- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Knocking up the daughter
[Author] Phil Phantom
[Type] Father/daughter

Bill stood at the sliding glass doors to the patio admiring his daughter just home from college on her first Fall break. Still eighteen, broke, and not knowing many people, home was the best plan she could come up with. Indian Summer weather was good for getting in a last all-over tan. She was naked, stark naked, and Bill hadn't seen her that way since she was four. A lot changed in fourteen years. Cindy was all woman but still had no hair on her pussy, and that shaved pussy was wide open and aimed at the door to catch the direct sunlight coming in from over the house. She had a gorgeous set of legs hanging off each side of the lounger with two of the proudest D-cup titties aimed skyward. She was a vision who thought she had the house to herself.
Bill studied his beautiful daughter, noting the absence of any tan line, an indication that she did this sort of tanning often. She went off to college a virgin with a full bush. He'd bet a paycheck on it, but he wouldn't bet a dime on her virginity, now. Disregarding the shaved cunt, she had that look about her. She now knew what the facts of life were all about. Bill never allowed himself the luxury of dreaming about fucking Cindy. Somehow, now that she was a sexually active adult, things were different. He dared dream the impossible dream. She gets horny; he gets horny; she has a pussy; he has a cock. Why not?
The big question was how to. Bill knew how to come onto women. He was quite good at scoring, but how do you come onto a daughter. Better yet, how do you score a fuck off a daughter? How do you keep her mouth shut and score more. There was only one thing she needed - more money. Will a daughter fuck her father for money?
Bill thought and thought while studying the most desirable body he had ever seen outside of a men's magazine. He studied a pussy that could serve as a model for pussies. Cindy could be a pussy model. She was proud of her pussy. She had every right to be. Pussy like hers should be seen. He doubted she wore panties, probably known for her beavers. She was the type. He knew the type. They were easy. She looked like a slut. Only a slut would sun her shaved pussy that way.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. He eased the door open and slipped out undetected. He moved to the foot of the lounger and drew a chair over to sit between her hip and knee. She heard the chair and her eyes popped open.
She didn't try to cover, get up, or even pull her legs up; she just lifted her head to say, "Daddy, what are you doing home?"
Bill didn't look at her pussy. The time wasn't right. He addressed her as though she were dressed, looking into her face while saying, "I had to get away from the office. Sometimes, I just have to. Don't you ever feel that way at college? Don't you ever ditch classes?"
"Sure. I just didn't expect anyone home until four."
Now was the time. His eyes roamed her body as he said, "Yes, I noticed. [staring right at her pussy] When did you start mowing the playground?"
She chuckled and said, "Mowing the playground. I'll have to remember that metaphor. I began shortly after arriving at State. My roommate talked me into it. I suppose you disapprove."
Still looking at her pussy, he said, "Not at all. Pubic hair can be attractive but some look better naked. Your roommate was right. Is he pleased with the result?"
"Okay, is she pleased?"
"Yes, she is pleased. Did you actually think I had a male roommate in a college dorm?"
"Things are different, now. I thought it was all coed. I figured you would want a male."
"What would make you figure that?"
"Are you a lesbian?"
"Then you like guys, right?"
"Well, yes, but I still wouldn't want to live with one I wasn't in a relationship with. Daddy, I should put something on if we're going to talk."
"Why, are you uncomfortable with your body."
"No, not at all...it's just...well. I thought you might be more comfortable."
After looking her over, he said, "Do I look uncomfortable?"
"Fine, if this doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me. What would you like to talk about?"
"Daddy, I should get dressed if that's what you want to talk about."
"I'd rather you didn't."
"Yes, I'm getting that feeling, and I am probably feeling what a stripper feels after twirling and tossing the last item. Now it's time to curtsey and graciously back my way off stage. Daddy, I am feeling very naked."
"You are very naked. How about some lotion?"
Bill picked up the pump bottle and began pumping one palm full. Cindy watched in amazement. When he set the bottle down, then rubbed the two hands together, she had to say, "Daddy, what are you planning to do?"
"Rub this lotion on you."
"On me where?"
"Wherever it looks like you need it. Come on, Cindy, I'm not going to rape you. Would it hurt to give your old man a cheap thrill? How often do you think I get a chance to rub lotion on a naked college coed with a shaved pussy and dynamite tits, humm?"
"Mom wouldn't like this."
"Mom isn't here."
"You weren't here either until you suddenly were. What makes you think she won't play hookey?"
"She can't. We're safe."
"Daddy, we shouldn't do this, or even be like this."
"Cindy, are you afraid you'll get turned on, jump my old bones, commit incest, get pregnant, and have to drop out of school to bear an illegitimate bastard which you'll be stuck with for the rest of your life, though he plays a good banjo, hummm?"
Cindy could not hold back the laugh. That was a good one. That good long laugh relaxed her and made her smile. She studied him, then said, "All right, apply the lotion wherever you think I need it most. I'll just lie back and pretend you're not."
