- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Jessie and her daddy
[Author] Peter Quint
[Type] Father/daughter

   Up to that marvelous day, my relationship with my twelve year
old daughter Jessie had been close, frank and intimate. We never
had trouble talking about anything. Being a single parent, I had
to assume some of the duties that a mother would usually perform
such as helping pick out her clothes, and advise her as best I
could about such things as sanitary pads versus tampons when she
started her periods. 
   Even so, I tried to keep things impersonal and aboveboard,
essentially for her protection.  I knew the temptations I was
feeling about this sweet little girl and the struggle I had
keeping my hands off her.  After all, there were only the two of
us in the apartment and Jessie sometimes got a little careless
about being fully dressed around me.  I was never sure whether I
should say anything when she came to breakfast wearing only her
   It didn't seem to bother her as much as it did me and I didn't
like to spoil her innocence by making an issue out of it. That,
at least, is what I told myself, but frankly, I got some furtive
pleasure out of seeing her so nearly naked. Besides, she seemed
to have gotten out of the habit.
In fact, the day she dropped the bombshell that changed our way
of life, it had been about five months since I'd last seen her

   It was around eight o'clock on a Friday evening. I was sitting on
the sofa, reading when Jessie appeared from her room in panties
and a short T-shirt.
She greeted me with her usual, "Hi, Daddy."
I put down the book and said, "Hi, Jessie, what's up?."
She asked, "Do you want to see something new I got?"
I was curious, she wasn't carrying anything, so I said, "Sure,
honey, what have you got?"
She took the hem of her T-shirt and raised it to her chin
revealing a pair of  small breasts. They looked so sweet,
standing out just over an inch, tipped with erect pink nipples. I
was captivated.
I asked, "How long have you had those, Jessie?"
"Only a couple of months and they're growing every day." she told
"They're lovely, darling, I'm glad you showed them to me."
She stepped closer.
"Daddy, would you like to touch them?"
Here I was on very shaky ground. Of course I wanted to touch them
but was I about to enter the underworld of child abuse? My hand
was itching to reach out but I was telling myself, "This is
immoral. It's illegal. In the eyes of society, it would be a sin,
a crime."
I lost the fight. I thought, "This isn't a case of a parent
forcing a child into sex, she invited me to touch her breasts,
that's all. She's proud of them.
It doesn't have to go any further than that."
I ran my fingers over her tiny tits. I loved their surprising
firmness. The nipples felt hard against my fingertips. I gently
fondled her nipples and looked into Jessie's big bright eyes.
"Sweetheart," I told her, "Your breasts feel wonderful. I hope
you'll show them to me often so I can see them getting bigger."
She said "If you promise to touch them like this, I'll let you
see them anytime you want. It really feels good, Daddy."
I abandoned all my restraint.
"May I give them a good luck kiss, honey?"
"Sure, just a second, I want to take this shirt off, I'm tired of
holding it up."
Jessie pulled her shirt over head and off. I spread my knees and
drew her closer. She put her arms around my neck and brought her
breasts close to my mouth. "Now you can kiss them, Daddy."
I lowered my head and brought my lips to her right breast. I
kissed the tip and did the same to the other one. Then I let my
tongue caress her erect nipples while my lips sucked each one
very tenderly.
I heard Jessie murmur "Mmm, that feels great."
After another minute, I raised my head and gently drew Jessie's
face to mine. I kissed my daughter softly, for the first time, on
her mouth.
I told her, "I loved doing that. Did you enjoy it, honey?"
This time she brought her lips to mine and kissed me.
She smiled a little shyly and said, "I loved it too. You know
what happened?  My vagina got all wet. What made it do that?"
"Well, most people would say it's sexual excitement, but do you
know what I think?"
"What, Daddy?"
"I think your vagina is crying because it has to stay hidden away
while your breasts get all the touching and kisses. It just wants
its share."
"Oh...well I was going to take my panties off anyway because
there's something else I wanted to show you."
I asked, "Is it all right if I take them off for you?"
With my hands trembling in anticipation, I did what many fathers
would love to do, I reached out and slipped my daughter's panties
down over her slender hips. She stepped out of them when they
dropped around her feet.
My twelve year old beauty was now completely naked.
I saw what she wanted to show me. Her groin had a slight and
obviously new growth of straight dark hair.
"What a gorgeous sight, sweetheart, you're really growing up.
You're blossoming into a beautiful young woman. May I touch it?"
"I want you to touch it."
I brought my fingers to Jessie's sparse tuft of silky pubic hair
and rubbed it delicately.
She took hold of my hand, moved it down between her thighs and
pressed my fingers to her vulva. "That's where I want you to
touch, Daddy."
I felt a bit shocked by her action, followed by relief. Whatever
we were about to get into was as much Jessie's desire as mine. I
felt no inhibition, only lust as I slipped a finger between the
lips and explored my daughter's virginal cunt. Jessie threw her
arms around my neck and pressed herself against me. I put one
hand behind her and caressed her plump ass as I tenderly fondled
her moist inner cunt lips and lightly brushed a fingertip over
her clit. Jessie was gently moving her hips back and forth.
I had a tremendous hard-on.
Jessie pressed her mouth against mine and as we kissed I extended
my tongue and slipped it between her lips. I could feel shivers
pass through Jessie's body when our tongues touched.
When our lips parted, I said, "Jessie darling, let me kiss your
She smiled and whispered, "Okay."
"Lie down here on the sofa."
She quickly lay back, put one foot on the floor and the other up
on the sofa back.
What a gorgeous and sexy sight she was in that erotic pose! I was
wishing I had a camera handy.
