- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] my taperecorder Diary
[Author] Laurie Robertson
[Type] Father/daughter

"My Tape recorder diary", by Laurie Robertson

Friday night. I'm going to start telling my tape recorder everything,
just like it was a diary. Tonight I was all ready for bed and I was waiting
for the bathroom to be free because I had to do a pee pee really bad. I
knew I should have gone before Daddy went in to take his bath but I just
didn't think. I felt a little warm stuff squirt out and my hand was all wet
where I was holding onto my pee place and I said The pee is coming out
Daddy hurry up. So I opened the door and went in and showed Daddy
my nightgown was all wet and I pulled it off over my head and sat down
on the toilet. I had to pee so bad and the pee came out so fast it sort
made a hiss like a snake and splashed against the side of the toilet.
Daddy said You look like you're playing games with your pee! Do you
like doing that? and I said I don't know I never did it before. It felt really
good to pee after I had to go so badly I said. Then I wiped my pee pee
and dried it off and left Daddy in peace.

Saturday night. Tonight I was doing my homework and I
remembered how I had to pee last night when my Daddy was taking his
bath. The more I thought about it the more I felt like I wanted to pee again.
Then I heard him come upstairs and go into the bathroom and run the
bath. Maybe it was the sound of the running water that made me have to
pee again even worse. I squeezed my legs together and kept the pee in
and it felt sort of nice to hold it in like that. I wonder how long I can hold it
in I thought and when it felt like it was going to come out I put my hand
over my pee pee and pushed on it and it kept the pee in. The more I held
it, the nicer it felt, sort of a tingly feeling. But after awhile it felt like I was
going to pee by accident again like the night before, only this time I was
wearing my skirt and underpants and everything. I held it as long as I
could and then I went to the bathroom door and banged on it like before.
I have to go really bad I said So come in then he said and just as I
ran into the bathroom the pee squirted out into my underpants and ran
down my leg, all warm. I was so surprised the pee stopped coming out
and I lifted up my skirt and looked under it at my underpants and so did
my Daddy. My underpants were all wet over my pee pee and I could see
my pee pee crack right through them like they weren't there at all. I
relaxed a little and my pee pee relaxed too and some more pee came out
while I was standing there! My underpants got wetter and some more pee
went down my leg.
I said that feels funny Daddy, sort of a nice warm feeling. He said
Well if you like the feel of peeing in your underpants, see what it feels like
to do a whole pee in them. Okay I said and I took my skirt and T shirt off
so they wouldn't get wet and got onto the toilet just wearing my
underpants. I said Here it comes Daddy and he sort of lifted up and
looked over at me and I looked down at my pee pee and held my legs
apart and then relaxed and let the pee come out. It felt all funny and
warm because it sort of filled up my underpants a little and pushed them
away from my pee pee crack before it ran out into the toilet in a sort of
goldy stream.
Does that feel nice honey? asked Daddy while I was still peeing
and I said Oh yes it's lovely and hot! I made the pee slow down then and
just dribble out so it would last longer. I'm just peeing a little now Daddy I
told him, it feels nice when I let the pee come out slowly. I pulled the
middle part of my underpants off to the side so he could see my pee pee
and the pee coming out of it. I can't see it very well, he said, because
your peehole is inside your pee pee , so I spread my legs wide apart and
held my pee pee parts apart so he could see my pee hole. See Daddy, I
said and I let a little pee dribble out my pee hole, see I can make my pee
stop and go. Well so you can, he said, looking really close, do it again,
and I let the pee come out just in a little dribble and then in a faster
stream while my Daddy watched. What does it feel like when you let it
come out slowly and it dribbles down over your pee pee , he asked,
Does it make it nice and warm? Yes I said and I leaned back so the pee
would dribble over more of my pee pee before it dropped off into the
toilet. After I finished doing my pee I went and got ready for bed.
Sunday:This morning after breakfast Tracy my new Mommy said
to me Your Daddy was telling me how you peeds in your underpants last
night, maybe you peed in them because they are too small and you
need new ones. I think I have to pee now, I said, Shall I show you? I like
Tracy because she's only 21, nearer my age of eleven than my real
Mommy and she's pretty, too. Daddy married her after my own Mommy
ran off with the Minister last year. I told her how I was holding my pee in
because it felt good and how I held onto myself by my pee pee and
showed her how I did it. I peed when I came into the bathroom I said and
she said Wait a minute I can't see if you have your skirt on, can I, better
take it off, and your T shirt too, we don't want to get them wet, do we.
So I took off everything except my underpants and she sat on a
chair and watched me. Stand in the bathtub she said, then it won't matter
how much you pee. I relaxed my muscles and looked down and let a little
squirt of pee come out into my underpants. Ahhh, I said and she said
Does that feel nice? and I said Ooo yeah! It's all hot and tickly and it's
getting my underpants all wet and warm. I can see right through your
underpants Tracy said, and the pee is making them stick to your pee pee
crack. I know I said, that's the way it way when I did it last night when my
Daddy was here.
I let some more pee come out and dribble down my leg and then I
said, Oh it feels so good to pee like this! I'm going to do it all while I stand
here, can I? I faced her while she knelt in front of me. This way I can see
better she said and I said Okay and let the pee come out some more.
Yes, those underpants could be the problem, she said, I think I'd better
see how it is without them, shall I? You mean pull down my underpants
and watch me pee without them on? I said. Yes, she said, is that okay?
Sure I said, I've never peed standing up before, when my Daddy
watched me the other night I was sitting on the toilet, and then I stopped
peeing while Tracy pulled down my underpants and I kicked them off.
Now you can pee again she said and I looked down at my bare
naked pee pee and saw the pee dribble out and down my legs all warm
like before. This is fun I said and she said it feels nice, doesn't it, and I
said Yes and she said do it a bit faster, see if you can make it come out
higher up on your pee pee . So I tried but the pee hit my pee pee lips and
dribbled down like before. It's no good I said It hits my pee pee so Tracy
said Well hold your pee pee lips apart and then the pee won't hit them so
I squatted a little with my legs a bit apart and used both hands to pull my
pee pee crack parts apart so the pee wouldn't hit them. Ah, that's better
she said, I can see it much better now, I can see your peehole all open
with the pee coming out of it, just like your Daddy told me you showed
him last night.
It feels funny to pee standing up like boys do, because I had seen
my Daddy peeing sometimes. I made the stream go in different places
and then it ran out. I felt all funny peeing while Tracy watched me, sort of
naughty but it felt good to have someone else watch me do it, just like I
liked my Daddy watching me. I like you watching me pee, I said to her.
Do you, she said, well that's good because I like watching you pee. It
makes my pee pee feel all funny I said, does it do that to you? Yes she
said, you're right, it does. It felt all funny and nice when my Daddy
watched me do it too, I said. Well said Tracy I think you need some new
underpants all right, I will talk to your Daddy about it and we'll see about
getting some. I washed myself off and went to bed.
Monday: Tonight I played peeing games all by myself. I knew I had
to pee really badly when it was time to have my bath, but I didn't go on
purpose, I just lay in the nice warm water and thought about how nice it
had been when I peed into my underpants and my Daddy and Tracy
watched me, and then when I peed just a little at a time. When I couldn't
hold it any longer I lifted my legs up and spread them to the sides so my
pee pee crack wouldn't get in the way of my pee, then I held my pee pee
crack open and let the pee come out while I watched it. It came out in a
big arch, and squirted up from my pee pee and down at the bottom of the
tub. Peeing felt really good, and I put my head down as far as I could so I
could watch it come out of my peehole.
I put a finger by my peehole and touched just next to it and it felt
nice so I touched all around it while I peed and it felt even nicer. I held a
hand in front of the stream of pee and felt how warm it was, then did it
with both hands and pretended I was washing them! It was fun because
the stream of pee was all hot and goldy colour. It's fun playing peeing
games, but I wished I could have showed my Daddy how I could make
my pee go up in the air. So after I finished my bath and had my
nightgown on I found him and Tracy sitting on the couch in the TV room.
Oh Daddy I said tonight I had to go pee when I was having my
bath and I lay back and held my pee pee open and let the pee come out
and it made a big arch thing like a rainbow, Daddy, only it was all yellow,
not rainbow colours. You should have seen it! Daddy smiled at me and
said Well yes I guess I should have and Tracy said Show us how you did
it, Laurie. Well I don't have to pee now I said and my Daddy said That's
good because we don't want pee in the family room, do we and we all
laughed. No, Tracy said, just lie down on the floor and pretend you are in
the bathtub and show us how you did it. Okay I said but I wasn't wearing
my nightdress and Tracy said Okay, take your nightdress off so we get
this right, and I pulled my nightdress off over my head. My you are a
pretty girl said Tracy, isn't she Jim and my Daddy said She sure is, she
will be a real beauty just like you when she grows up. It felt funny for my
Daddy and my new Mommy to be looking at me all bare naked and
telling me how pretty I was.
I'll show you how I did the pee I said and I lay down on the floor in
front of them and put my legs up and to each side. Why did you do that
asked Tracy and I said To keep the pee from hitting my pee pee when it
came out, and Tracy said that's a good idea, did you hold your pee pee
crack open too like when you were showing me how you pee? and I said
Yes, like this and I showed them. Tracy looked at me and looked at how
my Daddy was looking at me and said What else did you do honey and I
said I touched my pee pee right by my peehole and I showed them where
my peehole is. Your peehole is kind of small, said Tracy, We'll look close
at it and you see if you can make it open up so we can see it better so
they got right by my pee pee and I touched my peehole all over and
moved my fingers around on it and it felt nice.
I let my pee hit my hands and I felt how nice and warm the pee
stream was, I said, so I pretended I was washing my hands in my pee.
That sounds like fun, said Tracy, I'll try that some time myself. I wish you
had been there to watch me I said and Tracy said Well next time, call us,
right Jim and my Daddy looked at her in a funny way and said Sure.
Then I kissed them goodnight and went to bed.
Tuesday: This afternoon when I came home from school Tracy
was sitting watching TV. Hi Laurie she said How's my favourite fifth
grader today. I went in and sat beside her and she asked me all about
school, how many kids were in my class, was my teacher nice, and stuff
like that. She was wearing tight jeans and a T shirt and it was pretty tight
too because her titties made great big bumps underneath it. She pressed
her hand against the front of her jeans over her pee pee and said Ooo I
really should go and pee! I've been drinking coffee and it really makes
you pee. She asked me if I had ever seen any of the girls at school
peeing and I shook my head No and she asked me if I ever see the other
girls in your class with no clothes on and I said Yes sure when we are
getting changed for gym class and she asked me what they look like and
I told her that they are just like me only a couple of the older girls are
starting to get titties and one of them has a little bit of hair just above her
pee pee . I think it's nice that Tracy is interested in my school.
I said Mandy Davis always walks around a lot when she hasn't
got any clothes on when we are getting ready for gym class. She's a little
older than me and her titties are starting to grow and stick out and
bounce a little under her T shirt, but they're only little really. They're
bigger than mine, though. Tracy told me that my titties will start to grow
soon because my nipples are all big and puffy and you can see where
the little bits of fat are starting to come to push them up off your chest. I
looked down at myself and then over at her and said When did your titties
start to grow? and she said When I was eleven, just your age, and I got
my first bra soon after that. Then she said she had to pee and I thought
how I had liked her watching me when I peed, and I said Can I come and
watch you pee? Okay then, sure, come on, she said so we went into the
Tracy took her jeans off so they wouldn't get in the way. She had a
thin sort of gauzy underpants on, really just a triangle of stuff over her pee
pee , with elastics that went around her waist and her legs to keep it in
place. I could see her blonde pee pee hair and even her pee pee crack
right through them! Tracy said they weren't really pants at all, and she
turned around and bent over and the back was just an elastic that went
into the crack of her bum and joined the triangle part at the bottom.
Tracy said she had to pee and I felt like I had to, too, so Tracy said
we could both do it. I took off my jeans and Tracy said we'd better take off
our T shirts so they don't get wet by accident. I sort of wanted to see
Tracy's titties because they're so nice and big. She took off her T shirt
and just had her bra and her little underpants on. Her bra was the same
sort of gauzy stuff that her underpants were and I could see her nipples
all big and a pinky colour. She saw me looking at her titties and I said I
hope mine get that big when I'm a big girl and she laughed and said Well
I'm sure they will because when I was your age mine were just like yours,
just big puffy nipples. She took her bra off in case it got all wet and her
titties were all bare and all big and round and jiggly. She posed different
ways and bent over and let them hang down from her body and swing
and her nipples got all hard and poked out. It was really nice of her to let
me look at her titties as much as I wanted to.
I think I'll do what you did the other day, she said, and pee in my
underpants at first, anyway, and she stepped into the tub. I got in with her
in case I had to pee at the same time. I sat down on the bottom of the tub
right in front of her with my head at the same level as her underpants.
Tracy said Here it comes and suddenly there was stuff dripping out at the
bottom of her panties and running down her leg. Aaah she said it's all
hot! Feel how hot it is! I touched the stream of pee at the top of her leg
and she said I don't think my underpants are holding any of it, you'd
better take them off like I took yours off the other day. I reached up and
pulled her underpants down and off. The hair on her pee pee was all
pale wispy blonde and it was quite short and all wet at the bottom from
her pee. I could see her pee pee crack underneath it much better than
Her pee dribbled out the bottom of her pee pee crack and down
her leg. She squatted a little and pulled her pee pee crack apart with
both hands. Can you see my peehole? she asked and her pee pee was
right in front of my face and I looked carefully and said Yes the pee
should come out all right now and she said Oh good and I saw her pee
pee hole open and some clear liquid come out and dribble down over
the rest of her pee pee and drop straight down in between her legs.
I thought of something and said Remember the other night I told
you how I peed onto my own hands and pretended I was washing them?
Can I wash my hands in your pee? Sure, said Tracy and she giggled, go
ahead, and I put my hands under her pee pee and held them so she
peed all over them and I moved them like I was washing them. Oh, that's
nice, I said, your pee is all nice and hot and tingly. Do you want to wash
your face too? asked Tracy and I said Gee I never thought of that, I
wonder what it would be like and she said Try it and see if you like, so I
cupped my hands and got some pee in them and then lifted them up
towards my face and then I put my face down into my hands and got it all
wet with Tracy's lovely hot pee. Mmmm I said that feels lovely and I put
my tongue out and tasted it a little and it tasted sort of spicy and salty.
Mmm I said and Tracy said Do you like the taste of my piss? I
thought Wow she called it piss, that's naughty, and I wanted to be
naughty too, so I said, Yes, your piss tastes nice and she laughed and
said You like my piss, do you and I said Yes it's great and she said It's
fun playing pissing games and playing with our piss, isn't it? If you like I'll
give you a nice Golden Shower and I said What's that? and she said
That's where I pretend I'm a shower and you put any part of you that you
want under the shower.
Wow, yeah! I said and I leaned forward and she pushed her pee
pee forward and made the stream of piss come out faster, and I leaned
forward some more and let it hit me all over my face and hair. It was in
between warm and hot and I held my face up and let the stream hit me
right on the face and moved it so that it splashed all over my cheeks and
when the piss stream ran down over my mouth I put my tongue out and
tasted it and it tasted so nice I tilted my head back and opened my mouth
and let Tracy's hot piss go straight into my mouth. Wow she said you like
that, don't you and I looked up at her and swallowed a little and nodded
Yes and she said Okay I'll see how big a drink I can give you because I
don't think there's much left. She squatted forward and pushed some
more and I tipped my head back and let my mouth fill up with her pee pee
juice. Then the pee stream stopped and she grunted and pushed and a
couple of short squirts shot out and into my mouth. That's all she said,
now you have a mouthful and I looked up at her and then closed my
mouth and gave a big gulp and swallowed all her piss. Mmm I said that
was nice, Tracy! You sure make a tasty drink! and we both laughed.
Now it's my turn I said, I have to pee really bad, and I stood up. I
took my underpants off and she said I'll lie down in the tub and you can
piss on me wherever you want to, only save some because I want to
drink your piss. Can I pee on your big titties I asked and she said Sure
and I will hold them up for you and play with them while you do it and you
can pee all over my pee pee too and I will hold the pee pee parts open
so you can get your pee right inside it. So I knelt between her legs and
she held her pee pee lips open and tipped her hips up and I pushed
forward and made my pee squirt right out all over her peehole and near
it. There was a place lower down where two little lips were on either side
of an opening and she held them to either side with her hands and there
was a hole going up inside her. Piss in my hole! she said and I aimed my
pee at her hole and squirted it right up inside it. She said Oh wow wow
wow when I did it and her hips went up and down so I had a hard time
aiming. I wonder what her hole is really for?
Then she knelt up and I peed on her tits and got them all wet. I
noticed that her nipples were all hard and sticking out. She pushed her
head forward and let my pee go all over her face and then she said Now
for my drink and opened her mouth and tipped her head back. I'll give
you a nice hot drink of lemonade I said and she giggled and some of my
pee pee juice ran out of her mouth and down over her titties. She let her
mouth fill up again and swallowed it and said Yum Yum you make nice
Lemonade Laurie! She held onto herself in between her legs and I guess
she was doing that to keep herself in one place while I peed into her
mouth. Or maybe she wanted to keep the pee that I put into her hole
inside it but I bet it ran out.
When I finished peeing she looked at my pee pee right in front of
her face and said Oh I love your pretty body with your little pee pee with
no hair on it, I love to look at little girls with no hair on their pee pee s. I
like it when you look at me I said and I like looking at you all naked too,
specially your big titties because the girls at school don't have them like
you have. You can look at them any time you want to said Tracy We can
play a game she said and whenever we want to look at the other one we
will say Titties or pee pee or Bum and the other one will show it, okay?
Okay I said But what if Daddy is there. Oh I don't think he'll mind she said.
Your Daddy told me he liked it when you showed him your pee pee when
you peed the other night. It made me feel funny to know that my Daddy
liked looking at my bare naked pee pee .

