  Knowing this was her
own daughter made her even hotter.  Her pussy juice was running
down the inside of her thighs.  She put Jennies feet on Mark's
shoulders, and reached down to grab his throbbing cock.  She jerked
it off a bit and pulled him tighter to their 7 year old daughters

Mark's cock was large, about 8 inches long and 3 wide.  Toni knew
that when he drove it into Jenny it was going to stretch and hurt her
baby pussy, make her scream.  Even as she thought of that Toni
almost came.  She wanted this as much as Mark did.

She guided Mark's cock as he began to push into their little girl.  She
squeezed his cock, causing him to moan, and precum to ooze out of
it.  She held it fast against their little girls fuckhole and felt it when
the head of his cock popped into that tight little cunt.  Mark groaned,
Jenny yelped.  "Oh god Toni!!!  Our baby's pussy is so fucking tight!!
Oh god!!!"  Mark growled.  Jenny began to buck and struggle,
wanting the intruding cock out of her pussy.  She began to cry and to
yell as her daddy drove more of his cock into her pussy.  When he
pushed past her cherry, Jenny yelled in pain and surprise.  Mark
could not, would not stop.  He kept pushing, deeper still into her tight
little pussy.  "She's going to squeeze my cock off!!  Oh Toni!! Oh
Jenny!!!"  he cried.  Jenny's struggle grew as more of his throbbing
cock split her tender pussy and impaled her.  She began to scream
and cry, begging, "NO!!  It hurts daddy!!"  Her cries were ignored.

Toni was so hot watching Mark fuck their daughter that she could not
stand it.  She was kneeling behind Jenny's head, and now moved
forward, positioning her pussy over her daughters little face.  Toni did
not care if Jenny licked her, she would do that in time.  Right now she
just wanted to fuck her pussy down on Jennies face, to rub her pussy
all over it and coat it with her juice and cum.  As Mark buried his cock
in his 7 year old daughters pussy, his wife rubbed her pussy into the
girls face.  Her clit was hard and sticking straight out.  When it made
contact with Jenny's soft silky skin, Toni thought she might die in
pleasure.  Jenny struggled, used her hands to try and push her
mother off her face, but she could not.  Toni continued rubbing her
pussy all over her daughters face as she watched her husband fuck
his cock deep into her. Suddenly, neither she nor Mark could hold out
any longer.  With loud groans, both of them began to shudder, their
bodies spasming as they used their little girl between them to cum.

When it was over, pink ooze dripped from Jenny's abused pussy, and
her face glistened wetly with her mothers cum.  Mark and Toni held
her between them, whispered apologies for hurting her.  Mark told
her, "we want you to know about sex because we love you.  I know it
hurt this time, but it will feel better and better once your pussy
stretches a little bit.  You will feel real good, like mama and I did
tonight.  There's so much we are going to teach you!!  I know you will
learn to love it!!"  Jenny didn't think so, but she said nothing.  They
held her and fell asleep with her in their arms.

From then on whenever Jenny took a bath, one of her parents was
always there to wash her pussy, inside and out.  They used their
fingers to stretch her wider, using first one, then two, and finally three
fingers.  They fucked them into her gently, slowly, stretching her little
cunt, preparing her for the next time her daddy fucked her.  When she
was stretched as good as they could, they started taking turns
rubbing her slit.  Jenny gasped when they did this, because it did feel
good, real good.  One day after her bath, her mother carried her to the
bed.  She lay her down on it, then buried her face in Jenny's pussy.
She slowly licked and kissed, sucked Jenny's little clit.  She drove
her tongue deeply into the little fuckhole and licked it out.  Jenny
moaned and began to thrust her hips, pushing her pussy up to her
mother's sucking mouth.  Toni sucked that little slit, and added first
one finger, then another, and gently finger fucked her daughter as she
sucked the little clit.  Jenny's ass came off the bed and she
screamed in pure pleasure as her very first orgasm began it's tidal
wave rush over her beautiful 7 year old body.  Jenny grabbed her
mama's hair, pushed her pussy up to those sucking lips and thrashed
her hips wildly screaming, "OOOOOH OHHHHH OHHH MAMA!!!"
Toni sucked her baby's pussy until the girl stopped shuddering and
released the grip in her hair.  She looked up at her little girl and said,
"see, we told you it would feel good!"  She licked her lips, cleaning
the child's juice from them.  Jenny sat up and hugged her mama,
saying, "I love you mama!"

