- [ I g r R L ] -

[Story Name] Mary Finds a Video
[Author] Unknown
[Type] Father/daughter

      Mary McIntyre  put the video that  she had found at school in the VCR and
sat down to watch it.  It was called "Debby Loves Her Daddy", and the cute eleven
year old wondered what it would be about.  She watched as the video began.

      A slender dark haired girl about  ten years old came into the picture, sat
down on the bed and smiled at the camera as she took off her shoes and socks.
When she lifted her leg to undo the buckle of her shoe her skirt lifted and the
camera could see underneath it.  Mary wondered why the camera was looking up
under the girl's skirt. She could see all the way up to the girl's white underpants! It
made her feel  funny, and she kept watching as the little girl lay back on the bed
and lifted her knees up. Now her skirt  fell around her waist, and her underpants
were out in the open.  She let her legs flop to either side, and her underpants were
stretched tight over the bump in between her legs.

      Mary watched, fascinated as the camera closed in on the girl's crotch and
showed her crack showing through the thin underpants. The girl ran both hands
over her underpants and rubbed her crotch through them, then slipped a hand
down the front  and Mary could tell she was touching the crack because of the way
the bulge of her hand moved. The fourth grader was confused. She knew this
wasn't the sort of video she should be watching, but it made her feel strange and
naughty in between her legs to watch the little girl. She knew how it felt to touch
herself in between her legs like the little girl was doing, because she did it almost
every night when she was in bed. Now her legs opened a little, and she pressed
her hand against the part that was tingling as she watched the little girl play with

      The girl  pulled off her underpants and Mary gasped as she could see the
girl's naked cunny slit, just as smooth and hairless as her own. She spread her
legs again and lay still, holding her cunny slit open as the camera came so close
all Mary could see was the hole in the middle of her slit, with the red inside part
pulsing and moving inside her. She poked a finger into the hole and wiggled it
around inside it, spreading the opening a little more, and then the camera moved
back as the girl began masturbating with both hands, fiddling with her clitoris at the
same time as she fingered her hole. She lifted up and spread her ass cheeks,
exposing her bottom hole and Mary watched as it puckered and twitched.  The girl
licked a finger and pressed it against her ass hole, and Mary watched as the girlŐs
hole opened and her finger sank into it.

      Mary slipped her hand under her skirt and touched her  underpants over her 
cunny.  They were wet, and her cunny felt all tingly when she pressed her hand
against it. and  when she felt it she found it was wet with her juices,  especially by
her cunny hole. She pulled off her underwear and lay back on the couch like the
little girl was, with her skirt up around her waist and her legs wide apart, and played
with her cunny while she watched. This was better than her imagination!

      The little girl in the video rubbed her clitoris with one finger while she poked
the middle finger of the other hand in and out of her cunny hole. Then she picked
up a flesh-coloured cylinder about six inches long, licked the end and slipped it into
the entrance to her vagina, wiggling it around and back and forth as she gradually
sank it in and up her cunny hole.  The fat outer lips were spread apart and opened
up by the thickness of the thing. Mary wondered what it was, and how such a large
thing could go up the little girl's hole. When the cylinder was all the way in, the little
girl thrust it in and out , moving her hips up and down as she did so. Mary found her
own hole with one finger and gently inserted it, then a second. It felt nice, and the
hole seemed to open up more and stretch when she put her fingers in.   

      The camera moved back as a man of about thirty came into the room. He
was wearing a housecoat, and came and stood alongside the little girl, who smiled
up at him while she continued to make the thing go in and out of her cunny. She
reached up with her free hand and pressed it against the front of his housecoat,
over his crotch, and smiled at him again as she undid the belt of his housecoat and
let it fall open. Mary gasped as she saw what the little girl had found, for she had
only ever glimpsed her father's, and it hadn't looked like this! This one wasn't
floppy and small, it was stiff and long and stuck out and up in front of him. The girl in
the video touched it and rubbed it, and fondled the big balls that hung down below