I got between her thighs and used my thumbs to open up the little
I gazed at the seductive pink beauty of my twelve year old
daughter's cunt. It was glistening with the moisture of her
sexual excitement and I could smell a delicate erotic fragrance
arising from it. I settled my mouth on my child's cunt and licked
up the luscious droplets of her passion. I kissed, licked and
sucked Jessie's young cunt while she squirmed and squealed with
delight. I tongued the little point of her clitoris until she was
writhing with passion, until I felt her stiffen and cry out as
her first orgasm engulfed her, until she was relaxed and peaceful
After one last loving kiss on Jessie's cunt, I moved off the sofa
and knelt beside her. I was savoring the lingering taste of
Jessie's cunt and stroking her hair while she stared blankly at
the ceiling, apparently reliving the last few moments.
She turned her face to me. Her beautiful smile and the look of
love in her eyes were worth any risk I had taken.
I asked, "How are you, darling?"
"I feel wonderful!  What did you do to me?"
"I made you come. I just showed you what the pleasure of sex is
all about."
"It was so beautiful, Daddy. Please hug me."
I sat on the sofa and helped Jessie get onto my lap. I embraced
my naked little daughter. She laid her head on my shoulder and
snuggled closer. I gently stroked her back and kissed her brow
and cheek. Jessie turned her face up in an invitation to kiss her
mouth. I kissed her long and lovingly. When we finally broke the
kiss Jessie whispered, "I love you, Daddy."
"I love you, sweetheart."
I kissed her again and during that kiss, Jessie became aware of
my erection pressing against her. She slid her hand between us
and touched my cock.
She murmured, "Daddy, can I see you naked now?"
"Of course you can, darling."
She got off my lap and sat watching as I stood in front of her
and started stripping. My shorts had barely hit the floor when
Jessie wrapped her hands around my prick. She saw how wet the tip
was and smiled up at me. "Was your penis crying to be let out
"It sure was, honey. It wants your hands and mouth to show how
much you love it."
Jessie said, "I do love it, Daddy."
She leaned forward and touched her mouth to the gleaming crest. 
Her lips slipped all around the slick head of my cock and then I
felt Jessie's tongue licking up the moisture.
"Mmm, that tastes good."
Jessie was moving her hand gently up and down my cock, not
realizing the effect that was having, along with the constant
kissing and licking she was giving the sensitive tip.  I suppose
it was a mean trick, but when I felt myself about to come, I
didn't warn Jessie to get out of the way.
I just wrapped my hand around hers and urged her to pump faster.
I groaned as the climax hit me and my surging semen shot right
into Jessie's mouth.
To my utter astonishment, she did not pull her head away. She let
wave after wave of my cum fill her mouth and she was drinking it!
I felt as though my knees were going to buckle under me and I sat
down heavily beside Jessie.
She reached over, got a fresh grip on my prick and continued
jerking me off, watching the last few drops of sperm emerge from
the little slit. She leaned over my cock and licked up all the
cum she could find. I sat back and looked at this amazing little
twelve year old licking a few drops of semen from her hand.
I didn't know whether to apologize to her or congratulate her.
I asked her, "Sweetheart, this may be a silly question, but why
didn't you pull your mouth away when my semen started to come
She looked at me with her large innocent eyes and said, "I didn't
think you wanted me to and it tasted so good, I didn't want to
lose any."
"You don't know how happy I am to hear that."
"Did it make you feel good, Daddy?"
"It felt fabulous!"
My darling daughter let go of my prick and put her arms around
I held her tight and she said, "I'm glad it made you feel good. I
loved doing it. When can we do it all again?"
I felt like the luckiest man on the face of the earth.
"Honey," I told her, "We can do this every day if we want, three
times a day when we can manage it."
"That's good, then I can get lots of... what do you call that
stuff that came out of your penis?"
"It's called semen, sperm, cream or we could call it 'cum'."
"Cum," she repeated. "I love your cum. Is it all right if I drink
a lot of it?"
"Sweetheart, you can drink as much as you want. It's good for
Her hand came back to my cock.
   Jessie's eyes were bright with pleasure and anticipation but they
saddened slightly and she observed, "It's too bad I can't give
you any cum to drink, Daddy.  Will I be able to when I'm older?"
I thought, "Here's a chance to do something I haven't done since
I was thirteen. Something that my girl friend, Chantal and I used
to love doing." 
I eased my hand between Jessie's thighs and touched her cunt as I
told her, "No, honey, girls don't have any cum, but there is a
wonderful drink you can give me that I'll love just as much."
"What's that?"
"Do you think you could go pee-pee in my mouth once in a while."
Jessie looked a little shocked at my suggestion.
"I don't know..., but why did you say pee-pee? I'm not a baby any
I chuckled at that. "You sure aren't, Jessie. I was thinking back
to when I was just about your age. There was a girl named Chantal
who lived next door and we used to like to go into the bushes
behind our garage and take off all our clothes. We did the same
things you and I did today and we loved to drink each other's
pee. We used to say pee-pee or sometimes piss."
"Chantal. Was she French?"
"Yes, she was."
"How old was she, Daddy?"
"She was eleven when we started doing it."
"Did she have breasts and hair down there?"
"No, none at all at first. Her breasts started growing just as
she turned twelve, but that was when she moved away."
"Did she drink your cum like I did?"
"Yes, she loved to do that too."
"Did you love her?"
"Yes I did, but not nearly as much as I love you."
Jessie sat quietly for a minute, considering all that I had told
"I'll pee in your mouth, Daddy, I'll even say pee-pee if you
like." she said.
"I'd love that, honey, besides, pee-pee has a nice little girl
sound and you're my little girl even if you are growing up kind
of quickly."
"What else did you do with her?  Did you put your penis in her
"Aha, you know about that, do you?"
"Oh Daddy! Of course I know about it."
"And do you know the special word for it?"
"Yes, it's fucking. I know other words too, like cock and cunt,
but the kids all say we shouldn't say them when our parents can
hear. Is it all right to say them?"
"Yes, darling, I love to hear you say them when we're together
like this."
"You didn't answer me before. Did you and Chantal fuck?"
"We sure did. There was a little clearing between the bushes and
the garage wall where we used to hide. Chantal would lie naked on
a blanket and I'd lick her cunt and then I'd get on top of her.