Tuesday. This afternoon when I got home from school Tracy said Come
on let's measure you and see about some new underpants. We went into
my bedroom and I took off everything except my underpants and Tracy
took off everything except her bra and underpants. We stood in front of
the mirror and Tracy showed me how my pee pee bump stuck out and
how my underpants went into the crack of my pee pee . Hers did to, and
she put her hand over her pee pee and showed me how tight it was
under her pants. I held onto my pee pee too while she watched me. Then
we lay on the bed and she said we had to find out if my underpants were
too small. She said I'll show you what I mean, these underpants of mine
are pretty small and I think I'm going to get some new ones too.
She lay down on the bed beside me and said Now watch me and
put her hand inside the front of her underpants, down along her pee pee
crack. See, she said, these are so tight my middle finger slips right into
my pee pee crack, specially if my legs are apart like this. She spread her
legs apart but I said I couldn't see very well. Well she said, put your hand
down the front of my underpants and you'll see what I mean. I had never
touched another girl's pee pee before and I said so and she laughed and
said that she would touch mine too and we would be even. So she
spread her legs to the sides and I put my hand inside her underpants and
felt all along her pee pee and right down to in between her legs and she
said See how tight it is. It didn't really feel too tight to me but her hair was
all soft and it was nice and warm and I sort of liked touching her pee pee
and I let my finger go into her crack and she said Yes that's right!, See
what I mean, now feel farther down, in between my legs. Down in
between her legs it was wet and I asked her if she had peed in her
underpants but she laughed and said that sometimes her pee pee did
that when she felt good.
Then she said to feel down the front of my own underpants and
feel how much room there was for my hand. She said it was specially
important for there to be lots of room over my pee pee because my pee
pee bump would get bigger soon and we had to give it growing room.
She said I could leave my other hand inside her underpants so I could
compare the way they felt, so I felt down in the front of my underpants, all
over my pee pee crack while she watched me. She asked me if there
was room for my fingers to go along my pee pee without them slipping
into my pee pee crack. I opened my legs a little and let my finger go into
my crack like it was in hers and felt all along both cracks at the same
time. My pee pee was nice and warm like hers but there was no hair on
mine to get in the way.
I told her they were pretty tight and she said Let me see, you take
your hand out of your underpants and I will put mine in so I did. She felt
down along my pee pee and she must have found my underpants very
tight because she held onto my pee pee and her finger went into my
crack and all down inside my crack and it sort of rubbed it up and down a
little. It felt funny having another girl touch me on my pee pee but there
was a place up at the top of my pee pee crack that felt funny and tingly
when she touched it, and it felt like she was sort of touching my peehole
with her fingertip. See how tight it is she said I can hardly reach down in
between your legs and I opened my legs wider to make it easier for her.
She touched me low down on my pee pee and it felt nice there too. Then
she pulled her hand out
Tracy said she was sure that we both needed new underpants and
that we should take our old ones off and measure each other. I lay on my
back with my legs apart and Tracy got a measuring tape and measured
me all over, how big around my waist was, and then how big around my
legs were right up at the top by my pee pee . I did the same for her and
when she had her legs apart I looked at her all in between her legs close
up. Then we went downtown to get our new underpants. Tracy knew a
salesgirl in one of the places and told her we both needed some new
underpants. The girl's name was Joanna and she took us to a back room
for a private fitting. While she was getting some underpants to try on
Tracy told me that she and Joanna were good friends and she was a
specialist at fitting underpants on girls and ladies.
Tracy and I lifted up our skirts and showed Joanna our underpants
and Tracy put her hand down the front of her underpants to show how
tight they were. Then Tracy told Joanna that one of the reasons she had
thought we needed new underpants was that the old ones were so tight
we had peed in them. I was embarrassed but Joanna said there was a
special kind of underpants we could get just for that sort of problem and
she would model them for us. She went away and when she came back
she lifted up her skirt and showed us and her underpants didn't have any
bottom to them! They were all cut out over where her pee pee was and
we could see her pee pee hair and her crack and everything. See she
said when you have these on you can just pee without taking them off
and the pee will come right out the open part. I don't believe you said
Tracy and Joanna said okay I will show you come on and we went into
the bathroom and she locked the door. I was excited at the thought of
watching another girl peeing and my pee pee got tingly.
Joanna sat on the toilet and spread her legs wide apart and her
pee pee crack was all opened up and we got down in front of her so we
could see all inside it and her pee hole. Now watch she said and we
watched and the pee came out her pee hole in a nice goldy stream and
splashed down into the toilet. I held onto my pee pee while I watched
because it tingled. When she was finished she said Now feel and see if
any went on my underpants so Tracy touched her all over her pee pee
and said No, they're not wet at all, feel Laurie so I felt her all over too but
just her pee pee by her pee hole was wet, not her underpants. So we
each put on a set of those too and when we stood in front of the mirror we
could see all of our pee pee s showing through the hole in the front. Can I
try it I asked and Joanna said Sure so I sat on the toilet and let them
watch in between my legs while I peed. When I was finished they both
touched me all over my pee pee and my underpants to make sure my
underpants weren't wet. Then we watched while Tracy peed and felt her
too. I bet Daddy will be surprised when I show him how I can pee without
taking my underpants off.
Then we went home and Tracy said we could get into the hot tub
while we waited for Daddy to come home. We've only had it since last
week and I was only in it once. I asked Tracy if I should get my bathing
suit on like the other time I was in and she said No today we'll go in
naked, that's much nicer and your Daddy and I do it that way so why not
you and me. So we took off our clothes and got in and it was lovely and
warm, and the water swooshed around us and made Tracy's titties move
around in the water. She sat so they were only half covered and I liked
looking at them and I sat up on a ledge and let my titty bumps stick out
just at the edge of the water and it felt funny and I told Tracy that the warm
water made my titty bumps feel nice.
Do they ever feel funny, sort of itchy? she asked me and I nodded
Yes. Do you touch them? she asked me and I nodded again and I
showed her how I liked to touch them when they were itchy and felt
funny. She told me she used to touch hers the same way when her titties
were starting to grow. My Daddy said that when you play with your titty
bumps your titties grow nice and big she said. Her nipples were all hard
again and she touched them and felt them like I was doing, rubbing them
with her fingers and thumbs. When I sat with my legs apart the water
swished in between them and tickled my pee pee and made it feel nice
and all like I had to pee and when I said that to Tracy she said Why don't
you just stand up and pee right here and I will watch you like we did
before. Okay I said and she said I think I need my face washed, you can
wash my face with your nice warm piss. Sure I said and I stood up and
held my pee pee open so the pee would come out properly and she bent
forward and I peed all over her face and got her hair all wet. Aaah she
said and then she leaned forward and said I need some nice hot
lemonade now and I giggled. Here it comes then I said and she leaned
forward more and tipped her head back and opened her mouth and I
watched my pee come out of my pee pee and go right into her mouth.
She let it fill all up and then swallowed it and let it fill up again. When I
was finished peeing she said Aaah, that was good lemonade, Laurie
and we both laughed.
I think there's a drop or two still on your pee pee she said I'll just
get the last drops and she leaned forwards and licked my pee pee right
on my peehole! Ooo, it felt so good when she licked me there, I can still
imagine the feeling. Wow! I said and she looked up at me and said does
that feel good Laurie? and I said Oh wow yeah! and she said Why don't
you just sit on the edge of the hot tub and spread your legs and I will lick
your pee pee some more and make sure I have all your pee out of it.
Sure! I said and sat on the edge of the tub and sort of half lay back so I
could see what she was doing. It felt so great when she was licking me I
kept pushing my pee pee up towards her and she licked me all over it
and tickled me with her tongue. I specially liked it when she licked it up at
the top of my crack on my little bump there, I felt her gently using her
fingers to hold my pee pee open more while she licked it. I felt really
funny and all hot and my bum went up and down all by itself without me
making it. It was like I was climbing a big mountain and then it was like I
got to the top, and I felt wonderful and then I felt all tired and dreamy.
Tracy stopped licking my pee pee and I said Oh wow that was great!
Just then Daddy came home. Hide on your Daddy! whispered
Tracy, and called out, I'm in the hot tub, honey, come on in! I slipped
back into the tub and ducked my head below the rim and just above the
water and heard Daddy come to the door and taking off his clothes.
When he came close he said Laurie! and I sat up and said Surprise,
Daddy! and he was all naked. I didn't know you were here, he said,
Where's your bathing suit? because he could see my titties. I don't think
we need to wear bathing suits when Laurie's here, honey, said Tracy, It's
just us anyway. I was looking at my Daddy's thing he pees out of
because I don't usually get to see it and he saw me and put his hand in
front of it. You're not shy are you said Tracy like she was teasing and she
kept playing with her nipples and he said No I guess not and took his
hand away and I said Yeah Daddy you saw me with no clothes on when I
was peeing and when I showed you how I peed and washed my hands
in my pee pee juice. pee pee juice? he said and Tracy giggled and said
That's what we call it sometimes, isn't it Tracy and I giggled too and said
Yeah! Hot lemonade! and Daddy said What do you mean? and suddenly
I noticed that the thing he pees out of was getting thicker and bigger
Daddy got into the tub and sat down in between us. Tracy said
Laurie had to pee while we were in the tub. That's right Daddy I said,
remember I showed you the other day how I washed my hands in my
pee? Yes said Tracy and today she gave me a nice facewash, didn't you
honey. I nodded and Daddy looked at both of us and said Really? and
Tracy said Sure, and then I was thirsty, so what did you do, Laurie? and I
said I gave Tracy some nice hot lemonade, didn't I Tracy. You sure did
she said and it was great, you should try some, Jim. Your little girl makes
delicious lemonade in her body and she serves it hot from her pee pee ! I
haven't got any left Daddy I said, not even a drop, because Tracy licked
my pee pee and got the last drops out of it, didn't you Tracy and she said
I sure did! Well said Daddy maybe sometime when I'm thirsty you will
have some lemonade for your Daddy and I said Sure Daddy. After awhile
it was time to get dressed and we had a race and I beat Daddy and
Tracy. They went into their room and they were sure a long time in there.
I don't know why it took them so long to get dressed.