From then on Jenny slept with her parents.  One or the other of them
always wanted her, needed her.  They taught her all about sex.  She
learned to suck her daddy's cock.  That was difficult as he was big
and her mouth small, but she learned not only to suck it, but to
swallow it down her throat.  He loved the way it felt when she
swallowed with it in there, and he always gave her a good shot of cum
down her belly.  Jenny also learned to please her mama by licking
and sucking her pussy.  She loved running her tongue over her
mama's clit and licking it, sucking it between her lips.  She really
made her mama cum when she pushed her fist into her pussy as she
sucked it.

One night she went into the bed room and saw her mama laying on
the bed, a big hard dildo sticking up from her pussy.  Jenny climbed
on the bed and looked at it.  She saw that one end was deeply in her
mama, the other end sticking straight up.  Her mama told her, "Get
undressed honey, and sit on mama's new cock!"  Jenny did as she
was told, and Toni watched as her daughter lowered her little pussy
onto the hard dildo she was wearing.  Jenny moaned as the dildo
parted her pussy lips and began to sink into her.  She lowered herself
until all of the dildo had disappeared in her little pussy.  Her mama
reached down and stroked her little clit, making her wiggle on the
cock.  Toni pulled her daughter down against her breast and held her.
This exposed her cute virgin asshole to Mark.  Jenny felt it when he
climbed on the bed, and knelt behind her.  How could he fuck her, if
her mama's dildo was in her pussy?  she wondered.  She felt
something warm and slippery against her butthole and she knew then
what her daddy was going to do.  She was scared, tried to pull off the
dildo her mother had stuffed in her pussy.  Toni held her daughter and
hushed her, "Relax Jenny, daddy is going to fuck your asshole.  You
want to make him happy don't you?  We always wanted to fuck you
together.  Fuck us baby, grind your pussy onto my dildo cock, and let
daddy in your ass!"  Jenny stiffened as her daddy's cockhead found
her pink puckered ring and he began to push in.  When his cock
broke through her spinchter, she screamed.  He did not stop, but
drove his cock in hard and deep on the next thrust.  Jenny was
impaled on cocks in her cunt and ass.  Mark set the pace as he
drove his cock into her sweet little ass, each down stroke driving her
pussy down onto his wife's dildo cock.  Jenny yelled and wiggled, the
pain in her ass intense.  Still he did not stop.  He held her hips in his
hands and pounded his cock into her.  Toni cupped her daughters
face in her hands and pulled it to her own.  She french kissed her
daughter, driving her tongue in deeply savoring the sweet taste of her
mouth.  She moaned into Jenny's mouth, her breathing ragged and
fast.  Mark let out a yell and pulled Jenny's ass back against his
cock, and let go his sperm deep inside just as Toni's pussy spasmed
and she coated her end of the hard rubber cock with her juice.  Much
to Jenny's dismay when her parents got off her own orgasm washed
over her, sending luscious ripples all over her little body.  She
screamed in pleasure and fucked herself down onto the two cocks
invading her young body.  When her cum subsided she collapsed
against her mother's breast.  Mark pulled his cock out and released
her ass.  Jenny made no move to get off the dildo.  She sucked one
of her mother's nipples into her mouth and began slow gyrations on
the dildo imbedded in her pussy.  Toni smiled, and gently, lovingly
fucked her little girl to another orgasm.

Mark and Toni fucked their little girl all the time after that, sometimes
together, sometimes alone.  Jenny grew to love being fucked, loved
cumming.  When neither of her parents wanted to fuck her, she
usually played with her own pussy, fucking herself on a dildo until she
came so hard she had tears.  One of Jenny's favorite things to do was
to sit in her daddy's lap and watch TV, his cock all hard and buried in
her pussy.  She really liked that a lot.  He would move real slow and
she could feel his breath on her neck.  Taking her hips in his hands
he would move her back and forth on his hard cock, and when he was
ready to cum, he would play with her clit and make her cum too.