She'd take hold of my cock and slip it into her cunt and we'd
fuck. Boy, did she ever love to fuck!
"Did she tell you that?"
"Many times. Most of the time when she came over, I wouldn't even
get a chance to ask her what she wanted to do. She'd take my hand
and say 'Come on, I want to fuck with you.' It was a wonderful
"Did you ever get caught?"
"No, we didn't get caught exactly, but I learned many years later
that my mother knew perfectly well what was going on back there.
"She told you?"
"Yes. Not long before I got married. She actually shocked me when
she joked that I 'wouldn't have to do my fucking behind the
garage anymore.'"
"I guess she didn't mind that you were fucking Chantal there."
"Not only didn't she mind, she told me she used to sneak into the
garage sometimes and watch us through a crack in the boards!
"Remember, this was the family home where she grew up. She told
me that she did her share of fucking in exactly the same spot
when she was young."
"Did her mother know?"
"That's funny, I asked her the same thing and she said she didn't
think so.
She said that in those days a girl had to be careful about her
'reputation', so like many girls her age, she got her first taste
of sex with her two brothers. She told me that when she was
fourteen, she even took her favorite uncle behind the garage a
few times. She claimed she learned more about fucking and sucking
in a couple of days with him than she did in the previous three
years with her brothers.
I mentioned that her brother Johnny often visited us on weekends.
My mother told me, 'Yes, and we still love to have sex together.'
I said, 'That's no secret, Mom. I've known since I was sixteen
that you and Uncle Johnny shared the same bed whenever he came
over. And seeing you admitted to spying on Chantal and me, I can
tell you I watched you and Uncle Johnny going at it a few times.
I was glad to see that you two liked drinking pee too.'
Do you know what happened then, Jessie?"
Jessie was enraptured. "What, Daddy?" she whispered.
"Mom noticed that my cock was erect and she was so turned on by
our talk about sex that she opened my pants, took out my cock and
sucked it until I came in her mouth. After that we went to her
bedroom and I actually fucked my mother. We had sex together
almost every day until I got married."
Jessie was fingering her cunt.
"Lucky Grandma. All this talk about fucking is getting me all excited. I want to
fuck with you, Daddy."
"I'm glad, Jessie. I'm going to love fucking you."
"Right now?"
"Yes, right now. Let's go to my bed there's more room there."
Jessie jumped up and took my hand. "Let's go."
Off we went, both of us stark naked, with Jessie eagerly leading
me to my bedroom. My cock was standing up harder than it had ever
been and no wonder!
I was going to fuck my own little daughter!
She clambered up on the rumpled sheet of my unmade bed giving me
a magnificent view of her cunt and asshole. I thought of all the wonderful words
that I could apply to this gorgeous twelve year old girl;  willing,
enthusiastic, loving, passionate, seductive, lustful are
just a few.
   I joined Jessie on the bed. She was on her back with her legs
apart, her cunt beautifully and shamelessly open to me.
   I lay beside Jessie and we kissed, long, tongue-tasting kisses as
my fingers went down and excited her already sex-soaked cunt. I
knelt beside her and touched the tip of my cock to Jessie's lips.
"How about a good luck kiss for your first fuck?"
Jessie took hold of my prick and she kissed and licked it until I
had to pull it away. She gave me a beautiful smile.
I got down between her thighs and thrust my tongue into Jessie's
   A trickle of delectable fuck-fluid ran into my mouth.
I told her, "Mmm, are you ever wet and ready for fucking, Jessie!
  I reached for the extra pillow and slid it under Jessie's bottom
then I knelt between her widespread thighs. I was a little nervous
as I cautiously eased the head of my cock into the entrance of
Jessie's cunt. Luckily, I don't have a very large penis, but I was worried that
I might hurt her the first time I penetrated her.
I pressed my cock forward and told Jessie to push down on it.
There was only a slight resistance. Jessie's virgin membrane
parted very gently and my prick was deep in her cunt.
I asked her "Does that feel all right, honey?"
"I..I think so. I never felt anything like this before, but it
doesn't hurt or anything."
I started a gentle back and forth motion. My cock was moving
easily in my little girl's tight cunt. I gazed down at our joined
bodies. It was fascinating to see my cock going in and out of my
daughter's tiny vulva. I could see that my prick was glistening
with moisture. It was good to know that even at twelve, Jessie
could produce a rich supply of cunt juices to make fucking her so
easy and smooth.
   I moved over Jessie until I was resting on my elbows. I began
fucking her a little faster, watching her face react. She was
breathing rapidly and her eyes were tightly closed. Her hand
slipped between us and I felt her fingers touching my cock,
feeling our coupled genitals.
She smiled to herself.
I whispered, "Jessie, tell me how fucking feels."
She opened her eyes and I could see them shining with pleasure
and sensuality.
"Ohh Daddy, it's wonderful! Fucking is wonderful! Your cock feels
so nice inside me. It feels so big!"
I pressed my mouth to hers and slipped my tongue between her
lips. I could feel her tongue come and meet mine halfway. I
tasted my little girl's mouth, her breath, her saliva.
"Yes, sweetheart." I breathed, "Fucking you is wonderful."
Jessie's body was moving beneath me. She was thrusting her hips
up, making my cock probe her cunt even deeper, urging me to fuck
faster. I had never before felt such lustful passion.
Suddenly, Jessie's head tilted back, her mouth opened and she
uttered a series of drawn out groans. "Aaahh, aaahh, aaahh..." I quickened my
fucking even more.
I felt the sweet tinglings of my own orgasm begin to spread
through my groin.
Her small body stiffened under me and with a last high-pitched
"Aaaah!", she relaxed completely.
At exactly the same moment, I gave a shout of measureless
pleasure and filled my daughter's adolescent cunt with hot thick
For the next few minutes, we just held on to each other,
trembling with reaction to what we had just done. Jessie crushed
her mouth to mine and kissed me with unbridled fervor.