Friday. This afternoon after Tracy went to work and Daddy was
home I remembered about my new underpants and I lifted up my skirt
and showed him my pee pee poking through the hole in the front of my
underpants. Why Laurie he said Where did you get those? and I told him
that Tracy and I went down and bought them. I can pee without taking my
underpants off Daddy, watch I said and I sat on the toilet and he watched
me pee. See Daddy I said I didn't get them wet, feel! And he said You
mean feel your pee pee ? and I said Sure see my underpants aren't wet
and he felt my underpants and felt my pee pee too and he said You're
right they're not wet at all.
A few minutes later I heard a funny noise from his room and I
wondered if he was all right and I peeked around the corner of the door
and Daddy had his shirt all open and his pants and underpants pulled
partway down by his knees and a big long funny thing was sticking up
from his middle where his pee thing usually is. Daddy was holding onto it
with one hand and moving his hand up and down on it. I wondered what
he was doing and what the funny long thing was. It was about eight
inches long and an inch and a half across and had a top like a
mushroom only kind of purple. He made his hand go up and down faster
and then he said Ahhh and some white stuff squirted out a hole right in
the top of the thing and splashed onto some Kleenex that was on his
chest. I said Oh! and he heard me and looked over at me standing in the
door watching him.
Laurie! Aaah! he said and he kept moving his hand up and down
and more of the white stuff came shooting out. I went in and stood beside
him and watched the stuff come out and he was looking at me while I was
watching him. It sort of squirted in bunches, not all at once but one
splurtch after another, flying through the air like the hard straight thing
was spitting. What are you doing Daddy I asked I heard a funny noise
and I thought you might be sick. What's that thing? Oh he said, Laurie, I'm
all right, I'm fine and he kept moving his hand on it while he talked to me.
The stuff had stopped shooting out now and was dribbling down over the
end of the big hard thing. Then I saw that the thing he had been rubbing
was really his pee thing only it was so much bigger and thicker than it
usually is I didn't recognize it.
Oh Daddy I said that's your pee thing, isn't it? Why is it so big and
hard like that? What were you doing to it? What's that stuff that came out
of it? It looked like it was spitting. He wiped the stuff off it with the
Kleenex and said Oh my pee thing gets like that sometimes and when it
does it helps if I make it spit up like you saw. See, now it's getting smaller
and we watched it get all small and floppy. Gee Daddy that's neat I said
I wish my pee pee did neat stuff.