Jenny watched her parents fuck all the time, and more often then not
when they were done, she would climb on the bed with them and lick
her mothers pussy out, sucking up all her daddy's cum.  She liked
the taste of his cum, especially mixed with her mama's.  Toni could
count on a good mouth job from Jenny if she was full of Marks hot
sperm.  Jenny made a lot of noise when she slurped the cum out of
her mother's pussy, but not as much as her mother made when she

Time passed and Jenny grew older.  One day when she was 11 she
woke up sick to her stomach.  Thinking she had the flu or something
Toni tucked her into bed and brought her juice and soup.  When the
same thing happened 3 days in a row, Toni knew the truth.  Jenny
was pregnant!!  Toni happily told Mark of their impending grandchild,
then told Jenny.  They took Jenny to the doctor and he confirmed it.
11 year old Jenny was pregnant.  While he had her on the table, the
doctor asked her who the father was.  Jenny declined to answer.
He could see that she was far from being a virgin.  He could tell she
had been sexually active for some time, probably since the ripe old
age of 7 or 8.  Knowing this, he figured it was her father that knocked
her up.  Instantly, his cock was rock hard.  Just the thought of a
father fucking his little girl made him shake and grow weak in the
knees.  He reached out and touched Jenny's clit.  She moaned and
he asked her, "does this feel good, little one?  I have to make sure
everything works down here."  Jenny wiggled and said, "I don't know,
could you do it again?"

The doctor about died, here was an 11 year old girl, pregnant on his
table in stirrups, asking him to touch her clit again.   He stroked her
clit this time, and Jenny cooed at the touch of his cool rubber gloved
finger on her love button.  The doctor couldn't stop himself now, and
knowing her parents waited in the other room made him even hotter to
feel the girl up.  He began stroking her clit, now and then dipping his
fingers into her fuckhole, causing her hips to bounce on the table as
she responded to his touch.  He unzipped his pants and pulled his
cock out, stroking the already hard throbbing member.  His cock was
big, about 8 inches, and 4 around.  He watched as Jenny's little
pussy became wetter and wetter under his touch.  The gel he used to
loosen her for the exam glistening upon the lips of her pussy.  He

Jenny had heard his zipper come down, knew he was jacking off.
She smiled to herself and then said, "doctor, I need help!  Please, oh
please fuck your hard cock into my little pussy!  Please?"  The poor
man groaned, lost, on his way to hell for he could not deny her.  He
knelt upon a stool next to the table putting his cock at the right height
to meet her cunt.  Her feet in the stirrups turned him on, she was
open and willing, he pushed.  Jenny moaned as his cock slid inside
her well lubricated pussy and he began to fuck her.  He was gentle
though he pushed all 8 inches of his cock into her.  She moaned and
writhed on the table, her breath coming in little pants.  "Yes Doctor!
fuck me!"  she groaned.  He gripped her thighs then and began to
fuck her in earnest.  "Oh Jenny, oh sweet little girl!!  Your pussy is
so tight, so hot, so good wrapped around my cock.!! "  He whispered
to her.  Jenny was lost in the act itself and forgot for just an instant
where she was when she cried out, "FUCK ME DADDY!!"

Those words caused the doctor to blow his seed deep in her 11 year
old pussy.  He came and came and came, his sperm running back
out of her little pussy and dripping onto the floor.  Jenny squirmed as
her body spasmed and she orgasmed on the good doctors hard cock.

When his cock softened and he withdrew the doctor decided to flush
his sperm out of Jenny.  He didn't want to, but thought it might be
best, because now he realized just what it was he had done to this
young girl.  As he readied himself he asked Jenny, "uh, you aren't
going to tell your parents or anyone about this are you Jenny?"  Even
if she did tell them, he did have a lever to fight back with, he knew she
was being fucked by her father, and genetic testing on the baby would
prove that so he could probably blackmail the man into forgetting this.
To his relief she replied, "no I won't say anything, but you have to fuck
me every time I come here, and make me cum real good".  The doctor
smiled and said "Deal!!:" as he squirted warm clear water into her
pussy and washed his sperm away.

Over the course of the next few months, Toni began to feel guilty
about what they had done with Jenny.  One day she decided she
could not handle it anymore and she packed her things and left,
telling Mark and Jenny she hoped they would be happier without her.
Toni actually left because she was jealous of her young daughter and
would not admit it even to herself.  Mark held Jenny as she cried that
night.  It took some weeks, but Jenny accepted her mother's leaving,
and truth be known, it was fun having her daddy all to herself.  She
did miss her mom's hot wet tongue on her pussy now and then, but
she would get over that.

Jenny was happy that she was pregnant.  Mark was happy too.  He
wanted a grandchild, and was hoping it was a girl.  Jenny continued
to fuck her father and the doctor and was quite happy with the way
things were going.  She was not going to school as her father hired a
tutor to come to the house to teach her.

She liked this a lot, and wanted it to continue after the baby was born.
He promised her it would.