      The man reached for the thing the little girl had in her hole and stroked it in
and out of her while she played with him.  He slipped off his housecoat and
climbed onto the bed with her, and she took off the rest of her clothes so they were
both naked. Mary noticed that the girl's nipples were puffy and swollen, just like her
own had started to get. Mary touched her nipples lightly and liked the funny feeling
it gave her. The girl in the video lay down again and the man knelt beside her
head, still moving the thing in and out of her cunny, and she moved her hands up
and down the big long hard thing, then drew it to her mouth and licked the  big
purple end. Mary was astonished, but it made her feel even funnier, and she
masturbated faster while the girl in the video put the end of the man's thing in her
mouth and began sucking on it. She put more and more in her mouth, and moved
her head back and forth on it, while the man helped her by guiding her head's
movements with his free hand. Mary wonder why  she was doing this, and even
more she wondered what it would taste like. Did her Daddy's thing get all hard and
long like this? Would he let her play with it? Would he like her to put it in her mouth
like the girl in the video? Mary masturbated faster at the lovely thoughts. This really
was a special video, and it made her little cunny feel so nice when she rubbed it 
while she watched. 

      Now the man removed the thing from the little girl's cunny, and held her fat
lips apart to show  her open hole in between them. He put his head down by her
cunny and began licking all over it, making it all shiny and wet. Mary's cunny
tingled as she wondered what it would feel like to have someone lick  her there.
After a few minutes the man lay down and the little girl sat astride him and rubbed
his hard thing up and down her crack. Mary could see the big bulby head of it
slipping inside the girl's puffy cunny lips and  stretching them as it went up and
down in between them. It was rubbing all the nice places that she was rubbing with
her fingers. 

      Then the little girl lifted up a little, moved forward and put the end of the
man's thing at the entrance to her hole! Mary wondered why she would do this, but
the girl moved forward and down and gradually  her  body sank down around the
man's thing, until it was all inside her. She smiled at the man again, and then they
began moving so the thing came almost all the way out, but not quite, and then
went all the way back in again. Mary noticed that it made the lips of the girl's cunny
stretch and separate, just like the cylinder that the girl had been pushing into her
cunny hole.

      The camera took pictures of the man's thing going in and out of the girlŐs
hole from a lot of different angles, some really close up. They changed their
positions so that  the girl was lying down and the man was on top of her . After a
few minutes their movements got faster and faster, and suddenly the man pulled
his thing out of the little girl and moved farther up her body so his thing was over
her chest. He was moving his hand back and forth on his thing, just like the little girl
had been, and as Mary watched a jet of a thick white liquid squirted out of the hole
in the end of it and landed on the little girl's chest by her tittie bumps. Another shot
out, then another and another, and she bent her head forward and  he leaned
further forward and held the end in front of her open mouth so the spurts of stuff
shot straight into her mouth. Mary wondered what it was. The little girl seemed to
like it, because she smacked her lips and put the end of the man's thing in her
mouth as if to suck more out. Mary was so busy watching the video and playing
with her horny little cunny that she didn't hear the back door open. Her father was
home early from the office.

      Jack McIntyre  looked through the kitchen door into the living room. Then he
looked again, because he couldn't believe he had seen right. His eleven year old
daughter was sitting on the couch, her underwear around one foot, and her legs
spread wide apart and wedged up on the couch cushions so that her bare crotch
was spread wide open. She wasn't quite facing him, and obviously hadn't seen
him, as she seemed fascinated with something she was watching on the TV.  And
while she watched, she was playing with her little bare hairless cunny with both
hands. Jack watched his daughter putting a finger up her cunny hole while she
rubbed her little clitty with the other hand, her slim bum thrusting up and down as
she moved her finger in and out of her cunny. He had never thought of his little girl
in a sexy way before, but seeing her playing with her little slit made his cock

      He slipped around to the other door of the living room so he could see what
she was watching on the TV. When he saw the TV screen  his cock got even
harder. His little girl was watching a dirty video, and it must have made her horny,
because she was masturbating while she watched it! He couldn't decide which to
watch - the video, or his little fourth grader rubbing her fat little hairless cunny lips.
He slipped around to the kitchen door again, coughed to let her know he was there
and entered the room.