Tonight we were waiting for Tracy to come home. She works
somewhere downtown in the evenings. I went and took my bath and I
was just lying there feeling in between my legs and thinking how nice it
had been when Tracy licked me on my pee pee and Daddy came to the
door and asked if he could come in and pee so I let him in. I looked at his
pee thing all soft like it was this afternoon after it spit the cream out. I had
an idea and I said Hey Daddy can you give me a nice Golden Shower
and he said What? and I said Tracy liked it when I peed onto her pee pee
and I want to see what it feels like, how about it. Daddy looked at me sort
of funny and said Well sure if that's what you want so he got into the tub
and knelt down between my legs. His thing was bigger around than
usual and sort of partly standing up by itself like when he was making it
spit. Are you going to pee on my pee pee or make it spit on it? I asked
him and he said Well you said you wanted me to pee on it so that's what
I'll do, if you want it to spit on your pee pee we can do that later if you
want. Okay I said now pee on my pee pee Daddy and he said Why don't
you hold onto it and make the pee go where you want to it to go, just hold
it like a hose. Okay then I said and reached down and held onto it.
Ah, he said, that's good and he started to pee and I could feel it
going through his pee thing. I made it go all like a hose, all over my bare
naked pee pee and it was all lovely and hot and tingly and I said This is
fun, Daddy, it's like watering the lawn and we both laughed. I made it
squirt at my peehole and on the bumpy place at the top and it felt lovely
and I said Ooo, this is like when Tracy was licking me there! and then I
remembered she wanted me to squirt my pee into her hole so I said
Daddy I'll hold my hole open and you pee into it like I did with Tracy. He
did and it felt really funny with his hot pee squirting up inside that funny
hole of mine. My hips went all jerky and I felt all hot and like when Tracy
was licking me and after I got the good feeling Daddy said Did you like
that Laurie and I said Oh yeah!
While he was peeing his thing got bigger around and I saw it was
longer too. Look Daddy I said your thing is getting bigger, look my hand
won't go around it as far as it did before. It felt funny to hold it because I
could feel it getting all hard inside like it was growing bone. Then the pee
stopped coming out and I took my hand off it and if stuck out all by itself! It
wasn't as big as it had been when it was spitting, but sort of in between,
sort of long and thick but a little droopy. Oh Daddy I said is it going to spit
again? I don't know he said then I said Now I have to pee, Daddy and he
said Well why don't you pee and then if my pee thing is still hard I guess
it'll have to spit up in order to get better.
So I got on the toilet and then I thought My Daddy could help me
pee just like I helped him so I said Can you help me pee Daddy and he
said Well, okay, how do you want me to help you? How about if you
kneel down and hold my pee pee lips apart so the pee doesn't hit them I
said. Okay he said and knelt down and he put both his big hands on my
pee pee lips and held my pee pee open. You better make sure the pee
comes out all right I said so I peed while Daddy held my pee pee open
and watched the pee come out of me and when I was finished and he
stood up his thing had got all big and hard like it was this afternoon! It
stood straight out in front of him poking up a little even. Wow Daddy I said
That's really neat look its all big and hard. Is it going to spit now?
No, said Daddy, I guess it's going to spit, but it's not ready to spit
yet. It likes to be touched gently and played with, like one of your dollies.
You mean like when I saw you making your hand go up and down on it? I
asked him. Yes he said and I said I bet I could do that Daddy, can I try?
Please please please? Daddy laughed and said Well I guess you could if
you wanted to. We can make the stuff go on your titty bumps. If you rub
the creamy spit into your nipples it will make your titties grow nice and
big, like Tracy's. Oh Wow yeah! I said and he said okay then I'll show you
how so he showed me how to hold onto his hard thing and move the
loose skin on it up and down. I used both hands because it was so big.
After I made the skin go up and down for a few minutes Daddy
started to breathe funny and his middle went back and forth and I asked
him if he was okay. Sure he said just keep doing that because it's going
to spit soon. So I kept on and suddenly Daddy said Aaah! and the white
stuff started to come out the hole in the end, in bits and splashed all over
my titty bumps and my tummy. Wow look Daddy, it's spitting! I said and he
said I know honey keep doing that and we both watched the spit come
out and splash in big blobs and run down my front. Daddy said I was a
very smart girl to be able to make his thing spit like that and he helped
me rub the creamy stuff into my titty bumps to make them grow nice and
big like Tracy's.

Wednesday. This afternoon after Daddy came home we went into
the hot tub and it felt all funny with the water swooshing around my titty
bumps and I touched them. I told Daddy that Tracy says her Daddy told
her that if she played with her nipples her titties would get nice and big.
Daddy asked me if I was going to play with my nipples and make my
titties grow big and I giggled and said Yes. He watched me play with
them for awhile and then he said he would help if I wanted him to and so
we both touched my nipples and all over my titty bumps and it felt funny
when he played with them. Do you think Tracy's Daddy played with her
titty bumps like you are doing Daddy I asked him and he said Well I never
thought of it before but I bet he did. I bet he did, too, he said. He stood up
to reach for a towel and I said Oh my goodness Daddy Your thing is all
big and hard again. Well what do you know he said So it is! What shall
we do about that? he asked. I know I said I will make it spit up and lie
down again, just like yesterday.
Okay he said you can dry me off and I will dry you if you like so I
dried Daddy and he said Make sure you get that thing of mine nice and
dry so it will spit properly so I rubbed it a lot with the big fluffy towel and
then he dried me too. Daddy dried me off well, specially my titty bumps
and my pee pee and I put my foot up on the bench so he could dry me in
between my legs and when he rubbed me dry there it sort of tickled and I
liked it. Then I said Lets go do it in the bathroom because I liked it when
you made the spit go all over my titties and we rubbed it in. So we went
into the bathroom so we could make his thing spit up and lie down.
I sat on the toilet and rubbed his thing and made the spit come out
and go on my titties and then we rubbed it into them. When we had
finished that Daddy's thing was droopy and he said I have to pee and I
said O goody Daddy I will hold it and squirt it like yesterday. Well he said
can you make it go on your pee pee from there and I said I don't know I
will see so he started peeing and I squirted it all over me and it washed
off the dribbles of his creamy spit that hit my tummy and dribbled down
towards my crack. It felt funny and I said Look Daddy your golden shower
is washing all your spit off me. I made my legs go wide and pointed it at
my pee pee and it hit my bumpy place and made it feel nice, all hot and
Then he said Have you got any of that nice Hot Lemonade for your
Daddy? and I giggled and said Sure if you want some and he lay down
on the floor and I squatted right over his face and held my pee pee parts
open. He held onto my bum and my pee pee was right over his mouth
and he said I can see your peehole opening a little, Laurie, and I said
You mean my Lemonade Squirter and we both laughed and I said
Lemonade time Daddy! and I started to pee. Aaah he said when the pee
squirted out and into his mouth and he let his mouth fill all up with it. It
was all frothy like one of his beers. When it was full he gulped it down
and I peed some more and filled his mouth up again. Oh Daddy it looks
neat to watch my pee filling up your mouth I said and when I couldn't pee
any more he swallowed again and said Yummy Lemonade, Laurie! Tracy
was right - you do make lovely lemonade in your body, and you have a
lovely dispenser for it, too. There's a drop or two left Daddy I said you can
lick it off if you want to and he said You mean lick your pee pee ? and I
said Yeah, if you want to, Tracy does, and he said Sure! and he licked
the drops of pee off me and then he licked all over me in between my
legs just like Tracy and it felt great! Wow wow wow Daddy I said when he
licked my bumpy place and he did it some more and stuck his tongue into
my funny hole too. He made me get the good feeling when he licked me
in between my legs.