Jenny was at her doctor appointment, and she was 5 months
pregnant now.  He did an ultra sound and found that the baby was
indeed a girl.  Jenny was elated, but not as happy as Mark.  Soon,
another young girl to teach sex to!!  How wonderful he thought.
Things went smoothly and happily for all of them.  When Jenny was 8
months along the sex stopped between her and her father he was
afraid to send her into early labor.  On the other hand, her weekly
visits with the doctor were wonderful.  He always pleasured Jenny,
sometimes fucking his hard cock into her, sometimes just eating her
out.  Either one was fine with Jenny, she loved sex.  At some point
along the way Mark realized that he had received only very small bills
from the doctor.  He said insurance covered the rest, but some how,
Mark didn't think so.  When he inquired of the insurance company, they
said they had never received a bill from the doctor.  Mark wanted to
know what was up.  When it was time to take his  daughter to her
doctor appointment, Mark waited in the waiting room instead of the
car as he usually did.

Jenny greeted the doctor with a hug and kiss and he helped her onto
the table.  She slid to the end of it and put her feet in the stirrups.
had not worn panties, she never did when she came here.  He would
do the exam after he had played with his precious patient.  Sitting on
the stool he reached out and gently spread Jenny's pussy lips open
wide, exposing her clit.  He leaned in, closed his lips over it and began
to gently suck.  Jenny moaned softly as he expertly licked and
sucked that sensitive nub.  She felt his gloved finger as it began to
probe her and her hips moved to meet it.  He was doing everything
just right and Jenny was enjoying every blissful moment of it.   She
sighed and whispered, "fuck me doctor, fuck me just a little bit?  My
pussy needs cock in it!"  The good doctor groaned and got to his
knees, unzipped his pants and his cock sprang out.  He thrust his
hips forward just enough so that the end of his cock entered Jenny.
She moaned and wiggled her ass wanting more of his cock in her
pussy.  He held him self in check and would not impale her upon his
cock, she was to far along for that.  He fucked about 4 inches of his
cock in and out of her and was reaching to stroke her clit as the door
to the exam room opened.  He saw Jenny's' father standing there and
his cock instantly withered away to nothing.  Jenny looked up and
saw her dad and smiled.  "Hi daddy!  The doctor was just doing me
and you scared him!"

The doctor was trying to stuff his cock back in his pants when he
heard those words.  He figured he was a dead man, and backed away
from the table.  To his intense relief, Mark smiled at him and said,
"so, you like fucking my hot little private pussy?  It is a hot tight
wonderful pussy isn't it?  Hot and hairless, beautiful ".  The doctor
watched as Jenny's father walked to the end of the table and reached
down to stroke her little slit.  Jenny cooed and giggled as her father's
finger stroked her pussy.  "Come on doctor, let us finger her together"
Mark said.  Not quite believing his ears, the doctor came to stand
next to Mark.  "Tell you what doc, you finger fuck her, and I'll do her
clit.  Maybe we can make her cum good and hard."  Jenny was in
heaven as she felt her father and her doctors fingers begin to play with
her pussy.  The two men manipulated her little pussy like it was a
violin.  Jenny writhed and moaned, begged them to let her cum.  Each
time they got close, they slowed down and let her subside.  Mark and
the doctor each pushed a finger into her little fuckhole and moved
them in and out together, then alternated, one in, one out until Jenny
thought she would lose her mind with the need to cum.  Finally her
daddy and the doctor pulled their cocks out and began jacking them
off as they fingered her.  They groaned as they shot their hot cum all
over her pussy.  She felt the warm wet fluid as it ran down her slit, felt
it when they caught her clit between them and rubbed it hard.  Jenny
screamed in pleasure as an intense orgasm washed across her body.

Jenny lay on the table, exhausted from one of the biggest cums she
had ever had.  Just knowing it was her daddy and the doctor who did
her together was enough to make her want it again, and again!  She
wondered what it would be like to fuck two hard male cocks at once,
instead of one dildo and one cock.  Maybe she would find out after
the baby was born.  As Jenny climbed off the table, she gasped in
pain and grabbed her tummy.  The doctor instantly at her side told her
father, "get her to my car, she's in labor."  At the hospital, he gave her
a shot to dull the pain, and 7 hours later held her baby daughter in his
hands.  He took care of Jenny, the nurses took care of the baby and
everything was all right.  He met Mark in the waiting room and said,
"congrats, grandpa.  A fine healthy baby girl, 7 pounds even."  Mark
was elated!!