      Little Mary had heard her father cough and quickly pulled her skirt down,
took her hands out from under it and stopped the video. She wondered if he had
seen what she was doing, but she was still very horny and pressed her hand
against her crotch as her Daddy sat down beside her. He saw her, but pretended
not to notice. "Can I sit on your lap, Daddy?" asked Mary, climbing up on him.
"Sure, honey," replied her father, settling her slim bum into position next to his
throbbing cock, "My little girl can do anything she wants with her Daddy."

      Mary kissed him and rubbed her tender puffy nipples into his chest because
it felt so good. "Ooo, Daddy, that feels nice," she sighed, squirming against him
some more. She felt her thigh pressing against  a lump in his lap and wondered if it
was her Daddy's big stiff thing like the man's in the video. She decided to change
her position so she could feel it better, and swung a leg over his lap so she was
sitting facing him, her legs spread one on either side of him, and cuddled forward
so she could rub her nipples on his hard chest some more. The bump between his
legs poked into the place between hers, and she rubbed herself up and down
against him.

      The little fourth grader didn't know what felt better - her little puffy nipples, or
the place between her legs. Jack held onto her slim bum, pulled her forward,  and
moved her hips up and down, helping her rub against his cock. Mary's short skirt
rode farther and farther up, and soon it was up around her waist. Her father  eased
her back a little, looked down at his little girl and said, "Why Mary McIntyre! Where
are your underpants? I can see your little bare naked trickle, all spread open wide. 
You've got all nice places inside it. And it's all wet," he added, touching her on the
deep pink crack between the halves of her vulva.

       "Oooo, Daddy! That feels nice," sighed Mary, as her father explored in
between her legs. "Does it honey? Do you like the way I'm touching your little
trickle?" Mary nodded as he asked, "Do you like to play with your trickle yourself?
Will you show your Daddy how you like to touch yourself in between your legs?"
Mary nodded again and showed her father how she fondled herself. "Does that feel
nice, honey?" he asked as she masturbated for him. "Oooo, yes! It feels even nicer
when you watch me do it, Daddy!"  She looked down at the lump in his crotch. "Can
I see inside your underpants, Daddy?" she asked shyly. Jack nodded and
suggested she undo his pants herself.

      The little girl undid his belt and pulled his zipper down, pulling his pants
down partway and giggling at the huge bulge in his white underwear. She took a
deep breath and pulled his underwear down from around her father's penis,
exposing his erection which swayed out towards her. "Oh, Daddy," she blurted, "ItŐs
so big! It's even bigger than the man in the video!" "Were you watching a naughty
video?" asked her father with a twinkle in his voice. "Oh, yes, Daddy, I found it at
school and it's all about a little girl and her Daddy. She played with her trickle and
then she played with her Daddy's big hard thing like this and then she put it in her
mouth and sucked on it and then he licked her right on her trickle, Daddy! And then
she put his hard thing in her trickle and they made it go in and out of her hole in her
trickle and then they took it out and the man rubbed it up and down and some white
stuff squirted out the hole in the end and he made it go in her mouth and she drank
it all Daddy and it made me feel all funny in between my legs and I rubbed my
trickle because it felt so nice and then you came home. Can we do things like the
girl and her Daddy in the video, Daddy? Please?" Jack laughed. "Sure we can,

      Jack McIntyre was glad to see that his young daughter was so horny. His
wife and older daughter Tina had spent the week up at Mary's aunt's farm, and he
and Mary were to go and spend the weekend there the next day, then they would
all drive back together. He had had to watch dirty videos and masturbate when he
got horny. Besides, they had thought that Mary was too young to join them in their
games. Then Jack remembered that Tina had been just about Mary's age when he
and his wife had caught the little girl masturbating. Jack chuckled as he thought
back. Ten year old Tina had been lying on her bed, her eyes closed, her nightie up
around her waist and her jerking, thrusting legs flung wide as she dug in between
them with both hands. Jack and Donna heard the sounds coming from their little
girl's room and went to see if something was wrong.