Thursday. Tracy came in and saw me getting Daddy's thing ready
to spit. Well well she said What's going on here and I said My Daddy's
thing gets all big and hard and I'm doing this to make it spit up. What
happens then she asked and I said After it spits up it lies down and gets
all little again. You know, she said, the same thing used to happen to my
Daddy's thing when I was about your age. I used to pretend his thing was
a pump, and I was pumping out his cream. Did you really said Daddy and
Tracy said Sure daddies and their little girls can have all sorts of fun
together. My Daddy used to make sure my pee pee was nice and clean
and didn't have any fluff or anything on it, specially not in my pee pee
crack. Oh look she said I think there's a little fluff on Laurie's pee pee
now, you should brush it off for her, Jim.
I looked down at myself but I couldn't see any and I said Where is
it I can't see any and Daddy said I think it's here, and he touched me on
my pee pee and let his fingers go all over me in between my legs. It
tickled where he was touching me and I giggled and said That feels
funny! and he said Tell me if you want me to stop and I said Oh no it feels
nice Do it some more. Do you like your Daddy touching your pee pee
asked Tracy and I noticed she had her hand inside her underpants and I
said Why is your hand inside your underpants Tracy and she said My
pee pee felt itchy, I think I have some fluff there myself and Daddy said
Better come over here and I'll see if I can find it so she came and stood
beside the bed and he put his hand inside her underpants and felt
around inside them while he was touching my pee pee with his other
hand. Wow Daddy I said Are you ever good! You can find the fluff on
Tracy's pee pee just by feeling for it, not even looking!

This afternoon when I went past Tracy's room she was lying on her
bed reading a book. I went in and said Hello and I saw she had one hand
down the front of her underpants and I asked her how come she had her
hand inside her underpants. I was just seeing if they fit properly she said,
sometimes they get right into my crack, you know, and I said I like it when
mine get into my pee pee crack, it makes it feel all nice. Sometimes I
make it go into my crack on purpose I said and she said Do you? Show
me so I took off my jeans and showed her how I make my underpants into
a narrow strip and make them go in a thin line right down and inside my
pee pee crack. See I said now it's like I don't have any underpants on
because my pee pee halves are so big they cover it right up and she said
Oh yes, let me try and she made hers go the same way. See yours is
even better I said because your pee pee hair helps hide your underpants
inside your crack.
Now what do we do she said and I said Well now when you walk
around your underpants rub on your pee pee and make it feel nice, it's
like riding a bicycle only all the time so we tried it and she said Yes
you're right it feels nice. I think I'll leave it like that and we both did. When
Daddy came home Tracy showed him our new fashion style and I
showed him too. My he said that's the funniest way of wearing
underpants I've ever seen I think I'd better take a video of this! so we lay
down on Tracy's bed and showed him how we did it and he took a video
of us putting our underpants inside our pee pee cracks and then we
showed him where they rubbed against on our pee pee s. What do you
do if you don't have any underpants on he asked and we showed him
how we liked to rub our peepees and make ourselves feel good and he
took a video of that too.
Today when we were lying on Tracy's bed seeing if our
underpants fitted properly over our pee pees she said How about if you
invite one of your friends from school over tomorrow afternoon she said
I'll make some cookies and we can have milk and cookies. How about
Mandy Davis? I'd like to meet her, she sounds like a nice girl. Sure I said
We can show her our new hot tub. That's a good idea said Tracy but
don't tell her about it, let it be a surprise.
Thursday. Today at recess I asked Mandy Davis if she wanted to
come over to our place this afternoon after school. Sure she said What'll
we do? and I said Well my new Mommy said she'd make us some
cookies and stuff. Who's your new Mommy asked Mandy and I said Tracy
and she's 21 and really pretty. So we went home after school and I
introduced her and Tracy. Tracy had some lemonade and cookies all
ready for us. I thought of our pissing games we played before and I said
Is this the same kind of lemonade we had the other day Tracy and she
looked at me and giggled and said No this is different, we can have some
of the other kind later maybe and Mandy didn't know what we were
talking about!
Mandy seemed to like Tracy and she whispered to me
when Tracy was out of the room You were right Your new Mommy is
really pretty. She sure has a good figure doesn't she and I said you mean
she has nice big titties and Mandy giggled and looked at me and said
Yeah and a nice bum too and we both giggled. I bet she's even prettier
with no clothes on Do you ever get to see her like that? she asked and I
said Sure sometimes and Mandy said Wow. I showed Mandy our hot tub
and she wanted to go in. I remembered she liked to walk around naked
and let the girls look at her and I sort of wondered if she would like to look
at Tracy and me with no clothes on.
Just then Tracy came in and said Well what do you think of the
new hot tub and Mandy said It looks really neat can we go in and Tracy
said okay then and she peeled her sweater off over her head. Come on
girls she said Let's see who gets naked first and we all pulled our clothes
off as fast as we could.
Tracy looked at Mandy when she had her clothes off and saidshe
was very pretty and that she was going to have a nice figure when she
got bigger. Mandy's titties were like little low pyramids with pinky tops
and when Tracy said that Mandy pushed her tits out and looked pleased.
You have a nice figure too she said and Tracy said Do you really think
so, sometimes I think my tits are too big and we giggled and Mandy said I
like them big. Tracy's titties were all big and round and her nipples were
all hard and sticking out for some reason.
Well she said both you will have nice big ones too I just know it,
mine were just starting to grow when I was your age and now look at
them. I like to look at them said Mandy and giggled That's okay said
Tracy I like to look at yours too and I like you looking at mine. Let's get
into the hot tub Tracy said I like it when the water hooshes over my
nipples. I giggled and said And when you make your legs go open it
hooshes over your pee pee, too. Does it make it feel good? asked
Mandy. Tracy and I looked at each other and I said It sure does! Tracy
said We have a special hose to squirt them with. Wanna try it? Yeah! said
Mandy And we got into the tub and took turns squirting our pee pees with
the hose.
After awhile Mandy said I gotta pee and I said me too and Tracy
said Well go ahead and Mandy said You mean just do it in the hot tub?
Well said Tracy we could have a contest and see which one of you can
pee the farthest. Oh, wow, how? I said and she said well, both of you lie
down at the edge of the tub and see who can reach the other side with
their pee and I will see who gets it farther. Sure said Mandy that sounds
like fun, I never peed with anyone watching before and she sat on the
edge of the tub and spread her legs and put her finger in her slit and
rubbed it over her pee hole. I really have to go she said Look my pee
hole opens up when I touch it like this and we both looked at her making
her pee hole open up. Me and Tracy do it all the time I said and its lots of
We lay down beside one another at the edge of the hot tub and
opened our legs wide so the pee could come out right. Now keep your
pee pee s open nice and wide said Tracy and I'll make sure your pee
holes are all ready to shoot and we laughed when she said that. Tracy
watched us touch our pee pees and make our peeholes open up a little
and it felt nice to touch it. Ooo I said to Mandy I like touching my peehole
like this, don't you? and she said Yes I like touching all over in between
my legs and I said Me too. Now said Tracy go ahead and squirt your pee
up in the air and into the hot tub and I will see who gets it farther.
What if we hit you? asked Mandy and I said That's okay, Tracy
likes a nice Golden Shower, don't you Tracy and Mandy said Really?
You mean pee on you? and Tracy said Sure, see if you can both do it at
once and I'll get a double shower. So Mandy and me both peed up in the
air and made big arches with our pee and Tracy got under both of them
at once and it splashed all over her face and got her hair all wet. We
watched her hold her face under our pee streams and use her hands to
rub it all over her face, then she opened her mouth and held it so my pee
went into it and then when I stopped peeing she filled it up with Mandy's
pee. She gulped it down and Mandy said Wow I never did that with
anybody before, did you like it Tracy? and Tracy said Yeah it was neat
both of you doing it at the same time and I said Me and Tracy have lots of
fun with our pee, don't we and Mandy said she would like to do lots of
peeing things with us whenever we wanted to.

After Mandy went home Tracy said I think I've put on a bit of
weight, I wonder if my underpants are still big enough? I think I'll just
check them she said and she lay down on her bed in just her underpants
and put her hand down inside them. Mmm, yes, I think they're still big
enough, she said and I said Yes I can see you can get you hand all the
way down by your pee pee and she said Mmm yes, I can and I said I'm
going to try too so I lay down beside her in just my underpants and I
could put my hand down inside and touch my trickle and even after I
knew my underpants were big enough I just kept my hand inside them
touching my pee pee because it felt so nice.
Daddy came home while Tracy and I were lying on her bed
making sure our underpants were big enough to get our fingers inside. I
think I'll change out of these city clothes he said and when he took off his
pants his underpants had a big bulge in them. Is your thing getting to be
a big stick Daddy I asked him and he said Well let's see and he took off
his underpants and we looked at his thing and while we looked at it it got
all big and hard and sticking out. I guess we'd better take care of that said
Tracy and I said Yeah I wanna watch it spit up!
Tracy and I were pumping Daddy's thing and he said Its going to
spit soon and Tracy said Oh I think I'll catch it so it doesn't make a mess
and she leaned forward and opened her mouth right next to Daddy's
thing. Make it go in my mouth, Laurie, she said so I kept pumping on
Daddy's thing and the spit came shooting out and went right into her
mouth! I pumped it all out and she let her mouth fill up with it. Wow Daddy
I said that was a good idea Tracy had, wasn't it, not to make a mess by
catching your cream in her mouth and Daddy said Yeah! When he was
finished making it spit I said Now what'll Tracy do with it Daddy and he
said I don't know and just then Tracy gave a big gulp and swallowed it all
down and said Yum yum that was delicious! Was it? I said and she said It
sure was You should try it some time and I said Wow is that ever special
cream, it makes your titties grow when you rub it into the, and it makes
hair grow on your pee pee when you rub it in there, and it tastes good