Mark and the doctor had become fast friends, and he now called the
man by his given name, 'Joe' instead of doc. Over the next six months,
things settled back to normal, Mark and Joe fucking Jenny again, making
her a happy little girl.  Now Mark wore a rubber so that if Jenny became
pregnant, it would be with the doc's baby and not his.

They were having coffee one night, watching as Jenny breast fed her
daughter.  Joe told Mark, "you know, even babies feel pleasure".
Mark raised an eyebrow and Joe continued, "if you were to lick Sue's
little baby slit, she would love it!  By the time she was 4 or so she
would be able to cum all over the place."  Mark wasn't sure he heard that
right, and if he did was not sure he believed it.  Joe smiled.
Jenny finished feeding Sue and then gave her a bath.  Joe went to help
her as she lay the baby down on a towel to dry her off.
"Come here Mark, I'll show you what I mean." Mark stood beside him and
watched as Joe put some baby oil on his finger and parted Sue's baby
pussy lips.  He gently, ever so softly stroked her baby clit.  To Mark's
surprise, Sue giggled and cooed!!

She kicked her legs, giggled again.  Joe added more oil and stroked
her little slit a bit longer.  Jenny watched, a big smile on her face too,
she wondered if her daughter would like sex as much as she did and
it looked like she would.  From then on whenever Sue got a bath, she
got her pussy stroked too.  When she was just 3 years old, Jenny
was giving her a bath and decided it was time to take her cherry.  As
she soaped her daughter's little pussy, she began to push her finger
into the child's fuckhole.  Sue squirmed and cried a bit, but Jenny did
not stop.  She hushed her child, held her close against her breasts as
she pushed her finger past her cherry.  Sue yelled into her mothers
breasts as the pain of her torn hymen washed over her.  Jenny
soothed her, gently fucking her finger in and out, washing away all
traces of the broken cherry.  When Sue calmed down and Jenny was
satisfied that her cherry was completely gone she lifted the girl from
the tub and held her in her arms.  Taking a towel she dried the girl off
dressed her in her nightie and put her to bed.

Jenny went into the living room and told her father and Joe, "I took her
cherry.  She cried, but in the end, I think she was starting to like it."
Joe and Mark groaned as their cocks sprang into hardness.  Jenny
noticed and grinned.  She crooked her finger and wiggled it at them.
They followed her to the bedroom where they all 3 undressed and
climbed on the bed.  Sue slept in the same room and she had always
been able to  watch whatever they did to each other.  Sometimes she
slept in the same bed with them.  If she could have expressed it, she
would have told them how much she liked it when they kissed her
between the legs, but she didn't have the words, yet.  She watched
as her mama got on her hands and knees and daddy and Joe put
their hard things in her.  Daddy put his thing in mama's mouth and
Joe put his thing in the place that they kissed on her.  She watched
them in wide eyed innocence, giggled at the sight of them bouncing
on the bed.  Sue wanted to bounce too.

Sue was 6 when Jenny became pregnant again.  The baby was Joe's.
At 17, Jenny was a beautiful girl, young woman.  Joe had started to
become jealous of Mark fucking her.  Knowing this baby was his, he
wanted to take Jenny away and marry her, make a life for them.
Jenny wanted to marry Joe too, and Mark would not deny her
anything, except Sue.  He would not let her take his daughter.
Jenny left Sue with her dad.  Mark was sad to see Jenny go, but he
still had Sue.  In her 6 years of life Sue had witnessed all kinds of sex
between the 3 adults in her life.  She had her pussy stroked almost
since birth, her clit licked and sucked since age 1, and her cherry
taken at age 3.  She had her first orgasm at the age of 4, just as Joe
had said she could.  Now, she was all his, and his alone.  Mark found
himself wondering at what age she would become pregnant?  He
knew in his heart that the reason he let Jenny go was because he no
longer really desired to fuck her.  He was into sweet little girl pussy,
not teen pussy.  As he looked at the girls on the street, he realized
even 11 was almost too old for him to get hard for.  The younger Sue
got pregnant, the sooner he would have another young girl to fuck.