"Ohh Daddy, I love you. You sure know how to make me feel good!"
"I love you, baby. You made me feel terrific too."
"Did I fuck as good as Chantal?"
"Jessie, what I'm about to tell you is the absolute truth. I have
never in my life enjoyed a fuck as much as the one we just had. I
mean that, not with Chantal, not with my mother, not with your
mother, not anyone but you, darling."
Jessie gave me an radiant smile.
   I eased my cock out of Jessie's cunt. I reached over to my
nightstand for a spare handkerchief and wiped the excess semen
that was dribbling from between the plump pink lips.
"What are you doing, Daddy?"
I'm cleaning the cum from around your cunt, honey."
I handed her the cloth. "Would you like to wipe my cock?"
Jessie held my cock, handed back the handkerchief, bent over and
took my softening prick into her mouth. I could feel her tongue
licking up the moisture.
When she raised her head she said, "There was another taste there
besides your cum. Is that what I taste like?"
"Yes, I guess it was."
"No wonder you like to lick my cunt. I didn't know it tasted so
"Jessie sweetheart, you're one in a million. How would you like
to sleep here with me tonight and in the morning we'll be ready
to have a lot more fun."
"What will we do?"
"The first thing I'll want is a big drink of pee-pee and I'll
lick your cunt. Then I hope you'll want to drink my cum again.
After that we'll have another beautiful fuck. How does that
It sounds great, but Daddy, will you let me taste your pee-pee
"Sure you can taste it, sweetheart, just to see if you like it."
"Oh Daddy, we're going to have so much fun together. I'm sure
glad I showed you my breasts."
I kissed Jessie's sweet mouth. "So am I, honey."
I started to get out of bed.
"Where are you going, Daddy?"
"I'm going to turn out all the lights."
"OK, I'll straighten up our bed while you do that."
I gave Jessie a big grin. "Our bed, is it?"
She smiled back. "Well, it is, isn't it?"
"On weekends anyway, On school nights I think you'd better use
your own."
When I got back, Jessie was already in bed. I slipped in beside
She moved nearer to me and put her head on my shoulder. I put an
arm around her and she snuggled closer, pressing her naked little
body against mine.
She said in a sleepy little girl voice "Daddy, I feel so warm and
safe here. I wish I could sleep with you every night."
We kissed goodnight and were soon asleep.

   I awoke to a bright Saturday morning. I gazed at Jessie's
adorable young face as she slept beside me. A feeling of
inexpressible emotion filled me, so sweet that I felt my eyes
sting for a moment.
I reflected on the glorious sex we shared.
I thought, "I have actually fucked Jessie, my own twelve year old
daughter and she loved it as much as I did!"
I probed my inner feelings and discovered no regrets, no guilt at
all. I knew that this wondrous incest was right and proper for
Jessie's eyelids fluttered open and I smiled at her. The happy
grin I got back reassured me that she felt the same way.
"Hi, Daddy."
"Hi, Jessie. How're you feeling this morning?"
"What's a word for wanting lots more sex?"
"There's horny, sexy or randy."
"I'm all three, Daddy."
"You're sensational, sweetheart. You don't think that what we're
doing is wrong, do you?"
"Like child abuse you mean?"
"The law would see it that way."
"The law isn't going to find out. They told us in school about
sexual abuse. That's only if someone forces me to do something I
don't want to do, but I want to do it with you, Daddy, every
I hugged Jessie's naked body to mine and kissed her gorgeous
mouth. Her tongue immediately slipped between my lips and
explored all around my mouth. When she felt my cock hard against
her, she reached down and fondled it.
Jessie whispered, "Daddy, do you still want a drink of my
"I sure do, sweetheart. "
"How do I do it?"
"Just squat down and put your adorable cunt on my mouth. Can you
make your pee stop once you've started?'
"Yes, I know how to do that."
"Good, you'll have to stop it a few times to give me a chance to
close my mouth and swallow. We don't want it to be wasted all
over the bed."
Jessie lowered herself over my face and held onto the headboard.
I felt and tasted her moist cunt touching my lips. It took her
several seconds to relax and then I felt the heat of her golden
piss streaming over my tongue.
   I drank each exquisite mouthful and Jessie quickly replaced it.
I was in ecstasy. There is nothing in the world that compares to
the luscious taste of a little girl's urine. It has a slightly
thicker than water texture, there's a soothing warmth, a very
gentle acidy sharpness, a delicate sourness, a pleasant
saltiness, a subtle back of the throat hint of ammonia which all
combine to produce that indescribably sensual taste of piss that
is unique to adolescent girls, and I was having the deep and
forbidden pleasure of drinking my little twelve year old
daughter's piss as it flowed from the plump lips of her sweet
little cunt. It was a delicious and intensely powerful
Regrettably, even her bountiful morning pee had to stop. I lapped
up the last few precious drops from Jessie's cunt. I was at the
peak of sexual passion.
"Sweetheart, would you like to suck my cock now?  Your piss
tasted so good and got me so excited, I'm afraid I'll shoot my
cum without any help."
"Sure, I hope you have a big drink for me."
Jessie slipped down between my thighs, clasped my cock in both
hands and stroked it as I had showed her yesterday. At the same
time she started kissing and licking the tip.
She looked up at me and said, "I really love the taste of your
cock, Daddy."
I asked her, "Honey, could you take my cock right in your mouth
and slide your lips back and forth on it?"
She followed my instructions but took my prick in a bit too deep
and gagged a little.
"Just take the head in your mouth, Jessie. No need to take in so
Jessie tried again, this time being more careful. I raised my
head so I could see my little girl sucking my cock. The sight of
my dick going in and out of Jessie's lovely young mouth and the
lingering memory of her enchanting piss soon had me coming. I
could feel an intense urgency as the erotic pressures built up in
my groin.
I cried out, "I'm coming!  Suck my cum, sweetheart!"