Then Tracy got dressed and went downtown to work and Daddy
and I had supper and watched TV for awhile. First he had his robe on
and I had my nightgown and I sat on Daddy's lap and kept my legs nice
and far apart so he could feel me in between my legs all he wanted to.
He touched me all over inside my crack parts and made me feel really
good with his fingers. His thing got all hard and I could feel it behind me
and I asked him if I could make it spit up and he said Sure so I got down
on my knees in front of him and it stuck right up in the air right in front of
me. When I was pumping Daddy's thing I said Can I make the stuff go in
my mouth Daddy like Tracy did? and he said Sure if you want to so I put
my mouth right at the end of his thing and said is this the right way to do it
Daddy? Well sure he said, but if you want to get it all in your mouth you
can put the end of my thing in your mouth and then when it comes out
you'll be sure it won't make a mess. Tracy did that the other night he said
and it worked well.
Okay I said and I opened my mouth and his thing was so big I had
to open my mouth really wide to get the big knobby part in. Oh, that feels
nice he said, now just pump my thing up and down and all the spit will
come out into your mouth. So I did and I sucked and licked on Daddy's
big thing just like it was a big sucker or a candy bar while I made my
hands go up and down on the big long part that wouldn't go in my mouth.
After awhile Daddy started making his hips push up and down and
then he said It's going to spit and then a big splurtch of hot stuff hit the top
of my mouth and I knew it was my Daddy's creamy stuff. It was all slippery
and wet and in a big glob and it tasted really nice, all warm and slippy
and I sucked some more and another big splush came out and then
some more and some more and my mouth was getting all full up with it
and it was going squish squish when I moved my head up and down on
his thing. You can swallow it if you want to honey, there's a lot, isn't there,
said Daddy and I looked up and him and nodded and my cheeks were all
bulged out with his thing and all the stuff that it had squirted out into my
mouth and just when I was goingto swallow all Daddy's cream some of it
started to dribble out one side of my mouth and slide down the long part
and made my hands all slippery and sticky.
I didn't want to waste any more of it so I went gulp gulp and
swallowed the rest of it nd it was all warm and gloopy when it went down
into my tummy. I sucked some more and got the rest of Daddy's stuff to
come out of his thing and swallowed that too. Then we went and had a
bath together and we played pissing games. He was lying in the bathtub
and said See if you can hit my thing with your pee when you're standing
up so I got over him and held my pee pee parts apart and aimed my pee
right at his thing and I was a pretty good aimer cause it hit it and Daddy
held his thing and kept it right in the stream of my pee and he said MMM,
it's all nice and warm! and his thing got bigger around and longer too
whiule I peed on it and then I lAy down and he knelt in front of me and put
his thing right up against my pee pee and washed me with his pee and it
felt all tingly and nice.

Tonight we all got on Daddy and Tracy's big bed all bare naked so
we could play some nice games. First Tracy and me showed Daddy how
we like to touch ourselves all over in between our legs and make all the
parts inside our cracks feel good. Daddy let us look at his big hard thing
while we touched ourselves. Then he let Tracy rub it for him and she told
him her pee pee was itchy and asked him to scratch it for her with his
thing. She sort of sat on his middle and rubbed his thing up and down
her pee pee crack. I'll hold onto your titties so you won't fall off he said to
her and he held one in each hand and sometimes he held onto both of
them with one hand because they're so nice and big. While she was
sitting on him rubbing his thing up and down her pee pee she sort of fell
forward and his thing went right into her pee pee hole. Oh my goodness I
said Daddy's thing has gone up inside your pee pee hole Tracy and she
said I know! I better lift up and get it out and she lifted up a little and it
came out partway, but then she sat back down on him and it went back
up inside her again. Oh it's gone so far inside me she said It's so big it's
hard to get up off it, let me try some more but as hard as she tried she
couldn't get up off it, his thing never came all the way out of her pee pee
Ooo she said, it feels nice in there, it's stirring up my insides like a
big stick. I think I'll just make it go in and out some more because it feels
so good. Daddy's face was all red and he was pushing up with his bum
at the same time that Tracy was going up and down on his stick. Be
careful I said because it might spit up when it's inside you and all that
creamy stuff will go up inside your hole. I bet all that nice cream will make
my hole all slippy inside she said, do you think so Laurie? I bet it would I
said because it's all nice and slippy when it comes out of Daddy's big
stick. Let's try it then she said and she went up and down on it some
more and Daddy's thing went in and out of Tracy's pee pee hole faster
and then Daddy said I think it's going to do it now! and Tracy said Yes I
can feel it squirting inside me, oh wow wow wow and I said Does that feel
good Tracy? and she said Oh wow yeah and Daddy said I liked it too.
Tracy got off Daddy Ts stick and lay back on the bed and said Wow
that was great and I asked her Did the cream from my Daddy's big stick
make your hole nice and slippy Tracy? and she felt her pee pee and said
Yeah, feel, Go ahead, put your finger in my hole and feel how slippy it is,
and I knelt in between her legs and put my finger right inside her pee pee
hole. Gosh it's bigger than it was before I said and it is nice and slippery
inside. You can put two fingers in if you want to she said so I did and she
said I bet it would be really easy for it to go in and out now, Make them go
in and out like your Daddy's thing was going so I did and she said Ooo
that feels nice and I looked at Daddy's thing and said It's all little and soft
now and he was watching us and said Well it might get all big and hard
in a little while.
But I wanted to see it spit! I said And it was all up inside you and I
missed it! Oh well she said I guess if it went in it'll come out again. Shall
we see? and I said Sure! and she said Give me that glass and I'll squat
over it and we'll let the stuff come out and go into the glass. Even better I
said let me lie underneath you and the stuff can come out of your hole
and go right into my mouth like when you were helping Daddy not make
a mess yesterday. Are you sure she said and I said Oh yes, after you
went to work Daddy's thing turned into a stick again and I put the end in
my mouth and he rubbed it up and down and made the stuff come out
and go in my mouth and it tasted lovely, all nice and hot and creamy.
Well she said Okay then.
So I lay down with my face under her pee pee hole and she
squatted over it and I could look up into her pee pee hole and see the
stuff come out. I helped her hold her hole open nice and wide so the stuff
could come out better and besides, that way I got to touch her all over her
pee pee and put my fingers in her hole. I like putting my fingers in Tracy's
hole. It's all nice and warm and soft inside her. I think I'd better take a
video of this said Daddy and he got the video camera and took pictures
of me helping his cream come out of Tracy's pee pee hole. Here it
comes! I said when the first blobs got to the outside of her hole and
dripped into my mouth. Wow Daddy I said when all the blobs had drooled
out like big bunches of cream, you really put a lot of that stuff in Tracy's
hole! You made my mouth all full, I had to swallow twice. Did you like that
honey? he asked me and I said Ooo yes it was lovely and then I said
there's a little more around the edges of Tracy's hole and I licked her
hole and up inside her and got all Daddy's cream out of her hole and
besides it gave me a good excuse to lick her all over in between her legs.

Today when I came home from school Tracy was lying on her bed
with nothing on and I took off my clothes and lay down beside her. I
touched myself on my pee pee while I told her all about school and how I
looked at all the girls taking their clothes off for gym class. Was Mandy
Davis there she asked Oh yes I said and she was sitting with no
underpants on and her legs all open and I could see in between her
legs. She looked at me and I took my underpants off and let my legs go
open so she could look at me in between them and I felt and funny and
nice when she did. Some of the other girls did too and I liked letting them
look at me. I like looking at people with no clothes on too I said. Even
boys? said Tracy with a smile and I said Well I've only really seen Daddy.
I like letting people look at me when I'm all bare naked said Tracy.

Tracy was rubbing her pee pee too just like me and she said Did
you like it when you licked all your Daddy's stuff out of my pee pee she
said and I said Oh yes. I liked licking your pee pee because it tasted nice
and I liked it when you licked mine and got all the pee out of it and she
said Why don't we do it then and when I nodded sure yeah! she said You
lie down and spread your legs and I will get over you and we can both
lick each other's pee pees at the same time and she got on top of me with
her pee pee right over my face and I pulled her down so I could reach her
pee pee with my tongue and she put her head in between my legs and
licked me all over my pee pee and made me feel lovely and warm and
While I was licking her Daddy came home and he came into the
room and saw what we were doing. Well well he said What's going on
here and Tracy stopped licking my pee pee and said Laurie and I were
making each other feel nice and I said That's right Daddy I'm licking
Tracy's pee pee and he said Well what a nice pee pee it is, I bet there's a
nice hole here that goes right up inside her, I wonder if my thing can find
where it is and he took his clothes off and got on the bed and knelt right
by my face and started rubbing his big hard thing all over Tracy's pee
pee , right above my face so I could see it really well. I bet it's around
here he said and I said I can see it, Daddy, your thing is rubbing right
where Tracy's hole opens up and goes inside her. Put it in her hole,
Daddy, I said, and make it go in and out like you did the other day.
Shall I he asked and Tracy said Sure and I said Yeah and when
the white stuff is going to come out, take your thing out and make the
white stuff go squirt squirt squirt right into my mouth, okay? And he
laughed and said Sure, okay then and I helped him put his big thing
inside Tracy's hole and I got a really good look because my head was
right next to her hole. He rubbed it in and out and I touched Tracy on her
pee pee and rubbed her bumpy place a little and she licked my pee pee
some more and then Daddy pulled his thing out of her hole and I opened
my mouth and he held the end of his thing right over my mouth, pointing
down at it and made his hand go up and down on his thing and it went
squirt squirt squirt and every time it went squirt it made lots of hot creamy
stuff shoot out right straight into my mouth and fill it right up with his warm
cream. It was like he was milking his thing right into my mouth and I had
the good feeling while he was doing this and Tracy was licking me on my
pee pee .