      When they saw the child masturbating Jack was about to say something
when they heard her mutter, "Oh Daddy, rub me some more, make it feel good,
Daddy!" Jack's cock surged up under his housecoat, and Donna looked over and
saw her husband's erection rising. She reached over and touched it, then put a
finger to her lips and nodded at the fourth grader on the bed. Jack held onto his
cock, and Donna slipped a hand inside the top of her nightie and fondled one of
her large firm breasts while they watched their daughter playing with herself.
Suddenly she had opened her eyes and seen her parents watching her, but she
had seen that they were fondling their sex parts while they watched. Tina had
smiled at Jack and asked him if he would show her his "pee thing" and if her
mother would let her play with her big tits. Jack had an idea and they went into the
family room and used his new video camera to make a video of the first time they
had played naked games together.

      Now Jack remembered about the video, and told Mary that he had a special
surprise for her, a special video that they had made when her older sister Tina and
her mother and he did special things for the first time. Mary clapped her hands with
delight and he slipped the video into the machine while she took her clothes off.
She bounced around naked and let her father look at her naked little body all he
wanted to, then helped him take off his clothes. He lay down on the couch and
Mary sat astride his thighs and facing him, her legs spread wide. The cute little
fourth grader giggled as she sat on her handsome Daddy and used both hands to
play with his big hard cock and that funny baggy thing that was underneath it. He
rubbed his thumb past her little titty bumps and made her nipples get all hard and
feel nice. "Ooo, Daddy," she sighed, pulling one of his big hands into the place in
between her wide open legs, "That feels so nice! Touch me and play with me in
between my legs while we watch the video!" The horny father cupped his little
daughter's hairless cunny and let his middle finger sink into her crack, sliding it up
and down past her clitoris and her cunny hole while she fondled his erect penis. 
He started the video and they watched the action on the screen.

      "This is your bedroom, isn't it Daddy," said Mary, "Oh, here comes Tina!" The
girl on the screen smiled at the camera and lifted the hem of her nightgown to show 
her naked cunny. Mary giggled as Tina pulled the nightie off over her head and
stood naked. The camera slowly moved down the young girl's body from her cute
face past her swollen nipples to her cunny, the hairless mound prominent and the
lips fat and swollen either side of the child's slit. She lay down on the bed and
spread her legs far to each side, and Mary giggled again and said, "I bet Tina
learned to do the splits like that in Gym, Daddy. Wouldn't it be funny if we did our
exercises in Gym class with no clothes on? We would look just like Tina does!"
Jack thought how nice it would be to see a group of preteen girls doing their gym
exercises, splits and somersaults and headstands, all naked.

      On the screen Tina reached to her crotch and held her cunny halves open
wide as the camera zoomed in on the child's hairless sex organs, then another pair
of hands entered the picture and Mary giggled and said, "Oh look, that's Mummy,
isn't it? Mummy's putting her finger in Tina's trickle hole while she holds it open!"
The mother finger-fucked her daughter for a few minutes, and then leaned down
and licked the little girl's vulva. "Oooo, she's licking it, Daddy!" squealed Mary.
"Why is she doing that?" :"Because it makes Tina feel nice, honey," replied her
father as the girl on the screen twitched and thrust her hips up towards her mother's
lapping tongue. The camera closed in to show the girl's cunny hole wide open,
glistening with her juices, and the tip of a tongue licking each small lip around it
and dipping inside it. "Will you lick mine, Daddy, and make me feel nice like Tina?Ó
asked Mary. "Sure, honey, I'd love to lick your little trickle hole, any time you want
me to," replied her horny father. Mary turned back to the TV as the camera panned
back and showed Tina lying on her back again, her legs spread, gently rubbing
herself in between her legs.

      "I know why she's doing that," said Mary confidently. "It makes her feel all
nice and squooshy in between her legs. I was doing it when I was watching that
video I found at school. Does Tina like doing it too?" "She sure does, honey," said
the horny father, gently rubbing his fingers along his daughter's naked cunny slit,
"And you can do it whenever you want to! I'll do it for you too, whenever you like.Ó
"Oooo, that's nice!" sighed the little fourth grader and she spread her legs wider so
her father could feel her in between her legs better. On the screen Tina looked up
and beamed as the camera showed a man coming to stand beside the bed next to
the young girl. "Is that you, Daddy?" asked Mary as she watched Tina smiling up at
the man's unseen face and reach out to his trousers. "That's me, honey," replied
the man as they watched the girl on the screen press her small hand against the
bulge at the front of the man's trousers.

