- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] King ME
[Author] zzTurk
[Type] Father/daughter

In medieval times, families could only continue to rule if they convinced their
subjects that their successors were of the same, royal bloodlines as themselves.

Obviously, the easiest way to achieve this was through incest!

Partners for these assignations were not always that readily available!

Take Charles VII, of France.

This unlucky fellow had two sons die in childbirth! (In those days, unlucky or not,
the queen's life might be in jeopardy if she couldn't produce offspring!)

On the third try, the baby survived... a baby daughter!

This was barely acceptable to the proud king, and ofcourse they kept trying.

Four years later, they had another girl; 2 years later, another girl, and another, and

Five girls, in all, and by then, people were beginning to wonder if it was HIS
equipment, on the 'fritz'!

He relegated himself to the fact that he'd have to marry off his eldest daughter to
outside royal blood, thus reducing his families' future power.

But fate handed him a different tune!

His oldest daughter, almost from puberty, being so spoiled, was a brat, a
cocktease, a bitch, and incredibly sexy looking!

Full round globes, before 'D' cups were invented by Mr. (yes, it's true!) Titsling,
sensuous pouting lips (like Linda Ronstadt or Angelina Jolie), raven hair, and her
mother's blue eyes, made this girl so uniquely sexy that many a deflowerer went to
their deaths trying to be that 'first'!

She was only seventeen when her mother died, and if she was hard to control
before, she was impossible, now!

Her maidenhead's days were definitely numbered!

One day, this handsome court scribe was thrown from his horse, suffering a
severely sprained ankle which, in and of itself isn't fatal, but Natalia now saw a young
man with whom to couple, and who no longer could run!

Fatal, indeed!

Now, Pierre didn't feel like dying! He'd HAD pussy and it wasn't worth dying

Yet, so many HAD! Maybe there was...

"What am I THINKING," Pierre mused. "I've got to save my ass, somehow."

An idea came to him! He begged a brief audience with His Majesty.

Due to his station, he was granted such.

"Oh, your majesty, may a thousand locusts consume my tongue if I'm lying, but
your daughter, Natalia, has vowed to come to my bed chamber to get deflowered,
knowing that I'm in no position to avoid it. It's not that she is trying to be 'with child',
she just wants to experience a man. Please sir, I'm a loyal subject. I'd rather you lock
me in a dungeon than bring shame to the royal house."

The king began by comforting Pierre, "Alas, I know how tempting her charms can
be. As a matter of fact, DID YOU SAY 'WITH CHILD'?" He cut himself off with a

"No, Your Majesty, I said I don't think..."

"Stop! Say no more!" Broke in Charles, as an idea germinated, within!

"My daughter will tell you when she's coming, yes?" asked the king.

"Then, all you need to tell her is that your voice is growing weak (hoarse) and to
be gentle with your injury! I will take your place and teach her a lesson she'll never
forget!" The king's wheels were turning!

The next night, around midnight, Natalia strode brazenly to Pierre's chamber and
let herself inside.

Once there, she fumbled in the dark until she found a bandaged foot, confirmed by
the unmistakable grunt of Pierre(?) in pain, as she accidentally hit it!

She thought to herself that Pierre was totally committed to her because he anointed
himself with wondrous fragrances and was already lying there, naked!

Pierre dove into Natalia's vulva with an angry tongue, attacking every receptor her
young body had...except it wasn't Pierre!

It was daddy!

Before Natalia could rid herself of her annoying hymen, her lover devoured her
prodigious breasts, stimulating her even more so!

Finally, she lowered herself to his throbbing penis and drizzled his precum around
her unpunctured maidenhead!

Then, just as she began to drop, Charles thrust up forcefully, breaking the maiden's
flower and sliding into her newly opened vagina!

A retreat, another foray, gaining two more inches, followed by another retreat, and
then a thrust all the way into her!

She was in some discomfort, but her father used his fingers to ignite her clit into
flames, and she soon found herself nearly swooning, in pleasure!

She began riding him, gaining more lubrication.

Their tempo increased, but Natalia informed Pierre (Charles) that she was afraid
her father would kill him if she became 'with child' so she said it was time to withdraw!

But her partner would have none of it! He grabbed her hips and commenced a set
of violent thrusts designed to empty his balls into her womb!

"Stop! Stop!" She begged, or we'll be undone!

He was almost there!

More and more, he kept pounding his way deep into the princess' very depths. His
prolonged thrusts finally had their effect on Natalia and she stopped trying to retreat,
concentrating rather, on accepting her lover as deep as he wished to penetrate!

