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[Story Name] Our father, our lover
[Author] from Xfamily letters
[Type] Father/daughter

    My name is Brenda.  I'm writing this letter to Letters Magazine, in case this is ever printed.  I sure hope it is because we have bought all of the letters magazine on the market.  We think Family Affairs is tops.
    I am thirty-eight.  My daughter, Paula, is eighteen and my husband, Paul, who is also my dad, is fifty-eight.  I know this is complicated.  Maybe I can explain as I go on with this story.
    My affair with my dad started when I was eighteen, in fact, on my birthday.  My birthday was only two months away when I was in an accident that killed my mother.  We had a business vacation planned for then.  I suffered a broken collar bone and pelvis.  Dad had to hire a maid to look after me during the day.  This included bathing me each evening before she left.  Daddy is a buyer of large timber tracts for the company of which he is part owner.  When my birthday finally came, we were in a small Georgia town, having driven down the day before from our home in Canada.  That night I got Daddy to take me to see Conway Twitty, my favorite.  That was the night that I became a woman.  It was also the night I had my first drink or ever seen Daddy high.  He even danced a little.  Or mostly just stood.  My pelvis was still sore and I couldn't dance much.  I turned down many offers, and Daddy joked with me, saying everybody in the place was trying to steal his little fox.
    After the first show, which was over at eleven, we stopped to eat before going back to our double room at the motel.  Daddy was a little high, like I said, and kept talking about how I shook up the singles at the club.  This was the first time I had seen him let his hair down since Mom's death.  It made me feel good that he was feeling so good.  As we walked to the motel room with our arms around each other, I thought how good it was to belong to someone.  I knew Daddy was lonely for Mom.  I had heard him cry at night and he would talk about not knowing what to do.  Once we were inside our room and getting ready for bed, I told Daddy he would have to help me take my blouse and bra off, for my shoulder was hurting and neither Mrs. Williams nor Mom was there to help me.
    I decided to tease Daddy some.  When he unhooked my bra, I let it slip from my shoulders and turned to face him.  I looked at Daddy and he was shaking like a leaf.  I said, "Do you still feel like this fox is worth stealing?"
    He said I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen.
    I said, "Daddy you haven't seen half of me yet, and since these jeans are so tight, you'll have to help me with them."
    Daddy worked my jeans down to my feet and I stepped out of them.  Daddy just stood there, not knowing how far he should go.  By then I was hotter than I had ever been in my life.  I knew then I was going to let my father fuck me.
    I said, "Do you like what you see so far?"
    He gulped and told me it wasn't right for anyone to be so beautiful.
    I said, "You haven't seen all of me yet.  Help me with these panties."
    Daddy pulled them off me and eased me back on the bed, then he stood up and pulled his clothes off.  That was the first time I had ever seen an erection.  I wondered how in the fuck was he going to get that huge thing into my little pussy.  Although I had been masturbating for a couple of years, sometimes it hurt a little when I put two fingers in my pussy.
    I needed it so badly by then I forgot about how it would hurt.  I guess Daddy wanted to give me a real loving, for he lay down beside me and started kissing every inch of my body.  He would suck on one of my tits and rub the other one while he rubbed my hot pussy and clit with the other hand.  I came that way before he moved on down my body with his lips and tongue.  When he got to my pussy, he held the lips open with his thumbs and just licked the inside of each lip until I came again.  I was really ready to try out his hard prick by then, but Daddy was just starting.  He had made me cum twice already, but he next put his finger in me while he sucked on my clit, then he would rub my clit with his palm and run his tongue in me as far as he could.  I think Daddy would have sucked me all night, but after my third climax I asked Daddy to try putting his dick in me.  He asked if I had ever had sex before and I told him he was the only person to ever touch me.  He raised up on his knees and opened my legs wider as he held his dick up for me to look at.  "I've measured it and it's just over eight inches long and two and a half inches around."
    I asked Daddy if it would hurt much.  He said it hurt me for just a few minutes and to let him know if he was hurting my pelvis.  I still don't know how he held back so long, but he rubbed the head just inside my pussy lips for the longest time.  Finally he found my pussy hole and pushed into me with short strokes each time, he would gain another half inch.  When he had it about half way in, he stopped and just lay on me.  He asked if it was hurting too bad and I told him it was burning pretty bad.  He told me to relax and it would feel good soon.  He told me that when it started to feel really good, I could put my heels over his legs and he would bust my cherry and finish fucking me.