      "That's your thing she's touching, isn't it Daddy," observed Mary, "Do you let
her play with it like I  am?" as she squeezed her father's erection. "Sure, honey, any
time she wants to she can play with it - and so can you." On the screen the girl
unzipped her father's fly and reached her small hand into the gap, feeling around
while she beamed up at him, and then reached up and into his pants with her other
hand as well, tugging at something. She got up on her knees and half faced him,
her legs spread wide showing her puffy cunny lips stretched apart, and undid his
belt and the top button on his pants, pulling his pants down to his knees and
revealing a pair of white underpants with something making them poke out towards
her. Mary giggled as the girl pulled her father's underpants down to release his
cock, which bounced and swayed out towards her. She put both small hands on
the thick shaft and cupped them together around it, using both together to
masturbate him.

      "Is she going to do like the girl in the video, Daddy?" asked Mary. "What did
the girl do?" her father asked. "She, um she did like Tina, she, um played with it,
sort of, and then she put it in her mouth!" said the little girl, looking up at her father.
"Well, not this first time, honey. Tina played with it but she didn't put it in her mouth
till later. Now she always likes to suck on it," said her father. "She says it's like a
nice big lollipop." Mary watched her sister change her grip on their father's cock,
putting both hands on the shaft one above the other and moving them together up
and down it. "Am I doing it right, Daddy?" asked Mary, copying what her sister was
doing on the TV screen and stroking her fatherŐs erection. "Oooo Daddy, your thing
is so big around, I can't get my hands around it!"

      "Mmmm, yeah, honey, keep doing that, it feels nice!" muttered the horny
man, his hips thrusting up to meet his little girlŐs strokes. "I'm glad, Daddy, I want to
make you feel all nice, because you're making me feel all nice touching me all over
in between my legs. Is she going to make the stuff come out of his thing?" asked the
fourth grader, keeping up her rhythmic hand motions. "Soon, honey," replied her
father as they watched the girl on the TV screen's hands moving faster and the
man's hips thrusting jerkily towards her.

      Suddenly a thick stream of creamy liquid shot out of the end of his cock,
hitting the little girl on her cheek. She pulled back in surprise, but kept up her
stroking motions and the next glob splatted against her upper lip and drooled down
into her partly-open mouth. Her tongue tip flicked out and touched the drop, a
happy look came over her face and it looked like she was opening her mouth to
say something when the next rope of creamy white squirted out of her father's cock
and straight into her mouth. She looked startled again, then looked from her
father's cock up at his face, smiled at him and leaned a little closer and opened her
mouth wider.

      The screen showed the man's big hand joining his daughter's on the thick
shaft of his cock as he helped her masturbate him. She put her tongue out and the
thick gouts of semen spurted and splashed onto it and into her mouth while she
looked up at him. The creamy blobs slid back into her mouth as she reached her
tongue tip up to lick the last of her father's cum off the end of his cock, and her
throat worked and she gulped and swallowed it down, licking her lips and reaching
for the last traces. "Gee, Daddy," exclaimed Mary, "Tina really got a lot in her mouth,
didn't she! Do you always do that much stuff?"  "Most of the time," grunted her
father, panting as he savoured the feelings his little daughter was producing in his
cock. He wanted it to last as long as possible. "I wanna see it come out, Daddy,Ó
said the little girl, "I wanna make it squirt like Tina did."

      The young girl edged forward, still using both hands to masturbate her
father,  till the tip of his cock was nudging her widely-stretched cunny. She lodged
the thick purple head between the thick outer lips of her cunny and rubbed it up
and down along her crack. "Ooo, that feels nice, Daddy! I like rubbing your big hard
thing on my trickle!" The stimulation of his cockhead on his daughter's hairless
cunny while she masturbated him was too much for the horny father to hold back
any more,  and suddenly his hips jerked as he began to cum. "OOO, Daddy!"
exclaimed little Mary, looking down at her crotch. "It's coming out! It's coming out!"
Her father helped her masturbate him, she using her two small hands and he his
one big one, as the thick streams of sticky semen poured from his cock. "Ooo,
Daddy, it's all warm and goopy! It's doing it all over my trickle!" She had pulled
back slightly when her father's cock had begun to squirt its load, and together they
watched the creamy spurts splatting against her deep pink cunny gash and
dribbling down to where his hand was still cupped under her crotch. As it splashed
onto his thick fingers, he used them to rub it into his daughter's wide open cunny,
coating all the deep pink part with the slippery stuff and lubricating her sex parts.

