- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Kochuchan/Achan (My uncle/Father)
[Author] Didi
[Type] Father/daughter

(The story of learning and experience of a young girl of sixteen. Her first foray into the world of sex -- a first person account. Incest.)

I was singularly lucky to have Sushi and Balan as my Amma (mother) and Achan (father). They were always very loving, frank, and open. I had the freedom to choose my friends, to go out, to dress the way I liked. There never was any "no" without a well reasoned explanation. They were my best changachi (friends).

In my tender age, I started becoming curious about sex. One of my teachers once said that Shivalingam was Shiva's phallus in Paarwati's yoni (vagina). I went straight to my mother. She took me to my father. Both of them talked for a long time about sex and sexual taboos in the society, especially for women. They explained that these taboos had suppressed the personality of woman.

It is because of this family atmosphere that I started feeling uninhibited I started feeling the need to experience and learn at the age of sixteen. I found another equally rational and loving person in Mathew, a friend of my mother's. Mathew was mother's colleague and knew the family from Cochin. He was, after my father, closest to my mother and a very good friend of my father also. He was, though, the youngest of the three.

Those days a girl of my age, in a small town, was considered a child. But, within myself, I knew that I was not a child. Yet, I had to prove it to myself. So, I approached Mathew one day. I asked him to take me for a ride in his car. My mother advised him to take me to the bank of the river that flowed 20 or so miles from the town. The car was an old Ford. It had wide bench seats.

I started feeling sleepy, so I said, "Kochuchan Mat, let me try my hand at driving." He slowed down, but before he could stop, I said, "Kochuchan, (uncle) don't stop the car."

Before he could understand what I intended, I eased myself into his lap. He let out a gasp. "It is easier this way", I said.

He took my hand, guided it to the floor gear stick, and showed me how to engage and shift gears. I adjusted my (Kundh) bottom on his lap. He opened his legs a bit wider. I was now well settled between the U of his thighs. I felt something sticking into me. It dawned on me that he was developing an erection. I took the car to a side and stopped it. Then I moved off his lap. I looked into his eyes and said, "Kochuchan Mat, have I given you an erection?'

He was red in his face. He said, "Sakshi, you are my friend's daughter and are about fifteen years younger to me."

I said, "Uncle I am not embarrassed. Your friend, my mother, Sushi, and her husband, Balam have given me good education, I am not inhibited. Some day I have to ride the sex train. Who could be better then you to give me the first ride?"

He said, "Sakshi, I should be surprised on your cool expressions, but now I understand that your parents have given you the capacity to think maturely. All right, but we should not be doing it here in the car. Let us go to my house. These days I am alone. In the meanwhile, you think some more about it and take a final decision."

"Fine with me", I said, "You are very understanding."

He turned the car around. I coolly opened the buttons of his fly. He did not say anything. On the contrary, he adjusted himself to facilitate me. I took out his Kunna (cock).

I had the first sight of an erect Kunna or Lund (prick)! It was glorious! Standing proud, like a flagpole, at a right angle to the seat of the car. The cock had a mushroom type bulbous top, or rather a hat on a pole, slightly wider than the rest of the body. Very artistic. There was a slit at the top. I felt it delicately. Some liquid was oozing out. First, clear like water, then turning to be slightly thicker. I took it on my finger, looked at it and then placed it at the tip of my tongue. It tasted tangy. As we had entered the town again, with some difficulty I pushed it back inside the pants. We knew what we were about to do. I was cool, yet excited.

Once inside the house, Mat embraced me. His light embrace slowly turned into a tight one. Again, I could feel his Kunna (cock). Again, I put my hand on his fly. He stopped me, "No Sakshi, let me first disrobe you. I want to take off your clothes and savor your body at every stage. But, first tell me, is this your first time?"

I said, "Absolutely, and I want you to teach me, educate me on how to give pleasure and how to enjoy. Teach me all the coarse words, love, and passion." Here I paused, and then gathering all my courage, I continued, "Do it to me like you did to Amma years ago."

He fell from the sky, "Did she tell you?"

"No", I said, "but this was my first intelligent guess. The second one is that now, sometimes, all three of you do it together."

He took a deep breath and said, "Yes Sakshi, partly you are right. Partly, because", he continued after a pause as if he was gathering courage to say it, "It was Sushi who fucked me. And, today I will pass on the art and the knowledge of fucking gained from her to you."

He had taken off my shirt. Now he opened my bra clasp, and before it could fall apart, he had his mouth on my boob. My Mulai (tit) was in his mouth. The other one was between his thumb and finger. A feather touch was becoming passionate. I closed my eyes. Now I felt his hands on the string of my parda (skirt). His touch everywhere was delicate but passionate. When my parda fell down, I felt free. I was uncovered from top to bottom, standing before the would-be fucker of my choice and I was not feeling shy, I was not feeling guilty. Instead I had a strange sort of pride in my nakedness, in my body, in my decision making power, and, in my decision.