    I soon locked my heels and told him I could take the rest now, so he gave one hard hunch and I felt hot pains shoot all the way up into my rib cage.  Daddy just lay on me for a few minutes, then he started fucking me real slow.  Soon my hips were rising up to meet his downward thrusts.  And then I started coming and couldn't stop.  I thought it would go on all night, but then the explosion settled down to a tremor and then a quiver.  All this time Daddy was pumping all of his hard cock into me.  Then I could feel his hot cum splashing into me.
    We talked for a while and went to sleep in each other's arms.  I've went to sleep in his arms every night since.  The next morning when I woke up, Daddy was rubbing my pussy and asking me how I felt.  I asked, "About what?"
    He said, "What we had done."
    I thought for a minute and told him it was the best thing to ever happen to me and I wanted to continue.  We have a routine we are into.  Each morning I'll wake up first, use the bathroom, and then Daddy will eat me to a quick climax and then give me a good fifteen or twenty minutes of good, steady fucking.
    I was twenty when I decided to get pregnant.  Daddy was opening up a lumber mill in Georgia in a few months, so I wanted to move down there as his wife.  I just told him one night I wanted to have his baby, so I was three months along when we moved.  Daddy bought me a false passport and when we went through this little town that specialized in quick marriages we got married.
    When Paula was eighteen, she came home from school early one day and caught Daddy and me on the couch in the sixty-nine position.  I was on top and she had a perfect view of my ass as I was hunching her daddy's face and could see my head bobbing down on his dick.  Paula was walking down the hall to her room when I looked up to see her.  She was quiet at supper and had us worried.  I told Daddy I'd talk to her.  The next day while Daddy was out I went into the other room.  We talked, and I told her it was another way for two people to show their lover for each other.  Paula said she loved us but she wouldn't want to show it that way.  I said, "You would if you tried it once."  I then asked her if she was a virgin.  She said she was.
    We were always close as a family, so I asked Paula if I could show her something about sex.  She asked what it was; I told her she would love it.  Paula asked what she had to do.  I told her to undress and I'd do the rest.  I had never eaten a pussy, but the thought of eating my beautiful daughter was getting to me, so by the time I got through with her tits and was staring into her open pussy lips, I was as hungry for her as she was for me.  For the first time in my life, I was sucking on a pussy and I couldn't get enough of it.  I made Paula cum two times and I still wouldn't quit.  Finally, Paula lifted my head up and told me that if I was going to make her cum again that she wanted to do me, too.
    I placed my legs over Paula's head and lowered my burning pussy to her lips and dove back between her legs to get to her sweet, hot pussy again.  Paula was a quick learner.  She soon ate me to two orgasms.  From then on, each day when she got home from school, it was to the bedroom for a good lesbian lesson.  Paula told me that's all she could think of in school.  She would have to go to the girls' room and masturbate each day.  When I told Daddy about us, he was so excited that he called in Paula and we performed for him.  The next day I took Paula to the clinic for birth control pills.
    It was on the way home I told her Daddy wanted to fuck her.  That night we told Paula that I, too, was Daddy's daughter.  That night Paula gave herself to her father as eagerly as I did twenty years ago.
    Now we have a pretty good routine going.  Paula and I usually eat each other to a couple of climaxes as soon as she gets in from school.  After supper and TV we will retire to Daddy's and my big, king-sized bed.  We usually form a daisy chain with Daddy eating Paula, me eating Daddy, and Paula eating me.  This works out well for Paula, and I usually come one or two times while Daddy holds back.  He has such control that I can suck him off in two minutes or he can hold back forever.  Daddy says he has to hold all his cum for our sweet cunts.  As soon as we break up our chain, Paula will lie back and have Daddy fuck her to two or more orgasms.  This will leave Daddy and me the rest of the night for ourselves.  Lots of mornings Paula will come into our room and say she is so hot she just has to cum.
    I think our family affair is the best thing to happen to us.  We are all nymphos and this way we get all the sex we need, if not all we want.
    I kept a diary of my sex life for one week and this is how it went.  Paula and I ate each other eleven times.  I had nineteen climaxes with her, was eaten by Daddy to six more comes, and was fucked by him fourteen times and came a total of twenty-six times.  My total is fifty-one climaxes in one week.  Bringing Paula into our sex lives is the best thing that ever happened to us.  Some of your readers will call us sick and perverted, but this world had to get started some way, and the Bible says we are all brothers and sisters.
Ms. B.K., Kansas