The very night that Jenny left, Mark sat naked on the couch, Sue
sitting in his lap, naked also.  His cock was hard and rubbing into her
slit as they both faced the TV.  On the screen was a fuck film, one of
children in various positions of screwing adults and each other.  One
frame came up and Mark paused the film.  "This is what we are going
to do tonight Sue, watch"  he let the film run.  Sue's eyes got big as
she saw a girl her age sitting in a man's lap, just like she was in her
daddy's lap.  She watched as the man grasped his cock and lifted the
little girl up with his other hand.  He put his cock at her little hole
then let her down on it.  Sue watched as the big cock began to disappear
in the little girls pussy.  She was unaware that she was rubbing her
little slit against her father's hard cock until he moaned.  She lifted
herself from his lap and his cock slid back to rest against her hole.
Slowly, she began to let herself down onto his cock.  Mark held her
little ass in his hands, watched as his cock met her pussy, parted the
lips and the tip entered her tiny hairless fuckhole.  She pushed herself
down a little harder and cried out as his cock stretched the outer
edge of her tender cunt and the head entered her.  On the TV, the little
girl was crying out too.  Mark groaned as his 6 year old daughter
began to gently rock herself on the end of his cock.  He reached
around and began to stroke her little clit and Sue moaned in pleasure.
Suddenly, there was a cry from the girl on the TV and Sue looked up to
see that the man's cock was all the way in the little girl.  The girl was
squirming and crying, but seeming to love every inch of that hard cock
in her pussy.  Sue wanted the same feeling and she cried out,"fuck
me daddy!!  Fuck me!!"  Mark shot his load just as he pulled his little
6 year old daughter's hips, grinding all of his cock deep into her
hairless little pussy.  Sue yelled and hollered as his cock stretched
and abused her pussy, screamed as wave after wave of intense
pleasure/pain erupted over her.  She wiggled on her father's softening
cock cooing in a breathless voice, "more, daddy?  please? more?"
Mark took her in his arms and held her tightly and whispered, " in a
little while my love, in a little while."  Sue leaned back against him
and fell asleep, his cock still within her young pussy.  Several
minutes passed and he gently lifted her off his cock and carried her to
bed.  The next morning Sue complained her pussy was sore, so Mark
gave her a bath after which he kissed and licked her to a sweet little
orgasm, making her feel better.

Mark loved his daughter/grand-daughter Sue.  He loved having her sit
in his lap, naked, her legs open as they watched fuck flicks on the
tube.  It was a complete turn on to be stroking her hairless little slit,
making her wiggle every time he stroked her clit.  He loved it when
she rubbed her warm little slit up and down his cock, teasing him with
it.  Then when she finally whispered, "fuck it in me daddy" he usually
went crazy with need and drove his cock into her deeply, making her
cry out.  He loved the sight of his cock pushing into her tight little
pussy.  Loved the way it stretched her lips wide, the way her pussy
squeezed his cock, milked it.  To Mark there was nothing better in
the world then filling her little girl womb with his hot sperm.  When he
thought of her pregnant, he could never hold back.  He kept thinking
about another little girl to play with and fuck. As he shot his load into
Sue's little belly he knew if he had daughter by this, his
daughter/grand-daughter, he would start fucking her even earlier, like
maybe 4.  Even if he couldn't get all of his cock in such a baby
pussy, he wanted to try!!  He would also give her the pleasure of
having Joe as her doctor.  Sue deserved all the pleasure he could give

One evening Mark sat in the chair and pulled Sue up into it with him.
Neither of them was wearing clothes, they hardly ever did when alone
with each other.  Mark had Sue stand with her legs spread, one foot
on each arm of the chair.  In this way, her hairless baby pussy was
right at his mouth.  He spread her pussy lips open and marveled at
their soft pink insides.  He leaned in and licked her slit, making her
giggle and wiggle.  He lapped at her little slit, in wonder at the fresh
clean taste she always had.  His tongue probed her pee hole, then
dipped down and probed her little fuck hole.  Sue was holding onto his
hair and began to move against his warm wet tongue.  Mark was in
heaven, his tongue buried deeply in his daughters pussy.  Once again
he began to lap at her slit, this time capturing her clit between his lips
and tongue.  Sue moaned in pleasure as he closed his lips over it and
began to gently suck it.

Mark slid his hand up between her legs stopping when his fingers
found her tight little pussy.  She was moaning now, bucking on his
licking tongue.  She was close, very close to cumming.  Mark pushed
a finger into her tight little pussy, and she groaned.  He added two
more fingers, stretching her pussy wider as he sucked her clit hard.
"YES DADDY!!!  YESS SSSSS  DADDY!!!" she cried out as he
fucked his fingers into her and sucked her pussy dry.  Father and
daughter always satisfied each other.