"Now I will love your Pooru (cunt)", he said. But he did not hurry. He sat down on the sofa and put me in front. He eased off my panties too. Then he felt my behind. He said, "Sakshi, tumhaare chootar chikne aur solid hain (Your buttocks are smooth and solid)" He was using Hindi words deliberately to increase my knowledge of coarse vocabulary. He inserted a finger in the crack and said, "Gaand (asshole) ko baahar se hi touch karoongaa abhi (presently I will only touch)"

He tried to push his finger into the crack. I spread my thighs a little to facilitate him. He caressed my ass hole with love but did not try to force the finger in. In the front, he was kissing my thighs. He went up to the knees and turned me around. Kissed the hollow at the back of the knee. Now one of his palms was between my thighs, but not on the Pooru (cunt). He said, "See, on my hand I have your Pooru-Madhu (cunt-juice) brought by me for the first time." He licked the three or four drops that had dropped from my Pooru.

Now he stood up. I took the clue. I started opening his pants. When it fell down, I saw that he was not wearing any knickers. Now I saw his Kunna (prick) in full glory. It rose proudly from short but thick foliage of black velvet. It was at an angle of, may be, seventy degrees. It could have touched his belly. It was hard, the skin was stretched, the bulb was slightly bluish, and the loose skin on its body was all stretched.

I hurriedly took of his shirt and vest. The dark, typical Kerala complexion was beautiful, exquisite! I wanted to lick, suck, and kiss every inch of his body. Both of us were now embracing fiercely. I could feel his valia Kunna (big cock) between our bodies. The first feel of the Kunna Makudam (prick-head) on bare skin cannot be described, nor forgotten. We were swaying.

He said, "Sakshi, you have a beautiful body. As beautiful as beauty can define. Your proud stanam (boobs), your dugdha paatram (milk pots), are making an imprint on my chest." He led me to the sofa-cum-bed and lay me down gingerly.

Now I said, "Mat, first love my samanam (cunt)." He put his mouth on it. Oh, it was so exciting. I wanted him to enter my body and I said so. "Poovie, kadaa chakkaa powaa" (How it bounces, take it).

He said, "Yes, yes. I will do just that" And he spread my legs a bit more. "First let me test your love button, your Kandh (clit). Let me taste your vennai (butter)" His tongue first gave a feather touch on its tip and then pressed on its root above. I jumped!

"Yes, yes, Mat, do that, don't stop" and as he continued, I exploded. Now I understood why orgasm was called "Peak." Oh! Words cannot do full justice to what I experienced. My masturbatory experience was nothing as compared to it and I gasped this out.

He said, "My love, my Kunju Pooru (little cunt), this is nothing. This is the appetizer, the soup before the dinner. Now see how much hunger for a fuck will register in your Pooru."

I said, "Mat, now show me the real thing. Give me the experience of a fuck."

He said, "Alright, darling, now I will open your cunt. Come on top of me."

He told me that he wanted me to be in control so that I may decide on the pace and the force. I climbed on him, putting the weight of my body on my arms and knees. It was an exquisite sight. I had a view from the top. Mat lying under me, I looked down towards his middle. I could see his fuck pole, stiff and slightly angled towards our faces, as if it was also eager to watch our expressions. Above, my bush and a faint outline of my Pooru lips, slightly open, some drops going down one after the other. They were falling on the stem of his pole. I lowered my body and rubbed my open Pooru lips on the length of his pole. He took hold of his Anna Kunna (cocky cock) so that it may fit in place.

Oh! The first touch of a stiff Kunna (prick) on an expectant Pooru! One has to experience to know what it feels like, especially when no one is forcing you and you are doing it for your enjoyment. His Kunna (prick) was so stiff that he could not bend it backward to center it on the opening. So, I shifted slightly forward and took his pole in my own hand. After placing the Kunna Makudam (prick head) between my open Pooru vennai paatram (cunt butter pot), I moved forward and backward once or twice so that the entire mukham (mouth) of the Pooru (pussy) may get used to it. It also made the Makudam wet.

He was also enjoying the touch. His eyes were closed. But I knew he was watching everything with his Hridaya Chakshu (eye of the mind). Now I moved to and fro three or four times on the Kunna (cock) Makudam (bulb), engorging the cave, as if testing waters. Then I gritted my teeth, closed the eyes and gave a strong backward-downward thrust. Lo! He was in! I had gifted my cherry to Mat, my love, my mother's love.