She had to raise her head again to say, "I know what you want to do. If that will give you a cheap thrill, go ahead and do it, but call me Becky or Martha, anything but Cindy. I'm going to pretend you are Ricky Martin."
With that her head went down and her eyes closed. Bill cupped his right hand to her pussy. This brought about a reflexive jerk, but she forced herself to relax. She thought he'd work his way to pussy, not go right for it. The other hand took a breast. She said, "You don't mess around, do you?"
He stroked his oily middle finger through her slit while saying, "I do, but I rarely get caught."
Cindy didn't think he'd stroke inside the slit. She expected and braced herself for an external massage. His finger ran all over the very personal area inside the lips. She fought the urge to stop that before he got too nasty, but he got too nasty before she could say anything. That finger was now going in the hole, rimming the hole, then coming out to toy with the clit. The other hand toyed with a nipple. Cindy laid there for a while, then the words he had just spoken sank in. She said, "You mess around on Mom?"
"Whenever I get the chance. You sound surprised, Becky."
"I am very surprised. Does she know?"
"She doesn't know one tenth of it. She knows I'm a horny guy who rarely gets caught."
He now had a finger fully in her. She said, "You're a horny guy all right."
"You have a lovely pussy, Becky."
"Thank you, Ricky."
Bill brought his tit hand down to help bring her legs up. He placed the heels up to her butt cheeks and pressed the knees flat, giving himself a broad vaginal plain to dally in, now using both hands to dally. With one, he sent two middle fingers up her cunt. The other massaged her clit. This was very close to masturbation but still within the technical boundary of massage - a deeply personal massage, especially when he drew his fingers out to wet and probe her asshole.
Cindy allowed him to get all set and into this new technique before saying, "Why didn't you just ask if you could play with my pussy?"
"You would have said no. I could ask, now. May I play with you pussy?"
"Yes, you may....You are a wise Daddy. I'm impressed. You really know your pussy."
"In my avocation, you have to or you don't score. You also have to love pussy, adore pussy, worship pussy. Tit men, ass men, leg men, all take a back seat to a good pussy man."
"I won't argue that point."
"I love your clit. Does your roommate like your clit?"
Cindy relaxed though his fingers were quite rude - rude but soothing. He was very good and knew pussy. She said, "She has never commented on my clit, but I think she admires it. She doesn't have much in the way of a clit. Envy might be a better term."
"Is she cute?"
"You would think so. Would you like me to set you up?"
"Would you mind?"
"No. That would be a safe fling for you."
"Do you think she'd be as good as you?"
"I can't answer that. I think we'd be different. Besides, I'm not offering you a choice. I'm offering you her."
"Don't want no banjo players, huh?"
"No...Do you?"
"Making them is fun."
"Are you saying that making one in me would be fun?"
"Sure. To make one in you, I'd have to cum inside your pussy. To cum inside your pussy, I would need to stick my dick in it. I think that would be fun. I would enjoy that a great deal."
"I take it incest doesn't bother you."
"No, not in the least. Incest is best. Does incest bother you?"
"It's not bothering me right now. You're very good at this. I see why you score."
"You should see what I can do with my dick."
"I know what you do with your dick. You like to cum in pussy and make banjo players."
"Your pussy could use some cum."
"What makes you say that? Is my pussy dry?"
"No, it's very wet, but it feels thirsty. What this pussy needs is a sperm cocktail."
"Sperm cocktail, huh? My pussy must be thirsty. A sperm cocktail does sound good - to my pussy. I would need my head examined if I give my pussy what it wants."
"Pussy will drive you crazy if you don't give it what it wants."
"Tell me about it. My pussy usually gets what it wants for just that reason."
"You've had a few sperm cocktails, I take it."
"A few. A few too many. My pussy doesn't like condoms."
"Can't drink."
"Exactly. The best part of fucking is the drink. I knew I'd slip and say fuck before my break was over, but that one was easy, and it wasn't a slip."
"You're an adult. You can say anything you like, now."
"I assumed as much when you began finger fucking me. Somehow, I didn't think you'd correct my fucking language. Speaking of fuck and drinking fuck. It ain't fucking if you don't get a drink. It's worth the risk."
"I'm glad to hear you say that. That means you're not on the pill. You're taking the risks. You do your fucking with a fertile pussy. That's my girl."
"Oh, you like that, do you?"
"Without the risk, what's the fun?"
"We think alike, otherwise I'd be on the pill. No guts, no glory. If a guy wants to use a condom, he doesn't get any pussy. Do you approve of my fuck policy?"
"Absolutely. If you are going to fuck a guy, let him cum in your pussy. Give him a real fuck."
"I agree. I hope you know I'll be coming to you when I fuck up, saying, 'Daddy, I have a problem.' What will you think of that fuck policy, then? It's bound to happen sooner or later. I've been very lucky. A lot of guys want to fuck me. I have a hard time turning them down or putting them off to a safe time."
"The policy stands. I don't want you to turn any down or put any off. I will take care of all problems."