Mark got his wish for himself, when Sue was 9, she became
pregnant.  He took her to Joe right away, for he feared she was too
young to be pregnant.  Joe said it could be a problem, but he didn't
think so.  He would be with her, and sedate her during labor so she
would not remember it.  He assured Mark all would be well, if a little
hectic.  As he examined Sue, Joe's cock got hard.  He had not had a
little girl since he had taken Jenny when she was 11.  Now married to
Jenny he had not been unfaithful to her, nor had he fucked their
daughter who was now 3 years old.  He looked at Mark almost
desperately and Mark laughed.  "Go ahead old buddy, how did you
think I was going to pay your bill?"  Joe laughed as his pants were
hitting the floor.  God but this 9 year old girl looked so good in the
stirrups!!  He pushed his cock up to her well oiled slit, watched as
his cock parted her outer lips and found her warm wet fuckhole.
He pushed and watched as his cock sank into the girl, causing her to
moan out loud, and wiggle her hips.  Joe was lost now, he began
pumping her, hard, fast, deep.  He wanted to see her impaled upon
his cock, watch as her hairless little pussy sucked him dry.  Mark
moved to Sue's side and as Joe fucked her little pussy, Mark reached
down and stroked her hard little clit.  Sue went crazy then, bucking
and thrusting her hips, crying out "FUCK ME!!!"  Joe exploded inside
her little pussy, so much sperm that a good bit of it splashed out
around his cock.  He came , thinking his spasms were never going to
end.  Finally they did and he pulled out of her pussy.
He moved to clean her up and Mark stopped him.  "Not so fast there
Joe  He stood at the end of the table and pushed his hard throbbing
cock into his daughters dripping pussy.  She was so warm and wet,
so slippery with Joe's hot cum.  He groaned and only thrust a few
times before he too filled her pussy with his cum.  Sue lay on the
table and sighed, :oh daddy!"

Mark loved watching her belly grow.  Each time he fucked her, he
knew it was his child growing in her little belly.  He often lay beside
her and rubbed her belly marveling at the fact that she could be
pregnant at so young an age.  When she went for her appointments
with Joe, she was always fucked well and deep.  As she got further
along her dad and Joe would eat her pussy and jack off on her big
belly.  She would rub their cum all over her belly and feel the baby
kick.  When Sue was 5 months along, Joe told Mark she was going
to have a baby girl.  Mark was so excited he couldn't breathe.  It was
as if he could not wait to have the child in his arms, in his bed.

The day came when Amanda was born.  She was a beautiful baby
girl, looking a lot like Mark.  He was thrilled to death.  Sue looked so
beautiful her child suckling at her breast.  The day they took her
home they began to teach her about sex.  Her first bath in her fathers
hands he played with her little slit, gently stroking the tiny folds.  Her
clit was extremely large and stood above her little pussy lips and
Mark loved running his finger over the end of it.  Amanda usually slept
through it all until she was several months old, then she started to
giggle and coo, kicking her legs much like Sue had as a baby. Sue
loved to lick her daughters little slit too, closing her lips around the
baby's clit and gently, softly sucking it.  By the time Amanda was 2
she had already lost her cherry to Mark as he gave her a bath.  She
cried for a few minutes then it was over and done.  This went on until
Amanda was 4 years old.  She grew accustomed to a finger in her
pussy, and she even liked it, a lot!

Mark came home from work one day to a surprise.  Sue lay back on
the couch her legs spread wide.  Nestled between them was 4 year
old Amanda, her face buried in Sue's pussy.  Sue's eyes were closed
and she did not see him, so he watched.  He saw Amanda as she
expertly licked up and down her mothers hot sticky slit, occasionally
driving her little tongue into her fuckhole and licking up the juices
there.  She circled her mothers clit with her tongue, then caught it
between her lips and sucked.  Mark's cock was hard as a rock by
now and he unzipped his pants and pulled it out, began stroking it.
Neither Sue nor Amanda heard him.  He continued to watch the
tongue fucking 4 year old Amanda gave her mother as he stroked his
cock, loving the sight of it all.  Then, Amanda made a fist of her little
hand and drove it deeply into Sue's pussy!!  Sue groaned, grabbed
her daughter's hair and fucked that little face and fist for all she was
worth, screaming "YES, EAT MAMA, BABY, EAT MAMA GOOD!!
and sound of it all was to much for Mark.  He groaned out loud and
shot his load all over Amanda's hair.  When her spasms subsided
Sue released Amanda's hair and opened her eyes to see Mark
standing there, his dripping cock in his hand.  She smiled at him as
Amanda sat up, her face wet with her mother's pussy juice.