Finally, he could hold back no longer!

Jet after jet of kingly sperm fired into his daughter's body, only to be greedily
sucked up by her cervix which fed it into her ready womb!

Nine months later, the king finally got his son, but it doesn't end, there!

The king agonized over how to tell his subjects about this, without having a revolt.

During Natalia's pregnancy, he decided that the only way his son could succeed
him on the throne was to admit what had happened, just paint it differently.

It came out that, even a king has certain needs, and when he chose to express
those needs, there had been a 'horrific' mix up; his daughter was uncomfortable in her
own chamber and ordered a maiden to switch with her so she might enjoy better
cross ventilation.

When the two 'accidentally' paired off, she sought to speak up, but the king,
thinking they were merely the 'mewings' of a maiden about to become a woman,
pressed on until it was too late.

The people, somehow, accepted this because of the double standard, and because
the king begat a SON, this time (confirming that he COULD)!

The king did not forget Pierre. (Initially, he was prepared to have him shoulder any
and all blame and to execute him, if need be, but he had kept all that to himself, so
Pierre didn't know how close to dying he actually was.)

The king announced that his own court scribe, Pierre, had been found to have
regal bloodlines, and so it was ordained that he would be Prince Regent to the new
king (Charles VIII), and marry Princess Natalia.

If the new baby attained adulthood prior to his father's death, he would succeed
directly to the throne.

As the years passed, Pierre gave Natalia three more children of royalty, but alas,
they were all daughters. (Is this deja vu, all over again?)

Charles VII lived forever, or so it seemed!

In this particular year, Charles VIII was nineteen and adult, by the local standards;
but because of famine, disease, and wars, the 'pickings' were not that promising.

He had three half-sisters, Jennine (16), Eugenie (15), and Carole (13), and he
wasn't shy!

He had been 'familiar' with them for years, back to the days when they bathed
together, but he had never had the opportunity to go further.

Now, he was determined to deflower one (or all) of them!

Perhaps remembering the bawdy deed of her father, the king, Natalia kept close
tabs on her daughters, initially to protect them from grandpa; but now (like father, like
son), they needed protection from her own son (and brother), their brother (and

So, when Jennine came to her mother in tears, one fateful day, explaining that
Charlie was coming to her chamber that night and told her that she dare not refuse
him, her mother comforted her with these words, "Tell him he must do something for
you. When he asks what, tell him he'll know tonight. He will know what you mean.
Then, retire to MY chamber, and I shall arrange to teach him a lesson that he will
never forget!"

It was conspicuously PAST midnight, when Charlie finally snuck into chamber,
and Natalia had drifted off to sleep!

She awoke to find her chemise bunched around her waist, and her son lying
between pried open thighs and dipping his tongue into her moist crevasse!

She knew, at least, the Charlie had gotten the meaning of Jennine's words, and
since this was a part of lovemaking that Pierre had let lapse, she reveled in the heat of
the moment, before she would undo this cad of a son!

But she found herself unable to speak!

Not when Charlie began tugging at her clit like the oyster he desired! Not when he
kissed his way to her nipples, and began to suckle as he did when he was a baby!
Not when he took out his penis and pressed it toward her mouth...inside her mouth...

Natalia had never allowed Pierre to do this, but she was mesmerized by her son's
organ, as it tickled her throat hollow!

Too soon, he withdrew, but just as she gathered the courage to speak up, he
pressed his lips hard to hers, and his penis invaded his mother's nest!

One thrust, a retreat, and then a real hard thrust!

When Natalia shrieked from the force of his strike, Charlie thought he had
successfully deflowered his sister, Jennine!

Now, after withdrawing just enough for his precum to go to work, Charlie
pounced on his mother like a tiger, determined to deliver its offspring!

Natalia had lost all resolve, and despite herself, she was moving in unison with her
son, as they rode toward that delicious sunset!

When Charles erupted, he held Natalia's hips in place. Another thrust, another
lode of royal cum!...and another...and another...and still, another!

As they parted, and Natalia lay dazed, Charlie apologized for being late...

He said he stopped inside the chambers of Eugenie and Carole, and in turn,
deflowered each of them, too! He said he didn't think it fair, not to treat each loving
sister, equally; hence, he deflowered all three sisters this very night, saving the 'best'
for last (ever the silver tongued bastard)!

Now, the double dualities, the incongruous creations attained, when all but Jennine
became 'with child' from Charlie's exploits, leaves one to ponder, as in a game, to
which I'll add this final note:

Pierre is only human, and Jennine was left out...

The End