I was now on cloud eleven. My Kunju Pooru possessed a grand Kunna. It was completely in and was knocking at the cervix. Slowly I stretched my legs backwards, first one then the other. A long sigh of contentment escaped my lips. Our bodies were now touching fully, bare skin to bare skin. Aanadam, Aanadam (Bliss, bliss). Our pubic hair was joined. His hands were on my Mollunde chandi (buttocks), slowly massaging them, squeezing them languorously. I slipped my arms under him. Both of us pressed into each other.

I moved my mid-body slightly. He stopped me, "No, don't move, just rest for a few moments and savor the touch inside the Pooru. Treasure the feeling." After a few moments he said, "Sakshu, when you pass urine, how do you squeeze out the last drops? Can you show me?" I did that with a strange feeling. But, oh! It was fantastic. My cunt was filled with an artillery shell. When I squeezed my cunt muscles, it gave me the feeling as if I was trying to extract something from his Kunna (prick). I told him so. He said, "If you practice this, you can squeeze Kunna-Madhu (prick-nectar) from your man." At the same time, I felt that his Kunna (Prick) was also expanding and relaxing. "I am also doing the same", he said. "Outside of the Pooru (cunt) it would be nodding up and down, as if signaling, "Yes, yes" or saluting the Queen of its heart."

This talk had rested me a little. Now I wanted to enjoy my first fuck. I told him, "OK, now I want to fuck you, fuck you real hard. You imagine that you are with your Sushi." He was quick to retort, "I do not indulge in dummy fucking. If I am with you, I want to fuck you and enjoy your fuck. I can at the most imagine that she is sitting in the chair over there to see whether I am making you happy!"

I now slipped sideways. Both of us took care to see that we didn't get uncoupled. He came on top and adjusted his body to fit me from the top. Mat gave a hard thrust, "Take me my Pooru, take my Kunna. You will always remember this first fuck. Whatever your mother taught me, today I will present it to her daughter in Guru-Dakshinaa (offering to teacher)."

He was wonderful. His pace was a mixture of gallop and trot. Long thrusts and short digs merged into each other. Truth is that until today I have not experienced another such fuck. I lost control of myself. The last vestiges of formality with him disappeared. I said, "All right my Kunna, you are correct. Fuck me so hard that I loose control of myself. Don't spare any corner of my Pooru. Churn it as if you are producing vennai of love from my Pooru. Yyy...e..sss go ddeee..pp. Sti..rr..the ennn..ttt..rrr..aaan..c..e. Oooh, ittt...isss..wonnnderrrfull."

Suddenly he withdrew. My heart stopped, but only for a second. He slipped forward, saying, "Open your mouth" and his prick was at my mouth before I could open my lips. He slipped the loveable monster in; my teeth must have scrapped it. It hit my tonsils. He said, "Now it will go down your throat."

Slowly it started going in. He had excellent control over his movement. He gave a slow massage to my tonsils. For a second I felt I would gag. But he was an expert; he went back, the pressure relaxed; again pressure, further a few millimeters more; again back, a few millimeters les than before; slowly his entire pole was in and I neither gagged, nor felt inconvenienced. Now I was breathing hard through my nose. Every down pressure expelled my breath. Before one could say, "Fuck", there was an easing of thrust...so on. This was a real throat fuck. Oh, father fuck; Oh, mother fuck, every imaginable fuck!

Suddenly I realized that while all this was going on, my cunt was not un-occupied. His two fingers were in it. His agility was mind boggling. When the Kunna would let my throat relax, his fingers would go deeper in the Pooru. When his Kunna would press on the thorax, his fingers would give a respite to mu Pooru. I wanted to shout, but my throat was filled with his Kunna. As suddenly as he had invaded the mouth, he pulled his Kunna out, shifted backward, and in one thrust, he was again pressing on my cervix.

Now he looked so beautiful! His chest muscles were full, his stomach relaxing and tensing, his arms cuddling me. But, there was no sign of violence in his manner, in his thrusts. In fact, these were not thrusts, just slow motion, though actually high intensity.

"Daughter fucker", I said, "I am just like your daughter. How are you feeling fucking me?"

He disregarded me. Next came his deepest entry, he stopped for a couple of seconds. Then it hit me. High-pressure cum-cannon was let loose. He was shooting his seed into me. It continued and continued. It took a few moments to be reduced to a dribble, then shot like bullets at intervals of a second or two. It must have taken at least two minutes to cease-fire. I was feeling the flood that he had let loose. Since my Pooru was already filled with the Kunna, cum-flood was flowing out like a rivulet. Then I realized that my Mollunde chandi (buttocks) were soaked in his semen.

He relaxed and said, "Father's cunt, are you sure that I am not your father?"

Thus ended my first fuck. I had fucked Mathew. He taught me. My mother's fucker. Mathew had learned much from her. Now I knew that it was he, not Balan, who was married to her, who had put my seed into her, Sushi. Today he had fucked Sushi's daughter. But she did not conceive. To cherish that memory, I never married.