Jessie's head started bobbing even faster and then the tingling
climax hit me. With each pleasurable tremor, I could feel my
semen spurt into Jessie's vigorously sucking mouth. Her tongue
was lapping up the sperm as it emerged from my cock. I could see
her throat pulsate each time she swallowed a fresh effusion of my
   Then it was over. I lay back in complete contentment and watched
as Jessie eased her mouth off my cock. 
"That was beautiful, honey. I hope you still liked the taste of
my cream."
I wondered why she didn't answer and then I realized from the way
she was holding her lips closed that she still had a mouthful of
cum. She was only able to say "Mmmm", her eyes sparkling with
pleasure, and she rubbed her naked belly to show me how much she
was enjoying the flavor of my semen. She tilted her head back and
slowly swallowed her erotic delicacy. She carefully examined my
cock and balls and licked up a few drops she had missed.
"Daddy, I wish you could fill up a big bowl with your cum so I
could eat it with a spoon."
"It would take me a week to do that, wouldn't you prefer it fresh
every time?"
"Yes, I guess it tastes best right from your cock."
Jessie came up and gave me an open mouth kiss. Her breath still
carried traces of my semen.
"Daddy, you're going to have to make me come now.  My cunt feels
so wet and tingly I can hardly stand it."
"I'd love to, but I have to piss first."
"Can I come and have a taste of it?"
"You sure can. Come on."
We went into the bathroom and I stood near the toilet. Jessie got
to her knees and took hold of my cock. She looked up at me and
asked, "Is this the way Chantal did it?"
"Yes honey, she'd get on her knees and take my cock right into
her mouth, but before that she'd say something to me in French."
"What did she say?"
"'Mon amour, fait pi-pi dans ma bouche.'"
"I know what that means."
"Would you like to say it in English?"
"My darling, go pee-pee in my mouth."
   With that, Jessie placed her mouth over my penis and looked up
at me expectantly. I let myself relax just a little so that I could
control the amount of urine I released. I pissed into Jessie's
mouth for a few seconds at a time and she was happily swallowing
it. I decided that we would go easy on it the first time so I
tightened my groin muscles and squeezed my fingers at the base of
my cock. She looked at me with a bit of protest in her eyes and I
said, "I think that's enough for your first try. This is my first
piss of the day and there's too much for you."
Jessie understood and let me slip my prick out of her mouth.
I continued to pee in the toilet while she watched with great
interest as my cock poured out the rest of my piss. Just before
it became a trickle, I brought my cock back to Jessie's mouth.
She eagerly closed her lips around it and drank down one last
mouthful of my urine.
"Daddy, I love your pee, I wanted to drink a lot more than that."
"I think it's better to play it safe, especially on an empty
stomach. You'll get plenty of chances to drink it again. Besides,
I'm dying to lick your juicy cunt."
We both looked at Jessie's crotch. Her inner thighs were gleaming
with the moisture of lust that was overflowing from her wanton
little cunt.
"I guess it is juicy, Daddy. Drinking your pee made it get all
I took Jessie's hand and led her back to the bedroom.
She hopped back on the bed and I got between her legs. For a few
seconds I just looked.
"What are you doing, Daddy?" Jessie asked.
"I'm just enjoying the sight of your mouth-watering cunt."

   There was no hair around it yet, just that little tuft above it,
so it was still a truly little girl's naked cunt. Just a small slit
at the bottom of that so soft little hillock called the mount of
Venus, nestled sweetly between her thighs. It was about an inch
and half long with slightly puffy lips on each side of it.
I parted those lips and looked into moist pinkness. At the
top, her tiny clit was pointing stiffly, it was almost blood red
because of her excitement. Its tip was standing clear of its
fleshy hood. Another pair of soft pink lips divided from just
above her clit and formed a perfect frame around the inside of
her cunt until they rejoined at the bottom. In the middle, I could
just make out the puckered little hole where her luscious piss
comes out. Then at the bottom was her fuck hole. It looked so
tight and small I found it hard to believe that my cock could fit
in it so nicely, but I knew it had a lot of stretch.
And now I was going to enjoy the gorgeous taste of my daughter's cunt.
I began by licking all around Jessie's crotch, her pubic mound,
her damp inner thighs and then I plunged my tongue deep into her
cunt. I fucked her with my tongue, I pressed my lips into her
pussy and sipped up the sumptuous liquid, the essence of her wild
   I gently sucked and licked her delicate and very sensitive inner
lips. Jessie was squirming with delicious torture. I decided to
prolong this loving torment. I raised Jessie's legs until her
chubby ass was under my lips. I kissed her soft buttocks and then
spread them open. Her tight little asshole, brown and wrinkled,
lay naked to my gaze. I brought my nose to it and sniffed deeply.
I could just discern a hint of my darling's excrement.  I licked
Jessie's asshole for a few minutes and tried to push the tip of
my tongue into the musky-tasting shaft. I actually wondered what
my little girl's shit would taste like.
Jessie's groans of rapture told me that she was about to come, so
I pressed my mouth to her cunt and rapidly fluttered my tongue
tip over her clitoris. She jammed her cunt against my mouth and
cried out in ecstasy as she experienced a tremendous series of
shuddering orgasms.

   I hugged my daughter's slender body until she came down from her
high-soaring climax. Jessie clutched her hands around my head and
we kissed to near exhaustion.
"Daddy, how can anything feel so good?  That was better than
anything I ever felt before.  I feel like all my bones are
"Sweetheart, you can't imagine how much I love to hear you say
that. I'm getting so much enjoyment just making you happy."
"There can't be any other girl in the world who's happy as I am
or has a father as wonderful as you."
"And I have the most fantastic daughter in the world."
"Daddy, I..." Jessie paused looking a little distressed. "I want
to say I love you but that doesn't mean what I want to say...
this is so special."
"I know what you mean, sweetheart. I feel the same way. I've
always loved you but there are no words for what we have now."
"Then we can't say anything?"