Saturday. Today Daddy said I'm going downtown to where Tracy
works to pick up her pay because it was too late when she finished
yesterday night. Would you like to come too? he asked and I said Oh
Yeah I want to see where Tracy works and Daddy looked at me and said
What kind of underpants are you wearing Laurie and I lifted up my skirt
and showed him my underpants. Are these okay I asked him and he said
well they are very nice but how about wearing the ones that Tracy got
you with the front cut out. you mean the ones that my pee pee sticks out
the hole? I asked and he said Yeah, those ones, and if you have to pee
you won't have to bother taking them off, will you. Okay Daddy I said and
I put on my special underpants and we went downtown.
We went in around back of this place and saw a man named
Dave and went into his office. Dave and Daddy had some stuff out of a
bottle and they were talking sort of low and I couldn't hear what they were
saying. They gave me a Coke and I sat on a big couch across the room
from them and drank it while I looked around the room. There were lots of
pictures of girls in bathing suits and girls in their underpants with their
titties showing and some with girls not wearing anything at all so you
could see their pee pees as well as their titties.
I was looking at them trying to see which one had the nicest titties
and suddenly I heard Daddy say right out loud Well I like the Jockey
underpants, look, and I looked over and he stood up and unzipped his
pants and opened his fly and showed off his underpants. I can't see them
very well said Dave so Daddy took off his pants so Dave could see his
underpants better. His thing was partly big and making a big bulge in his
underpants and while I watched it got bigger and poked out more. But I
think this kind's better, said Dave and unzipped his pants and let them
fall and kicked them off. His underpants were really small, just a little
pouch at the front, and red. I stared at them because his thing was getting
big like Daddy's, making the pouch thing stick way out in front of him.
They looked at each other, and at me looking at them, and Daddy said
What do you think, Laurie, which kind do you like better?
I sort of giggled and said Well they're both nice but I like Dave's
nice red ones and Daddy said to Dave Laurie is wearing a special pair of
underpants today, aren't you Laurie and I was shy for a minute and then I
felt all funny in between my legs and I said Yes Would you like to see
them and they both said Sure! so I leaned back against the back of the
couch and lifted my skirt up to my waist so they could see my underpants.
I looked down at them myself and I could see my pee pee sticking out the
hole in them so I knew they could see it too. My my said Dave, those
underpants are very pretty, I think I'd better get a good look at them and
Daddy said Me too and they both came over and stood in front of me and
looked down at my underpants and I looked at theirs and the big bulges
of their things inside them.
How old are you Laurie asked Dave and I said Eleven and he said
Those sure are nice underpants, where did you get them? and I said
Tracy got them for me and he said How come and I giggled and said Well
a couple of times I couldn't get to the toilet in time and I peed in my
underpants and Tracy said that if I had this kind I wouldn't have to take
them off, I could just pee with them on and the pee would come out the
hole. And does it work? asked Dave and I said Oh sure, look,I just spread
my legs like this and see, all of my pee pee pokes out the hole and my
pee hole too. Well he said Those sure are special underpants, do you
mind if I take a picture of them? My brother has a girl about your age and
he might like to get her a pair of underpants like those. I said Is it okay if
Dave takes a picture of my underpants Daddy and Daddy said Sure if
you wanta and so Dave got a video camera and said Now I'll direct you
just like you're a movie star and I said Ooo wow yeah! and he said Now
put your skirt back down and close your legs and when I point at you you
lift your skirt up and let the camera see your underpants and then open
your legs slowly to the sides, as wide apart as you can make them go,
and show how your pee pee sticks out the hole in your underpants. Then
touch your pee hole and show how it will stick out the hole so the pee
can come out. While you're doing that you can tell about your underpants
too, okay?
I nodded and put my legs together and put my skirt down and sat
there like a good little girl with my hands folded. He took some pictures of
me like that and then he pointed at me and I said I have a special pair of
underpants that I don't have to take off when I pee, look, and I lifted up my
skirt and showed the camera my underpants with my pee pee sticking out
the hole. I could see the camera was zooming in to take a closeup of my
underpants so I said See how my pee pee sticks out the hole in my
underpants and I lifted my legs up and spread them off to the sides and
looked down at myself and my underpants were just little strings at each
side and my pee pee was all spread open wide in the middle and the big
lips were way off to the sides and I could see everything in the middle of
them and I said See, here's my peehole and I touched it and it felt nice
when I touched it so I did it some more and I said See here's where the
pee will come out and it won't hit my underpants at all!
That's good said Dave, but it would be even better if you could pee
a little and show that the pee comes out without hitting your underpants,
can you do that? Well I do have to pee a bit I said but I don't want to get
the couch all wet, and Dave said Well how about peeing into this glass
then and he drank the last of his drink and put the glass on the floor.
Okay I said and I went and stood in the middle of the room and he took
some more pictures of me. He said I think you'd better take your skirt off
so it doesn't get in the way, so I took it off and squatted down. I couldn't
see the glass very well because my T shirt was in the way and I didn't
want to miss the glass and pee all over the floor so I said Maybe I should
take my T shirt off too because I can't see the glass. What a good idea
said Dave, and I pulled my T shirt off over my head and now I was all
bare naked except for my underpants with my pee pee poking out
through the hole.
I squatted down again and Dave took a closeup picture of my pee
pee showing through the hole in my underpants and I touched my pee
hole again and rubbed it a little to make the pee come and because it
feels nice when I do it, too. Ooo it's coming I said and the pee came out
my pee hole and splashed into the glass all frothy and yellowy. Daddy
was standing beside Dave watching me pee and I said Want some
lemonade Daddy? and I giggled and Dave said What do you mean and I
said Daddy likes the lemonade I make in my body and squirt out of my
pee pee , don't you Daddy. Wow said Dave, well, let's not waste it then,
eh? Stop peeing Laurie he said and we'll give your Daddy some nice
warm lemonade, shall we? and I giggled again and said Oh yeah! And
Daddy licks the last drops off my pee pee and makes it feel all good, too!
How about it then said Dave to Daddy and Daddy shrugged his
shoulders and said Sure okay then and lay down on the floor and I
squatted over his face. When I looked at Daddy's middle I giggled again
and Dave said what's so funny and I said Daddy's hard thing is trying to
get out of his underpants, because it was all big and making a tent, and
Dave said Well, why don't you let it out then, so he took a picture of me as
I leaned forward and pulled Daddy's underpants down and let his big
hard thing stick up in the air. Now how about some lemonade for your
Daddy said Dave and I looked down at Daddy and he opened his mouth
and I rubbed my pee hole again to start the pee coming and made it
squirt out and go right into Daddy's. mouth. Let it fill up said Dave and
soon Daddy had a nice frothy lake in his mouth and after he swallowed it
down I filled it up again. Wow said Dave you have lots of lemonade, don't
you and I said Yeah I made the Coke I drank turn into lemonade and we
all laughed about making Coke turn into lemonade. Then Daddy said
There are some drops of pee on your pee pee Laurie, shall I lick them
off? and I said Ooo yeah! and he licked my pee pee all over and made it
feel all nice for me. Then I went and sat on the couch again and Dave
gave me another Coke to turn into lemonade.
He kept the camera running while he talked to me. You are very
pretty just like Tracy and these other girls, he said, did you like looking at
their pictures? Which one did you like the best? And I pointed at a picture
of a girl with big titties and Dave asked me why I liked her. Because
she's pretty, and she has nice big titties I said. Well, he said, you will
have nice big titties when you are big like Tracy, she has nice big ones,
doesn't she and I said Yes she does. Your titties are starting to grow
nicely said Dave They're poking out like nice little hills, do you like
showing them to us? Sure I said and I moved from side to side to show
them how my titties stuck out and it felt funny with him watching me and
my pee pee started to feel funny and I wanted to touch it but I was shy.
Dave and Daddy were both looking at me down where my
underpants were and then Dave asked me if I could spread my legs apart
and let him see how my underpants fitted again and I knew they wanted
to look at my bare naked pee pee again, all spread open so I let my legs
go wide open. How's this? I asked them and Dave said Wow! Do you like
looking at my bare naked pee pee I asked him and he said I sure do! Do
you like showing it to me? Yeah I said when you look at it, it feels all
funny and I want to touch it and play with it. Well go ahead and do that he
said and your Daddy and I will watch you playing with your pee pee and I
will take some more video so you can watch yourself later on. So I played
with my pee pee with both hands while they watched me and Dave took
a closeup video of my hands touching all over my pee pee . I made
myself feel really good by playing with my pee pee and then Dave looked
down at himself and said this is all uncomfortable inside my underpants,
Laurie, it should come out like your Daddy's. Sure that's okay I said I'll
do it for you if you like and he let me take his big hard thing out of his
underpants. It was all warm and it smelled nice and I liked touching it and
holding it while I took his underpants off and now I could look at both of
them while I was playing with my pee pee . His was as long as Daddy's
but even bigger around Wow I said it's a nice big one Dave I bet its got
lots of white stuff inside it, doesn't it.
Daddy told Dave that I knew how to make the white stuff come out
of his hard thing. Yes I said and I told him how I would rub it up and down
and make it squirt the cream out. What do you do with it he asked and I
told him I would make it squirt on my titties and rub it in so they would get
nice and big like Tracy's, or make it go on my pee pee and rub it because
it made my pee pee feel good, or make it go in my mouth because it
tasted so good. That sounds like a good idea he said Shall we do that?
Sure I said shall I do you both at the same time? We can see who will
squirt the white stuff first.
So they stood beside me and I rubbed their big things up and
down and back and forth with both hands and they touched my titties and
played with them while I rubbed their things. I took turns putting the ends
of their things in my mouth and licking the big knobby parts with my
tongue. I was just seeing if I could get both of their big ends together
close enough so that I could lick them with my tongue at the same time
when they both started to squirt the stuff into my mouth. I let them help it
come out by rubbing their things and just looked up at them and held my
mouth open wide and gave them a nice big target for them so shoot at.
They both had lots of nice hot creamy sauce and Dave had even more
than Daddy and my mouth got all full so I had to tip my head back so it
wouldn't dribble out and go down my front and get wasted. When they
were finished I swallowed it and licked my lips to get the last drops and
Dave asked my how I liked it and I told him he squirted even harder than
Daddy and his stuff tasted nice, like yogurt.
Daddy said You know, I think I have to pee now, myself, and I said
Oh goody, can I help you Daddy? and Dave asked me if I liked helping
my Daddy pee. Sure I said and sometimes he pees on my pee pee and
makes it feel nice, and we play games, like Fillup too. How do you play
Fillup he asked and I said Well I pretend I'm a car and I Daddy's a gas
station and I say Rfill Ter up, BudS like he does when he goes to the gas
station and I kneel in front of him and he lets his hard thing hang over my
mouth and I open up really wide and he fills me up with his special gas.
You mean he fills your mouth up with pee? asked Dave and I said Sure
and then I swallow it and he does some more and fills my tank, my
tummy. That game sounds like fun he said and I said Oh it is, can we do it
Daddy, I want some of your special gas and he said Okay then and Dave
said I think your game would make a nice video and he started the
camera with me kneeling down in front of Daddy and then Daddy hung
his big thing just over my mouth and I opened my mouth and his nice hot
gas poured out of his thing and into my mouth. Let it fill all up and make
a nice frothy lake before you swallow it said Dave and he took a close
picture of the pee coming out of Daddy's thing and going into my mouth
and I smiled at the camera and then I swallowed it and let it fill up again.
When he was finished I said Gosh Daddy you had a lot of gas today,
didn't you, my tank's all full!
What other games do you play asked Dave and I said Well we
play Fireman and we pretend I'm on fire and my Daddy uses his firehose
to make me all wet and put out the fire. Do you like that he asked and I
said Ooo yes, specially when he pees on my pee pee and makes the pee
go all over it, it makes it all tingly and I get my good feeling just by the pee
hitting my pee pee . Well he said we should try it then so we went into the
bathroom next to his office and I lay down on some towels on the floor
and I told him how to kneel between my legs and I opened my legs nice
and wide and held my pee pee parts open so he could pee all over it and
his pee was all nice and hot on my pee pee . He let me hold his thing and
make the pee go where I wanted it to so I made it hit me on my bumpy
place I like to rub and on my own pee hole because it tickled and then I
held my hole open and made his pee go squirting right up inside my hole
and if felt so good, all hot and tingly that I had the good feeling twice in a