"You have a deal."
"There's a catch."
"That figures. What's the catch?"
"I get to fuck you and make problems."
"Oh...I see...well, go ahead then, but you'll make a problem. I came home because Fall break fell on a very unsafe time. I thought I might as well be where I'll be safe. I'm still making bad decisions."
"So, this is fertile pussy I'm playing with, is it?"
"It's always fertile. Right now, it's ovulating. I always get horny when I ovulate. You had that going for you."
"When did you know you were going to fuck me?"
"When I told you that you could apply lotion to anything. From that point on , I tried to make you think you were seducing me."
"Did you think I'd wear a condom or pull out?"
"No. I wouldn't let you. Daddy, you are the one guy who can fuck me when I'm not safe because I know you'll take care of that problem. I think that is why I came home. I came home to fuck you."
"So, I fuck you when you're not safe, and the others fuck you when you are. That covers all the bases, doesn't it?"
"I hadn't thought of it that way, but that would eliminate the dry spells. I hate dry spells. I hate going two days without cock. My cunt needs a drink. My womb needs a drink. I have an egg that needs a sperm bath. Go ahead, Daddy, give it a bath. Fuck me, please fuck me!"
"Since we're going to make a baby, what say we do this right and fuck in your mother's bed, our marital bed, the master bed?"
Cindy got up on her elbows to look at him with a devilish grin, saying, "That's kinky. I like kinky."
"Let me give you a hand."
Hand in hand, they walked to the master bedroom. Bill stripped down as Cindy got settled on her mother's side, legs wide, awaiting her paternal mount. Bill climbed on and slipped cock into her. She did all the fucking while he held himself up in the pushup position. The girl was amazing, a true fuck nut.
Everything went along fine until a feminine finger with a wedding ring on it went right up his ass. He collapsed over Cindy. She screamed, "MOM!"
Clair said, "Bill, this takes the cake. I had a funny feeling you'd be up to your tricks with Cindy. I can't say I am too surprised. You are as predictable as San Diego weather. Cindy, you surprise me. I know you are ovulating. You told me that last night. You told me you always use condoms. Are you telling me that you only forgo them at the wrong time with the most wrong person on earth? I happen to know he carries a condom in his wallet. Did he tell you he didn't have one, or did you even ask? I expect an answer, young lady."
"I didn't ask."
Bill said, "I didn't volunteer. We're making a baby, Claire. We got turned on talking about it. The next thing you know, we were doing it. These things happen, now will you please get your finger out of my ass?"
"Why, so you can continue?"
"That would be nice, yes."
"What am I supposed to do, stand here and watch?"
"We're doing something kinky. Get naked and join us. Feel her up. Hold my balls. Kiss her. Make out with her. Suck on her tits. Do anything kinky, but help us make a baby."
She looked to Cindy and said, "Would you like that?"
"YES! Please! I'd love that, all of it. Let's all get kinky together."
Claire extracted her finger and hurriedly got undressed and into bed. The first thing she and Cindy did was kiss passionately, long, lots of tongue. Neither wanted to stop. Bill watched in amazement as he stood on his knees and moved his cock in and out slowly. Those two were a sight that only got better and better as they began feeling each other up. Cindy soon had three fingers working in her mother's cunt. Clair's hand was all over the juncture of fucking genitals.
When the kiss ended, Claire kissed her way to her soggy hand as Cindy pulled her mother's ass over to her head, eager to get at pussy. Claire was licking at the juncture when she finally relented and swung a leg over Cindy's head. Cindy buried her face in maternal gash, making mommy cry out, "Oh God! She's eating my pussy, Bill."
He could see that. Claire was eating Cindy's stuffed beaver, too. Bill didn't think he would ever see a sight like this. Sperm welled in his balls. He began pumping with his wife holding his balls. A few minutes later, he filled his fertile daughter with potent sperm and thrilled everyone into a chain reaction orgasm.
The three came apart slowly and lay side by side with Cindy in the middle playing with her spermy pussy along with her mother. Their fingers danced together in slop. They kissed again, then Bill kissed her, then husband and wife kissed directly over her. Cindy wanted in, so they attempted three-way Frenching. This went on for quite some time, that and playing with Cindy's spermy pussy. They all took turns stirring the incestuous soup.
An hour after this started, Clair got out of the bed, saying, "I'm going to fix dinner. You two relax. Enjoy yourselves. I'll be as kinky as you want me to be during your break, Cindy. And Bill, you can be as kinky as you'd like to be. I just want to be a part of it, okay."
They both assured her that they would want it no other way. That made her very happy. She flounced off on a cloud. Cindy looked to her dad and said, "Did you know she was like that?"
"No. I took a chance. Did you know you were like that?"
"What, bisexual? Yes. My roommate showed me. I am very bisexual. She'll want in on this. Can we make room for one more?"
"There is always room for one more pussy in my bed."
"Great! You'll be seeing a lot more of me from now on, but from now on, I'm bringing Becky."
                            The End