That night Sue took Mark's hard cock in her hand and began to stroke
it, now and then licking and kissing the tip of it.  Amanda watched,
wide eyed and innocent.  She watched her mother lick all around
daddy's big pole and then down under it and back again.  Amanda
wanted to do it too!  She went over to them and said to Sue, "me too
mommy?"  Sue smiled at her and told her OK, then told her what to
do.  Mark watched as his 4 year old daughter learned to give a blow
job, taught by her mother, his daughter also.  His cock throbbed with
pleasure as he watched her soft little lips kiss the head of his cock,
watched as her tongue probed the eye.  He groaned in need as Sue
continued to stroke his throbbing member.  Sue knew he could not
hold out and told Amanda, "daddy's got a kind of milk for you baby, I
want you to open your mouth so mama can help him give it to you."
Amanda, ever ready to obey, opened her little mouth wide, causing
her tongue to stick out a little bit.  Sue milked her fathers cock,
pulling hard, squeezing it, She felt it pulse in her hand and told
Amanda, "keep your mouth open wide baby, here it comes!"  Mark
watched as his daughter Sue jacked his cock expertly aiming it at
their little daughters mouth.  He watched as his cum splashed inside
her mouth and quickly filled it up.  "Swallow it Amanda, swallow it!"
Sue urged the little 4 year old.  Amanda did as she was told and
swallowed her daddy's hot sticky cum.  Some of it ran down her little
chin, and Sue leaned over to lick it off.  Mark fell to the couch in

Several days passed and Amanda seemed more then eager to join in
the sex Sue and Mark had.  She wanted to be on the bed between
them, wanted to watch.  She copied everything they did to one
another.  She played with Sue's pussy, and stroked Mark's hard
cock.  Her parents loved her, and let her do as she pleased.  One
night she climbed into Mark's lap, and looked down between her legs
to see his hard cock.  She knew it felt good to have her pussy licked
and stroked and right now she wanted it to feel good.  She sat with
her little pussy right on Marks cock.  She began to rock back and
forth, rubbing her pussy up and down his shaft.  Amanda wanted to
fuck him like her mommy did.  She giggled as it felt better and better,
and she wiggled faster.  Sue grinned and moved to kneel at Mark's
feet.  From here, she could see her daughter's little pussy rubbing on
that big cock.  She reached between the two of them and spread
Amanda's little pussy lips open, allowing her clit to rub against Mark's
cock.  Amanda let out a surprised "OH!!"  as the feeling in her pussy
intensified with the contact to her clit.  Mark groaned as he looked
down to see that tiny pussy rubbling, and sliding up and down his
cock.  His cock began to throb and he wanted to cum.

Sue was hot, her pussy juicing as she watched her 4 year old
daughter work her pussy on that big cock.  She slid her fingers into
her pussy and rubbed her clit.  In a breathless voice she said,"daddy,
lift her up a bit.  I want to put the head of your cock at her cunt so you
can shoot your cum IN her pussy!"  Mark lifted Amanda, and Sue
grasped his cock, aiming it at their little daughters fuck hole.
Sue stroked his cock, jacked it off, knowing she would cum herself
when she saw his cum shoot into her daughter.  Mark had an idea of
his own.  Just as he began to cum, he pushed Amanda down, rather
hard.  With Sue holding his cock at Amanda's little hole, he couldn't
miss.  Amanda screamed as the head of his cock broke into her tiny
pussy.  Mark went rigid as her pussy squeezed the head of his cock
painfully, prolonging his orgasm it seemed forever.  Sue came all over
her fingers as she witnessed the entry into her daughter.  Amanda
cried and wiggled to get off the intruding cock, but Mark held her there
until the last bit of his sperm filled her little belly.  Then he lifted
her off and hugged her to his chest.  He hushed her when she said, "that
hurt daddy!"  He told her it would not hurt so bad next time, and she
would like it pretty soon.  Sue curled up next to them and as she
stroked her daughters hair said, "yes baby, that is what is called
fucking and that is what daddy does to mama when he fucks her.
You were a good girl, and made mama and daddy happy."  They both
kissed her as she snuggled down against Mark's chest and cried
herself to sleep.

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