"We can say 'I love you' and we'll both know everything that
means to us."
"I do love you, Daddy."
"Jessie, I love you, fiercely."
   We rested silently for a few minutes and then I said, "What do
you say we get our strength back with a bit of breakfast and then
we'll come back and have a heavenly fuck." 
"Okay, can we stay naked?"
"Sure we can, all day if you'd like."
"I like being naked with you, it makes me feel like I want to
fuck all the time."
   All the time I was organizing breakfast, Jessie was hovering
around me, using her height advantage to feel and kiss my prick.
I had to ask her to go easy on it, I wanted to save my cum for
our impending fuck.
   There was one especially tender moment when Jessie was leaning on
her elbows with her back against the counter, doing her best to
get a reaction from me by talking as dirty as she knew how.
I said, "Do you know what happens to little girls when they say
dirty words?"
    I put my hand on her belly and started moving it down. Jessie
opened her legs and stood absolutely still. Her face was turned
up, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, her attitude was one of
utter sexual craving. My hand slipped between her thighs and
Jessie breathed a sigh of pleasure. As I fondled my daughter's
genitals, I was struck by her complete openness, her trust that
my hands would never be anything but a source of joy. I realized
that I had taken on a considerable responsibility, she could so
easily be hurt by a moment of thoughtlessness. I bent and kissed
her sensuous mouth.
After a moment I asked her, "Now, are you going to talk dirty any
"Fuck yes, Daddy! The punishment is so fucking nice."
I chuckled and Jessie wrapped her arms around me and gave me a
tremendous hug.
"Daddy, you're wonderful. I wish we started doing this two years
"You weren't ready for this two years ago."
"It doesn't matter, we could have done something."

When we got back to the bedroom, we started fooling around a
little. I pretended to be reluctant to get on the bed and Jessie
was trying to wrestle me there. She won, of course.
Once on the bed, I lay on my stomach to see how Jessie was going
to get hold of my cock. Instead, she took an interest in my ass
and began massaging my buns. It felt great. Jessie parted my ass
cheeks and I could feel her breath on them as she studied my
"Daddy, when you licked my behind, it felt really good, but did
it taste okay?"
"It tasted fine, just a nice touch of muskiness."
"Could you taste my poop?"
"No, I smelled it first and there was just the slightest trace of
your shit."
Jessie's nose touched my ass. "I think I can smell yours just a
Jessie moved up the bed and lay beside me.
I turned to face her. She obviously wanted to talk.
"Daddy, what if you were going to lick my bum and it smelled very
bad, I mean, like, if I had a..a shit and didn't wipe it all away,
what would you do?"
"Honey, I don't want to shock you, but I could joyously lick your
asshole right after you had a shit. My tongue would be your
toilet paper."
"Did you do that with Chantal?"
"No, not quite, one time we were both naked and she needed to
shit. She did it in the bushes. She told me not to look, but I
was curious and I persuaded her to let me watch. The sight of it
coming out of her ass really excited me and when she was finished,
I asked her if I could wipe her clean. She said okay and put her
hands on her buns and held them apart for me.
My cock got very hard when I saw her dirty asshole. I used the
blank pages from an old book of sex stories we kept there.
I remember, before I started to wipe her, I brought my nose very
close to her asshole and smelled it. I liked the smell of her shit,
it didn't seem to be bad at all. That's all that happened.
Later on I wished that I'd had the nerve to taste it, but there was never
another occasion."
"Daddy, next time I have to poop, would you like to come in the
bathroom with me?  I'll let you wipe my bum and I wouldn't mind
if you had a little taste. I think it'll taste awful, though."
"I'd like to try it once, just so I'll know for sure."
"Okay. Would you like me to lick your asshole?"
"I'd love it, honey. Look, my cock has gone soft, that would sure
perk it up."  
As Jessie went down the bed, I got my knees under me and raised
my ass.
   She knelt behind me and once again I felt her fingers expose my
anus. In a moment her tongue was touching it. She gave it a few
tentative licks and then really began to lap at it. She even pressed
her tongue tip deep into my asshole. It felt glorious. She reached between my
legs and caressed my cock. That quickly stiffened it up. After another minute of
Jessie's fabulous ass-licking,
I told her, "Come on up, sweetheart, I want to fuck you now."
   Jessie turned over on her back and pushed herself between my
legs. She paused to lick my balls and give my cock an oral
tribute, then moved further upward until her smiling face was
under mine.
"Hi, there." I greeted her, "I loved the way you licked my
"I'm glad, it tasted all right too."
I reached down between my baby's thighs and stroked her cunt. I
held it open and asked Jessie. "Now, how would you like to guide
my cock into your cunt?"
"I think I'd love to do that."
She wrapped both hands around my prick and brought the tip to her
excited fuck-hole. With a quick thrust of my hips, I plunged my
cock deep into my daughter's pussy and we launched into a glorious
fuck. Jessie's exquisite baby cunt still felt very tight around my
cock but we were both so horny and so wet that my prick slipped in
and out easily.
   My daughter and I gazed into each other's eyes. I saw that Jessie's were
filled with joy and love and I know that mine were too. Then her expression
changed, she half-closed her eyes and the tip of her tongue licked her lips.
Jessie's face was showing a lewd and lascivious part of her nature
that, in a twelve year old girl, was utterly amazing and entirely loveable.
Even her voice became more seductive as she said, "Fuck me
faster, Daddy."
I began humping faster. I brought my mouth to Jessie's and we
tasted each other's tongues.
After a few more minutes of frenzied fucking, Jessie cried out,
"Daddy, I want your cum in my mouth."
   I quickly pulled my cock out and reversed myself over my little
girl. She grasped my cock and pulled it into her mouth. I felt
her lips surround it and her hands rapidly stroking it.
I spread Jessie's cunt open and dipped my mouth to it. I lapped
up the plentiful love liquor, I twirled my tongue around her hard
little clit while sliding two fingers deep into her fuck tunnel.
