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[Story Name] Jenny and her daddy
[Author] John
[Type] Father/daughter

They say that 25,000 little girls each year are introduced to the wonderful world of daddy/daughter incest. In some cases, their fathers unfortunately take these girls unwillingly. In most cases it's a beautiful encounter between a father and his young daughter, a consummation of their love. In some cases some of these little girls do become pregnant by their daddies. Their young bellies swelling with the baby that their daddy/daughter love produced.

I used to think that any father who would fuck their own daughter as being sick until circumstances changed my opinion. My name is John and I am thirty-five years old, I am a widower and the father of a beautiful young daughter named Jenny who is twelve.

The other day I over heard Jenny and her friend Stacey talking. I heard Stacey state what I had expected, she was pregnant. I then listened a little bit more intently to find out who had knocked up this little girl. Then I was shocked to hear that Stacey was pregnant by her own father. My mind was a whirlwind at the thought that this little girl being pregnant by her daddy. This little girl was only twelve years old and already sexually active, not only that her belly already was bulging with a baby. I then was relieved to hear my Jenny tell Stacy that she was still a virgin, but then was shocked to hear that she had been thinking about losing it.

That night at the supper table I was really taking a good look at Jenny. My daughter was definitely a cute one. Her body had begun to fill out and she was becoming a pedophiles wet dream. I knew my little girl had been having periods for little over a year now. I could see how Stacey's father and many other fathers could fall victim to their daughters, and actually go through with fucking them. I wondered though how do you go about seducing your own daughter and actually fucking her. The answer would be easier than I thought.

I was getting ready for bed when Jenny came into the room. She told me that Stacey was pregnant. I told her that it was very obvious as her belly had started to bulge and she could not hide it any longer. Jenny told me that her friend had been fucking her father. She then told me that Stacey was pregnant by her father. I told her that I had overheard that. Jenny then told me she was a virgin and was not happy with this. Jenny told me she wanted me to fuck her like Stacey's dad did her. Jenny then told me flat out that she wanted to have my baby. I was both shocked and happy by her comment. I was so lucky that my girl loved me enough to give her self to me. I knew that this was a special event for the both of us, as we were to become lovers. Jenny told me she wanted to fuck in her room, which surprised me, but I didn't mind

I carried my daughter to her room, where the incestuous foreplay would begin. I began to undress as my little girl watched intently. I then began to direct my attention to Jenny. I took my daughter's shirt off and proceeded to take off her skirt. Jenny now was before me in nothing but her bra and panties. I took a deep breath, my daughter looked so good. My cock was hard as it could be, like a gun ready to go off. To my surprise Jenny went down on it and began to give me a blowjob. Jenny showed her inexperience, which made it more erotic to me. I knew it would not be long before my daughter would have me cumming in her mouth. I then shot my wad in Jenny's mouth as she managed to both hold and swallow my load. In all my life, that was the best blowjob that I ever had. It was hard to believe that this little twelve year old girl, my own daughter, could bring me this kind of pleasure.

I could hardly wait to fuck this little virgin. I then had Jenny get on her bed and I joined her. I proceeded to take her bra off, freeing the beautiful and bountiful young breast. Jenny then lifted up her cute little ass, so I could get her panties off. Then I had my twelve-year-old daughter stripped down to nothing, her body totally exposed. Jenny was trembling with anticipation of our incestuous encounter. I then got on top of my young daughter; my cock positioned right at the entrance to her virgin twat. I was about to take my daughter as I asked her if this is what she wanted. My daughter reassured me this is what she wanted. Jenny told me to fuck her good and put her in maternity clothes. I then began to work my cock into my little girl. Jenny let out a cry as I asked her if she was OK. Jenny said to keep it up, Stacey had told her about the pain the first time her father had fucked her, so she knew what to expect. I continued to work my cock into her, painful by painful inch until I came up to her hymen. I then rested inside her to let her young virginal twat get used to the alien intruder that was buried so deep inside her. I then with a quick thrust went right through her hymen like a hot knife through butter. Jenny let out a scream as this happened, but I reassured her that now would come nothing but pleasure. I then began to fuck Jenny all out, as this incestuous consummation of our love would be over soon. I first wanted to bring Jenny off. Jenny's breathing had become more rapid as my cock pounded in and out of my daughter's preteen twat. Jenny kept on crying oh daddy, oh daddy as I continued to fuck my young daughter. Jenny then cried out, as I knew my little girl was having her first orgasm. I then knew I could finish the job, as I felt myself about to cum. I told Jenny what was about to happen as I then spewed my incestuous seed into her young fertile young womb. We spent that entire night together, are bodies locked together in an incestuous union, fucking and sucking the night away.

From that night on Jenny and I were fucking every chance we had. There was no thought of what we were doing as being wrong as we expresses our love to each other in the most intimate way. Will as you can guess it was not long before Jenny was pregnant. It was about two months later Jenny missed her period and started to get sick in the mornings. I took my little girl to the doctor who confirmed what we knew. Jenny was pregnant. Jenny was so excited as she could hardly wait to tell Stacey, who was seven months gone, that she to was knocked up with her daddy's baby. Jenny looked so beautiful with her bulging belly, as she blossomed through her pregnancy. Jenny loved the maternity clothes that she got to, wearing her favorite for her school picture. That was a definite site and a scandal when it came to placing her and Stacey's pictures in the yearbook. For some strange reason they felt that a twelve-year old girl should not show of her pregnant body. In March, Jenny would deliver a little girl. If you are wanting to know Stacey had a little girl also.

We have become good friends with Stacey and her father. We have even been considering swapping daughters, but we both want to knock up our daughters one more time before they get out of junior high. Wish us luck, bye Jenny wants me.