When we went back into the other room Dave said Maybe there's
some pee left on your pee pee , would you like me to see, and lick it off
for you? and I said Sure! and I sat back on the couch and he knelt down
in front of me. I spread my legs really wide and held my pee pee parts
open and he licked me all over and made me have the good feeling, and
then he put his finger inside my pee pee hole. Do you ever put anything
in here? he asked me and I said Just my fingers and my Daddy's. and
Tracy's. and my Daddy puts his hard thing inside Tracy's hole sometimes
but I think it's too big to go inside mine. Look he said I have a present for
you then, some toys for you to play with.
The things he gave me were shaped like a man's thing when it
gets all hard, but they were different lengths and thicknesses. Try this one
he said and gave me one about six inches long and half an inch across,
about the size of a wiener. He and my Daddy both watched me put the
thing into my hole and push it up inside me and it felt funny when it went
inside, I could feel it way up inside me and I giggled and told them it felt
funny and nice and Dave said Now you can make it go like when your
Daddy puts his thing inside Tracy's hole and so I made it go in and out
and it felt really good. Dave showed me how to make it go in and out with
one hand and play with my pee pee bump with the other and that felt
even better. Now he said you can have these as a present and if you put
them inside you and play with them, your hole will stretch and soon you
will be able to put your Daddy's thing inside it. Oh wow! I said and I can
put yours in it, too, can't I Sure you can if you want he said.
Then I noticed that his thing was all big and sticking out again.
Gosh I said it's all hard again Dave and he said Well, so it is, what shall
we do about that and I said Would you like to make the stuff squirt into my
mouth again? I liked the way it tasted before. Well sure he said, then he
said Do you ever make your Daddy squirt his stuff just by sucking on his
thing? No I said How do I do that? and he said Well I'll show you if you
like and I said Sure but your thing is so big I don't know if I can put it all in
my mouth. Well he said just do it a bit at a time, Look he said I'll put this
quarter on my thing and you can see how far you can push it along with
your top lip when my thing goes into your mouth. Then you'll be able to
see how much of my thing you can get into your mouth. I'll take a nice
video said Daddy and you can watch it later and see how you did.
Ooo that sounds like fun I said and I knelt down in front of him and
he put a quarter on the top of his thing, right up by the big bulgy end part
and he said Now see if you can put the end part in your mouth so I
opened my mouth really wide and let the end part of his thing go inside it.
It was all nice and warm and I could feel his pulse in his thing and I
giggled with his thing in my mouth. Then I felt the quarter with my top lip
and I pushed it along his thing by putting more of his thing in my mouth
and his thing was really big and I could only get about half of it in my
mouth and the big knobbly part was right at the back of my mouth, by my
throat and my mouth felt really full. That's good he said, you're doing very
well, now just move your mouth back so just the knobbly part is in it, and
you can suck on it and lick like it's a big lollipop, okay? and I nodded
okay and let just the end of his thing stay in my mouth and slurped on it
and licked it all over with my tongue and he said Wow that's great, are
you sure you've never done this before and I shook my head No and he
said Well you are doing it just right and he said to my Daddy You will
have to let Laurie do it to you, she is really super at it and Daddy said
Well maybe we can do it when we get home shall we Laurie and I looked
over at him and smiled at him and nodded Yes with my mouth all full of
Dave's thing.
If you move your mouth back and forth on it, make it go in and out
of your mouth, that's the best way to get used to the size of it said Dave
and pretty soon you can get the quarter farther down, maybe all the way
to where my thing ends, wouldn't that be fun! he said. I nodded yeah! and
kept moving my mouth back and forth on Dave's thing and seeing if I
couldn't get that darn quarter down all the way to the end of his thing.
Dave started to help me by pushing his hips back and forth and pretty
soon he said Oh darn, that feels so nice the white stuff if going to come
out in a minute, shall I make it squirt in your mouth? and I looked up at
him and nodded Yes and he said Tell you what, I'll take it out almost all
the way and you just hold your tongue out and I'll rub it and make the
stuff squirt onto your tongue and into your mouth and your Daddy can
trake a nice video of that, how about that and I nodded Yes again and
moved my head back and he held onto his thing and I stuck my tongue
out like a carpet and he aimed his thing right at my mouth and pumped
back and forth on his thing and I watched the end so I would see the
white stuff squirting out. I like to watch it squirt, specially when it squirts
on me and into my mouth. It looks neat, as well as tasting neat.
Then Dave said Now! and a big long squirt of stuff came shooting
out the hoile in the end of his thing and shot right into my mouth! It hit the
back of my mouth and it was all nice and warm and gooshy and then
another one came and another and they all went right into my mouth and
I thought Wow is Dave ever good at aiming! Then some of the dribbles
dropped onto my tongue and they all tasted so nice! I saw Daddy was
taking a close video of the white stuff going shooting into my mouth so I
looked over at him and smiled at him mostly with my eyes because my
mouth was open so wide so Dave wouldn't miss and waste any of his
stuff by hitting my face.
He kept shooting his stuff and my mouth got all full and he said
Now don't swallow it yet! Wait till I'm finished and your Daddy can take a
video to show how full of my stuff your mouth is so I nodded and I had to
tip my head back so all the stuff wouldn't dribble out and he sort of put his
thing over my mouthwhen I tipped my head back and it was kind of like
he was milking it when he made his hand go up and down on it and all
the long strings of goopy stuff squshed out the hole in the end and
dropped right into my mouth. By the time he got the last bits out my mouth
was all full up and I had to be careful the way I held my head because it
was right up to the sides of my mouth, the white stuff I mean, and he said
Now put your tongue back in and pretend it's sinking in all that stuff so I
did and a little bit of the stuff drooled out one side of my mouth but Dave
said that was okay and Daddy took a nice closeup picture of all the stuff
in my mouth and my tongue sinking underneath it all and then coming up
to the surface again.
I liked doing this because it gave me a good chance to taste all
Dave's stuff and it was really good! Then Dave said Now you can
swallow it if you want to so I gave a big gulp and then another and when I
was done I opened my mouth and showed them I had swallowed it all
down like a good little girl. Then after that Dave asked Daddy if he would
like to try and see if I could get the quarter all the way down Daddy's
thing and I said Sure becaiuse I really wanted to drink some more stuff
and Daddy's always tasted so nice. So we found the quarter because it
had fallen on the floor and I did the same thing with Daddy while Dave
took a video of us. Daddy squirted even more stuff than Dave did and
even when I tipped my head back I couldn't hold it all in my mouth and it
kept drooling down out of my mouth but Dave said that was fine and he
even took a video showing a drooly part going down my face and down
my neck and onto my titty and hanging from the pointy end part in a big
After that Daddy and I went home. And I even got to keep the

I'm going to write some more stuff about having fun with Daddy
and all the others, but right now i'm going to stop this and just lie here
and use both hands in between my legs to make me feel all nice and
dreamy. Mmmmm!