I loved, kissed, nuzzled and finger-fucked my daughter's sweet
cunt until I could hear her muffled cries as she came again and
again, her hips lifted right off the bed as she pressed her cunt
into my mouth. Then I was experiencing that instant of indescribable
rapture and I knew that Jessie was revelling in the abundant semen
that I was ejaculating into her greedy little mouth.
   As we snuggled together afterward, Jessie said, "Daddy, that was
the best one. I was cumming and drinking your cream at the same time. You
wouldn't believe how much I love the taste of your cum."
"What's it like, Jess?"
"It's hard to explain, it's not like anything else. It's hot and
thick and it feels slippery. It's kind of salty and there's a
special taste that I just love."
"I know what you mean, I feel the same way about the taste of
your pee."
"Then we can sure keep each other happy."
"Don't you want me to fuck you anymore?"
"Of course I want you to fuck me, Daddy, I love fucking, but your
cum is just wasted if it goes in my cunt."
"Yes, there's also the danger of getting you pregnant if I come
in your cunt."
"Then it's better to do like we did today, we can fuck for a
while and then you turn around and lick my cunt and I'll suck
your cock and get to drink all your yummy semen."
"Okay, there's one thing though, I may not always have time to
turn around. Maybe you can try cupping your hands around my cock
and catching my cum, then you can lick it off your hands."
"I'd like to try that anyway. You know what, Daddy, I've only
seen a few drops of your cum, I'd like to see a lot of it."
"We'll have to do that later, I couldn't possibly come again for
a couple of hours."
"What are you going to do now?"
"I think I'll just rest and read for a while and then have some
"Okay, I have a bit of homework to do, anyway. Will we have more
fucking and stuff this afternoon?"
"It's going to be an exhausting weekend. We still have all day
tomorrow to fool around, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of
it, honey."
There was a happy bubble in her voice when she said, "So am I,
Daddy. This is just great."
"By the way, when you showed me your breasts, did you have any
idea what we might be getting into?"
"Well, a little bit, I was reading a magazine called 'Family Frolics,
Father and Daughter Special' that Sandra lent me. It was
full of letters about fathers and daughters having sex together
and it looked so good I wanted to try it.
What we did was a lot better than anything in the book."
"Is that why you were ready for my semen the first time?"
"Yes, one letter was from a fourteen year old girl and she told
about sucking her daddy's cock and how she loved to drink his
"I'll be eternally grateful to that girl, whoever she is, but,
when you give Sandra back the book you'll have to careful to give
her no hint about what happened."
"Don't worry, when she gave it to me, she said her father bought
it for her and they tried everything in it, but I'll tell her
nothing happened."
"Well, maybe it's all right to tell her, seeing she and her
father have sex together too."
"Not only her father, she does it with her mother and brother
too. Isn't that wild?  Her brother is sixteen."
"You mean all of them together?"
"Yes! She called them family sex parties. They all get naked and
do anything they want. She said her mother and her fuck and suck
with her brother and father and she and her mother lick each
other's cunts. Even her father and brother fuck and suck each
other. How can men fuck?"
"They fuck in each other's assholes." I told her.
"Wow! Would you like to fuck my asshole, Daddy?"
"We may try it sometime. I'll begin by using my finger and see if
you like that."
"That sounds great, Daddy, I want to try everything."

   After a bit of reading, a nap and a late lunch, I was back on my
bed idly playing with my soft cock and thinking I should go for a
pee, when I happened to glance over at the doorway and there was
Jessie watching me.
She smiled and said, "Hey, leave that thing alone! That's my
I moved my hand away and told her, "It's yours to command, my
lady, and I think you might like to know it happens to need a pee
at the moment."
Jessie hurried over and jumped on the bed. "Daddy, I want every
drop this time. Okay?"
"Okay, honey, you'll get it."
   I placed my knees on either side of her slim body, took her
hands and drew her up to me. I joined my hands behind her head to
support her and she wrapped her arms around me with her hands on
my ass. She opened her mouth and her lips encircled my cock.
I began to urinate into my daughter's mouth. I looked down at
Jessie's lovely face as she drank my pee. It was a lascivious
sight to see my prick deep in her mouth and watch her swallowing
my hot piss.
After she had swallowed the last squirts, Jessie slid her mouth
off my now stiffened cock.
"Daddy, I bet you have the best tasting piss in the whole world."
"I think you're wrong, I'm convinced that yours is the tastiest
drink nature ever made."
"Would you like me to go pee-pee in your mouth?"
"Yes, but I'd like you to do it so that I can watch the piss
coming out of your cunt."
"How can we do that?"
"Well, if you stand with your feet apart, I'll put my head
between your legs and line up my mouth with your cunt. Then when
you go pee-pee, it will fall right into my mouth."
"Okay, but I think you better put a towel or something on the bed
in case some of it splashes."
"Good idea."
I got a towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed. Jessie
took up her position facing my feet.
"Why did you turn that way, Jessie?"
"I think I can see better this way."
I raised my head until it was just about between Jessie's knees.
Her cunt was in sharp focus and my mouth was right in line with
"All set, Daddy?"
I told her, "I'm ready." and opened my mouth.
Jessie brought her hands between her thighs and spread the outer
lips of her cunt open. I could actually see the little sphincter
of her piss hole open up and then her golden shower was cascading
into my thirsting mouth. This was a double delight. I was
blissfully drinking my daughter's delicious piss and seeing the
yellow stream emerge from her precious cunt. Jessie was also
watching and she was able to regulate the flow to give me a
chance to close my mouth and swallow without missing a single
drop of her delectable hot urine.
When it was down to a trickle, Jessie lowered her vagina to my
mouth and I licked the drops of piss from her cunt lips. She
tried to force the final few drops out and the effort made her
fart. Her asshole was right against my nose so I got the full
effect. I was able to take a deep sniff of Jessie's fart and it
immediately got me to thinking again about tasting her shit.