      He slid his middle finger , coated with his semen, into the beginning of the
child's vagina, watching as the inner lips clasped around it and seemed to suck it
inside. Mary wriggled with pleasure and pushed herself forward as he tickled the
inside of her immature cunny hole with his finger. "Ooo, Daddy, that feels nice! Put
your finger more in my hole! she cried. The horny father slid his finger deeper
inside the fourth grader's vagina, loving the warmth as she wiggled her legs with
pleasure at the feeling. "It's like warm hand cream, Daddy!" said Mary, pumping the
last of her father's cum out of his cock, and edging closer again so the last spurts
would keep hitting her immature sex parts.

      She rubbed the bulbous head of his cock around in the gooey mass of
semen, using it to smear the stuff into all the places that felt nice while his finger
soaked in her small cunny hole, gently thrusting in and out. Mary wriggled as she
rubbed her father's still-hard cock against her small clitty. "It feels nice when I rub
my bumpy part with your thing, Daddy," she reported, "Your cream makes it rub me
even better!" The horny father watched as his eleven year old daughter used the
thick purple head of his cock to rub his semen into her clitoris. "Unnh! Oh, thatŐs
sooo niiice," she muttered, moving his cockhead in circles over her clitty and
thrusting gently with her hips. The fourth grader's movements came faster, and her
breathing quickened. Jack kept pace with his daughter's masturbation, thrusting his
finger in and out of her tight warm vagina in time with the girl's masturbation of her
clitty with his cockhead.

      "Unnh, unnh, Unnh, UNNNH, UNNNNHHH!" she cried, her hips jerking
forward as she reached her orgasm, cumming jerkily on her father's cockhead.
Jack felt the child's vagina clasping and releasing, clasping and releasing on his
finger, as her slick wetness poured out of his daughter's cunny hole. She
shuddered with pleasure as the spasms kept coming, filling her slender body with
intense feelings she had never had before, then slowly subsiding as she relaxed.
Jack's cock softened now, his daughter releasing it now she had used it to
masturbate with. She looked at him. "Oh wow, Daddy! When I rubbed your thing on
my trickle it made me feel so good! I never felt like that before, ever ever!"

      Jack smiled up at his daughter's face, half exhausted with cumming, half
eager to know more. "Did you like it, honey?" he asked her. Mary nodded
vigorously, her short straight black hair flipping back and forth. "Oh yeah! I liked it
when your cream went all over my trickle while you put your finger up inside my
hole, and I liked rubbing your thing on my bumpy part, and when we both did it
together and I made your thing rub your cream into my bumpy part and you made
your finger go in and out of my hole, that was the best! Can we do it some more?"
She looked down at her father's cock, which had softened and was lying limply.
"Oh, it's all little and soft, Daddy! How come it's like that? It's like it doesn't want me
to play with it any more." Jack laughed. "It has to rest for a little, honey," he replied.
"It got all tired from playing games with you, and specially from making the cream
come out, and now it has to lie down and rest for awhile. But - tell you what - let's
go and get some milk and cookies, and you can sit on my lap and pet it and cuddle
it and I bet it won't be long before it wakes up and lets you have some more fun
with it. How about that?" Mary clapped her hands with glee. "Oh goody, Daddy! And
you can put your finger in my hole again and feel me all over and then when your
thing wakes up we can do more stuff like in the videos. Can we make a video of
you and me having fun, Daddy, like you did with Tina? Can we? And I can put your
thing in my mouth and do other stuff like the girl in the video, can we Daddy?"
"Sure," Jack replied, patting his little daughter's little bum as they went into the
kitchen. "Anything you want, honey - but first, some milk and cookies!"