Jessie was a little upset. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't
mean to do that."
"There's no need to be sorry, honey, I loved the smell. It
reminded me of what you said about going with you when you went
to have a poop."
"I can poop now if you want."
"And you don't mind if I go with you?"
"I wouldn't mind, Daddy."
I took Jessie's hand and helped her off the bed and we went into
the bathroom.
She sat on the toilet and I knelt beside her with one hand
lightly rubbing her back and I slipped the other between her
thighs and gently rubbed her cunt.
Jessie strained for a second, farted, and then there was a
squishy sound as the shit started out of her asshole. The hot,
heavy aroma of my daughter's shit reached my nostrils. I was too
fired up to even imagine that the odor could be disagreeable.
People who say shit stinks have never smelled it during a highly
charged sexual situation. The pungent smell of my little girl's
shit was extremely pleasurable and arousing.
I asked, "Jessie, can you raise up so I can see you shitting?"
Jessie stood and placed her hands on her knees. There was a piece
of shit in the toilet and another was just emerging from her ass.
I put my hands on her hips and used my thumbs to spread her ass
cheeks. I moved closer and marvelled at the sight of the moist,
brown turd slipping out of her asshole. My nose was just inches
from her anus and the smell was even stronger and more exciting.
Jessie gave one more push and the last bit of shit fell in the
"All done, sweetheart?" I asked.
"Yes, Daddy. What are you going to do?"
"I want to taste some and then wipe your bum."
Jessie turned her ass toward me and bent over with her hands on
the toilet bowl.
   Her asshole was hidden by a mass of shit and there were some
smears on either side of her crack. I brought my face closer,
took another sniff and licked a bit of shit from the side of her
cleft. It was sour and tart, not at all unpleasant. Just the idea
of tasting Jessie's shit turned me on intensely. 
   I pressed my mouth to Jessie's asshole and tongued up every trace
of her warm, tasty excrement. I held it on my tongue and savored
the strong, acrid flavor of Jessie's shit before swallowing it. I
wanted all I could get so I wet my index finger and eased it a
little way into Jessie's asshole. It came out nicely shit-coated.
I put it in my mouth and licked it then repeated the action,
pushing my finger even deeper and rotating it a little. Jessie
gave a wriggle of pleasure and said, "Daddy, that feels great."  
I finger-fucked Jessie's asshole for a minute and then had
another taste of her shit as I licked my finger clean.
I felt as though I'd discovered a secret treasure which shouldn't
be overused and I resolved that I would enjoy the delight of
feasting on my daughter's shit at least once every weekend. I
might even try eating it as it came hot and juicy, right from her
"Daddy, don't you want some toilet paper?"
"No need, sweetheart, I licked away every trace."
"Didn't it taste awful?"
"No, this was love-shit, it smells and tastes fabulous. I hope
you'll let me do it again next weekend."
"Sure I will, if you like it that much."
I planted a couple of grateful kisses on Jessie's ass and asked
her, "What would you like to do about this awfully hard cock of
"I want to make you come in my hand so I can see it happen."
"Okay, let's get back to my bed."
I lay back and Jessie knelt beside me. First, she bent and took
my cock into her mouth for a few minutes while her soft hand
tenderly stroked my stiff organ. It was, for me, a time of purely selfish
enjoyment as I watched my little daughter sucking and licking my prick while I
relished the abiding flavor of her delightful shit. In a couple of minutes,
Jessie's seductive massage had brought me to the
brink and my ecstatic moans gave her warning. She took her mouth
away and continued to masturbate me. I erupted in waves of sexual
bliss. Jessie was engrossed in the sight of my cock ejaculating
spurts of semen into her cupped hand. When my balls were drained,
she studied the pool of cum in her palm, stirred it with her
finger, smelled it, then raised her hand to her open mouth and
tilted her head back. The starchy globules of sperm dribbled
thickly between her lips. She rolled my cum around her mouth for
a minute, determined to enjoy the taste of every piquant drop and
then swallowed the delicious essence.
Jessie licked up the residue from her hand and took my cock into
her mouth to capture the few droplets that still clung to it.
My daughter and I snuggled up together.
"Daddy, your cum tastes better every time I drink it."
"Honey, I must be the luckiest man in the world. I'm in love with
a beautiful, insatiable twelve year old cocksucker."
Jessie giggled, "A couple of girls at school got into a fight
because one of them called the other one that. I don't mind if
you say it, Daddy, I love being your cocksucker."
"And do you love being my cum-swallower, my piss drinker and my
"You bet I do. Do you love being my cunt-licker, my piss-drinker
and my shit-taster?"
"I sure do, darling, and the best of all is having a ravishing
little daughter who loves to fuck with her Daddy."
"I do love to fuck with you, Daddy, and I hope you'll fuck me
even when I'm grown up." 
"Jessie, I'll fuck you as long as you want me to, we could have
years of this ahead of us."
"Mmm, that's what I want, Daddy, just you and me."

   That was eighteen years ago.
Today, I'm a hale and healthy 52 years old and I'm still just as
avid to fuck and suck with my 30 year old daughter as I ever was.
We have a daughter of our own who was brought up watching Mommy
and Daddy enjoying every variety of sex. At age ten, Cheryl, our
beautiful child of incest, asked Jessie to teach her to suck my
cock and now she loves my cum as much as her mother does. Cheryl
has probably spent less time on the toilet than most girls her
age, Jessie and I are so eager to drink her piss that she seldom
gets a chance to use it. Naturally, Cheryl has turned into quite
a piss drinker too.
Yesterday was Cheryl's twelfth birthday and first thing in the
morning, she came naked into our bed so that we could carry out a
promise we made to her a year before. Jessie licked our little
girl's vagina to a wild passion and then guided my cock into
Cheryl's virgin cunt. Cheryl, who knows of our relationship,
smiled into my eyes and said, "Fuck me good, Grandpa!"

                                    THE END